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    Revelation 3:17-"Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing' --- and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked ---."

    Willowdale Chapel, of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (the mushroom capitol of the world) has been pastored in recent years by Greg Lafferty, a former teacher at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church of California. A very large percentage of Willowdale's congregation is comprised of former, but mostly present Catholics who supplement their Mass going with emergent entertainment. This non-denominational church also regularly offers the heretical Catholic sympathizing and charismatic "Alpha Course" of Nicky Gumbel's doing.
    Here in this video is Lafferty giving the opening prayer for the House of Repesentatives, followed by a commendation of Lafferty by Joseph Pitts, representative from Pennsylvania and member of the Willowdale Chapel:

Naturally, in accordance with the "Purpose Driven" methodologies of Warren, Lafferty has grown this church in membership to where even the expansion of the facilities over recent years has become inadequate to the grandiose plans he and his church have.
    Plans for more expansion were recently unveiled in print and on their website, after meeting with Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian of New York City for wisdom, and presented to the world with the title of "Shine Like Stars". This is estimated to cost $6.5 million, which is no problem for the well connected and affluent population of this area of Chester County, PA, and includes the following:
  • Complete our facility, expanding our worship center and creating new ministry space for children.
  • Retire our debt, freeing up over $200,000 a year to be invested in ministry.
  • Go multi-site, taking our church to new locations.
  • Create an agency to network existing organizations and incubate new enterprises for the common good of our culture. 
     Also included in this release are three documents in pdf which show the basis and philosophy behind such a large project. They are: 
"Constellation White Paper"
    The star-filled "Constellation Vision" includes creating a non-profit organization called "Longwood Ventures", a type of centralized social services hub, as an extension of a social gospel. The main features of both revolve around "collectivist" (fascist) and "dominionist" ideologies, which include a "seven mountains mandate" derived from the New Apostolic Reformation. Quotes: "Thus we dream of a multi-church, multi-organizational movement!" and "The objective is to enlist, network, and move organizations toward the vision of collective impact, and, ultimately, community shalom." The word "shalom" is Jewish meaning peace/properity, and as used here hints at a Messianic Hebraic influence. 
These are the main themes included therein:
Two dynamics characterize this vision: 
1) A movement rather than an institutional dynamic.
2) A multi-church rather than a mega-church dynamic.
Three areas of impact are targeted in this vision:
1) Individuals
2) Systems
3) Culture
1) Identify the “channels” of culture that we want to impact and articulate a vision for each.
We have identified at least seven sectors of our culture that we believe are central to creating a 
thriving community. 
 Church  Arts
 Family  Business
 Education  Government
 Social Sector
2) Convene organizations within each channel of culture and/or create new ones to serve the 
common good.
3) Unleash the power of network.
“Collective Impact,” an article published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review
Launch Steps and Tactics:
1) Enlist like-minded church partners.
2) Convene a board of directors.
3) Create Longwood Ventures. This non-profit will: 
    a) Align to the vision.
    b) Convene partners and create the network “glue”.
    c) Incubate new organizations and accelerate existing ones.
    d) Serve as thought-partner and trainer.
    e) Provide services and empowerment.
    f)  Raise investment capital.
    g) Hire an Executive Director.

    The "Constellation Vision" ends with a quote from Richard Mouw, president of the ultra-liberal apostate Fuller Theological Seminary. Clearly, Lafferty and Willowdale's leadership identify with Mouw's ideas as well:
"Richard Mouw, one of the great theologians of common grace, wrote:
'For those who do not feel called to cultural abstinence, it is important to consider the notion of common grace ministries….We should not just stand back and watch for signs that God is restraining sin in the world, or hope that we might witness acts of civic righteousness popping up here and there. We ought to look for ways God can use us to restrain the power of sin in the larger human community, and to perform our own works of civic good….Abraham Kuyper referred to the Christian obligation ‘to continually expand the dominance of nobler and purer ideals in civil society by the courageous action of its members in every area of life'.
See's posts about Mouw, who is a Catholic synpathizer and endorser:, in which Mouw praises and supports the universalist emerging pastor Rob Bell., in which Mouw supports and approves of a Mormon apologist., which describes Fuller's drift toward apostasy.

    There are several Vimeo videos where Lafferty is shown meeting with Tim Keller for his bits of wisdom:

    Keller has roots in Kennett Square, a Catholic and Quaker area, where "Jesus is not the only way". We can see him promoting Catholic and Quaker mysticism, and recommending the Quaker mystic Richard Foster among a host of Catholic mystics in this YouTube video/audio. Keller, Lafferty, and Willowdale are of like minds.

Sources show Keller may not be the biblical "go to guy" for advice, whether for individual Christians or churches: Excellent expose of Keller's false gospel. A quote from this article sums it up:
"You will see that he is deeply ecumenical in approach and sympathetic to the Catholic cause. Indeed, his commitment to the Catholicism is so deep that Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York engages in mystical Catholic practices. He has such a low view of Scripture that he goes out of his way to promote the false doctrine of theistic evolution. He is so impressed with the idea of humanistic psychology that his church runs a fee charging counselling service that integrates psychological theories with Scripture. He is so taken with the ways of the world that he promotes a liberal political agenda. And the great tragedy of Tim Keller is that all this is done under the banner of Reformed Calvinism."
From Teaching the Word":
"Tim Keller: Dangerously Influential":
"Tim Keller's Gutless Gospel":, in which Keller expresses his doubts about Jesus Christ to Mr. Bashir:
"Tim Keller's False Gospel: Changing Both the Method and the Message":
"Tim Keller's False Gospel: A 'Sandwich' Made Without the Bread of Life":
"Keller's Affinity With Rome":
"Keller and the Mystics":
"Keller's Mysticism":

    But Lafferty and Willowdale's leadership have apparently learned a lot from Keller as well as Warren. Of course, all these emergents would claim a biblical mandate from Scripture. That may be so, but the implementation is not. They all seem to want to redeem the culture with good works, applying "salt and light" and/or present an attractive image to the unregenerate. Unfortunately, they will attempt to accomplish that goal through implementing a collectivist/fascist business model based on Peter Drucker's ideas for business (the three legged stool), and which is the foundation of Warren's "Purpose Driven" methods. 
    The second aim appears to be the establishment of God's kingdom on earth or at least preparing the way, allegedly to reign, but not to rule, falling just short of the seven "dominionist" aims of the New Apostolic Reformation which includes ruling the culture.
    Lost in all this is the one-on-one traditional biblical model of evangelism, as well as the important role of individuals in such. Now, the message is that the sum total of all individuals spreading the gospel cannot be as effective as the collectivist community inside a business model. This is explored at length by Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith (Pirate Radio) in this audio "Resistance is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated into The Community", among several others:

    An good example of Tim Keller's thoughts on all this is in this short video which again references Kuyper:

What, then, does all this evidence say about Willowdale Chapel and its direction?


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A church in Corning, New York has posted a notice that it has decided to leave Sovereign Grace Ministries over their change in governmental polity. No mention of the pending child sex abuse lawsuit as a reason.
The posting is on the church website here:


Parents sue school district so she can use the girls' bathroom:


Ian Morgan Cron, has been discovered recently by Lighthouse Trails Research and exposed for being the contemplative mystic he is: This article refers to the ongoing increase in contemplative mysticism within the Nazarene denomination, whose leadership either denies it is happening, and/or minimizes it. See Manny Silva's work to expose all this at:, and Stand for Truth Ministries. This is a video of Cron's visit to Willow Creek church talking about his Catholic communion experience:

Interview with Cron about his mystical experiences, wherein he states "the future of the Church is silence":


We recently recommended GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) In the resources area of this website we found an article that we disagree with. Here's why:
Andrew Schmutzer of Moody Bible Institute, has written for Biola University's "Institute of Spiritual Formation", specifically their "Journal of Spirtitual Formation and Soul Care". Biola is one of the most exteme proponents of contemplative mysticism and new age spiritual formation, as reported by Lighthouse Trails Research here:  Schmutzer's is a mystical article recommending such practices for the sexually abused at:
    We are warning Bible believing, Reformation adhering Christians to avoid any such program which maligns traditional "Western" Christianity as lacking the ability to heal the full person who has been sexually abused. See pages 77-83 of this article in particular, which alleges that Christianity has had a gross problem with sexuality in all forms, demonstrated in the quote:
   "Precisely where transformation and healing are needed in SA, one may encounter a minimization of the 'soma' as a suspicion of the 'flesh' and a practical denial of sexual impulses. When this occurs, it has 'left us with a disembodied theology and a great deal of shame.' Assessing spiritual transformation, for example, Dallas Willard has recently lamented that it often does not work because it 'does not involve the body in the process of transformation.' Willard quips, 'One of the ironies of spiritual formation is that every ‘spiritual’ discipline is or involves bodily behavior.' This disembodied theology remains one of the greatest hindrances to the healing of the sexually abused in Christian ministries".
    This mystical and unmeasurable theory claims that, based on the "Eastern" (Hindu/Buddhist/Taoist) new age philosophies and theologies of persons like Dallas Willard,

 the practices of spiritual formation, comprised of individual but mostly communal rituals, liturgies, and practices (unspecified), can heal the sexually abused where just "ordinary" Christian counseling, prayer and study in the word of God fails, because traditional Christianity ignores the "whole person".
    This is gnosticism pure and simple, which makes the claim to have found superior knowledge that only the select few highly educated have discovered and revealed to us, and which ordinary Christians are ill-equipped to understand.
    For Schmutzer to rely on the recommendations of Dallas Willard and people of similar beliefs is first a repudiation of the Reformation and the five solas, and is de facto, an alignment with the Catholic Church's many "anathemas" of the Inquisition. Secondly the practices of spiritual formation are doubly dangerous, because it purports to be a new found methodology of a cure for the sexually abused who should not be experimented with, and who also risk being spiritually abused by a system which has pagan, Catholic, and new age roots, without any disclaimers or warnings. Disclaimers and/or warnings would have been appropriate in view of the non-Christian roots of these practices (noticeably lacking in the article), with the added very real possibility that a participant would "bring down" and "connect with" a demon or demons who masquerade as the one true God. Thirdly, Scmutzer maligns the Western church's reliance on "grace", and implying that those who subscribe to grace rather than a methodology of works as found in spiritual formation would feel "hedged in" by such works. We would propose that true Bible believers would in fact not just feel so, but likewise condemn such practices not only because it is works added to grace, but also because it is non-Christian to the core.
    Schmutzer and his wife lead a "CHAI" (Courageous Healing of Abuse and Isolation) group at Wheaton Bible Church for the sexually abused:
    References and research on Dallas Willard and his contemplative/mystical/new age associations:
From Lighthouse Trails Research:

Southern View Chapel by Gary Gilley:

Stand Up for the Truth:

This video of Dallas Willard promoting spiritual formation is self-explanatory. It demonstrates a gnosticism that is above and beyond the intelligence or discernment of "ordinary" of "Western" Christians. When you see or hear anything he proposes, don't be deceived, whether abused or not.

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The Police Loophole, has a list of gun companies that will not sell arms to municipalities that restrict gun ownership to individual citizens. As of today, 73 companies have signed on.


Joe Biden, who lives with the wealthy in the outskirts of Wilmington, DE advises a lady to not buy an AR-15, but just a shotgun, which she can fire from her balcony into the air above an intruder's head solely as a warning shot. And this is what he has already advised his wife to do. Delaware should be proud! Small state, small minds! In this case, in a high position! 
P.S. Who is he to scold the questioner and admonish her that her questions are inappropriate?


