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Notwithstanding any limited “support” Turkey may (or may not) have provided the successful U.S. raid which liquidated ISIS’s al-Baghdadi, Turkish President Erdogan made some revealing, indeed pathognomonic remarks, during last Friday’s (10/25/19) prayers in Istanbul’s Great Camlica Mosque.
A Turkish writer in exile who is a very fluent, gifted Turkish to English translator, translated (below) the triumphal report by Yeni Akit, an outlet enamored of the Turkish President and his traditionalist Islamic political party, the AKP.
On October 25, Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the Friday prayers at the Great Çamlıca Mosque in Istanbul. He was accompanied by Istanbul’s governor Ali Yerlikaya, mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, Istanbul’s chief of police Mustafa Çalışkan and the head of the Istanbul branch of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Bayram Şenocak.   After the Friday prayers, hafiz İshak Danış recited from the Koran Sura Al-Fath (which means “victory, triumph, conquest” in English, Koran 48:29“Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves.” ). Then Erdogan took the microphone, reciting a part of the verse in Arabic and then in Turkish. He told the congregants: “My dear brothers. First of all, I congratulate your holy Friday. The Koranic verses that Danış just recited commands us to be violent towards the kuffar (infidels). Who are we? The ummah [nation] of Mohammed. So [the Koran] also commands us to be merciful to each other. So we will be merciful to each other. And we will be violent to the kuffar. Like in Syria.” Erdogan then went on to refer to another Koranic verse (61:13: “And [you will obtain] another [favor] that you love - victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers.”)  in Arabic: “Inshallah, God has promised us in Syria (in Turkish): 'Nasrun minallahi ve fethun karib ve beşşiril mu'minin.' [‘Victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers.’]. We see it is happening right now. With the permission of Allah, we will see it even more. I will meet some presidents of foreign countries at the Dolmabahce Palace today. I ask for your permission now to go there.”
Authoritative Koranic commentaries—classical and modern—as well as canonical hadith, traditions of Islam’s prophet Muhammad, support Erdogan’s hateful and predatory views toward non-Muslims.
The Egyptian polymath al-Suyuti (d. 1505) was recognized as a brilliant jurist, historian, and biographer, among whose many scholarly contributions are about twenty works of Koranic studies, including seminal Koranic commentaries. Suytui’s Tafsir al-Jalalayn (co-written with his mentor al-Mahalli), as the great contemporary Dutch Islamologist Johannes J.G. Jansen (d. 2015) noted in his treatise “The Interpretation of the Koran in Modern Egypt,”  remains one of the most popular as well as the most authoritative Koranic commentaries in Egypt. Maulana Muhammad Shafi (d.1976), was a former grand mufti of India (prior to the August, 1947 partition), and author of Maariful Quran, which remains the best-known Koranic commentary in Urdu, and a major, influential modern interpretation of the Koran. Shafi also wrote more than three hundred books, and in addition to these literary works, broadcasted tafsir of the Koran on Radio Pakistan for a number of years.
Below are the authoritative glosses by al-Suyuti, and Shafi on Koran 48:29, and 61:13, respectively:
(Suyuti; 48:29): “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him—his Companions among the believers (Muslims)—are fierce to the unbelievers, and do not show mercy on them, merciful to one another—gentle with one another, and showing mutual love as between parents and their children.”
(Suyuti; 61:13): “And He (Allah) will give you other blessings in the things you love: support from Allah and imminent victory. Give good news to the believers (Muslims)—of victory and conquest.”
(Shafi; 48:29): “The first quality of the Companions mentioned here is that they are hard against the unbelievers, and merciful to one another. It was proven time and again that they were harsh against the unbelievers. They sacrificed all their ethnic and tribal relations for the sake of Islam. This was especially demonstrated on the occasion of Hudaibiyah….In a Hadith, the Holy Prophet has said, ‘He who loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah has attained the highest degree of faith’”
(Shafi; 61:13) “There is one blessing that will be granted right here in this world, which is the Divine help and an imminent victory, that is, conquests of enemy territories….it would include all later Islamic conquests of Arab and non-Arab territories.”
The canonical hadith (Sunan Abu Dawud 4681; p. 200)  cited in part by Shafi from his gloss on Koran 48:29, reads in full:
“It was narrated from Abu Umamah, that the Messenger of Allah, said, ‘Whoever loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah, gives for the sake of Allah, and withholds for the sake of Allah, he will have perfected his faith.’ ”
By Islamic consensus, The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute For Islamic Thought / The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Amman, Jordan has defined, and epitomizes, “mainstream Islam.” Each year, this authoritative, mainstream international Islamic organization puts out the “The Muslim 500—The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims.” The major aims of this mainstream Islamic organization, per its 2007 Charter, are:
  • “to protect, preserve and propagate traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam as defined by the international Islamic Consensus on the ‘Three Points of the Amman Message’ arrived at over the years 2005-2006.”
  • “to spread knowledge of the ‘Amman Message’ of November 2004 and the principles it contains in so far as these best represent traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam.”
  • “to establish, propagate and publicize the religious and legal positions of traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam on key issues relevant to life in the modern world.”
Acknowledging his stature in Islamdom, and apropos to the RISSC’s own stated commitment to “traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam,” Erdogan is ranked #1—the most influential Muslim—in the 2019 The Muslim 500. Turkish President Erdogan’s rather glowing The Muslim 500 profile, notes,
Erdogan was the Prime Minister of Turkey, for 11 years, winning three consecutive elections with a majority (2002, 2007 and 2011), before becoming Turkey’s first popularly-elected president in August 2014, and then securing a second term in the 2018 election.
His 2019 profile adds, almost rapturously,
Erdogan secured 52.5% of the vote in the 2018 Presidential election (electoral turnout was 86%), and thereby avoided a second round runoff. This was a continuation of his remarkable popularity and success at the ballot box over the past two decades…During his terms, Turkey has seen unprecedented economic growth, constitutional reform, and re-emergence as a global Muslim power.
Thus, not only do Erdogan’s Koranic invocations sanctioning harshness towards non-Muslims and their jihad conquest, comport with their authoritative glosses, the Turkish President himself is revered by the mainstream. Global Muslim Umma.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 18: Billy Porter attends the 78th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony Sponsored By Mercedes-Benz on May 18, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Peabody)
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Openly homosexual actor Billy Porter, known for his role in the FX series “Pose” — which reportedly is comprised of “the largest cast of transgender … and LGBTQ actors in television history” — has been selected to play the role of the fairy godmother in the upcoming Sony live-action remake of the Disney tale “Cinderella.”
According to reports, the film, being co-produced by comedian and talk show host James Corden, will be a musical modern retelling of the 1950’s tale, in which a beautiful young girl who wants to go to the ball but faces obstacles from her wicked stepmother and jealous stepsisters, who treat her harshly. A magical “fairy godmother” soon appears and helps Cinderella’s wish come true, but with the notation that the transformation will only last until midnight.
“Salagadoola mechicka boola/Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo,” the fairy sings while waving her magic wand.
Filming for the updated children’s classic is set to begin in February in London, with Idina Menzel of the likewise magic-themed “Frozen” — and also the Broadway plays “Rent” and “Wicked” — starring as the wicked stepmother, and singer Camilla Cabello taking the lead role as Cinderella.
Porter, who is “married” to another man, was selected to play the fairy godmother, confirming the news to reporters earlier this month.
Porter won an Emmy last month for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” for his role as Pray Tell in FX’s “Pose,” remarking during his speech, “We, as artists, are the people that get to change the molecular structure of the hearts and minds of the people on this planet. Don’t ever forget that.”
The broadcast centers on drag ballroom culture in the 1980s and 90s, with the struggle of AIDS often running through the story line.
“Upon receiving an HIV positive diagnosis, Blanca Rodriguez is forced to confront her mortality and dedicates herself to leaving a legacy. With the encouragement of her friend Pray Tell, the fierce patriarch and emcee of the house balls, Blanca … starts her very own ‘house,’ a self-selected family that provides support to LGBTQ youth rejected by their birth families,” an outline of the show reads.
Porter told PEOPLE in August prior to receiving his award that he had difficulty at first finding his place in the entertainment industry.
“I wasn’t having a great time living up to the hetero-normative masculinity standard to get the straight male work,” Porter said. “So I wasn’t really working in film and television. And it was just frustrating, you know? It was just frustrating to sort of feel ignored and feel dismissed, and dismissed for even the flamboyant things.”
In February, Porter wall a long, flowing ball gown to the Oscars, and in June, he donned a red and pink jacket with a train similar to that of a wedding gown. The garment was stated to have been made, in part, from the curtains used in the Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.”
“Hunties, the Tony Awards just got gayer!” Porter wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to @kinkybootsbway and @scenerybags for hooking me up with this curtain. #pride #broadway.”
Other photos shared to social media show the actor often wearing dresses or skirts. See, for example, hereherehere and here.
In an interview this past June with “The Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert,” Porter explained that since pants are no longer considered to be only for men, it seems wrong to him that it would be objectionable for a man to wear a dress, as it would be the equivalent of calling women “disgusting.”
“Women wearing pants is powerful. It’s strong. Everybody accepts it. And [yet] it’s associated with the patriarchy. It’s associated with being male,” he said. “The moment a man puts on a dress, it’s disgusting. So, what are you saying? Men are strong, women are disgusting? I’m not doing that anymore. I’m done with that.”
“I’m a man in a dress, and if I feel like wearing a dress, I’m going to wear one. You know, people forget that Jesus wore a dress too. They call them robes, but He wore a dress. They were dresses,” Porter asserted.
As previously reported, the Bible teaches that all men are in the exact same predicament: All are born with the Adamic sin nature and are therefore “by nature the children of wrath” (Ephesians 2:3), having various inherent inclinations that are contrary to the law and will of God and being utterly incapable of changing by themselves (Job 14:4).
It is why Jesus came: to “save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21) and that they might be “saved from wrath through Him” (Romans 5:9) — taking out of the way for those who are saved both the penalty for, and the power of, sin.
Jesus outlined in John 3:5-7 that men must be regenerated by the second birth, and be transformed from being in Adam to being in Christ, or they cannot see the kingdom of Heaven. This work of the Holy Spirit is known in Christianity as the doctrine of regeneration.
“A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you, and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and ye shall keep My judgments and do them,” reads Ezekiel 36:26-27.


Moms Demand Action Caught Red-Handed Breaking Multiple NJ Gun Laws: 
“large-capacity” magazines, unserialized 80% AR15 lower receivers.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
New Jersey – -( On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the Michael Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Action, an organization that claims they advocate for “firearm safety” and “common-sense gun laws,” held a “Firearms 101 Presentation” with guest speaker Scott Pappalardo. Their website lists the event description ( as:
“Guest speaker Scott Pappalardo, a gun owner and volunteer leader in Moms Demand Action, presents firearms basics–how they work, how they are classified and how the permitting process works in NJ and in other states across the country. Our intention is to prepare non-gun owning volunteers to have knowledgeable conversations about gun violence prevention with gun owners they meet at tables or events…or in their everyday lives.”
Scott Pappalardo made national news in 2018 when he cut his AR-15 in half “if it would save the life of just one child.”
Scott Pappalardo displaying his AR-15 after cutting the barrel. Scott Pappalardo/Facebook
Scott Pappalardo displaying his AR-15 after cutting the barrel. Scott Pappalardo/Facebook

At the meeting, it appears that multiple New Jersey gun laws were violated. The Moms Demand Action speaker, Scott Pappalardo, possessed several “large-capacity” magazines, unserialized 80% AR15 lower receivers, and the parts and tools to complete the lower receivers to functioning AR-15 rifles, and possessed a large bayonet.

In June 2018, Moms Demand Action applauded the New Jersey legislature for passing laws that would ban “large-capacity” magazines that reduce a firearm ammunition magazine from 15 rounds down to 10 rounds and bans “ghost gun” parts and tools. New Jersey’s “large-capacity” magazine law 2C:39-3j, states:
“Any person who knowingly has in his possession a large capacity ammunition magazine is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree…”
“Large-capacity” magazines are defined by NJ law 2C:39-1y as:
“…a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm.”
The prohibition and ban of “large-capacity” magazines have been widely supported by gun-control organizations, such as Moms Demand Action.
By transporting a “large-capacity” magazine anywhere in New Jersey a person would violate New Jersey law 2C:39-9h that states:
“Any person who manufactures, causes to be manufactured, transports, ships, sells or disposes of a large capacity ammunition magazine which is intended to be used for any purpose other than for authorized military or law enforcement purposes by duly authorized military or law enforcement personnel is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.”
Pappalardo possessed unserialized AR15 lower receivers and explained how easy it is to produce a firearm at home.
Moms Demand Action and their members have supported the ban of these tools and parts to be able to create your own firearm. Their website applauded the passing of these bills by stating “…which would prohibit ghost guns, untraceable firearms that people can build themselves, avoiding background check requirements…”
New Jersey law 2C:39-9k states:
“Purchasing firearm parts to manufacture a firearm without a serial number. In addition to any other criminal penalties provided under law, a person who, with the purpose to manufacture or otherwise assemble a firearm and without being registered or licensed do so as provided in chapter 58 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes, purchases or otherwise obtains separately or as part of a kit a firearm frame or firearm receiver which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer or any combination of parts from which a firearm without a serial number may be readily manufactured or otherwise assembled, but which does not have the capacity to function as a firearm unless manufactured or otherwise assembled is guilty of a crime of the third degree. Notwithstanding the provisions of N.J.S.2C:1-8 or any other law, a conviction under this subsection shall not merge with a conviction for any other criminal offense and the court shall impose separate sentences upon a violation of this subsection and any other criminal offense.”
Pappalardo also possessed a large bayonet which could be a violation of NJ 2C:39-5d which states:
Other weapons. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any other weapon under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as it may have is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.
Live ammunition ranging from .50BMG to 5.56 AR15 ammunition was also possessed by Pappalardo. Pappalardo presented at the William G. Rohrer Memorial Library, which is situated between four local schools. It is unknown at this time if possessing ammunition in gun-free school zones is a violation of state or federal law. Giffords Law Center and Moms Demand Action have both supported stricter laws to prohibit ammunition possession in school zones.
Four local schools surrounding the library that Scott Pappalardo possessed live ammunition, “large-capacity” magazines, and ghost gun parts and tools
Four local schools surrounding the library that Scott Pappalardo possessed live ammunition, “large-capacity” magazines, and ghost gun parts and tools

The National Rifle Association (NRA), the nation’s largest firearm safety and education organization, strictly forbids live ammunition anywhere except during live-fire practices in the gun range.

A local NRA Instructor and Training Counselor from ScotShot LLC agreed. “Live ammunition is expressly forbidden in all NRA classroom activities. Every course slide deck has this clearly stated.”
Live ammunition is expressly forbidden in all NRA classroom activities. Every course slide deck has this clearly stated.
Live ammunition is expressly forbidden in all NRA classroom activities. Every course slide deck has this clearly stated.
  • Third-degree crimes are 3 to 5 years in State’s Prison and up to a $15,000 fine per offense.
  • Fourth-degree crimes are up to 18 months in State’s Prison and up to a $10,000 fine per offense.
The Attorney General’s office, Governor Murphy’s administration, and the Haddon Township police have not responded for comment.
This is a developing story. It will be updated.

About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Forget the 3Rs. Reading, ’Riting and ’Rithmatic are being replaced by the 5Rs: Race, Resources, Relationships, Restorative Justice, and Representation.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Education Chancellor Richard Carranza are turning the Big Apple’s school system (the largest in the nation, with 1.1 million students) into a political boot camp for churning out legions of “woke” crusaders for whichever cause du jour is scheduled as their current priority agenda item. The new “social studies” and “civics” curricula of the city’s Department of Education (NYCDOE) not only indoctrinate their K-12 captives in race theory, gender theory, LGBTQ rights, social justice, environmental justice, and a continually evolving potpourri of made-to-order Marxist grievances, but also encourages and directs students to take to the streets to demonstrate their righteous zeal.
