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Threat of youth suicide drives radical, body-disfiguring “sex reassignment” surgeries on minor children–should this be legal?

Emily Pascal as a teenage girl, before her transgender "sex reassignment" surgeries to become like a man.
Defying Nature: Emily Pascal as a teenage girl, before undergoing her transgender “sex reassignment” surgeries to appear like the male she thinks she is. Paschal, 17, now identifies as “Emmet” (see video below) after having her healthy breasts surgically removed. Both Pascal’s parents and the medical professionals at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago cite her potential suicide as a key reason for pursuing the body-disfiguring operations as a minor.
 “We don’t offer anything that would have any long-lasting negative or irreversible effect unless this is truly a kid who’s older, who can make a wise decision, whose family is supportive.”– Dr. Scott Leibowitz, child and adolescent psychiatrist with Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Gender and Sex Development program
Folks, I am stunned at what passes for science and medical care these days.Emily Paschal, a 17-year-old girl from Gurnee, Illinois featured in these WYCC (PBS-Chicago) video segments, had her healthy adolescent breasts surgically removed as part of her “transitioning” process to become her male persona, “Emmet.” Her parents allowed the radical surgery in the name of helping their daughter become like the transgender “male” she thinks she is. They were assisted by Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, in a program led by an open homosexual, Dr. Robert Garofalowho heads up the hospital’s “Gender and Sex Development Program.”
Last month I was interviewed by WYCC for this “In the Loop” segment,  ”Raising a Transgender Teen,” without knowing the specifics of the Emily-”Emmet” Pascal story. WYCC is the lesser known of two PBS TV stations in Chicago, and this program aired September 24, 2015. WYCC used only a tiny portion of my interview, which is a shame because the reporter who interviewed me–not “In the Loop” host Barbara Pinto, who narrates the piece–was very fair and asked no “gotcha” questions. Note: I am identified here with “Center For Morality,” which will be a project of Americans For Truth as we transition to our new home in the Washington, D.C. area.
How tragic it is that the threat of suicide drives this entire process whereby panic-stricken parents–working with doctors who double as de facto LGBTQ activists–allow their child’s confused feelings to guide and rationalize the pursuit of permanent body-disfiguring operations.  Speaking of rationalizations: what would feminists say about Emily’s (“Emmet’s') father Dirk Paschal recalling her leadership skills as a girl in the neighborhood as evidence that she was really a “boy.” Can’t girls be leaders?
The bottom line here is that doctors have become activists and pop-culture philosophers in pushing these extreme experimental “solutions” on vulnerable youth and their vulnerable parents–even though, as Dr. Garofalo admits (see 3:18 mark), the doctors are far from having all the answers. Most importantly, as he acknowledges, some kids overcome their sense of “gender nonconformity”–so why rush the operations and puberty-blocking drug “treatements”? And will we all one day as taxpaying Americans be subsidizing these horrific procedures through Obama-care? I question whether these radical “transgender” surgeries should even be legal for minors. More coming on this. – Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH
Some highlights of the video are transcribed after the videos and the page jump:

Raising A Transgender Teen

Here is a second “bonus” video produced by WYCC with an extended interview with Emily (“Emmet”) Paschal’s parents:

