Thursday, February 28, 2013


    Revelation 3:17-"Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing' --- and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked ---."

    Willowdale Chapel, of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (the mushroom capitol of the world) has been pastored in recent years by Greg Lafferty, a former teacher at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church of California. A very large percentage of Willowdale's congregation is comprised of former, but mostly present Catholics who supplement their Mass going with emergent entertainment. This non-denominational church also regularly offers the heretical Catholic sympathizing and charismatic "Alpha Course" of Nicky Gumbel's doing.
    Here in this video is Lafferty giving the opening prayer for the House of Repesentatives, followed by a commendation of Lafferty by Joseph Pitts, representative from Pennsylvania and member of the Willowdale Chapel:

Naturally, in accordance with the "Purpose Driven" methodologies of Warren, Lafferty has grown this church in membership to where even the expansion of the facilities over recent years has become inadequate to the grandiose plans he and his church have.
    Plans for more expansion were recently unveiled in print and on their website, after meeting with Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian of New York City for wisdom, and presented to the world with the title of "Shine Like Stars". This is estimated to cost $6.5 million, which is no problem for the well connected and affluent population of this area of Chester County, PA, and includes the following:
  • Complete our facility, expanding our worship center and creating new ministry space for children.
  • Retire our debt, freeing up over $200,000 a year to be invested in ministry.
  • Go multi-site, taking our church to new locations.
  • Create an agency to network existing organizations and incubate new enterprises for the common good of our culture. 
     Also included in this release are three documents in pdf which show the basis and philosophy behind such a large project. They are: 
"Constellation White Paper"
    The star-filled "Constellation Vision" includes creating a non-profit organization called "Longwood Ventures", a type of centralized social services hub, as an extension of a social gospel. The main features of both revolve around "collectivist" (fascist) and "dominionist" ideologies, which include a "seven mountains mandate" derived from the New Apostolic Reformation. Quotes: "Thus we dream of a multi-church, multi-organizational movement!" and "The objective is to enlist, network, and move organizations toward the vision of collective impact, and, ultimately, community shalom." The word "shalom" is Jewish meaning peace/properity, and as used here hints at a Messianic Hebraic influence. 
These are the main themes included therein:
Two dynamics characterize this vision: 
1) A movement rather than an institutional dynamic.
2) A multi-church rather than a mega-church dynamic.
Three areas of impact are targeted in this vision:
1) Individuals
2) Systems
3) Culture
1) Identify the “channels” of culture that we want to impact and articulate a vision for each.
We have identified at least seven sectors of our culture that we believe are central to creating a 
thriving community. 
 Church  Arts
 Family  Business
 Education  Government
 Social Sector
2) Convene organizations within each channel of culture and/or create new ones to serve the 
common good.
3) Unleash the power of network.
“Collective Impact,” an article published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review
Launch Steps and Tactics:
1) Enlist like-minded church partners.
2) Convene a board of directors.
3) Create Longwood Ventures. This non-profit will: 
    a) Align to the vision.
    b) Convene partners and create the network “glue”.
    c) Incubate new organizations and accelerate existing ones.
    d) Serve as thought-partner and trainer.
    e) Provide services and empowerment.
    f)  Raise investment capital.
    g) Hire an Executive Director.

    The "Constellation Vision" ends with a quote from Richard Mouw, president of the ultra-liberal apostate Fuller Theological Seminary. Clearly, Lafferty and Willowdale's leadership identify with Mouw's ideas as well:
"Richard Mouw, one of the great theologians of common grace, wrote:
'For those who do not feel called to cultural abstinence, it is important to consider the notion of common grace ministries….We should not just stand back and watch for signs that God is restraining sin in the world, or hope that we might witness acts of civic righteousness popping up here and there. We ought to look for ways God can use us to restrain the power of sin in the larger human community, and to perform our own works of civic good….Abraham Kuyper referred to the Christian obligation ‘to continually expand the dominance of nobler and purer ideals in civil society by the courageous action of its members in every area of life'.
See's posts about Mouw, who is a Catholic synpathizer and endorser:, in which Mouw praises and supports the universalist emerging pastor Rob Bell., in which Mouw supports and approves of a Mormon apologist., which describes Fuller's drift toward apostasy.

    There are several Vimeo videos where Lafferty is shown meeting with Tim Keller for his bits of wisdom:

    Keller has roots in Kennett Square, a Catholic and Quaker area, where "Jesus is not the only way". We can see him promoting Catholic and Quaker mysticism, and recommending the Quaker mystic Richard Foster among a host of Catholic mystics in this YouTube video/audio. Keller, Lafferty, and Willowdale are of like minds.

Sources show Keller may not be the biblical "go to guy" for advice, whether for individual Christians or churches: Excellent expose of Keller's false gospel. A quote from this article sums it up:
"You will see that he is deeply ecumenical in approach and sympathetic to the Catholic cause. Indeed, his commitment to the Catholicism is so deep that Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York engages in mystical Catholic practices. He has such a low view of Scripture that he goes out of his way to promote the false doctrine of theistic evolution. He is so impressed with the idea of humanistic psychology that his church runs a fee charging counselling service that integrates psychological theories with Scripture. He is so taken with the ways of the world that he promotes a liberal political agenda. And the great tragedy of Tim Keller is that all this is done under the banner of Reformed Calvinism."
From Teaching the Word":
"Tim Keller: Dangerously Influential":
"Tim Keller's Gutless Gospel":, in which Keller expresses his doubts about Jesus Christ to Mr. Bashir:
"Tim Keller's False Gospel: Changing Both the Method and the Message":
"Tim Keller's False Gospel: A 'Sandwich' Made Without the Bread of Life":
"Keller's Affinity With Rome":
"Keller and the Mystics":
"Keller's Mysticism":

    But Lafferty and Willowdale's leadership have apparently learned a lot from Keller as well as Warren. Of course, all these emergents would claim a biblical mandate from Scripture. That may be so, but the implementation is not. They all seem to want to redeem the culture with good works, applying "salt and light" and/or present an attractive image to the unregenerate. Unfortunately, they will attempt to accomplish that goal through implementing a collectivist/fascist business model based on Peter Drucker's ideas for business (the three legged stool), and which is the foundation of Warren's "Purpose Driven" methods. 
    The second aim appears to be the establishment of God's kingdom on earth or at least preparing the way, allegedly to reign, but not to rule, falling just short of the seven "dominionist" aims of the New Apostolic Reformation which includes ruling the culture.
    Lost in all this is the one-on-one traditional biblical model of evangelism, as well as the important role of individuals in such. Now, the message is that the sum total of all individuals spreading the gospel cannot be as effective as the collectivist community inside a business model. This is explored at length by Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith (Pirate Radio) in this audio "Resistance is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated into The Community", among several others:

    An good example of Tim Keller's thoughts on all this is in this short video which again references Kuyper:

What, then, does all this evidence say about Willowdale Chapel and its direction?