Sunday, January 28, 2018


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Next to illegal immigration, feminism is the second-greatest seminal threat to American Independence.
My mentor Phyllis Schlafly often wrote about the Supremacists – of which feminists are the most entrenched and dangerous of all anti-American movements.   Feminism is the hub of Communism, Marxism, socialism, fascism, the Democrat Party, and the Communist Party in the United States.
The Communist Party USA is illegal under federal law but its platform operates openly under Democrat Party auspices.   In 2008, we elected a Communist president with fascist leanings.  Democrats seized 1/6 of the economy under the guise of National Health Care, made everyone wards of the federal government, and flattened our economy for eight long years.
Upon election, President Obama quickly gave interdisciplinary cabinet-level control of all departments to lesbians running the National Organization for Women, who dictated cabinet policy from the White House Office on Women and Girls (WOWG).  The feminist sexual revolution agenda was broadly forced upon other departments, most notably the military and education, sometimes enhanced by destructive Presidential orders and letters that are still operative today.
Fake rape statistics were used to take over college campuses.  “Star Chamber” administrative campus tribunals now apply phony definitions of sex abuse to kick men out college, while women have carte-blanche rights to slam down beer, do drugs, and sleep with anybody they want with no risk of repercussion.  “Microaggressions” established an unintelligible encyclopedia of punishable “patriarchal crimes”.
Feminists are well on the way to forcing everyone to live according to radical feminist dictaunder phony “Yes Means Yes” laws requiring men (even married men) to get permission to hold a woman’s hand (and everything beyond that) or be presumed guilty of a sexual offense. This law was sponsored by radical feminist Senator Claire McCaskill, and reflects her demand that men “shut the hell up” on a broad range of issues that are the sole domain of feminist Supremacists to manage.
Feminist harangues about sexual violence are as phony as Al Gore’s global warming agitprop.  Sexual violence has decreased 60% since 1995, with colleges being the safest place for women.  About half of rape allegations are false and many more unfounded.
When President Trump won the presidency in 2016, “nasty women” promptly declared “the future is feminist”.  That is exactly what liberals are doing right now.
I am here to warn everyone that feminists (who already broadly control levers of power in the swamp, media, education, law, and politics) are executing a coordinated takeover of the U.S. Congress, state governments, courts, and perches of economic power in business, media, and academics by hurling mostly-false sex allegations at men.
History has already proven this will win in 2018 regardless of the issues in each race.   Feminists have been perfecting their “Mother of all bombs” for over 130 years. 
The history begins in the mid-1880’s when the first feminists in the Women’s Ku Klux Klancommonly used false sex allegations against black men to drive discrimination and bloody mob lynchings (as documented in the movie Rosewood). Feminists then, as today, wanted a lot more than equality.  They got it by establishing dual standards based on extorted chivalry.
“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world” was the WKKK Supremacist motto. Divorces have thusly been won for over 100 years with Allred-style false child or adult abuse allegations hurled at men, up to 77% of which are false.
In his new book, “The Politics of Sex”, Stephen Baskerville describes how feminists are succeeding every day all over America:
In the years following Tailhook the military was besieged with accusations of the same gender crimes now familiar in civilian life: rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment. When these produced too many acquittals, the rules were changed to ensure more convictions.
This is precisely what is happening right now all over America.   Allegations take two minutes to make, are impossible to disprove in most cases, and often result in knee-jerk firing or expulsion of men.  The avalanche of accusations has crushed sanity and made case-by-case analysis impossible in the media.
Harvey Weinstein went way overboard and was quickly declared guilty.  Men who did nothing worth sneezing at often end up fired or pariahed because they are the same sex as Harvey Weinstein.  The feminist meat grinder wins because spitting out volumes of false allegations costs nearly nothing, while it is very expensive and perhaps impossible to prove innocence.
Feminists never mention how Elizabeth Taylor and other screen sirens wore out their casting couches.  They never talk about the epidemic of female teachers sexually abusing children in our public schools.
The vast majority of men destroyed by feminists did nothing that women were not happily doing alongside them at parties, in dressing rooms, offices, and everyplace else imaginable.  The results are vastly unequal: men get sacked while women get payoffs, a book deal, and pandering appearances on talk television.
Sex crimes are horrid life-destructive crimes – and so are false sex crime allegations.  Both should be punished with equal vigor.  But they are not.  Amidst the howling roar of the feminist rape riot, nobody dares mention serious collateral damage done to innocent men.    Everyone runs, ducks, capitulates, or hides – which is exactly what feminists want them to do.
This is big business.  Women were paid up to $750,000 to hurl accusations at President Trump.   Dark-money from George Soros and other political sources expose the real purpose of this Bolshevik revolution.
