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By John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute:
Published on May 11, 2015
Why is the federal government distributing obscene amounts of military equipment, weapons and ammunition to police departments around the country? Why is the military using southwestern states as a staging ground for guerilla warfare drills (Jade Helm 15)? What exactly is the U.S. government preparing for? Whatever the answer, John W. Whitehead, in this week's vodcast, warns of the pending day when our so-called “government of the people, by the people, for the people” is no longer answerable to “we the people.” (Republished in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes)

Nationalized Police: 

The Real Agenda Behind Baltimore Unrest

BY Alex Newman
SEE:; republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Behind the orchestrated riots that were allowed to strike Baltimore in recent weeks, and Ferguson, Missouri, before that, lies an agenda that has nothing to do with the fact that “Black Lives Matter.” As the Obama administration and more than a few race-mongers allied with the White House have already made clear, the real goal involves further chipping away at local self-government and community control over police departments — and expanding federal control over local law enforcement in its place. In between fanning the division and unrest with racialist rhetoric, Obama is also exploiting the chaos he is helping to create in a bid to advance everything from a greater government role in child rearing to increased wealth redistribution.
In recent weeks, as anyone who watches the news knows, parts of Baltimore went up in flames. But despite the appearance of spontaneity, with crowds sparked to riot by the suspicious death of Freddie Gray in police custody, the chaos was no accident. In fact, as The New American reported recently, city officials ordered police to “stand down” so that looters and rioters could have what the mayor described as “space to destroy.” And destroy they did, garnering headlines worldwide and giving Big Government-promoting race profiteers a giant platform to spew propaganda. Now that the “destroy” phase is over, politicians, and especially Obama, are coming out of the woodwork to advance their government “solutions.”
Late last week, for example, the Obama administration’s Justice Department announced that it would be launching an “investigation” of the Baltimore Police Department. Instead of investigating why the police were ordered to “stand down” and allow looters to assault innocent victims and burn down parts of the city, however, Obama’s controversial new attorney general, Loretta Lynch, has other matters in mind. Among other angles being probed, Lynch said the investigation would focus on allegations that local police — 50 percent black and controlled by a black mayor and a black police chief — engaged in “discriminatory policing.” Incredibly, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, as if to acknowledge her own incompetence while throwing the police department she leads under the bus, actually invited D.C. to come “help.”
Apparently Lynch also feels the Justice Department has a lead role to play in “fixing” Baltimore by further expanding the gargantuan federal footprint there — implicitly suggesting that the Obama administration believes Baltimore’s super majority of black voters and their mostly black elected officials are incapable of doing it themselves. “Our goal is to work with the community, public officials, and law enforcement alike to create a stronger, better Baltimore,” the attorney general said, sounding oblivious to her actual constitutional duties and the subtle racism inherent in the idea that Baltimore needs federal “assistance” to sort out its local problems. Of course, allowing D.C. to further intrude into local issues will only make those problems worse — yet that is the plan.
Ironically, despite the establishment media’s efforts to conceal the fact, three of the officers charged in Gray’s death were black. The “racism” narrative, though, serves a number of important goals, and so it will continue to be shouted from the rooftops by race-mongers and the media, regardless of the facts. As if on cue, close Obama ally and race-profiteer Al Sharpton descended on the city and set out to dupe the people of Baltimore into believing that giving up their right to local self-government would somehow improve their police department. He called on the Justice Department to “take over policing in this country,” adding, “We’re going to have to fight states’ rights.” Sharpton, of course, is a frequent visitor at the White House.
