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 Matt Bracken and David Knight join Alex Jones live via Skype to identify the moves of democrats behind the scenes immediately following the Las Vegas massacre to push forward gun control policies.
 Absolute, Total War Declared 
Against Second Amendment 
 Alex Jones exposes how and why the inherent right for Americans to own firearms is being blamed for the Las Vegas massacre and the tragic events are being leveraged to push anti-gun propaganda.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Child Abuse in the Classroom, A Legal Challenge to ESSA
This is an invitation to join our national revolt called, “Child Abuse in the Classroom, A Legal Challenge to ESSA.”  ESSA is the federal legislation called Every Student Achieves Act. This revolt to stop this legislation is a tribute to Phyllis Schlafly and her book that exposed the original  “Child Abuse In The Classroom” that detailed hearings that brought about regulations to stop the psychological and psychiatric testing and treatment in the classrooms of America finalized in the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, PPRA. I was the parent who filed a federal complaint using the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, PPRA.  Phyllis had worked very hard to pass regulations in the 80’s. In fact, her book, Child Abuse in the Classroom, was the impetus for me to file my complaint. My story is well known. My historical journey exposed the corruption, the illegal data collection, and psychological abuse disguised as education in Pennsylvania, as well as other states as I fought outcome based education in the ‘90’s.

It appears what I had fought to rid our schools in the 1990’s is back with a passion. December of 2015, Speaker Paul Ryan pushed the passage of Every Student Achieves Act legislation through Congress along with Senator Lamar Alexander, Chairman of the HELP Committee.  Senator Alexander had purposely eliminated any reference in his summary report that would disclose the illegal and dangerous psychological techniques codified in his ESSA education legislation. Citizens contacted Senator Alexander and had informed him of the abusive mental health interventions that he permitted to be incorporated into his legislation. We are asking that he publicly recant the language in his bill that opened the door to these abuses and to act forthrightly to remedy this critical situation.
A Parent and Citizen Revolt
Citizens across the United States are prepared to wage an aggressive grassroots effort to stop The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) because it promotes Child Abuse in the Classroom. We are asking you to join us to request President Trump and Congress to repeal ESSA.

Parents and citizens across the United States are requesting an immediate injunction to stop the implementation of social, emotional, and behavioral standards and interventions that have been codified in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Although the implementation and collection of these non-academic standards and interventions have been previously approved and funded by former President Obama through the Executive Order 12866 and the illegal ESEA Flexibility Waivers, Congress has not stopped the progressive execution of these experimental, psychological manipulations in the classrooms of America. Because our children are at-risk of abuse, we are calling for an investigation.
President Trump has written and released an Executive Order that directs Secretary of Education DeVos to Enforce Statutory Prohibitions on Federal Control of Education. The Every Student Succeeds Act legislation violates the protection and safety of our children. This Act requires the use of abusive psychological techniques on children. These techniques are actually codified into this law. We are requesting Secretary DeVos to immediately take steps to prohibit teachers from carrying out the intrusive psychological and behavioral techniques named in the legislation to be used on America’s children in American classrooms. The intervention techniques specifically named in the legislation include: Applied Behavior Analysis posing as positive behavior intervention and supports; multi-tiered system of supports (response to intervention); schoolwide tiered system of supports; specialized instructional support services; early intervening services for at-risk children or becoming at-risk for mental health disabilities; and universal design for learning.
 On September 20, our campaign released a Press Release that explained the violations that we allege are happening in the classrooms of America. We have 20 state coordinators and aligned two major Press Conferences, one in Austin, Texas, and another in Indianapolis, Indiana, the home state of Vice-President Pence. Please go to our website and join the campaign to help stop this psychological manipulation.
 Parents, the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of your children are being monitored, evaluated, and CODED. Behavioral interventions are being performed without your written permission or consent. Sometimes the names for this are changed to such flowery phrases as mindsets, character development, citizenship, “grit”, or even civics. This tactic effectually catches some parents off guard. Why? Because it sounds so good. Do we really know what is being tested and taught in America’s classrooms? Do you know what data is being collected on your child? Education has moved away from academics. There is now a full focus on personality with teaching and testing in non-Academic areas. The goal is changing the social, emotional, and behavioral personality traits of your child.
What Does the “Whole Child” Mean?
The “whole child” (head, heart, and hand) becomes the focus of the federal government when their job was to educate, not indoctrinate. The recently passed federal ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is the latest draconian effort to test, teach, and remediate values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions. The education establishment calls testing and changing attitudes and values these new buzzwords….social, emotional, and behavioral interventions. This transformation of our educational system removed academics as the main thrust of American education. It is mental health. It is psychological conditioning.  It is changing your child’s personality. ESSA becomes the church of today and everyday in the classroom. The spirit of the child is the focus of changing behavior, values, and beliefs. Churches, wake up! You’ve been replaced, but so has the family.
We have officially become the nanny state when ESSA was codified into law  December 2015.
Penetrating the Human Psyche
The ultimate goal is to squash all individualism in America. Parents beware! This falls under mental health. It is psychological conditioning. It also happens to be illegal the way they are doing this on children in the United States. Specific psychological interventions have been codified into law that teachers are using daily in our classrooms.  Phone apps are being used to monitor behavior like the BOSS app, Behavioral Observation of Students in School. Other behavioral assessments include: Systemic Screening for Behavioral Disorders; Behavioral and Emotional Screening System; Student Risk Screening Scale; Strengths and Difficulties Questionaire; Screening Social Skills Improvement System. Imagine replacing academics for these conditioning, behavioral systems used on our kids?  It’s not conduct anymore. It’s BF Skinner conditioning. You do not have to imagine anymore, they are being implemented daily.
What Are We Going To Do About It?
Parents, challenge the federal legislation!  We must!!
Professionals in the medical field are identifying these psychological techniques being used in the classroom by teachers, proving that if a doctor would perform these tests in their office, they would need informed written parental consent. Have You Seen Johnny’s Mental Health Profile written by Dr. Aida Cerundolo, Greenland, NH, brings home the reality of today’s classrooms in America. (Source:
We are asking parents to become involved. Join our effort to roll back this legislation and demand a Back to Basics Curriculum founded on academic subjects. Let’s get rid of the psychobabble, the datamining, and the unjust platform that disguises the true intent of the federal goals…globalism and total control of the individual.
These are our American children. 
Parents +  children = family … not the nanny state.
Join Child Abuse in the Classroom, A Legal Challenge To ESSA. 
Join here:


