The appointment of an American woman of Iranian origin, Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, as a Persian- speaking spokeswoman for the US State Department, can be described as the highest level of Obama’s flirting with Khamenei and Rouhani. This action has also partially revealed the hidden truths about the secret ties among the treacherous alliance – Iran, the United States and Israel – and is a qualitative leap in the relations between America and Iran, from out of the shadows into public view.
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, whose upgrade to a diplomatically sensitive position in the United States suggests that she is a double agent for both the Iranians and the Americans, is a member of the Iranian lobby, which operates in the United States in order to open lines of communication and encourage compatible views between the Iranian and US officials. Moreover, all of her upgrades to various official positions tend to benefit the Iranian regime, such as her work for a year at the Iranian-American National Council, as well as having positions that served the American side, such as holding the position of Director of the Iran section of the US State Department and the position of Director for Iran in the US National Security Council.
There is a pivotal and strategic relationship that brings Tehran and Washington together and aims to exchange interests at the expense of the countries in the region, including Russia, which is currently considered the most powerful ally of the Iranian regime. Tehran is seeking to gain the Americans’ confidence and build secretive relationships and agreements with it that could serve the expansive Persian project in the region in return for concessions offered by Iran to the United States. However, the latter is trying to use the Iranian regime as a tool to preserve its own interests and keep the Middle East at America’s mercy by ensuring the continuation of conflicts and wars, which only came about due to the interventions of the Iranian regime and its agents in the region such as Al-Houthi in Yemen, ISIS in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria.
The 34 year old Nowrouzzadeh would not be able to reach such positions without an American- Iranian agreement on this person, as one who worked behind the scenes to achieve US-Iranian interests by coordinating the objectives of both parties away from the eyes of the Iranian people, who are more used to hearing the slogans “death to America” and “death to Israel” from the leaders of the Iranian regime, who still claim the existence of a feud with America which is referred to as ‘the Great Satan’.
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was born in the American state of Connecticut for Iranian parents who are originally from the Iranian city of Isfahan, in 1982. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in international affairs from the School of International Affairs at George Washington University, and a Master’s Degree in Persian studies from the University of Maryland. She speaks several languages, most notably Persian, Dari, Spanish and Arabic. She worked for almost a year in the Iranian lobby, National Iranian American Council, (NIAC), which is pro-Tehran regime in the United States. After that, she worked as director of Iran Department at the US National Security Council and then served as the director of Iran Department at the US Foreign Ministry.
Nowrouzzadeh is one of the individuals close to the US President Barack Obama as well as his Secretary of State John Kerry, who had a major role in reaching a nuclear deal with Tehran. Nowrouzzadeh was also working as a member of the US president’s office on the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the G6 in conjunction with her presence in the US National Security Council. The main task for Sahar Nowrouzzadeh is to coordinate all those agencies and offices whose jobs are connected the Iranian affairs and to communicate with them. She also participated in several counseling sessions with President Barack Obama during the Iranian nuclear negotiations.
Earlier, the US media raised controversial questions about the activity of Nowrouzzadeh and revealed that the individual responsible for the Iran file in the US National Security Council, Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, is engaged in a lobby that is in active support of Tehran in the United States.
The United States wants to maintain its control over the Middle East through the use of the Iranian regime and the Zionist entity, and is currently working, through the expansion of the Iranian lobby and the Zionist lobby in the United States, on bridging the gaps between Tehran and Tel Aviv leaders in order to distribute interests among the three parties in the Middle East.
Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre
25 September 2016