In a recent article exposing as a fraud the racialist narrative promoted by Sharpton, Obama, and others, writer Selwyn Duke also exposed the logical fallacy behind the thinking that stripping the people of Baltimore of their right to control their own police would somehow help matters. “Our local-control model ensures that if we don’t like our town’s law-enforcement policies, we can vote for a different sheriff or mayor (who may appoint the police chief) next election,” he wrote. “Baltimore is a prime example. If blacks don’t have a police force to their liking in a city with a black mayor, black police chief, and mostly black politicians — voted into office by a population 70 percent black — how will it help if their law-enforcement policy is determined by federal officials voted into office by a national population 87 percent non-black?”
Regardless of the flawed logic or the U.S. Constitution’s limitations on federal power, though, the Obama administration’s agenda to federalize law enforcement and build up a massive new domestic “security” force using any conceivable pretext is hardly new. In fact, it has been apparent since before the presidential election. “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set,” Obama said while running for the presidency. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” And indeed, in between attacks on police, the administration has been working feverishly toward those radical anti-constitutional goals.
More recently, Obama has openly promoted various schemes to nationalize police departments, including foisting federal “standards” on local and state police in exchange for bribes from Washington, D.C. Critics ridiculed the plot as “Common Core for police,” a reference to the Obama-backed national school standards being used to nationalize and globalize the education system. In many respects, it is a similar strategy. In addition, United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon even demanded last year that American police follow what he described as “international standards.” An Obama “task force” created with an executive order also recommended more federal control of law enforcement. In March, the administration announced six cities that would be used for a “pilot” program to essentially usurp local control of police under various pretexts.
In Baltimore, Obama again wasted no time in pushing his agenda. In fact, on May 1, before the smoke had even cleared, the White House, citing Baltimore’s riots, announced a new unconstitutional “grant” program for local police forces — as if a lack of federal funding for police from a deeply indebted, out of control, and practically bankrupt government was the problem in Baltimore or anywhere else. Separately, another one of Obama’s first reactions to the unrest in Baltimore was to whip up hysteria over race and class. “If we’re just looking at it as policing, we’re looking at it too narrowly,” Obama proclaimed, citing “opportunity gaps” that make it harder for blacks to succeed. “Those opportunity gaps begin early, often at birth, and they compound over time, becoming harder and harder to bridge.”
Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) even blamed Obama and his constant efforts to drive “wedges” between people for sparking the riots in Baltimore. Obama allies, such as billionaire statist George Soros, who bankrolled Ferguson’s chaos; as well as race-monger Sharpton, who pours fuel on race fires; and the establishment media, which justifies rioting and violence, have also been critically necessary in promoting the establishment narrative. Whether black Americans have legitimate grievances is not the point — all Americans have legitimate grievances, considering that their elected officials in D.C. and state capitols across America swear an oath to uphold the Constitution before trampling all over it. What is happening in America is about grievances that are being exploited, along with countless Americans, to advance a sinister agenda.
There is a reason that billionaire totalitarian Soros showered millions of dollars on “activists” to descend on Ferguson. There is a reason outside agitators went to Baltimore to whip up unrest. There is a reason the mayor ordered police to stand down. There is a reason the Obama administration and its allies are fanning the flames. There is a reason that the establishment is exploiting every conceivable fault line — “race,” “gender,” “socio-economic status,” police versus community, and more — to sow division among the American people. It has nothing to do with the undeniable fact that black lives, and all lives, matter — and has everything to do with lawlessly empowering the out-of-control federal leviathan even further.  
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SEE:; republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

