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Among all of the contemporary worship musicians, I consider Keith and Kristyn Getty perhaps the most dangerous, because what they are offering is wrapped in a package that is attractive to “fundamentalists” and Independent Baptists. They aren’t writing the typical CCM 7-11 music (7 words sung 11 times); their lyrics have scriptural substance. But that “conservative-appearing” package is a bridge to truly great spiritual danger. The Gettys represent the whole exceedingly dangerous world of contemporary worship music as definitely as does Darlene Zschech and Hillsong, and any bridges that Bible-believing churches build to the Gettys are bridges built to the one-world church and even to secular rock. We have mentioned the Gettys’ warm relationship with Roman Catholic musician Matt Maher. Most recently they have teamed up with Graham Kendrick for the song “My Worth Is Not in What I Own” on his new, yet untitled, album (“Graham Kendrick Teams Up with the Gettys,”, Feb. 26, 2018). My Worth” has been released as a single. Kendrick is one of the most prominent names in Contemporary Praise Music and one of his objectives is to break down denominational barriers and create ecumenical unity. He was co-founder of the ecumenical March for Jesus, which has brought together every type of denomination and cult including Roman Catholic and Mormon. A biography at Kendrick’s web site says: “Crossing international and denominational barriers, his songs, like the popular Shine Jesus Shine, have been used by countless small church events to major festivals--including Promise Keeper rallies, Billy Graham crusades and a four million-strong open air CATHOLIC MASS in the Philippines capital Manila, where THE POPE ‘SWUNG HIS CANE IN TIME TO THE MUSIC’” (“Shine Jesus Shine,” Kendrick is a charismatic of the most radical sort and promotes the “kingdom now” and Word-Faith heresies. In the 1970s, he was a member of the Ichthus Christian Fellowship which welcomed the so-called Toronto Blessing with its meaningless gibberish, spirit slaying, hysterical laughing, barking, braying, rolling. Kendrick claims that he was “baptized with the Holy Spirit” in 1971 after attending a charismatic meeting. He says, “It was later that night when I was cleaning my teeth ready to go to bed that I was filled with the Holy Spirit! ... and I remember lying at last in my bed, the fixed grin still on my face, praising and thanking God, and gingerly trying out a new spiritual language that had presented itself to my tongue with no regard at all for the objections thrown up by my incredulous brain! ... That was a real watershed in my Christian experience” (Nigel Smyth, “What Are We All Singing About?” 
To bypass one’s thinking and to refuse to test everything by Bible doctrine is blind mysticism, which is always a recipe for spiritual delusion. Instead of yoking together in music ministry with such people, the Gettys should be warning about them. Majesty Music and Bob Jones University have been promoting the Gettys’ contemporary hymns by toning down the rhythm, and this bridge will bring dramatic changes within the next 10 years. (For documentation see “The Gettys: Pied Pipers of Contemporary Worship Music,”

Graham Kendrick - Knowing You at Prom Praise 

with the All Souls Orchestra

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014: Graham is joined by Jonathan Veira, Kristyn Getty and Noel Treddinick and the All Souls Orchestra at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London to sing Knowing You Jesus for Prom Praise 40th Anniversary!

Graham Kendrick - Worship is a Journey Graham shares his thoughts on the aim of leading worship

Worship leader and songwriter Graham Kendrick explores the idea that in Christian Worship we are on a journey from revelation to response. Graham says 'The worship journey is not just about us encountering God and how we feel about that, it’s also about being sent out'.


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Aideen Strandsson is a woman without a country. She may live in Sweden, but she is a stateless person, with no passport, no citizenship and no way to get a job. She lives every day with the knowledge she could be deported to her native Iran where, as a Christian, she would face grave danger.
Swedish authorities have bent over backwards to accommodate Muslim refugees, including those unfriendly to its laws, society, and mores. The country is on the verge of civil war and no-go zones have expanded to alarming proportions, even to a popular shopping mall, yet Swedish authorities show no sympathy to peaceful Christians.
Rather than receive the slightest sympathy and humanitarian assistance, Strandsson was told that “it’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian,” even if the refusal of asylum results in rape, torture or death.
“UPDATE: Sweden Tries to ‘Starve’ Out Christian Asylum Seeker”, by Dale Hurd, CBN, March 14, 2018:
STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Aideen Strandsson is a woman without a country. She may live in Sweden, but she is a stateless person, with no passport, no citizenship and no way to get a job. She lives every day with the knowledge she could be deported to her native Iran where, as a Christian, she would face grave danger.
The world was outraged when the Swedish government decided to send Strandsson, who is a Christian and former Muslim, back to Iran where she could face prison, rape and even death. But a worldwide outcry over her situation has apparently not changed anything.
After CBN News first brought the former Iranian actress’s story to the world stage, the government of Hungary offered her asylum, and many people from around the world contacted the Swedish government asking it to reconsider.
“It was really like a miracle for me,” Strandsson said, “When so many people in America called the Sweden embassy. Many people sent comments to me and said ‘you are welcome to our country.'”
But Sweden’s migration board told CBN News none of that matters. Aideen’s case has been turned over to border police for deportation.
Now Strandsson waits in a kind of legal limbo.
‘Stuck’ Between Citizenship and Deportation
“Aideen’s situation is not at all uncommon in Sweden,” says Swedish Attorney Gabriel Donner. “There are a fair amount of people who get stuck in between. So you have these curious cases where nothing is really dealt with and you cannot get ahead.”
Swedish attorney Gabriel Donner represented 160 Christian asylum seekers last year alone.
And he says by remaining in Sweden, Strandsson is running the risk of deportation.
Her Dream to Live Freely as a Christian
Aideen Strandsson came to Sweden from Iran in 2014 on a work visa and adopted a Swedish last name. She Left Islam and became a Christian in Iran after seeing a video of Muslims stoning a woman to death and then having a dream about Jesus.
When she arrived in Sweden, she requested a public baptism.
Strandsson said, “I wanted to be baptized in public because I want to say I am free, I am Christian and I wanted everyone to know about that.”
Which means the Islamic government of Iran knows. And because she starred in films and a TV series in Iran, it makes her an even bigger target if she is sent back.
What’s Next: Possible Prison and Deportation to Iran
Donner says it’s not clear if or when that might happen. “When it comes to the border police, Sweden’s backlog is growing and growing and growing. Right now it’s about two years and growing. This is contrary to European union law but no one cares.”
Aideen would first be sent to prison in Sweden while authorities made arrangements to fly her to Iran, according to Donner who said, “This is real prison conditions. They’re not allowed to speak on the telephone. They’re not allowed to be on a computer, not allowed to get in touch with anybody, they wear prison clothes. If they have to be transferred anywhere, they’re transferred in chains.”
Swedish authorities would then contact the Islamic Republic of Iran and tell them Aideen is coming and when to expect her, even though Sweden’s migration board says, on its own webpage, that it will never deport asylum seekers to nations where they face danger, and doing so is a violation of the Geneva convention on refugees.
Sweden’s migration board says it cannot comment on her case.
Unable to Work: Swedish Government Tries to ‘Starve’ Her
Aideen spends her days helping at church or training in Tae Kwon Do. She has earned a black belt, but the migration board took her certificate because she is not a legal resident.
She landed a job with the technology giant Ericsson as a computer programmer, but the Swedish government wouldn’t allow that either. Sweden ignored Ericsson’s plea to let her work for them.
Donner says “the idea is to starve you so you tell them to send you out.”
But she’s staying in Sweden because her family is here and because she says Jesus told her to not be afraid.
Strandsson and other Christian asylum seekers in Sweden have faced deportation at the same time that the Swedish government has given 150 protected identities to former ISIS fighters who have returned to Sweden, so that they can find jobs.
There will be no such help for Aideen.
“There have been fast lanes for Syrians and Somalians, but not for Iranians and definitely not for Christians,” Donner says. “We have one judge here in Stockholm who has never said yes to any Christian.”….


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COLUMBUS, Ohio — A federal judge appointed to the bench by then-President Barack Obama has granted a preliminary injunction against an Ohio law that banned mothers from killing their unborn child just because he or she has Down syndrome.
“The State cannot dictate what factors a woman is permitted to consider in making her choice,” wrote U.S. District Judge Timothy Black on Wednesday. “The State’s attempt to carve out exceptions to a categorical right where none exist fails as a matter of law.”
As previously reported, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio (ACLU), two local branches of Planned Parenthood and several other abortion facilities filed a lawsuit last month to challenge the new Ohio law, stating that it “undermines [the abortion facilities’] mission to honor and support the decisions their patients make, whether it is to continue or to end a pregnancy.”
The legal challenge also suggested that the “right decision”—life or death—is different for each mother.
“For many families, the right decision is to continue the pregnancy and parent a child with Down syndrome; for some, it is to give birth and place the child for adoption; and for others, it is abortion,” it claimed. “… Plaintiffs wish to continue providing safe and nonjudgmental abortion care to patients who have knowingly and voluntarily decided to terminate their pregnancies, regardless of the particular reason for the decision.”
On Wednesday, Black sided with the abortion advocates, stating that Down syndrome babies are not persons, but only “potential” lives that aren’t protected under the law until viability.
“[T]he State repeats its argument that H.B. 214 serves the public interest by preventing ‘unequal treatment for individuals who have Down syndrome.’ H.B. 214 does not affect any ‘person,’ as that term is used in the Constitution, with Down syndrome, and the State’s interest in potential life (emphasis in original)—whether couched as anti-‘discrimination’ or otherwise—does not become compelling until viability,” he wrote.
“As the top law enforcement official in the nation, United States Attorney General, Jefferson B. Sessions III, forcefully reminded the country recently, in a different context: ‘Federal law is the law of the land.’ … And federal law is crystal clear: ‘a State may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability,'” Black argued.
“Here, Ohio’s new law wrongfully does just that: it violates the right to privacy of every woman in Ohio and is unconstitutional on its face.”
However, as previously reported, in his 1854 lecture at the University of Pennsylvania on criminal abortion, obstetrician Hugh Hodge declared, “[I]t seems hardly necessary to repeat that physicians, medical men, must be regarded as the guardians of the rights of infants.”
“But unfortunately, the physician will be soon conversant with cases where mothers have no wish to preserve the intra-uterine being,” he lamented. “The dread of suffering, fears respecting their own health and strength, the trouble and expense of large families, and professedly, also, the responsibility incurred in the education of children, these and other reasons equally futile and trifling, operating on minds ignorant of the importance of fetal life, or may it be upon those whose understandings are weak or whose hearts are vicious, induce them to destroy the product of that conjugal union for which marriage was instituted.”


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Right to keep and bear arms
Two students at Lacey Township High-school, NJ were suspended for posting a picture of themselves shooting guns at a private gun range with the caption “fun day at the range”.
Lacey Township NJ – -( Two students at Lacey Township High-school, NJ were suspended for posting a picture of themselves shooting guns at a private gun range with the caption “fun day at the range“. The school's zero tolerance policy says that students cannot be in possession of weapons at any time, whether on or off campus.

Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs today demanded in a lawyer letter that the Lacey Township School District immediately rescind disciplinary actions taken against several students for posting social media photos of themselves near firearms at a target range.

Lacy NJ High School Students Suspended over Gun Range Photos
Lacy NJ High School Students Suspended over Gun Range Photos
Lacey Township School Student Handbook
Lacey Township School Student Handbook
The student handbook in that district provides that students are subject to suspension if they are “reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose WHETHER ON OR OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS during the academic year.”
Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs attorney Dan Schmutter penned the lawyer letter, which also demands that the school district rescind its unconstitutional policy, clear the records of the students disciplined, and apologize to the students and their families.
ANJRPC Demand Letter to Lacey NJ Schools Regarding Suspension Of Students with Range Photos.
“Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs is prepared to sue if the school district refuses to do the right thing,” said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. “Schools do not have the authority to chill the First or Second Amendment rights of their students off of school grounds, and this blatant infringement of constitutional rights will not be tolerated.”


 Alex Jones exposes how Nestle and Cadbury have removed the word "Easter" from their holiday chocolate eggs to be politically correct and prevent Christianity from being openly celebrated.



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SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Before the events, organizers and establishment propaganda outlets often painted the so-called National School Walkout on March 14 as an event to honor the victims of last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida. But the real agenda — at least of the establishment billionaires, leftists, and globalists behind the operation— was to promote more infringements on the unalienable right of Americans to keep and bear arms. In fact, one of the leading student voices endlessly hyped by CNN even called publicly for “Revolution.” And thousands of naive students across America were duped into participating by well-funded political operatives with no compunctions about exploiting children to advance an anti-constitutional agenda. The truth and the facts, meanwhile — including the counter-protests by pro-gun students — were carefully concealed.
According to establishment media outlets that promoted the National School Walkout, it was a major success. It was not immediately clear how many schools or students participated, but the vague term “thousands” or “tens of thousands” was parroted ad nauseam in the left-wing press. Apparently, students left their classrooms at 10 a.m., sometimes with support and prodding from school administrators, and went out into parking lots or other areas to hold up signs demanding that their constitutionally protected rights be further curtailed. “Hey hey, ho ho, gun violence has got to go,” they chanted, with the implication being that the right to keep and bear arms somehow causes “gun violence.”
Apparently, nobody told them that America, with 300 million guns in private hands, is an oasis of peace compared to many nations where law-abiding citizens have been disarmed by government. Indeed, as Managing Editor Kurt Williamsen of The New American explained in a devastating critique of the idea that gun control would reduce violence, restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens is likely to backfire catastrophically — assuming the goal is, actually, to reduce crime and violence. “Besides wishful thinking, there is no reason to believe that more gun-control laws will lessen murder and violent-crime rates in the United States, including lessening mass shootings,” he noted after providing a barrage of data.
In fact, many of the most violent societies on earth, including Mexico just south of the U.S. border, have essentially banned civilian firearm ownership entirely. Venezuela, which disarmed citizens with United Nations support, is now the murder capital of the world. Plus, the murderous regime there is now free to oppress, murder, and brutalize the disarmed public at will. In Communist China, which is also promoting gun control in America, more than 60 million disarmed victims have been murdered by the regime. And two of the worst mass shootings in history — 77 children slaughtered in Norway, and over 500 casualties in France — occurred under some of the most oppressive gun-control regimes on the planet. Both ended only when armed men with guns showed up to stop the massacres.
Aside from hiding facts about guns and violence, the establishment media also worked hard to conceal the total AstroTurf nature of the supposed “student” protests. As The New American documented on March 13, some of the biggest and most well-funded establishment outfits — many funded by radical billionaires such as George Soros and Michael Bloomberg — have been providing money, organization, logistics, buses, public relations help, and so much more from the start. Ironically, far-left groups such as MoveOn, funded by globalist and self-styled “god” Soros, were even boasting publicly that they were “leading” some of these efforts.
The March 14 events were actually organized by “Women’s March Youth Empower,” which is part of the extremist “Women's March” that organized widely ridiculed anti-Trump protests in D.C. last year. “Our elected officials must do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to this violence,” the fringe outfit said on its website. The network, which lobbies for slaughtering preborn babies and open borders, also gave the children it was exploiting a list of “demands” for lawmakers. Among them: a ban on "assault weapons" (semi-automatic rifles) and “universal background checks,” a scheme that would facilitate the creation of a national gun registry to make eventual confiscation possible.
Among the leaders of the “Women's March” behind the protests is Islamist Linda Sarsour, a radical Muslim who openly promotes Sharia law for America. “You'll know when you're living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans & credit cards become interest free,” she wrote on social media. “Sound nice, doesn't it?” Sharia also demands the death penalty for homosexuals, Muslims who become Christians, blasphemy, and much more. She is also widely reported to have links to terrorist groups such as Hamas.
Sponsors of the “Women's March” include tax-funded Planned Parenthood, which butchers more preborn children every few days than die by firearms in an average year. The Communist Party USA, for decades a tentacle of the mass-murdering Soviet regime, is also listed as a partner. A broad range of other totalitarian extremist, and murderous organizations partner with the schemes, too. And yet, the media was nowhere to be found in exposing information that is publicly available right on the Women's March website.
Further deception involved duping well-meaning citizens into believing the school walkout events were supposed to honor the victims — not exploit their tragic deaths to push civilian disarmament. Eagle Forum was one of the organizations sounding the alarm. “This walkout is about passing more gun control measures; but sadly organizers are trying to mislead students and families to think that this event is simply a time to honor victims,” Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith said in an e-mail to group members. “This walkout is being presented to many Student Government Association leaders and administrators as a 17 minute memorial to the 17 Parkland students who were killed while they were defenseless in their public school.”
But obviously, that is not how the establishment media handled it on the day of the events. In fact, much of the left-wing press could barely contain its excitement in hyping the marches supposedly favoring gun control. Some especially outrageous outlets openly supported the walkouts. Media conglomerate Viacom, reportedly even paused programming for the 17 minutes of the walkout on all of its networks, including MTV and BET. Others kept it at the top of the headlines all day.
Some of the local media coverage, though, was more honest and responsible, with local reporters on the ground not reading from the same script as the establishment's primary propaganda organs. And some of the students who participated and were quoted in local media clearly were not onboard with the radical jihad against the Second Amendment. “I feel it’s important not only to get better protection in our schools, but I feel it’s important to remember the 17 people who lost their lives,” said Wesley Savage, a high-school junior who was quoted in local reports about the events in Philadelphia.
Indeed, one would never know it from the dishonest coverage by the national media, but there were even counter protests defending the Second Amendment. According to a local CBS affiliate, “about a dozen students held a counter-protest, defending the Second Amendment.” Apparently, the students refused to comment after their own walkout, perhaps realizing that the media in the United States — among the least trusted institution in America in polls — has a penchant for brazen dishonesty. Most media outlets simply ignored the pro-gun students, including those who attend the school that was shot up last month in Florida. Breitbart highlighted five major lies pushed by the establishment surrounding the walkout.
But the facts did not stop Democrats and gun-grabbing globalists from claiming all the students as their own. “They did it in remembrance of the 17 innocent lives that we lost at Stoneman Douglas and to call for gun legislation that will make us all safer,” claimed the Democratic National Committee, urging supporters to sign a petition for “common-sense” infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. “With today's walkout, we not only honor those who were lost — we also come together with new resolve to end these tragedies once and for all. I will not allow my high school to simply become another statistic, and Stoneman Douglas students are leading the fight to ensure that it does not.”
Of course, that is simply not true, as this magazine reported — the “students” are not leading anything, but most are being exploited by nefarious special interests who are determined to disarm Americans. In fact, the naive children are being organized, funded, guided, and manipulated by hard-core leftists, Islamists, and others. “The only way to actually make us safer from gun violence is by voting Republicans out,” the DNC continued, as if disarming law-abiding citizens would keep anyone safer except the criminals and mass murderers who already flaunt much more serious laws.
It's not clear how much of an effect the AstroTurf protests will have on policy, if any. But by exploiting traumatized children and grieving parents who were duped into blaming gun rights — and ignoring those who recognize the absurdity and falsehoods of the gun-control argument — the gun-control lobby has made some progress already. In Florida, despite being governed by Republicans, anti-gun forces were able to pass some infringements by pairing them with a plan to arm certain faculty members at school — the latter, an idea with widespread support among law enforcement and conservatives who recognize that 98 percent of mass shootings have occurred in "gun-free" zones. In Illinois, lawmakers are working on a plan that would confiscate legally purchased guns from adults under age 21. And Congress is plotting various infringements, too.
For the sake of the unalienable rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment, Americans must expose the lies of the media and the phony “student” activism being directed by sinister anti-American globalists. After all, gun rights are among the most crucial, because they guarantee all the rest of the rights listed in the Constitution, in addition to providing safety and national security benefits that are so massive they are impossible to quantify. With globalists, communists, and Islamists united in their quest to disarm Americans, the American people must be united in defense of their liberties. The alternative, as history has shown clearly, is almost too horrifying to contemplate.
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