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We the People of the United States
December 10, 2013
Pending an acceptable outcome of the vitally-important 2014 election—which affords the opportunity to elect a Congress that is willing to initiate impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama, and thereby stop, or even remove from office, this fraudulent usurper and his inner circle of collaborators—We the People of the United States of America declare our allegiance in the meantime to the timeless principles upon which our nation was founded, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, and serve notice our intent to apply these principles to the extent doing so has become necessary to preserve the United States, and to ensure the God-given rights and liberties of its citizens.

We hereby allege that the history of the current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over the American people. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world—

ARTICLE 1—Contempt for the Constitution
    Mr. Obama has engaged, throughout his despotic tenure as president, in rule by edict and executive decree, bypassing Congress, and thus the will of the people, to enforce policies entirely of his own creation. Ignoring the federal government's foundation of a separation of powers, he has routinely violated and denigrated duly-enacted statutes and laws of the Legislature, as well as defied and manipulated the Courts, in clear pursuit of total or near-total supremacy over the United States of America. In so doing, he has exhibited an unmistakable pattern of contempt for the U.S. Constitution, which prior to his ruinous tenure had served two centuries as the Law of Land.

    We therefore demand that this criminal, treasonous individual be removed from office without delay and held accountable for his destructive behavior, and that all his acts as president be considered of no effect or validity. We believe that the only effective way to achieve this urgent goal is to initiate impeachment.
ARTICLE 2—False pretenses
    Mr. Obama has attained the office of president in a verifiably fraudulent and criminal manner, and upon a false identity and false pretenses.

    We therefore demand immediate release of all currently sealed documentation of who he is; what his true history entails; what his earlier school, travel, and other records reveal about him; what his original (not photocopied) birth certificate makes clear; and all other relevant information in the public record now suppressed or intentionally falsified regarding him. We the People of the United States have a right to know such things about a man who currently serves as Commander-in-Chief of our nation's armed forces and oversees the entire Executive Branch of the U.S. government. We believe that the only effective way to force release of these records is impeachment.
ARTICLE 3—Criminal fraud
    Upon taking office, Mr. Obama criminally defrauded Congress and the American people with false promises, uttered repeatedly in the public record about the nature, scope, and effect of his signature legislative achievement, "Obamacare," in a deceptive effort to gain passage of this catastrophic measure, which authorizes a sweeping federal takeover of America's healthcare industry.

    We therefore demand that this healthcare travesty be immediately revoked, defunded, and declared null and void, and that this president be held accountable for intentionally misleading and defrauding the citizenry by means of this insidious scheme—a scheme that has already diminished the rightful choice of most Americans regarding their healthcare, has caused millions to lose their jobs due to its workplace requirements, and will cost our nation its material viability and vitality if allowed to go forward. We believe that the only effective way to ensure the dismantling of Obamacare is impeachment.
ARTICLE 4—Deliberate bankruptcy of the U.S.
    In a deliberate scheme to force the financial collapse of the United States, Mr. Obama and his collaborators have pushed the nation's "public debt"—that is, the difference between public spending and public receipts—to an unsustainable 17 TRILLION dollars, an amount exceeding our nation's Gross Domestic Product (or total value of goods and services) and more than doubling the debt's previous rate of growth. The effect is to impose an indebtedness of over $50,000 upon every man, woman, and child in the U.S., and more than $150,000 per taxpayer, numbers that indicate the U.S. is headed toward insolvency and our posterity will be forced to bear the dire consequences. The effect is even more dire when "unfunded liabilities" are factored in.

    We therefore demand that the individual behind this destructive scheme assume all liability, upon his own person, for the amount the national debt has increased during his tenure, in company with all others who have collaborated with him in the Executive and Legislative Branches of the federal government in enacting this policy, listing them by name, and that the American people at large be absolved—by binding decree—of any and all liability for such wanton abuse of the public purse. We believe that the only effective way to attain such simple, reasonable justice is impeachment.
ARTICLE 5—Treasonous national security policy
    By insidious design and outright treachery, Mr. Obama has dangerously weakened America's national security—through his emasculation of our military; his unilateral reduction of our missile defense system, thereby weakening American military superiority and inviting nuclear conflagration at home and abroad; his deceitful promotion and arming of radical Islamic interests in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere; his catering, in domestic and foreign policy, to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is on record seeking the destruction of the United States; his fraudulent relations with Iran that will likely ensure this radically hostile nation succeeds in developing nuclear weapons; his continuing disregard for the vital interests of longtime American ally Israel; his unreasonable handicapping of our military's rules of engagement, dangerously favoring America's enemies; his alarming pattern of dismissing high-ranking military officers for groundless or superficial reasons; and similar anti-American policies and actions too numerous to mention.

    We therefore demand that the Obama administration be forced immediately to cease and desist from its treasonous, unconstitutional, conspiratorial plot to take down America, and our allies with it, and that a sane, pro-American policy be adopted in its place for the purpose of protecting our nation from all threats to its continuance. We believe that the only effective way to enforce this urgent demand is impeachment.
ARTICLE 6—Treasonous cover-up of Benghazi
    Mr. Obama has deceitfully sought to cover up his administration's involvement in a covert operation in Benghazi, Libya, that ran afoul September 11, 2012. The president's fabricated narrative of the causes and nature of the episode, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, has been shown to be a cynical attempt to divert attention from what actually happened, including reports of treasonable administration dealings with terrorist insurgents in Syria. The administration's interference with investigations by Congress into the matter, and muzzling of witnesses and participants, offers hints that only the tip of the iceberg has yet been revealed regarding Mr. Obama's contemptuous behavior in the matter.

    We therefore demand that all witnesses who have firsthand knowledge of the truth regarding the Benghazi fiasco be permitted to come forth without threat of retaliation and give their account of any and all relevant facts—including mounting evidence of Obama administration sympathy for Islamic terrorist organizations. We believe that the only effective way to ensure such unsuppressed testimony is impeachment.
ARTICLE 7—Plot to disarm the citizenry
    Mr. Obama has repeatedly attempted to take advantage of isolated acts of violence in our nation involving firearms in the hands of deranged individuals to deprive law-abiding Americans of their constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, in a direct assault on the Second Amendment by someone who himself poses a growing threat to the security and well-being of our nation; and he has repeatedly made known his intention to succeed with his unconstitutional goal of disarming the people despite any setbacks he may encounter in Congress. So intent is he on imposing gun control that he even engaged in a deadly gunrunning hoax known as "Fast and Furious" to incite sympathy for tightening U.S. gun laws, then invoked executive privilege to cover up his administration's criminal involvement. He and his administration have also withheld or destroyed vital physical evidence that would corroborate events at Newtown, CT, in which 20 schoolchildren and six adults were reportedly killed by a disturbed gunman with an assault rifle—an incident the president has shamelessly exploited in his push for oppressive new gun legislation.

    We therefore demand that the president immediately abandon such pursuit of tyranny and seek refuge in a nation more to his liking, one that already bans, or severely restricts, gun ownership by law-abiding citizens in consequence of despotic notions of governance. We believe that the only way to hasten this outcome is impeachment.
ARTICLE 8—Undermining U.S. border security
    Similarly, Mr. Obama has repeatedly sought to undermine U.S. border security, and by extension America's very independence, by pushing misnamed "immigration reform" that would in reality open wide our borders, overburden the public coffers, and grant amnesty to the many millions of unlawful occupiers who have entered the country by stealth in defiance of U.S. immigration statutes and the rule of law. Ostensibly, the president intends, by his abandonment of longstanding U.S. immigration policy, to create a permanent under-culture of dependent immigrants who have little allegiance to America's founding ideals, upon whom to stand to remain in power indefinitely—either by himself, or in the person of likeminded schemers within his party.

    We therefore demand that our nation's borders be made effectively secure, that existing immigration laws be reasonably and fairly enforced, that all persons seeking citizenship play fundamentally by the same rules, no matter the petitioners' origins, and that Mr. Obama's immigration policy and initiatives be rejected by Congress as the threat they are to our nation's security and strength, with his deceptive push for "immigration reform" relegated permanently to the backwaters of history. We believe that the only way to ensure this outcome is impeachment.
ARTICLE 9—Engaging in mass surveillance
    Mr. Obama has engaged in notorious overreach regarding domestic surveillance. A certain degree of targeted domestic surveillance may be considered justified, even essential, to protect American citizens from harm if conducted with appropriate oversight and in harmony with reasonable law—but indiscriminate spying on all citizens is indefensible and constitutes the very essence of a police state.

    We therefore demand that the routine eavesdropping now being conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) be curtailed to conform with appropriate safeguards, to permit only those functions that can be constitutionally defended. We believe that the only way to leverage this outcome is impeachment.
ARTICLE 10—Abusing IRS authority
    Likewise, Mr. Obama and his IRS subordinates have notoriously abused the public trust by singling out, and arbitrarily penalizing, patriotic organizations awaiting approval of tax-exempt status so they might fundraise legally. By delaying approvals and sharing confidential information with potential adversaries, for purely political reasons, the Obama administration has unlawfully handicapped these groups in their efforts to counter Mr. Obama's tyranny.

    We therefore demand substantial monetary damages for these aggrieved organizations, and expedited approval of all "Tea Party," "conservative," and "libertarian" groups in the future. More to the point, because of its unavoidably political nature, we seek abolition of the IRS itself, and its replacement by a reasonable consumption or flat tax. We believe that the only way to bring about such an outcome is impeachment.
ARTICLE 11—Subverting America's morality
    Most far-reaching and adverse of all his insidious deeds, in the acknowledged biblical perspective of our Creator, is that Mr. Obama has undertaken to subvert America's moral strength and means of perpetuation by promoting measures that weaken the natural, God-ordained family, and escalate the unthinkable aborting of America's posterity. As part of this corrupt effort, he has sanctioned the unconstitutional silencing of conscientious citizens and clergy who oppose homosexuality and its growing inclusion in lawful marriage; and he has approved stipulations in his healthcare plan that would force Americans opposed to abortion, or to anything related involving abortifacients or contraceptives, to directly fund such morally-offensive practices. These immoral, destructive policies—integral to the president's sweeping plan to transform America—militate not only against the Constitution, but the foundations of Judeo-Christianity upon which America is historically premised, to which the president appears to have an aversion.

    We therefore demand that biblical morality be once again allowed the place of respect it has long enjoyed at the center of our nation's culture—on its own merits, without federal interference of any kind that would violate the First Amendment. We also call for immediately ending the moral and material travesty known as "Obamacare," including any requirement that American citizens or businesses personally underwrite abortion. We believe that the best way to ensure this fortuitous outcome, and reverse these federally-enforced intrusions, is the president's impeachment.
In every stage of these and other oppressions that could be cited, we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms—but our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury and blatant lies. A fraudulent usurper whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people, much less their president.

We the People, therefore, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do solemnly publish and declare, that because Barack Hussein Obama has verifiably corrupted, compromised, and endangered the essential institutions of the American Republic, as well as threatened the nation's very survival, we hereby appeal to the next Congress of the United States—which will convene in January 2015—to begin impeachment proceedings against Mr. Obama, and his fellow lawbreakers and facilitators within the Executive Branch, for the purpose of removing them from office with all diligence.

For the support of this action, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, We the People mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, to save our beloved nation and preserve the rights and freedoms bequeathed us by God and protected by our revered Constitution.



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