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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
A Lighthouse Trails reader sent us an article this week from a Pacific Northwest newspaper* describing how members of a local church are changing the way they practice church and view Christianity, doing away with their traditional church methods and embracing what they call a “contemplative approach.” The article states that they were inspired, in part, to go in this direction from reading Diana Butler Bass’ book Christianity for the Rest of Us. 
It’s no wonder a church would head in the contemplative direction if congregants are turning to Butler Bass for spiritual nourishment. You may recall a Lighthouse Trails article in November of 2015 about Diana Butler Bass titled “New Spirituality Teacher Says ‘The Jig is Up’ to Those Who Believe in ‘the Blood of the Lamb.'”  Bass is a contemplative proponent, and like so many of her contemplative constituents who wander into the contemplative prayer world, her views toward the Cross and the atonement have become outright hostile; and those who adhere to the “blood of the lamb” and who cling to the old rugged Cross are seen as an enemy and hindrance to world peace and “restoration.”
Christianity for the Rest of Us is filled with the ideologies of contemplatives, emergents, and socialist-like figures such as  Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Eddie Gibbs, Marcus Borg, Joan Chittister, Parker Palmer, and her “friend” Brian McLaren. A prevailing theme in the book is “sitting in silence,” meditation, and contemplation. She says things like:
People need silence to find their way back to interior wisdom. They need a recovery of the contemplative arts of “thinking, meditating, ruminating.” (Kindle Locations 1789-1790).
True knowledge of the self, of love and meaning, comes only in silence. (Kindle Locations 1795-1796).
If this and other churches continue following the same path as Diana Butler Bass, they may also begin to embrace her view that “the jig is up” to those who believe in the “blood of the lamb.” Below is the article we wrote in 2015. If your church is reading books by authors such as Diana Butler Bass, please urge them to reconsider what they are doing.

New Spirituality Teacher Says “The Jig is Up” to Those Who Believe in “the Blood of the Lamb”

Every now and then something come along that presents our case in such a succinct and obvious way that we are compelled to share it with our readers with the hope it will leave no question as to how serious the present situation is with regard to Christianity in the Western world. Religious author Diana Butler Bass, who was one of the speakers at the [2015] Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, has written a book titled Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening. In it, she makes the stunning statement:
Conventional, comforting Christianity has failed. It does not work. For the churches that insist on preaching it, the jig is up. We cannot go back, and we should not want to. . . . In earlier American awakenings, preachers extolled “old-time religion” as the answer to questions about God, morality, and existence. This awakening is different . . . it is not about sawdust trails, mortification of sin [putting to death the old man], and being washed in the blood of the Lamb [the preaching of the Cross – emphasis ours]. The awakening going on around us is not an evangelical revival; it is not returning to the faith of our fathers or re-creating our grandparents church. Instead, it is a Great Returning to ancient understandings of the human quest for the divine. (pp. 36, 99).
Contrast this with 2 Corinthians 5: 18-21, which states:
And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;  to wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.
It could not be any more clear what’s at stake here. The term “the jig is up” is a slang term that has the connotation of someone being caught at doing something wrong. It has an intrinsically militant tone that is more or less saying “you’re not going to get away with this any longer.” By Butler Bass saying “the jig is up,” there is an underlying implication of a mounting consensus that backs up that statement, such as what Ray Yungen and others we know recently witnessed at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, where 14,000 people attended and where a clear animosity toward biblical Christians was prevalent.
Inside Diana Butler Bass’ book that so openly rejects the Cross and the atonement are the following glowing endorsements of people you have probably heard of:
She’s spot-on prophetic, compelling, and most important, hopeful. —Rob Bell, author of Love Wins
Join her in rebuilding religion from the bottom up!—Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation and author of Falling Upward
She has a good nose to sniff out crappy religion, but she also has the eyes to see new life budding from the compost of Christendom. Shane Claiborne, mentored by Tony Campolo
Diana Butler Bass has a keen eye for what is happening in the Christian world these days— so keen, she is able to see through the bad news for the good news that is emerging. Parker Palmer
Bass as one of our foremost commentators on twenty-first century Christianity.—Marcus Borg
I expect (and hope) that this will be the must-read ‘church book’ for every Christian leader— clergy and lay— for years to come.” —Brian D. McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity and Naked Spirituality
We hope our readers will pass this information onto to many they know and pray it may jolt quite a number of people out of complacency or even skepticism into the realization that what we’ve been reporting on these past nearly 14 years is actually occurring.
What Butler Bass refers to as the “ancient understandings of the human quest for the divine” is what the apostle Paul called the mystery of iniquity. This is where man is deceived by familiar spirits (demons) into believing that man is God.
And when it comes to the preaching of the Cross, Diana Butler Bass, Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Richard Rohr, and Shane Claiborne are wrong. On the contrary to what they believe, the preaching of the Cross DOES work. People ARE reconciled to God when they are washed in the blood of the lamb. In other words, they’re not just wrong, they are terribly tragically wrong.
And they [the saints of Jesus Christ] overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Revelation 12:11)