The same Andy Stanley who thinks the traditional biblical views on marriage need revision, along with our views on homosexuality, and names Obama as "pastor-in-chief", has some inspired advice for us.
   Despite Obama's blatant and aggressive support of the gay agenda and abortion, he closed his eyes to those facts like a blithering fool in conveying this honorary title on the President, and now has the audacity to suggest that churches and their leadership should subscribe to his wisdom for church growth which are based entirely on Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven" model, which is a reformatting of the old business models of Peter Drucker.
Stanley advises against tweaking your church and its ministries, but proposes constant evaluating and making everything new to trigger momentum in your church.  But it is going to cost a lot of money. Does your church have deep pockets? Will your church borrow from the bank to grow bigger and better? No matter, in the world of emergent "vision casting" pastors, the ends justify the means, and you the congregation are only there to follow their orders and carry the work load. Definitely not the "congregational" church government model here, where ordinary and lowly Christians have a voice.

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Excerpted from M. Basil Pennington's book "Thomas Merton: My Brother" is the following excerpt. Pennington was a fellow Catholic Trappist monk and friend of Merton. In it you will see how Merton loves the Buddha. Merton has been the inspiration and motivation for many in the "Mindfulness" movement as described in earlier posts.

Pennington writes: “At Polonnaruwa,…Merton was able to enter into the sanctuary with the solitariness he wanted. The pilgrim took off his shoes and let the dampness of the living earth speak to him. At this point it is not only best but necessary to let Merton speak for himself”:
I am able to approach the Buddhas barefoot and undisturbed, my feet in wet grass, wet sand. Then the silence of the extraordinary faces. The great smiles. Huge and yet subtle. Filled with every possibility, questioning nothing, knowing everything, rejecting nothing, the peace not of emotional resignation but of Madhyamika [the “Middle Path” school of Buddhism], of sunyata [“emptiness, the Void” – a basic concept in Buddhism], that has seen through every question without trying to discredit anyone or anything – without refutation – without establishing some argument. For the doctrinaire, the mind that needs well established positions, such peace, such silence, can be frightening.
I was knocked over with a rush of relief and thankfulness at the obvious clarity of the figures, the clarity and fluidity of shape and line, the design of the monumental bodies composed into the rock shape and landscape, figure rock and tree. And the sweep of bare rock slopping away on the other side of the hollow, where you can go back and see different aspects of the figures. Looking at these figures I was suddenly, almost forcibly, jerked clean out of the habitual, half-tied vision of things, and an inner clearness, clarity, as if exploding from the rocks themselves, became evident and obvious. The queer evidence of the reclining figure, the smile, the sad smile of Ananda standing with arms folded (much more “imperative” than Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa because completely simple and straightforward).
The thing about all this is that there is no puzzle, no problem and really no “mystery.” All problems are resolved and everything is clear, simply because what matters is clear. The rock, all matter, all life is charged with dharmakayaeverything is emptiness and everything is compassion. I don’t know when in my life I have ever had such a sense of beauty and spiritual validity running together in one aesthetic illumination. Surely, with Mahabalipuram and Polonnaruwa my Asian pilgrimage had become clear and had purified itself. I mean, I know and have seen what I was obscurely looking for. I don’t know what else remains, but I have now seen and have pierced through the surface and have got beyond the shadow and the disguise.
Basil Pennington then adds, “here through the aesthetic experience that Merton entered into and sought to express the mystical experience…quiet, isolation, simplicity and freshness. There is a wholeness. Merton said he could not express it adequately. He might have added, as did his Cistercian Fathers in speaking of such moments of total integration, that those who have experienced it know what he was talking about, and those who have not should seek the experience so that they will know.”

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This is the memorandum for guidance about transgender students in Massachusetts public schools in its entirety at:


We are recommending Grace ministry as an excellent resource for child abuse issues. They do investigations, consultations, prevention training and response assistance. They also have an extensive resource area of articles, videos, audios, books, blogs, and Powerpoint presentations. Their board is comprised of professionals in the field. They have partnerships with the American Association of Christian Counselors, and Diane Langberg, psychologist in Jenkintown, PA and
There are four videos from GRACE on Vimeo:
Here is a video from GRACE on YouTube: "Protect Your Kids Now From Internet Dangers":

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    This is the long version of Tim Ryan's background testimony, and braggadocio Youngstown-style (that he's "not exactly out on a limb with this") under the auspices of Tara Brach, who is  "a leading western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. She has practiced and taught meditation for over 35 years, with an emphasis on vipassana (mindfulness or insight) meditation." 
    Even though Ryan stressed how he cares about people and wants the best for them, not once does Ryan talk about the sin problem of mankind (as being the root cause of school problems and other problems), the need for Christ as Savior, or even all those eternal souls destined for hell without Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So much for his "Catholic/Christian" social gospel upbringing, which by his own words and purposeful denial, he has de facto repudiated. Now his goal and his gospel is to "rehabilitate" student populations throughout America through "brain science", not salvation in Christ.
    Nothing from Ryan either about defending the great loss of freedom for Christians to speak in public, believe what the Bible says, and homeschool their kids, (even in his own state of Ohio), while the LGBTQ agenda runs roughshod over their rights as Americans to free speech and public assembly. This is continually exposed by Linda Harvey of Mission America which is based in Ohio:
    Instead we get a jokingly "firm" promise that we will not see a Secretary of Mindfulness (or czar perhaps) in government, but nevertheless lacing his talk with how many large corporations are doing mindfulness programs, including the U.S. Marines under Elizabeth A. Stanley,, as in:, and, and
    What Ryan fails to see is that by teaching people to turn inward to appreciate a false "divinity" a/k/a "the god within" (instead of depravity), he will be helping to create a society not of individuals who care about each other like his grandparents, but a society of selfish, self-centered egocentric individuals that, by reason of their Buddhist self "mindfulness", will logically lack the "socialization" skills that liberals falsely claim is lacking in homeschoolers who they say don't have the benefits of a public school education. That will be a society of individuals who are "gods unto themselves".
Included in this is a discussion of the "amygdala" of the brain, which he says schoolchildren are learning about as the center of emotions. Further explained at:, as the center of emotions.
This video explains further:



by John MacArthur
Last week Pope Benedict XVI made the historic and unexpected announcement that he will soon retire. As a result, we’re about to be inundated with a massive wave of news coverage and public discussion about the Roman Catholic Church, and specifically the search for the new pope.
In the coming days and weeks, you’re likely to find yourself in a variety of conversations about the Catholic Church with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors—each one an opportunity to shed biblical light on a topic that everyone will be talking about. And when the Lord brings those opportunities, I want you to be able to speak with clarity and authority regarding the truth of God’s Word and the corrupt idolatry of Roman Catholicism.
The current attitude throughout much of the evangelical church is that we ought to embrace Catholics as true believers in Christ. And it’s safe to assume we’ll hear even more calls for unity and partnership with the Catholic Church in the days to come.
But reclassifying the pope, the worship of Mary, the idolatry of the mass, and the entire Roman Catholic system as authentic, biblical Christianity isn’t that simple. It has massive implications, including overturning centuries of church history, missionary effort, and martyrdom.
The fact is, the most formidable, relentless, and deceptive enemy in Satan’s long war on the truth has been Roman Catholicism. It’s an apostate, corrupt, heretical, false Christianity—a thinly veiled façade for the kingdom of Satan.
The true church of the Lord Jesus Christ has always understood that. Even in the Dark Ages prior to the Reformation, genuine believers set themselves apart from the Catholic system and were brutally persecuted and punished for rejecting the false, idolatrous teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.
Discerning believers today need to be just as committed to standing firm against the Catholic system. We need to recognize its false priesthood, false revelation, and false tradition. We need to see through its system of twisted sacraments, idolatrous worship, and corrupt authority. Most important, we need to be aware of how the lies of Satan contradict God’s Word and be prepared to defend and explain the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
Next week we’re going to look at some key facets of Roman Catholic theology and practice and examine how they corrupt and contradict the teaching of Scripture. While this short series won’t be exhaustive, I know it will encourage you and be a great help in the coming weeks and beyond. Lots of people are going to be talking about the Catholic Church—I want to help you make the most of those opportunities.