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The shooter in Sunday night’s mass slaughter of 59 concert goers in Las Vegas, identified as 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock, a man with no criminal history, is now being investigated for possible ties to Islamic terrorists.
At least 527 people were injured in what was described by Sheriff Joseph Lombardo as a well-coordinated attack.
ISIS claimed credit in an Arabic-language website, but authorities immediately tried to debunk the claim, saying they had no evidence to support it.
“We will investigate that down to the end,” but thus far nothing has been found to connect Paddock to international terrorism, Lombardo said at one of four news conferences held Monday on the shooting.
“We have determined, to this point, no connection to an international terrorist group,” said an unidentified spokesman for the FBI in a brief statement at a news conference at 11:40 a.m. Monday in Las Vegas.
The questions stemmed from a Twitter posting by the group Site Intel Group that ISIS spokesman Amaq has claimed Paddock was one of its “soldiers” who converted to Islam months ago.
The statement, in Arabic, read, “Attacker of the #Las_Vegas shooting is a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to targeting coalition countries,” Jihadoscope, a cybermonitoring company that monitors jihadi activity, confirmed in a translation sent to Newsweek.
Michael S. Smith II, co-founder of terror analysis company Kronos Advisory, who regularly tracks ISIS activity, also confirmed to Newsweek the claim of responsibility and the claim about Paddock’s conversion.
After media continued to discredit the ISIS claims, the terrorist organization doubled down by sending out an official communique identifying Paddock as “Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki.”
This is the first U.S. attack that ISIS has claimed responsibility for in 2017.
Steven Stalinsky, executive director of Middle East Media Research Institute, noted the language posted on the group’s Amaq news agency site matched the language of previous claims that turned out to be true.
Stalinsky says when an attack is carried out by someone with no formal connection to ISIS, the individual is typically referred to as a “soldier” who has often pledged allegiance in an email or online to the terrorist group.
“I am reserving judgment,” Stalinsky told the Washington Examiner. “But in the past when they claim an attacker is a soldier, somehow there has generally been a connection.”
Paddock reportedly had no military background, leading to questions about where he learned how to modify the AR-15s he used into a fully automatic weapons. He could have purchased them illegally from someone else who modified the guns. But given that he built his own platforms from which to shoot down into the crowd, it’s not out of the question that he converted the gun himself.
The shooting took place at the Route 91 Harvest Festival about 10:08 p.m. Sunday. Country music star Jason Aldean was on stage with approximately 22,000 people in attendance when the bullets started raining down on the crowd, sparking a mass stampede out of the kill zone that caused dozens more to be injured.
The shooting began as the last act was performing on the last day of the event. The attack on the Ariana Grande concert in the U.K. earlier this year also took place at the end of the event.
Police seized 19 additional guns, ammonia nitrate and Tannerite from Paddock’s Mesquite, Nevada, home, the sheriff’s office reported at a 6 p.m. press conference. They also found thousands of rounds of ammo. Tannerite is a brand name for a patented exploding target used in firearms practice, while ammonia nitrate could have been part of a bomb-making operation.
The modified AR-15s used in the attack reportedly fired .223 and .308 caliber rounds capable of piercing police armor.
Who is Stephen Paddock?
Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, hunkered down in his hotel room stocked with 17 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition carried into the hotel in suitcases. Police found an additional 19 guns, several thousand rounds of ammo and explosive devices inside one of Paddock’s three homes. He was a multi-millionaire real-estate investor and retired accountant who once worked for the defense giant Lockheed Martin.
Paddock used two windows on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort hotel as his turrets. He had set up cameras to monitor first responders and fired through the hotel door at security guards. He had checked into the hotel Thursday and set up two shooting platforms. He surveilled the area he planned to attack for three days before launching his massive firepower on the crowds.
