Tuesday, January 14, 2020


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
As reported for years and substantiated in countless religious and secular news outlets 
and confirmed by prominent evangelical leaders – George Soros is heavily connected 
to the Evangelical Immigration Table. In the last 48 hours, the Southern Baptist machine 
has launched a coordinated attack on the press outlets reporting their ties to Soros in 
a desperate attempt to bury the alternative news organizations that are exposing them 
for what they are.

The first volley against alternative Christian news outlets that have reported on Soros’ ties to the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) run by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) was launched by the Baptist Press (BP) in the article, Explainer: ERLC, George Soros, And Evangelical Immigration Table. The BP is owned by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and is operated by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is run by Ronnie ‘Armani’ Floyd. Ronnie Floyd is a member of the EIT.
Not only is the Baptist Press not an independent news publication, but it is also the official propaganda wing of the SBC, tasked with protecting Southern Baptist interests. Masquerading as faux-journalism, this piece was written anonymously.
I believe it was written by Joe Carter, a leftist with the Gospel Coalition (who itself is neck-deep in political dark money) and a board member at the ERLC. I’ve read enough of Joe Carter’s “explainer” garbage to know his writing when I see it. At this point, if Carter denied it and the BP said it was written by someone else, I wouldn’t believe them. The article has Joe Carter’s fingerprints all over it. Jonathan Howe claims a “team of 8 people” helped put the article together, which is why it was “anonymous.” First, why would it take 8 people to put together such an article if they were just reporting the truth? Eight people is what you need for damage control and to carefully craft lies. Secondly, I guarantee you Joe Carter was one of those eight people. I know his writing.
Ironically, the Baptist Press article contradicted itself and did acknowledge that Soros was tied to the EIT.
Some accusing EIT, or member groups of EIT, as being “Soros-funded” point out that EIT is supported by the National Immigration Forum, and that an organization chaired by George Soros had awarded grant money to the National Immigration Forum — which is true.
The BP then goes on to claim that only “2 percent” went to the NIF. However, as we have demonstrated in the past, they (through Samuel Rodriguez) first claimed the NO MONEY had been received from Soros and then also said 10 percent had been received by Soros. The BP neglected that part.
In reality, there’s no way to know how much money the EIT has received from Soros, because Soros funnels money through other organizations via his Open Societies Foundation. We do know that the NIF takes money from MALDEF (Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America), the ACLU, the National Immigration Law Center, La-Raza, and the AFL-CIO. All of these organizations are funded by Soros. That’s why they call it dark money.
Should it not suffice to prove a connection to demonstrate that the NIF founded the EIT and that the NIF is chaired by George Soros? Mercy sakes, people.
Eric Metaxas and a number of other prominent evangelical leaders publicly abandoned the EIT ship when they discovered it was a Soros operation. They were quite vocal about the facts.
The BP article then referenced the ultra-leftwing Snopes, which made news recently for fact-checking the satirical site, Babylon Bee. The Snopes article referenced by BP was an attack on Pulpit & Pen, which bait-and-switched their article to make P&P allege something we never said. We did not claim Soros had ‘funded’ Christianity Today (CT), but that he ‘backs it,’ which is easily demonstrable from the facts we cited. Snopes then fact-checked a strawman they themselves created, claiming Soros didn’t fund or own CT, a claim literally no one made.
Attacking the site, Breitbart, which independently corroborated Soros’ use of the EIT, the BP decided instead to take the word of the leftwing site, Snopes.
Within hours, the BP’s attack on the truth was followed up by reporting in the Baptist Standard post, Rumors Linking Soros to Evangelical Immigration Table Disputed. That article went further than the BP and went on to attack Pulpit & Pen and Reformation Charlotte, which has also reported extensively on Soros’ ties to the organization.
These sunshine-pumping propaganda wings of SBC entities are overlooking the fact that Soros’ talking points come straight out of Russell Moore’s mouth. Russell Moore claimed, “One day we’ll be ashamed of Trump’s immigration policy,” called a border wall a golden calf and likened border security to idolatry, and said Jesus was an illegal alien.
Since the BP article, SBC blogs like that hosted by The Company Man at SBC Voices have tried to spike the football as though the BP propaganda piece proved anything. But for unthinking people like Bart Barber, that the BP denied it is proof enough, even absent any proof.
Twitter is rife with tweets from SBC leaders attacking alternative Christian press outlets, which they call “gossip blogs” for spreading this untruth. Complete with accusations of 9th Commandment violations, these leaders are uniformly going after Pulpit & Pen, Reformation Charlotte, Capstone Report, and other press outlets who have reported the truth in the matter. The SBC elites cannot let pew-sitters in the denomination figure out that George Soros is greatly affecting an SBC entity like the ERLC. God only knows (literally) how much leftist dark money is funding projects at Southeastern Seminary. They just do not want us digging.
We’re going to continue to dig.
This is why it is important to support alternative Christian media. Press outlets controlled by denominations, like the BP, are forced to do the bidding of the denomination and have no journalistic freedom whatsoever. We desperately need alternative Christian media to report the truth you won’t hear from publications under the control and sway of the devil’s cabal.
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