Growing up transgender Bonus Clip. 09/24/15

Partial Transcription of WYCC program, “Raising a Transgender Teen”:
:40 — Faither, Dirk Paschal: “As a little, he [his daughter Emily] didn’t present as a little girl. He was the leader in the neighborhood and made up the games and all the kids followed. And he didn’t take much guff from anyone, either….So perhaps he acted like a boy more than we ever wanted to believe.”
1:54 – Dr. Robert Garofalo, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago: “I think there’s a misconception sometimes out there that a program such as ours is intervening medically..–or God forbid, surgically–in young children. That’s not what this program does and not what programs across the country like it across the country do.
2:17 — Dr. Garofalo continues: “Our job is to sort of tell people what we know about the science, tell people what we know…about the options, and then have them as families make a decision that’s in their best interest.”
2:28 — WYCC “In the Loop” reporter Barbara Pinto: “Those decisions particularly for children and adolescents can become complex and controversial. Some of those options include drugs that temporarily block puberty and for older teens, hormones that cause more permanent changes. Estrogen to bring on female puberty, and testosterone to bring on male puberty. Like all drugs, there are side-effects, including increased risks of cancers and heart disease. But there are few studies on long-term use of these drugs among people who are transgender. The studies that have been done indicate much higher rates of suicide in the transgender community–41 percent compared to less than 5 percent in the general population. They also are more likely to suffer from higher instances of depression and substance abuse. And gender is complex in childhood.”
3:18 – Dr. Garofalo: “A certain percentage of young people…who present as gender non-conforming as children may not persist as gender non-conforming when they’re adolescents or adults. Nobody really knows the exact percentage, and nobody really knows what are the factors that are going to contribute to … what might cause someone to persist or not to persist.”
3:34 – Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH [Center For Morality]: “Our hearts go out to the parents. We know these are very difficult issues. But radical gender surgeries are often not the answer. We see studies which show that adults who go through sex reassignment surgeries are often still depressed, still suicidal–after going through these body-disfiguring operations.”
4:18 -Dr. Scott Leibowitz [child and adolescent psychiatrist with Lurie's Gender and Sex Development program]: “We don’t offer anything that would have any long-lasting negative or irreversible effect unless this is truly a kid who’s older, who can make a wise decision, whose family is supportive….”
4:38 – [Dr. Leibowitz continues]: “I would argue that we can’t be worried about some theoretical cancer that might be happening in 20 years if we don’t have a child or an adolescent at all–if they commit suicide.”
WYCC reporter Pinto: “That is why the Paschals had little doubt about moving ahead with medical intervention.”
4:55 — Ann Paschal [Emily/”Emmet’s”) mother: “It was truly a life or death situation for us so it was something we just felt we needed to do.”
5:08 – WYCC’s Pinto: “With the help of his health care team at Lurie to get insurance to cover the $12,000 cost, Emmet recently had ‘top surgery’–essentially a double-mastectomy to remove breast tissue. And he’s started on daily doses of testosterone to bring on male puberty. He’s also legally his name from Emily to Emmet.
Emily/”Emmet” Paschal: “I feel more correct. I feel like I’m starting to fit, like the puzzle is coming together.” …

Meet Dr. Rob Garofalo, Division Head,
Adolescent Medicine at Lurie Children's
Published on Jul 30, 2013
Dr. Rob Garofalo is the Division Head of Adolescent Medicine at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Dr. Garofalo's special interests include ​adolescent HIV/AIDS issues; sexually transmitted diseases; gay, lesbian, transgendered youth issues.




Rev. Harry F. Knox | President/CEO

harry_knox headshotRev. Harry Knox is President and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in Washington, DC, people of faith working for women’s access to health care and self-determination.  Prior to taking the helm at RCRC, Harry was the founding director of the Human Rights Campaign’s Religion and Faith Program, the first Program Director at Freedom to Marry, and Executive Director of Georgia Equality.  He has pastored churches in Georgia and Texas, and has held positions with the American Cancer Society and Equality Florida. Harry was appointed by President Obama in February 2009 to the President’s first Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  He is the recipient of the 2000 Cordle Award for Promotion of God’s Diversity, Lancaster Theological Seminary’s 2005 Robert V. Moss Medal for Excellence in Ministry, and the 2014 James T. Molloy Medal for Distinguished Alumni Service of the United States Senate Youth Program Alumni Association.  He is married to retired civil rights attorney C. Michael Bozeman.
Pro-Abortion United Methodist Minister Laura Young
Pro-Abortion United Methodist Minister Laura Young

United Methodist Minister: 

Abortion Clinic Shows “a Reverence for Life” 