*Note: Because our reader is hoping to reach out to this church with some information, we are not naming the church or the city.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Philip Gray
(Freelance writer and defender of the faith)
pope francis
Pope Francis during a Mass, holding up the wafer that is said to have the presence of Jesus in it after transubstantiation
October 31, 2017 is being commemorated by many Protestant groups as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Many groups are using the occasion to suggest that there is no need for a Protestant Reformation any longer, and Protestants and Catholics can and should now unify, if not in name, then at least in mission and faith. Ecumenical events are taking place across the globe to supposedly celebrate the Reformation, but in reality, many of these are efforts to break down the walls that divide Protestanism and Catholicism. The Catholic Church insists there is no need for a Reformation any more because the Catholic Church, it says, is now in agreement doctrinally with Protestanism in many areas. While the motive by the Catholic Church of making such claims is highly questionable (e.g., to ultimately win back the “lost brethren” to the “Mother Church”), there is one area (and it is perhaps the most significant of all because it has to do with salvation) that the Catholic Church does not and will not ever claim to be the same, and that is in the Eucharist (i.e., the sacraments, the Mass). For if there was no Eucharist and Mass, there would be no Catholic Church. If you do not understand what the Catholic Eucharist is, then be sure to read some of the material* by Lighthouse Trails regarding this. In a nutshell, the Eucharist is the practice and belief that the real presence of Jesus is in the communion wafer (an event the Catholic Church refers to as  Transubstantiation that can only be performed by a Catholic priest), which is to be consumed by the sinner in order for his sins to be forgiven. It is, in essence, a recrucifying of Christ as if Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross was not sufficient (which is contrary to Scripture that talks about the “finished” work on the Cross.”
One thing that is not being brought up in many of these Reformation events this year is the many people who died at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church for refusing to believe in the Eucharistic Christ. In honor of those who were martyred because they would not bow the knee to a false gospel, below are posted the stories of two martyrs who died at the hands of the Catholic Church because they refused to take the Mass and believe that Jesus Christ was in a wafer. These are direct quotes from the Lighthouse Trails edition of  Foxe’s Book of Martyrs:
Martyrdom of William Hunter (martyred at 19 years old in 1555)
William Hunter had been trained in the doctrines of the Reformation from his earliest youth, being descended from religious parents who carefully instructed him in the principles of true religion. When Hunter was but nineteen years of age he refused to receive the communion at Mass and was brought before the bishop.
Bonner caused William to be brought into a chamber where he began to reason with him, promising him security and pardon if he would recant. Nay, he would have been content if he would have gone only to receive communion and to confession, but William would not do so for all the world.
Upon this the bishop commanded his men to put William in the stocks in his gate house, where he sat two days and nights with a crust of brown bread and a cup of water only, which he did not touch.
At the two days’ end, the bishop came to him and finding him steadfast in the faith, sent him to the convict prison and commanded the keeper to lay upon him as many irons as he could bear. He continued in prison three quarters of a year, during which time he had been before the bishop five times.
Then the bishop, calling William, asked him if he would recant and finding he was unchangeable, pronounced sentence upon him that he should go from that place to Newgate for a time, and thence to Brentwood, there to be burned.
About a month afterward, William was sent down to Brentwood where he was to be executed. On coming to the stake, he knelt down and read the Fifty-first Psalm, until he came to these words, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.”
William now cast his Psalter into his brother’s hand, who said, “William, think on the holy passion of Christ and be not afraid of death.” “Behold,” answered William, “I am not afraid.” Then he lifted up his hands to heaven, and said, “Lord, Lord, Lord, receive my spirit;”and casting down his head again into the smothering smoke, he yielded up his life for the truth, sealing it with his blood to the praise of God.
Mrs. Joyce Lewes (died 1557)
This lady was the wife of Mr. T. Lewes of Manchester. She had received the Romish religion as true, until the burning of that pious martyr Mr. Saunders at Coventry. Understanding that his death arose from a refusal to receive the Mass, she began to inquire into the ground of his refusal and her conscience, as it began to be enlightened, became restless and alarmed. In this inquietude she resorted to Mr. John Glover, who lived near, and requested that he would unfold those rich sources of gospel knowledge he possessed, particularly upon the subject of transubstantiation. He easily succeeded in convincing her that the tomfoolery of popery and the Mass were at variance with God’s most holy Word, and honestly reproved her for following too much the vanities of a wicked world. It was to her indeed a word in season, for she soon became weary of her former sinful life and resolved to abandon the Mass and idolatrous worship. Though compelled by her husband’s violence to go to church, her contempt of the holy water and other ceremonies was so manifest that she was accused before the bishop for despising the Sacraments.
A citation addressed to her immediately followed, which was given to Mr. Lewes, who, in a fit of passion, held a dagger to the throat of the officer and made him eat it, after which he caused him to drink it down and then sent him away. But for this the bishop summoned Mr. Lewes before him as well as his wife; the former readily submitted, but the latter resolutely affirmed that in refusing holy water, she neither offended God nor any part of His laws. She was sent home for a month, her husband being bound for her appearance, during which time Mr. Glover impressed upon her the necessity of doing what she did, not from self-vanity but for the honor and glory of God.
Mr. Glover and others earnestly exhorted Lewes to forfeit the money he was bound in rather than subject his wife to certain death; but he was deaf to the voice of humanity and delivered her over to the bishop, who soon found sufficient cause to consign her to a loathsome prison, whence she was several times brought for examination. At the last time the bishop reasoned with her upon the fitness of her coming to Mass and receiving as sacred the Sacrament and sacramentals of the Holy Ghost. “If these things were in the Word of God,” said Mrs. Lewes, “I would with all my heart receive, believe, and esteem them.” The bishop, with the most ignorant and impious effrontery, replied, “If you will believe no more than what is warranted by Scriptures, you are in a state of damnation!” Astonished at such a declaration, this worthy sufferer ably rejoined that his words were as impure as they were profane.
After condemnation she lay a twelvemonth in prison, the sheriff not being willing to put her to death in his time. When her death warrant came from London, she sent for some friends whom she consulted in what manner her death might be more glorious to the name of God and injurious to the cause of God’s enemies. Smilingly, she said: “As for death, I think lightly of it. When I know that I shall behold the amiable countenance of Christ my dear Saviour, the ugly face of death does not much trouble me.” The evening before she suffered, two priests were anxious to visit her, but she refused both their confession and absolution when she could hold a better communication with the High Priest of souls. About three o’clock in the morning, Satan began to shoot his fiery darts by putting into her mind to doubt whether she was chosen to eternal life, and Christ died for her. Her friends readily pointed out to her those consolatory passages of Scripture which comfort the fainting heart and point to the Redeemer who takes away the sins of the world.
About eight o’clock the sheriff announced to her that she had but an hour to live. She was at first cast down, but this soon passed away, and she thanked God that her life was about to be devoted to His service. The sheriff granted permission for two friends to accompany her to the stake—an indulgence for which he was afterward severely handled. Mr. Reniger and Mr. Bernher led her to the place of execution; because of its far distance, her great weakness, and the press of the people, she nearly fainted. Three times she prayed fervently that God would deliver the land from popery and the idolatrous Mass; and the people for the most part, as well as the sheriff, said Amen.
When she had prayed, she took the cup, (which had been filled with water to refresh her,) and said, “I drink to all them that unfeignedly love the gospel of Christ and wish for the abolition of popery.” Her friends and a great many women of the place drank with her, for which most of them afterward were enjoined penance.
When chained to the stake her countenance was cheerful and the roses of her cheeks were not abated. Her hands were extended towards heaven until the fire rendered them powerless, when her soul was received into the arms of the Creator. The duration of her agony was but short; as the under-sheriff, at the request of her friends, had prepared such excellent fuel that she was in a few minutes overwhelmed with smoke and flame. The case of this lady drew a tear of pity from everyone who had a heart not callous to humanity.
(These two stories are taken from the Lighthouse Trails edition of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, which is an unaltered version from John Foxe’s account. See note below about the LT edition.)

Publisher’s Note from the LT edition: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs was first published five hundred years ago. Today, there are many editions of this book available. When Lighthouse Trails decided to start offering this book to our readers, we began our search for a suitable edition. Much to our dismay, we discovered that many of the current editions were compromised in one form or another. For example, in one edition by a Christian publisher, front page endorsements included the names of those who promote contemplative spirituality and/or the emerging church. When one realizes that contemplative/emerging spirituality embraces some of the very same beliefs that Foxe’s martyrs opposed to the point of suffering cruel persecution and death, it is most troubling and misleading to see these names in the cover of an edition of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.
In another edition we reviewed, the book was among a special set of “Christian classics.” We were once again perplexed to see that some of the other books in that series were written by contemplative mystics.
And yet another edition, published by a secular publisher, advertised mystical and occult practices on the back cover.
Finally, after an unsuccessful search, Lighthouse Trails decided to publish our own edition of this truly incredible and unforgettable account.
And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3: 17

*You do not have to buy material from Lighthouse Trails to gain information on these topics as there are many many articles on this blog that can be read and even printed and shared with friends and family.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
From FreedomProject Media:
Students as young as 11-years old in a suburb of Atlanta were forced to complete “homework” and a “quiz” dealing with “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” — even after their parents tried to “opt out.” According to news reports, outraged parents apparently did not realize what government schools were “teaching” these days.
The controversial homework assignment, handed out in Georgia's DeKalb County School District, included questions about the proper terminology used to refer to men who are attracted to men (“gay”), women who are attracted to women (“lesbian”), and people who are attracted to both men and women (“bisexual”).
Students were also expected to know that “queer” is a “broad term that can include gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, as well as others who don't identify as straight.” Meanwhile, a “person who identifies as a woman” is apparently supposed to be referred to as a “female” (even if this person is a male) and “a person who identifies as a man” is supposedly a “male,” even if this person has female chromosomes.
Apparently, to the gender theorists, homosexual attractions are inborn and immutable, while biological chromosomes can be overridden based on how a person chooses to “identify.”
To read the rest of the article, click here.

