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Published on Nov 7, 2016
Marina Abromovic, grandmother of the performance art movement nd modern adherent to ceremonial magic found in Aleister Crowley’s religion Thelema wrote a very personal email to Tony Podesta. It reads “ Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina"

Tony Podesta, regarded as the most powerful lobbyist in Washington DC brother is none other than John Podesta, Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign and counselor to President Obama.

That dinner Abromovic spoke of was nothing less than a Thalemic occult ritual. In Spirit Cooking, Marina uses pigs blood (which most resembles human blood) as a medium to connect the spirit world with the material world. The ritual takes place in the kitchen, which is considered the heart of the home. The goal of the ceremony is to convert matter into energy so spirits can feed on it. Marina "...derives her inspiration from the popular belief that the spirits still need food even though it is no longer solid, but in the form of light, sound, and emotions."[14

This may finally pull back the curtain to the masses on the ugly truth. The Occult is the religion of the elite. Just research the influence of Lucius Trust in the United Nations. Or review the 1999 Nebraska U.S. District court case between Paul A. Boracic v. Lawrence E. King exposing a powerful pedophile ring linked to political figures, the U.S. military, and the intelligence establishment overseen by Temple of Set founder and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton live in this dark world. Bill Clinton wrote in his biography that the"brief foray into the world of voodoo" furthered his fascination with "the way different cultures try to make sense of life, nature, and the virtually universal belief that there is a nonphysical spirit force at work in the world."

Back in September 16, 2016, FOX news posted a letter from Guccifer claiming the goal of the “Guccifer project” failed because he was unable to “fully expose the Illuminati / the council and their crimes. Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the high priests, a goddess of this occult, satanic, shadow group. One must see their evil and profoundly corrupt nature to understand what I am talking about.

“So, I apologize in front of the unknown soldiers who struggle to take this fight against these monsters to a glorious end. Many of ’em are risking their lives, while doing this behind the computer screens, from inside or outside the system.”

Benjamin Franklin prophetically said "[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Jon Bowne reporting.


Published on Nov 7, 2016
CNN asked the Democratic National Committee to prepare questions for Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Donald Trump, according to emails released by Wikileaks.


Published on Nov 6, 2016
FBI Director Comey announced that there will be no charges for Hillary Clinton despite previously unknown emails being discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop, the husband of her top aid Huma Abedine. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.
Jason Chaffetz Finds Out FBI Closed 
Hillary Clinton Investigation


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Is it really possible that the American electorate is so pathetic and dumbed down that we will actually elect a traitor, a criminal?
Hillary’s maid was reading, printing, handling classified documents. Some top secret.
These bombshells will be dropping long after November 8th — but by that time, Hillary will have installed her stooges and shills, and we will have no hope of seeing justice done or a return to American rule of law.
“Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials,” By Paul Sperry, NY Post, November 6, 2016:
As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.
In fact, Marina Santos was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used.
Clinton entrusted far more than the care of her DC residence, known as Whitehaven, to Santos. She expected the Filipino immigrant to handle state secrets, further opening the Democratic presidential nominee to criticism that she played fast and loose with national security.
Clinton would first receive highly sensitive e-mails from top aides at the State Department and then request that they, in turn, forward the messages and any attached documents to Santos to print out for her at the home.
Among other things, Clinton requested Santos print out drafts of her speeches, confidential memos and “call sheets” — background information and talking points prepared for the secretary of state in advance of a phone call with a foreign head of state.
“Pls ask Marina to print for me in am,” Clinton e-mailed top aide Huma Abedin regarding a redacted 2011 message marked sensitive but unclassified.
In a classified 2012 e-mail dealing with the new president of Malawi, another Clinton aide, Monica Hanley, advised Clinton, “We can ask Marina to print this.”
“Revisions to the Iran points” was the subject line of a classified April 2012 e-mail to Clinton from Hanley. In it, the text reads, “Marina is trying to print for you.”
Both classified e-mails were marked “confidential,” the tier below “secret” or “top secret.”
Santos also had access to a highly secure room called an SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) that diplomatic security agents set up at Whitehaven, according to FBI notes from an interview with Abedin.
From within the SCIF, Santos — who had no clearance — “collected documents from the secure facsimile machine for Clinton,” the FBI notes revealed.
Just how sensitive were the papers Santos presumably handled? The FBI noted Clinton periodically received the Presidential Daily Brief — a top-secret document prepared by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies — via the secure fax.
A 2012 “sensitive” but unclassified e-mail from Hanley to Clinton refers to a fax the staff wanted Clinton “to see before your Netanyahu mtg. Marina will grab for you.”
Yet it appears Clinton was never asked by the FBI in its yearlong investigation to turn over the iMac Santos used to receive the e-mails, or the printer she used to print out the documents, or the printouts themselves.
As The Post first reported, copies of Clinton’s 33,000 allegedly destroyed e-mails still exist in other locations and could be recovered if investigators were turned loose to seize them. Higher-ups at the Justice Department reportedly have blocked them from obtaining search warrants to obtain the evidence.
It also appears the FBI did not formally interview Santos as a key witness in its investigation.
This is a major oversight: Santos may know the whereabouts of a missing Apple MacBook laptop and USB flash drive that contain all of Clinton’s e-mails archived over her four years in office.
In 2013, Hanley downloaded Clinton’s e-mails from her private server to the MacBook and flash drive.
“The two copies of the Clinton e-mail archive (one on the archive laptop and one on the thumb drive) were intended to be stored in Clinton’s Chappaqua and Whitehaven residences,” the FBI said in its case summary.
But Hanley says the devices were “lost,” and the FBI says it “does not have either item in its possession.”
In addition to Abedin, Santos worked closely with Hanley at Whitehaven and could shed light on the mystery — if only she were asked about it.
When a Post reporter confronted Santos at her DC apartment Friday, she would say only, “I don’t speak to reporters.”
According to a 2010 profile in The Philippine Star, close Clinton friend Vernon Jordan recommended Santos to the Clintons after she worked part-time for him.
Bill Clinton gave a speech in Manila as part of his foundation and took time to visit with the family of the “mayordoma [housekeeper] of his Washington, DC, home — Marina Santos.”
He was quoted as describing Santos as the “wonderful woman who runs our home in Washington, without whom Hillary will not be able to serve as secretary of state.” The article ended remarking, without a hint of irony: “Marina now runs his house so that he and his wife can better serve interests higher than their own.”
Santos could turn out to be the Betty Currie of the Clinton e-mail scandal. Currie was the secretary for President Clinton. She also came recommended by Jordan, and became famous as a central witness in the Monica Lewinsky scandal for her handling of gifts given to Clinton’s mistress.
Investigators had sought the gifts, allegedly hidden under Currie’s bed on orders from Clinton, as evidence.
The State Department and Clinton campaign did not respond to requests for comment.



SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

By Kelleigh Nelson

November 7, 2016
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. —Philippians 4:8 KJV
Who Will You Choose, God or Man?
Tomorrow is the election, the day the nation decides whether they want the man given to us by God to lead us out of the mire, or whether we will continue with the corruption, greed, and globalization of our nation.
I believe Donald J. Trump will win, and win big. Our God is a mighty and glorious God. He gave us a choice with Donald J. Trump, and I choose to speak and act positively, rather than the negativity of the talking head pundits who are trying to convince us Trump doesn’t have a chance. Neither do I believe the polls, polls that are skewed to destroy our fervor and faith.
Refusing Negativity
My dear friend Suzy said it best:
Our words set on fire the course of nature whether for good or evil.
WHY lend credence to the enemy’s efforts to destroy America with their own doubts, wavering’s, double-mindedness and unbelief?
We NEED to come into AGREEMENT!
Donald Trump will win in a landslide more than the 1980 election…keep the faith, look up, and stand on God’s promises.
Not long ago I was talking to a very dear friend and we were talking about Donald Trump. This is a man who often quotes Philippians 4:8 to me, about “thinking on the good things.” He said a very negative thing to me regarding what the powers that be would do to Trump. I will not repeat it because I refuse to, and I rebuffed his comment, and told him not to say it aloud again. Why speak what the demons of the air and the two legged demons on earth will rejoice in hearing?
Instead, pray a hedge of protection around Mr. Trump, his family, and his entire campaign. Pray for our nation, and thank God for inspiring this man to give the nation his all to save our beloved country.
Surely many of my readers have seen the negative article allegedly written by Bill Bennett. If not, look it up because I refuse to restate what was said in this article, and I rejected his words every time it came into my email. Negativity spreads like wildfire, but things of good report are rarely repeated. (Except “How ‘bout them Cubbies?!” does actually work this year!)
God’s Bible Heroes Weren’t Perfect
Truly, the only perfect person in God’s Word, was God himself! All the other heroes of the Bible were far less than perfect, just old sinners like the rest of us.
Moses, David and Paul come to mind when I think of Bible heroes…heroes that God used despite their weaknesses, sin and failures, and these three were murderers.
Think about it. Noah got drunk. Abraham was very old, and his wife Sara very impatient. Jacob was a cheater. King David was an adulterer and murderer. Solomon had many concubines who influenced his belief in God. Moses was a murderer, a doubter, had anger issues, and he stuttered. Aaron decided a golden calf was worth worshipping. Jonah ran from God (remember Nineveh?). Gideon was terribly insecure. Miriam was a gossip. Elijah was moody. Paul was a murderer. Peter was a liar and denier. Thomas was a doubter. And on and on with the heroes we know were God’s chosen to do His work. Not a one of these heroes was perfect, but they were chosen by God for His purposes.
But it is King David who is such an example of God’s love for us. The Lord said in Acts 13:12, “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.” The heart of David was described in his own writings in Psalms; humble, reverent, respectful, trusting, loving, devoted, recognition, faithful, obedient, and repentant. God uses imperfect men, and loves them because He called them to do His work, and God truly knows their hearts.
Many folks question Mr. Trump’s Christianity. He is private about his faith, but he has shown it in so many other ways. He is fervent about attending church, and yes, I know going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. Yet, actions speak so much louder than words, and Trump never talks about his generosity to others, the recipients do! The Bible doesn’t call very many folks “good men,” but I believe this man, Donald J. Trump, is truly a good man.
It is why I want you all to watch one more short video from a Puerto Rican man who worked for Mr. Trump in the early 80s. His story is one that we’ve heard many times. The heart of Mr. Trump is a heart of love and compassion. Listen to William Campudoni tell of how Donald J. Trump gave him a chance like no one else would.
Courage, Compassion and a Spine of Steel
Truly, Trump has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart, and steel in his spine. How many could put up with the constant attacks, lies, and distortions of his words that he’s put up with for over a year? Every rally he’s done he’s seen all of us out there cheering for him. We are the people he loves and wants to help, and this has kept him strong and driven.
Last December 2015, I wrote an article about the Book of Jonah, which is only four chapters long and tells the story of Jonah, the whale, and the City of Nineveh. I’ve often thought that Donald Trump is here to give America her Nineveh…a respite from the destruction.
Remember when the State Chairman of the S.C. GOP, Matt Moore, who was on Fox News last February? He made a revealing statement. He stated that no matter what Donald Trump does, no matter what Donald Trump says, everything works out well for him. His numbers keep rising, and his rallies keep growing. He said, "For this to happen, there has to be a supernatural power behind him."
From the start, Donald Trump had few supporters and a lot of scoffers and mockers yet God brought the man tremendous victories! I thank Him for raising up a bold leader for clearly His Almighty hand is upon the man. We are well aware that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever! From Israel, comes this picture of our Jewish friends for Trump.
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Please join us in this national need for our collective voices to be heard above the voting booths, and to all citizens in our country who have yet to make up their minds.
Dearly Beloved God in Heaven,
You know our needs, our desires, and our fears for our America. You know our hearts. We come to Your throne with a final prayer for this election and our beloved nation. Please give us a president who loves our country and everything she once stood for, a nation who respects YOU as the one true God. Please dear Lord, give us a president who will, with Your help, restore America to her former glory, the way You intended her to be…the bastion of freedom and liberty to all the world. Please help us to respect, honor, and thank you daily for all You have given us and never to take anything for granted. Lord God, we plead our cause, weaken and destroy the evil permeating our culture and political realm, and strengthen the good to bring honor and glory to Your Holy Name.
May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His Son, Jesus, the Christ, bless this nation with a leader who will truly “drain the swamp.” Amen and Amen.
[P.S. In order to wake up the population, we need to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]


Published on Nov 5, 2016
On this unprecedented LIVE Saturday, Nov. 5 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we go over the code words in leaked Podesta emails which may link Hillary Clinton to child rape trafficking. Large pedophile rings run the major governments, at least large sections of it, and the crimes are so huge that major British newspapers even admitted they could bring down the entire government. Is this finally the downfall of the Clintons? 

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes; except for sources in the original article/post.

Anonymous just posted the first in a series of exposes on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s involvement in a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring. I have run the whole thing below (scroll down):
Read it all — this is not a post you can skim.
The Clinton investigation is now connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operating within Washington, D.C. Over the next few days, and this November 5th, we will be referencing evidence and exposing the Clinton foundations for multiple incidences of child trafficking and sex scandals.
Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for involvement in an elite Washington pedophile ring, according to veteran State Department official Steve Pieczenik.
Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and other famous names, and their connection to a high-level sex scandal is exposed by Conchita and Cristina Sarnoff.
Anthony Weiner Talking to FBI about underage Sex Island (Lolita)
The FBI wants to know everything about the Lolita Island that Jeffrey Epstein owns. Lucky for them Anthony Weiner knows a lot about the Underage sex Island that Bill Clinton would visit and Weiner is ready to Talk.
Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.
“The children were sent to the SOS Children’s Village orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquets, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, and it became clear that most (if not all) of them were not orphans.[12] NLCR missionaries maintained that they were told that the children were orphaned. In turn, people in Calebasse and SOS Children’s Villages accused the missionaries of lying about their intentions.[9][12] ,Although the children’s relatives were told that they would be able to visit them and eventually take them back, the NLCR’s mission statement clearly outlined plans for adoption.”
“So, how was Hillary Clinton part of this, and where’s the child sex trafficking? Mostly in the fevered imaginations of the excitable internet detectives of r/The_Donald, who decided that since Clinton discussed the case in emails with Huma Abedin and other aides, she was going out of her way to help the child abductors escape justice. This leaves out one tiny detail: as secretary of State, Clinton’s job was to help American citizens arrested in other countries. Huma emailed her articles about the case, and from there, Reddit decided that can only mean they’re all child traffickers trading children all over the world for sex slaves, and probably hitching rides on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex plane, too.”
Wikileaks 28 ‘The DOJ-FBI–Huma Special’ is out and the TREASON of Hillary Clinton has never been more evident or quantifiable, and now the 650,000 emails on Huma and Anthony Weiner’s computer allegedly implicate Bill and Hillary in what is being described as a pedophile ring, and the CNN-CIA mockingbird media is IGNORING all of it. If Hillary Clinton is “elected” OR “selected” and placed in the White House as the felon she clearly is, we will be facing a Constitutional crisis like never before seen.
As news emerges that FBI agents have uncovered a child sex ring connected to the Clinton Foundation, internet sleuths have discovered evidence of pedophile “code words” being used in emails from John Podesta released by WikiLeaks.  Numerous emails from the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign incongruously refer to food items such as pasta, cheese pizza, ice cream – which 4chan users say is a code language used by child sex ring participants: RELATED CONTENT WikiLeaks Dumps More Podesta Emails, Bringing Total To Over 11,000 WikiLeaks: Podesta Camp Openly Support Imprisoned Pedophile For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, the elite are heavily into pedophilia and satanism because these are ways for them to (1) prove they are sociopathic enough to be trusted with great crimes, and (2) prove that they can trust each other, despite being sociopaths.  They all have the dirt on each other.  (4) Satanic ritual abuse is used to create controllable split personalities, like in the Manchurian Candidate.  (5) Lucius needs his Loosh.“hotdog” = boy “pizza” = girl “cheese” = little girl “pasta” = little boy “ice cream” = male prostitute “walnut” = person of colour “map” = semen “sauce” = orgyExamples: #podestaemails #sexring ?"Do you think I’ll do better … Continue reading