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A Vimeo video from Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network about abusive church leaders who use shame, guilt, mind control, coercion, manipulation, diaprax (Scripture twisting), syncretism, authoritarianism, etc.:


1Corinthians 10:20-21But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.
    If you thought that yoga was harmless exercise offered by your local liberal church and/or the YMCA/YWCA in your town, think again, biblical Christians. Similar to the degrees of Freemasonry, yoga is an introduction to a deeper involvement in Hinduism, the emptying of the mind via contemplative (Catholic) mysticism, the worship of other gods and demons, deceptively leading one away from the Word of God and possibly ending in demonic possession. There are various types of yoga including yoga re-packaged for Christians (so-called "Christ-centered alternatives to yoga"). These are supposedly safe for Christians, but is the risk worth it, when there are so many other forms of exercise?
    For example, Brooke Boon's "Holy Yoga", offered at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church,, or the "Praise Moves" of Laurette Willis,, and "Atoning Yoga" of Lauren Terwilliger,

Holy Yoga: Jesus is the Guru:

Praise Moves video:

Atoning Yoga video:

    The following resources refute this mixture of yoga with Christianity from a biblical point of view. There are many other resources on the internet to prove that yoga in any of its forms or mutations is to be avoided for your spiritual health.

"The Yoga Boom: What are Christians to Do?" video by Elliot Miller,, (1HR/21MIN).
"Yoga Exposed" video by Scott Johnson,,(1HR/36MIN)
Scott Johnson's 2 part article with audio at Contending for on Rick Warren's "New Health and Wellness Initiative": and
Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network (SRN),, has three excellent videos on Vimeo: "Calvary Chapel & Purpose Driven Pastors Doing Yoga?", (11MIN), and "New Age Teachings Influencing Your Church, Your Children & You", (6MIN)(yoga at 5:45min mark), and "'A Time of Departing' (book by Ray Yungen) & New Spirituality Terms", (7MIN).
Lighthouse Trails Research has articles on yoga, and a new article, Barbie and American Girl Dolls Have Gone Yoga at
Mike Oppenheimer interview on video, "Labyrinths (1st half) and Yoga (2nd half) Used by Christians" below:

Test everything by the Word of God!


 1) Sovereign Grace Ministries
2) Jack Schaap and Jack Hyles of First Baptist of Hammond, Indiana
3) Beaverton Grace Bible Church

    What do these churches have in common, other than fundamentalism?
    Maybe you are aware of all three of the above church issues, maybe not. All have similar scenarios of alledgedly abusive leadership and alledgedly abused church members. #3 above is addressed below.
    The parties in a lawsuit (since dismissed), filed prior to July, were Beaverton Grace Bible Church, an apparent independent fundamental church, pastored by Chuck O'Neal as plaintiff and Julie Anne Smith et al, as defendants. It was for $500,000. The defendants were former congregants at this church who voiced allegations of control, abuse and misuse of pastoral authority, etc. in their blog In return, the above lawsuit was initiated and filed on behalf of the pastor, but in addition, the pastor created his own blog to counter the former congregants' blog referred to as the so-called "real survivors" blog
    You can decide for yourself who is right and who is wrong, but it is nevertheless extremely unfortunate and disgraceful and a reproach on the church and name of Jesus Christ that this was dragged into a civil court at all. Aside from the allegations coming from both sides, the right of church members to approach their leadership with concerns, observations, opinions and questions should be absolute without retaliation. The right of church members to also voice these publicly is a constitutionally protected right, unless of course they are known to be false, unfounded or slanderous. The exercise of these God-given rights is not a matter for "church discipline" in the form of punishment, shunning, marginalization, and/or ostrasization, and least of all lawsuits. A PASTOR or ELDER is not a POPE, autocrat, or dictator. Some pastors do however, become "wolves in sheep's clothing", where absolute obedience to them is required and commended. Lacking such fealty, the sheep are at risk of being destroyed in an abusive manner whether they remain in such a church or decide to leave. These pastors believe, in their assumed arrogant "anointing" that their control of Christians extends beyond the church property. Such is the case here, since they believe that the civil and criminal authorities have been instituted by God.
    Todd Rhoades of has no opinion and some doubt on this matter, but he would like your comments on "if you were accused (wrongfully) of child abuse...if your church was accused of horrible things?": I draw your attention to the word "wrongfully" and the question mark "?" inserted in this quote. No opinion here?
    From is the following picture and report upon the dismissal in court:
    Here are some relevant videos:

For Sovereign Grace issues see:
For First Baptist Hammond/Hyles/Schaap issues see: