Sunday, August 4, 2013


    As reported by the following sources, Monsignor Battista Ricca has had a homosexual relationship with a Swiss Army captain and was stuck in an elevator with a "rent boy" (young male prostitute). 
    Since Pope Francis claims incorrectly that he has no authority to "judge" gays, when in fact he has alleged "infallible and supreme" authority when it comes to faith and morals by nature of his position in the Roman Catholic Church, this appointment appears to be another friendly gesture to the worldwide gay community, and a denial of official church dogma. Apparently, the Pope seems resigned to working with his admitted "gay lobby" in the Vatican rather than cleaning it up. Then, of course, why not "go with the flow" and be just as non-judgmental as the emerging Protestant world, instead of trying to dam up the "current of corruption"? The Pope is guilty by association, and proving he is definitely a liberal moral relativist.
Excerpts from the sources:
"It is claimed that Msgr Ricca, 57, impressed Francis with the way he ran three key residences used by cardinals, bishops and priests visiting Rome. But detailed claims have emerged detailing how in 1999, Ricca took a Vatican diplomatic posting in Uruguay and moved his lover, Patrick Haari, a Swiss army captain, in with him, to the outrage of church figures and locals in the conservative South American nation. Captain Haari was forced out by the hardline Polish nuncio Janusz Bolonek in 2001.
But there were more problems for Ricca when he was attacked in a cruising ground that year, and soon after firemen had to rescue him from a broken lift, in which he was trapped with a youth known by local police. The weekly news magazine L’Espresso claims that Msgr Ricca was able to get the position as IoR prelate because the supposedly powerful “gay lobby” in the Vatican airbrushed his colourful CV."
"Ricca was eventually moved to Trinidad and Tobago and then recalled to Rome in 2002."

Pope returning from Brazil holds a long press conference, mentioning Ricca at the 3:28 minute mark in this video:

Rent-a-boy Scandal rocks the Vatican: Convicted Priests Expose Prostitution Ring in the Vatican. Communion Bread Stolen & Sold to Satanists:

Catholic News Source: "ChurchMilitant.TV":

Published on Jun 27, 2013 above:
The Vatican is being exposed for what it is: The most criminal organization in existence. The crimes that they have managed to commit against humanity for 2000 years via its criminal priests, nuns, and evil religious leaders are now being discovered worldwide, as it is written that any day now, the Catholic Church will go up in flames and be destroyed forever, as it is the mother of all abominations on Earth.

The Protect Your Children Foundation is documenting and exposing all of its crimes worldwide, alerting entire nations of the dangers that the Catholic Church poses to our children in our communities, as they have been implementing crime schemes of rape, torture, starvation, human experiments, abuse, exploitation and more in its religious institutions, while claiming to 'help children'. The Vatican has utilized its false appearance of mercy, claiming they are representatives of Christ, when in fact, they do this to gain trust and commit crimes. For more info, visit:
  • From 2010: Vatican Sex Scandal: The Usher & Choir Singer Running Male Prostitution! Vatican chorister sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for papal gentleman-in-waiting.