The list of men being destroyed is exploding faster than we can tally it.  Men fired on allegation alone are nearly always replaced by women.   Jeff Bezos is considering only women to replace the head of Amazon Studios.  Feminists are such a sexist threat that even liberal gay men are abandoning the feminist movement.
Time magazine exulted the Supremacist coup with a callous proclamation:
“These now disgraced men are not being replaced by women as an act of revenge, but because the women are the best candidates for the job. It’s promotion of the fittest. It’s evolution.
This is a massive sexist violation of employment laws and mass persecution like never before witnessed in American history.
Feminists are quickly erecting city “takeover” Commissions similar to the “Yes Means Yes” campus tribunals.  Hollywood’s Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality — headed by Anita Hill — says it all.  Women can get anything they want by dressing like Phyllis Schlafly and hollering “abuse”.  Sex abuse and female entitlement were muttered in the same breath when Oprah hinted an angry run for the presidency in 2020.
Liberals are experts at emotionally leveraging conservative principles against us.  Feminists hijacked the election from Judge Roy Moore.   Phony allegations of pedophilia froze conservative voters into staying home on election day because rational thinking dies when conservatives hear the serotonin-inhibiting words “sexual abuse”.  Spineless snowflakes running the RNC quickly abandoned Moore.  The Democrat turnout was 95% of 2016, but the Republican turnout a dismal 50%.
The sacking of Judge Roy Moore guarantees that political races in 2018 and beyond will be panopticons of sex allegations against men.
Politics has become so risky that many good conservative men are quitting politics.  A record number of 31 Republican Congresspeople – 26 of them men – will not seek re-election in 2018. Most of them cite family reasons.  Who dares risk the job, home, and family before a firing squad of feminists?
Democrats need flip only 23 seats in the House and one in the Senate to control Congress.   The wildly effective recent conquests of media and politics indicate this will be the Democrat’s nuclear weapon this fall and in 2020.
I suggest it is time for Rush Limbaugh to update his original definition of feminism: “Feminism Was Established So As To Allow Unattractive Women Easier Access To The Mainstream Of Pop Culture”.  It should be “Feminism was invented to empower Marxist sacrifice of nations before a pink pedestal of predatory chivalry”.
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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The hijrah continues to be escorted into Europe by the United Nations, which has signaled to Europe that whatever the price-tag, whatever the cost — including mass rapes, violent no-go zones, jihad attacks and other abuses — European citizens must accommodate Muslim migrants and expect more to flow in.
United Nations refugee chief Filippo Grandi has said that EU nations must prepare their asylum reception systems to cope with bigger migrant inflows.
The Visegrad group (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) — especially Hungary and Poland — has resisted the hijrah, and have managed to “cut illegal immigration by 99 percent.” For this, the UN singled it out as being cruel in rejecting innocent people who were “fleeing war and persecution.” Yet that is questionable, and all the while Christians continue to be wiped out in the Middle East with nary a whisper from the UN.

“UN Refugee Chief Says Europe Must Prepare Systems to Cope with Bigger Migrant Flows”, by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, January 25, 2018:
United Nations refugee chief Filippo Grandi has said that EU nations must prepare their asylum reception systems to cope with bigger migrant inflows.
Speaking to Refugees Deeply in Davos, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the “big failure” in Europe’s response to the migrant crisis in 2015 and 2016 was that governments visibly struggled to house, feed, and clothe the massive influx of third world migrants who marched on the continent after German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the border.
“We need to work more with Europe, and other countries that receive refugees, to make reception systems more effective for larger numbers than before,” he said, lamenting that migrant reception systems in the bloc had “cracked under the pressure” of huge inflows……
The Italian diplomat is not a fan of walls, as Breitbart London noted in September when Grandi blasted Hungary’s border fences for doing their job.
On a visit to the Visegrád nation’s border, where walls have cut illegal immigration by 99 per cent, the UNHCR boss complained: “When I was standing at the border fence today, I felt the entire system is designed to keep people, many of whom are fleeing war and persecution, out of the country.”
In the interview, which was published on Wednesday, Grandi also told Refugees Deeply co-founder and executive editor Lara Setrakian that Europe should speed up granting passports to refugees, claiming that the privileges of citizenship aid migrants’ integration.
For “wealthy states, especially European states”, resettling large numbers of refugees on a scale like that seen at the height of the migrant crisis is perfectly doable, he insisted.
“Of course it requires an effort. In the case of Europe, it also requires regional cooperation, something that is politically difficult,” the Milanese figure said, remarking that “European Commission leaders in Brussels” appear to be working along lines which would further UNHCR goals.
Breitbart London reported Thursday on EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos’s announcement that it would be “unacceptable” for any European nation to refuse the resettlement of third world asylum seekers, declaring that mass migration from Africa and the Middle East is part of the “principles and values” on which the bloc was built.