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The retail giant Target has announced that it will now allow employees and customers to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds with their “gender identity.”
The corporate headquarters posted its announcement to its website on Tuesday, stating that it wished to outline its stance on the issue in light of discussions over recent laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi.
“Inclusivity is a core belief at Target. It’s something we celebrate,” Target officials wrote. “We stand for equality and equity, and strive to make our guests and team members feel accepted, respected and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day.”
The company then outlined that restrooms and fitting rooms in stores may be used in accordance with one’s preferred gender.
“In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. Most relevant for the conversations currently underway, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the company said.
Target also expressed its support for the federal Equality Act, a bill introduced in Congress last July that would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to “include sex, sexual orientation and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation.”
“Target proudly stands with the LGBT community through all that we do, from our partnerships with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), to our volunteer efforts, and even the products we sell,” Caroline Wanga, Target’s senior director of diversity and inclusion, said in a statement last September.
Company executives reiterated their support on Tuesday and said that recent laws on restroom use prompted them to provide their store policy publicly.
“We regularly assess issues and consider many factors such as impact to our business, guests and team members. Given the specific questions these legislative proposals raised about how we manage our fitting rooms and restrooms, we felt it was important to state our position,” Target’s announcement said.
Comments under the blog post were mixed, but with the majority expressing strong disapproval.
“I will no longer be shopping at Target,” one former customer wrote. “It is your right as a business to establish policies, but … you will also have to deal with the consequences.”
“I’m done too!” another stated. “I am not being respected when I have to share a restroom or fitting room with someone who is of the opposite sex!”
“I’m closing down my red card account and no longer shopping at Target. This is a privacy invasion and I’m am not comfortable with it!” a third remarked. “Plenty of other stores to shop at. You are losing a very loyal customer. Shopped there at least 5xs a week. Bye!”
As previously reported, Target has also expressed their support for homosexuality in their company advertisements, releasing a commercial in 2014 that features two lesbian women who are preparing a room for the arrival of a child.
“I’m Amanda, and I’m Cat,” the ad begins. “And we’re having a baby!”
Some noted that it is impossible for two women to have a baby and that the child has a father somewhere in the world.

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SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

The Matriarch of the pro-life, pro-family, Christian Right movement is the elegant stateswoman Phyllis Schlafly. She has no peer; there is no close second. At age 91, she remains the icon of America’s pro-life community.
Phyllis received her B.A. from Washington University, her J.D. from Washington University Law School, and she received her Master’s in Government from Harvard University. She worked her way through college on the night shift at the St. Louis Ordnance Plant testing .30 and .50 caliber ammunition by firing rifles and machine guns and as a laboratory technician investigating misfires and photographing tracer bullets in flight.
Mrs. Schlafly is an attorney admitted to the practice of law in Illinois, Missouri, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Supreme Court. She and her late husband are the parents of 6 children and the grandparents of 14 grandchildren. Phyllis personally taught all of her children to read before they started school.
It is no exaggeration to say that Phyllis is the single person most responsible for defeating the Equal Rights Amendment and has been one of the most influential personalities in politics over the last half-century. She founded her Eagle Forum organization in 1972, and today over 80,000 people claim membership.
One would think that the pedigree, accomplishments, and lifetime efforts of Mrs. Schlafly would speak so loudly and clearly that no one--not even her political adversaries--could question her sterling character and steadfast convictions. At age 91, and after all of her hard work, Phyllis should be enjoying the most happy fruits of her labor and the most heartfelt appreciation and respect of everyone who knows her--and especially of the Christian conservative community throughout this country.
Guess again.
As we speak, Phyllis Schlafly is the target of a hostile takeover by people within her own organization, including by her own daughter. They want Phyllis OUT. They want to throw her into the garbage bag like an old dishrag. After all of these years, after all she has done, after a lifetime of Herculean effort, they want Phyllis Schlafly GONE.
What, you ask, could be the awful sin, the horrific iniquity, the egregious act of malfeasance Phyllis could have committed to warrant such an attack? Answer: she endorsed Donald Trump for president.
Mind you, these attacks are not coming from the ACLU or the SPLC. They are coming from Christian conservatives within Eagle Forum. And from a political perspective, the people who want to destroy Mrs. Schlafly are, guess who: the Ted Cruz supporters, that’s who.
See this report:
Ted Cruz’s base of support is comprised mostly of Israel-First evangelical Christians. Prophecy preachers from all over America have declared Ted to be God’s “anointed” presidential candidate. These end-time evangelicals see Ted Cruz as their Elijah or John the Baptist to usher in the Millennial Kingdom. However, the fact that Cruz’s supporters are attacking Mrs. Schlafly in such a vile and vicious manner, shows that hell, not heaven, is in their hearts.
I am reminded of the words of King David: “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” (Psalms 120:7 KJV)
Whether people agree with Schlafly’s decision to endorse Donald Trump is NOT the issue. To target Phyllis as an “enemy” because of her endorsement is the grossest and most vile attempt at character assassination that I can possibly imagine. Agree with her or not, Phyllis Schlafly is a paragon of integrity.
This leads to a very serious and all-too-common current reality: a sizeable percentage of our so-called “Christian” community is filled with a heart of hatred and war. They like to talk about peace and love, but what they are really about is war and hate.
I can’t keep from saying “I told you so” at this point.
When G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney began their propaganda war against Iraq and Afghanistan, I told my radio audience, “Because G.W. Bush professes to be a Christian, and because he has so much support from within the Christian community, Bush is going to change the definition and character of the word ‘Christian’ in this country forever.” And that is EXACTLY what has happened. Ted Cruz is picking up right where G.W. Bush left off.
The Christian standard used to be “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Today the standard is “Blessed are the warmongers.” These Bush/Cruz, Israel-First cultists are prepared to not only blow up the Arab world, they are prepared to blow up Eagle Forum or any other organization or personality that does not subscribe to their brand of Israel-First obsession. Believe me, if these divisive, hate-filled “Christians” could get away with it, they would be as bloodthirsty and violent as any Muslim terrorist. But since they are unable to behead people such as Phyllis Schlafly or Chuck Baldwin, however, they set out with all malice to destroy our work and reputations. Yes, I am dealing with many of these same hate-filled “Christians,” too.
And I know that many of my brethren will recoil when they hear me say what I’m going to say, but I have analyzed and studied this phenomenon for many years now, and there is a DEFINITE common denominator.
I’m talking about decades of church splits; pastors being savagely and mercilessly attacked from inside the church; pastors’ families being destroyed by members of their own congregations; and the most bitter, divisive, backstabbing, meddlesome, tale-bearing, discordant, mean-spirited actions and attitudes on the planet. All in the name of Christianity. All in the name of love. All in the name of Bible doctrine. All in the name of Jesus Christ. All in the name of truth.
What is the common denominator? Almost without exception these haters and destroyers are Israel-First, end-time prophecy zealots.
I cannot imagine another presidential candidate’s supporters attacking someone such as Phyllis Schlafly like the Cruz supporters are now doing. It is Ted Cruz’s supporters who are engaging in this attempted destruction of America’s First Lady of The Pro-Life Movement, Phyllis Schlafly. And again, Ted Cruz is Mr. Christian Zionist. Cruz is to politics what John Hagee is to religion.
Ted Cruz claims to be pro-life, but he is allowing his supporters to crucify the most influential pro-life American of the last half-century, Phyllis Schlafly.
Remember, Ted Cruz is the one who is promising to “make the sand glow” in the Arab states--except not in Saudi Arabia, of course. Meaning he wants the United States to launch nuclear missiles against millions of innocent men, women, and children throughout the Middle East. Again, all in the name of Christian love. No, that’s not exactly true: all in the name of ISRAEL and all in the name of Bible prophecy. And if he’s elected president, I’m sure he would make good on his promise.
After over 40 years of labor and leadership in the liberty and Christian movements, and having personally witnessed the massive amount of death and destruction inflicted upon untold thousands of good and honorable men and women at the hands of these calloused and calculating beasts of prey, it is now (finally) becoming apparent what is behind all of this devastation. It is the same enemy that is trying to destroy Phyllis Schlafly.
When the spirit of hatred and war take over the heart, no one is safe. Not even friends.
Please pray for Phyllis Schlafly.
P.S. Once again, I invite readers to obtain my four message series entitled “The Church And Israel.” It is available on ONE DVD. Titles include:
*The Presentation And Rejection of The King
*“An High Priest For Ever After The Order of Melchisedec”
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*Christ’s Last Words To Israel
This series of messages will help people understand why the modern Zionist state of Israel can hold no claim to the promise given to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 and why the “Israel-First” theology of John Hagee and so many others is egregious Biblical error. And readers should also understand that I came to these conclusions after being trained in “Israel-First” theology and believing and preaching it for most of my life. But the longer I preached it, the more dissatisfied I became with it. I knew something wasn’t right. And the more I studied the matter, the more I came to repudiate what I now know is patently false doctrine.
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