Available online at:


1 John 4:1  Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but try the spirits to see if they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 

    "Mindful" of the commands of Christ and the warnings of Scripture to test all the spirits, we will attempt to take on the "Mindfulness" movement in this post, understanding that Christians in general are ignorant of the forces arrayed against them. By this post we are making an attempt to wake up the Church, deliberately reminding one another in Christ that to be "mindful" in a biblical sense is to be aware of good and evil, truth and error, correct and incorrect, black and white, true teachers and false teachers, the real gospel and false gospels, angels and demons, saved and unsaved, knowledge and ignorance, conscious and unconscious, true prophets and false prophets, independent thinking and brainwashed thinking, etc. The alternative as shown herein is unthinkable!
    First, we will introduce you to the main players:

    A previous post explored how Tim Ryan, Congressman from Ohio,

was introduced to the mystical practice of "centering prayer" by a Catholic priest and is a major proponent of the harmless sounding "mindfulness", has subsequently opened for us another "can of worms" that we have spent a lot of time and effort researching as documented below.
    Just when we and you thought that this was a minor and widely scattered phenomenon we were proved wrong by the mountain of evidence that for the most part has travelled like worms do, under the radar. This infestation is soon coming to a church, school, "Bible study", retreat, camp, YMCA or other organization that you thought was Christian or at least ethical.
    First, we must state clearly that any practice or belief which has its roots in the mysticism, false gospel, anti-Biblical, anti-Reformation theology, and idolatry of the Roman Catholic Church is corrupt, dangerous, and devilish, and should be avoided like the plague by Bible believing, Reformation adhering Christians. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church has influenced Ryan who is a conscious or unconscious puppet of the RCC, as the amount of time he spends on this is excessive for someone who is supposed to represent the interests of the Ohio constituency for which he was elected, not to be an apologist or proselyte for a dubious and pagan set of Buddhist practices. The reasons he has attached himself to this cause are manifold but evident by the types of associations he has cultivated.
    Therefore, the questions must be asked:
1) "Why is Ryan spending so much of his time on this, wasting taxpayer monies in the process, instead of concentrating on other more pressing matters, like bringing back industry and jobs to an economically depressed Ohio?" 
2) "Isn't Ryan satisfied with the Judeo-Christian foundation of the United States?
3) "How will Mr. Ryan and our country benefit by changing our culture founded on Christian principles into a culture brainwashed by Buddhist practices, starting with our schoolchildren being turned into robotic zombies?"
4) "What does Mr. Ryan think about the Protestant work ethic that built this country?" Should it be replaced, and by what?" "Mysticism?" "Non-Judgmentalism?"
    An article here at the National Catholic Reporter shows that the RCC is behind "mindfulness", albeit from a Catholic perspective:
Ryan has talked on Interfaith Radio in Washington, DC about mindfulness:, and these are the audio downloads:, and

    Congressman Tim Ryan, influenced early on in his youth by Catholic mysticism and a certain unknown priest himself enthralled with the Hindu/Buddhist/Communist and mystical Catholic Trappist monk Thomas Merton,

the latter being a student of Zen BuddhismTaoismHinduismJainism and Sufismand other eastern mystical practices, Ryan was also a student under Jon Kabat-Zinn,,

which points out that:
    "Jon Kabat-Zinn (né Kabat) (born June 5, 1944) is Professor of Medicine Emeritus and founding director of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and, and An example of the influence on other medical schools can be seen here:

Kabat-Zinn was a student of Zen Master Seung Sahn and a founding member of Cambridge Zen Center. His practice of yoga and studies with Buddhist teachers led him to integrate their teachings with those of Western science. He teaches mindfulness meditation as a technique to help people cope with stress, anxiety, pain and illness. stress reduction program created by Kabat-Zinn is offered at medical centers, hospitals, and health maintenance organizations." 
Zinn explains what "Mindfulness" is:

