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Remember the Reformation
October 31 marked the 497th anniversary of the spark that ignited the Reformation. Martin Luther sparked the Reformation by nailing 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. As I was preparing a message on the life of Martin Luther, my studies led me to another ungodly tradition of the Roman Catholic religion - the veneration of relics, including bone fragments and dead bodies. Among Catholicism's most highly venerated relics are supposed pieces of the Cross of Jesus Christ. There are so many of these pieces scattered throughout the world that, if gathered together, they could be used to build a large ship. The Catholic Encyclopedia admits that the validity of many relics are "doubtful", but fails to admit that all of them are fakes. Based upon the church's dubious assertion of artifact credibility:  "many of the more ancient relics duly exhibited for veneration in the great sanctuaries of Christendom or even at Rome itself must now be pronounced to be either certainly spurious or open to grave suspicion."

Venerating relics has not been an option for Catholics. The Council of Trent commanded the veneration of dead bodies and condemned those who did not believe in the authenticity of artifacts designated as relics by the Catholic Church. "The holy bodies of holy martyrs... are to be venerated by the faithful, for through these bodies many benefits are bestowed by God on men." Since it was believed that "many benefits" come through the bones of dead men, the sale of bodies and bones became big business for the Church of Rome! According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, when Pope Boniface IVconverted the Pantheon into a church in the 7th century, "twenty-eight cartloads of sacred bones were said to have been removed from the Catacombs and placed in a basin beneath the high altar."

As I learned more about these abominable traditions of Rome, I was moved to a deeper compassion for those who have been deceived by religious deception. Only the truth of God's Word can set them free (John 8:31-32). Those who know Scripture know that relics have no part in true worship, for "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth" (John 4:24). 

US Catholic St Anthony's Chapel Has Pieces Of The Holy Cross And Bones Of Saints??

Bodies of saints incorrupted?

The Incorruptibles?

Whose Life Will Be Judged a Complete Failure?

We received several letters, emails and phone calls that defended the pope's controversial message at St. Patrick's Cathedral last month. Francis said, "We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus... and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross." Perhaps, if his defenders looked at the pope's controversial comment through the lens of historic Roman Catholicism, they would see how his comments truly reflect the ungodly teachings of Rome. 
Roman Catholicism teaches that Jesus DID NOT finish the work of redemption, He DID NOT pay the full punishment for our sins, His blood DID NOT purify our sins, He DID NOT satisfy divine justice, He DID NOT redeem people from the curse of the Law, He DID NOT provide direct access to God, He DID NOT make perfect forever those who are being sanctified, and He DID NOT secure salvation for His people. Roman Catholicism denies all of these glorious truths, which is why Christ is still on their cross.
Rome teaches, "Every time this mystery is celebrated, the work of our redemption is carried on" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, para. 1405). God's Word teaches the Lord Jesus Christ appeared once to do away with sin then entered the holy place once for all having obtained eternal redemption (Heb. 9:12,26). When Jesus cried out "It is finished" the curtain of the temple was torn open giving believers access to God (Mat. 27:51). There was no longer any need for priests offering the same sacrifices repeatedly, which can never take away sins (Heb. 10:11). His one offering made perfect forever those who are sanctified; there are no more offerings for sin (Heb. 10:14,18).
When you look at what Jesus came to this earth to accomplish for sinners, we know that humanly speaking, and even more importantly, from a divinely eternal perspective, He was successful in everything. The laying down of His life for His people was what He purposed to do. He told His disciples that before He could build His church, "He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised" (Mat.16:21). In everything He came to do He was successful. Righteousness had to be perfected, divine justice had to be satisfied, blood had to be shed, redemption had to be paid, sins had to be forgiven, reconciliation had to be accomplished, death had to be conquered, salvation had to be secured and heaven had to be opened. His victory cry, "It is finished" speaks volumes! 


Crisis for Pope Francis as top-level cardinals tell him: your synod could lead to the collapse of the church


Update, 3.20pm Monday: As I write this, various cardinals have said they didn’t sign the letter, some of them waiting several hours before distancing themselves from it. Now Erdö says he didn’t sign it. It’s extremely hard to get at the truth. ‘Not signing’ can mean a number of things, ranging from an outright false claim that a cardinal supported the letter to panicky backtracking by cardinals who did assent to it but are grasping at the technicality that they didn’t personally append their signature. But the damage to the synod is done.
A group of cardinals – including some of the most powerful figures in the Catholic Church – have written to Pope Francis telling him that his Synod on the Family, now meeting in Rome, has gone badly off the rails and could cause the church to collapse.
Their leaked letter, written as the synod started, presumably explains why a few days ago the Pope suddenly warned against ‘conspiracy’ and reminded the cardinals that he, and only he, will decide the outcome of the synod.
This is the gravest crisis he has faced, worse than anything that happened to Benedict XVI, and he knows it.
And, talking of the Pope Emeritus, I suspect that, had he been free to sign the letter, he would have done so.
The cardinals warn the Pope, in diplomatic language, that (a) the synod is being hijacked by liberals obsessed with the narrow issue of giving Communion to divorced and remarried people; (b) going down the route of ‘pastoral flexibility’ could lead to the Catholic Church falling apart in the same way as liberal Protestant denominations; and (c) the synod working papers prepared by the Pope’s allies Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri and Archbishop Bruno Forte are a mess and going down badly with the Synod Fathers.
The seniority of the signatories shows how close the church is to civil war. Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith – the Church’s doctrinal watchdog – is on the list. So is Cardinal George Pell, head of the Vatican’s finances, and Cardinal Robert Sarah, in charge of the Church’s worship.
Sarah is the most prominent African cardinal in the church, along with Cardinal Wilfred Napier of Durban, who has also signed. Add to that the name of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, and it becomes clear that the loss of confidence in Pope Francis extends far beyond the Vatican.
He is, however, passionately supported by liberal cardinals in Europe and Latin America, among them Cardinal Reinhard Marx, head of the German bishops. He can also count of the unquestioning loyalty of Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster.
As the Catholic Herald reported this morning:
Two of the cardinals who signed the letter, published in full by [Vatican commentator] Sandro Magister, have prominent roles in the synod. Cardinal Péter Erdö is its relator general, and Cardinal Wilfrid Napier is a president delegate. [NB: On Monday afternoon, several hours after it appeared Cardinal Erdö denied signing the letter.]
Other signatories included Vatican officials Cardinal Gerhard Müller and Cardinal George Pell.
In the letter, the cardinals expressed concern that ‘a synod designed to address a vital pastoral matter – reinforcing the dignity of marriage and family – may become dominated by the theological/doctrinal issue of Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried’.
The letter continued: ‘The collapse of liberal Protestant churches in the modern era, accelerated by their abandonment of key elements of Christian belief and practice in the name of pastoral adaptation, warrants great caution in our own synodal discussions.’
The cardinals also asked the Pope to ‘consider a number of concerns we have heard from other synod fathers, and which we share’ and criticised the synod’s Instrumentum Laboris, or working document.
‘While the synod’s preparatory document, the Instrumentum Laboris, has admirable elements, it also has sections that would benefit from substantial reflection and reworking,’ the letter said.
‘The new procedures guiding the synod seem to guarantee it excessive influence on the synod’s deliberations and on the final synodal document. As it stands, and given the concerns we have already heard from many of the fathers about its various problematic sections, the Instrumentum cannot adequately serve as a guiding text or the foundation of a final document.’
Here is the list as originally reported by Magister:
• Carlo Caffarra, archbishop of Bologna, Italy, theologian, formerly the first president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family;
• Thomas C. Collins, archbishop of Toronto, Canada;
• Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York, United States;
• Willem J. Eijk, archbishop of Utrecht, Holland;
• Péter Erdö, archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, Hungary, president of the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe and relator general of the synod underway, as also at the previous session of October 2014 [He has now denied signing the letter, though there was a noticeable delay before he did so];
• Gerhard L. Müller, former bishop of Regensburg, Germany, since 2012 prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith;
• Wilfrid Fox Napier, archbishop of Durban, South Africa, president delegate of the synod underway as also at the previous session of the synod of October 2014;
• George Pell, archbishop emeritus of Sydney, Australia, since 2014 prefect in the Vatican of the secretariat for the economy;
• Mauro Piacenza, Genoa, Italy, former prefect of the congregation for the clergy, since 2013 penitentiary major. [He now denies signing the letter];
• Robert Sarah, former archbishop of Conakry, Guinea, since 2014 prefect of the congregation for divine worship and the discipline;
• Angelo Scola, archbishop of Milan, Italy. [He now denies signing the letter];
• Jorge L. Urosa Savino, archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela;
• André Vingt-Trois, archbishop of Paris, France, president delegate of the synod underway as also at the previous session of the synod of October 2014. [He now denies signing the letter.]
Note that not all these cardinals are regarded as outright conservatives: Cardinal Dolan, for example, is gently orthodox, an amiable figure far removed from the thundering traditionalist Cardinal Raymond Burke, who has been excluded from the synod.
Moreover – and this is very dangerous for Francis – the main point of contention is not the question of whether the church should be give communion to divorce people in second marriages, or whether gay unions should be given some degree of recognition.
This is an argument about the wisdom of calling the synod in the first place, and expresses the suspicion of over 100 Synod Fathers that the organisers are manipulating proceedings by confronting them with working papers and procedures designed to push them in a liberal direction. Others are simply fed up with the amateurish nature of the proceedings and wonder why, after last year’s chaotic preparatory synod, the Pope left the same people in charge. To quotethe Australian Archbishop Mark Coleridge, ‘At times our work has seemed more muddled than methodical’.
I’m one of countless commentators who has warned that holding this synod could split the church. Now it’s happening, much faster than any of us anticipated.


Pastor Delivers Ten Commandments on Horseback to Oklahoma Capitol in Protest of Monument Removal

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Cowboy Church-compressed
OKLAHOMA CITY — Nearly a dozen Texas Christians rode 100 miles to Oklahoma City this week to deliver a tablet engraved with the Ten Commandments after a Decalogue display was removed from the grounds of the capitol building earlier this month.
“We’re riding for the law of God today,” John Riggs, pastor of the Texoma Cowboy Church in Wichita Falls, told those gathered. “We fully believe that this country was founded upon the principles of God’s word. It breaks our hearts to see where this country is headed and to see the removal of the law of God from our land, from our buildings.”
He said that his church had been following the situation in Oklahoma and decided to replicate the monument that had been removed and deliver a smaller version to Gov. Mary Fallin. They set out on horseback on Tuesday to achieve their mission, arriving to their destination on Friday, where they were greeted by approximately 40 Christians from various area churches.
“I believe it starts with the Church,” Riggs stated. “And so the message for me is to the Church in America today. To say to wake up, to stand up, to speak up. To speak up for the things we hold to be true and dear.”
Fallin said that she was moved by the gesture.
“They cared so much about what was happening in Oklahoma and cared so much about the Ten Commandments and what it represents—the morality of society — that they rode horses all the way to Oklahoma from Texas,” she told the Star Tribune. “You know, sometimes Texas and Oklahoma may have a little competition, but in this thing we stand together.”
She accepted the tablet, stating that she would place it in her office.
As previously reported, in light of an order from the Oklahoma Supreme Court, the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission voted last month to give authorization to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to remove a 6-foot Ten Commandments monument from the capitol grounds.
The Oklahoma Supreme Court had ruled 7-2 in June that the monument must be removed because it violates Article 2, Section 5, of the Oklahoma Constitution, which states that property cannot be used to promote a “church denomination or system of religion.”
The display had been the subject of a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), asserting that its erection on the grounds of the state capitol building was unconstitutional.
The lead plaintiff in the case was liberal minister Bruce Prescott, the director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists. Prescott said that mixing the sacred with the secular in such a manner cheapens the monument, and asserted that it violated the Constitution’s Establishment Clause, which says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”
But Fallin opposed the removal of the Decalogue display while the matter was under appeal.
“The Ten Commandments monument was built to recognize and honor the historical significance of the Commandments in our state’s and nation’s systems of laws,” she wrote in a statement.
“The monument was built and maintained with private dollars. It is virtually identical to a monument on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol which the United States Supreme Court ruled to be permissible,” Fallin continued. “It is a privately funded tribute to historical events, not a taxpayer funded endorsement of any religion, as some have alleged.”


Muslim Men, Children Cut and Whip Their Bodies Bloody for Muhammad’s Grandson

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

A number of Shiite Muslim men and children around the world are in the midst of observing a 10-day Islamic festival in remembrance of Muhammad’s grandson—an event that involves cutting ones head with knives or spears or self-flagellating themselves with chains.
Online photos captured the bloodiness of the Muslim traditions surrounding the Day of Ashura, which marks the death of Husyn ibn Ali approximately 1,300 years ago. He was the son of Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter, and was beheaded during the Battle of Karbala in 680 A.D.
To remember his death, many Shi’a Muslims (and some Sunnis, although bloodletting is discouraged) observe the Day of Ashura each year, generally in October or November. In countries such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan, the observance is considered a national holiday, which to some also is a time when Muslims seeks to shed blood as a means to obtain forgiveness for sins.
According to reports, the Day of Ashura was inspired by the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement. The Centre of Fatwa of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf issued an edict this week calling for fasting on the day, stating, “Fasting on the Ashura day is atonement for sins.” One Islamic saying also claims, “A single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins.”
However, bloodletting is also largely observed by adherents, often in groups and in the public square. In addition to cutting a gash in the forehead of children and babies, some children and adults voluntarily slash their bodies with knives or flagellate themselves with whips in order to reinact the death of Ali. Participants are seen in some cities walking the streets with blood staining their clothing and dripping from their head, chest and back.
According to the AFP, in Iraq, large crowds gathered in the streets on Saturday to observe the Islamic holiday, crying, beating their chests and cutting their heads until their faces and clothes were covered in blood.
“Many Shiite worshipers travel from neighboring Iran and other countries each year to visit the [Karbala] shrine, which lies about 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of Baghdad,” the outlet explained.
“Millions of others across the Shiite world, from Lebanon to south Asia, hold processions in their home towns, performing a variety of rituals, many involving flagellation,” it continued. “Some beat their backs to a drumbeat using chains or blades. Others beat their heads with a sword until their faces and their white mourning robes are covered in blood.”
In Greece, hundreds of Muslims gathered in Piraeus to flagellate themselves, singing songs and beating their chests, with some covering their faces with mud, according to the Greek Reporter.
Photos were also captured of observers bloodying themselves in Bangladesh, Lebanon and Delhi.
Warning: Graphic video


Who landing

Massachusetts ‘United Church of Christ’ Hosts Blasphemous ‘Drag Gospel Festival’

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — A United Church of Christ congregation in Massachusetts recently hosted what it called a “Drag Gospel Festival” in support of the homosexual and transgender members in its assembly.
The First Church of Somerville (FCS) hosted the event October 16-18 both during its Friday night drag show and Sunday morning worship service.
“God is good all the time! That means God is a diva, and girl, Jesus is fierce!” wrote Serenity Jones, the congregation’s “drag queen in residence” on the FCS website.
“What do drag queens or drag kings have to do with Jesus or the gospel?” he asked. “We at FCS believe ‘God don’t make no junk.’ So whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered or still playing hard to get, Jesus loves you and so do we! Amen baby! So come and get yours at this here church!”
According to The Huntington News, an estimated 100 people attended the Friday night event, which doubled as a fundraiser for the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force.
“There is a great drag tradition with music,” congregation member Marlin Collingwood told the publication. “But gospel music has been the root for drag.”
Men dressed as women, complete with wigs and makeup, sang gospel songs for those gathered—whether live or lip synching to the music.
On Sunday, Associated Pastor Jeff Mansfield arrived for the morning service wearing lipstick, blush and eye shadow, and leader Molly Baskette drew a mustache on her face with a marker. According to reports, some members of the choir wore drag as well.
Over 250 people attended the service, including one man who walked to the front of the room upset about the event flyer, which featured a graphic of Jesus wearing makeup and earrings.
“You paint up Jesus Christ like a prostitute,” he declared.
The service included secular music as well, such as that performed by Lady Gaga, and concluded with a fellowship meal.
This month’s drag show was the fifth year that FCS has hosted the event.
As previously reported, the United Church of Christ, which is outside of biblical orthodoxy and was the first American religious group to ordain homosexuals and affirm abortion, made headlines last year when it filed a legal challenge against North Carolina’s same-sex “marriage” ban, asserting that it violates the free exercise of religion among clergy.
“It boils down to a view on the authority of Scripture,” Clint Pressley of Hickory Grove Baptist Church told the Charlotte Observer about the suit. “The denominations listed have abandoned almost 2,000 years of Christian Orthodoxy. It’s not surprising.”
FROM "CHURCH" WEBSITE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 For all the info on October 2015's DGF click here!

A public service announcement from our drag-queen-in-residence, Serenity Jones:

“God is GOOD all the time! That means God is a DIVA… and girl… Jesus is FIERCE! Can I get a witness up in here!? Can I get an AMEN my sistahs and my brothahs!? For one weekend in October, First Church Somerville becomes FIERCE Church Somerville for two joyful days of Spirit in worship and praise, using our GOD-GIVEN musical and artistic talent, creativity and FASHION WITHOUT BORDERS, welcoming all God’s children to her FIERCE DIVA queen-dom. Hallelujah!
“What do drag queens or drag kings have to do with Jesus or the gospel? We at FCS believe “God don’t make no junk.” So whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered or still playing hard to get, Jesus loves you and so do we! Amen BABY! So come and get yours at this here church!”
And now translated into boring old English:
The brainchild of James Adams, aka Serenity Jones, Drag Gospel started in the fall of 2011 and has become a favorite annual event. It is our way of demonstrating the radical welcome that we believe Jesus offered to all kinds of people—especially people exiled to the margins just for being the people God made them to be: queer or straight or a little bit of each, male or female or a little bit of each.
It all starts on a Friday evening in October with a benefit concert and drag show at Club Cafe to raise funds for the LGBT Asylum Task Force. Performers include Serenity Jones herself, other area drag performers and the fantastic musical talent of First Church Somerville’s community, including Pete Shungu, aka Afro DZ ak and our house band Project Soul.
The main event is Sunday morning Festival Worship featuring Serenity in full drag (with costume changes), both performing and as the liturgist for the day, with our pastors (sometimes also in drag) bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ with a distinctly loving message for LGBTQ-add-your-letter-here. Our fabulous choir and in-house band raise the roof with gospel and soul music, both beloved standards and awesome music you may not have heard yet.
Then we race pell-mell downstairs to our parish hall for the family-friendly Gospel Brunch: great food, mocktails and joy. There are kids running around in feather boas, straight men in skirts, people who never thought they’d be in a church basement hollering Hallelujahs! It is a guaranteed good time. You will laugh your head off, find yourself singing at the top of your lungs, and go home filled up.
And no, you don’t have to come in drag! Come as your own truest self.

Molly Baskette

Lead Pastor
steve head shot 200x200

Jeff Mansfield

Associate Pastor
Jeff shorn 200x200

Mackenzie Pawlinger

Toddler Nursery
Mackenzie web

Cameron Cashin

Baby Nursery
Cameron web

VIDEO: 5th Annual Drag Gospel Festival
in Somerville, Massachusetts

Drag Queen Pastor Says God Is a Woman!

Serenity Jones and the Peacemakers Perform
at First Church Somerville

Children's Choir Performs What If God Was One of Us

Associate Pastor Mansfield in Drag 
as "Fabiola Feast" 2012:


Judge Who Ordered Removal of Ten Commandments Rules Alabama Must Restore Planned Parenthood Contract

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Weak state magistrates allow corrupt federal courts to tell them what to do.
MONTGOMERY — A federal judge who ordered the removal of a Ten Commandments monument at the Supreme Court in 2003 has ruled that officials must restore the state’s contract with Planned Parenthood because canceling it denied women their choice in medical providers.
As previously reported, Gov. Robert Bentley’s office wrote a letter to Planned Parenthood Southeast this past August, providing notice that the Alabama Medicaid office would discontinue the state’s contract with the abortion giant.
According to reports, the state had reimbursed Planned Parenthood for over $4,000 for birth control and STD testings over the past year.
“I respect human life, and I do not want Alabama to be associated with an organization that does not,” Bentley Tweeted following the release of a series of undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress. “The deplorable practices at Planned Parenthood have been exposed to Americans. I’ve terminated any association with the organization in AL.”
But Planned Parenthood Southeast asserted that Alabama could not legally cancel its Medicaid contract with the group. It filed suit to challenge the decision.
“Unfortunately, we find ourselves in court once again with state officials who are hell-bent on ending a woman’s ability to make her own deeply personal and private health care decisions,” President Staci Fox said in a statement.
“Only this time, instead of going after safe and legal abortion as he has each of the past four years, now Governor Bentley is trying to dictate where a woman can go for contraception and other preventive care if she’s enrolled in Medicaid,” she wrote.
On Wednesday, Judge Myron Thompson, who ordered the removal of a Ten Commandments monument placed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore in 2003, agreed with the abortion giant, ruling that the contract must be restored because the absence of Medicaid funding would interfere with women’s choices in what organization they wished to use for reproductive services.
“To conclude otherwise would not only strip the Medicaid Act’s free-choice-of-provider provision of all meaning, but also would contravene clear congressional intent to give Medicaid beneficiaries the right to receive covered services from any qualified and willing provider,” he wrote in his 66-page decision.
Gov. Bentley said that he is disappointed in the decision and will appeal.
“I am disappointed, and vehemently disagree with the court’s ruling today. We are reviewing the opinion and will determine the next legal steps within the appeal period,” he wrote in a statement.
“The good news is that as a result of the strong opposition by Alabama and a few other states to the practice of accepting reimbursement for harvesting fetal organs, the national Planned Parenthood organization has changed course and will no longer continue this deplorable practice,” Bentley said.



Published on Oct 31, 2015
On Tuesday, Khari Cyrus, the student body president at North Carolina State University sent a campus wide email on the “concept of appreciation vs. appropriation” this Halloween.

Colleges Employ Halloween Sensitivity Squads
Toronto College Bans Spanish Mariachi Costume; Walmart Has Team Combing the Internet for Offensive Halloween Items to Ban for Sale

EPA Starts War on Carbon Emitting Pumpkins 
& All Plant Life:

Occult Origins of Halloween Revisited


Pumpkins pose risk to environment if mishandled, according to state agency
for informational, educational, and research purposes:

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency requires cities to perform nine anal-retentive steps to manage and dispose Halloween pumpkins to “protect human health.”
The agency wrote out a long list of steps cities are required to perform when hosting a “pumpkin collection event” for old jack-o’-lanterns, including filling out a Request for Approval of One-day Pumpkin Collection Event form, which is unavailable on the IEPA web site due to a server issue.
“Pumpkins must be managed in a manner that protects against releases, prevents nuisances, and otherwise protects human health and the environment,” step four states. “Operation of the site should be done in a way that will minimize rainwater or snow from coming into contact with the stored pumpkins.”
Here are the steps in full:
1. The event must be limited to the collection of pumpkins that were utilized for decorative purposes only and must not include garbage, food scraps or landscape waste. Signs should be posted at the site indicating that the collection is only for pumpkins.
2. Pumpkins must be accepted only from private individuals. Pumpkins must not be accepted from other persons, including, but not limited to, owners and operators of rented or leased residences where the pumpkins were used for decorative purposes, commercial haulers, and other commercial, industrial, agricultural, and government operations or entities.
3. Bags, boxes, candles, or any other type of solid waste must be separated from pumpkins prior to placement in pumpkin collection container and disposed of in accordance with all solid waste regulations.
4. Pumpkins must be managed in a manner that protects against releases, prevents nuisances, and otherwise protects human health and the environment. Operation of the site should be done in a way that will minimize rainwater or snow from coming into contact with the stored pumpkins.
5. Pumpkins should be collected on-site in a container, dumpster, truck trailer, or roll off box that is kept closed unless pumpkins are being placed in that unit. Pumpkins must also be properly secured to prevent public access to the pumpkins after collection, including, but not limited to, preventing access to the pumpkins during the event’s non-business hours.
6. Management of the pumpkins must be limited to the following: (i) acceptance of the pumpkins, (ii) temporary storage of the pumpkins before transfer off-site, and (iii) off-site transfer of the pumpkins or packaging for off-site transfer.
7. All pumpkins received at the collection event must be transferred off-site by the end of the day following the event.
8. All pumpkins must be transferred to an IEPA-permitted compost facility for composting.
9. The transfer and ultimate disposition of pumpkins received at the collection event must comply with the Agency’s approval, including all conditions contained in the approval.
To say that this is a good example of an out-of-control government agency is a complete understatement.
It’s likely the IEPA expects cities to go through all these steps because the U.S. Energy Dept. claimed that smashing pumpkins causes “man-made climate change.”
“With the passing of Halloween, millions of pounds of pumpkins have turned from seasonal decorations to trash destined for landfills, adding to more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced in the United States every year,” the Energy Dept. stated. “This Halloween, think of turning this seasonal waste into energy as a very important ‘trick’ that can have a positive environmental and energy impact.”
“At landfills, MSW decomposes and eventually turns into methane — a harmful greenhouse gas that plays a part in climate change, with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO2).”
But don’t expect the agency to speak out against Obama’s Air Force One, which burns five gallons of fuel per mile while flying Obama across the country to warn Americans about “global warming.”

Pumpkin Chuckin World Record

Pumpkin Shoot at Red Brush Shooting Range

Some pumpkins require a double barrel

Senior pumpkin carving with a Barrett 50 caliber & explosives