The attack was deemed the worst shooting in modern U.S. history, surpassing the Orlando Pulse nightclub attack, which killed 49 people on June 12, 2016.
The shooter had no criminal background, said Lombardo. He is said to have killed himself as police closed in on him.
Paddock reportedly worked as an auditor and was employed for at least two years in the late 1980s by Lockheed Martin. He was a licensed hunter and private pilot, having obtained his pilot’s license in November 2003, but hadn’t updated his medical certification to fly since 2008.
Neighbors said Paddock was extremely unfriendly and disappeared for long stretches at a time.
He had previously lived in Melbourne and Orlando, Florida, but retired to Las Vegas because he loved to gamble, his brother told Fox News.
Paddock has also lived in Reno and Melbourne, Florida, and Henderson, Nevada, as well as locations in Texas and California since 1990.
Paddock’s father was Patrick Benjamin Paddock, a convicted bank robber who was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
His home at 1372 Babbling Brook Court in Mesquite is in an upscale Sun City retirement community. The home’s value is estimated at $417,819. He bought it for $369,022 on Jan. 20, 2015, according to Trulia.
Paddock was reportedly estranged from his ex-wife of six years, whom he divorced 27 years ago. They have had no contact in many years, according to reports.
Paddock broke out two windows in the hotel room, apparently with hammer, through which he aimed his guns.
There were no obstructions, an absolute open-view shot into what became a massive kill zone.
He knew what he was doing and he had clearly scoped out this area,” Daniel Linskey, former Boston police superintendent, told Fox News. “This will change hotels going forward looking at security and training of their staff. It’s a nightmare to have an elevated position. In Boston we always said ‘imagine how much worse it would have been if along with the bomb you had people shooting those running out.’”
The concert was in its final night of a three-day event.
Paddock was a man of means. He owned two aircraft, according to the “Today” show. He lived in the suburbs around Mesquite, Nevada, which sits near the border with Arizona about an hour-and-a-half from where the shooting took place, police said.
Police in Mesquite said Paddock is a mystery to them because they have never had cause to have interaction with him. They never called to his house and were not sure how long he even lived in their city.
Police released a photo of Marilou Danley, a woman described as Paddock’s live-in girlfriend, whom they consider a “person of interest” in the crime.
By 3:30 a.m. Pacific Monday, police said they had located Danley outside the country in Tokyo and were expecting to interview her upon her return.
The gunman’s brother, Eric Paddock, told reporters for the Las Vegas Review outside his Central Florida home early Monday “an asteroid just fell on us,” and he said Stephen Paddock has no history of mental illness.
Retired FBI special agent and former national FBI spokesman John Iannarelli, who drove past the scene of the event just moments before the shooting took place, told Fox News the massacre was “obviously well planned.”
Iannarelli added the gunman used “expensive guns and ammunition.”
Iannarelli noted that FBI and police are going to speak with every friend and relative, and they are conducting forensic review of the suspect’s computers and phones.
Sunday’s shooting came more than four months after a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that killed 22 people. Almost 90 people were killed by gunmen inspired by Islamic State terror group at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris during a performance by Eagles of Death Metal in November 2015.
 Islamic State claims Paddock made “careful monitoring of the Crusader gatherings 
in the city of Las Vegas”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
“…he became a martyr As [sic] Allah and His Messenger and the believers believe, but most people do not know.”
Indeed. Most people believe the Islamic State is lying in claiming any connection to this, and that Paddock was not a convert to Islam. But ISIS continues to claim the attack anyway, and does not have a history of claiming credit for attacks for which they were not responsible. Maybe they’ve started doing so now. Maybe not.

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Second American Civil War
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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 An unprecedented number of children are born healthy, get vaccinated and are never healthy again. It is a public health crisis that cannot be ignored. Before you take a risk, find out what it is. It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.
By Barbara Loe Fisher
Is the childhood vaccine schedule safe? 1
In 1953, health officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control told doctors to give children 16 doses of four vaccines by age six. 2
In 1983, it was 23 doses of 7 vaccines by age six. 3
In 2013, it was 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18, with 50 doses given by age six. 4
With infants and children in America getting four times as many vaccinations as their grandparents got, how healthy are they?
Today, 1 child in 6 is learning disabled. 5 In 1976, it was 1 child in 30. 6
Today, 1 child in 9 has asthma. 7 In 1980, it was 1 child in 27.8 9
Today, 1 child in 50 develops autism. 10 In the 1990s, it was 1 child in 555. 11 12
Today, 1 child in 400 has diabetes. 13 In 2001, it was 1 child in 500 has diabetes. 14   

On top of that, millions of children suffer with seizures, inflammatory bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, life-threatening allergies, anxiety, depression and behavior disorders. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
In 2013, a physician committee at the Institute of Medicine reported that there were fewer than 40 studies examining the safety of the government’s vaccine schedule for children under age six. 25
Only 40 studies.
Vaccine safety science has so many knowledge gaps 26 27 28 that the Institute of Medicine could not determine whether the timing and numbers of vaccinations given to babies and young children is or is not responsible for the development of learning disabilities – asthma – autoimmunity – autism – developmental and behavior disorders – seizures – and other kinds of brain and immune system problems. 29
An unprecedented number of children are born healthy, get vaccinated and are never healthy again. It is a public health crisis that cannot be ignored.
Before you take a risk, find out what it is.
Read and view references for this message from the National Vaccine Information Center by expanding the link to view references below.
It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

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 Alex Jones breaks down the incredible video of Spanish federal police storming polling station beating Catalonians.
 Spanish Government Uses Brutality 
to Quash Secession Bid 

  Nigel Farage Explodes In EU Parliament, Condemns Silence On Shocking Brutality In Catalonia
Brexiteer flames EU President for turning blind eye
 Nigel Farage Explodes In EU Parliament, Condemns Silence On Shocking Brutality In Catalonia
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
British MEP and Brexit champion, Nigel Farage, unloaded on EU bureaucrats – specifically European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker – for turning a blind eye to police brutality during a referendum vote in Catalonia, Spain, that shocked the world this weekend.
Farage entered guns-blazing, blasting Juncker – who sat mere feet away – and the EU as a whole, inferring that Madrid’s violently oppressive treatment of peaceful voters was the embodiment of EU tyranny as a whole.

“I think European citizens… would be stunned that Mr. Juncker comes here for his one appearance in the Strasbourg session this week, and there is absolutely no mention made of the dramatic events that have taken place inside a European Union member state that is allegedly a modern democracy,” Farage fired off to moderate applause from the mainly globalist audience. “Yeah, I’ve called the European Union ‘undemocratic,’ I’ve called it ‘anti-democratic’ – but never, in my fiercest criticisms here, did I think we would see the police of a member state of the Union injuring 900 people, in an attempt to stop them going out to vote.”
“Whether or not it was legal, nationally, for people in Catalonia to have a vote, surely people are allowed to express an opinion.”

“We saw women being dragged out of polling stations by their hair, old ladies with gashes in their foreheads – the most extraordinary display, and what do we get from Mr. Juncker today? Not a dicky bird,” Farage continued, pointing directly at Juncker. “I think it is quite extraordinary that this Union is prepared to turn a blind eye.”
Farage went on to point out that if UK police were to respond in similar fashion to Brexit-related demonstrations, the international community would be clamoring for immediate hearings in front of the EU Court of Human Rights.
He also implied that the barbaric behavior of Spain’s ‘Civil Guardia’ police was a troubling omen in light of a push by some member states to establish a stand-alone EU paramilitary force, which could presumably carry out similar enforcement tactics against any group of people who resist the superstate’s agenda – such as Brexiteers.
“Knowing as I do, your advance plans – seven of you member states, with your military police, your ‘Euro Gendarmerie’ force, all I can say once again, is thank God we are leaving,” Farage said, referencing Brexit.
“If British police roughed up a Remain rally, EU would scream blue murder,” Farage later wrote on Twitter. “Yet they don’t even want to talk about violence in Catalonia.”
Images and videos released from Catalonia during the course of the weekend stunned the world as elderly women were bloodied and beaten by riot police who ruthlessly savaged peaceful voters and demonstrators with truncheons – even firing rubber bullets into crowds. Eventually, unarmed Catalan firemen intervened, attempting to protect local citizens, but they were also attacked by the Guardia Civil.
According to Catalan government spokesman Jordi Turull, the referendum passed with an overwhelming 89% support after more than two million ballots were counted.
However, the Spanish government has declared the vote illegal and claims it will not recognize the result, which will likely lead to further unrest in the region and the EU at large.
Dan Lyman: Facebook | Twitter