DHS, IRS, Debt Collectors Fight to Expand Use of License Plate Tracking Devices

Despite the objections of millions of Americans and civil liberties advocates, the Department of Homeland Security refuses completely to abandon its license plate tracking program. And now, other government and industry agencies are joining in the surveillance. While there has been some slight scaling back of the scope of the surveillance, DHS will continue using the controversial technology in almost half of the United States, comprising most of the largest population centers. “The LPR [License Plate Reader] data service shall compile LPR from at least 25 states and 24 of the top 30 most populous metropolitan statistical areas to the extent authorized by law in those locations,” a contract issued by DHS Immigration and Customs officials reports.
There will be a corresponding decrease in the number of images gathered by the devices that are subsequently reported to DHS. One source indicates that the inventory will be reduced from 30 million images, as originally requested by DHS, to six million. Although that may seem like at least a small victory for privacy and liberty, that’s not the whole story. Last year Bloomberg reported that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Forest Service (among others) awarded nearly half a million dollars to Vigilant Solutions, a California-based company that provides tools for tracking license plates and for accessing license plate databases.
Why would the IRS and the Forest Service need the technology to track the license plates of Americans? Bloomberg explained: “The IRS uses a variety of investigative tools similar to other law-enforcement agencies to assist with criminal cases,” Eric Smith, an agency spokesman, said in an e-mail. He declined to say how the IRS used the records in its investigations. The Forest Service, part of the Department of Agriculture, awarded Vigilant a contract valued at as much as $47,019 for its “CarDetector” system in August 2009, records show. The product scans and captures license plate numbers, compares the data to law enforcement lists of wanted vehicles and sends alerts when such vehicles are detected, according to the company’s website. “License plate readers are helpful to our law enforcement officers with illegal activities on national forest system lands in California,” Tiffany Holloway, a spokeswoman for the agency, said in an e-mail. She declined to comment about what types of crimes the tools are used to investigate or provide examples of how the technology has helped law enforcement.
Constitutionalists should sense something sinister in the IRS’s purchase of license plate tracking technology. Their senses would be right. Owe money to the IRS? Having trouble making your mortgage payments? Ever been sued or been arrested? Soon, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will know the answers to these questions before you pass through security, and they might affect whether you are cleared for travel.
In an article from October 2013, the New York Times reported, “The Transportation Security Administration is expanding its screening of passengers before they arrive at the airport by searching a wide array of government and private databases that can include records like car registrations and employment information.”
The complete list of sources of personal data reviewed by the TSA also includes:
▪ private employment information
▪ vehicle registrations
▪ travel history
▪ property ownership records
▪ physical characteristics
▪ tax identification numbers
▪ past travel itineraries
▪ law enforcement information
▪ “intelligence” information
▪ passport numbers
▪ frequent flier information
▪ other “identifiers” linked to DHS databases
Civil libertarians and privacy advocates have reacted to the ramped up surveillance, particularly as it relates to license plate tracking and other technology that could give the government access to a person’s precise location in almost real time. “Ultimately, you’re creating a national database of location information,” Electronic Frontier Foundation staff attorney Jennifer Lynch told the Washington Post in February 2014. “When all that data is compiled and aggregated, you can track somebody as they’re going through their life.” After learning of the IRS’s obtaining of the license plate tracking technology, Lynch updated her criticism. “Especially with the IRS, I don’t know why these agencies are getting access to this kind of information,” she reportedly said. “These systems treat every single person in an area as if they’re under investigation for a crime — that is not the way our criminal justice system was set up or the way things work in a democratic society.” Sputnik puts an even finer point on the problem: “Using massive systems of automated license plate recognition devices absolutely violates our fundamental right to privacy,” Nicolas Sarwark, Chairman of the US Libertarian National Committee, told Sputnik in February. “These systems allow the government to know everything about a person’s movements, especially when combined with facial recognition.”
Lynch and Sarwrk are right. Any deprivation of liberty without conforming to the requirements set out in the Fourth Amendment is one too many. If we are a Republic of laws, then the supreme constitutional law of the land must be adhered to every time the government wants to search and seize anything from Americans. The standard is not whether or not the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, or the Forest Service claims that investigations create the need to violate the Constitution. The standard is the Constitution — for every issue, on every occasion, with no exceptions. Anything less than that is a step toward tyranny.
It’s not just the government, however, that wants to keep an eye on all of us. Consider this chilling twist to the plot provided by The Intercept: As privacy advocates battle to rein in the use of automated license plate readers (ALPRs), they’re going up against another industry that benefits from this mass surveillance: lenders and debt collectors. Several states and cities, as quoted in the article and chronicled by The New American, are taking steps to regulate the use of the license plate tracking devices. As efforts to stymie the surveillance increase, the voice of a new player — debt collectors — is raised in defense of the devices. Quoting Danielle Fagre Arlow, senior vice president to the American Financial Services Association (AFSA), a trade group for consumer lending companies, The Intercept reports: “Our particular interest in the bill,” Arlow wrote, “is the negative impact it would have on ALPR’s valuable role in our industry – the ability to identify and recover vehicles associated with owners who have defaulted on their loans and are not responding to good-faith efforts to contact them.”
Arlow opposed the bill’s restrictions on “how long data can be kept because access to historical data is important in determining where hard-to-find vehicles are likely located.” AFSA lobbied against several similar bills as they were proposed around the country. In Massachussetts, the group lobbied against a bill designed to destroy ALPR records after 90 days. AFSA argued that such a regime is unfair because “ALPR systems work best when they are used to string together the historical locations of vehicles.” As BetaBoston reported, Digital Recognition, a leading ALPR company, works with about 400 repossession companies. The firm lists Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC and Citibank among its clients. According to the ACLU of Rhode Island, the ALPR privacy bill died last session — notably, the bill failed after the consumer lending lobbyists voiced their opposition.
For Americans concerned about the loss of privacy and individual liberty, this is an unsettling alliance: Big Brother, the debt collection industry (a sector that has come under significant fire for its abuses), and the banks they serve combining to destroy what’s left of liberty. Given the rapid growth of government and the increasingly invasive policies it is adopting, it seems that to have to battle big banks, as well, is a fight few will have the stomach for.


Published on May 10, 2015
ABC pulled a dirty tricks stunt this morning by claiming that Alex Jones was a “no show” for a live appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to talk about the Jade Helm military exercise, when in reality the car ABC sent to take Jones to the studio arrived just 12 minutes before the segment began.


Alex Jones Puts ABC Troll In His Place: