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Emergency! Man Behind Brexit 
Issues Warning For America
Published on Oct 20, 2016
Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage breaks down the dire importance of America's upcoming presidential election, and warns that if the U.S. doesn't act now we could be facing a collapse like we've never seen before. 

Nigel Farage: Trump To Destroy Hillary in Final Debate
Published on Oct 19, 2016
Nigel Farage breaks down Donald Trumps plan for the final debate and predicts that Trump will deliver the, "knock out blow" to Hillary Clinton. 


Trump and Clinton Square Off 
In Tense and Hilarious Dinner

Methodist Clinton at Catholic Al Smith Dinner: 

"In Order to Achieve Salvation, We Need Both Faith and Good Works"

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

NEW YORK — During Thursday night’s Al Smith charity dinner in New York City, which featured speeches from both presidential candidates, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton told those gathered that she shares a belief with Roman Catholics that to “achieve salvation,” a person must have “both faith and good works.”
“I am not Catholic. I’m a Methodist. But one of the things we share is a belief that in order to achieve salvation, we need both faith and good works,” Clinton told those gathered.
She made her remarks while speaking about the legacy of the late Al Smith, a former Democratic governor of New York who was believed to be the nation’s first Roman Catholic nominee for president. He was defeated in the 1928 election by Republican Herbert Hoover after being opposed by some for his Catholicism.
“When I think about what Al Smith went through, it is important to just reflect how groundbreaking it was for him, a Catholic, to be my party’s nominee for president,” Clinton said.
“Don’t forget, school boards sent home letters with children saying that if Al Smith is elected president, you will not be allowed to have or read a Bible. Voters were told that he would annul Protestant marriages,” she continued. “And I saw a story recently that said people even claimed the Holland Tunnel was a secret passageway to connect Rome and America to help the pope rule our country.”
Clinton opined that such statements only cause division and hostility among the people.
“Those appeals to fear and division can cause us to treat each other as the other. Rhetoric like that makes it harder for us to see each other, to respect each other, to listen to each other, and certainly a lot harder to love our neighbor as ourselves,” she said. “I believe the way we treat other is the highest expression of faith and of service.”
The Democratic nominee then stated that while she is not Catholic herself, she shares the Roman Catholic belief “that in order to achieve salvation, we need both faith and good works.”
“And you certainly don’t need to be Catholic to be inspired by the humility and heart of the holy father, Pope Francis,” Clinton said, drawing applause. “Or to embrace his message about rejecting a mindset of hostility, his calls to reduce inequality, his warnings about climate change, [and] his appeal that we build bridges, not walls.”
While dissent from the view exists among Roman Catholics, some teach that both faith and works are needed for salvation. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Article 2, paragraph 2010, “Since the initiative belongs to God in the order of grace, no one can merit the initial grace of forgiveness and justification, at the beginning of conversion. Moved by the Holy Spirit and by charity, we can then merit for ourselves and for others the graces needed for our sanctification, for the increase of grace and charity, and for the attainment of eternal life.”
It also repeats at paragraph 2027, “No one can merit the initial grace which is at the origin of conversion. Moved by the Holy Spirit, we can merit for ourselves and for others all the graces needed to attain eternal life, as well as necessary temporal goods.”
Christians, however, believe that one’s works are not a part of salvation, but rather the evidence of it.
Ephesians 2: 8-9 reads,”For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.”
James 2:18 also states, “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.”
Trump Roasts Hillary To Ashes At Charity Dinner
Published on Oct 21, 2016
The Al Smith dinner, hosted by the Archbishop of New York, is an annual gathering of elitists for Catholic charities supporting needy children held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on the third Thursday of October. The event honors former New York Governor Al Smith, the first Catholic presidential candidate. It is ceremonially the last event at which the two U.S. presidential candidates share a stage before the election. In the past, the event has been an occasion for American power brokers to rub elbows with their political pawns.  But this Election year being one of the strangest on record presented yet another opportunity for Donald Trump to hold no quarter.  Of course the media will spin this with the intent of containing Trump’s populist message while simultaneously falling on their own sword. Truth be told, this is only the beginning. Whatever the outcome of the Presidential election. The Clinton Crime family will ultimately have to answer to the veracity growing within the American consciousness.
Trump Devastates Hillary at Catholic Event


Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: 
Arranged Sex Trysts For Her 
With Men And Women

Hillary's "MK Ultra" Sex Slave Speaks
Published on Oct 18, 2016
It is well documented that in 1953, Nazi mind control experimentation under order by CIA Director Allen Dulles and headed by Sidney Gottlieb was integrated into the backrooms of CIA offices, College Psychiatric Departments, prisons and Mental Institutions. Following World War 2 after Operation Paperclip morphed into Operation Bluebird then into Operation Artichoke and Operation Midnight Climax finally becoming MK Ultra mind control as it is known today.

In 1953 the CIA research budget allotted roughly 10 million dollars to be dedicated to human experimentation involving hypnosis and amnesia, utilizing the effects of heroin, morphine, barbiturates, amphetamine, LSD, BZ, scopolamine, and other hallucination causing compounds.

In 1977, a FOIA request unearthed 20,000 documents related to MK Ultra after Frank Church and the Ford Administration began investigating the CIA in 1975.As the US Supreme Court later noted, MK ULTRA was: concerned with "the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior." The program consisted of some 149 sub projects which the Agency contracted out to various universities, research foundations, and similar institutions. At least 80 institutions and 185 private researchers participated. Because the Agency funded MK Ultra indirectly, many of the participating individuals were unaware that they were dealing with the Agency.

Fast forward to today. MK Ultra victims number in the tens of thousands. Hollywood culture celebrates MK Ultra as Illuminati symbolism, whether most people realize it or not. A dark web of sleeper assassins lie dormant due to ongoing MK Ultra experimentation. And sex slaves, their free will broken under extreme stress from MK Ultra experimentation, exist among the highest seats of power submitting to their handler’s bidding. That is why Cathy O’ Brien’s story, as inconceivable as it maybe to the average American, is important today.

As detestable as Trump’s indiscretions may appear to the average American through the lens of a monopolized and propagandized media that Goebbells would be proud of. Trump’s supposed war on women pales in comparison to the claims of rape, drug trafficking, and full blown racketeering made against the CIA backed Clinton crime family.


SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Conflicts of interests and blurry ethical lines mark nearly everything the Clintons have ever touched. The more that is known about Hillary’s e-mail scandal, the more obvious it becomes that corruption is something of a family trait. The dog-and-pony show which was sold to the American people as an investigation into Hillary’s e-mail may not have resulted in any real action against anyone of Team Clinton, but recently released transcripts of FBI interviews conducted during the investigation shed new light on just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
One transcript (though redacted in such a way as to leave more questions than answers) shows that Bryan Pagliano was not the only government employee moonlighting to work on Hillary’s unsecured, unauthorized, private e-mail server. A Secret Service agent assigned to protect former President Bill Clinton was also doing work on the server.
The agent (who’s name and dates of service on Bill’s security detail are redacted) told investigators that he worked on the server to provide "network assessments" and other troubleshooting tech support. He also told investigators that he performed similar work for the Clinton Foundation. The transcript says he “assisted the Clinton Foundation in a case related to theft of information on the Clinton Foundation Information systems."
The transcript for the May 25, 2016 interview with the Secret Service agent says that he
was assigned to the protective detail of WILLIAM CLINTON from [redacted] to [redacted]. Because of [redacted] information technology (IT) skills, he was asked to do network assessments and troubleshoot IT issues at the Clinton Foundation. From [redacted] to [redacted] assisted the Clinton Foundation in a case related to the theft of information on the Clinton Foundation information systems.
That statement, of course, goes against the mantra of Team Clinton that they had no reason to be concerned about the security of Hillary’s server. If the systems at the Clinton Foundation had been breached, it is a short step to the breaching of the e-mail server housed in the Clinton bathroom. After all, hackers routinely penetrate one system to gain information related to other systems operated by the same people or organizations. Once hackers were able to access the Clinton Foundation’s systems, reaching out to Hillary's private e-mail server would have been the obvious next step.
Of course, this all also supports a reasonable conclusion that there was no clear line of demarcation between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department or any other entity under the control of the Clintons. Bill and Hillary seem to be missing the basic decency to realize the impropriety of having government employees assigned to them also working for them in other (secret) ways.
Besides showing those blurry lines, the transcript makes it obvious that something is not quite right with the Secret Service agent’s statement. The transcript says the Secret Service agent
was contacted by JUSTIN COOPER in January 2011 to assist with the security of an email server at the Clinton residence in Chappaqua, New York. [redacted] did not physically or remotely access the server in the residence at Chappaqua. [redacted] was not aware of the hardware components of the server or software installed on the server. [redacted] conducted open source research relating to the security of email servers and contacted BRYAN PAGLIANO to recommend adding outbound IP filtering to the server. [redacted] received PAGLIANO’S name and contact information from COOPER. [redacted] was aware of no information pertaining to the email server located in Chappaqua.
Anyone with any understanding of computer problems and solutions sees that there is something wrong here. For the rest of you, perhaps it would be easier to spot by way of comparison. Let us imagine that this transcript was about a Secret Service agent performing automotive mechanical work for the Clinton Foundation’s cars. Then, in 2011 that agent is asked to do research for a problem with one of the Clinton’s personal cars. But — and here is where this begins to come loose — he doesn’t know what kind of car it is, what fuel (gas, diesel, electric) it uses, or how it is driven. He simply does research on how to improve the fuel efficiency of cars and then sends that information along to the guy who has actually seen the car. Make sense? I don’t think so either. Not only would such research be worthless, it is obvious that Pagliano could have easily done the same online search himself, since he had access to the server and could limit the search to the components and software actually being used.
Trying to make sense of almost anything the Clintons have been involved in is like trying to unscramble an egg. And in almost every case, the egg is rotten.

