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Published on Jan 27, 2017
While the media will blame Trump for being a bully, they've completely ignored the statements made by Mexican President Pena Nieto which amount to a declaration of war using an illegal immigrant invasion.

Pena Nieto declared Mexico would use its' 50 consulates in the United States as true ramparts in defense of migrant rights.


 Obama Legacy: Tanks Deployed to Counter Russia Arrive With Dead Batteries, No Fuel
 Deployments rushed by Obama after Trump promised cooperation with Russia
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Many of the US tanks deployed to eastern Europe by former President Obama to counter supposed Russian aggression reportedly arrived at a German port with dead batteries or insufficient fuel.
Nearly 4,000 troops and 90 tanks from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, a component of the 4th Infantry Division based at Fort Carson, Colorado, were hastily redeployed by former President Obama to the western Polish city of Zagan to counter Russian “aggression” in eastern Europe.
Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, commander of U.S. Army Europe, revealed that some of the tanks arrived in the German port city of Bremerhaven with dead batteries due to an error by the contractor, which had forgotten the procedure to shut down the tank’s electronic systems; some of the tanks also did not arrive with full fuel tanks.

Five of the tanks are reportedly still stuck at the German port as military officials try to figure out how to move them to their staging area in Poland.
“It is stuff we used to know,” he told the Wall Street Journal. “We need to re-establish the benchmark.”
Hodges also expressed concern that the military lacks detailed information about the infrastructure in many of the eastern European countries that once comprised the Warsaw Pact after several vehicles were damaged attempting to pass under bridges with insufficient clearance during military exercises in Romania back in 2015.
Another battalion of American troops is to be redeployed to the northeastern Polish city of Orzysz sometime in April. That deployment is significant as the Polish city lies near Kaliningrad, a heavily militarized Russian enclave in eastern Europe where Russia recently deployed nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles.
Prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Obama had accelerated pre-planned troop deployments to eastern Europe in anticipation of Trump’s efforts to seek peace with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Trump has made no secret of his desire to walk back tensions with Russia, a sentiment reportedly shared by the Russian government.
“Following the difficult relations we had under Barack Obama, President Putin is ready to meet in the interests of global security and stability,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in comments to Russia’s lower house of parliament. “We share the position expressed by President Trump for re-establishing normal relations. This means we need to work in a businesslike way.”


 ABC Promotes Assassination Of President
Dramatic clip shows sniper firing towards 
fictional president
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 ABC aired a promo for a show about a fictional president being shot 
during their much hyped interview with Donald Trump last night.
The clip is a promo for episode 11 of the ABC show Designated Survivor, in which Kiefer Sutherland plays an obscure cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address.”
The scene shows the fictional president attending the swearing in of a Congressman before a gunshot is heard and panic ensues.

“Who took the bullet?” asks the promo before the scene cuts to a hospital as surgeons operate on the victim.
Viewers did not find out in the previous cliffhanger episode if the president in the show was shot or if someone else “took the bullet,” although the implication that the president could have been the victim is clear.
One viewer complained to Infowars that he thought the airing of the ad during the interview with Trump was “distasteful”.
The idea of Trump being assassinated has repeatedly been invoked by commentators, journalists and television networks.
Back in February last year, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat caused outrage after he joked about how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Douthat tweeted a clip from a movie in which a political figure is gunned down by an assassin.
The day before his inauguration, CNN aired a piece asking what would happen if Trump was killed in an attack, along the same lines as the plot in Designated Survivor.
As we reported yesterday, German newspaper publisher and editor Josef Joffe appeared on a panel show during which he “joked” that someone in the White House could “murder” Trump to end his presidency.
Watch ABC’s full interview with Trump below.

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday introduced legislation to replace ObamaCare with, as he put it in a press release, “a health care plan grounded in broadly supported conservative reforms.” According to Paul (shown), the ObamaCare Replacement Act would both repeal the most onerous provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide Americans with greater flexibility in purchasing health insurance and care.
“Getting government out of the American people’s way and putting them back in charge of their own health care decisions will deliver a strong, efficient system that doesn’t force them to empty out their pockets to cover their medical bills,” Paul said.
There is no doubt that ObamaCare needs to be repealed. Indeed, as Paul declared in a January 2 op-ed, “It cannot happen soon enough.” The senator pointed to the law’s “exploding” premiums, the failure of the co-ops, and the high cost of even subsidized coverage as reasons to rid America of the ACA. He also argued that replacement needs to happen at the same time as repeal or else “the repealers risk assuming the blame for the continued unraveling of ObamaCare,” a sentiment he claimed is shared by President Donald Trump.
According to a fact sheet posted on Paul’s Senate website, the ObamaCare Replacement Act would repeal the individual and employer mandates as well as numerous mandates on insurers that restrict the availability of low-cost insurance while driving up the cost of care.

The bill also aims to provide tax incentives for the purchase of insurance and care. It would allow individuals who buy insurance on their own to deduct the premiums from their income for tax purposes, just as employers have been able to do for decades, thereby loosening the ties between employment and insurance without adversely affecting employer-based coverage as ObamaCare does. The bill would expand the tax credit for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), allow individuals to contribute unlimited amounts to HSAs, and greatly increase the ways in which HSA contributions can be spent, thus giving individuals more control over their healthcare spending and a stronger incentive to economize. (ObamaCare, premised on the belief that Washington knows best, severely restricted HSA contributions and allowable expenditures.) Paul’s legislation would also let physicians deduct free care they provide, making them more likely to offer it, as they commonly did before the government started assuming the role of healthcare provider.
Realizing that repealing the ACA’s insurance mandates might have the effect of stripping many people with pre-existing conditions of their coverage, Paul includes two provisions in his bill to offset this. First, he gives individuals with such conditions a two-year grace period in which to enroll in coverage. Second, he reinstates a provision of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that guarantees individuals with pre-existing conditions continuous coverage.
Paul’s bill allows insurance companies to sell plans across state lines, which in theory should increase competition and lower prices. However, the bill also includes numerous restrictions on this practice that could reduce its effectiveness.
Other provisions of the legislation would permit more individuals, organizations, and businesses to band together to buy health insurance. Large groups generally have lower premiums and more generous coverage than small groups and individuals because the costs can be spread among more people.
The bill would also “allow states to make changes to their Medicaid plans without interference from Washington,” the fact sheet says.
“Senator Paul’s reform package certainly represents a great step forward from the absurdity of Obamacare and would help liberalize many aspects of modern health insurance,” wrote Tho Bishop of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. But, he noted, it still doesn’t get to the root of the problem: the high cost of healthcare, brought on by a century or more of government interference that has restricted the supply of care while increasing demand for it by creating a reliance on third-party payments. Yes, Paul’s bill would give individuals more flexibility, but they would still have to play by Uncle Sam’s rules to one degree or another. Some of the provisions in the bill — such as the return to HIPAA’s continuous-coverage mandate or the requirement that some of the newly formed insurance pools not restrict membership to the reasonably healthy — would simply replace one form of market interference with another. Furthermore, the most compelling reason to repeal ObamaCare is that it is unconstitutional, yet some of the provisions in Paul’s bill likewise fall outside the federal government’s enumerated powers.
Paul (cumulative Freedom Index score: 93 percent) isn’t the first Republican in the Senate to introduce ObamaCare replacement legislation. However, given that the first bill was introduced by Senators Bill Cassidy of Louisiana (Freedom Index score: 65 percent) and Susan Collins of Maine (40 percent), it’s hardly surprising that Paul’s is the more far-reaching of the two. According to The Hill, the Cassidy-Collins bill is “more centrist, keeping ObamaCare’s taxes and letting states choose to keep the existing healthcare law if they wanted.” Of course, the fact that Paul’s bill is considered “radical,” observed Bishop, is “a sign of how few in the Federal government understand the basic problem it has created.”
The ObamaCare Replacement Act may therefore be the best that constitutionalists can hope to get from Congress at this time. Whether it will pass is anyone’s guess, as is whether Trump would sign it. But his swift action to put the brakes on as much of ObamaCare as he can, coupled with his reported endorsement of Paul’s strategy, suggests that he just might.


 Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour Under Fire for Radical Islamist-Terrorist Ties

Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour Under Fire 

for Radical Islamist-Terrorist Ties



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

 The day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Linda Sarsour ascended the global stage at the Women’s March on Washington. Although not as famous as other speakers — Madonna, Michael Moore, Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd, Angela Davis, Van Jones — she is proving to be equally controversial. Sarsour (shown), a co-chair of the march, is a “Muslim feminist” and well-known Soros-funded activist in New York City, where she is executive director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) and a director of the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), a radical migrant-refugee “rights” organization. She is also, say critics, connected to jihadi terrorists, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS, and she is a self-proclaimed advocate of Sharia law for America.

Whereas Madonna talked about blowing up the Trump White House and Ashley Judd's vulgar rant charged Donald Trump with misogyny, violence, slavery and racism, Linda Sarsour is uncomfortably close to terrorists who actually blow things (and people) up, and an ideology that promotes misogyny, violence, slavery, and racism.

“As-salmu alaykum, may peace be upon you brothers and sisters,” the hajib-wearing Sarsour declared in her screeching harangue to the Women’s March (see video below). But her greetings of peace did not extend to President of the United States Donald Trump, as she soon made clear. “I stand here before you unapologetically Muslim American, unapologetically Palestinian-American,” she said, before shrieking, “I will respect the presidency, but I will not respect this president of the United States of America!”
The march organizer went on to accuse President Trump of winning the White House “on the backs of Muslims and black people and undocumented people and Mexicans and people with disabilities, and on the backs of women.”

Linda Sarsour, a rising media darling, was honored as a “Champion of Change” this past year by President Obama and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. However, despite her repeated claims of devotion to “democracy,” Linda Sarsour has demonstrated an affinity for totalitarian Islamist ideology. An article by Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller features a photo of Linda Sarsour posing with Salah Sarsour, an accused financier of the Hamas terrorist group, at the recent 15th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America. Although the two share the same surname, it is not confirmed that they are blood-related.
According to Ross, an FBI memo related to the terrorism-financing trial of the Holy Land Foundation, implicated Salah Sarsour and his brother Jamil in the criminal Hamas-funding scheme. “The FBI memo stated that the Sarsours passed money in $1,000 and $2,000 increments to a Hamas operative named Adel Awadallah through their Milwaukee furniture store,” Ross writes. “Awadallah was a commander in the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ militant wing.”
The Daily Caller story continues:
Salah Sarsour met Awadallah in 1995 while serving an eight month prison sentence in Israel for supporting Hamas.
Sarsour has not been charged with any crimes in the U.S. His brother Jamil was arrested and charged in 2003 with money laundering after returning back to the U.S. from Israel. He served a four year jail sentence for his work for Hamas.
According to a sympathetic article on Linda Sarsour in 2004 for the Columbia Journalism Review, she has at least three relatives in jail for terrorist-related charges.
The article reads:
As the presidential election grew near, Linda Sarsour sat in her small office at the Arab-American Association in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, looking at the photos of two thickly bearded young Arabs on the front page of an Arabic-language newspaper.
The paper carried fervent slogans calling on young people to become martyrs in the conflict with Israel.
Sarsour, a 24-year-old Palestinian-American, sighed. One of the men, she said, was a cousin who has been in Israeli jails for 25 years. The other man, she said, was a family friend serving a 99-year prison sentence in Israel.
Her brother-in-law, she said, is also serving a 12-year sentence, accused of being an activist in the Hamas.
While it would not be fair to assume guilt by relation or association, there seems to be plenty of additional evidence to indicate that Linda Sarsour is uncomfortably comfortable in the company of terrorist supporters.
A report by Alex Van Ness at the website this past July notes troubling ties between Linda Sarsour and Abbas Hamideh, who is not only co-founder of the Palestinian organization Al-Awda, but also a supporter of the Hezbollah terrorist group. Van Ness notes:
Al-Awda co-founder and Hezbollah fan, Abbas Hamideh, categorizes Jews as either “real Jews” or “Zionists.” He regularly praises Hezbollah and their leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, calling him “the most honorable man on the face of the earth.” Additionally, Hamideh calls for the entire region to be ethnically cleansed of Jews (all in the name of ‘justice’ of course).
[Linda] Sarsour has more than just a third degree association with Al-Awda and Hamideh.  She has attended numerous rallies sponsored by Al-Awda; promoted and solicited donations for their events; and she has spoken at their rallies.  You can regularly find Sarsour and Hamideh playfully teasing each other on Twitter.
Linda Sarsour, Abbas Hamideh, and Al-Awda joined with the communist-organized ANSWER Coalition this past fall for a National Palestine Solidarity Demonstration in Washington, D.C. Sarsour shared the podium there with Professor Cornel West (longtime Marxist and close associate of the Revolutionary Communist Party) and Diana Buttu (former spokesperson for the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO).
A post by Joe Hoft at Gateway Pundit on January 23 features a photo of Linda Sarsour flashing the distinctive hand signal used by ISIS terrorists and their supporters.
Several women journalists have posted articles noting the utter hypocrisy of the “feminist” organizers of the Women’s March allying the cause with radical Muslims.
Writing at The Federalist, Shireen Qudosi, a Sufi Muslim, called the Women’s March “a Frankenstein’s monster of identity politics.”
“Although she thinks a President Trump will turn back the clock 300 years, Linda Sarsour forgets that Islam never left the Middle Ages in its view of women,” writes Ms. Qudosi,  in her post titled “Linda Sarsour’s Muslim Identity Politics Epitomize Feminism’s Hypocrisy.” Qudosi, who is of Afghan and South Asian ancestry, does not suffer lightly the lunacy of militant “feminists” who embrace the unalloyed misogyny of Islam. The absurdity of radical ant-Trump white women in Germany chanting “Allahu Akbar” ("Allah is Greatest" — see video here) is beyond caricature.
Qudosi writes:
A Frankenstein’s monster of identity politics, the Women’s March on Washington heaved through the streets of DC one day after the inauguration in a fit of depraved hypocrisy.
That hypocrisy shadows activist and National Co-Chair of the Women’s March Linda Sarsour. In the past Sarsour has railed against women spotlighting misogyny in the Muslim world. She openly advocates for including sharia law in the United States. Yet sharia law would dwarf her march’s half a million turnout to 250,000, because under sharia a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s.
Sharia law would also punish the female protestors for vulgarity in publicly displaying “p[***]y caps” and other brazen symbols of womanhood. It would also allow men to beat their wives and daughters for participating in the protest.
Linda Sarsour is an avid promoter of Sharia law. Cristina Laila at Gateway Pundit has posted two of Sarsour’s Sharia tweets here.
“You’ll know when you are living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans & credit cards become interest free. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?” she tweeted on May 12, 2015. “If you are still paying interest than Sharia Law hasn’t taken over America. #justsaying,” she again tweeted on the same day.
“I reached out to Linda Sarsour on Twitter to confront her about the utter abuses of women under Islam,” Cristina Laila writes. “I also brought up the fact that child marriage is abhorrent yet sanctioned under Sharia law.” How did Sarsour respond when asked “if she denounces these abuses?”
Laila reproduced Sarsour’s Twitter reply: “You are blocked from following @lsarsour and viewing @lsarsour’s Tweets.” So much for dialog and debate!
Asra Q. Nomani is another female journalist who finds Linda Sarsour and the Women’s March militants to be insufferable hypocrites. As we reported previously, Nomani, a Muslim from India, did some basic research and found that dozens of the organizations sponsoring the Women’s March on Washington are funded by George Soros, Hillary Clinton’s biggest donor.
Media to the Defense of Islamist Darling
When critics began pointing out Sarsour’s radical Islamist ties, her media allies immediately jumped into action.
“Women's March Organizer Linda Sarsour Is Under Attack on Social Media,” screamed the headline at Elle, the bible of the fashionista set. “Less than 48 hours after the worldwide event, one of the women who helped plan it is facing Islamophobic attacks,” declared the subtitle of the Elle article by Mattie Kahn. “One of the organizers of the Women's March is under attack this morning, following reports from conservative news sites like The Daily Caller that accused her of having ties to terrorists. Linda Sarsour, a Muslim-American woman, has been an activist for decades and is widely respected for her dedication to progressive causes…. People have already rallied around her this morning, tweeting #IMarchWithLinda to share their support.”
Predictably, the Huffington Post responded with an almost identical headline and subhead: “Women’s March Organizer Targeted By Vicious Islamophobic Attacks Online; After Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was trolled, thousands showed support with #IMarchWithLinda.”
More “solidarity” from Democracy Now!: “#IMarchWithLinda Goes Viral, in Response to Islamophobic Attacks Against Linda Sarsour.”
Here’s Time’s offering on the subject: “The Internet Defends Women’s March Organizer Accused of Having Ties to Terror”
And at BuzzFeed: “People Are Rallying In Support Of A Women’s March Organizer After Right-Wing Attacks”
And, as to be expected, more of the same from Media Matters, the Soros-funded, left-wing media “watchdog”: “Fake News Purveyors Run With Bigoted Attacks On Women’s March Organizer And Google Helps Them Profit.”
Now that they have conquered Washington, D.C., perhaps the courageous “Champion of Change” and her feminist cohorts will take their “Women’s March” on the road to challenge misogyny, patriarchy, and “rape culture” in other bastions of male privilege — such as Tehran, Mecca, Riyadh, Bagdad, Tripoli, Cairo, and Benghazi? Yeah, right.

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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The world's largest alliance of Third World dictators and governments, known as the Group of 77 (G77) plus China but composed of more than 130 regimes, is launching a fresh bid to establish a United Nations tax agency. It is all part of what the totalitarian grouping calls a “New World Order.” The latest phase of the controversial UN tax effort is being led by the autocratic Socialist Party regime of Rafael Correa in Ecuador, which assumed the rotating chair of the G77 plus Communist China alliance this month. It is being heavily promoted by the propaganda organs of some of the world's most brutal communist dictatorships. However, the scheme also has the support of globalist billionaires, UN officials, and establishment politicians across the Western world.
The G77 alliance of autocrats is arguing, among other points, that international tax policy is being written largely by a cartel of bloated high-tax governments known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). That much is true, though dictators have been welcome too. The globalist OECD, funded in large part by U.S. taxpayers, essentially serves as an expensive lobbying group for Big Government-loving politicians seeking to extract as much wealth as possible from humanity, while undermining national sovereignty, self-government, and enormously beneficial tax competition. Most recently, the outfit, which critics have long called on Congress to defund, has taken the lead in setting up an information-sharing regime to abolish financial privacy worldwide.

Now the dictators want a say in it all. And so, Communist Cuban propaganda organs reported that the Ecuadorian regime, a close Castro ally, will “promote New World Order from G77.” In addition to demanding a UN tax agency, a key component of the agenda will include terrorizing democratic governments that do not adopt tax policies favorable to the dictatorial alliance. “Tax havens are one of the largest manifestations of savage capitalism,” fumed Ecuadorean President Correa, famous for brutalizing protesters, jailing journalists, and working closely with the most murderous communist dictators on the planet. “We will insist that tax havens be banned to avoid corruption.” In other words, Correa and his allies intend to quash national sovereignty, self-government, democratic institutions, human rights such as privacy, and common sense in their frenzied push to find more loot with which to prop up their failing regimes.
Echoing a recent G77 plus China declaration entitled “Toward a New World Order to Live Well,” Correa also called for the UN General Assembly to “make the most important decisions.” Indeed, at a 2014 summit of the autocratic alliance, the 134 member governments and dictators officially called for the UN General Assembly to be empowered as an “emblem of global sovereignty” as part of their new order. Because the UN General Assembly has less than 200 member states, the G77's 134 members hold an overwhelming super-majority. The same “New World Order” declaration called for a stronger UN better able to implement its “mandates,” as well as a new global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Correa vowed to continue pushing those goals at the helm of the G77.
The latest push for a UN tax agency follows similar demands made in 2015 at the “UN Financing for Development Conference” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Representatives of dictators and governments did approve a motion to have a “UN Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters” meet twice a year. Also unveiled at the summit by governments and globalists were “two parallel tax initiatives,” dubbed Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) and the Addis Ababa Tax Initiative. Both have major implications. At that summit, the support for the UN tax agency by globalist billionaires such as Bill Gates and George Soros was plain, too. The European Union also played a key role in pushing the schemes forward, as did multiple European politicians. But by having the G77 lead the push for the scheme under the guise of “inequality,” it may sound less absurd to humanity than when establishment globalists and billionaires make the same demands.
More recently, UN “human rights expert” Alfred de Zayas, a far-left Cuban-born “international lawyer,” demanded late last year the creation of “an international Tax Body to fight tax evasion and corruption,  phase-out tax havens, stop competition among tax jurisdictions and abolish secrecy.” The agency he proposed creating would also be in charge of terrorizing countries that did not submit to the UN's agenda to destroy privacy, long considered a fundamental human right but increasingly being demonized openly by the UN and its member regimes. Zayas also dishonestly equated tax evasion, which is a crime, with tax avoidance, which is legal, desirable, and performed by virtually every taxpayer on the planet to avoid paying more than is required by law. 
To justify its fresh bid for a UN tax agency, the G77 grouping claims that its largely autocratic members regimes may be losing as much as $200 billion in tax revenue due to the lack of a UN agency to enforce emerging international tax policies. According to estimates by Big Government-loving globalist institutions such as the IMF, high-tax Third World regimes would be able to collect a lot more in taxes if people and companies did not have the option of doing business in lower-tax jurisdictions such as the United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other more economically free nations. And so, last year, the OECD and its allies formally launched a scheme targeting “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting,” or BEPS, aimed at extracting even more wealth from businesses, consumers, workers, and investors to fund Big Government.
Speaking the day before the Ecuadorean regime took over the leadership of the alliance from Thailand's government, the socialist Latin American regime's Foreign Affairs Minister Guillaume Long said attacking governments that adopt tax policies the G77 dislikes — demonized by the bureaucrat as “tax havens” — would be a “priority” of the alliance during the Ecuadoran government's term at the helm. “The tax haven issue will have a very prominent position in our presidency of the G77,” he said during a January 12 talk in Washington, D.C. “Tax havens,” in globalist and socialist language, are essentially low-tax jurisdictions that confiscate less wealth from the productive sector than globalists and socialists think is appropriate.
The G77 group under Ecuadorean leadership also plans to pursue the creation of a UN taxation agency with a mandate to pursue nebulous notions of “tax justice,” Long added. He said the UN tax agency should be composed of and run by member governments and dictators, rather than “a body of experts,” because “it’s the states which have the real mandate to regulate this.” In addition to the UN outfit bullying and terrorizing jurisdictions that seize less wealth from people than the socialist regime he represents would like, it should also “fight against the kinds of race to the bottom that you can have even between neighbors.” In other words, like the UN, the OECD, the IMF, and other institutions, the G77 and the autocratic regime in Ecuador want to end tax competition between jurisdictions — perhaps the most important check on the boundless ambitions of tax-hungry politicians and bureaucrats.
As The New American predicted amid the globalist-manufactured “scandal” known as the “Panama Papers,” the phony outrage surrounding those leaks was exploited by the G77 and other pro-UN tax disciples to build support for their agenda. Ironically, the only real scandals involved Third World politicians and communist bigwigs in the G77 stealing money from their victims. But citing the Panama Papers and “security concerns,” Ecuador's Long said there was a “growing consensus” even among Western governments on the establishment of a new world tax regime that would finish destroying financial privacy while fleecing taxpayers worldwide.
However, despite the G77's enthusiasm for a UN tax agency, the reality is that the new U.S. Congress and the new Trump administration are almost certain to kill the scheme, pro-UN tax agency operatives explained in media reports. A senior official with a George Soros-funded outfit known as FACT Coalition, acknowledging the political reality in the United States, suggested re-framing the debate away from a UN tax agency, Instead, he said, globalists should focus on building an “international tax forum” or “upgrading” of the UN's existing tax committee, he said. In other words, Americans and their elected representatives have caught on to the dangerous scam, so less threatening terminology is needed to dupe them into playing along.
The end goal of the G77 plus China and its largely autocratic membership is hardly a mystery — and it will not stop with a UN tax agency or the ability to dictate tax policy to more liberty-minded sovereign nations. Indeed, as the G77 regimes declared openly in their 2014 “New World Order to Live Well” declaration in Bolivia, the agenda is nothing less than turning the UN into a global socialist regime controlled by themselves — and then using it to fleece Western taxpayers to prop up their own brutal, corrupt, and oftentimes totally illegitimate governments.
“We fully respect the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and international law,” the regimes said in the final agreement, calling for the “strengthening” of the UN for a wide variety of purposes. “We recognize that the United Nations needs to improve its capabilities and capacities to fully implement its mandates.” The so-called “Santa Cruz” declaration also called for censoring the media, planetary wealth redistribution, an international “climate” regime to control the world economy, and more. “We stress the importance of the central role of the United Nations in global economic governance,” the dictators and governments added. The UN chief was there to encourage the dictators in their quest for a UN-run New World Order.     
Even in recent weeks, the brutal regime enslaving mainland China, the key player in the G77 alliance, has been openly working to dominate and empower the entire UN apparatus as it pushes for the creation of what it, too, openly calls the “New World Order.” Already, the Communist Chinese dictatorship has its agents running multiple strategic UN agencies, some of which are working to transfer sensitive technology to dangerous regimes, censor the Internet, undermine Western economies, and more. And just last week, following his bizarre keynote speech promoting globalism at the establishment's World Economic Forum in Davos, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping “urged the UN to play a central role in global governance,” according to Xinhua, Beijing's espionage and propaganda service.
The G77 demands are also in line with those of Socialist International, a dangerous and powerful global alliance of socialist and communist political parties — some of which have a history of mass murder and savage oppression. The SI, which was led for five years by new UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, has openly called for world government in the past. It regularly demands global socialism and the fleecing of poor and middle class taxpayers in the Western world to prop up the failed socialist and statist regimes of the world. And it has no aversion to letting genocidal regimes host its congresses, as it proved in 2012.
As The New American documented extensively, the Obama administration and globalist Democrats in Congress played a key role in laying the groundwork for the emerging New World Tax regime. Chief among the weapons was a little-noticed statute to illegally spy on Americans known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, which has devastated millions of low- and middle-class Americans living abroad. Globalists promptly seized on FATCA to push what became known among critics as GATCA — a global version of the privacy-shredding tax regime. Republicans promised to repeal the scheme in their platform, but so far it remains on the books.
As the world's dictators and the UN seek to empower themselves to fleece Western taxpayers and businesses, the Trump administration is reportedly working to drastically curtail the UN, its funding, and its powers. However, the globalists, socialists, statists, and totalitarians of the world have no intention of giving up after having come so far. And so, Americans concerned about liberty, privacy, self-government, and prosperity must urgently get to work. Freedom is literally on the line.

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Drain The STATE DEPT. Swamp, 

Drain The Sanctuary Cities: 

State Department Senior Management Team Quits When Secretary Rex Tillerson Takes Post


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Rob Pue

January 27, 2017
We are seeing the words of Scripture play out in living color before our very eyes every single day now, though the unsaved world can not comprehend it. With all we have to contend with, it’s easy for us to get distracted, focusing on the things we see in this physical world every day, and forgetting about the invisible, spiritual world all around us. But this is where the REAL war is actually being waged.
The abominations we SEE on this earth are actually just the manifestations of intense warfare being played out in the spiritual realm. Ephesians 6 tells us, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but...against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” There is a whole SPIRITUAL WORLD “out there” that we do not see while we live in these earthly bodies, yet it is as just as real as the ground we walk on. And these “spiritual forces of evil” are working overtime against all of us. Peter warns us to be aware of this. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”
Scripture tells us that these last days will be times of great deception and delusion. People will have seared consciences and reprobate minds -- they will be unable to think or discern truth any longer, because they have chosen -- get this: they have CHOSEN to deny God!
You may think that “all” I do is publish a Christian newspaper, and broadcast a Christian commentary program on the radio. I won’t go into ALL I do, but part of my work includes taking and responding to prayer requests that we receive here by mail, email, telephone and through our website. We get a lot of prayer requests, we always have. But now increasingly, the prayer requests are for matters pertaining to spiritual warfare, demonic attack, loved ones denying God, following strange religions, cults and demonic deception. There is a pattern to this and it is increasing at an alarming, exponential pace.
I’d like to share some of these prayer requests with you here. I am not giving any names or betraying any trust here, but I want to share some examples of what I’m talking about. This first one came from a concerned mother and grandmother in Minnesota: “Please pray for my son and his son. Please pray against witchcraft attacks through the birth mother of my grandson. There has been intense spiritual warfare over my grandson since he was born 15 years ago. His mother is heavily into the occult.”
From a young woman in Wisconsin: “Please pray for me. I grew up going to church but for the past ten years I have been studying a lot of different religions, mainly practicing Wicca for the last few years. Recently I have been reading your newspaper and the Bible and have had intense mental anguish over all this. I feel like the devil is pulling at me with a dark presence I can’t explain.”
From a man in South Dakota: “My wife and I were married in a Christian church ten years ago, but we haven’t been following God for most of our marriage. I’ve been more serious than she has, and now I just really feel like I need to get right with God again and I wish we could do this together. My wife has been into New Age stuff for a while now, like earth worship and native American spirits, and she has gotten more and more hostile to Christianity. She says if I want to be a Christian that’s fine, but Christianity doesn’t ‘work’ for her, and she is happy doing her own thing. But the closer I get to God, the meaner she gets toward me. I even have to hide just to read my Bible if I don’t want a fight...”
The great spiritual battle rages on: it is God, our Creator versus Satan, the deceiver. Where did it all start? Satan rebelled against God by refusing to worship Him, and by demanding to be worshiped himself. God cast him out and so now he seeks revenge. His greatest revenge is achieved by destroying the lives and souls of God’s precious children -- you and me. He preys on the ignorant, the weak and vulnerable. He lies, he tempts and he leads his victims to eternal damnation. The worst thing anyone could ever do to me would be to hurt one of my kids. Surely any loving parent would feel the same. How much more must our Heavenly Father be crushed when His own dear children are led astray and slaughtered.
Now, if you don’t know God and understand Scripture, I’m sure this sounds as ridiculous, as primitive and superstitious as tales of Greek mythology. But I assure you, the story is true. And frighteningly real. In our human arrogance, we think we have “evolved,” that our intellect has expanded and our knowledge increased. We think we understand things now, because we’ve opened our minds to an amazing “universal consciousness,” through the teachings of the New Age.
Of course, most everyone believes in a Creator, a higher power. The true atheist is rare, indeed. But those who practice “New Age Spirituality” believe that all paths lead to God. Like the spokes of a wheel, leading to a central point. All peoples of the earth have their own traditions, their own understandings of who God is. God reveals Himself to all of us in many different, but “loving” ways, and it is our job to find, and then embrace the path that “works” for us, ...accepting that all people are given their own special path to God, the ‘Great Spirit’ -- and each one is equally valid and true.
Do not judge anyone by the path they choose, because we are all “one,” we are all on this journey together, and regardless of how we choose to get there, we will all eventually take our own personal path and arrive at the center of the “wheel,” as long as we embrace this journey with love. We will all find God in our own way, and that’s ok.
Have you heard this before? These are the modern teachings of the “New Age.” This “New Age” spirituality manifests in many ways and goes by many names... but the root of all these false teachings is the same: Lucifer, Satan, the devil. Now, I am sure that statement sounds terribly narrow minded and exceedingly arrogant. But please, if you are as open minded and loving as you claim to be, my enlightened New Age friends, I challenge you to hear me out.
Many New Agers delight to find some secret knowledge, perhaps even “ancient” wisdom that the world has long forgotten. Perhaps ancient wisdom that has been suppressed by self-serving religious leaders (namely Christians) who have hidden this knowledge away to maintain their own power over the people. Now, New Agers revere all sorts of writings and books, and often the older a book of knowledge is, the better. Yet they will recoil at the thought of reading God’s Holy Word, the Bible, which, ironically, has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, to be the most reliable work of antiquity the world has ever seen. Friends, know this: just because the Bible is freely available and not some “secret, hidden thing” does not mean it is not true. It simply means that no matter how much Satan and evil men through the centuries have tried to destroy it, it is still here. Miraculously and lovingly preserved by God for all generations, so we can know Him in a personal way, ...if we really want to.
The first incidence of Lucifer deceiving mankind was in the Garden of Eden. There, he approached Eve, the first woman, when her husband was not around. This is significant. I am not being a “male chauvinist” when I say that God’s plan for a man included protecting and defending his wife. Not because women are stupider or more incompetent than men. Because Satan specifically targets women for abuse and deception. He goes after them deliberately and intensely because he hates women. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, would be born of a woman. Scripture tells us that there is enmity between Satan and women. He hates them intensely and he targets them directly.
The first thing Lucifer did to deceive mankind was to get Eve to question and doubt God. The lure was the promise of becoming “like God” with great knowledge and wisdom. This is the same lie that is told today in the form of “New Age Spirituality” -- some forms of this religion even promise that you can become your own god when you evolve high enough spiritually and are reincarnated enough times.
Ever wonder why, in our culture today, it is “cool” to talk about all kinds of religion and spirituality -- EXCEPT Jesus? The daytime talk shows are replete with pagan spirituality. Wicca, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Gaia worship, along with channeling, reincarnation, shamanism, occultism. Anything goes. EXCEPT Jesus. And if they DO speak of Jesus, I guarantee it will be by a teacher or author with some “new” concept of God and Christ that goes directly AGAINST the teachings of Scripture. They will claim to have some profound new way of looking at God, some brilliant new enlightened insight, but it is a lie. You see, God doesn’t change, and Satan doesn’t care which god you worship, as long as it isn’t the real one.
The Bible tells us in 2nd Timothy that these false teachers will go after women specifically, just as Satan does. In Chapter 3, Verses 6 & 7 we have this: “They...worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” Once again, I am not bashing women here, nor is God’s word. But it is significant that Oprah, Ellen and other shows of this nature are watched mostly by women. And the content of these shows is often glorifying of New Age, false spirituality, NEVER true Christianity. This is by design. Because Satan hates women and he targets them purposely. These women love this stuff, and if you are one of them, I dare say you find my message today particularly offensive and possibly even cruel. But just as the Scripture tells us, you love studying these alternative spiritual practices, don’t you? They challenge your mind and excite you. You find it fascinating. You can’t get enough. But read the Scripture again: These false teachers have wormed their way into your home; they have gained control over your thoughts and your mind so that you will reject the God of the Bible and believe it is really YOUR idea, making your own choice; just as the Scripture says, you are “always learning, but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” In short, biblical Christianity “doesn’t work” for you. You don’t get it.
Another great lie of the devil is that “all you need is love.” If your “spiritual path” is done in love, then it is peaceful, good, pure and right, and all such beautiful paths will take you ultimately to God. But this is contrary to the Bible. What did Jesus say? “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except by Me.” Since both concepts cannot be right, one must be wrong. The seeker sees two options: all paths are equally valid as long as they are loving. Except the Christian path, which is arrogant. Result: reject the Christian path... it is not loving or inclusive. Satan is big on counterfeit love. Currently, he is having a field day with the deception that “love is love” and that marriage can even be between two men or two women if that’s what you want; after all, if no one is hurt by it, why not?
This is another satanic deception. The theme of the Wiccan religion is: “if it hurts no one, do what you will.” Many of those practicing paganism and Wicca believe they are operating in love and benevolence. They see themselves as “good” witches, practicing “white” witchcraft. They really believe and embrace the freedom of, “if it hurt no one, do what you will.”
But have you heard of Aleister Crowley? He is one of the most famous satanists in history, and the author of the satanic “Book of the Law.” He channeled the book while on a trip to Egypt with his wife in 1904. While in a trance, he was given the words by a mysterious spirit who said, “I am the snake that giveth knowledge. To worship me, take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet (Crowley)... and ‘Do what thou wilt’ shall be the whole of the law...”
 And so here is the serpent, the snake, Lucifer, Satan admitting who he is. He comes promising to give knowledge. His succinct message: “Do what thou wilt.” To the Wiccans he says, “If it hurt no one, do what you will.” To Eve he said, “Did God really say...?” “You won’t surely die; for God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Satan is still promising to give knowledge and wisdom. He is still promising you can do as you please, that all paths lead to the same promise of god, and he even cloaks his demonic claws in a disguise of love. Scripture tells us he appears to us as an angel of light, so that we will believe him. If you’re caught up in strange spirituality that goes contrary to the Word of God, I challenge you to think on these things today. There is so much more to learn on this subject, and I will continue this teaching next time. Meanwhile, please, consider this: If what you THOUGHT you knew about your spirituality turned out to be WRONG, WHEN would you like to know?
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The following is excerpted from “Obama Admin Moves Top Gay,” LifeSiteNews, Jan. 19, 2017: “The Obama administration positioned their top U.S. homosexual rights diplomat into a key position within the State Department which will make it harder for the Trump administration to change current U.S. policy opposing traditional values on human sexuality. An informed source told the Friday Fax that President Obama’s Special Envoy for the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Persons Randy Berry ‘has been moved over to DRL (the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor) as a career DAS (Deputy Assistant Secretary)…. That is where the Obama agenda will be hardest to overcome.’ The DRL formulates policy that U.S. staff at the UN execute. Berry stirred controversy for his part in inserting the homosexual rights agenda into the U.S. office dealing with religious freedom abroad. Another source told the Friday Fax that Berry ‘not only oversaw the incorporation of LGBT into the religious freedom office, something not included in the Congressional mandate that set the office up, but he also oversaw the persecution and eventual exit of employees, foreign service officers, Christians, who objected to mixing LGBT with religious persecution.’ In the last two years, the Obama administration has been working to entrench the LGBTI agenda such that future U.S. administrations cannot repeal it. Berry’s office was formed in 2014 by Senate Democrats, the same year that the U.S. helped form ‘Core Groups’ at the UN and Organization of American States (OAS) and created a new diplomatic post, a special rapporteur, at OAS to report on alleged abuses against LGBTI. The UN established the same position this year after a contentious debate. ... Berry reported that in his first year as special envoy he met with 42 countries, including the Holy See, with activists, and with religious leaders whom he said were largely in favor of the progressive agenda. He said he made the transgender issue a priority. The diplomat called Russian and Nigerian laws protecting children from homosexual material ‘draconian’ and a violation of free speech. He took credit for assisting in progressive laws, including Vietnam’s allowing changing of sex in official documents, Nepal’s constitution including sexual orientation and gender identity, Mozambique’s repealing laws prohibiting sodomy, and Botswana’s recognizing of LGBTI activist organizations.”

Randy Berry, First Special Envoy for Human Rights of LGBT Persons



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For the first dance number of his inaugural balls, President Donald Trump choose the narcissistic anthem “My Way,” which was a Frank Sinatra mega-hit in 1969. It describes a man who thinks he can thumb his nose at God’s holy laws, do it his way, and things will turn out fine.
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“My Way” is one of the most influential pop songs of all time. It holds the record for the most time spent in the UK Top 40 singles chart (75 weeks). It’s the song most frequently played at British funerals. The song is based generally on the tune of a French pop song, Comme d’habitude (As Usual), and the words were written by Paul Anka, who asked himself, “If Frank were writing this, what would he say? ... I noticed that everything was ‘my this’ and ‘my that.’ We were in the ‘me generation’ and Frank became the guy for me to use to say that. I used words I would never use: ‘I ate it up and spit it out.’ But that’s the way he talked” (“Paul Anka: One Song,” The Daily Telegraph, Nov. 8, 2016). The song has caused so many acts of violence and homicide in karaoke bars in the Philippines that they are referred to as “My Way Killings.” When Bono (lead singer for U2) delivered the Legend Award to Sinatra at the 1994 Grammys, he called him “the chairman of the bad attitude.” The last stanza of “My Way” says, “For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way. Yes, it was my way.” Probably in a vain attempt to cover all his bases, the irreligious Sinatra died in the arms of Rome. In his acceptance speech on January 20, President Trump called his fellow Americans who want good schools, safe neighborhoods, and good jobs “righteous people and a righteous public.” He said, “We are protected and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. And most importantly, we will be protected by God.” That statement is the sin of presumption. It has no support from Scripture. America is most definitely not a righteous nation. It is a desperately sinful nation, though it has had more Bible light than any nation on earth other than Israel. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).


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A section of the Koran denying that Jesus is the Son of God was chanted by a Muslim woman at a worship service in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland. This church belongs to the Scottish Episcopal Church, which in turn is part of the worldwide Anglican communion. The occasion was the Feast of the Epiphany which deals with the visit of the wise men to the infant Jesus and “celebrates Jesus being revealed to the nations.” The Koran’s Surah 19 claims that baby Jesus said, “Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him.” It also says, “It is not [befitting] for Allah to take a son; exalted is He!” What blasphemy! What apostasy and spiritual foolishness! We are observing the one world “church” taking shape before our eyes, which is one of the signs that we are seeing the day approaching (Hebrews 10:25). From its inception, Islam was a judgment on apostate Christianity. The difference between now and previous times (such as the 15th century when the Byzantine Empire fell to Muslim jihadists) is that today many of the “Christians” don’t even recognize Islam as an enemy.