by Killing Babies

No, I did not make that quote up. It flowed from the lips of the Reverend Laura Young, explaining to why she and others from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice are blessing Preterm, a local abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
And, no, I did not make up “blessing” either.
Who is the Rev. Young? I did a quick check in the Columbus DispatchFrom one story I learned
This year, Young, a United Methodist minister in the West Ohio Conference, was assigned by Bishop Gregory Palmer to serve as executive director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. The coalition, which had gone about two years without a director, had fallen largely quiet. Young aims to change that.
Calling herself a “progressive theological thinker and a feminist,” Young said goals include encouraging clergy members to testify at legislative hearings on anti-abortion bills and advocating for organizations that provide women’s health care, including abortions and contraception.
The story, by JoAnne Viviano, concludes with Rev. Young pining for the good old days, “Before the Roe v. Wade decision,” when “clergy members were ‘on the front lines.”
“Clergy have not been vigilant,” Young said. “People of faith have not been vigilant. So these rights and this access has eroded.”
So “vigilant” means, for example, lobbying in Ohio against a measure to protect unborn babies capable of feeling excruciating pain as they torn apart limb from limb. And against measures to protect unborn babies from losing their lives because they are diagnosed with Down syndrome, or involving parents in the abortion decisions of their minor daughters or requiring that abortionists (many of whom parachute in a few days a month) have admitting privileges at a local hospital when they botch an abortion.
But “vigilant” also means straightening out the “misguided faith” she sees at Preterm. Of course the “misguided faith” is most decidedly not ending the lives of God’s children, but rather is the province of those who peacefully tell women as they enter Preterm that there is a better way.
Rev Young insists they are hurling hate and judgment which leads women to later question their decision.
“Is that loving God? she tells Alex Zielinski rhetorically. “Is that loving your neighbor as yourself?”
But she is just getting started. “There is a reverence for life that happens in this clinic,” Rev. Young pronounced. “And the decision to get an abortion is often a really, really, spiritual decision. Even if someone personally wouldn’t get an abortion, they should at least understand this.”
Who is the “neighbor” closest to the pregnant woman? Her baby.
Is using steel tools to tear apart a well-developed unborn child by brute force an act of love?
Is God honored, let alone loved, when His children are killed because they are girls rather boys, “imperfect,” “unwanted,” or because their arrival is not penciled in on the day planner?
Would it be a “spiritual decision” if a woman (or a man) decided that birth is an arbitrary line of moral and legal demarcation and thus it is okay to kill the child a day later, or a week later, or a year later?
In what universe is this a satisfactory answer: “I wouldn’t personally murder my newborn, but I can at least understand how someone else would”?
Enough of this nonsense. Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Some ordained ministers are throwing their support behind abortion providers. Last week, for example, clergy for Episcopal and Methodist churches were among religious leaders who gathered in Cleveland to bless an abortion clinic.