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

By Frosty Wooldridge
October 21, 2016
If Hillary Clinton reaches the White House, you face a president who will fundamentally and drastically change America.
If she reaches the highest office in our land, it will give her mandates to increase Muslim refugee immigration. She will dissolve our borders by not enforcing our immigration laws in accordance with Barack Obama’s mandates for the past eight years. She will present amnesty for 20 to 30 million illegal aliens. She will increase America’s $19.5 trillion national debt to a point of financial collapse to pay for legal and illegal immigrants. She will continue free trade deficits that will create more foreign debt and loss of American jobs to China, India and Mexico. Worst of all, she will smash every American’s Second Amendment rights to own a weapon for self-defense.
First of all, she promises to import 110,000 Syrian Muslim refugees into America in 2017 to continue Obama’s Islamic immigration legacy. Vetting them to weed out terrorists must be the grandest and most profane farce in history. But we citizens will become the victims, i.e., 9/11, Boston Marathon, Orlando, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, St. Cloud and more to come.
ABC anchor David Muir, Wednesday, September 14, 2016, reported that Barack Obama successfully imported 11,000 Syrian refugees into America this year. He expects to import a total of 110,000 in 2017 with Hillary's election to the White House.
This fact remains: you cannot 'vet' the mind of a Muslim. Such a mind feeds on the terrorist handbook: the Quran. That book compels its followers to "convert or kill all non-believers." That's the prime directive of Islam.
Once that ‘flow’ of refugees streams into our country, like Germany’s 1.5 million Syrian refugees, we face endless millions cultural conflicts, rapes and Islamic violence. Muslim immigrants destroy every country they inhabit! One look at Europe’s countries being invaded gives you our fate at Hillary’s hand. Muslims do not integrate or assimilate into any country:
"Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.
The more Muslims we import, the faster we face sociological disintegration of our laws, culture, language and ethos. We face parallel societies exploding all over America. If you think “Black Lives Matter” violence hits our cities today, just watch when Islam’s followers demonstrate and riot with “Muslim Lives Matter.” We face a sociological breakdown.
“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars,” said social scientist Garret Hardin. “Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of de-stabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”
Hillary will follow Obama Immigration’s Policy Timeline Wrecking Ball: [YouTube Video Link]
As Hillary degrades our laws and enforcement, millions of refugees will line up on the Mexican border. Without borders, we become a “destination” not a country.
Unfortunately, the more Muslims we import, the more terror events. It's the nature of the religion. It's not going to change, because, as their numbers grow, so does their push for Sharia Law. There's no way to soften their prime directive: "Convert or kill all non-believers." One look at Europe shows you our future. Journalist Daniel Greenfield wrote, “When you turn on the evening news and see a running death toll, it’s happening more and more often. The new brand of Islamic terror only needs one thing… Muslims. Lone wolf terrorism operates off the existing Muslim population in a particular country. The bigger the Muslim population, the bigger the risk. The FBI or other law enforcement agencies cannot monitor even a fraction of the Islamic settler population sympathetic to terror. As the Muslim settler population in the country increases, the number of cases will grow.” (Source: Right Side News, Stop Lone Wolf Terrorism by Ending Muslim Immigration, August 2, 2016)
According to Dr. Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies, in Washington, DC,, illegal alien flows average 500,000 annually since 2014, 2015 and in 2016. They bring their anchor babies that tap into our welfare systems at billions of dollars in costs, annually.
All of this immigration flow adds up to over 100,000,000 (million) immigrants, their children and chain-migrated relatives within 30 years. Look at what it will become in this short video:
Understand this reality: by importing millions of immigrants, we load up our country with unskilled labor, welfare and mouths to feed. We overshoot our water, food and resources. Essentially, we drive our country toward becoming a third world country—fighting for survival. They come here for a better life, but where do we go for a better life once our country cannot function?
With her mandate as president, she will attack our 2nd Amendment rights to own weapons for self-defense. Once the government takes our guns, it can dictate to us what we will do, how we will act and what we can say. We will deform from citizens to ‘subjects’ of the state. Hillary moves toward becoming a monarch by election.
All in all, Hillary Clinton will inject Islam’s terrorists into our communities. Their greater numbers will create horrific chaos across our nation. She will force us to pay for them even in the face of our $20 trillion debt that ultimately will collapse our system. She cannot and will not create jobs for millions of immigrants, but they will undercut our jobs for all our minorities, middle class and teens. She will force our educational systems into incompatible cultures, linguistic chaos and racial-ethnic tension that will grow with their sheer numbers.
Once she gets into the White House, you will be the recipient of a whirlwind of tragedies while she sits on her throne.




Hillary Smiles At America's Destruction
Published on Oct 20, 2016
When confronted about ISIS and her desire for uncontrolled immigration Hillary was unable to stop smiling, showing just what a despicable ghoul she really is.

Hillary Says “Conspiracy Theory” that Operatives Staged Violence at Trump Rallies
Published on Oct 20, 2016
Hillary Clinton says it's a conspiracy theory that Democrat operatives organized to instigate conflicts at Donald Trump rallies after being questioned about the hidden camera investigation by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas proved that's exactly what happened. Robert Creamer and Scott Foval were caught on tape admitting they were behind the unrest. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Hillary’s 13 Acts of Treason against the United States

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:


Leaked Emails Reveal Clinton’s True Gun Control Intentions

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

October 21, 2016
Washington, DC – No matter the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Senate and House races, Hillary Clinton, if victorious, intends to attack your gun rights.
Recently leaked emails of Clinton campaign staffers published by WikiLeaks show that the candidate plans to bypass Congress to enact gun control by executive order.
Moreover, undercover video of U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold, released this week by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, further exposed Clinton’s intent to impose new gun restrictions by executive fiat.
Starting on October 7, WikiLeaks began releasing batches of emails purportedly hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. The Clinton campaign emails have caused a great deal of controversy as they exposed the campaign’s collusion with a fawning press, its efforts to defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and campaign staffers’ disparaging remarks about Latinos and Catholics.
Among the several thousand emails released by WikiLeaks were several dispatches that pertained to the campaign’s approach to gun control.
Of particular note is an October 4, 2015 email written by Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon, which detailed the campaign’s intent to share with reporters the types of gun control proposals a President Clinton would support. The email stated:
Circling back around on guns as a follow up to the Friday morning discussion: the Today show has indicated they definitely plan to ask bout guns, and so to have the discussion be more of a news event than her previous times discussing guns, we are going to background reporters tonight on a few of the specific proposals she would support as President – universal background checks of course, but also closing the gun show loophole by executive order and imposing manufacturer liability.
Less than a week after WikiLeaks released this email, activist James O’Keefe released an undercover video filmed in August that bolsters the disturbing content of Fallon’s email. The video shows a disguised O’Keefe and a fellow activist attending a fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold of Wisconsin being held in Palo Alto, Calif. O’Keefe’s partner approaches Feingold and asks the candidate, in regards to guns, “If there’s still Republican control in Congress, and if Hillary is elected, is there anything she can do?” Feingold answers, “Well, there might be executive order.”
The video also includes footage of one of the hosts of the fundraiser, Integrated Archive Systems CEO Amy Rao, expressing how she thinks Clinton would pursue control.
In regards to guns, Rao told O’Keefe, “Hillary wants to shut it down,” adding, “If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she’ll close loopholes, she’ll get rid of assault weapons, she will get rid of being able to buy, you know, unlimited bullets…”
That Clinton is intent on pursuing gun control by executive order shows not only her contempt for gun owners, but also the rule of law.
The president does not have the legitimate authority to unilaterally restrict private firearm transfers at gun shows; and this fact is supported by the behavior of the Obama administration.
In their eagerness to burden gun owners, the Obama administration has already stretched existing federal law to, and in some cases far beyond, its limits. In late 2015, White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Shultz told reporters that Obama “has asked his team to scrub existing legal authorities to see if there’s any additional action we can take administratively,” adding, “The president has made clear he’s not satisfied with where we are, and expects that work to be completed soon.” Given these statements and the Obama administration’s antipathy towards firearms, it is difficult to imagine that if an executive order of the type Clinton contemplates were permissible the Obama administration would not have pursued it.
Perhaps Obama, unlike Clinton, acknowledges the Constitution imposes at least some limits on the power of the executive.??
As is custom, the Washington Post rushed to defend Clinton from the gun control leaks. However, rather than deny Clinton’s illegitimate plans to restrict gun rights, the Post sought to brush it off as old news. Indeed, NRA has previously highlighted Clinton’s plans to unilaterally impose new gun controls. However, as is so often the case, the Post fails to grasp the concerns of gun owners and the fact that any further information regarding the contours of Clinton’s anti-gun efforts, and statements from a candidate for U.S. Senate on this matter, are of significant interest to those seeking to protect their fundamental rights.
Aside from the matter of executive gun controls, the Clinton campaign emails published by WikiLeaks include a number of other items of interest to gun rights supporters. Several emails detail the Clinton campaign’s orchestrated attacks on Sanders’ gun control record. An email titled “Sanders Hits,” contains a “Guns” “hit” to be “deployed” against Sanders. Other emails chronicle the campaign’s development of a Clinton anti-gun op-ed for the New York Daily News, including a debate over how hard to“hit Sanders.”
A leaked email that has received significant attention makes clear that Clinton believes “you need both a public and a private position” on a given policy. Other emails appear to show this strategy at work on gun control, as her aides expressed concern about the candidate publicly supporting New York’s ill-named SAFE Act. 
On November 19, 2015, Clinton was presented with an award and spoke at a Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence gala in Manhattan. The event was also attended by N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the run-up to the event, Clinton campaign research director Tony Carrk and policy advisor Corey Ciorciari discussed the extent to which Clinton should endorse the SAFE Act. Ciorciari emailed Carrk, “Don’t see a need to fully embrace the SAFE Act. There are some controversial items in there.” Carrk concurred, responding, “I agree. SAFE is not a safe bet.”
Throughout her career Clinton has supported gun controls that exceed the SAFE Act’s onerous restrictions. Illustrating Clinton’s dual nature, while at the Brady event Clinton was careful to navigate around the controversial SAFE Act, but less than two months earlier Clinton contended that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual right to bear arms when she told the attendees of a private Manhattan fundraiser, “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment…” In District of Columbia v. Heller the court ruled that the federal government could not restrict an individual from keeping an operable handgun in their home for self-defense.
The recent email and undercover video revelations serve as just the latest entries in a voluminous and wide-ranging dossier of evidence showing that Clinton intends to demolish our fundamental rights.
However they are important, as Clinton and her camp’s repeated acknowledgments that they intend to usurp Congress’ sole authority to legislate in order to attack our rights reveals the full character of the danger gun owners face.



Planned Parenthood claims it is primarily in the business of promoting "women’s health," but whatever good the organization does is dwarfed by the evil it perpetrates.
SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

On Monday, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America celebrated its 100th birthday, but it is hardly cause for breaking out the party hats and noisemakers. Since 1978, Planned Parenthood has killed more unborn babies than the current populations of Chicago and Los Angeles combined — a statistic that would surely have horrified the group’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who, for all her faults, was adamantly opposed to abortion.
Planned Parenthood traces its origins to Sanger’s opening of the first birth-control clinic in the United States, on October 16, 1916. Sanger, a radical leftist and eugenicist who feared “overpopulation,” founded her Brooklyn clinic as part of her ongoing crusade to reduce the size of families. The New American’s Lisa Shaw wrote:
Sanger worked tirelessly to fight against the “breeding” of too many children, which she considered “the most immoral practice of the day,” according to her manifesto Woman and the New Race. In this book, Sanger insists that “The immorality of large families lies not only in their injury to the members of those families but in their injury to society,” asserting that not only is the large family the greatest evil of the day, but also the cause of other evils, including prostitution, oppressed labor, and war. Her bias, it seems, did not end with the number of children in society, but reached further to the worth of the child. “Birth control itself,” she insisted, “often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives.”
What criteria did Sanger consider in deciding who was either “unfit” or “defective”? Sickliness and poverty were certainly factors. Race was another. In Woman, Morality and Birth Control, Sanger wrote, “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” To bring about this “cleaner race,” Sanger sought a way to eliminate the races she considered inferior — especially blacks.
Sanger’s clinic was shut down shortly after it opened, and Sanger and her sister, Ethel Byrne, were arrested and convicted of violating a New York state law prohibiting the distribution of contraceptives. Sanger appealed; while her conviction was upheld, the judge ruled that physicians had the right to prescribe contraceptives.
In 1921, Sanger founded the American Birth Control League and in 1923, taking advantage of the loophole created by her appeal, opened a new, legal birth-control clinic, the Clinical Research Bureau. The American Birth Control League later merged with the Birth Control Council of America, ultimately becoming the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942.
Abortion was illegal in the United States at that time, but once it became legal, Planned Parenthood was at the forefront of killing the unborn. According to American Life League executive director Jim Sedlak, “New York decriminalized abortion on July 1, 1970, and Planned Parenthood did its first legal abortion on July 2, 1970, in Syracuse.” The Chicago Tribune reported at the time that Planned Parenthood expected to perform at least 5,000 abortions a month on Empire State residents. The Supreme Court handed down its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, and by 1976, Planned Parenthood was performing 70,000 abortions a year, Sedlak averred.
Although documenting the first several years of Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is difficult because of a lack of public records, it is no trouble at all to calculate how many lives the group has snuffed out since 1978. In that year, Planned Parenthood began issuing annual reports listing the number of abortions they had performed, starting with “about 70,000” in 1978, reaching a high (thus far) of nearly 334,000 in 2011, and falling to 324,000 in 2014, the last year for which a report has been made public. All told, says, Planned Parenthood has murdered over 6.8 million babies since 1978 — more than the combined (non-metro) populations of Los Angeles and Chicago in 2015.
Ironically, Sanger herself strongly and repeatedly opposed abortion except to save the life of the mother, as documents:
[Sanger], in an essay written in 1931, sought to distinguish between contraceptive measures that prevent a sperm from fertilizing a woman’s egg and post-conception measures that would destroy a fertilized egg, an embryo….
Under the sub-headline “Birth Control Does Not Mean Abortion,” Sanger wrote: “’The real alternative to birth control is abortion,’ wrote Dean Inge, in his article already quoted [in the essay]. It is an alternative that I cannot too strongly condemn.
“Although abortion may be resorted to in order to save the life of the mother, the practice of it merely for limitation of offspring is dangerous and vicious.
“I bring up the subject here only because some ill-informed persons have the notion that when we speak of birth control we include abortion as a method. We certainly do not.”
In her 1938 autobiography, Sanger maintained that abortion was immoral because “no matter how early it was performed it was taking life.”
Clearly, Sanger’s ideological descendants do not share her concern for the lives of the unborn. Nor do they have any qualms about profiting from the sale of parts of the babies they have killed, as the numerous undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress have so amply documented.
On top of all that, Planned Parenthood survives largely by forcing taxpayers to fund its operations, whether they approve of them or not. The group’s 2014 report, noted, “shows that 43 percent of Planned Parenthood’s revenues come from government health services grants and reimbursements (state and federal) for a total of $553.7 million.” And despite decades of promises from the Republican Party to cut off this funding, the blood money continues to flow.
Planned Parenthood claims it is primarily in the business of promoting "women’s health," but whatever good the organization does is dwarfed by the evil it perpetrates. Were Margaret Sanger alive to witness what her heirs are celebrating a century later, might she be moved to repeat her 1920 assertion that “the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in America each year are a disgrace to civilization”?