A Public School Transgender Agenda Alert: 
A Wake Up Call for Christians
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Lois Putnam
For whosoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depths of the sea. (Matthew 10:6)
Perhaps, you’ve heard of the Sacramento, California charter school Rocklin Academy where a kindergarten teacher read the transgender picture book I Am Jazz, and who, after reading it, presented a little boy to the class as now being a little girl.  You can imagine how perplexing and unsettling this incident was to these little ones, as well as to their uninformed parents.
Recently, a board meeting at the school caused a huge confrontation between upset parents and a defensive teacher and school board.  In the end, the board boldly asserted that topics dealing with “gay, lesbian and transgender issues” are open for discussion at Rocklin, and that parents may not always be notified before such discussions occur. The board also maintained that opting out of these discussions promotes a “discriminatory environment … prohibited by law.”
With this incident in mind here are some questions:  What exactly is in this innocuous looking picture book I Am Jazz?  Who are its authors?  What organizations are supporting this book?  How should Christian parents, and teachers respond? Will you be an upstander or a bystander? To answer these questions and more, here is a brief review of the book, the so-called “essential tool for parents and teachers.”

I Am Jazz-- Co-Author Jessica Herthel

Jessica Herthel, its co-author, is a Broward County, Florida  mom of three, and an all-out advocate of the transgender agenda.  Herthel, having met Jazz's mom at a community function, soon formed a friendship with her and her little boy who became "a trans girl" renamed "Jazz." Herthel then went on to co-write the book, along with Jazz, telling what it is like to be a trans kid.

As a result of writing I Am Jazz Herthel has become a recognized LGBTQ advocate on many fronts.  It began with her volunteering for the Florida Broward County Schools (sixth largest district in the USA) where soon she was designing inclusive lesson plans, and purchasing diverse books for elementary classrooms.  Later, she became the primary content editor of "Broward County's LGBTQ Critical Support Guide" presented to all district administrators in 2014.  After, Herthel worked as the Education Director at the Stonewall National Museum and Archives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  which is a nonprofit that shares the culture of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and the role they play in society.

Beyond Florida Herthel travels nationwide spreading the trans kids agenda using I Am Jazz as a jumping off point.  This message has taken her to such diverse places as: Mt. Horeb Public Library, Mt. Horeb, WI (The Mt. Horeb School System refused to allow her to read I Am Jazz in a public school setting so it was read in the public library.); Temple Bat Yahm, New Port Beach, CA (This is a welcoming Jewish congregation for all including the LGBT community.); and The Human Rights Campaign "Time to Thrive" Conference in Dallas, TX. (HRC partnered with the National Education Association and the American Counseling Association to reach out to LBGTQ Youth).
It must be noted the Human Rights Campaign considers Jazz Jennings their foundation "Youth Ambassador."  Coming this December 7, 2017 HRC is sponsoring an "I Am Jazz: School and Community Readings" all over the nation at many venues.  Besides, HRC has a web site with lesson plans to aid in creating LBGTQ-inclusive schools.  Its "Top 10 Books for a Welcoming School" includes I Am Jazz and an accompanying lesson.   Readers, I would urge you, to click on this site to view this invasive school agenda--while it gives the appearance of being about safe schools and stopping bullying, much of the its materials are about other causes.

I Am Jazz--Its Transgender Agenda

I Am Jazz ( Ages 4-8) is "a picture book lure," based on the actual life experiences of Jazz Jennings
designed to be read to preschool through grade three introducing them to transgender ideas.  Herthel begins by presenting Jazz as a "girl" whose favorite color is pink, and who likes girly things like drawing, dancing, and putting on make up.  Most of all Jazz is mesmerized by "mermaids."

Now, Jazz's best friends are Casey and Samantha with whom Jazz plays dress up in high heels and princess gowns.  They also do fun things like turning cart wheels, or jumping on trampolines.  However, as a "sad-faced Jazz" says, "But, I'm not exactly like Samantha and Casey."

To explain, there's a page of kids' drawings showing a very unhappy Jazz.  Below this, Herthel unleashes these troubling sentences:  "I have a girl brain, but a boy body.  This is called transgender.  I was born this way."

Herthel records Jazz's transition saga as a two year old boy starting with Jazz's mom saying he was a good boy, and him correcting her as he retorted, "No Mama.  Good GIRL!"  Herthel also writes, "At first my family was confused.  They'd always thought of me as a boy."   

The next pages show Jazz's brothers and sister.  His brothers comment that his dress up antics are "girls stuff;" while his sister comments that his girl thoughts, dreams, and ambitions made him "a funny kid."

Whenever, he went out, the text continues, his parents had him wear his "boy clothes" which made him mad!  One then hears this startling thought, "Pretending I was a boy felt like telling a lie."  Talk about confusion.  Just imagine a child's puzzlement to this thought.

Then came "an amazing day" when all was changed for his parents took him to a doctor who asked many questions.  There, says the text, he heard the word "transgender" for the first time.*  Listeners, at this point, have heard the term "transgender twice," and are now told this revelation was part of "an amazing day."

*  His parents heard the words: "Gender Dysphoria."

That night, relates Jazz, for the first time his parents told him to "Be who you are." This caused
him to smile and smile as he went to bed dressed in a girl's nightgown.  Do what you want, and whatever makes you happy is the sense one gets here, making one think of Judges 17:6 that reads, "... every man did that which was right in his own eyes." 

The book fast forwards to Jazz at school.  Here, like Jazz's family, his friends and teachers were "confused."  Upset with his teacher, Jazz found it hard to have to use the boy's bathroom, and be on the boy's teams.  Jazz longs to be with Casey and Samantha. Finally, the teachers change their minds allowing Jazz to use the girl's rest room and to play sports with the girls.

At this point Jazz shares how mean some of the children are.  "This," says Jazz, "makes me feel crummy."  Here of course, the teacher would stop and talk about not bullying, or making fun of someone who is different.  The listeners are made to take sides with Jazz for "being different like this is special!" To end, a beaming Jazz declares, "I am having fun.  I am proud.  I am Jazz."
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 How Uzbekistan became ripe recruiting territory for ISIS
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Sayfullo Saipov (shown), a native of Uzbekistan, is the sole suspect in a terrorist attack in New York that killed eight people and injured 12 others on October 31. All these casualties resulted from the driver — allegedly Saipov — intentionally driving a truck onto a bike path running along the Hudson River in lower Manhattan.
The slaughter came to an end only when Saipov crashed the pickup truck rented from Home Depot into a school bus, then stepped outside of the vehicle brandishing a paintball gun and a pellet gun, according to police. The location where the truck came to a stop was just four blocks north of the World Trade Center site.
Saipov was shot in the abdomen by a police officer and was transported to a hospital for treatment.

One official told ABC News that the suspect seemed “proud” of the attack.
In a meeting with reporters before a November 1 cabinet meeting, President Trump said he would consider sending Saipov to the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.
Reports from Good Morning America and the Washington Post cited a statement from a police official that Saipov had apparently been planning the attack for weeks.
“He did this in the name of ISIS, and along with the other items recovered at the scene [were] some notes that further indicate that,” the reports said, quoting John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism of the NYPD. “He appears to have followed almost exactly to a 'T' the instructions that ISIS has put out in its social media channels before ... to their followers on how to carry out such an attack.”
The Post cited Miller’s statement that Saipov had never been the subject of an FBI investigation or a New York police intelligence investigation.
However, according to an unnamed law enforcement official familiar with the current investigation, Saipov’s name had surfaced during an earlier Homeland Security probe into some of his friends.
Fox News reported that investigators have uncovered several pieces of evidence linking Saipov to ISIS. Fox News also cited Miller as saying that Saipov, who came to the United States in March 2010 through the Diversity Visa Program, had been planning the assault for “a number of weeks.” The alleged terrorist toured the bike path area and afterwards pursued his rampage “in the name of ISIS.” Miller also cited the notes left in the truck, which contained a pledge of allegiance to ISIS. The notes were handwritten and had symbols and Arabic words on them stating that the “Islamic State would endure forever.”
Shortly after the attack, President Trump called on Congress to immediately dismantle the State Department’s Diversity Visa Lottery program.
“Diversity lottery — sounds nice. It's not nice,” Trump told reporters at the White House during a meeting with his Cabinet. “It’s not good. It’s not good. It hasn't been good. We've been against it.”
The president added, “I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. I am going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program.”
Continuing, Trump said that terrorists are “constantly seeking to strike our nation,” and that keeping the nation safe will require the “unflinching devotion to our law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence professionals.”
“We have to get much tougher,” Trump said. “That was a horrible event and we have to stop it and we have to stop it cold. We also have to come up with a punishment that is far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now."
The president added that Saipov was the “point of contact for 23 people” that entered the United States.
“My administration is coordinating closely between federal and local officials to investigate the attack and to further investigate this animal who did the attacking,” Trump said.
Authorities are sure to look at whether the suspect visited Uzbekistan since he moved to the United States seven years ago, CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank said, citing a November 1 report from the news network. “There has been a significant problem with jihadism in Uzbekistan,” he stated.
Cruickshank said there are two large jihadi groups in the central Asian country. One of them is the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which is affiliated with ISIS.
Following the October 31 attack, the Australian-based Imam Mohammad Tawhidi tweeted that he had repeatedly warned New York Mayor Bill De Blasio about the terror threat in New York City, but that he was ignored. Tawhidi accused De Blasio of being more interested in undermining President Trump than in addressing the danger of terrorism.
In one tweet, Tawhidi stated: “About #NYC terrorist attack, I personally sent letters to Mayor De Blasio online & in person about terrorist breeding in NYC. He did nothing.”
“Not only am I a Muslim Imam who understands the threat of Islamic Extremism, I also hold a certificate in counter-terrorism. Now what!?” asked Tawhidi in another tweet.
Tawhidi is a Shiite Muslim of Iraqi origin. He has been the president of the Islamic Association of South Australia since its establishment in 2016.

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 Saipov had 3,800 ISIS images on his phone, 
note saying “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 Not that this has anything to do with Islam, right, Mr. Miller? New York Deputy Police 
Commissioner John Miller says, “This isn’t about Islam, this isn’t about the mosque he 
attends.” He is ignoring the reality in front of his face, and depriving himself of the
ability to understand Saipov’s motives and goals.
“Feds reveal what they found in NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov’s truck,” by Stefan Becket, CBS News, November 2, 2017:
NEW YORK — The suspect charged in Tuesday’s terrorist attack in lower Manhattan had two cell phones with 90 videos of propaganda about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and 3,800 images related to the terrorist group, prosecutors said.
In an affidavit filed in federal court on Wednesday, FBI agent Amber Tyree revealed what investigators discovered in the rental truck used to mow down 20 people along a bike lane in lower Manhattan, killing eight of them and seriously injuring 12.
Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old native of Uzbekistan, was charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization and using a vehicle to cause violence. Investigators say Saipov was inspired by ISIS to carry out the attack, the deadliest in New York since 9/11. The use of a truck to run over civilians closely mirrors similar attacks that have plagued Europe. ISIS has posted instructions and urged its followers to carry out such an attack on its propaganda channels online.
Saipov is said to have rented a pickup truck from a Home Depot in New Jersey before driving into Manhattan to carry out the attack. He traveled for nearly a mile down a bike lane next to the West Side Highway, coming to a stop only after he slammed into a schoolbus. He then exited the vehicle carrying a black bag, a pellet gun and a paintball gun, yelling “God is great” in Arabic. Saipov was soon shot by a police officer and taken into custody.
“Allahu akbar” does not mean “God is great.” It means “Allah is greater,” i.e., greater than your god. It is a declaration of superiority and supremacism.
Investigators detailed what they found in Saipov’s truck after the attack. Inside the black bag, which Saipov dropped after being shot, officers found three knives and a wallet containing a Florida driver’s license in Saipov’s name.
Inside the truck itself, police found two cellphones and a stun gun on the floor by the driver’s side seat.
They also discovered a note about 10 feet from the truck with English and Arabic writing, according to the affidavit. The Arabic writing said “No God but God and Muhammed is his Prophet” and “Islamic Supplication. It will endure,” the affidavit says, noting that the latter phrase is “commonly used to refer to ISIS.”
The FBI obtained a search warrant to search the two cellphones found inside the truck. The first phone was found to contain 90 videos of ISIS propaganda. Saipov told investigators from his hospital bed that he was inspired to carry out the attack after watching ISIS-related videos on his cellphone, according to the affidavit.
The videos described in the affidavit included footage of ISIS fighters running over a prisoner with a tank, a beheading video, and an instructional video about making a homemade explosive. About 3,800 images were also found on the phone, including many with the logo of ISIS’ propaganda arm and several of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group’s leader….
 Rogue Trucks Slay Hundreds Honking "Allahu Akbar" In The Past Few Years 
 Owen Shroyer exposes the lunacy of the liberal left when they call the Manhattan Islamic terror attack solely a truck attack, as if the truck committed the attack without a highly motivated driver.
 David Wood Had Predicted Vehicular Jihad 
On the Increase
Jihad Returns to New York City


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Pakistani authorities have been accused of failing to protect a 17-year-old Christian girl who for years has been sexually harassed and stalked by a Muslim man who threatened to throw acid on her.
How well has Pakistan been protecting its Christian population? Not at all, with its cruel blasphemy laws by which Christians are routinely harassed and set up on false blasphemy charges by Muslims.
According to human rights lawyers, “Pakistani Christian girls have been abducted, raped and forced to marry their rapists….The abducted girls are forced to convert to Islam, which makes their subsequent marriages legal under Pakistani law.”

“Muslim Stalker Threatens Pakistani Christian Girl With Acid Attack for Not Marrying Him,” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post, November 1, 2017:
Pakistani authorities have been accused of failing to protect a 17-year-old Christian girl who for years has been sexually harassed and stalked by a Muslim man who threatened to throw acid on her.
The British Pakistani Christian Association said Tuesday that the girl, Samina Iqbal from the town of Rawalpindi, has been heckled since 2013 by a man 10 years her senior who is trying to get her to marry him.
Iqbal said the man has been “accosting her daily on her way to school.”
From her account, according to BPCA, he would often block her path and demand that she speak with him and marry him.
The marriage proposals at the time went against Pakistani law, which states that a bride should be at least 16 years of age, BPCA noted.
The teenager explained that the man would wait for her every day on her way to school.
“For Samina, however, the chance of meeting with him filled her with fear and dread, so much so that often she would stay at home and cry her day away having lost all hope,” BPCA added, noting that the man would also sit outside her house and yell her name.
After family talks with the man failed, Iqbal stopped attending school and did not leave her home for an entire year, becoming seriously ill and depressed.
The BPCA said the suspect has even pulled a dagger and chased away a police officer who wanted to talk to him about the case.
The watchdog group said that police have failed to deal with the man despite his threats, including one instance in which he threatened to throw acid on Iqbal.
The ongoing harassment has forced the Christian teenager to leave her job and see a number of opportunities for a better life cut off.
“It’s sad to hear how this Christian girl has lost her ambitions and dreams of a brighter future, because fear of an impending and looming attack has left her so disheveled. Samina should have the freedom to live as she wants and this man should be punished. He has left her without an education and has destroyed a promising career,” said BPCA Officer Mehwish Bhatti.
Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the BPCA, added: “Once again the police services provided in Pakistan are brought to disrepute simply for failing comply with their own protocol. The indiscipline and lack of empathy shown for Samina and her family is indicative of the low value placed on Christian lives.”
“Sexual harassment is not new to Pakistani authorities, nor is the blatant ignoring of submitted complaints which actually follows a very usual pattern,” he said.
“Our lead officer will be raising this new sexual harassment case with senior police officials and we hope to get a crime registered, however it should not be the duty of NGO’s to galvanize police response.”
The watchdog group has started a fund to support Iqbal’s family.
Hundreds of Christian girls are kidnapped and forced into Islamic marriage each year in Pakistan.
Several cases have made international news in the past couple of years, including one from April 2016 when five Christian girls were taken from their parents and forced to convert to Islam.
“In April in the area of Kasur alone, five Christian girls were kidnapped and converted to Islam and forced to marry their captors. These girls are denied the legal protection of individual rights,” Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a lawyer with Legal Evangelical Association Development in Pakistan, said at the time.
Christians in Pakistan reported in July 2016 of a father seeking justice for his 16-year-old Christian daughter who was sexually assaulted by Muslim attackers in Sheikhupura, Punjab.
Other groups, such as International Christian Concern, have warned that authorities too often side with rapists in such cases.
“There are many such instances of persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslims in Pakistan…….