When Swedish teen phenom Greta Thunberg delivered her screechy, preachy, snarly, sneering, “How dare you!” diatribe at the United Nations this past September, the American public got a foretaste of the future that “progressives” have in store for us. Not only did we see Little Miss Pigtails, the media-anointed climate crusader, at her bratty, arrogant, spiteful worst, we also witnessed hundreds of thousands Greta wannabees swarming onto New York City’s streets to demand that politicians enact “green” socialist programs and implement UN schemes for the ostensible purpose of combatting “climate change,” which they insist is an “existential crisis” of apocalyptic dimensions. Many of them mouthed Greta’s claim that Earth is only 12 years away from Doomsday, and they are fearful that they will “die from global warming.”
Naturally, Greta and her mob of puerile myrmidons had plenty of adult help and direction for this massive display of “youth-led” civics. Among those most responsible for this Mao-style mobilization of child and adolescent cadres are, of course, de Blasio and Carranza, who enjoy the indispensable assistance of the city’s radical teachers union, the United Nations, the Fake News Media (led by the New York Times), the Big Green environmental lobby (Sierra Club, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, et al.) and a surging menagerie of ultra-left-wing organizations ranging from the Democratic Socialists of America and Make the Road New York to the Working Families Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the Communist Party USA.
To assure that there would be a terrifyingly large child-youth turnout for Greta’s Youth Climate Strike, de Blasio and the NYCDOE excused kids from school for the day — as long as they participated in the strike. “New York City stands with our young people. They’re our conscience. We support the 9/20 #ClimateStrike,” Mayor de Blasio tweeted.
The kiddies were dutifully prepped for the occasion thanks to the Teaching Social Activism program of the NYCDOE’s new “Civics for All” social-studies curriculum. “NYC believes that teaching the foundations of American government and the democratic process is necessary in order to build a more engaged, active future citizen and informed voter, which is why it is making a significant investment in this work through Civics for All, a new initiative announced in Spring 2018. The DOE believes civic education is an essential part of every students’ core academic program,” states the NYCDOE website.
Teaching Social Activism is a professional learning workshop focused on teaching students about social activism, both historically and in the present day,” the course description continuies. “Participants will explore resources for teaching about social activism in history and consider strategies for encouraging active civic engagement in students today. Teachers will have the opportunity to tour Museum of the City of New York’s ongoing exhibition Activist New York and explore connected curriculum resources.”
Under the de Blasio/Carranza indoctrination scheme, students in Gotham’s crumbling school system are marinated in non-stop propaganda on race, gender, ecology, inequality, etc. They may be illiterate and innumerate, but they can spout all the “progressive” tropes about issues that demand their outrage. However, many of these budding revolutionaries, no doubt, feel overwhelmed by the vast array of existential threats they are being called upon to fix. After all, which is the more imminent menace, a fossil-fueled carbon footprint or toxic masculinity? White nationalism or homophobia/transphobia? Economic inequality or systemic police brutality? The “white privilege culture” or the “American gun culture?” The answer, according to the revolutionaries at NYCDOE, is that our children must not only master all of the Marxist gibberish associated with the above-mentioned exigent “crises” — and many more as well — but also demonstrate proper “social activism” in favor of the approved politically correct causes.
This writer attended and reported on the UN’s Civil Society Summit in Salt Lake City in August, which provided a youth warmup for the UN’s September Climate Action Summit in New York City. More than a thousand “youth thought leaders” from around the globe were brought to the Salt Lake City confab, with one of their major priorities being to help lead, and be “spokesyouth” for, the forthcoming Climate Strike at the UN.  (See herehereherehere, and here.)
If you think that it’s perfectly natural for un-coached pre-teens and teens to spout politically correct slogans about “sustainability,” “carbon sequestration,” “tipping points,” “existential crises,” “species extinction,” “climate deniers,” “scientific consensus,” and the like, then you probably also won’t have any trouble accepting that when the same ragamuffin chorus spews politically correct memes about “racial advantage hierarchy,” “proximity to white privilege,” “racial equity,” “implicit bias,” “racial reparations,” and “racial oppression” these too are spontaneous, organic, unrehearsed adolescent expressions. No reasonable person would accept that explanation, of course, especially since the evidence plainly shows that these “articulate” young “thought leaders” have been programed in this Orwellian Newspeak by the NYCDOE brainwashers. This institutionalized child abuse by ideological propagandists posing as “educators” is not limited to New York City; it is flourishing across the country and around the world, as testified by the parasympathetic Climate Strike demonstrations organized in dozens of cities throughout the planet. But the Big Apple does seem to pride itself in leading the pack.
3Rs out! 5Rs in! New York City’s racially saturated social-studies program claims to derive its impetus from a “youth-led” movement. Making the Grade: The Path to Real Integration and Equity for NYC Public School Student, the 2019 report of the city’s School Diversity Advisory Group, is a major guidepost to the NYCDOE plan for picking at racial scabs and enflaming racial turmoil under the guise of promoting “equity” and “diversity.”
In its introduction to the report, the School Diversity Advisory Group’s executive committee writes: “Inspired by students, we adopted IntegrateNYC’s 5Rs of Real Integration — Race and Enrollment; Resources; Relationships; Restorative Justice; and Representation — four of which apply to all schools, irrespective of enrollment.”
That executive intro is followed by a “Letter from NYC Students,” which is actually a letter from a radical-left organization purporting to speak for all of the 1.1 million NYC students. “We, the students of IntegrateNYC, stand for integrated schools that value students of color,” it proclaims. “We believe diversity initiatives that do not invest in cultural competency, disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, recruit and retain diverse teachers and staff, and equitably fund all schools, are insufficient.”
“IntegrateNYC is a youth-led organization that stands for integration and equity in New York City schools,” the missive continues. “Students developed the 5Rs of Real Integration, a framework that redefines integration as more than the movement of bodies.”
Here are the 5Rs of Real Integration as proclaimed by the "youth" of IntegrateNYC: “We reclaim our right to: Racially integrate our schools through admissions processes that prioritize diversity by race, class, ability, and home language. Resource our schools through equitable distribution and monitoring of resources and opportunities. Relate through supportive relationships and culturally responsive curriculum and professional development for educators. Restore justice by interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline … Represent diverse communities through school faculty and leaders that reflect the cultures and identities of students and families.”
“This framework was created by students, for students,” the letter disingenuously claims, “and we believe it is necessary for all five components to work in conjunction to transform our schools into spaces that affirm, empower, and educate young people.”
Is IntegrateNYC truly a “youth-led organization”? Just asking. Apparently no one in the “mainstream media” even thinks of questioning this obviously fatuous claim. It doesn’t take a whole lot of digging on IntegrateNYC’s website and Facebook page to discredit the suspicious assertion. Right at the top of the organization’s Facebook page currently is a video of their “Still Not Equal” group demonstration on the steps of New York City Hall. While the students hold signs, an adult coach runs up the steps to position them more strategically, instruct them on holding the signs, and direct their movements. Adult cameramen with professional cameras are filming the entire adult-scripted operation.
Also currently at the top of their Facebook page is a promotion for “A Youth Mandate for Presidential Candidates: Permanently Dismantle The School-to-Prison-and-Deportation Pipeline.” IntegrateNYC is listed as one of the more than 100 faux “youth-led” groups endorsing the kiddie “mandate.” Other left-wing endorser outfits include the Youth Activism Project, Youth Everywhere Rising and Resisting (YERR), Youth First Initiative, Youth on Board, Youth Rise Texas, YVote/Next Generation Politics, Campaign for Youth Justice, Make the Road New York, Center for Teen Empowerment, Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education, and many more.
As is the case with virtually every other Astroturf activist lobby masquerading as a grassroots movement, the “youth-led” movement is funded by the usual sources: government agencies and the globalist tax-exempt foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Tides, et al.)
Is the de Blasio-Carranza New York City model the prototype for the entire nation? It would seem so, since schemes similar to the NYCDOE version are being implemented in government schools (as well as many private schools) across the land. Parents who leave their children in these indoctrination centers are acquiescing to the subversive brainwashing of an entire generation. Taxpayers and voters who continue to fund these schools and tolerate these subversive social engineers are complicit in their subversion.
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Why it's Wrong to Chemically Castrate Children
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
DALLAS, Texas, October 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – LifeSiteNews has obtained a certified copy of the complete ruling in the case of seven-year-old James Younger, whose mother wanted him to undergo a gender “transition” against his father’s wishes.
Mr. Jeffrey Younger was fighting to prevent his ex-wife Dr. Anne Georgulas from “transitioning” James into “Luna.” The custody battle over James and his twin, Jude, garnered national attention after initially being ignored by the mainstream media. LifeSiteNews and The Texan were the only news outlets present for the entire trial.
Judge Kim Cooks ultimately ruled that Dr. Georgulas will not be able to “transition” the child into a girl without Mr. Younger’s consent, and placed a gag order on both parents preventing either of them from talking about the case with media until James and Jude turn 18.
Judge Cooks made it clear she was not happy with the media attention the case received, and Dr. Georgulas’ lawyers brought up Mr. Younger’s speaking to the media. He said he felt the public had a right to know what was going on in the medical field.
Judge Cooks did not uphold the jury’s ruling that the current order be modified to provide one of the parents with sole managing conservatorship. She ruled that Mr. Younger and Dr. Georgulas will be joint managing conservators. They will both need to agree on all medical, dental, and psychological/psychiatric care. If a counselor “determines it is appropriate,” Mr. Younger will be granted 50/50 custody in January or June 2020. Judge Cooks’ also mandated family counseling for the entire family. 
Judge Cooks is the same judge who, in 2017, awarded Dr. Georgulas “the exclusive right, after notifying the Father, to consent to psychiatric and psychological treatment of the children” and “the exclusive right, after notifying the Father, to consent to medical, dental, and surgical treatment involving invasive procedures.”
The court also mandated counseling to address specifically outlined issues and issued an injunction against the parents “making disparaging remarks regarding the other parent in the presence of the children or in the children’s listening.”
Judge Cooks gave the amicus attorney, Mr. Stacy Dunlop, the power to make medical decisions for the boys if Mr. Younger and Dr. Georgulas cannot agree.
“If the parents cannot come to an agreement, they will make an appointment with Stacy Dunlop, the Parenting Coordinator, who will resolve the dispute by making a decision on behalf of the parents if they still disagree,” the ruling says.
Specifically on medical, psychological, psychiatric, and dental issues, Mr. Dunlop will “resolve the dispute by making a decision on behalf of the parents if they still disagree after discussing the disagreement with Stacy Dunlop.” 
Dr. Georgulas has “the exclusive right to the services and earnings of the children, and the exclusive right to receive child support.” 
The ruling also outlines the court’s 68 findings. The court found “that there has been no abuse, neglect, or family violence by either parent to the children or from one parent towards the other.” The court found, “the mother made no request to surgically or chemically transition the child’s sex or to chemically castrate the child.” 
Evidence presented in court indicated Dr. Georgulas had referrals to the GENECIS transgender children’s clinic. Dr. Georgulas also testified that she consulted with the GENECIS clinic about James. Dr. Georgulas’ expert witnesses testified about the alleged benefits of “affirming” transgenderism in children, including the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. 
The court found that, “the State of Texas has no compelling interest to justify such interference as to entering Orders requiring the Father to affirm Luna and honor her [sic] choices, both inside and outside the home.” In other words, Mr. Younger will not be forced to use female pronouns to refer to his son.
One of the court findings highlighted a statement from Dr. Albritton, the custody evaluator, that Dr. Georgulas was “over and above affirming.” The court also found that “the Mother has exceeded the scope of the exclusive rights and duties provided in the prior order.” 
The ruling also said that the state has not mandated the “transition” of James directly: “No Texas judge or Texas court nor the 255th family court of appeal has ordered the chemical castration, puberty blockers, hormone blockers, or any transgnder reassignment surgery on this child.” 
Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw – all of Texas – and many conservative leaders weighed in on the case after it went viral
Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, tweeted: “We don’t let kids drink alcohol til 21. People want to move smoking age to 21. But we will allow a 7 year old to have his life and body altered like this? This is child abuse and the state should side with the father who is trying to protect the child.”
The certified copy of the ruling can be read HERE.
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Dad who fought to protect son from gender ‘transition’ now under ‘unconstitutional’ gag order

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
DALLAS, Texas, October 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The judge who ruled yesterday that seven-year-old James Younger’s parents will have 50/50 custody of him and joint decision-making over his medical decisions has placed both of them under a gag order. They are prohibited from speaking to the media about the case, which made national news after it was initially ignored by the mainstream media, until James and his twin Jude turn 18.
Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th District Court included a gag order on Mr. Jeffrey Younger and Dr. Anne Georgulas in her custody ruling. Dr. Georgulas has been trying to orchestrate a gender “transition” for James against Mr. Younger’s wishes.
During their messy legal battle, Dr. Georgulas’ attorneys focused on Mr. Younger’s engagement with the media during the trial, calling it an invasion of the boys’ privacy.  
The gag order on Mr. Younger is “clearly unconstitutional,” Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, told LifeSiteNews.
“This is an outrageous decision by the court that clearly is unconstitutional under the First Amendment,” said Mr. Staver. “It is obvious with the court order that the judge has made some serious mistakes because this is fairly straightforward that you can’t gag a father from talking about his son to the media.” 
Jonathan Saenz, the President of Texas Values, called the gag order an “overreaction”: 
“The issuance of a gag order is clearly an overreaction in this case particularly since this case was going to be decided by a judge and not a jury, but it is also an indication that Jeff Younger realized he had to do everything he could to get his message out [because] up until this point the system had not worked the way it should.”
Saenz shared his hope that this case will spur the state of Texas to pass laws protecting children.
“Moving forward we are very encouraged that state [legislators] and leaders recognize the need to address the injustice that this situation highlighted and we hope that there will be an opportunity very soon to have protections in state’s laws for children and parental rights in our state on this issue.” 
Mr. Younger testified that he had not sought out any interviews and that he only accepted interviews with certain media. Mr. Younger also testified that he wouldn’t stop engaging with the media after the trial. He told LifeSiteNews, “I would like to protect every child in the United States from these abhorrent practices by the medical community.”

Texas Solicitor General just issued brief calling gag order on another family unconstitutional

Gag orders have been issued in other parental rights cases. In addition to calling them unconstitutional, critics say they are used to prevent parents from sharing with the public what is being done to their children.
When Justina Pelletier was taken from her parents’ custody after they disagreed with a doctor at Boston Children's Hospital, her parents were also gagged. Justina was ultimately reunited with her family, but is still recovering from the trauma of being seized by government officials and locked in a psychiatric ward for almost 16 months, where her physical condition also deteriorated. 
In July, a judge outside of Dallas issued a gag order on the Pardo family, whose four-year-old son was taken by the state over allegations of medical abuse, which came after his parents sought a second medical opinion.
Just last week, Texas Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins issued a brief on behalf of the State of Texas saying the gag order placed on the Pardo family is unconstitutional. 
“The gag order is a prior restraint on speech,” he wrote. “It is plainly overbroad and cannot be squared with the First Amendment’s free speech guarantees.”
“Neither the trial court’s threadbare explanation nor the record justifies the substantial infringement on First Amendment rights.”
Dr. Georgulas’ attorneys argued during the trial that Mr. Younger speaking with the press put his children in danger despite the lack of evidence of this.
In his brief, Hawkins cited numerous cases setting the precedent for the unconstitutional nature of a gag order during court proceedings. He cited the need for evidence of imminent harm for the imposition of a gag order.
“A court may impose a gag order only upon evidence of an imminent harm that cannot be addressed by less restrictive means. See Neb. Press, 427 U.S. at 562,” the briefing stated.
Hawkins’ brief also addressed the use of gag orders to protect the privacy of juveniles both at a state and federal level. 
“Further, a ‘state’s interest in protecting juveniles’ cannot alone justify suppressing speech about a juvenile’s private information that was lawfully obtained. Smith v. Daily Mail Pub. Co., 443 U.S. 97, 104 (1979); see also In re T.T., 779 N.W.2d 602, 620 (Neb. Ct. App. 2009)”
“The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld ‘legislation aimed at protecting the physical and emotional well-being of youth even when the laws have operated in the sensitive area of constitutionally pro tected rights,’ New York v. Ferber, 458 U.S. 747, 757 (1982), but has also cautioned that ‘the objective of shielding children does not suffice to support a blanket ban if the protection can be accomplished by a less restrictive alternative,’ United States v. Playboy Entm’t Grp., Inc., 529 U.S. 803, 814 (2000).”
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