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 ROCKFORD, Ill. — A former pediatric nurse in Illinois has filed a complaint with 
the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) after she felt forced out 
of her job when her employer allegedly told her that she could not keep her 
position if she wouldn’t be willing to provide referrals for abortions and morning-
after pills.
Sandra Rojas had been working for the Winnebago County Health Department for 18 years, when in 2015, she was informed that her unit was being merged with women’s health under the new administration. According to Rojas, nurses were required to be trained in referring women for abortions, and helping them obtain Plan B.
When Rojas advised that the mandate conflicted with her religious convictions, she says that she was told that she could not work at the department without the training, and was offered a temporary job as a food inspector.
“The new administrator basically showed her the door, saying, ‘Unless you willing to do this and participate, you can’t work here,'” attorney Noel Sterett of the law firm Mauck & Baker told OneNewsNow.

Rojas refused the food inspector position and resigned from her job in 2015. She filed a lawsuit against her former employer a year later, seeking damages under the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act.
“Nursing is more than just a job; it is a noble calling to protect life and do no harm,” Rojas, a Roman Catholic, told reporters at the time. “There is something terribly wrong when you are forced out of your job on account of your commitment to protect life.”
The Winnebago County Health Department disputes one of the facts in the lawsuit, as it claimed in legal documents that Rojas had been offered a full-time job as a nurse at River Bluff Nursing Home, but rather chose to resign. Rojas now works at Walter Lawson Children’s Home in Loves Park.

Sterett told the Rockford Register Star that a complaint has also now been filed with HHS so that the department can “decide whether to open an investigation.”
“Federal law prohibits government officials from discriminating against medical professionals who cannot in good conscience participate in abortion,” he said in a statement on Jan. 16. “Those that compel pro-life doctors and nurses to act contrary to their conscience should not qualify for federal funds. We have filed this complaint to inform the HHS of what is happening so that it can take action.”
“Pro-life nurses shouldn’t be forced to perform or assist in abortion procedures,” also remarked Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Legal Counsel Denise Harle, who is serving as co-counsel in the case. “It’s illegal, unethical, and a violation of Rojas’ rights of conscience … to require her to participate in the taking of an innocent life. An individual’s conscience and commitment to the Hippocratic Oath to ‘do no harm’ is often what draws health care workers into the medical field. We’re hopeful that the HHS will quickly resolve this injustice.”
As previously reported, HHS announced on Thursday that it is creating a new Office of Civil Rights division focused on protecting the right of conscience and religious freedom.
“The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division has been established to restore federal enforcement of our nation’s laws that protect the fundamental and unalienable rights of conscience and religious freedom,” the department said in a statement.



 NYC gathering interrupted by violent leftists
 Jack Posobiec covers the Antifa attack at the “A Night For Freedom” event 
he attended in NYC.



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In this Fox article, Edward K. Glassman, my long ago Harvard classmate, author of Dow 36,000 (predicting Dow at that level by 2005), and current director of the George W. Bush Institute, extolls our free market medical system. The first reader to comment agrees that we have a “ free market” system, but thinks that “ profit based healthcare” should be “outlawed.” Another reader thinks that we actually have “socialized medicine.”
So what do we have? I think the most apt description would be crony capitalist medicine, one in which powerful special interests conspire with government officials to create legally mandated monopolies, with the specific goal of thwarting free market competition.
Here is how it actually works:
 1. Most people wonder why there are no visible prices in medicine. You only find out what the charge has been after the service has been delivered. There actually are prices, controlled prices, but you aren’t supposed to know what they are. Each year a committee of the American Medical Association recommends a set of prices to Medicare. The committee is dominated by medical specialists, so specialists tend to do particularly well. Medicare is actually run, not by government, but by private insurance companies, and these companies adopt these prices for private insurance purposes as well.
Congress further sweetened this price controlled system for hospitals by requiring Medicare to pay  more for the same service if provided by  hospital employees. This has inevitably led to local hospitals buying out most of the surrounding private medical practices, which has in turn created local medical service monopolies that feed patients to the hospital for its more costly services.
2. These monopolies are further sweetened for doctors by legally barring nurses, chiropractors, four year trained naturopathic doctors, and other health professionals from using the full extent of their medical training. In this way, the supply of medical services is constrained, which further raises prices.
3. Notwithstanding all the preceding, it is not the American Medical Association, which is itself financed by a monopoly in medical coding granted by the US government department of Health and Human Services, nor the hospitals, nor the medical doctors as a group that actually run the medical system. The top spot is reserved for the drug companies, which in turn share their largesse with the AMA, doctors, medical journals, media companies, and especially with politicians. In return, drug companies are granted a series of powerful monopolies, monopolies that are drive up the cost of medicine and, given the employer role in healthcare, destroy jobs, raises, and economic opportunity as well.
First, drug companies claim a legal monopoly when they patent a drug. The drug research may have been done by the government or by a university using government money but it doesn’t matter. The grant of monopoly stands.
Then the drug company takes the patented medication through the FDA approval process ( average cost of $3 billion over what can easily be a decade). Drug companies do not object to this ordeal, because the stiff price both eliminates any competition from unpatentable treatments and also flows into the salaries of FDA employees, who consequently tend to take a friendly view of drug companies and zealously guard the legal exclusivity of their products.
FDA enforcement includes armed raids and threats of a lifetime in jail for any producer who makes medical claims without permission. Even cherry and walnut growers have been threatened. The agency takes the position that for producers to make health claims for these heavily researched and very healthy “ superfoods,” they must first turn them into drugs through the drug approval process.
The end result is a narrow supply of licensed drug treatments that are often highly toxic and rarely cure anyone, both because curing the patient would end the gravy train, and also because drug side effects inevitably lead to the prescription of more drugs. If a treatment is safe, effective, and cheap, it is immediately purged from the medical system as “unapproved,” not “ standard of care,” when in effect its real defect is that drug companies cannot make billions from it.
For example, people who have acid reflux are more often than not suffering from a lack of stomach acid, not too much of it. The resulting incomplete digestion is the source of the problem.  They could cure it with acid supplements costing pennies, but nobody will ever tell them about this or suggest testing their acid production. Similarly, patients with frightening heartbeat irregularities are rarely told that they need more magnesium, a very cheap mineral,  although they may need it in IV or transdermal form for the same reason ( lack of stomach acid is interfering with absorption of the mineral). Instead,  reflux patients are given expensive prescription acid blocking drugs that pose a risk to the entire immune system, and have been linked to pneumonia, other infections,  bone loss, and many other medical calamities, while heart patients are put on prescription blood thinners that can themselves cause life threatening internal bleeding as well as bone loss and other problems.
No, this is not a free market system nor anything remotely close to one. In a genuine free market  system, prices reflect the decisions of consumers. Producers who solve significant problems are rewarded with high prices and profits. High prices and profits in turn attract lots of competition. The competition not only prevents monopoly. It also improves quality and very importantly increases supply, which is the only sustainable way to reduce prices. Consumers then get better medicine and ever lower prices. Producers dislike competition, and therefore try to buy government help in manipulating or fixing prices. This is more easily accomplished in medicine, because it can all be done under the guise of government “ protecting” consumers when actually the consumers are being fleeced and impoverished.
There are many honest and dedicated medical professionals sincerely devoted to the healing arts. But they are trapped in a system that can more accurately be described as a crony capitalist nightmare.

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Republican leaders in Congress are once again plotting with Democrats to stab the American people and the U.S. Constitution in the back, on multiple key issues. Under the guise of getting “something” in exchange for providing amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (and future Democrat voters) in Obama's illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the establishment wing of the GOP is pushing a radical longtime goal of the bipartisan Deep State: mandatory national biometric ID cards for all Americans. Privacy and liberty are under serious threat, critics warned.  
