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The 223rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) kicks off this week (June 16-23). It promises to be an orgy of progressive delights — from bashing America’s immigration policies to demonizing fossil fuels to trashing Israel while apotheosizing Palestine to global warming warnings to the horrors of white privilege to the blessings of intersexuality to the condemnation of hate speech in all its forms. What Christian in his/her right mind would want to miss such a momentous event? Surely in all this, the biblical message that Jesus Christ came to save sinners will receive some passing mention….
One of the overtures of special interest to me has been proposed by the Presbytery of Carlisle (Item 07-01 on the GA docket). Entitled “On America’s Interfaith Context and the Church’s Challenge,” this overture contains seven recommendations for action. Six of them are the kind of vapid directives one might expect from a moralistic, progressive bureaucracy, and offer nothing that other mainline denominations have not also chattered about.
The seventh, however — directive number two in order –breaks new ground and would launch the PCUSA boldly into new territory with regard to interfaith activity. It reads:
Condemn all religiously inspired and motivated violence, prejudice, discrimination and hate speech, and in particular anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim behaviors and language.
This sounds very PC on the surface, but in fact would mandate that the PCUSA would have to condemn Islam as a religion and its “holy book,” the Qur’an.
Since 9/11/2001, there have been over 33,000 deadly attacks around the world carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam. No other religion approaches even one percent of this figure over the same period. The bromides bandied about that the perpetrators are not really Muslims or that they have wrongly interpreted their religion beg the question: Why have so many gotten their religion so wrong, if indeed they have? Why is the religious violence we see around the world overwhelmingly associated with Islam? Surely if this PCUSA overture passes, the denomination will quickly issue an official condemnation of Islam’s “religiously inspired and motivated violence” as seen over the last two decades (not to mention its bloody history over the last 1400 years). I will wait with bated breath….
Religiously inspired and motivated…prejudice will also be in the crosshairs of the PCUSA. So the common references to Jews as “descendants of apes and pigs” which echo through mosques around the world every Friday will be condemned, as will all the other epithets targeting the Jewish race for being the source of all the world’s evils. Indeed, the PCUSA will necessarily denounce the Qur’anic teaching that the Jews are the enemies of Allah, and the Hadith reports where Muhammad declares that the Day of Judgment will not come until the armies of Islam hunt down and exterminate all Jews from this world, per the decree of Allah. The anti-Jewish prejudice inherent in Islam will face the scorching condemnation of the Presbyterian Church USA. I can hardly wait.
As regards “religiously inspired and motivated…discrimination,” the yet-to-be approved overture will lead the denomination to excoriate Islam over the third-class status of dhimmitude within the Islamic state, where non-Muslims are allowed to live (except for polytheists and atheists, who are forced to become Muslim or face immediate execution) in subordination to Islamic law and with extremely constricted rights compared to their Muslim neighbors. Likewise, the discriminatory, Shari’a-compliant, hefty, annual poll tax (jizya) levied on all dhimmis will face the withering censure of the PCUSA. Of course, since this is an obvious “justice issue,” the denomination will make its denunciations of Islamic discrimination a first-order priority. I expect a public proclamation by Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson, Jr. by the end of this month. If he asks, I would gladly help him compose it.
Lastly, Overture 7-1 would require the PCUSA to condemn religiously inspired and motivated…hate speech. Primary among PCUSA targets would have to be the Qur’an, which serves as the principal source of hate speech against non-Muslims for almost a quarter of the world’s 7.6 billion people. Finally a mainline Protestant denomination will censure the hate-filled portions of the Qur’an that fuel Muslim loathing toward the unconverted world. Here are a few examples to give them a running start:
  • “You are the best of all peoples,” (3:110) the Qur’an says to the Muslim community, while “Those who disbelieve from among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein forever. They are the worst of creatures” (98:6).
  • The non-Muslim world is variously characterized as diseased (2:10), perverse (2:99), stupid (2:171) and deceitful (3:73).
  • According to 8:55, “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve, and they will not believe.” As a result, the kuffar are compared unfavorably with dogs and cattle (7:176, 179), dirty (9:28) and ignorant (6:111).
  • The Jews merit these descriptions, but as noted above they garner even more hate speech from Allah. As descendants of apes and pigs (because in the past Allah transformed them into these subhuman animals as punishment for their unbelief (see 5:60, 7:166, 2:65), they are especially corrupt, filthy and helpers of the devil (4:76).
  • As a result of all these odious decrees and descriptions, Muslims are warned repeatedly not to take unbelievers as friends, for they are “unto you open enemies”(4:101; see also 4:144; 5:51; 58:22; 3:118; 60:4).
  • Therefore, Muslims are commanded to fight against the unbelievers, inflicting harshness on them (9:123); or in the words of the Qur’anic golden rule, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are severe against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves…” (48:29).
  • Curses are indeed a powerful form of hate speech. Since Allah himself calls curses down upon Jews and Christians (and all who reject Muhammad’s claims), divine hate speech against other religious groups is canonized in Islam. If Allah speaks hatefully toward the non-Muslim world, how can his followers not imitate him?
After leaning long and hard toward a gospel-denying universalism, the PCUSA seems poised now to condemn the religious teachings of a rival faith. To be fair, it has to be said that this unintended exclusivist drift is not being nourished by a true belief in the gospel but by a mindless pursuit of “progressive justice,” which holds that anything negative said about anyone or their beliefs must be “hate speech” (except when said against Christians, of course), and as the cause du jour it must become one of the PCUSA’s pet pursuits.
Unfortunately, one of the other fabrications commonly accepted by the progressive left is that all religions, including Islam, are peaceful at heart. Hence, Overture 7-1 assumes that any “religious hate speech” will arise from those perverting their religions, not practicing them faithfully. Unfortunately, as those who know Islam well can testify, religiously inspired and motivated violence, prejudice, discrimination and hate speech is endemic to the heart and culture of Islam as taught and practiced by the prophet of Arabia.
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Alex Jones demonstrates the absurdity behind insane claims from Democrats who say illegal immigrant children are being held captive in concentration camp-like buildings along the border.
Breitbart Texas Editor Investigates 
Child Detention Facilities
Managing Director of Breitbart Texas Brandon Darby joins Ali Alexander on the Alex Jones Show to discuss border security and misconceptions surrounding recent concerns of children being separated from their parents at the US/Mexico border.