“I’m here today standing alongside my fellow clergymen and clergywomen to say: thank God for abortion providers,” said Rev. Harry Knox, president and CEO of Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) which supports abortion rights and what it refers to as “abortion care.”
Knox, who is in a same-sex marriage, was the founding director of the Human Rights Campaign’s Religion and Faith Program, the first program director at Freedom to Marry, and executive director of Georgia Equality.
The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, blessed the abortion clinic, saying, “Bless this building. May its walls stand strong against the onslaught of shame thrown at it. May it be a beacon of hope for those who need its services.”
The blessing event outside the Preterm abortion clinic was arranged by Rev. Laura Young, a United Methodist minister who is executive director of RCRC’s Ohio chapter, reports the Columbus Dispatch. Young calls herself a “progressive theological thinker and a feminist,” and says her goals include urging more clergy members to advocate for organizations that provide abortions and contraception.
At the abortion clinic, clergy members held up signs that read, “Pro-Faith, Pro-Family, Pro-Choice.”
Chrisse France, executive director of Preterm said, “At a time when abortion care providers are under attack, we are so thankful to be surrounded by the faith community as they share their powerful voices in saying no to the shame and stigma.”
12000 Shaker Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44120.1922 
216.991.4000 or Toll Free 877.PRETERM (773.8376)
"At Preterm, we honor the faith and spirituality that our patients bring to their pregnancy decisions and abortion experience. Our Reflection Room, created as sacred space, is available for prayer and contemplation. It is stocked with books from several faith traditions. We also have collections of prayers, reflections, and rituals that our staff and our patients have found or created to provide comfort and meaning during this time. Our patient advocates are here to help every woman find the spiritual resources she needs to make her decision and to heal, including referrals to local pro-choice clergy.
People of many religions and faith traditions agree that a woman is a moral agent able and responsible for making decisions about sexuality, pregnancy, and childbearing according to her own conscience and her own relationship with her god or divine power. Historically, many clergy members helped women obtain abortions when laws made that difficult, and they worked to ensure safe, legal abortion for all women. Many major denominations and faith traditions have adopted clear statements in support of reproductive rights."
FROM: below in full unedited for informational, 
educational, and research purposes:
"Preterm opened its doors on March 15, 1974, a little more than a year after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion throughout the U.S. We offered abortion counseling and procedures through 10 weeks, for a fee of $160. We performed three abortions the first day. Our offices on Carnegie Ave. were designed to be homey and comfortable, decked out in golds and browns rather than clinical white.
The founders and original staff were committed women’s health activists who had previously worked with Cleveland Women’s Counseling (CWC). CWC provided health & birth control information, abortion counseling, and referrals to out-of-state clinics they had visited and approved. After Roe, this core group became concerned that no existing agency would step up to provide supportive abortion services in Cleveland, so they decided to do it themselves. In partnership with the Preterm Institute, a Boston nonprofit, they began to plan a clinic that would confirm the dignity of women and guarantee their freedom to make choices about their lives.
It was their vision that Preterm Cleveland would be:
  • A model built on health, not sickness
  • A place where women would receive affirmation and support, from both staff and each other
  • A facility in which participating physicians could take pride
  • A place where counseling would support and educate each patient
  • A service that would be nonprofit, tax exempt, and inexpensive
  • A center that would be ethical, caring and humane both for the patients and for the staff.
The clinic has been guided by these values ever since.
Under the leadership of original executive director Carolyn Buhl and her successor, Chrisse France, who took over in 1999, Preterm has continued to provide the highest quality abortion care, to participate in important studies to advance the field, and to educate and advocate for reproductive health and freedom.
Some of the highlights of our history include:
  • 1974 Preterm successfully joined the ACLU and NOW as plaintiff against the State Auditor in order to force payment for abortion services for women on Medicaid.
  • 1975 Research conducted with Preterm patients was written up by Dr. Sam Lane and Dr. John Wilson (CSU Psychology department) in “Conceptualizing the Abortion Decision and Moral Reasoning: Implications for Counseling.”
  • 1976 Preterm and the ACLU successfully fought the first attempted Ohio parental consent law.
  • 1983 After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the law requiring that second trimester abortions be performed in a hospital, Preterm began offering abortion services through 16 weeks; shortly thereafter through 17.5 weeks.
  • 1989 Human chains kept clinic doors open and more than 100 people were arrested during the summer of "Operation Rescue."
  • 1992 Faced with losing our longtime lease, Preterm embarked on a major capital campaign and eventually purchased a derelict building on Shaker Blvd. (where we moved in 1994).
  • 1995 & 1998 Preterm participated in clinical trials of RU486 & mifepristone, “the abortion pill.”
  • 1997 Preterm established the Gerson-Britton endowment to guarantee funding for medically indigent patients.
  • 2004 Preterm acted as a Cleveland co-sponsor of the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC. Ten buses from Cleveland, including half of Preterm’s staff, attended. 
  • 2006 “In Their Shoes,” dramatic readings from the journals kept in Preterm waiting rooms, performed by Dobama Theatre actors, premiered at a June fundraising event.
  • 2007 Preterm launched a three-year “Act Boldly, Live Gently” plan to transform the clinic into an energy efficient, sustainable healthcare facility. 
  • 2009 To further assist women in need of pregnancy options, Preterm began offering open adoption services in partnership with the Spence-Chapin agency in New York.
  • 2010 will be another big year ... We are submitting application for LEED-EB (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings) certification, participating in important studies and education initiatives, and sponsoring an abortion speak-out to combat stigma, all while continuing to provide compassionate, high-quality abortion services."