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that after decades of being under the control of “anti-Christian, internationalist powers” the country needs a government “based on the teachings of Christ” which “made Europe and the Hungarians great”.
The indomitable Hungarian leader Viktor Orban resolutely proclaims and advocates for Europe’s history and legacy of human rights and democracy, without apology and without fear of being branded an “Islamophobe.” Note that he does not exclude other faiths and cultures, but he will nonetheless likely (and wrongly) be branded a bigot.

“Hungary: Governments Should Be ‘Dedicated to Christian Values’ that Made Europe Great”, by Victoria Friedman, Breitbart, November 1, 2017:
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that after decades of being under the control of “anti-Christian, internationalist powers” the country needs a government “based on the teachings of Christ” which “made Europe and the Hungarians great”.
Speaking at a celebratory event marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the conservative Fidesz party leader said that it was a duty of his government to protect “the ways of life that have their roots in Christianity”, including human dignity, the family, the nation, and faith communities, adding that Christian Europe needs a spiritual and intellectual renewal.
After decades of oppression under Communist rule, the Hungarians’ emergence from the collapsed Soviet Empire led them to look to their Christian heritage to frame their constitution which begins: “God bless the Hungarians!”
Mr. Orbán told crowds assembled for the anniversary: “We are grateful that the nation has united its strength, regained its feet and strengthened, […] that it has regained its vitality, its capacity for action and the desire to do great things.”
Making pointed remarks conveying his government’s scepticism of progressive doctrine, he added: “We are grateful that, instead of letting the current carry it, [Hungary] has chosen a cardinal point of the compass and a lodestar, it has charted a course, and it is creating a route for its own life.”
Alluding to the country’s defiance against interference from open-borders campaigner George Soros and the European Union, the prime minister added that “although we need to stand in the way of major forces – even global forces – we can still stand, and we are still standing on our feet”.
Hungary is being assailed by the EU over the country’s stand on the bloc’s forced migrant relocation plans, and its new legal measures for greater transparency of foreign influenced charities and universities – the latter two directly affecting the interests of the billionaire speculator Soros, whose plans to flood the continent with one million migrants a year is believed by the Hungarian government to be directly influencing the EU’s migration policy.
“We are fighting and praying together so that God may bless the Hungarian people,” said the prime minister in closing remarks. “God save Hungary! Soli Deo Gloria [Glory to God alone].”
Last month, fellow former Soviet satellite state Poland celebrated another important date in Christian history, with the Catholic Feast of the Holy Rosary that marked the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto where “the Christian fleet overcame the Muslim armada, saving Europe from Islamisation”…..


 Hillary Slams Trump For Denouncing Islamic Terrorism
 “Presidents Shouldn’t ‘Point Fingers’ 
or 'Divide After Tragedies.'”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Hillary Clinton’s never ending ‘look at me, I’m still here’ tour continued on the Daily Show Wednesday night, where she criticized President Trump’s response to the vicious terrorist attack in New York by saying ‘Presidents shouldn’t point fingers’.
“What you want in a president is… trying to bring the country together, talk about what happened with the event that they are concerned about, but not to point fingers, not to scapegoat, not to try to set Americans against each other.” Hillary said.
“And, unfortunately, that just is not part of the job that our current president accepts or is willing to perform.” Clinton added.

“You know, of course he can have his own point of view and push his policies. That goes with the job. But not to continue to divide Americans against each other. He just doesn’t have any empathy.” Hillary jibed.
She then went on to suggest that Trump should try to “put himself into the shoes, the feelings of somebody else. And he has not been able to do that.”
Who would that be? The Islamic terrorist perhaps?
Hillary Clinton, of course, is no stranger to pointing fingers. She’s been pointing them at literally everyone and everything, other than herself, for almost a year now.
She is also very accustomed to scapegoating and dividing people in the IMMEDIATE aftermath of tragic events.
Elsewhere during the interview, Hillary attempted to defend herself after it emerged that her campaign paid for the so called ‘pissgate’ dossier, an attempt to smear Trump during the campaign.
The Campaign Legal Center has alleged that Hillary funneled money earmarked for ‘legal services’ into the dossier, which Clinton described as ‘opposition research’:
‘It was research that started by a Republican donor during the primary, and then when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer [Marc Elias] and said, “would you like us to continue it?” Hillary claimed.
She then attempted to divert the conversation away from the dodgy dossier and back to the Russian collusion conspiracy.
“From my perspective, it didn’t come out before the election, as we all know, and what also didn’t come out, which I think is an even bigger problem… is that the American people didn’t even know that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign because of connections with Russia starting in the summer of 2016.” Hillary declared.
“I know that voters should have had that information. That’s something that may have influenced some people. And it’s part of what happens in a campaign, where you get information that may or may not be useful and you try to make sure anything you put out into the public arena is accurate.” she added.