The Orwellian national ID scheme, known as “E-Verify,” is ostensibly aimed at making it harder for illegal immigrants to find work in the United States. Basically, as part of the program, which would become mandatory under the bill, every employer would be forced to buy a scanner and use it to check the legal work status of potential employees. On top of that, every worker would be forced to have a biometric ID issued by the federal government in order to be able to legally work. Without this national ID, employers would not legally be able to hire somebody.   
But in reality, illegal immigrants are typically paid under the table anyway — many of them simply work as day laborers and get paid in cash at the end of the day. In light of that fact, the unconstitutional plot to mandate national ID will do little to prevent unscrupulous employers from continuing to hire illegal immigrants, off the books. What the scheme will do, though, is force all law-abiding Americans to carry an unconstitutional national ID with all their information on it, including sensitive biometric data, just to be allowed to work. It will also give the feds a key new tool to monitor and control people.  
There is a reason the leadership of both parties have supported the effort for many years. Indeed, even Obama, who did his best to help the United Nations flood America with Third World immigration under various guises, firmly supported the national ID plan, calling for a package containing it to be sent to him so he could sign it as quickly as possible. But now, instead of a Big Government liberal program to track Americans, the plot is being marketed as an ostensibly “conservative” measure to supposedly boost “border security” and limit illegal immigration.
A previous version of the scheme was actually sponsored by ultra-leftist open-borders advocate Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). But with the GOP in firm control now, the controversial national ID provision most recently surfaced in the Republican-backed “Securing America’s Future” Act (H.R. 4760). Sponsored by Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the bill has some 70 cosponsors less than two weeks after being introduced. And already, organizations such as NumbersUSA that portray themselves as pro-America, anti-amnesty are expressing a willingness to cave on amnesty as long as the national ID and E-Verify become law.
Unsurprisingly, the establishment media is celebrating the grand bargain of national ID plus amnesty, too. “Republicans win with E-Verify as it gives them cover for approving amnesty for the Dreamers with the hard right base,” wrote Jake Novak at CNBC, as if only the “hard right” base was opposed to amnesty (even Democrats used to publicly oppose illegal immigration and amnesty not too many years ago). “The added plus for the GOP is that pushing for E-Verify will prove they're not the slaves of their service industry corporate donors.”
Of course, Representative Goodlatte, who scores a measly 60 percent on The New American magazine's Freedom Index based on the constitutionality of his voting record, did include some provisions that would likely please conservatives. Presumably, though, those elements of the bill are intended to be exploited as a way to pass the otherwise unpalatable amnesty and national ID contained within the legislation.
Among the measures that would be popular with advocates of reducing the tide of immigration is a curtailing of “chain migration.” The process essentially allows newly naturalized citizens to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the United States. Some 10 million have arrived under the program just in the last decade, and with the next round of amnesty, the numbers could surge even higher. Trump and other advocates of immigration reform, as well as an overwhelming majority of Americans, have long demanded an end to chain migration, but to no avail.
The Goodlatte bill also ends the widely ridiculed and highly unpopular “Diversity Lottery.” That scheme, also enormously unpopular with Americans, randomly imports 50,000 people each year from “underrepresented” countries, handing them a Green Card so they can move to America if they win the “lottery.” The program came under renewed scrutiny last year after a jihadist “Diversity Visa” winner from Uzbekistan murdered eight people in a terrorist attack in New York. Trump has also been highly vocal about ending the “Diversity Lottery,” which he said should be replaced with a merit-based program.
On the flip side, the Securing America’s Future Act offers a dramatic boost in the number of foreign workers that companies can import each year to compete for jobs with Americans. According to an analysis of the bill cited in media reports, the measure would increase the number of foreign workers brought in by 45 percent, meaning 55,000 additional immigrants each year on top of those already coming in. In all, under the bill, the United States would still see close to a million new, legal immigrants each year. The bill also expands the H-2C program, allowing about a million temporary workers to come into the United States and compete with Americans in the food and agriculture sectors.       
Finally, the Goodlatte legislation would authorize and begin funding the construction of a physical barrier — parts of which may be an actual wall, as promised by Trump — on the southern U.S. border with Mexico. The relevant provisions of the bill would also increase the use of technology and other “tactical infrastructure” on the border to help stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States. And, the bill would add thousands of additional Border Patrol agents to help bring the border area under control.
However, aside from the amnesty provisions, which have prompted outrage from Trump's supporters who believed his campaign pledges that there would be no amnesty, the national ID component is also drawing fire from critics. In an e-mail to supporters and members of the non-profit Campaign for Liberty (C4L), former congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul sounded the alarm. The implications of imposing a national biometric ID on Americans are extremely serious, he warned
“The statists want to control you,” Paul wrote. “Just think about it … Gun ownership. Employment history. Family and friends. Purchasing habits. Health records. Travel. Religious beliefs. Past political contributions. Just imagine all these records and more on EVERY American citizen stored in a massive national database right at a federal government bureaucrat’s finger tips.”
“Under the statists’ National ID scheme, you’d be forced to carry around your National ID card, tied to this massive database, chock-full of biometric identifiers like fingerprints and retina scans,” he added. “Without this ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job — or likely even open a bank account or even board a plane!” And unless the American people rise up, the nightmarish scenario is “about to become reality,” Paul warned.
The alleged “security” being pursued in the legislation doesn't even target any border, continued the former Republican congressman from Texas who became a hero to countless conservatives, constitutionalists, patriots, and libertarians. “Instead, it’s meant to create an all-out police state within them,” he warned. “The truth is, this is exactly the type of battle that often decides whether a country remains free or continues sliding toward tyranny.” Indeed, Paul has been sounding the alarm on this issue for years, including when Obama and a coalition of RINOs tried to ram it through.
Among other concerns, Paul, also a medical doctor, suggested that it would only be a matter of time until the rogue bureaucracies in Washington, D.C., were using the national biometric ID regime and the massive data collected to ensure that Americans “don’t go anywhere, read anything, eat anything, or drink anything they think we 'shouldn’t be allowed to.'” And with all of Americans' information in a convenient government database — including potentially retina scans, finger prints, and even the vein structure in an individual's hands — enforcing total tyranny would become simple.
The push to force Americans to carry unconstitutional national ID cards with biometric information comes amid a similar push at the global level by the United Nations. As The New American reported in 2015, UN Agenda 2030, also known as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), purports to mandate that governments provide “legal identity for all, including birth registration.” And already, the UN is working with contractors to issue biometric identification cards and build databases to store the information. The globalist World Bank is also plotting to foist biometric identification systems on humanity. And both globalist organizations are leading the drive toward a “cashless society.”
With as many as 30 million illegal immigrants in America, dealing with illegal immigration is essential to the nation's future. As the Obama administration and the UN have all made clear, importing millions Third World immigrants with alien cultures and values is crucial to “fundamentally transforming” the United States. It is also key to breaking down the nation-state and what remains of Western civilization and Christendom, national leaders have explained. However, the schemes being discussed in Congress not only do not deal with the problem, they provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in exchange for a totalitarian and unconstitutional national ID scheme. Obviously, that is not going to cut it as far as Trump supporters and Republican voters are concerned.
For the sake of liberty and the Constitution, Americans must press Congress to go back to the drawing board and start over — using the Constitution, common sense, and the “America First” principles articulated by President Trump as their guide. 
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 E-Verify: Biometric National ID Masked As Immigration Control
 The E-Verify mandate that the GOP is pushing as an immigration solution is actually a biometric National ID card. Dreamers get a pass, Americans get a National ID and controls on movement & employment. It's HR4760 "Securing America's Future Act of 2018 "
  GOP Offers “Work Control” E-Verify 
Instead of Border Security
 Welfare will remain a right, but work will be a privilege granted by the federal government if the GOP rams through E-Verify as a compromise. “Work Control” will fail for the same reasons “Gun Control” has failed.
 Michael Savage - NO national ID Card - Slams Sen. Schumer and Bill O'Reilly - 
"Over My Dead Body"
 The Senate is working toward a ghastly compromise on immigration reform that includes a biometric national identification card for all Americans. The stated purpose of this national ID, which an employee must present before getting a job, is to prevent undocumented workers from being employed. Back in December I warned that a national ID is the inevitable conclusion of the anti-immigration movement. The failure of E-Verify to catch 54% of undocumented workers is only accelerating the call for a national ID. A national ID hurts American workers while pretending to help them. First, every worker would have to ask permission from the federal government to get a job. American workers shouldnt have to beg or plead to anybody to get permission to work. Being employed should be a private agreement between an employer and employee. Period. The government should get out of the way. Second, carrying around government papers with biometric identification on it conjures up images of a more technologically savvy Oceania or East Germany. No thanks. Third, the system will exclude millions of legal workers by accident and fail to catch the majority of undocumented immigrants. For instance, if E-Verify were instituted nation-wide 3.6 million Americans would be denied employment each year and have to visit the Social Security Administration to correct their records. The employer either fires them or delays training. Will a biometric ID card make this system better? How does that help American workers? Fourth, it will cost businesses up to $800 to buy a scanner. Or as Senator Chuck Schumer says, employers can just go down to the DMV. Senator Schumer doesnt know squat about running a business. The last thing an employer wants to do is spend time at the DMV when he could be spending it improving his business. And all this during an economic slump! Fifth, it would treat every American like a criminal by requiring them to enter their most intimate and personal data into a government database. One of the benefits of not having committed any crimes is that my information is not in a government record office. Id like to keep it that way.
Caller: National ID Control Grid Already Here
 Caller “goattree” says look at the back of your driver’s license. And its about to get worse with Smart Cities, 5G, driverless cars, and a National biometric ID to “stop undocumented workers”
GOP Offers Amnesty For Dreamers, 
National ID For YOU

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From FreedomProject Media:
Despite blasting federal overreach in education and making other statements sure to delight conservatives and constitutionalists, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos continued to mislead Americans on Common Core last week. Indeed, despite the dumbed-down national standards still being in place in almost every state, DeVos (shown) falsely claimed that Common Core was “dead” at the Department of Education.
After going over the history and how the Obama administration bribed state governments to impose Common Core, DeVos noted that education performance did not improve. “Then, rightly, came the public backlash to federally imposed tests and the Common Core,” she said in a speech titled “Bush-Obama School Reform: Lessons Learned” last week. “I agree — and have always agreed — with President Trump on this: 'Common Core is a disaster.' And at the U.S. Department of Education, Common Core is dead.”
Except it's not dead. In fact, like Frankenstein, the Common Core zombie marches onward, eating out the brains of millions of government-school victims — all with help, approval, funding, and support from the federal Leviathan behind the curtain. So, while DeVos' speech publicly lambasting the havoc unleashed by the feds in education sounded great, it does not come close to reflecting reality.
In the real world, under ESSA, GOP leaders and Congress conspired to give the Education Secretary the power to approve or deny states' standards — an idea even more unconstitutional than the Department of Education itself. In any case, Common Core standards and minor variations on them are all being rubber-stamped by DeVos' Education Department, just as Obama and his co-conspirators intended when they created ESSA and purported to mandate “college- and career-ready” standards (read: Common Core).
To read the rest of the article, click here.
 Betsy DeVos Falsely Claims Common Core is Dead Alex Newman & Dr. Duke Pesta Expose

Published on Jan 24, 2018
Despite blasting federal overreach in education and making other statements sure to delight conservatives and constitutionalists, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos continued to mislead Americans on Common Core last week. Indeed, despite the dumbed-down national standards still being in place in almost every state, DeVos falsely claimed that Common Core was “dead” at the Department of Education.

After going over the history and how the Obama administration bribed state governments to impose Common Core, DeVos noted that education performance did not improve. “Then, rightly, came the public backlash to federally imposed tests and the Common Core,” she said in a speech titled “Bush-Obama School Reform: Lessons Learned” last week. “I agree — and have always agreed — with President Trump on this: 'Common Core is a disaster.' And at the U.S. Department of Education, Common Core is dead.” | Article:

 April 27, 2017:
 What happened to Common Core? On Monday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that Common Core is dead: “There’s isn’t really any Common Core anymore, and each state is able to set the standards for their state,” Ms. DeVos said on Fox News. “They may elect to adopt very high standards for their students to aspire to and to work toward. And that will be up to each state.”
 Conservatives Erupt over Betsy DeVos Announcement: ‘Common Core Is Dead’


 Published on Jan 22, 2018
Alex Jones exposes how major American social media sites are working with Communist China to create a social score ranking system that will dictate your place in a surreal, socialist utopia.
 Google’s mob “tolerance” encouraged “crowd-sourced harassment” to condemn employees 
for being white
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
(Natural News) Earlier this week, former Google employee James Damore filed a lawsuit against his former employer on the grounds that the company, among other things, is extremely hostile towards white heterosexual males. There are a number of notable allegations made in the lawsuit, but perhaps the most significant one has to do with Google’s habit of encouraging employees to enforce unwritten norms by specifically targeting and harassing those who break away from them.
“[Google] relies on crowdsourced harassment and ‘pecking’ to enforce social norms (including politics) that it feels it cannot write directly into its policies,” the lawsuit states. If this is true, then Google could be in a whole lot of trouble. Harassment in the workplace is already a serious matter, but a company that encourages its employees to harasses others based on their political beliefs is on an entirely different level.
But this is only the beginning. According to the lawsuit, Damore’s memo that he published last year criticizing Google prompted another employee to step forward and post the following quote: “I’m a queer-ass nonbinary trans person that is fucking sick and tired of being told to open a dialogue with people who want me dead. We are at a point where the dialogue we need to be having with these people is ‘if you keep talking about this shit, I will hurt you.”
In 2015, Google manager Adam Fletcher wrote that he would “never, ever hire/transfer” conservatives that he considers to be holding hostile points of views. Fletcher added that he would refuse to hire individuals with right-leaning viewpoints even if they were a perfect fit for the company or if the decision not to hire him or her impacted the rest of the Google team. To conclude his hostile, anti-conservative rant, Fletcher stated that “there are always social consequences.” (Related: Google insiders have warned that “outright censorship” of the Internet is Google’s top priority.)
Google employees have even discussed the election of President Donald Trump and what they intend to do about it. “Get in touch with your friendly local Antifa,” one employee advised another. “I won’t say violence has no place, but if you are going to be doing anything risky, I can’t overemphasize” the importance of working with people thinking about the same kinds of scenarios. “We are only powerful if we organize,” the Google employee said.
Clearly, there are a lot of things that go on behind closed doors at Google that we would never have known about had James Damore decided against filing a lawsuit. But as terrible as these allegations are, Google’s blatant anti-conservative bias is on full display not only within the company, but outside of it as well.
To give just one example out of the dozens that currently exist, last year, the conservative educational website PragerU filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that the company censors its content on YouTube because of the fact that their videos tend to be more conservative than liberal. For those who are unaware, Google has owned YouTube since November of 2006.
PragerU has claimed that more than 30 of its YouTube videos have been labeled as “inappropriate,” even though they are all highly educational and based entirely on facts. Nevertheless, YouTube’s attempts to suppress PragerU’s content have resulted in the company not being able to collect ad revenue, as well as some users with certain parental settings not being able to watch. (Related: Google blacklisted Natural News and removed an astonishing 140,000 pages from its index.)
Google is proving to the entire world that they are not only against people with conservative points of view, but that they are also against the freedom of speech and the First Amendment. They are attacking our liberty on multiple different levels, and conservatives need to speak out against it in order to put this political censorship to an end once and for all.
Read for more coverage of left-wing discrimination, oppression and intolerance.