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BREAKING! Paris Attack Was Western Backed
Published on Nov 14, 2015
Alex Jones breaks down how past events spearheaded by the globalists, created the atmosphere that led to the Paris Attacks which have so far killed 129 people. When you open your borders to people who are diametrically opposed to your basic principals, it is a recipe for disaster. This is order out of chaos.



Fox News Host Destroys Spoiled Liberal
Published on Nov 14, 2015
Keely Mullen, one of the lead organizers of the Million Student March, spoke with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business on Thursday saying that “[t]he movement, the Million Student March, is a movement for a more equitable and fair system of education,” noting that others should have to pay for college students’ schooling.

Neil Cavuto had just one question for the young college student: “And how’s that going to be paid?”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Answering a question posed by a reporter at a press briefing on November 10, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed that “the administration strongly supports the Equality Act.” The reporter had described the legislation as “a federal anti-discrimination bill against anti-LGBT discrimination known as the Equality Act.”
Earnest elaborated further:
It is now clear that the administration strongly supports the Equality Act. That bill is historic legislation that would advance the cause of equality for millions of Americans. And we certainly are pleased with the many legislators in Congress that have stepped forward to try to advance a bill that would deliver comprehensive equal rights for LGBT Americans. And we look forward to working with Congress to ensure that the legislative process produces a result that balances both the bedrock principles of civil rights, like those I’ve just described, with the religious liberty that we hold dear in this country.
Earnest also stated that “the Equality Act would have an impact on a substantial number of government policies” and that “the administration does look forward to working with Congress to try to advance this legislation consistent with the values that we have articulated about the importance of equal rights and making sure that people can’t be discriminated against because of who they love, while at the same time making sure that we can protect religious liberty at the same time.”
Setting aside the ongoing debates abut same-sex “marriage” for a moment, it is important to note that the quest for “equal rights’ for homosexuals has now escalated to include also  “transgendered” individuals — the “T” in LGBT. Though the definition of “transgender” may vary, it generally means an individual who views his "gender" as being different from his sexual orientation — for instance, a biological male who identifies as a female.
Whichever one of the letters in the LGBT acronym (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) a person chooses to identify with, however, his biological gender is an integral part of his DNA and can never be changed, with all males having an X and a Y chromosome and all females having two X chromosomes. Nothing can change this — not even so-called sex-change operations.
Therefore, Earnest’s statement that “people can’t be discriminated against because of who they love,” misses the point entirely. No one has ever presumed to discriminate against another person because of whom they love, although some people may choose to discriminate whether they want to participate in a person’s behavior that violates their religious principles. Earnest asserted that the Equality Act “balances both the bedrock principles of civil rights, like those I’ve just described, with the religious liberty that we hold dear in this country.”
Many people doubt that religious liberty will be preserved if social engineering legislation such as the Equality Act is passed, however.
The day after the legislation (“The Equality Act of 2015,”H.R. 3185 and S. 1858) was introduced in both houses of Congress on July 23, the Witherspoon Institute’s online Public Discourse published an online essay by Andrew T. Walker (the director of Policy Studies for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention) entitled: “The Equality Act: Bad Policy that Poses Great Harms.”
In his essay, Walker wrote:
The Equality Act represents the most invasive threat to religious liberty ever proposed. Were it to pass, its sweeping effects on religious liberty, free speech, and freedom of conscience would be historic.
Aside from the enumerated protections that give rise to conflict between sexual identity and religious liberty, by elevating sexual orientation and gender identity to the level of race, the law’s effect would functionally equate those who don’t agree with it with racists and label them perpetrators of irrational bigotry.
Among the insightful points that Walker made to bolster his position were:
• “To favor the Equality Act is to oppose and actively stigmatize the moral convictions that millions of Americans adhere to with abiding sincerity and deep religious precedent.”
• “Passing anti-discrimination statutes on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity lacks both the philosophical warrant and the cultural necessity of protections based on race.”
• “Unlike race, sexual orientation and gender identity are known through conduct, which can and should be ethically evaluated.”
• “There has never been a systematic regime of laws aimed at demeaning the existence of LGBT individuals comparable to Jim Crow.”
• “Consider the cases of florists, photographers, and bakers who have had no problems serving gay customers for years, but have objected to providing their services for gay weddings. The Equality Act leaves these individuals defenseless by failing to accommodate their sincere religious beliefs and by failing to distinguish between the dignity of gay individuals and the particular conduct (such as wedding ceremonies) in which some cannot in good conscience participate.
The Equality Act of 2015 would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin) to replace the word “sex” with “sex,” “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” While some who object to the current proposed change still uphold the original 1964 legislation, a look back in history reveals that constitutional conservatives of that day did not accept that bill’s violation of states’ rights and increase in the power of the federal government without objections. 
Among the most famous opponents of the 1964 legislation was that year’s Republican nominee for the presidency, Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.). Goldwater voted against the bill, explaining afterwards that the reason for his opposition to the bill was Title II of the legislation (which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce). The Arizonan said that, in his opinion, that section violated individual liberty and states’ rights. Most Democrats from the Southern states opposed the bill and led an unsuccessful 83-day filibuster to stop it. These included Senators Albert Gore, Sr. (D-Tenn.), father of the future Vice President, J. William Fulbright (D-Ark.), and Robert Byrd (D- W.Va,) who personally filibustered for 14 hours straight.
There are essentially two different issues at stake with this year’s Equality Act of 2015 under consideration. The first is the potential threat to religious liberty, as mentioned by Andrew Walker. The other is the historic assault on states’ rights by a federal government that strives to go beyond its constitutional bounds to regulate every aspect of life in the United States — the same reason constitutional conservatives opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
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Federal “Equality Act” Takes Houston’s “Bathroom Bill” National

