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Sacramento County is warning residents about high levels of E. coli in the lower American River after testing showed nine of 11 sites were above acceptable levels at some point since the start of the year. E. coli contamination at Tiscornia Beach and Discovery Park’s Steelhead Creek were particularly abhorrent, according to results from the Central Valley Water Board​. At times in February and March, E. coli levels were more than seven times the contamination threshold. So far, no one has reported becoming sick due to the elevated levels, the water board said.

2017: Sacramento County Considers Spending Millions On American River Parkway Homeless

The politically incorrect pollution crisis progressives won’t talk about
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.
California’s gold rush began when gold was discovered on a fork of the American River. Its end can also be found on the American River which no longer contains gold, but instead high levels of E. coli bacteria.
The cause of the contamination is only a mystery to the political establishment in the nearby capital.
"A grocery sack containing what appeared to be human feces hung from a branch over the American River," a recent Sacramento Bee story began.
The American River had been named by John Sutter. The Swiss immigrant went bankrupt when his land was overrun by gold prospectors. The new invaders aren’t trying to get rich. They already are. The benevolence of the state’s government in Sacramento means that they get everything for free.
Sutter’s son had founded Sacramento. And Sacramento’s Democrat majority is ‘unfounding’ California. Now the filth of its social welfare policies is fouling the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers, where explorers once marveled at an expansive landscape, vagrants have set up tent cities.
E. coli levels at beaches are supposed to be at 88 or below, and anything over 1,000 is supposed to lead to a beach closure. At 500, there’s a 10% chance of gastroenteritis and a 4% risk of febrile respiratory disease. But at Discovery Park, the numbers went as high as 2419.6 in December 2019.
The E.coli levels had climbed so high that labs could no longer even properly measure them.
Discovery Park is a convenient getaway for Sacramentans. More recently however, visitors describe mountains of trash, waste, and needles. “Don't walk, wade or swim without shoes, used needles have been strewn throughout the park,” one Californian wrote. “I found crack heads, hookers, and crazy people screaming obscenities and throwing punches at anyone who came too close,” another described.
"I have been threatened by homeless trying to hit me, bitten by a homeless person’s dog," one intrepid visitor reported. "I have seen cleanup crews load as many as 4 bins the size of railroad cars with trash and it still isn't enough."
Sacramento County has put up signs warning people to wash their hands after touching the water and not to drink the water or even swim if they have open cuts, while blaming the E. coli contamination on bacteria from the “intestines of mammals – from wildlife to humans”. While that’s scientifically true, it isn’t the bears or the beavers that turned the river into a foul stew of bacteria. It’s the people.
Californians are swimming and tubing in water that Democrat politicians have made hazardous.
The environmental movement was built on claims of pollution, real or false, before leaving behind the field of actual health risks to people for science fiction fantasies about planetary destruction, ice ages and global warming. Meanwhile at Tiscornia Beach, at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers, the EPA’s threshold, a level of contamination that would make 32 out of 1,000 people sick, had been repeatedly exceeded. A professor referred to samples of the river water as “diluted sewage”.
That’s a problem considering that the American River is used to provide drinking water to Sacramento.
But officials will spend the next three to four years gathering samples to understand the problem.
What can happen to the swimmers, campers, and boaters while the officials spend years gathering samples and shifting blame for the problem?
This summer, a Shigella outbreak infected multiple people on the Santa Ana River. Shigella is potentially fatal. The Downey Park area was shut down for a week over the summer. After a week, the authorities insisted that there was probably nothing wrong with the river, but warned everyone to wash their hands after touching the river. Just not in the river which has homeless encampments nearby.
One obvious concern is that the Santa Ana River is used for drinking water across Orange County. While that water supply in Orange County is unlikely to be affected by the water pollution near Downey Park, the contamination is a warning that the homeless problem is not just a threat to campers and swimmers. Rivers like these are vast and have natural cleansing mechanisms, but everything has a limit.
The Sacramento River provides 31 percent of California’s water supply. The American River is a crucial elements of Sacramento’s water supply. The Santa Ana River is vital to Orange County’s water resources.
No part of any body of water from which drinking water is drawn should consist of “diluted sewage”.
The San Diego River is the largest local source of drinking water for San Diego County. Homeless encampments began to pop up alongside the San Diego River leading to piles of garbage and waste.
Earlier this year, the San Diego Water Board asked local agencies to, in the words of the local FOX affiliate, “curtail the flow of human fecal matter into the San Diego River.”
"It was surprising to find out there was actually a lot of human waste present in the San Diego River water shed," David Gibson, the Executive Officer of the Water Board, said. "There are organisms like noroviruses that cause massive illnesses on cruise ships that we're finding in our own water.”
Tracking the spread of infections caused by homeless waste is difficult. Most people don’t even associate bouts of stomach problems with a recent weekend swimming or boating on the water.
Or surfing.
In one study of 654 surfers, researchers noted a 3-fold increase in ear infections and a 5-fold increase in infected open wounds. Exposure to seawater had come to mean exposure to human fecal matter.
Surfing, the quintessential Californian sport, has been endangered by the state’s homeless policies.
The California lifestyle of beaches, swimming and surfing, hiking and camping, increasingly means risky contact with human waste. And the illnesses, from the merely gastrointestinal, to even more serious disease outbreaks, reflect the transformation of a prosperous state into a Third World country.
Environmentalists once obsessed over Love Canal. Today they ignore the contamination of California and the environmental hazards for families, especially children, because it’s politically incorrect.
While movies like Dark Waters depict corporate villains who cover up environmental catastrophes that harm families, in California, it’s the party of the environmentalists that has overseen an unprecedented environmental catastrophe that has affected some of the state’s major rivers and drinking supply.
And it’s the Democrats and their leftist organizations who have been covering up the threat.
No state is more obsessed with environmental virtue signaling than California. From windmills to solar panels, from plastic bag bans to straw bans, from a refusal to construct dams to putting fish ahead of farmers, Sacramento has imposed an environmentalist dystopia on its progressive populace.
Meanwhile Democrat social policies have left local children swimming in water that is diluted sewage.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Bart Barber is the pastor at FBC Farmersville and serves as a research fellow on the 
Democratic Wing of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Ethics and Religious Liberty 
Commission (ERLC). 
Run by a former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore, the organization works in tandem with George Soros on open borders and amnesty-centered immigration, lobbied for a Mosque to be built in New Jersey, has largely abandoned the fight against abortion, and exists to attack conservative Republican candidates for office while bilking Southern Baptists in the charade that they’re fighting for a conservative worldview. Instead, the ERLC is hosting Obama campaign staffers who created the blueprints for the Democrat Party’s takeover of the SBC.

The ERLC relies upon its lesser-known research fellows to serve as attack-dogs against conservative Republicans, which is well-documented. These men, like Barber, are lackeys and useful idiots who help to push the ERLC’s radical leftist agenda inside their churches.
Over the weekend, Barber hosted a radical Democrat leftist, feminist, and charismatic at his church, using the church’s stage as a podcast studio for Barber’s upcoming podcast debut that will be called the Plowshare Podcast.
How interesting and fun! Last night’s podcast recording with William Dwight McKissic Sr. was inspirational and informative. When it publishes, some aspects of the evening may surprise you.
Dwight McKissic is a Jessie Jackson-level race-baiter who uses his position as a token spokesman for progressives in the SBC to drive the convention to the left. McKissic proudly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, a rabidly pro-choice politician who believes in elective abortion up to the point of birth. McKissic, a tongue-speaking charismatic, resigned from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2007 over the matter of speaking ecstatic gobbledegook nonsense. Recently, McKissic lashed out at former president of SWBTS, Paige Patterson, accusing him of “racism” when, in fact, he was celebrating the hire of the SBC’s first black president (but that’s what race-baiters do). Then McKissic accused FBC Naples of “racism” because they didn’t hire a woefully unqualified (and liberal) black man. He attacked Founders Ministries for “sowing discord” for speaking up against the Social Gospel.
McKissic claims that it’s possible to vote for Democrats and still be pro-life. Like the ERLC, McKissic redefines what it means to be “pro-life” to support his baby-murdering political party.
McKissic is an egalitarian feminist and denounces the traditional Southern Baptist position on women preachers, debating Tom Ascol on the subject in 2019 and held to a radical position. In fact, McKissic likened SBC treatment toward women to the antebellum treatment of slaves. He’s repudiated esteemed revivalist preachers, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards, on the grounds that they were “racist,” questioning whether or not they were Heaven. At the same time, McKissic has venerated the homosexual sex-trafficking heretic, Martin Luther King, who denied the deity of Christ and his resurrection.
McKissic received an award from the hyper-charismatic New Apostolic Reformation organization, the Asuza Street Mission. Only the most outrageous charismatics get that award (other recipients include TD Jakes, Myles Munroe, and Lou Engle).
McKissic is notoriously anti-law enforcement and regularly attacks the reputations of police officers (and has cited Bart Barber as early as 2014 as a compatriot in his racist worldview). McKissic took part in the horrible anti-cop Ferguson riots. In fact, McKissic claims that “racial profiling exists in the SBC.” To counter this, McKissic demands affirmative action hiring in the SBC.
In defense of his choice to violate 2 John 1:10, Barber claimed that McKissic was “differently complementarian.”
This double-speak term is like saying that Karen Swallow Prior is “differently conservative.” McKissic believes that women should be performing pastoral functions, including preaching to men in the gathered assembly. He quibbles on the point of senior pastors (for now), which makes no matter of difference. He’s a functional egalitarian, not merely “differently complementarian.”
If you can’t see the doctrinal compromise in Bart Barber, you aren’t paying attention.
Bart Barber’s congregation, Farmersville First Baptist, is no doubt trusting of Barber, who has served them twenty years. Little do they know that their pastor is associated heavily with the most vehemently leftist, unbiblical, compromised change-agents in the Southern Baptist Convention. Little do they know that Barber is treating them like guinea pigs, slowly but surely putting them through leftist experimentation and, like the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water, is changing his and their own beliefs so slowly and subtly they do not see it.
The Bible does not tell us to “dialogue” with rank heretics and God-haters but to mark them and avoid them Romans 16:17. To bring one into the assembly, as Barber did, is a dereliction of his duty as a shepherd of God’s flock.
It’s never good to introduce your congregation to a wolf in the guise of only hearing them out.