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Tyranny Rising in America

Published on Jan 10, 2014 on YouTube channel of
Alex is joined via phone by American legal theorist Elizabeth Price Foley also joins the show to specifically break down how Obama is violating the Constitution and to reveal Rep. Tom Rice's proposed resolution to bring the executive branch to court.

Cruz Calls Obama "Dangerous and Terrifying":

American Constitutional Crisis:

Published on Jan 10, 2014
Alex continues with Constitutional Law Professor Elizabeth Price Foley on the topic of the rampant abuses of power by the Obama administration and the dangers of the approach of Tyrrany on the horizon. And Alex is joined live from Oregon by Infowars Nightly News reporter Jakari Jackson to give updates on the radiation wave across the West Coast of America.

Government Prepares for Policing The Public:

President Obama's Top 10 Constitutional Violations of 2013- Fox & Friends- Dec. 30, 2013:

Institute for Justice on the Obamacare Individual Mandate:

Published on Feb 26, 2013
Professor Elizabeth Price Foley, Executive Director of the Institute for Justice Florida Chapter, discusses a Supreme Court brief she authored on behalf of the Institute for Justice in the Obamacare case. The brief is the only one--out of more than 50 briefs filed--to discuss the centrality of "mutual assent" to the formation of a legally binding contract. By forcing Americans to buy health insurance, Obamacare's mandate violates this fundamental principle of contractual freedom.


"I can get really heated over the issue of mandatory vaccines. And this issue is becoming a greater menace as nurses are being bullied into taking yearly flu shots! I left the profession a year ago before things became weird.
I declined the flu shot for most of my 22 years of nursing practice and what I’m learning about the newer disturbing practices against nurses that decline the vaccines is very troubling.
Before leaving nursing, I could sense how the atmosphere was turning against those that chose to not have the flu shot. I was mandated to sign a formal declination form and take what my hospital called “Flu School”. Flu School was a computer based module.
I mean, what are our rights of refusal? Being fired for declining these questionable vaccines is beyond reason and logic. There is no concrete proof that these vaccines do what they claim and the evidence stacking up against their safety is cause for pause to re-evaluate this issue instead of penalizing the dissenters.
It becomes very tiresome to tune into the news and get programmed with a bunch of scare tactics and all the propaganda campaigns in the hospitals to use fear to get people to agree to taking these vaccines. If they were so wonderful, why the push for them so hard?
I especially have a mistrust of vaccines because my beloved Grandmother lived with the effects of polio after taking the vaccine to prevent polio. I remember hearing all the stories and seeing pictures of a vibrantly healthy woman before I was born. I so wished that I knew her before the contraction of polio. I learned to care for her many health issues as a little girl and that’s what inspired me to go into nursing.
And nurses are being made to feel ostracized when they decline the vaccines by being made to wear face masks. Nurses need to really organize and fight back against this violation of rights.
I got out right before this thing really went South but I care about my fellow nurses and wish them well in their taking a stand and hope more will do the same and not feel threatened into potentially jeopardizing their health immediately and in the future."
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 Alert!! NYC Now Requires Flu Shots For All Preschool And Daycare Children!! 
Published on Dec 12, 2013
Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg: Our Plan to Eradicate Polio. New York City's Board of Health approved a mandate that will require all children at city-run preschools and daycare centers to get flu vaccines. NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates top the donor list to proponents of Amendment 66, the school finance measure that includes a $950 million tax hike. Bloomberg Philanthropies added $1.05 million to the effort, and the Gateses contributed $1 million, pushing the Yes on 66 fundraising total past $10.2 million. Those two contributions accounted for the vast majority of the $2.54 million raised in the last two-week reporting period for Colorado Commits to Kids, the issue committee behind the measure. The New York City Board of Health unanimously approved a mandate Wednesday requiring all children under 5 enrolled in city-licensed preschools and day cares to receive the flu vaccine. It is one of outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg's final health initiatives, which the New York City Department of Health proposed to the Board of Health in September. "Young children have a high risk of developing severe complications from influenza," the Health Department said in a statement. "One-third of children under five in New York City do not receive an annual influenza vaccination, even though the vaccine safely and effectively protects them against influenza illness. Young children often pass influenza to other children and family members, who then spread the infection to others in the community." The flu vaccine will be added to the seven other vaccines children under 5 are required to get, including measles, whooping cough and chicken pox. "We know that influenza is a serious illness which affects an estimated 15% to 40% of children during annual flu season," said Dr. Jay Varma, who oversees infectious diseases as deputy commissioner of the New York City Health Department. Richard Kanowitz, president of Families Fighting Flu, lost his daughter at age 4 to the virus. "This is great news for children," he said. "Had the same law been in effect when my daughter was alive in 2004, she'd be alive today. She would not have gotten the flu." "Only 60 percent of children under the age of 5 in New York City get vaccinated," Dr. Varma said. "In New Jersey and Connecticut, where they have this requirement, it's 80%." The issue of vaccinating children is controversial. One consistent claim is that vaccines can cause autism. "This was a very closed process," said John Gilmore, director of the Manhattan-based Autism Action Network. "We will most likely be filing a lawsuit fairly soon to overturn this. From a legal standpoint, we see this as similar to the soda ban," referring to the mayor's unsuccessful attempt to ban sugary drinks. Varma said the myths that flu shots can cause the flu, or worse, are just that, myths. "It does not cause you to get the flu; it does not cause you to get autism," he said. The flu vaccine is available in two forms -- shot or nasal spray -- and children are required to get vaccinated by December 31. "To the extent that this saves lives, it's great news," Kranowitz said. "I wish my daughter had had the vaccination because, I, as well as other parents, were unaware how the flu killed healthy children. So the only way to protect them is to get them vaccinated." Bill Gates speaks with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the 2013 Lasker Awards ceremony, Friday, Sept. 20, 2013 at the Pierre Hotel in New York. Bill and Melinda Gates received the 2013 Lasker Bloomberg Pubic Service Award. Since 1945 the Lasker Awards has recognized the contributions of scientists, physicians, and public servants who have made major advances in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of human disease. Gates Bloomberg Polio Plan

Pregnant Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot:

Published on Dec 31, 2013

LANCASTER, Penn. (WKRC) -- A Pennsylvania nurse says she was fired from her job for refusing to get a flu shot.Dreonna Breton was a nurse at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania. The hospital required her to receive a flu vaccine earlier this year. But, she refused.She has had two miscarriages in the past year and she was worried the flu vaccine could complicate her pregnancy. The hospital fired her.There are risks of getting the flu during pregnancy. I know that as well. I did my research on that as well; but the unknowns of the flu vaccine were more risky for me. It was more overwhelming for me to put my body through that and potentially harm my child than the risks of the flu, so that's the decision that we made as a family and felt very comfortable with.Her former employer says the mandatory immunization is to protect patients and employees from getting potentially serious infections. Breton says she has no plan to sue the hospital. She only want them to change their policy on vaccines for pregnant employees.
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Jenny McCarthy Slams Pro-Vaccine Critics:


January 10, 2014
"In yet another push by the corporatocracy to prepare the population for mileage taxes, automatic speeding tickets and unaffordable car insurance if you choose not to purchase one of their self-driving cars, a Ford executive bragged about knowing everything about your driving but promised not to tell. It was more of a threat than a revelation since traffic data has been collected for Google maps for several years to show congestion and traffic conditions."
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"Because of the GPS units installed in Ford vehicles, Ford knows when many of its drivers are speeding, and where they are while they’re doing it.
Farley has since retracted his statements.
Farley was trying to describe how much data Ford has on its customers, and illustrate the fact that the company uses very little of it in order to avoid raising privacy concerns: “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone,” he told attendees."