Obama Placed Twice As Many Illegal Immigrant Children In Shelters As Trump

Alex Jones breaks down how, despite the massive outcry from Democrats against President Trump, former President Obama committed the exact same offenses, only double in size and scope.

Left Was Silent When Obama Put Kids in Cages

"Just to show you how unprincipled these people are, I want to show you some pictures from the Obama administration—yes the Obama administration—when they handled immigration and the separation and detention of children... Where were the calls for violence and outrage from the left?" —Dan Bongino
Democrats Call For Civil War In The Streets To Stop Trump
Alex Jones breaks down how democrats are calling for a civil war against President Trump based on the false narrative that he separates illegal immigrant children from their parents.



Media outrage based on belief that border crossings shouldn’t be illegal

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Family separation on the border only occurs under one of the following conditions: 1) If a migrant adult falsely claims to be a parent, or 2) is a threat to the child, or 3) is charged with a crime, such as illegal entry.
The Obama administration did separate families, sometimes by thousands of miles by deporting male migrants a long distance from their point of entry under the Alien Transfer Exit Program.
In contrast, the Trump administration hasn’t changed the rules, except perhaps by not separating families by thousands of miles – and by not giving “free passes” for illegal border crossing.
During the Obama administration, migrants who claimed to be with their family weren’t criminally prosecuted, and this ultimately led to child trafficking as more migrants crossed the border with kids they falsely claimed as their children.
According to a May 28 article from the National Review:
The past practice had been to give a free pass to an adult who is part of a family unit. The new Trump policy is to prosecute all adults. The idea is to send a signal that we are serious about our laws and to create a deterrent against re-entry. (Illegal entry is a misdemeanor, illegal re-entry a felony.)
Furthermore, the process of “separating families” when the head of the household is charged with a crime is nothing new under US law. Children are not thrown into a jail cell with their father if he’s charged with a crime.
This is true with just about any law on the state or federal level.
Now, concerning immigration, when a migrant is charged with illegal entry, US Marshals take him into custody.
Children that accompanied him across the border are then taken into the temporary custody of Health and Human Services and its contractors at shelters such as this one:
Again, according to the National Review, which is worth reading in full:
There is a significant moral cost to not enforcing the border. There is obviously a moral cost to separating a parent from a child and almost everyone would prefer not to do it. But, under current policy and with the current resources, the only practical alternative is letting family units who show up at the border live in the country for the duration. Not only does this make a mockery of our laws, it creates an incentive for people to keep bringing children with them.
In short, the Trump administration hasn’t really changed the rules used by the Obama administration, with the exception of not giving any more “free passes” that encouraged illegal border crossing – and possibly the exception of not separating families by thousands of miles.
Thus, the mainstream media outrage against President Trump must be motivated by two things: 1) Belief that uncontrolled border crossings shouldn’t be illegal and 2) Bias against Trump.



Despite the fact she wanted to ‘send them back’ in 2014

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Crooked Hillary Clinton scuttled out of the shadows once again Monday night to take yet more swipes at the President, this time over immigration, despite the fact that she herself advocated the same policy, which was introduced under Obama.
Referring to the arrest of all who cross the border illegally, and the subsequent separation of them from their children, Hillary claimed “This is not happening because of the ‘Democrats’ law'” as the White House has claimed.”
“Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie. And it is incumbent on all of us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that.” Clinton declared.

Breaking now on @MSNBC:

Hillary Clinton address Trump admin. policy on family separations at the border.
JUST IN: "That is an outright lie," Hillary Clinton says of Trump White House saying separation of families at the US border is mandated by law.

“Nor are these policies rooted in religion,” Hillary continued.
“In fact, those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of Christianity,” she said, going on to claim she has ‘studied’ the Bible.
“I went to a lot of years of Sunday School, I even taught it from time to time, I’ve studied the Bible, both the Old and the new Testament, and what is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything I was ever taught.” Clinton stated.
“Jesus said, ‘Suffer the little children unto me.’ He did not say, ‘Let the children suffer.’ she exclaimed.

JUST IN: "That is an outright lie," Hillary Clinton says of Trump White House saying separation of families at the US border is mandated by law.
Hillary Clinton: "Those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenant of Christianity … [Jesus] did not say, “Let the children suffer.”

This new Bible expert is the same Hillary Clinton who has defended rapists in court who she knew were guilty, and the same Hillary Clinton who vehemently champions abortion.
She is also fundraising off the back of the immigration problem, despite not being a candidate for anything, and claiming it is a “humanitarian crisis” created by “Trump’s immigration policies.”
The immigration policy, known as the Flores Settlement Agreement, is a continuation of the Obama administration’s actions on the border. It mandates that all illegal border crossers have their children taken into federal custody.
Democrats are claiming the children are being held in conditions similar to “concentration camps,” yet reports have shown that the shelters actually provide them with a quality of life higher than the 13 million American children who are living in poverty.
Hillary herself approved of the policy in 2014, and she said the children should be sent back to where they came from:
“Many children are fleeing from that violence,” said Hillary, before being asked again by Christiane Amanpour, “Should they be able to stay here, it’s safer?”
“It may be safer but that’s not the answer,” Hillary responded, before Amanpour asked again, “So you’re saying they should be sent back now?”
“Well, they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who the responsible adults in their families are,” responded Hillary, adding that they should be “reunited with their families.”
“We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border. That doesn’t mean that child gets to stay,” said Hillary, adding that this was important to encourage more children not to “make that dangerous journey.”



Non-citizens already reaping free handout benefits

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Photos taken inside an illegal immigrant detention facility in South Texas reveal children at the shelter are eating better than American schoolchildren who had to endure former First Lady Michelle Obama’s nationwide lunch program.
Last Wednesday MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff was one of a few people allowed inside a converted Walmart in Brownsville, Texas, operated by Austin-based non-profit Southwest Key Programs, where nearly 1,500 boys are detained.
While Soboroff claimed the children appeared to be “incarcerated,” one photo shows children are receiving rather healthy meals compared to those tweeted out by public school students during the Obama era.
“Here are some photos of the boys in the cafeteria,” Soboroff tweeted. “This is not a school cafeteria. Hundreds called to eat at a time on rotating shifts. When I told @chrislhayes it felt like a prison or jail, I was thinking about this.”
The photos show children holding lunch plates with what appears to be a chicken sandwich served on wheat buns with all the fixins, along with a serving of french fries and a heaping portion of peaches.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Here are some photos of the boys in the cafeteria.

This is not a school cafeteria.

Hundreds called to eat at a time on rotating shifts.

When I told @chrislhayes it felt like a prison or jail, I was thinking about this.
That’s a pretty decent meal compared to the crap school kids were forced to eat under Michelle O.’s “Let’s Move” initiative just a few years ago.