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Americans with common sense celebrated thesuccess of a recent Houston referendum repealing an ordinance that would, among other things, have forced private-property owners to permit an individual to use the restroom of his choice rather than the one assigned to his genetically determined sex. But those celebrants might want to put the corks back in their champagne bottles for the time being: A bill currently in Congress and endorsed by President Barack Obama could impose that same policy on the entire country.
The Equality Act, a version of which has been introduced in both houses of Congress, “would add ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ (SOGI) to more or less every federal law that protects on the basis of race,”reported the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson. The bill vastly expands the number of establishments classified as “public accommodations” — and therefore subject to federal antidiscrimination law — to include “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program, including a store, shopping center, online retailer or service provider, salon, bank, gas station, food bank, service or care center, shelter, travel agency, or funeral parlor, or establishment that provides health care, accounting, or legal services,” plus transportation providers and any “establishment that provides exhibition, entertainment, recreation, exercise, amusement, gathering, or display.” That covers just about everything, with the possible exception of family dwellings.
As if that weren’t bad enough, the bill explicitly states that “an individual shall not be denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.” In other words, practically no one would be allowed to prohibit a man who claims to be a woman from using the women’s restroom or locker room (or a woman who claims to be a man from using the men’s facilities).
“So it would be a bathroom bill on a national level being forced on all 50 states,” the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Peter Sprigg told OneNewsNow.
This is not mere speculation or alarmism. Even the bill’s supporters proudly admit this to be the case.
Lambda Legal, which advocates for special privileges for individuals with deviant lifestyles, states on its Equality Act: Frequently Asked Questions page: “Under the Equality Act, companies with sex-segregated facilities including restrooms and locker rooms must provide access to gender-appropriate facilities for individuals in accordance with their gender identity.”
The bill also expressly prohibits people from claiming exemption from its provisions under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. “Thus,” FRC wrote in an Issue Brief, “the Act would force people to affirm homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism, despite their religious objections in various situations, including the provision of public accommodations.”
The ramifications of the Equality Act, which FRC more accurately dubs the “Inequality Act,” are enormous. As Anderson put it, laws such as the Equality Act
threaten small-business owners [and, for that matter, large-business owners] with liability for alleged “discrimination” based not on objective traits, but on subjective and unverifiable identities. They expand state interference in labor markets, potentially discouraging job creation. They endanger religious liberty and freedom of speech. And they mandate employment policies that, with regard to many workplace conditions, violate common sense.
In short, SOGI laws regulate commercial decisions that are best handled by private actors, and they regulate educational decisions best handled by parents and teachers, not bureaucrats.
If the Equality Act becomes law, schools will face the unenviable task of accommodating all varieties of confused students and employees, potentially introducing children to subjects they are not mature enough to handle or to which their parents might prefer they not be exposed — not to mention giving pedophiles easier access to children of the opposite sex. Moreover, observed Anderson, “an employer would be negligent to ignore the concerns of female employees about having to share a bathroom with a biological male who identifies as female. The same is true for students. The implications for the privacy rights of adults and children are extremely serious.”
There are those such as Anderson and Sprigg who argue that there is nothing wrong with antidiscrimination laws per se. Such laws, Sprigg told OneNewsNow, should simply be restricted to protecting people with “characteristics like race which are inborn, involuntary, immutable, innocuous, and/or in the U.S. Constitution.”
Such an argument, however, yields too much ground. Once one agrees that the government has the authority to tell private citizens that they must associate with certain groups of people and acquiesce to those groups’ demands on their person, labor, and property, he has given up on the principle of private property. Henceforth, all property rights are exercised at the sufferance of those groups with political clout.
There is also the matter that federal antidiscrimination law is largely unconstitutional. The feds have the power to ban discrimination by their own agencies, and maybe, under the 14th Amendment, by state and local governments; but they have no authority to interfere with the freedom of association of private citizens, businesses, and organizations. Most of the laws that the Equality Act amends ought to be repealed, not merely maintained in their present form, and they certainly should not be expanded to cover even more people.
While dozens of bills get introduced into Congress each session only to die without attracting much attention, the Equality Act has a great deal of support among liberal lawmakers. The House bill, introduced by Representative David Cicilline (D-R.I.), has 170 cosponsors, all Democrats. The Senate bill, introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley (R-Ore.), has 39 cosponsors, all Democrats or independents, including Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. In addition, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters last week that “the administration strongly supports the Equality Act.”
The only thing standing between Americans and a national “bathroom bill,” therefore, is the GOP. Since Republicans control both houses of Congress, they can effectively block the Equality Act from ever coming to a vote, let alone being passed.
Constitutionalists — and everyone else who cares about liberty and decency — must hope that Republicans prove equal to the task.

Obama Administration Announces Support for Equality Act





Homeowner permission would not be required under draconian proposal

in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

A proposed law in Germany would give police the power to enter people’s homes without their permission in order to conduct a “suitability” check to see if the accommodation could be used to house asylum seekers.
Journalist Gunnar Schupelius writes that he was so shocked by the idea he first thought it was “satire,” but after doing some digging found that the Senate Chancellery has actually proposed altering German law, which currently forbids police from entering a home against the owner’s permission without a warrant or unless it’s “to avert imminent danger”.
The proposal would add a paragraph to § 36 ASOG to state (translated version), “The regulatory authorities and the police can enter to check the suitability for accommodation of refugees land, buildings or parts thereof without the consent of the owner, if the threat for the Prevention Homelessness is required.”
Although the proposal has attracted virtually no media coverage, Berlin FDP General Secretary Sebastian Czaja said it represented an “open breach of the Constitution” and called for protests.
Schupelius is asking Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) to “come clean” over the proposal, which he asserts represents a “secret and surreptitious intrusion into private homes.”
Germany is currently struggling to find new accommodation for the hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring into the country. Some German citizens who live in social housing have beengiven eviction notices in order to make way for asylum seekers.
Migrants are also being housed in 4-star hotels and local churches. Last month, a regional governor told residents of a municipality in Germany that if they didn’t embrace the arrival of hundreds of new migrants, they should leave.
As we reported earlier this week, a German member of parliament has also called for introducing a “compulsory labor” program under which young Germans would be forced to spend a year in the service of migrants.

Police To Enter European Homes by Force
To Check On Refugees
Published on Nov 14, 2015
Rather than assert their sovereignty and a limit to what Europeans can logically withstand. European leaders are applying more pressure on their citizens.
A proposed law in Germany would give police the power to enter people’s homes without their permission in order to conduct a “suitability” check to see if the accommodation could be used to house asylum seekers.

Also in Germany, a “Refugees Welcome” organization based in Bonn posted a message commenting on a party that was held for the migrants last week.
During the celebration, female members of the “Refugees Welcome” group were sexually molested by the refugees.

Migrants in the Netherlands, who previously complained about slow Internet and not being given enough money to buy cigarettes, are now sleeping on the streets in protest against not having televisions in all their rooms.

While such facilities are apparently not up to standard for many of the migrants, the Netherlands is footing an €870 million a year bill to accommodate them, meaning each asylum seeker costs around €36,000, despite the country currently suffering from a housing shortage.

Earlier this year in Sicily, migrants had taken up residence in the Florio Palace until they were driven out by Palermo police. And in Germany, A Church had its altars and crosses removed to accommodate the muslim migrants. Europe is under a full scale invasion similar to what transpires during a war. Except this invasion and all of the brutality and economic hardship associated with it, rolls out in the name of a left wing New World Order Agenda that the average European doesn’t recognize until it’s too late.

Politician Calls For German Youth
To Service Muslim Migrants
Published on Nov 12, 2015
A German parliament member has called for introducing a “compulsory labor” program under which young Germans would be forced to spend a year in the service of migrants.
(official link in german)

Refugee Crisis Prompts Sweden 

to Introduce Border Controls

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

The Swedish government announced on November 11 that it would reintroduce border controls to stem the uncontrolled flow of migrants entering the Scandinavian nation. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters in Valetta, Malta, the day after the announcement: “when our authorities tell us we cannot guarantee the security and control of our borders, we need to listen.”
A report on Aljazeera America news channel noted that about 10,000 refugees arrived in Sweden last week, with 2,000 entering in one day — setting new records. This is remarkable because Sweden’s only land borders are with Norway and Finland, far to the north and do not provide easy access to the country. The refugees, mostly Syrians and Iraqis, fled violence and unrest in the Middle East and began entering Europe through Turkey and Greece, migrating northwestward hundreds of miles across Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary. Most of these migrants headed to Germany and other more prosperous western European countries, where they are seeking to settle permanently.
From Germany, some refugees traveled through Denmark, where the only way to enter Sweden is over the strait known as the Öresund. Migrants and others can cross the strait either by ferry or across the five-mile-long Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmö in Sweden. In accordance with the Schengen Agreement and the Nordic Passport Union, there have usually been no passport inspections when crossing the border over the bridge. However, that will now change as Sweden begins to control those bridge and ferry crossings.
Following the EU’s Schengen Agreement rules, Sweden will initially reintroduce the checking of documents at its border for just 10 days. Under the Schengen rules, noted a Breitbart report, the Swedish government may continue to impose border controls for up to two months, after which they must open the borders again. However, the agreement does allow a country to reinstate controls temporarily if there is a serious threat to its “public policy or internal security.” The European Union must be alerted to any border closures beforehand, and member nations must agree to allow the EU to monitor how the changes are implemented.
A valuable lesson to be learned from the EU’s authority to dictate to member states how they may control their borders is that such regional quasi governments mean the end of national sovereignty. This is an important point for Americans to keep in mind when asked to enter into regional arrangements such as the rejected Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The SPP was founded in Waco, Texas, on March 23, 2005, by Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and U.S. President George W. Bush.
In 2006, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs argued that the SPP was part of a plan to merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a North American Union similar to the European Union. Multiple articles published by The New American and by its affiliated organization, The John Birch Society, made exactly the same point.
Faced with strong criticism, those seeking to establish the SPP eventually allowed the plan to die. However, the idea itself never died. On February 4, 2011, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Obama announced a new security and prosperity initiative with plans to “pursue a perimeter approach to security in ways that support economic competitiveness, job creation, and prosperity.”
With the United States now facing a border crisis of its own (the Obama administration estimated that 60,000 children unaccompanied by parents or relatives would pour into the United States last year), it is not difficult to imagine how much more difficult it would be to control our borders if we had to answer to a North American authority such as the SPP or a North American Union before tightening restrictions. Fortunately, unlike Sweden and other EU members, we have not yet ceded our sovereignty.
As Sweden began implementing the new border controls, immigration officers stopped a train arriving at Hyllie station in tthe city of Malmö to check passengers' identification documents, reported The Local — a digital English language newspaper. Police also began checking papers at ferry terminals for vessels arriving from Denmark and Germany, noted the report.
The border crisis that has suddenly reached Sweden’s doors is part of an ongoing influx of refugees who have fled the turmoil in Middle Eastern nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and the North African nation of Libya. One of the first European leaders to voice concern about the number of migrants entering his country was Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who on September 7 criticized efforts by European Union leaders to impose immigration quotas before the continent’s borders are made secure. Orban said:
As long as we can't defend Europe’s outer borders, it is not worth talking about how many people we can take in....
The quota system wants to treat the effects before it treats the causes of immigration. The main reason for this is because (the EU) cannot control its outer borders.
To help stem the tide of migrants, Hungary built a 110-mile-long fence along its border with Serbia.
Just two days after Orban’s statement, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, speaking in Strasbourg, France, asked members of the European Parliament to accept 160,000 migrants. 
In his speech, Juncker proposed a more centralized approach to handling the refugee crisis, stating:
We need more Europe in our asylum policy. We need more Union in our refugee policy.
A true European refugee and asylum policy requires solidarity to be permanently anchored in our policy approach and our rules. This is why, today, the Commission is also proposing a permanent relocation mechanism, which will allow us to deal with crisis situations more swiftly in the future. 
By “solidarity,” Juncker obviously means a uniform, centrally controlled system throughout the EU for processing all asylum requests, thereby denying member states the right to accept or reject migrants who want to cross their borders.
As we can see with Sweden’s situation, however, EU members are already greatly limited by the EU’s Schengen Agreement rules. An important lesson to remember, on either side of the Atlantic, is that the ability to control its borders is one of the key elements of making a sovereign nation sovereign.
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France Closes Borders 

After Terror Erupts in Paris

At least 127 dead in hostage crisis, shootings, bombings


SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

French President François Hollande declared a state of emergency and closed the country’s borders Friday after multiple attacks occurred in Paris, according to French media.
Hollande placed the number of casualties at 127 or more, the Associated Press reported early Saturday, declaring a three-day state of national mourning and placing security at the highest level in the country.
The Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIL or ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to a statement circulated by the group online. Hollande has also blamed IS for the attacks. In remarks to the country, he stated that France, which is already launching airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria along with the U.S.-led coalition, “will be merciless toward the barbarians of Islamic State group.”
Attacks reportedly took place at six locations. At least 100 people were killed in the deadliest attack at the Bataclan, a concert hall in central Paris.
The first incident occurred when a gunman opened fire with an automatic gun at the Petit Cambodge restaurant in Paris. French newspaper Liberation first reported the attack.
Multiple explosions also occurred near France’s national stadium, the Stade de France. A French police official confirmed that two of the explosions were suicide attacks and one was a bombing. The explosions resulted in at least three deaths.
The explosions were heard while a friendly soccer match between France and Germany was taking place at the stadium. Hollande was evacuated from the stadium after the blasts occurred, according to the Associated Press.
There was also a hostage crisis at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris when the venue was hosting an Eagles of Death Metal show. French police stormed the concert hall to rescue the hostages, but at least 100 were left dead inside.
Police believe that all attackers involved in the shootings and bombings have been killed, but they are still searching for accomplices. They said that eight attackers were killed.
The attackers at the theater fired at cafes outside the venue before entering it, according to French police.
France 24 reported that another shooting occurred at La Belle Equipe restaurant on the rue de Charonne. Witnesses heard upwards of 30 shots, and about 10 people were seen on the ground either dead or injured.
Another shooting was also reported at the Les Halles shopping mall, a major shopping center in Paris, according to Reuters.
France 24 was tracking seven different locations of reported attacks, including: Rue Bichat, 10th Arr; Rue Charrone, 10th/11th; Les Halles, 1st Arr, in the heart of Paris; Stade de France; and the Bataclan.
French police also enforced a curfew Friday night.
Approximately 1,500 soldiers have been deployed to protect facilities around Paris.
Hollande visited the Bataclan early Saturday.
“For all those who’ve seen these atrocities, rest assured–we want to say that we will bring the fight against terrorism and will be without pity because when terrorists are capable of such atrocities, it will certainly be faced with a determined France, a united France,” the French president said there.

President Hollande:
Paris attacks are barbaric 'act of war' by Islamic State

Paris Attacks: Many Casualties after Explosions,
Gunfire Erupts at Multiple Locations

Britons Feared Dead In Paris Terror Attacks
Published on Nov 14, 2015
The six deadly, simultaneous attacks that devastated Paris are the latest in a string of terrorism tragedies in France this year.

The attacks killed at least 120 people across the city, including dozens of victims slain at an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theatre.

For the latest information on the Paris terror attacks, view our updates here.

France has been heavily targeted by terrorists since the start of the year, with previous attacks killing a total of 18 people.

On January 7, two gunmen killed 12 people in an attack on the Paris office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The victims included eight magazine employees and two police officers.

The victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. (9NEWS)
The victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. (9NEWS)

The gunmen, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, escaped the scene and sparked a massive manhunt.

On January 8, another gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, fatally shot a police officer and wounded a street sweeper in Montrouge, before he also escaped. It later emerged he had also shot a jogger on January 7.

Police fatally shot the Kouachi brothers on January 9, after a nine-hour siege focused on their hideout in a printing company’s building in Dammartin-en-Goële, north-east of Paris.

On the same day, Coulibaly stormed a kosher supermarket in east Paris, shooting dead four people and taking hostages. He had a female accomplice, and the pair were eventually shot dead by police.

Police surround the Kosher supermarket stormed by Coulibaly in January. (9NEWS)
Police surround the Kosher supermarket stormed by Coulibaly in January. (9NEWS)

Police rescued 15 hostages from the supermarket.

On June 26, a van driver decapitated his former boss at a factory near Lyon. The driver also crashed his vehicle to spark an explosion.

On August 21, a gunman opened fire on a high-speed train that was passing through northern France.

A gunman opened fire on a Thalys train in August. (9NEWS)
A gunman opened fire on a Thalys train in August. (9NEWS)

He was overpowered by two unarmed US soldiers and other passengers, but injured four people in the attack

Another terror plot was allegedly foiled in late October, when authorities arrested a man believed to be plotting an attack on a military base in Toulon, southern France.

Authorities foiled an alleged terror plot targeting the Toulon military base in October. (9NEWS)
Authorities foiled an alleged terror plot targeting the Toulon military base in October. (9NEWS)

ISIL has reportedly claimed responsibility for today’s Paris terror attacks, but France’s resolve to fight the terror group in Syria and Iraq remains unchanged.

French fighter jets were among the first to join the US in bombing raids on ISIL targets.

The Paris terror attacks also happened hours after a strike on ISIL in Syria “almost certainly” killed the well-known militant ‘Jihadi John’, according to US military authorities.

Terrorism expert Professor Joseph Siracusa, from RMIT University, said France’s tough stance made it a target.

“This is the premium you pay for being involved in these kinds of places,” he said.

“It’s just a matter of when, not if, these attacks are going to take place.”

However, he said the attack was a “wake-up call” for other countries involved.

“Why France, why Paris? Well, it could’ve been London, it could’ve been anywhere – it could’ve been New York, it could’ve been Sydney,” he said.

ISIL has released propaganda videos specifically targeting France throughout this year, and about 300 French nationals are believed to be fighting for terror groups in Iraq and Syria.

Security consultant Neil Fergus, CEO of Intelligent Risks Group, said some of the perpetrators likely had French citizenship.

“I think there’s a very good probability that we’ll find that a couple of the perpetrators of these horrific attacks are French citizens who have been and got military training and military experience in the northern Iraq-Syrian theatre,” he said.




Terrorists Shut Down France With Shouts of
"Allah Akbar; This is for Syria":
Published on Nov 13, 2015
A Paris terrorist attack of shootings and bombings coordinated across the French capital has effectively shut the country down. The Bataclan Arts Center and Concert Hall, the Petit Cambodge Restaurant, and venues outside the Stade de France were all targeted, claiming at least 42 lives so far with that number almost certain to climb higher.
Details are still developing, but there are reports of at least Six gunmen involved, with some accounts saying that gunmen shouted "Allah Akbar," and "This is for Syria," before beginning the assault.
At the Bataclan Concert Hall, the Eagles of Death Metal were an hour into a performance when the shooting started, and at this point there are at least 60 people being held hostage in the venue. The gunman at the Bataclan are also said to have been armed with explosives.
At the Stade de France, French President Francois Hollande was in the stadium watching a friendly between Germany and France. Hollande was evacuated and the game was played through, though attendees then were not allowed to leave until the situation was cleared.
Elsewhere a gunman opened fire in the 11th district of the city.
President Obama has made a statement following the attack, saying:
"We stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism,"
President Hollande has declared a state of Emergency in France and has ordered the borders closed, implementing a curfew for the first time since WWII. Margaret Howell brings you the story on The Lip News.

ISIS Attacks Paris France128 Dead 180 Wounded
Published on Nov 13, 2015
128 people have been killed at the Concert Hall and other 180 people killed in shootings at a Cafe, a Bar, and a Night Club. Also 3 bombs exploded outside a Stadium as 80,000 people fled for their lives and the French President was rescued at the Stadium. A Shopping Mall and 5 other locations are also under attack Also 1,500 French Soldiers have been deployed on the streets of Paris France

Published on Nov 13, 2015
The death toll is currently more than 150 people after a series of terror attacks rocked Paris Friday night. France has declared a state of emergency, the military has been called in, borders have been sealed and the city is under the first curfew since 1944. This is just the beginning of global chaos as countries are flooded with Islamic migrants, some of whom have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Paris Attacks: What We Know So Far

Special Report: Paris Massacre Only The Beginning
Published on Nov 14, 2015
Just a day before the latest highly coordinated massacre in Paris leaving as many as 140 dead ,President Obama declared (VIDEO).Was this just an obvious example of the United States constant failure of war on terror related intelligence? Or did Obama make this declaration to his minion George Stephanopolous to distance himself further from his administration's ties to the Frankenstein monster that recently claimed to have bombed a Russian airliner over the Sinai peninsula and would be staging a massive terror event in Paris. Obama's allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood is widely known.

Obama's half cocked occupation of the United States Commander in chief, insuring the American people that ISIS was contained was immediately disrupted as a terror suspect arrested in Paris during the attacks claimed he was from the Islamic State and ISIS later praised the attacks on Twitter.

“O crusaders we are coming to you with bombs and rifles, wait for us,” an allegedly “contained” ISIS militant tweeted

Before France’s decision to seal its borders Friday in response to the Paris terrorist attacks which killed at least 160, the country was only willing to enact border control to protect politicians attending a U.N. “climate change” summit.

In other words, the elite will erect walls to protect themselves from radical Islamic terrorists, but they’ll let the population fend for themselves and unfortunately, this very attitude created the conditions the terrorists needed to launch multiple attacks in Paris.

There were at least seven separate attacks which were apparently planned to strike public events with a large number of people.

Although it’s likely the U.S. and NATO will use the Paris attacks as an excuse to launch military operations in Syria, the Pentagon admitted in 2012 that NATO was backing Islamic extremists in a proxy war to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

“The Salafist [sic], the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” the Pentagon document stated. “The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support [this] opposition, while Russia, China and Iran ‘support the [Assad] regime.’”

ISIS grew directly out of al-Qaeda in Iraq when the latter gained territory in Syria in 2013. The questions regarding the attacks as retaliation for the assassination of Jihadi John are on a constant media loop. However, verification of Jihadi John's assassination remains a mystery. Yet it serves to raise Obama's Commander in Chief status exactly as did the Osama bin laden assassination hoax.