Zinn says the arrival of a baby into your family is like "having a 'live-in' Zen master parachute into your home":
and more wisdom from Zinn: "You Cannot Spoil Your Baby":
What Meditation is by Zinn:
Zinn calls Obama "The First Mindful President"; and "not driven by ego concerns". Is he for real? No, keep in mind (if you're biblically mindful) that he checked his critical thinking skills long ago, but mangaged to rise to career heights without being "spiritual":

Zinn markets his CDs and DVDs at:, at which is posted a biography of Zinn with his associations:, such as with Dr. Ludwig of Children's Hospital who co-authored in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) the article "Mindfulness in Medicine" at:, and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies (where Ryan posted his article:, and the Min and Life Institute
And included therein are Zinn's articles in pdf:, and, and, (with at bottom), and (also with at bottom).

Zinn also offers Yoga at this site, called Mindful Yoga:

    Ryan, Merton, Zinn and many others have a living idol and model for the practice of mindfulness coupled with yoga in the person of "Thay" (master/teacher) 
    Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk 

documented here: A leader in the "Engaged Buddhism" movement, his approach is a synthesis of Buddhism and Western psychology, as shown in this video, where "applied ethics is applied with the cooperation of school teachers", and at his website:

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Thich Nhat Hanh here:

    Such influence is borne out by Ryan's joyful and enthusiastic association with "Eomega", as clearly in his own article promoting the use of mindfulness in public schools:
    Zinn, Ryan and others are interviewed in this PBS (Public Broadcasting System) article along with a very revealing video of Ryan talking to schoolchildren with a type of missionary zeal about mindfulness on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building:
Mindful Schools video:
and here is the trailer for "Room to Breathe" film, website at:

From, Testimonials from Teachers:
Mindful Schools In-Class Instruction:

Goldie Hawn:

    Actress Goldie Hawn of Scholastic school media, is of "like mind" when it comes to indoctrinating vulnerable and gullible schoolchildren and their equally gullible parents into "mindfulness" as here in her version called the "MindUp" program, which together with Ryan's youthful and undiscerning ignorance makes for a formidable thrust into your children's "mind, body and spirit", using a secular/humanist indoctrination, which ignores and discounts any and all traditional Christianity. It is 180 degrees from anything Christian. The Hawn Foundation is at:
"MindUp" video promo here:
Review of Hawn's audio book "10 Mindful Minutes" is here:

Christian Answers for the New Age (CANA) has several excellent articles about how Buddhism disguised as "mindfulness" and "MindUp" is influencing schoolchildren and adults for the worse:
Also linked to Sola Sisters is:, which addresses Hawn's influence in particular.

Other sources of Mindfulness techniques, programs and meetings:, (courses for doctors, individuals, employers, brokers). The owner Kelley Ruff explains:

Jennifer Davis, psychotherapist with Emindful explains how the courses help you "release judgment about good or bad", and a "hyper-critical" attitude":

Lisa Dale Miller on the EMindful YouTube channel draws the connections between "Christian" contemplative practices and the Buddhist mindfulness meditation:

Other important sources are: 
Mindfulness Bell or I Am Home or This has a worldwide directory of meeting places or sanghas at:, and her extensive reading and resource list:

Some Sanghas:

Churches doing Mindfulness:
Delaware Valley Zen Center:

Without doubt, to be continued.


U.S. Justice Department Claims Homeschooling is Not a Right:

Obama Bid to Deport Homeschool Refugees  May Threaten U.S. Rights

The Romeikes, a homeschooling family who fled Germany due to harassment, fines, threats of jail, and removal of their children because of such homeschooling, are now faced with the possibility that the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, will not allow asylum for them in the U.S. Here is the story from Home School  Legal Defense:
At World Christian News:
CBN News:
Other articles among many from the New American on homeschooling: