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 Brigitte Gabriel (national security expert) joins Dave to discuss her mission to save Western civilization, the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood, why she supports Israel, George Soros’ influence on media, and her new book 
‘Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom.’
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 Brigitte Gabriel on Donald Trump 
and Illegal Immigration (Pt. 2)

 Twitter Bans Radical Feminist for Saying 
“Men Aren’t Women”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength — and men are women. Unlike the first three, the last comment wasn’t an example of doublethink from Orwell’s 1984, but one from America 2018. In fact, tweeting the opposite, that “men aren’t women,” actually got a radical feminist banned from Twitter.
While it’s usually conservatives in the crosshairs of social-media censorship, one of its latest victims is Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, a self-described socialist and founder of the website and podcast called Feminist Current. Yet her views on “transgenderism” weren’t current enough for Twitter. Heavy provides some background:
It all started back in August, when she wrote and tweeted about a transgender activist named Lisa Kreut. Lisa Kreut is also a dominatrix who uses the name Hailey Heartless.
Hailey Heartless was asked to be a speaker at the annual Women’s March in Vancouver. Murphy and others were upset by the decision. This was partly because they disagreed [with] what they perceived to be Heartless’s views on violent sex and legal prostitution. They were also upset because, Murphy said, “this was, after all, a march for women.” And in their view, Hailey Heartless is a man [in their view?!].
Murphy’s Twitter account was first suspended in August after she criticized Kreut for allegedly having targeted “‘Feminist Current’s ad revenue and [leading] efforts to have Vancouver Rape Relief blacklisted at the 2016 BCFED Convention,’” reports  Daily Wire. The site continues:
In order to regain full access after having violated Twitter’s rules regarding “hateful conduct,” Murphy deleted the tweets. She then complained publicly to Twitter, asking if she was “no longer permitted to report facts” on the social media platform. For this, Murphy claims that she was suspended for half a day, and told by Twitter to delete her public complaint.
In October, Murphy sent out a pair of tweets in which she questioned the transgender movement, writing, “Men aren’t women,” and asking, “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between men and transwomen?”
Murphy was notified by Twitter on November 15 that her tweets had once again violated the company’s “hateful conduct” rules.
In fact, she has now been “permanently banned” from Twitter, according to Spectator USA, and her Twitter page is inaccessible.
Strikingly, also banned according to the Spectator is referencing a person with the correct pronouns (e.g., calling a man masquerading as a woman “he”). So is “so-called ‘deadnaming’ — referring to a previous name of a trans person,” the Spectator writes.
What should scare you is why my earlier 1984 reference is apropos here: This is an attack on objective reality itself. Murphy alluded to this in a complaint to Twitter, too, saying, Daily Wire relates:
I’m not allowed to say that men aren’t women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism at all anymore? That a multi billion dollar company is censoring BASIC FACTS and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is INSANE.
What ARE we allowed to say here??? How tf is simply saying ‘men aren't women’ hateful??? I am losing my g[**]d[****]d mind over this. Enjoy your brave new world, sjws. Here’s your f***ing social justice … I’m assuming my account is going to get locked again simply for speaking about this. 
Of course, censoring people under the “hateful conduct” pretext is also a denial of reality, since the yardstick used isn’t “hatefulness” (a hard quality to measure unless a mind-reader) but ideological conformity.
In fact, “transgender” activists are an intensely angry bunch whose efforts to destroy others are generally driven by hate, yet they’re not censored by social media. In contrast, while there are exceptions, I and many others opposing them mount deeply intellectual arguments that, simply for being unfashionable, are labeled “hateful.”
Many are found here, for example, in an essay in which I explain why there’s no good science whatsoever behind “transgenderism.” Moreover, here I examine the importance of controlling language and explain why I won’t — and don’t — adhere to the politically correct “transgender”-pronoun model. You tell me: Are these arguments “hateful”?
(Regardless, since I do what Murphy does, only more unabashedly and consistently, it should be only a matter of time before Twitter bans me, too.)
What’s hateful, of Truth and the imperative of allowing the vibrant intellectual debate necessary to reveal it, is social media’s censorship. How can people discern reality if they’re not even allowed to discuss it?
As for Murphy, her Twitter trials have inspired her to widen her discussion. In fact, before being completely banned, she tweeted that she’d changed her mind about some matters and was tired of the “‘right=bad/left=good’ dichotomy,” as she put it, as it wasn’t good to “limit ourselves to engaging only with those we already agree with.”
Furthermore, she said that right-wing “media has been the only media to cover Twitter’s attempts to silence me, and has been the only media to reach out to me.” In contrast, liberal media refuses “to even acknowledge that feminists have a critique of transgender ideology.”
Murphy also complained that, in Canada, at least, the media and Left in general refuse to utter a word about “transgender” bullying of and threats against feminists. She concluded by saying that while the right was willing to engage “with those they may disagree with,” the Left “wants an echo chamber.”
Of course, this is nothing new. Whether it was the French revolutionaries, the Soviets, the Chinese Red Guards, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or their other philosophical soulmates, the Left has never brooked dissent and always ends up eating its own.
Yet also true is that, in a way, feminism is responsible for eating itself here — because it paved the way for “transgenderism.”
How? Well, note that feminists used to espouse so-called gender neutrality theory, which taught that “gender” (a term previously reserved almost exclusively to grammar) was just a “social construct”; consequently, the theory also held that if you raised the sexes identically, they’d be identical beneath the surface. I was inundated with this growing up.
Now let’s tie this together. Feminists insisted that “the sexes are the same except for the superficial physical differences.” Now the male-claiming-female status crowd insists that if they change the superficial physical differences (i.e., external genitalia, facial hair), they can be the “other sex” — though, of course, they call it “gender.” A straight line absolutely can be drawn between the two claims.
So it’s ironic: The feminists peddled the “sameness” lie to gain entry into what had been men’s realm. Now men are using it to gain entry into women’s sports, women’s marches, and women’s bathrooms. I guess that’s equality.
 Twitter bans ‘misgendering, deadnaming’ 
as ‘hateful conduct’ in updated rules
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
November 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Referring to gender-confused individuals by their actual sex is now “hateful” conduct on par with racial slurs, according to new Twitter guidelines defining grounds for banning users from the platform.
The company’s “Hateful conduct policy” says Twitter’s mission is to “give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information, and to express their opinions and beliefs without barriers,” with special concern for “the voices of those who have been historically marginalized.” It also claims to believe “free expression is a human right,” and that public conversation “requires representation of a diverse range of perspectives.”
“We prohibit targeting individuals with repeated slurs, tropes or other content that intends to dehumanize, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category,” it now reads. “This includes targeted misgendering or deadnaming” of transgender people. Punishment ranges from being asked to remove “violating content” and a “period of time in read-only mode before [violators] can Tweet again,” to “permanent account suspension” for repeat violations.
“Deadnaming” refers to calling someone by his or her given legal name rather than a new opposite-sex name, such as Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner or Bradley “Chelsea” Manning.
The change was officially made in October but is just now gaining notice in the media, The Blaze reports.
The homosexual news site PinkNews reports that pro-LGBT Twitter users are ecstatic about the news, but others are alarmed at the potential to stifle debate on transgenderism, and silencing users who assert the scientific consensus that biological sex is rooted in an individual’s chromosomes and reflected in hundreds of genetic characteristics.
Earlier this month, Twitter cited Meghan Murphy, a Canadian feminist blogger who has criticized pro-trans efforts for their potential to undermine the rights of actual women, for “harassment” because she tweeted “men aren’t women” and “how are transwomen not men.” She protested “that a multi billion dollar company is censoring BASIC FACTS and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma,” and was subsequently banned.
“In light of my years of negative experiences trying to engage progressives on issues like pornography, prostitution, male violence, and now gender identity, I’ve unfortunately come to see many of them as cowardly, hypocritical, lacking in political and intellectual integrity, and disingenuous,” Murphy wrote in response.
“While of course there are leftists who are critical of the sex trade and trans activism,” she continued, “far too many of those who represent progressives (in North America, in particular) — politicians and leftist political parties, as well as activists and representatives of the labour movement — will not speak out about these issues nor will they defend the women being ripped to shreds for speaking out.”
Like Facebook, Twitter is the subject of numerous ongoing controversies about restricting conservative content and users, including LifeSiteNews.
  House Committee Investigating Twitter CEO For Lying Under Oath
House Committee Investigating Twitter CEO 
For Lying Under Oath
 Jack Dorsey under fire after accelerating 
conservative purge on platform
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

A top House committee is reviewing whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lied under oath over the social media platform’s history of censoring and banning conservative users.
The House Energy and Commerce Committee, which oversees the U.S. telecom industry, has decided to review Dorsey’s testimony following the accelerated purge of conservative users, including journalist Laura Loomer and combat vet Jesse Kelly.
“The committee is aware of Twitter’s actions and is currently reviewing Mr. Dorsey’s testimony,” a House aide said Tuesday after Twitter arbitrarily banned Kelly with no explanation.

Dorsey had testified that Twitter doesn’t consider “political viewpoints” when enforcing their policy enforcement decisions.
“I want to start by making something very clear,” Dorsey testified in September. “We don’t consider political viewpoints, perspectives, or party affiliation in any of our policies or enforcement decisions, period.”
“Our policies and our algorithms don’t take into consideration any affiliation, philosophy, or viewpoint.”
Dorsey has still refused to respond to a number of questions posed by the committee, according to the aide.
“Twitter has not yet provided responses to members’ questions for the record, despite an October 15th deadline,” the aide said. “It is important that Congress receive this requested information to ensure we are able to properly perform our oversight responsibilities.”
“We believe Twitter and other tech companies should be forthright with Congress and the American people in an effort to shed light on often opaque rules and processes,” the aide noted. “Transparency and trust are essential components of our increasingly digital communication channels.”
Since Dorsey testified, Twitter has banned Alex Jones and Infowars, Gavin McGinnes, Laura Loomer, Jesse Kelly, suspended actor James Woods for refusing to remove a meme, and has even targeted other leftists for critiquing transgender issues.

The concept of “dead naming” is being pushed as a new label for bigoted behavior. Paul Joseph Watson exposes the hypocrisy by leftists that cry about the treatment of transgendered people while denying the abuses against conservatives and Christians world wide.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
 The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) expressed concern for the “continued smear campaign in Italy against NGOs.” The new immigration measures proposed by the government as well as a climate of hate are threatening the rights of migrants in Italy, according to the UN.
Italy has stood against the hijrah, and is now being demonized as hateful and exclusionary for doing so by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. This is the standard accusation against any country which resists Islamization.
The UN is on an aggressive campaign to force Western nations to accept open borders. It devised the UN Migration Plan, which would hand over border control of sovereign states to the UN. The U.S., Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Australia have withdrawn from the Plan, and Italy will likely follow.

“UN says Italy ‘criminalising’ NGOs,” ANSA, November 26, 2018:
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) expressed concern for the “continued smear campaign in Italy against NGOs.” The new immigration measures proposed by the government as well as a climate of hate are threatening the rights of migrants in Italy, according to the UN.
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed “concern” for the “continued smear campaigns against civil society organizations engaged in search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean” as well as the “criminalization of the work of migrant rights defenders”.
A group of UN experts said the Italian government, among other things, has made it practically impossible for NGO ships to continue to rescue migrants, which has caused a rise in drownings and disappearances. “Saving lives is not a crime. Protecting human dignity is not a crime,” they said.
Italian government must “change course.”
“The new measures and a climate of hate threaten migrants’ rights in Italy,” the UN experts said. They are “urgently calling on the government” to change course. “The tightening on migrant laws proposed by Italy will have a serious impact on their lives, and it is cause for serious concern,” the experts said.
“During the most recent electoral campaign, some politicians fuelled a public discourse unashamedly embracing racist and xenophobic anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner rhetoric. Such speech incites hatred and discrimination,” the experts said.
“Removing protecting increases vulnerability”
Since coming into power, the Italian government has implemented the anti-migrant and exclusionary measures it campaigned upon, the experts said. “Removing protection measures will increase migrants’ vulnerability. They will be at greater risk from traffickers and other criminal groups,” they said….


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

While Britain debates a legal definition of the fiction of “Islamophobia” and that spurious concept continues to be the focus of the international media and human rights organizations, this is the real religious persecution around the world today. And no one should be surprised by this: The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS shows that from the beginning of Islam, without any exception or letup at any time or in any place, Muslims waged war against Christians and endeavored to subjugate them as dhimmis under the rule of Islamic law. Why should anything be different now, especially in light of the fact that the Islamic doctrines that gave rise to this 1,400-year-long persecution have never been reformed or rejected by any Islamic sect or school of jurisprudence?

“ACN: almost 300 million Christians persecuted in 21 countries,” by Robin Gomes, Vatican News, November 22, 2018:
“Aid to the Church in Need” released its “Religious Freedom Report” 2018 on Nov. 22, noting Christians continue to be the religious group most susceptible persecution.
Some 61% of the world’s population live in countries where religious freedom is not respected; in other words, 6 out of every 10 people around the world cannot express their faith with total freedom. Among them are almost 300 million Christians, or 1 out of 7, who live in a country of persecution, subject to violence, arrest, and human rights violations.
These were some of the figures unveiled on Thursday in the “Religious Freedom Report” 2018 by “Aid to the Church in Need” (ACN), the international pontifical Catholic charity and foundation that helps persecuted Christians worldwide….
The report that contains data between June 2016 to June 2018, shows grave violations of religious freedom in a total of 38 countries. In 17 of them there is serious discrimination on grounds of religious faith, and in the remaining 21, there is outright persecution of religious minorities, in some cases to the point of death….
The ACN study shows that in 22 countries, the reasons for attacks on religious freedom are rooted in radical Islamism, while in other countries the dominant causes are rooted in the authoritarianism of states or governments which pursue policies of “aggressive nationalism”. Among these countries are China, India, North Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan….


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

Pope Francis is preparing his next move in defense of the Central American migrant caravans of loyal Catholics ready to serve him. The Jesuits have been supporting and secretly directing the work of Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) during its entire operation, and contrary to what recent headlines suggest, the caravan of migrants from Latin America traveling north is not a brand new event, although the latest group is definitely the largest yet.
The New World Order organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras states that its goal is to advocate for international solidarity and more open and sympathetic borders, when in reality they are favoring a world of crime and chaos. Unlike the past caravans, the October 2018 caravan, that is gaining a lot more attention from the media, is not directly organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras, but the group still offers logistical support for the project built by Soros and inspired by Pope Francis to destabilize the US and President Trump.
Officially Pueblo Sin Fronteras (“People Without Borders”) is a project of La Familia Latina Unida, a Chicago-based 501(c)(4) illegal immigration advocacy organization formed in 2001 by Elvira Arellano, an activist for immigrants and Jesuit agents living illegally in the United States. The organization is affiliated with the Chicago-based 501(c)(3) pro-illegal immigration groups Centro Sin Fronteras and Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Together, these two organizations have been involved in organizing thousands of illegal migrants from Central America to attempt to cross the U.S. and Mexican borders illegally since 2010.

However, according to research done by Glenn Beck and his team, the paper trail from Pueblo Sin Fronteras leads back to a group called CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project. CARA encompass two legal groups, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. and the American Immigration Council founded by George Soros.
The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (commonly referred to as CLINIC) is a Jesuit stronghold and the United States’ largest network of non-profit immigration programs. In its 1986 pastoral statement “Together a New People,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) observed that the church’s ministry to immigrants reflects  “the biblical understanding of the justice of God reaching out to all peoples and rectifying the situation of the poor, the orphans, the widows, the disadvantaged, and especially in the Old Testament, the alien and the stranger.”
With the situation escalating in Tijuana the Pope is now expected to become increasingly more involved in an open confrontation with Donald J. Trump on the future of these migrants. Back in February, Nancy Pelosi took to the floor of Congress asking Catholics to pray for legislation supporting “Dreamers”: children of illegal immigrants who came to  America as minors. Her piety was, in a word, ostentatious. “Maybe I should bring my rosary blessed by the Pope… His Holiness, Pope Francis, or the one before that, Benedict,”she mused. “I have the honor and privilege of receiving rosaries blessed by several popes in my lifetime.”
Remember, the Catholic Church is the leading institution backing Soros’ open borders policy in favor of uncontrolled immigration. According to Vatican documents, Pope Francis expressed his support for the caravan early this month while addressing the participants of the XV General Chapter of the Congregation of the Missionaries of San Carlo.
Much of the Holy Father’s speech focused on the virtue of welcoming the stranger and how nations need to foster this virtue or risk their own demise. The Catholic Church once recognized the right of a sovereign nation to enforce its borders, but that’s no longer the case with Pope Francis.
Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, wrote in the introduction of his new book  “Immigration, understanding and proposals”, that “Migrations have always existed in human history and have contributed substantially to the birth of great civilizations in the past and present.” Words repeated at the Pontifical Gregorian University, run by the Jesuits on Monday evening during the presentation of the book.
The only Catholic priest that seems to be making any sense lately is Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, who recently accused Pueblos Sin Fronteras of bringing the Central American migrant caravan to Tijuana to provoke the anti-immigrant policies of US President Donald Trump.
Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society.
 AILA Quicktake #161: CARA's One Year Anniversary
March 31, 2016
 AILA President Victor Nieblas shares what the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project has accomplished in the last year and why family detention must end.

 Facts on CARA and Pueblo Sin Fronteras
BY Denise Simon | Founders Code
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

In Spring 2018, hundreds of migrants from Central America approached the U.S.-Mexico border seeking asylum in the United States and threatening to enter illegally if their request was denied. Pueblo Sin Fronteras organized the caravan in conjunction with the CARA Family Detention Pro-Bono Project.[24] [25] The CARA coalition consists of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, all groups advocating for legal status for illegal immigrants and expanded immigration overall.[26]  These organizations have been funded by a number of major left-of-center grantmaking foundations, including the Open Society FoundationsMacArthur FoundationFord Foundation, and Carnegie Corporation of New York[27] The caravan eventually halted in Mexico City on April 4 instead of reaching the United States border.[28]
In a press release released by Pueblo Sin Fronteras on March 23, 2018, the group “demand[ed]” the governments of Mexico and the United States “open the[ir] borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the counties where we are and/or travel.” Other demands were “that deportations, which destroy families, come to an end” and “that the U.S. government not end TPS [Temporary Protected Status] for those who need it.” [29] Temporary Protected Status is a status designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security which grants eligible foreign nationals protected status during “extraordinary and temporary conditions.”[30] The demands appear to violate U.S. law, which prohibits behavior by individuals that “encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States” illegally.[31]
Alex Mensing is an organizer and program coordinator for Pueblo Sin Fronteras and its affiliates. [34] Mensing has spent a significant amount of time with economic migrants in Central America and organizing illegal immigrant caravans to the United States.[35] According to a 2016 report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Mensing was a staffer for the CARA Family Detention Project, a coalition of left-of-center organizations providing legal aid and representation to illegal immigrants in the United States.[36]

Irineo Mujica, an Arizona-based activist holding dual United States and Mexican citizenship, is a caravan organizer for Pueblo Sin Fronteras.[37] In October 2018, he was arrested by Mexican officials in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, for his involvement in a pro-illegal immigration protest.[38]
Rodrigo Abeja is an activist and organizer for Pueblo Sin Fronteras. He has been involved in at least two caravans from Central America to the U.S. and Mexico.[39] [40] Abeja was identified in a 2013 article by the news group Vice as a representative for the Popular Assembly of Migrant Families, an left-wing organization based in Mexico which organizes migrants to the United States.[41]
Citations found here.
Know the other operatives…
In 2015, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, collectively known as CARA, joined forces in response to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) significant expansion of its family detention capacity. The opening of the “South Texas Family Residential Center” in Dilley, Texas – with an initial capacity of 480 beds and the potential to hold 2,400 individuals – and the detention of families at the “Karnes Residential Center” in Karnes City – with a current capacity of 532 beds and plans to double the number – reflect the Obama Administration’s continuing commitment to the flawed deterrence policy it began in June 2014 with the opening of a temporary family detention center in Artesia, New Mexico.
In early 2016, the pro-bono work at the South Texas Family Residential Center became known as the Dilley Pro-Bono Project (DPBP). DPBP is a collaboration of the American Immigration Council and other partners. It operates a non-traditional pro-bono model of legal services that directly represents detained mothers and children who are fleeing extreme violence in Central America and elsewhere and are seeking asylum in the United States. DPBP is an Immigration Justice Campaign local partner.
The detention of children and their mothers is not only inhumane, but incompatible with a fair legal process. The project builds on the volunteer’s collective experiences providing legal services, running a pro-bono project for detained families, training lawyers and BIA accredited representatives, and leading advocacy and litigation efforts to challenge unlawful asylum, detention, and deportation policies.
The volunteers behind CARA are committed to ensuring that detained children and their mothers receive competent, pro-bono representation, and developing aggressive, effective advocacy and litigation strategies to end the practice of family detention.

In December 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) significantly expanded its detention capacity for families (i.e., women with minor children) with the opening of the “South Texas Family Residential Center” in Dilley, Texas. Dilley is a small town located approximately one hour and fifteen minutes southwest of San Antonio. That privately owned detention facility will be the largest family detention center in the United States, with a current capacity of 480 beds and the potential to hold 2,400 individuals.
A few months earlier, ICE converted a detention center in Karnes City—one hour southeast of San Antonio—from an all-male facility into a detention center for children and mothers. Its current capacity is 532 beds, but the private company that owns the facility has already broken ground on a project to double that number.
When the government opened a similar facility in 2014 in Artesia, New Mexico, over 250 individuals, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, traveled there to fight for the rights of these families during the five–month period it was open (July through December 2014). In this new model, volunteers worked in weekly shifts to represent detainees, handing off the client matter to a new attorney each week. Much to everyone’s surprise, however, not only did the model work and grow, but pro bono attorneys continued to be drawn to it. This concept of what some called “lawyer camp” captured the hearts and minds of willing volunteers. Rather than just taking over a paper file handed to them, they were taking over the legal care of a human being desperately needing their help.
The volunteers at CARA are building on the success and volunteer enthusiasm of the Artesia Project. The dedication and sacrifice of the pro bono attorneys demonstrates how open individual attorneys are to this type of service. Primarily, these volunteers hailed from small and solo firms where every billable hour is precious. They left their practices for up to 14 days to head to Artesia to fight for their clients against the unjust machine of family detention. They left their families and purchased plane tickets, paid for rental cars, hotels and meals all on their own, a cost that ran over $1,500 per week, for the opportunity to be part of this amazing pro bono effort representing women and children in the New Mexico desert.
Currently the American Immigration Council, CLINIC, AILA and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid are coordinating pro bono representation for women and children detained at Dilley. In 2017 alone, the Dilley Pro Bono Project represented more than 12,000 detained families, with a 98 percent success rate.
Since the opening of Karnes in August 2014, RAICES and a team of local and national pro bono attorneys, advocates, and faith-based community members have been representing the women and children at Karnes. In addition to providing significant legal representation and pro se assistance, the Karnes Pro Bono Project created a bond fund that has raised nearly $200,000 in donations to enable women and children to bond out of detention, has met released women and children at the local bus
station to assist with transportation to final destinations throughout the United States, and has provided basic supplies (clothing, food, and hygiene products) to families for their journeys outside of Texas.
CLINIC is the supporting organization for the nation’s largest network of nonprofit immigration service providers. Among its activities, CLINIC’s attorneys conduct training and provide technical support on all of the immigration-related legal problems faced by low-income immigrants. The Training and Legal Support Section is staffed with eight attorneys who specialize in a range of subject areas, including asylum, the credible fear standard, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), release from detention, and other relief for those in removal proceedings. CLINIC has authored the seminal book in this area, Representing Clients in Immigration Court, published and sold by AILA. CLINIC staff played an important supportive role in responding to the need for representation of families detained in the Artesia facility. CLINIC staff collectively spent over two months at the facility last summer, immediately after it opened, interviewing clients, coordinating the work of volunteer attorneys, and reporting on conditions.
CLINIC has developed several immigration courses and integrated them into an online format. Last year, in response to the sudden need for representation for minors apprehended at the Mexican border, CLINIC developed and conducted a four-week course, “Representing Unaccompanied Children: What to Do and How to Do It,” and offered it free to over 400 attorneys and BIA-accredited staff. The course is now housed on CLINIC’s website and is available using recorded webinars as an “independent study” for those wanting to learn more about this subject area and improve their skills.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is the national association of more than 14,000 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law. AILA member attorneys represent U.S. families seeking permanent residence for close family members, as well as U.S. businesses seeking talent from the global marketplace. AILA members also represent foreign students, entertainers, athletes, and asylum seekers, often on a pro bono basis. Founded in 1946, AILA is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that provides continuing legal education, information, professional services, and expertise through its 39 chapters and over 50 national committees.
Ending family detention is a national priority of AILA. The CARA pro bono project is part of AILA’s work to end the inhumane treatment of children, women and men seeking asylum in the United States.

RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) was founded and incorporated in 1986 under the name of the Refugee Aid Project. During this time, Central Americans flooded into Texas after fleeing the civil wars and social upheavals of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Several churches and religious orders answered the needs of the new arrivals by providing food, clothing, language classes, housing, medical and legal referrals. The agency provided a forum for San Antonians to meet the new arrivals and learn first hand about the situation in Central America. In 2008, RAICES enlarged its office in order to keep pace with its growing staff and programs. Located five minutes from the San Antonio Immigration Court and in the heart of the city’s historic Five Points neighborhood, RAICES continues to provide counsel and representation in a full range of defenses against deportation before the Immigration Court, as well as representation before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in family-based immigration cases, visas and other affirmative applications.
In its third decade, RAICES has a dedicated team of attorneys, accredited representatives, and legal assistants, in addition to volunteers, student interns and partnering pro bono attorneys.
Since the opening of Karnes in August 2014, RAICES and a team of local and national pro bono attorneys, advocates, and faith-based community members have been representing the women and children at Karnes. In addition to providing significant legal representation and pro se assistance, the Karnes Pro Bono Project created a bond fund that has raised nearly $200,000 in donations to enable women and children to bond out of detention, has met released women and children at the local bus station to assist with transportation to final destinations throughout the United States, and has provided basic supplies (clothing, food, and hygiene products) to families for their journeys outside of Texas.

The American Immigration Council is a non-profit, non-partisan, organization based in Washington D.C. Our legal, education, policy and exchange programs work to strengthen America by honoring our immigrant history and shaping how Americans think and act towards immigration now and in the future.
The American Immigration Council exists to promote the prosperity and cultural richness of our diverse nation by educating citizens about the enduring contributions of America’s immigrants; standing up for sensible and humane immigration policies that reflect American values; insisting that our immigration laws be enacted and implemented in a way that honors fundamental constitutional and human rights; working tirelessly to achieve justice and fairness for immigrants under the law.
The Council’s motto is: Honoring our immigrant past; shaping our immigrant future.

The Innovation Law Lab is a Portland, Oregon-based non-profit that provides the technology and data management systems at CARA and offers a limited number of supplemental stipends for individuals traveling to Dilley through its Applied Scholars program. The Law Lab creates innovative strategies that advance the rights, protections, and modes of integration of immigrant communities in the United States by creating capacity within immigrant legal service providers, developing scholarship and research into emerging legal theories, and providing education about the law’s impact on immigrants in the United States.