 The left is becoming increasingly more and more violent, proving that they will not be happy until they have completely destroyed America.


Trump’s Establishment Pick for Fed Chair, 
Jerome Powell, Won’t Rock the Boat
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Nothing will change with Trump's nomination of Powell to head the Fed. He has a strong establishment background and opposed former Congressman Ron Paul's effort to "Audit the Fed."

In announcing his pick to replace Federal Reserve Board chair Janet Yellen, President Trump was generous in his praise for Jerome Powell (shown), a present Fed board member: “He’s strong, he’s committed and he’s smart, and if he is confirmed by the Senate, Jay will put his considerable talents and experience to work leading our nation’s independent central bank.” The Fed requires “strong, sound and steady leadership [and Powell] will provide exactly that type of leadership.”
Trump said nothing about either Powell’s establishment background or his opposition to former Congressman Ron Paul’s effort to “Audit the Fed,” which Trump supported during his campaign. As Paul noted in a recent column published by The New American, “Candidate Trump ... promised to support Audit the Fed and even voiced support for returning to the gold standard. But, he has not even uttered the words ‘Audit the Fed,’ or talked about any changes to monetary policy, since the election.”
Powell’s establishment credentials go back more than 40 years beginning with attending Princeton University where he graduated in 1975 with a BA in politics. Next he obtained his JD degree from Georgetown University, where he served as editor-in-chief of the Georgetown Law Review. He spent time as a legislative assistant to liberal Republican Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania before joining the U.S. Treasury Department. He worked under then-Secretary Nicholas Brady, the former chairman of the investment banking firm Dillon, Read & Co. In 1992 then-President George H. W. Bush nominated him to become his under secretary of the Treasury for domestic finance. Over the years he became wealthy, becoming a partner at The Carlyle Group and then founding Severn Capital Partners. He later became a managing partner at the Global Environment Fund before being nominated to the Fed’s board by President Obama in December 2011. In January 2014 Powell was nominated for another term and in June was confirmed by a 67-24 vote in the Senate.
He hid in the shadows of Chair Janet Yellen, rarely expressing a dissenting opinion and always voting with the majority. He supported QE (quantitative easing, the extra-legal actions by the Fed to keep interest rates essentially at zero for years) and Dodd-Frank, the congressional overreaction to the Great Recession which now cripples small banks from operating successfully.
He is the richest member of the board, living in a $3 million home in Chevy Chase Village, Maryland, enjoying golf at the Chevy Chase Club which demands a $50,000 initial fee to join, and driving a Tesla. His financial disclosures show his net worth at between $19.7 million and $55 million. He is a registered Republican and contributed $30,800 to RINO (Republican In Name Only) John McCain’s election campaign in 2008.
Powell is not likely to rock the boat. His life philosophy was summed up by one of his students: “Work hard and keep your head down.” Richard Clarida, global strategic advisor for bond giant PIMCO (which deals in Treasury securities with more than a trillion dollars under management), said of Trump's pick:
Jerome Powell is a smart choice for Fed chair. He is likely to provide monetary policy continuity by adopting Yellen’s framework of gradually normalizing [interest] rates and ... reducing the Fed’s [$4 trillion] balance sheet.
Predictably Powell is a member of the global-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He added that, if confirmed, “I will do everything within my power to achieve our congressionally assigned goals of stable prices and maximum employment.”
As head of the Fed, Powell will be in charge of an enormous, highly secretive federal bureaucracy that operates with precious little congressional oversight: its 2,700 employees working at the Fed’s 12 regional banks will assist Powell and the board in justifying and then implementing interest-rate decisions, bank regulation under Dodd-Frank, and managing the nation’s phony paper currency. It also serves as a backup purchaser of Treasury securities when needed.
There was a moment in time when Powell stepped out from behind Yellen’s shadow to slap down any attempt to audit the Fed. Speaking in February 2015, Powell took the gloves off:
[Ron Paul’s bill] is motivated by the belief that the Fed’s response during the [real estate collapse] was both ineffective and outside the bounds of its traditional role and responsibilities. In fact, the Fed’s actions were effective, necessary, appropriate, and very much in keeping with the traditional role of the Fed and other central banks.
Second, [his bill asserts that] the Federal Reserve operates in secrecy and was not accountable for its actions during the crisis, a perspective that is in violent conflict with the facts....
Third, and most importantly, I believe [Paul’s bill would] subject monetary policy to political pressure and constrain the Fed’s ability to carry out its traditional role of providing liquidity in a crisis.
As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Powell (reasonably assuming that he is confirmed by a compliant Senate) will guard the Fed’s independence from any interference by Congress, affirming once again that only the “experts” on the board know what they are doing as it continues to manipulate the nation’s currency and short-term interest rates according to its own light.
Put simply, with Powell at the helm of the Fed, the establshment will maintain control.


 Alex Jones breaks down how the DNC, along with Donna Brazile, are now coming out to admit that Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic nomination for president from Bernie Sanders: