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We will be expanding our research of "Interfaith" ministries, chaplaincies, and movements which are based on Christ denying, multi-faith, divine-in-us, philosophies and practices rooted in pagan and heretical religions of the past and present, which in their totality, deny the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His gospel of repentance and forgiveness.

    To begin, we present this video from the "All For God" website of Marian Schappell, new ager, interfaith chaplain, yoga promoter and practitioner, singer, teacher, apologist, and missionary at:, whose main website is at It reflects the universalist/panentheist concept of the "divine in us", "Christ consciousness seed" lying dormant within every human being, waiting to be awakened or activated by human will.

    Schappell has worked for Kidspeace,, and for 14 years. She is listed on their donor list here:
    Schappell attended an appreciation breakfast at Kidspeace which celebrated a diverse mix of ecumenical/interfaith religious leaders and lay people who indoctrinate young children into interfaith services, prayer, and a one world religion mentality.
    See:, which included the following report:

"KidsPeace has been providing services to children since 1882. At the main KidsPeace campus in Orefield, PA, an important aspect of each child's treatment is the opportunity to participate in religious or spiritual activities during their free time. Marian Schappell and Tony Jefferson are part-time spirituality teachers and chaplains to the children of KidsPeace, and they fulfill their ministry by recruiting members of the local religious community and KidsPeace associates to volunteer with the children. A diverse group of dedicated clergy and lay people donate their time and love to conduct religious services, teach spirituality, mentor and listen to the children, sing, pray, play basketball and be there for the children on a regular basis.
To thank all of these volunteers for their important contributions, KidsPeace hosted an appreciation breakfast this week to thank all of those who spend their time with the children. Among the attendees were pastors and chaplains of a number of Lehigh Valley churches and associations,  members of the Parkland Ministerium, volunteers who teach and advise the children and KidsPeace associates who are members of the Spirituality Committee. Several KidsPeace children attended as well to express their thanks to the wonderful volunteers who help them so much. One young man performed a rap he wrote encouraging others to pray and try hard, while a young woman sang a poignant song and told her story of life before KidsPeace. Another young lady told her story, thanking Marian for all of the help she provided to her in her recovery. Katya, a volunteer, sang a song she composed for the KidsPeace children that asks that all be released from the darkness and see God in others. Another young man discussed how Islam has turned him into a better person and praised volunteers from the Muslim Association of the Lehigh Valley who teach teens about the Koran, prayers and how to model Islamic behavior.  One of the pastors spoke about bringing God to the children, giving them the courage to open up and trust others.
After enjoying a wonderful breakfast with KidsPeace associates and several youth, the volunteers joined into a prayer circle and sang along with Marian to give thanks for all of their gifts from God. It was a touching tribute to these unselfish men and women who work so hard to bring the kids peace and healing."

 Spirituality Breakfast
Marian Schappell joins Deacon Charles Coyle and Msgr. Robert Wargo at KidsPeace appreciation breakfast.
    But Kidspeace has had a fair share of no peace. 
For example:
A) Physical Harm and Sexual Assault by Counselors:, Quote: "In 1993, Dean Sine, a counselor in the Orefield, Pennsylvania facility restrained a 12-year-old boy by sitting on his buttocks and then lower back. The boy reported that he couldn't breath, but the restraint was continued until after the boy was unresponsive, when it was discovered that the boy had stopped breathing. Resuscitation attempts failed, and the counselor was charged and acquitted of homicide in criminal court in 1995. KidsPeace was also sued regarding the incident, and settled out of court for over $1 million. The 12-year-old had previously claimed to have been raped by adult men in KidsPeace, resulting in the family trying to remove the boy from KidPeace's care. This claim was supported by court documents showing that KidPeace was aware of rectal injuries to the 12-year-old, but declined to report them to authorities.
In August 2003, Dean Sine plead guilty to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy in 1994. KidsPeace has declined to comment on whether Sine was working for them at the time of or in relation to the incident.
In 2007, admissions to KidsPeace were halted by state officials due to seven children sustaining broken bones while being restrained by KidsPeace staff. Admissions resumed in December 2007."
B) Methadone Overdose Incident:
Quote: "In April 2008, two 16-year-old girls accessed a counselor's supply of methadone pills in her car. The girls took a total of 28 pills, resulting in one girl fatally overdosing and another being partially paralyzed. The girls were being given a ride home from a group home for children with drug problems."
C) Lack of Financial Responsibility and Stability:
Quote: "As of 2010, the pension plan for KidsPeace was underfunded by $42 million. In January 2012, KidsPeace failed to make a $1.4 million bond payment. In March 2012, a lien was filed against KidsPeace for failing to contribute $3 million to its retirement plan. As a partial result, Moody's downgraded KidPeace's bond rating to a C.
Executives at KidsPeace receive salaries and compensation of up to $413,729 per year."
D) Morning Call news coverage of other abuse at Kidspeace: 
Quote from reporter Paul Carpenter: "I have had a great deal to say about KidsPeace over the years -- virtually all of it bad. This enormously profitable outfit has a symbiotic relationship with powerful agencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It was at the big KidsPeace complex in Lehigh County that Sine killed Jason, when Sine was a counselor there.
See Morning Call news reports:
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G) Deaths and Abuse stories:

    It seems obvious that the culture of peace has not taken root at Kidspeace despite all the religion and instructing children to discover their so-called "innate divine seed (or spark)". Instead, in their spare time, children are exposed to spiritual abuse and pagan practices while Medicaid funds the company.
    One of the main players in the promotion of New Age/Occult "Christ Consciousness", yoga, Hindu, and Buddhist techniques blending with a corrupt form of Christianity is none other than the illustrious Oprah:
    Here we have Oprah Winfrey's realization of the "Christ consciousness" in this short video clip:
    Oprah interviews Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of the "Omega Institute", discussing Lesser's book "The Seeker's Guide" and interfaith concepts, including the multiplicity of "great beings" who brought humanity different revelations and knowledge of spirituality over the ages (as in Bahai religion). See our previous post about the Global Leadership Summit and Brene Brown, psychoheretic, and her close association with Oprah on New Age interfaith beliefs here:
    P.S. Oprah claims she is a Christian in this video, but her own words prove her wrong:

The New Age Church Of Oprah That Denies Jesus;

Oprah believes there are many paths to God:

Joe Schimmel presents a history and analysis of the New Age 

 "Coming of the New Age Christ (Antichrist)":