"Clergy" Woman’s Prayer Praises 

Planned Parenthood for Opening Door to Fight 

"Religious Machines" Opposing Abortion

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

NEW YORK — Speaking at a gathering in New York City celebrating the abortion and contraception giant Planned Parenthood, a United Church of Christ clergy woman delivered a prayer thanking God that the organization made way “for women to rise up against the political, religious and patriarchal machines that sought to undermine [their] right to choose.”
Neichelle Guidry Jones currently serves as the associate pastor to young adults at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and is a member of the clergy advocacy board for Planned Parenthood. She opened Sunday’s gathering at New York’s City Hall, which included a proclamation from the wife of Mayor Bill de Blasio.
“God, we thank You on this day. We thank You for the miracle of another day and for our lives,” Guidry Jones began after greeting those gathered, “and for drawing us into this sacred space and time of celebration.”
“We celebrate today that on October 16, 1916, Margaret Sanger opened the doors of the first Planned Parenthood clinic right here in New York City. And with this act of courage and resistance, the doors were opened for women to overcome the silence, and the shame, and the stigma inflicted on our sexuality,” she said.
Guidry Jones then continued to praise the organization as opening the door for women to stand against those who oppose abortion.
“The doors were opened for women to know, and understand, and be agents of our bodies. The doors were opened for women to receive affordable reproductive and life-saving gynecological health care,” she asserted. “The doors were opened for women to rise up against the political, religious and patriarchal machines that sought to undermine our right to choose and decide what happens to our own perfect, beautiful and holy flesh.”
“And 100 years later, we celebrate the millions of girls and women who have received care. The millions of lives that have been saved,” Guidry Jones continued. “The millions of healthy, wanted children who have been born, and the millions of ways that have been made for women and girls to live strong, healthy and fulfilled lives.”
She asked for God to inhabit the gathering in celebration of Planned Parenthood, and prayed that mankind would heed what she characterized as God’s call to keep fighting for the organization’s causes.
“We can’t do this alone. We might be many, but with You we have been mighty. So come into our gathering with Your presence, and Your insight. and Your peace and Your power,” Guidry Jones declared. “Come with Your unity that we might be ready when You call. Call on us to stand, call us on us to press and fight, to speak to move and to march on into the next 100 years of Planned Parenthood.”
She closed her prayer “in the name of all that is holy, of all that is sacred, of all that is righteous, all that is just, and all that is sanctified.” (View invocation in full below.)
As previously reported, Planned Parenthood, originally known as the American Birth Control League, was founded by Margaret Sanger, a feminist who decried what she characterized as women serving as “incubators.”
“Woman’s role has been that of an incubator and little more. She has given birth to an incubated race,” she wrote in “Woman and the New Race.” “In the mass, she has brought forth quantity, not quality. The requirement of a male dominated civilization has been numbers. She has met that requirement.”
“This is the dawn. Womanhood shakes off its bondage. It asserts its right to be free. In its freedom, its thoughts turn to the race. Like begets like. We gather perfect fruit from perfect trees,” Sanger said. “The relentless efforts of reactionary authority to suppress the message of birth control and of voluntary motherhood are futile. The powers of reaction cannot now prevent the feminine spirit from breaking its bonds. ”
Sanger, who was a staunch advocate of eugenics, also made a correlation between birth control and the purification of the races, referring to those with disabilities as being “morons,” “idiots” and “imbeciles.”
“Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives,” she wrote in the aforementioned publication. “If we are to make racial progress, this development of womanhood must precede motherhood in every individual woman.”
In “The Pivot of Civilization,” Sanger said, “’Constructive’ eugenics … shows us that we are paying for and even submitting to the dictates of an ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all—that the wealth of individuals and of states is being diverted from the development and the progress of human expression and civilization.”
According to its annual report released at the end of December, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions nationwide during the 2014-2015 fiscal year.
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By Kelleigh Nelson

October 21, 2016
“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. Deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” —Hillary Clinton on abortion

“I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan.”—Margaret Sanger

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” —Margaret Sanger

“There is only one reply to a request for a higher birthrate among the intelligent, and that is to ask the government to first take the burden of the insane and feeble-minded from your back. [Mandatory] sterilization for these is the answer.” —
Margaret Sanger, “The Function of Sterilization.” Birth Control Review, October 1926

Michael Bresciani’s recent article in the Christian Post spells out the foolishness of some of our electorate when he writes, “The land of high perversion and dead babies goes self-righteous on Trump?” Although I seldom read or agree with the Christian Post, Bresciani makes perfect sense in this article. Hillary’s campaign is serving up a circus sideshow to distract us from the multiple horrific problems facing Americans today. Those problems will never be ameliorated by the likes of Hillary Clinton.
Bresciani goes on to say, “Will we spank Trump by electing the dowdy little self-serving woman who can’t tell the difference between a rapist and a husband, the truth and a lie, and the difference between soldiers and ambassadors who deserve our best protection and the need to hide her secret plan to deceive and save face at the cost of their brave lives? If we succeed in putting Hillary Clinton in the White House, we will also succeed in bringing about the last days of this nation. Don’t delude yourself into thinking I am talking about NWO and last day’s eschatological fare – I am talking USA.”
Saving America or Allowing Destruction
Some of our electorate vote for or against candidates on single issues. The two largest of these are pro-life and pro-second amendment. Trump is both, Hillary is not. Right there is our only vote. Don’t deceive yourself into believing that if you stay home and fail to vote that it isn’t a vote for Hillary, because it is…and you will be guilty of aiding in the final destruction of America.
If anyone believes that God’s Hand of blessing is fully on this nation after we’ve murdered 60 million babies since 1973, they are living in a dream world…and have never opened the manufacturer’s handbook

Hillary claims to be a Christian, but her actions belie her lying words.
Hillary’s love of abortion is equal to that of Obama’s, who voted four times in the Illinois legislature against the Born Alive Infant Protection ACT (BAIPA). This ACT protected babies who survived abortion, but Obama voted in favor of leaving them to die. A vote against this legislation was a vote for infanticide.

During the February 6, GOP debate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, said that Hillary Clinton "believes that all abortions should be legal, even on the due date of that unborn child." He was right! Clinton voted to oppose the partial-birth abortion ban in 2003.
She made that clear in the last debate.
Lawrence K. Koning, MD, FACOG, said, "As an ob/gyn physician for 31 years there is no medical situation that requires aborting / killing the baby in the third trimester to "save the mother's life." Just deliver the baby by c/section and the baby has 95+% survival with readily available NICU care even at 28 weeks. C/section is quicker and safer than partial birth abortion for the mother."
Hillary’s love of the butchery of Planned Parenthood should be enough for pro-lifers to vote for Donald Trump.
The Lord has given us an opportunity to turn our nation around, and the globalist socialists like Hillary will do anything they can to stop the man given to us who can accomplish the goal of saving our country. This includes the fake outrage, and outright lies by the media and the phony right wing neo-cons over an illegally taped conversation from a dozen years ago. I’ve heard far worse in my lifetime, that’s for sure.
Barry Goldwater knew all about the leftist cabal back in the early 60s. He said, “If everybody in this town (D.C.) connected with politics had to leave town because of chasing women and drinking, you would have no government.”
Bernie Marcus, co-founder of the Home Depot said, “When Trump made those statements, he was not a member of congress, he was not a politician, he was in show business when he made those remarks, and what does that have to do with what’s happening today?” Absolutely nothing!
Hillary and the Catholic Church
Father Michael Orsi spoke at the National Day of Remembrance for aborted babies. He made it clear that we are in a battle for the soul of America and that the pulpits must speak out. Their tax-exempt status means nothing compared to the destruction that will result if Hillary Clinton is elected. “Somehow, Christians have come to buy the story that you cannot be political in church,” said Orsi. “Let me tell you right now, oh yes, you can, and oh, yes, you better be. Because you might not have a church to go to if you don’t vote the right way in November.”
Father Frank Pavone states why he is voting for Donald J. Trump, “The reason is simple: this presidential election is not about a choice between him and someone better; it’s between him and someone far worse.”
Pavone added, “Moreover, it is not ultimately about either one of them, but rather the good of the nation as reflected in two things: a) What will they do, and b) Who comes into power with them.”
In the 2011 e-mail chain, a progressive activist named Sanford “Sandy” Newman e-mailed Podesta to suggest collaboration on a way to do this. He said, “There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church.”
The latest WikiLeaks’ emails reveal the smug contempt of globalist liberal elites for Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners, and even Hispanics loyal to them, who they’ve actually called “needy Latinos.” The contents of these emails correlate with the revealed bigotries of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.
Let me ask, which Christian denominations stand steadfast against the slaughter of the unborn?
Hillary Loves Abortion
Get this into your mind, Hillary LOVES Planned Parenthood and their founder! Planned Parenthood is endorsing and supporting the Democratic candidate. In January, the organization announced that it was breaking a 100-year-old tradition to endorse Clinton during the primary races. Planned Parenthood is promising to spend a seven-figure sum to aid Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Michigan, Virginia, and Texas. [Link]
Of course, it’s all so the murder of the unborn, and sale of their body parts, will continue and escalate under a Hillary presidency. Back in 2012, I wrote Culture of Death, regarding the use of these little ones’ bodies for profit. Now it has been fully exposed! Where is the outrage? Where is the church? And why would anyone vote for this vile, filthy, hate-filled evil woman?
“As president, I will always have your back,” Clinton told the assembled Planned Parenthood activists. She unapologetically proclaimed support for abortion rights: “Defending women’s health means defending access to abortion – not just in theory, but in reality.” She called for the expansion of Planned Parenthood’s funding for non-abortion women’s health services and for federal funding of abortion, and she name-checked transgender health issues and reproductive justice activists. In a room that was rapt and grateful, she fluently spoke their language.
Hillary believes Trump will reverse progress for women, when the real fact is that Trump is a devout pro-lifer, and he believes Planned Parenthood’s murder of the innocent unborn should never be funded by taxpayer dollars!
Margaret Sanger’s Hatred
Margaret Sanger’s ideology was cemented in eugenics, the extermination of certain groups of people. Sanger was extremely vocal on her beliefs and what her newfound organization would do. In 1939, she said, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”
How I wish America’s black population knew what great love and admiration Hillary had for a woman who wanted to exterminate their entire race!
Last year, Hillary Clinton accepted Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award, named after the founder of the American Birth Control League, which changed its name to Planned Parenthood in the 1940s. In her remarks, Clinton singled out the namesake of the award for praise, “Now, I have to tell you that it was a great privilege when I was told that I would receive this award. I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision ... And when I think about what she did all those years ago in Brooklyn, taking on archetypes, taking on attitudes and accusations flowing from all directions, I am really in awe of her.”
In her book, “Pivot of Civilization,” Sanger penned her thoughts regarding immigrants, the poor, and the error of philanthropy. Sanger’s ideology of racial and social hygiene bleeds through her writings on breeding an ideal human race and she stated, “They are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”
She also stated, “I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world.”
Hillary’s Former Obstetrician
Dr. William Harrison, OB, GYN, proudly admitted to doing some 20,000 abortions, and he counted Hillary Clinton as his patient and fellow pro-choice advocate when she was expecting Chelsea and afterward. Harrison died in 2010 of leukemia, but he thought he was doing God’s work as an abortionist. Like Hillary, he was a Methodist, and the Methodist Church they were part of is strongly pro-abortion. Harrison was the largest abortion provider in Arkansas. [Link]
The Socialist Owned Media
Oh, how I would love to go back to the years where there were actually newspapers like the Chicago Tribune which were conservative and fed us the truth. That was 50 years ago, and yes, I remember because my mother started reading that paper to me when I was five years old! Now we are fed propaganda daily on every channel, and that includes Fox News. Other than a few like Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and sometimes Hannity, we are starved for the truth. The socialist media’s support for a corrupt and evil globalist like Hillary is beyond words, and it’s been exposed by WikiLeaks and the FBI.
This is the same woman who recently said, “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. . . the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. . . some of those folks, they are irredeemable.” Hillary points a finger at Trump supporters, but three are pointing back at her…she’s the one who is truly irredeemable.
Excuse me, Hillary, those “deplorables” are pro-lifers, pro-second amendment, God fearing Jews and Christians, who want our borders closed, who want our vets cared for, who want these insane wars stopped, who want jobs back in America, who want reasonable healthcare, who want our schools to go back to academic teaching, and who want our politicians to obey the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold.
When they oppose abortion, are they “clinging” to their “guns or religion” to express their “frustrations,” to borrow from then-candidate Barack Obama’s dismissive comments? No, they long for the America that was the land of the free and home of the brave, and the America who did not murder our unborn in their mothers’ wombs. They want a prosperous and strong America for their children and grandchildren.
Actor Jon Voight perfectly expressed his thoughts about this crucial election. Take a few minutes and listen to what he says.
Any Christian who votes in a way that enables Hillary Clinton to become president, empowering her to name Justice Scalia's replacement and pack the courts with pro-abortion radicals, must be prepared to accept responsibility for the continued carnage of the unborn and the inevitable restrictions on religious liberty.
God has given us the choice to save our nation from her final destruction, but it can be accomplished with only one candidate. We absolutely must give Donald J. Trump the opportunity to save our beloved country. This election is really our last chance.