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False teachers Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer
promoting unbiblical unity

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For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? – 1 Corinthians 5:12
One good thing about Beth Moore, she’s consistent. You always know what you’re going to get. You’ll get a little bit of extra-biblical revelation, followed by some old-fashioned narcigesis. Then, if you’re patient enough to wait around and listen closely, you’ll get a good ole public rebukin’ from her about people who publicly rebuke her.
In a recent Living Proof conference, Beth Moore gave a good spanking to her audience about Christians criticizing each other.
Let me tell you something. We have come to a day, online, and on the web, and on Twitter, and through Facebook, and through all manner of blogs, where there is so much slander in the body of Christ that it is shameful. It is absolutely shameful. Brothers and sisters slandering one another…and they’re going to do it publicly.
In translation, what she’s really saying is “how dare you criticize my teachings? Shame on you.” Beth Moore really believes that since she names the name of Christ that she should be immune to public rebuke, irrespective of the fact that much of her teachings are aberrant and false.
Beth Moore is a professing Christian, and, even in contradistinction to 1 Corinthians 14:34, she continues to preach in a church setting, to both women and men, usurping the position of elder.
As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear. – 1 Timothy 5:20
Continuing, she equates believers that criticize her false teachings to Satan.
…we back off from arguing, and the enemy starts accusing us…We start getting some accusations on Twitter. Or we start getting some accusations on Facebook. Just an undercurrent of insult. You’ll go looking for it. Don’t you dare go looking for it…If it comes your way…it’s time to dig up the well…that is not the enemy’s well, that’s your well…It is yours in Christ, and you claim it, and you tell [the enemy] to get out of your well.
In a fit of anger, she continues lashing out at people she finds to be divisive. It never appears to occur to her that maybe, just maybe, those Christians, and believers, and theologians who regularly criticize her bizarre extra-biblical revelations and narcissistic eisegesis of the text could perhaps, just maybe, be contending for the faith.
Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. – Jude 1:3
Beth Moore has referred to those who believe in doctrinal purity as scoffers. If you oppose ecumenical unity with false teachers like Joyce Meyer, who she regularly shares a platform with or with false Christians like Roman Catholics, then you’re just divisive–and you’re like the enemy.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. – 1 Tim 4:3-4

Beth Moore Confronts Young Pastor’s Wife for Criticizing Her Direct, Divine Revelation



The SBC Waltzes Down Apostasy Lane

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Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!
“For who has known the mind of the Lord,
or who has been his counselor?”
“Or who has given a gift to him
that he might be repaid?”
For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:33-36
When the Apostle Paul, putting pen to parchment, pauses to ink a doxology of praise, in reverence and awe, it’s a powerful moment in Scripture.  The wonder of this man’s relationship with our God is always encouraging, if not sometimes, as Peter himself notes (2 Peter 3:16), theologically confounding.  Yet such are the depths of Paul’s knowledge of Truth.  I thank God that, by the illuminating aid of the Holy Spirit, I can not only ride the waves of Paul’s teaching but try to dive ever deeper into what he prays for the Colossians … to “be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.”  (Colossians 1:9)
Sadly, however, when I put that Book down and look at what proclaims itself to be His church these days – especially the SBC version of it – I discover a vast chasm between what Christ teaches and commands in His Word and what is actually being done in His Name.  Sometimes it seems that this gulf is as impassable as the one restricting Lazarus from delivering a dipped finger’s worth of water to the Hades-parched lips of the tormented rich man.  (Luke 16:19-31)
Is this gulf between Truth and obedience now impassable for us?  Where are the shepherds who dip their finger into the depths of written Truth and quench the needs of a thirsting flock?  Where are those who will offer the Living Bread to the depraved, starving, and Truth-less world, despite that world’s certain rebukes and ridicule as it blindly denies the reality of its own imminent perishing?
It seems there are fewer and fewer such shepherds.  The SBC is rife with leaders who are racing away from Truth with the vigor of a Pharisaical mob ready to stone an adulterous woman.  Only in the SBC’s case, rather than rebuking one for sin, we’ve moved to just disregard sin entirely.  There is no need for repentance for there isn’t really any sin.  Here, repeat this prayer.  And where there is no sin, there’s no need for the real Gospel.
The most recent example comes on the heels of the singular greatest testimony to a false gospel that has been corporately, publicly, offered by the SBC.  Departing SBC President Ronnie Floyd, on the Tuesday evening program of the 2016 annual meeting, chose to use the televised opportunity to promote “another gospel.”  (You can watch the epic and egregious unbiblical goings-on HERE. Presume there’s an invisible “Warning: Apostasy Ahead” banner scrolling the screen as you do. You can read about itHERE.)
This charade of faux piety and emotions-laden appeals to the Divine, televised between the Joel Osteen and Rod Parsley shows on the DayStar channel, was nothing short of an embarrassing presentation of our convention’s collective waltz down the wide path of apostasy.  Floyd’s “name it and claim it” false gospel fit nicely, however, with his fellow charlatans on false faith TV.
On the heels of that, though, came David Uth, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Orlando, a mega-church of some 14,000 members.  His pulpit proclamation, and those he allowed to be proclaimed from it, in the aftermath of the most deadly mass shooting in American history – the assault by a jihadist on the gay Pulse nightclub in Orlando – represent a further perpetuation of the blasphemous false gospel that’s taken the SBC by storm. (Read more about it HERE.  See the full-blown worship of the false “Jesus loves everybody” idol HERE.) Uth took a decided, public, stand for the false “Jesus loves everybody regardless” gospel that is the denominationally-approved flavor of heresy. Such a proclamation is borne not of Scripture, but of an erroneous theology eager to baptize and declare as born again those who don’t yet even know they are dead.
Please understand something that is particularly true for what the Southern Baptist Convention has been becoming – and that equally represents much of the wider evangelical church – what is proclaimed as “Christianity” is not, in fact, Christianity.  So few pew sitters know this, though, because our pastors have become nothing more than branch managing CEO’s whose primary mission is a return on investment in the idolatrous worship of the god of church growth.
That hard, yet true, teaching of Christ that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword will not fill the pews. Of course, it is His divisive Gospel – alone – that will actually save, actually give ultimate, eternal peace, and is actually the one we’re told to proclaim.  But for the SBC, “that dawg don’t hunt.”  Instead, we sell love and tolerance because that will fill the pews.
“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household. Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.  Matthew 10:34-39
In the aftermath of the Orlando event, Uth opened his church building to host a memorial service, a vigil, for the dead.  It was a unified, televised show of solidarity – including religious and secular persuasions – for the beleaguered and persecuted LGBTQ “community.”  While calling it “vulnerable,” complete disregard is given to the fact that community is authentically based on shared values, not on shared sin.  Were a group of self-proclaimed murderers or rapists similarly targeted for violence, it’s unlikely we’d call them a “community” nor acknowledge them as “vulnerable.” Sin doesn’t make you vulnerable; it makes you – apart from Christ – hell-bound.
But Uth decided to proclaim an un-saving, unhelpful, and unloving “other” gospel to the sexually immoral he’d ushered into his church in the name of “Jesus’ love.”  A clear presentation of the Gospel with a corresponding call to repentance was not to be heard. To be sure, no one left that vigil convicted of sin, aware of the clarity of Christ’s salvific sacrifice, nor of the singular possible assurance of authentic hope, now or eternally, to be found in Christ alone.  You don’t get those things from Uth’s gospel, which is, by the way, the SBC’s “gospel.”  That is not the Gospel that saves; that is a gospel that damns.
“We know God values and loves all people, as do we at First Baptist Orlando,” Uth said. “We condemn this horrible and unjustified act of violence against the Orlando community. We hurt and pray for our friends and neighbors, especially in the LGBT community, and we extend our deepest expressions of sympathy to all the loved ones experiencing grief today.”  Pastor David Uth  (Source: Christian Examiner)
The underlying theological problem with Uth’s warm condolences is it reflects zero underlying Scriptural foundation.  Far from being Scripturally valid, this is the theology devised by the enemy of Christ.  Instead of whispering temptations in a wilderness, that enemy is now proclaiming a counterfeit gospel from Southern Baptist pulpits – most recently First Baptist Orlando.
While mankind is indeed created imago dei – in the image of God – our depraved, fallen condition is helpless apart from God’s gracious Gospel.  His image alone will not save us. But that Gospel did not cross Uth’s lips as he gave implicit divine absolution of universal love to a crowd gathered in his pews that desperately needed to instead hear the Truth.   The gospel Uth uttered was designed “mentem a diabolo” – from the mind of the devil.
Scripture does not teach that God hates sin, but loves the sinner.  Though it’s a pithy statement whipped out by the Scripturally-inept as though it were John 3:16 part B, and they do so with frequent fervency when faced with delicate situations of sin – and particularly with regards to the LGBTQ situation of sin – the truth of the quip is undeniably non-Biblical.  God not only hates sin, He also hates those who practice sin.  How do we know?  Well, He doesn’t condemn the sin to hell, does He? No. He sends the sinner there.
The LORD tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.  Psalm 11:5
Churches and pastors, like Uth, that promote this false gospel from their heretical “it’s all about you” theology are following the “god of this world” as he leads many down the apostate road to destruction.  Until they arrive, of course, some of those “many” may occupy a pew, having been given false assurance under the opaque, deceptive promise of God’s universal love.  This, though, is a damnable evil within the church.  And, in the SBC, where we love any pew-filling heresy, we tolerate it being broadcast on a television channel of charlatans (We have found the charlatans and they are us?) and proclaimed from the pulpit of a megachurch.
While the love of God is a sure and certain fact (1 John 4:8), we are equally certain that His love is not indiscriminate.  While it may be a difficult truth from Scripture for the pew sitting false converts of this false theology, it is nevertheless the fact that Jesus Himself, in His high priestly prayer to the Father, intentionally did not lovingly pray “for the world.”  He prayed for those “you have given me.” As the true believer will know, the Father gave to Christ only “those” who had been regenerated by His Holy Spirit through the hearing of the authentic Gospel.  Because of His Son, it is upon those souls where the Father’s lavish love is bestowed.
When we see pastors or churches, or, as in the case of the SBC, whole denominations, proclaim “another gospel,” we must remember the twice repeated apostolic curse of Paul about such proclaimers:
 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.  Galatians 1:8-9
Viewing the tragic Orlando event through the lens of Scripture, what is seen is no different than what may be seen on any day when one sees God’s hand at work in any other place across His globe. God is seen, as Paul says in Romans 1, “giving them up” to their sin. This is His divine judgment. (If that seems too harsh, just too “unloving” for you, take it up with God. He sets the rules; it’s our job to understand and abide by them.)
The most unloving thing we can do, then, is to proclaim a false gospel of “Jesus loves everybody” to these lost souls, whether they are lost in sexual sin or in any other sin. To tell them “Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” is to earn the apostle’s anathema upon ourselves while we unbiblically judge the hearer as unworthy to hear the full Truth and nothing but the Truth.  God judges the world; we don’t.  Our task, divinely assigned, is to share the truth of the Gospel with everyone, not judge whom ought to receive it in its fullness.
In our failure to disclose the full truth of the Gospel, in love, to the dying world, we are effectively, and illicitly, judging them unworthy to hear it.  It’s evidence not of Christian love, but of our sinful disobedience born of some other wicked impetus – perhaps the wicked motivation generated by the idol of church growth and ecumenism.
It’s noteworthy to recognize, in the list of sins which prompted God to “give them up” in Paul’s epistle to the Romans, sexual immorality is the first mentioned.  We can intra-murally argue about the severity of one sin over another, but as all sin leads to eternal death, all sinners equally need to hear the call for repentance and belief.  They need the real Gospel regardless of the sin which will most certainly damn them.
We don’t see the selfless good Samaritan first asking the bloody and beaten traveler what caused his injuries.  Before giving aid, he didn’t first ask, “what sin did you commit that brought this injury upon you?”  Neither should the Christian.  As A.W. Tozer said, we are always called to bless the world, but we are never told to compromise with it.  To be sure, neither are we to compromise the Gospel with it, for it, or, in judgment of it.  God’s the judge; we’re merely the process servers of His Gospel.
The unrepentant homosexual sinner will as certainly be damned as will the unrepentant heterosexual liar.  We should be ministering to, praying for, and pleading for repentance from all sinners, the sexually immoral included.  But we should never, ever, ever fail to minister to them apart from the Gospel.  We should never condone any sin.  And we must never feed them the damnable heresy of a gospel that is not to be found in Scripture.
What David Uth’s “Jesus loves everybody” gospel and Ronnie Floyd’s “name it and claim it” gospel and “other” gospels proclaimed by so much of the SBC demands is nothing short of an apostolic anathema.  We have the Gospel; we ought not be afraid to share it.
Those still in the SBC need to stand NOW to defend Truth in our ranks, from our pulpits, and from our leadership. We must demand repentance from those proclaiming intentional, unbiblical, and damning erroneous gospels. Failing their repentance, we must demand their departure. If you are not in the SBC, please pray for us.
Authentic Christians across the broad spectrum of the “evangelical” world must be aware that the volume of false gospels is growing louder from pulpits, the evil spirit of faux unity is being driven ever more powerfully by the devilish god of ecumenism, and Truth itself is being targeted for silencing.   We are the voices of His Truth.   Let us be vocal. Let us be clear.
Souls are in peril … and it’s obvious we can’t trust them to many of the pulpits of the church today – especially those of the SBC … they’re simply too busy waltzing down apostasy lane.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Defends ‘Christian’ Trump, Criticizes ‘Hypocrites’ 

Concerned About Playboy Cover

EXCERPT: "NEW YORK — Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of Liberty University, who has repeatedly sought to convince the public that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a Christian, is now calling those who have expressed concern over his pose with the candidate adjacent to a framed Playboy magazine cover “hypocrites” who need to stop “judging.”
The March 1990 Playboy cover is displayed in Trump’s Manhattan office along with other magazine covers featuring the billionaire business mogul, and shows Trump standing next to model Brandi Brandt, who is partially wrapped in what appears to be a towel."
SEE:; EXCERPTS: "Nevertheless, nearly 1,000 evangelical “leaders” gathered Tuesday in New York at the summons of Trump’s “evangelical” point-man, who, as an authentic Christian will know, is not actually himself a Christian. Ben Carson, the most media-noticeable face to emerge from the non-Christian cult of Seventh Day Adventists, organized – by specific, targeted invitation – the Trump enclave."
"The hypocrisy of Russell Moore oozes from his tweets. The man has frankly lost all “ethical” credibility.  (Outraged Baptists ought also see to the loss of his ivory towered lobbying job, too.)  Moore’s liberal social agenda has aligned the SBC with everything from Muslim mosque builders to the very crux of apostasy on the planet, a/k/a Rome … but he’s gonna blast attendees at an American political rally?  (Anyone remember when Moore lauded the Pope being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?)"
 "Calling out those in Trump’s attendance for applauding rightly identified charlatans, Moore fails to acknowledge his own applause and fawning over Pope Francis.  ((Is that aroma called “Papal Eau de self-righteousness?”  Where does he buy that … and, is it paid for with tithes and offerings or is it a love-gift from the Vatican?)"

SBC Prez Steve Gaines Invites Cult Member to Pray At His Church – Calls Him “Brother in Christ”

This is part two of our series on the new Southern Baptist President, Steve Gaines, titled Seven days of Gaines. Yesterday, we covered Laodicea’s Bellevue’s choir putting on an Elvis show for Fox News. Today, we’re showing you how Steve Gaines deceptively affirms a cult, known as Seventh Day Adventism, and allows one of their members to pray in front of the congregation.
Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and Seventh Day Adventist has openly stated that he is in full agreement with his church’s doctrine. Seventh Day Adventism teaches aberrant doctrines such as Jesus is the archangel, Michael, denial of eternal Hell, and soul sleep. Yet, in the video below, Gaines finds it appropriate, referring to Carson as a “brother in Christ,” to allow him to take the stage and lead the congregation in prayer.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Using funding from Western taxpayers, and Americans in particular, United Nations schools are teaching Arab children to glorify terrorism and wage constant war against their Jewish neighbors, according to a new film. In the explosive documentary released late last month by a pro-Israel watchdog group, schools run by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are even exposed offering military-style training to young children. That training, combined with a curriculum that teaches fervent hatred of Jews, is a recipe for disaster, the producer said, citing the recent wave of attacks. But now, U.S. lawmakers are speaking out, with media reports saying that legislation is being considered to yank funding from the UN-run schools.
The film, produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research, shows numerous young children proudly celebrating the murder of Jews and explaining what they learned in their UN schools. Children also appear on camera vowing to fight for the Islamic State, or ISIS, and calmly explaining how they hope to become suicide bombers someday. Others boast that, one day, they hope to stab, shoot, or run down Jews with cars. The new material, released on May 27, comes amid a fresh surge in terrorist attacks in Israel, with more than 2,200 attacks by Arabs on Jews since last September. Dozens of victims have been killed in the attacks, with close to 500 wounded.
The short documentary, entitled “The UNRWA Road to Terror: Palestinian Classroom Incitement,” argues that the source of much of the violence is the pseudo-education being offered in UN schools on UN facilities funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars. “A closer look reveals that the uprising has hardly been spontaneous,” says the narrator as video of recent brutal stabbings and killings plays in the background. “Its roots derive from an education curriculum taught to Palestinians beginning in the first grade.” That is followed by film from inside the UN classroom, with an adult leading very young children in chanting that Israeli territory is actually Arab, “from the river to the sea.” Many of the terrorists behind recent attacks were educated in the UN schools, the film states.  
Controversy has swirled around the UNRWA and UN schools in the region for years. In 2014, for example, the UN faced a tsunami of criticism after caches of rockets were found hidden at a UN-run school in Gaza — and then handed to Hamas terrorists by UN workers under the guise of passing the deadly weapons to “local authorities.” In 2012, meanwhile, the UN schools came under international criticism for using pro-terror, anti-American textbooks in education. Two years ago, a similar video was released showing UN schools offering jihad lessons to young Arabs. Yet the problem continues, with the Center for Near East Policy Research saying that the material in the latest video is brand new.      
Americans should be concerned, too, considering the fact that U.S. taxpayers have poured some $4 billion into the UN bureaucracy responsible for running the schools. “This is an American issue,” explained David Bedein, director of the group behind the documentary. “It's an American issue because the U.S. government spends $400 million per year — more than $1 million every single day — on UNRWA which is indoctrinating these children for war. And it's all in a UN facility, which makes it even more ridiculous. People assume UN facilities would teach peace. But if you look at our films, you'll see it's exactly the opposite.”
The Center for Near East Policy Research has been reaching out to lawmakers in the United States and other Western governments that fund UNRWA. But the public must also be aware of what is happening. “The most important thing would be for Americans — liberals, conservatives, Jews, gentiles — to stand up and say, if we're going to finance the UNRWA system, there should be a new education system, a new curriculum, which advocates peace and reconciliation, not war, and which works toward the re-settlement of these people,” Bedein said.  
And the problem is urgent, he added. Consider, for example, that the film shows young children engaged in what appears to be military-style training with dummy firearms. “The thing to understand is that these schools, they've developed a full-scale military-training system,” continued Bedein, also a longtime journalist. “How many people realize that there's military training going on in these camps? It's not even just hate education, it's war education. The education for the last 16 years, the school system has been devoted to indoctrinating children to make war on the Jews.” And the results are obvious.
At the center of the controversial curriculum is what is known as the “right of return,” the argument that Arabs who lived in present-day Israel in 1948, and their descendants, should be allowed to re-settle there someday. “Right now the curriculum is based on preparing children for the armed struggle against Israel invoking what they call the right of return,” continued Bedein. “There's no reason to keep these people in camps under the false promise of the right of return. The right of return was predicated on one thing: The desire of the refugees to go back and live in peace with the Jews. There is no sign of that happening.”
Bedein said that Arabs have been in the UN “refugee camps” since the 1950s under the premise of right of return, including some three-fourths of the people of Gaza. “They are told by UNRWA that the only rehabilitation they are to take is to go back to the homes they left in 1948, which are now Israeli cities,” he said. It is time for some serious reforms, Bedein added, calling the notion of return pushed by UN textbooks an unrealistic recipe for perpetuating disaster. Rather than drumming the fantasy into the heads of Arab children, they should be offered something other than the current “refugees in perpetuity” status. And the violence and violent mindsets perpetuated by the UN schools need to stop, he said.  
“If this was financed by Iran, we couldn't do too much,” said Bedein, who has been researching UNRWA for some three decades. “But because this is financed by the United States, the largest donor, there's no reason that this should be happening.” Right now, he continued, donor governments, mostly from the West, “drop money on the UNRWA and its camps like manna from heaven, with no controls, no constraints, whatsoever, and that's pretty bad.” So he and others plan to keep pushing for change, “trying to expose what's going on, with a mind toward reforming the UNRWA system.”   
The group director also said that “plenty of Palestinian Arabs identify with our cause — they don't want to be patronized, and told that they have to go back to where they came from in '48,” he said. “It's ridiculous.” The documentary has already been shown to people on Capitol Hill, and Bedein's organization plans to bring in Arabic experts to explain to lawmakers what is in the UN schools' curriculum and programs. It has also been covered in multiple news reports across Israel and the United States.
UNRWA officials blasted Bedein and other critics, with spokesman Christopher Gunness telling Fox News that it was “being duped by David Bedein.” According to Gunness, Bedein and his crew obtained the footage of children at UN schools promoting terrorism by asking “leading questions” such as “how much do you hate Jews?” The UN official also told Fox and other outlets that Bedein had shown Arab schools not run by the UN, and teachers who claimed to work for the UN but who in fact did not. The U.S. State Department reportedly investigated the allegations and urged the UNRWA to do the same, but also claimed that previous allegations by Bedein in the past had been “debunked.” The UN's Gunness said the materials had been reviewed in the past and found to be “largely” free of incitement.   
However, a Palestinian human rights activist and political analyst quoted by Fox News, Bassam Eid, said the documentary was accurate. “The film accurately portrays UNRWA school,” explained Eid, described by Fox as a “leading Palestinian human rights expert.” The expert also told Fox that “advocacy of violence remains rampant dictated by teachers who run the U.S.-funded UNRWA schools.”
When asked how he and his team obtained the footage, Bedein said they sent in an American and some Palestinian stringers into the schools, and that the promotion of violence was not concealed at all. “They don't even hide it,” Bedein said. “The [Palestine Liberation Organization] is very proud of what it's doing in the classroom.”
U.S. lawmakers expressed outrage that American funds were supporting the controversial UN schools. Representative Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), for example, told Fox News that major reforms of the UN's schools were needed. “It is a crime against humanity, an outrage, and does not in any way prepare the Palestinian population or future generations of Palestinians for peace with Israelis,” the congressman said. “It is unacceptable that the international community, including the United States, is funding UNRWA without demanding change.”
Speaking to the Jerusalem Post, Lamborn echoed those remarks. “Congress has been asking questions about UNRWA for years, and it is important that we continue to do so until we are sure that the curriculum used and the teaching the children receive does not poison their minds,” Lamborn said. “Textbooks and other materials that delegitimize Israel, denigrate the Jewish people, promote the ‘right of return’ through violent struggle, and glorify martyrdom must be banned.” Bedein said the film will be shown to lawmakers around the West in an effort to highlight the threat posed by the UN schools, and to secure meaningful reforms.
Meanwhile, other U.S. lawmakers are working to evict the UN from U.S. soil and cancel American membership in the outfit, often ridiculed as the “dictators club” in America. Citing, among many other concerns, systemic anti-Israel bias that some critics have even dubbed anti-Semitism, Representative Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to have the U.S. government withdraw from the UN and pull all funding. As evidence of anti-Israel bias at the UN, critics point out that more than half of the resolutions by the UN Human Rights Council criticizing governments were condemnations of Israel.
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Members of U.S. Congress investigating UNRWA for incitement to jihad terrorism

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Members of US Congress have launched an investigation into incitement to terrorism in the UN Relief and Works Agency schools.
David Bedein, director of the Jerusalem-based Center for Near East Policy Research, provided material to Congress about UNRWA, which in fact has a long history of terrorism that has been underreported. Bedein has been on its trail for some time. Two years ago, he revealed in a documentary video entitled “UNRWA Goes to War” that there was a close symbiotic relationship between UNRWA and the jihad terror group Hamas, which, of course, promotes virulent hatred against Jews and incites Muslims to violence.
Steven Rosen, former director of foreign policy issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, corroborated Bedein’s evidence when he referred to UNRWA as “one of the worst UN agencies, an organization that harbors terrorists, teaches militant conflict with Israel and anti-Semitism in its schools, and perpetuates the Palestinian refugee issue as a source of tension”.
Despite evidence against UNRWA’s link to terrorism, UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness unsurprisingly denies all claims. Yet the preponderance of evidence suggests that he is not being truthful.
Bedein’s organization has released yet another video recently, entitled “The UNRWA Road to Terror: Palestinian Classroom Incitement.” Here’s one UNRWA student’s testimonial, among others, that you’ll read in the article below, taken from the video: “They teach us in school that Jews are fickle, bad people. I am ready to stab a Jew, and drive [a car] over them.”
“‘US Congressmen to investigate UNRWA schools for inciting terrorism'”, by Ariel Ben Solomon, Jerusalem Post, June 20, 2016:
Members of the US House of Representatives are investigating incitement to terrorism in the UN Relief and Works Agency schools, Rep. Doug Lamborn (CO) told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.
“Congress has been asking questions about UNRWA for years, and it is important that we continue to do so until we are sure that the curriculum used and the teaching the children receive does not poison their minds,” Lamborn said.
“Textbooks and other materials that delegitimize Israel, denigrate the Jewish people, promote the ‘right of return’ through violent struggle, and glorify martyrdom must be banned.”
David Bedein, director of the Jerusalem- based Center for Near East Policy Research – which has provided material to Congress about UNRWA incitement – said, “Congress is going to begin an official investigation of UNRWA using some of our material to look at creating new standards for the organization.
While they cannot defund or get rid of UNRWA, which is ensconced in the UN,” they can advocate changes be made said Bedein, who also heads the center’s affiliated Israel Resource News Agency established in 1987.
Bedein sees getting rid of the agency as unrealistic and so is pushing for reform, particularly with its education system which promotes “war with Israel.”
The Center for Near East Policy is continually investigating UNRWA to promote accountability and transparency for the organization that serves the purpose of “keeping the Palestinian refugees as such by keeping alive the promise of return.”
Bedein’s organization released a new video, “The UNRWA Road to Terror: Palestinian Classroom Incitement,” showing youth that purportedly attend UNRWA schools voicing support for terrorism against Jews.
One UNRWA student named Arafat, from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, says in the video, “They teach us in school that Jews are fickle, bad people. I am ready to stab a Jew, and drive [a car] over them.”
Another UNRWA student from Kalandia says, “Stabbing and running over Jews brings dignity to the Palestinians. I’m going to run them over and stab them with knives.”
Nur Taha, an UNRWA student in Kalandia, commented, “With Allah’s help, I will fight for ISIS, the Islamic State.”
UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness responded to the charges, telling the Post, “As with many of Bedein’s previous films, in this latest he takes non-UNRWA facilities and falsely claims they belong to UNRWA. He shows teachers claiming they are from UNRWA when in fact they are not, and he plays the same tricks with students, often misrepresenting what they say in slanted translations.”…