Autopsy Report Reveals Abortion Patient’s Hemorrhage Not Detected in Time

Pro-life Groups demand that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor launch criminal investigation of Cleveland’s Preterm abortion facility.
"Then there’s Preterm abortionist Lisa Perriera (pictured above), quoted by NPR. Perriera was at the epicenter of Wilson’s abortion catastrophe. According to the EMT report, she applied a pediatric mask to Wilson. I’ve been in my share of codes, and I can’t imagine this sort of glaring error ever happening. Click to enlarge:
Yes, it was her. From the DHHS investigator’s notes (click to enlarge)…
What else could she say? Incompetent. Also note the second yellow highlighted section in the EMT report: “EMS unable to utilize backboard or intubate pt in the building due to the elevator being so small that EMS had to sit the pt up on the cot and ventilate pt in a sitting position.” That’s exactly why there should be abortion clinic regulations. Precious minutes were lost as EMTs had to scramble to reposition Wilson on the gurney and then delay intubation. This wasn’t the first time Preterm’s elevator gave EMTs problems. The Preterm employee on this 2012 call gave the 911 operator a heads up that the elevator to their 3rd floor office was down (at 0:22), so EMTs had to carry a 300 pound bleeding post-abortive mother (at 2:35) down two flights of stairs. But Ludden quoted NARAL Ohio’s (located in the same building as Preterm, on the 4th floor) Kellie Copeland’s lament about the “relentless barrage of restrictions [that] has left providers feeling besieged.” Poor things."


(Friday Church News Notes, October 16, 2015,www.wayoflife.orgfbns@wayoflife.org866-295-4143) - 

Last week, 15 wrongheaded Protestant "ministers" and Jewish rabbis in Cleveland, Ohio, blessed the Preterm abortion clinic. "The Very Rev." Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, offered the following prayer: "Bless this building. May its walls stand strong against the onslaught of shame thrown at it. May it be a beacon of hope for those who need its services" ("Clergy Bless Preterm Clinic," Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, RCRC, Oct. 8, 2015). This was addressed to the God of non-judgmentalism who is OK with the murder of unborn children and is only concerned about the feelings of women. "Rev." Laura Young, a United Methodist minister who describes herself as a "progressive theological thinker and a feminist," says, "It breaks my heart to know women are sitting in pews across the country feeling shamed, believing they're cursed for making this decision. That's a question I get a lot on the phone. 'Am I going to hell?' When God instead is there to support women through it all" ("Clergy Bless Preterm Clinic," RCRC). TheColumbus Dispatch added this comment by Young: "As people of faith, we know that God's love is constant when a woman is deciding to have an abortion. God's love is with her the entire time" ("Clergy group blesses Cleveland abortion clinic," Columbus Dispatch, Oct. 8, 2015). God's love is unfathomable and is evident by the Son of God's atoning sacrifice on Calvary, but the thrice-holy God requires repentance of sin, and He does not overlook the murder of children. There are two parties involved in an abortion, the mother and the child. If there were no child, there would be no "mother." That this narcissistic generation thinks preeminently of one party, which is self, is a major sign of the times. "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy" (2 Timothy 3:1-2).


Jeb Bush's Feminist Operative, CNN Stooge & Sycophant of the Seemingly Powerful;
Lauren Rose Batchelder Doxed
Paid political operative of the GOP and a paid staff member 
of Team Jeb Bush.


Busted! GOP plant Doesn't Stump Trump

Jeb Bush And CNN Staged Event To Hurt Donald Trump

Trump Staged Attack by CNN Shows
Mental Illness Of The Left
Published on Oct 14, 2015
Alex Jones calls into the show to point out the mental illness of the left after CNN pulls another one of their staged news reports where they try to make trump look bad at one of his events with a Jeb Bush plant posing as a real feminist, fighting for her pro-choice stance right before the democrats take stage for their first presidential debate on the same network.


Riefenstahl in conversation with Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, 1937
Riefenstahl heard Nazi Party (NSDAP) leader Adolf Hitler speak at a rally in 1932 and was mesmerized by his talent as a public speaker. Describing the experience in her memoir, Riefenstahl wrote, "I had an almost apocalyptic vision that I was never able to forget. It seemed as if the Earth's surface were spreading out in front of me, like a hemisphere that suddenly splits apart in the middle, spewing out an enormous jet of water, so powerful that it touched the sky and shook the earth".
She said, 'Of course, you know, I'm really so misunderstood. I'm not political'".


Is Protesting Planned Parenthood Baby Butchery Hate?
Published on Oct 13, 2015
In Sioux Falls, SD, Christians and others gather at Planned Parenthood Abortuaries to protect the lives of babies. Are they filled with hate or do they love the people they are confronting? Is love silent?