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PHOTO:U.S Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman speaks during a news conference, in N.Y., July 8, 2019.

PHOTO: An undated handout photo made available by New York State Division of Criminal Justice showing Jeffrey Epstein, issued 25 July 2019.
PHOTO: An exterior view of the Metropolitan Correctional Center jail where financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was found unconscious with injuries in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, July 25, 2019.

The Crimes Must Not Be Buried with Jeffrey Epstein

Sarah Corriher: 

Epstein's Death Is the Smoking Gun


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Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced millionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, died by suicide early Saturday in his Lower Manhattan prison cell, law enforcement sources and the Bureau of Prisons confirmed to ABC News. 
Epstein hanged himself, the sources said. He was found unresponsive in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center around 6:30 a.m., the Bureau of Prisons said. He transported in cardiac arrest to New York Downtown Hospital at 6:39 a.m., according to sources. (MORE: The rise and fall of Jeffrey Epstein: A timeline of the financier's legal troubles)
Epstein, 66, was set to stand trial next year for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of girls in New York and Florida. His death came less than three weeks after he was found unresponsive in his cell 
at the federal prison in Lower Manhattan, with marks on his neck that appeared to be 
self-inflicted, sources told ABC News. He was placed on suicide watch following the July 23 
incident, but was not on suicide watch at the time of his death.
(MORE: Financier Jeffrey Epstein allegedly had 'improper sexual contact' with young women while in 'jail': Lawyer)
Epstein was arrested in July for alleged sex trafficking of girls at his Upper East Side 
mansion and his home in Palm Beach, Florida. Some of the charges date back to the early 
(MORE: Former lead prosecutor tried to ‘prosecute Jeffrey Epstein to the fullest extent of the law’: Lawyer)
Epstein pleaded not guilty to the charges. He faced up to 45 years in prison if convicted. Following news of his death, his alleged victims condemned his suicide and what they described as a lack of justice for them and other accusers. "I am extremely mad and hurt thinking he once again thought he was above us and took the easy way out ... I still can't wrap my head around the fact that's really true," Jena-Lisa Jones, 30, an alleged victim of Epstein when she was 14 in Florida, said in a statement. "God will have his judgement now."
Jennifer Araoz, 32, who claimed that Epstein raped her when she was 14, called on authorities to "pursue and prosecute his accomplices and enablers.
"I am angry Jeffrey Epstein won’t have to face his survivors of his abuse in court. We have to live with the scars of his actions for the rest of our lives, while he will never face the consequences of the crimes he committed the pain and trauma he caused so many people," Araoz said.
Michelle Licata, an alleged Florida victim of Epstein when she was 16, said she didn't want anyone to die.
"I just wanted him to be held accountable for his actions. Simple as that," she said.
Law enforcement sources told ABC News the criminal case against Epstein will not end with his death. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan will continue to evaluate the evidence and hear from his accusers, the sources said.
A source familiar with the case told ABC News that Attorney General William Barr is "livid."
"Determined to get to the bottom of this," the source said.
The statement from the Federal Bureau of Prisons said the "FBI is investigating the incident."
Politicians, too, demanded answers in the wake of Epstein's suicide.
Lois Frankel, a Democratic congressman who represents Palm Beach, said his death "does not end the need for justice for his victims or the right of the public to know why a prolific child molester got a slap on the wrist instead of a long prison sentence."
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., wrote on Twitter, "We need answers. Lots of them."
His alleged crimes were thrown back into the spotlight amid renewed scrutiny of the plea deal Epstein reached with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in 2007, led by then-U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta. A non-prosecution agreement allowed Epstein, a hedge-fund manager, to plead guilty to two state charges and avoid federal charges for an allegedly broad pattern of similar sexual misconduct. He would serve just 13 months of an 18-month sentence in county jail in Florida.
The alleged victims in that case told ABC News they were not made aware of the details of the plea agreement while it was being negotiated.
The deal is currently under review by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility. Acosta was serving as President Trump's Labor Secretary amid the controversy over his role in the deal. He later resigned from that position.
On Friday, a federal appellate court in New York unsealed around 2,000 pages of documents from a now-settled civil defamation case between Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an alleged Epstein victim, and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime Epstein associate.
Giuffre accused Maxwell of recruiting her while she was working as a locker-room attendant at Mar-A-Lago in 2000 and bringing her to Epstein's home for a massage. She claims that she eventually became a teen sex slave to Epstein, and a victim of sex trafficking, beginning at age 17, at the hands of both Epstein and Maxwell.
The newly-unsealed documents showed that Giuffre alleged that Epstein and Maxwell directed her to have sex with, among others: Prince Andrew; criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz; former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson; former Senator George Mitchell; a well-known prime minster, who she wouldn't name; and a foreign man who was introduced to her as a "prince."
Maxwell has consistently denied Giuffre's claims.
"Ghislaine Maxwell did not participate in, facilitate, manage or otherwise conspire to commit sex trafficking" as alleged by Giuffre, her attorney wrote in a 2016 court filing.
Maxwell's attorneys also contend in the newly unsealed court filings that Giuffre had “utterly failed” to substantiate her allegations that Maxwell facilitated her abuse. Giuffre’s claims about having been trafficked to other prominent men, Maxwell’s lawyers wrote, are “patently incredible.”
Mitchell called the allegations "false."
"I have never met, spoken with or had any contact with Ms. Giuffre," he said in a statement issued Friday. "In my contacts with Mr. Epstein I never observed or suspected any inappropriate conduct with underage girls. I only learned of his actions when they were reported in the media related to his prosecution in Florida. We have had no further contact."
Richardson also denied Giuffre's claims.
"These allegations and inferences are completely false. Governor Richardson has never even been contacted by any party regarding this lawsuit," Maddy Mahony, a spokeswoman for Richardson, said in a statement. "To be clear, in Governor Richardson’s limited interactions with Mr. Epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls. Governor Richardson has never been to Mr. Epstein’s residence in the Virgin Islands. Governor Richardson has never met Ms. Giuffre."
Giuffre's allegations were never tested in court because the case was settled prior to trial.
During a detention hearing in July, Epstein came face-to-face with two other accusers. Annie Farmer said she was 16 when Epstein had her sent to New Mexico where he was allegedly “inappropriate” with her. Courtney Wild told the judge she was 14 when Epstein allegedly sexually abused her in Palm Beach, Florida. Both women spoke in support of keeping Epstein locked up without bail.
Epstein appeared to watch them address the judge, but his face showed no emotion.
A federal judge later denied bail for Epstein, after deciding he was too great a flight risk to release from custody.
Epstein's body will be taken to the city morgue and an autopsy will be conducted as soon as Sunday, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.
ABC News' James Hill, Kaitlyn Folmer, Pierre Thomas and Kristin Shae Pisarcik contributed to this report.


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There is simply no concern on the Left for Islamic jihad and its enablers. Jihad does not exist; only “Islamophobia” does.
“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was established in July 1981 by U.S-based members of the Muslim Brotherhood with a background as leaders of the Muslim Students Association (MSA). As author and terrorism expert Steven Emerson puts it, ISNA “grew out of the Muslim Students Association, which also was founded by Brotherhood members.” Indeed, Muslim Brothers would dominate ISNA’s leadership throughout the Society’s early years. Striving “to advance the cause of Islam and serve Muslims in North America so as to enable them to adopt Islam as a complete way of life,” ISNA was highly dependent upon Saudi funding during its early years.” — from Discover the Networks
In its latest filing before the federal district court in Dallas on behalf of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and its affiliate organization, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) in the Hamas-terrorism financing case, the ACLU has made a noteworthy admission.
Rather than deny that there is copious evidence tying ISNA and NAIT to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, the brief argues that such evidence is merely dated. In a curious footnote on page 7, the reply states:
Assuming the authenticity of documents’ dates, the most recent documents to mention either ISNA or NAIT are dated 1991, Gov. Exhs. 3-3 and 3-85, but the majority of the documents are older. Almost all of the numerous exhibits that purport to show financial transactions and that contain any mention of ISNA or NAIT are dated 1988 and 1989 (there are two dated 1990), almost a decade before the majority of the overt acts the government alleges in support of its conspiracy charges against the HLF defendants.
So ISNA and NAIT are not saying that the documents tying their organizations to Hamas are “inauthentic,” but that the problem with the evidence is just that it is old. Then, even more curiously, the reply goes on to argue something that the government has not even alleged:
Even if the “evidence” provided some basis for alleging criminality against petitioners, the government’s discussion of it shows the government utterly fails to grasp the singular weight and consequence that an official accusation of criminal conduct carries in our criminal justice system and in our society.
But, of course, the government has not charged ISNA or NAIT with criminal conduct, or the two groups would be indicted in their own right, rather than un-indicted co-conspirators who worked with the Holy Land for Relief and Development (HLF), the defendant and alleged Hamas-front. The reply brief then, as Shakespeare might write, “doth protest too much.”
“Bernie, Castro Set to Speak at Terror-Linked Radical Islam Conference,” by Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media, August 7, 2019:
At least two candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, will speak at the annual convention for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case concerning funding the terror group Hamas.
ISNA may be the largest Muslim group in America, but it also has a bad history with terror and radical Islam. The Holy Land Foundation raised $12 million for Hamas, which the State Department designated a terrorist organization in 1997. The U.S., Israel, and the European Union have shut down organizations that funnel money to Hamas.
The Department of Justice lists ISNA as an “entity” of the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical group dedicated to establishing a global caliphate with all humanity living under sharia (Islamic law).
ISNA wasn’t just a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case — the organization also shared an address with the Holy Land Foundation. One of its founders, Sami Al-Arian, would later be deported to Turkey thanks to his support for terrorist groups. Abdurahman Alamoudi, who would later be convicted on terror charges, led ISNA’s Political Awareness Committee.
ISNA’s bi-monthly publication, Islamic Horizons, has promoted terror-supporting radicals like Siraj Wahhaj, imam of Brooklyn’s al-Taqwa mosque. Wahhaj was an unindicted co-conspirator for a trial dealing with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, an act that killed six Americans. He had been linked to the bombmaker. The publication has also fundraised for Islamic Relief, which Israel labeled as a front for Hamas.
Many forms of sharia condemn homosexuals. In July 2017, ISNA booted Muslims for Progressive Values, a pro-LGBT Muslim group, from its convention. Muzammil Siddiqi, ISNA’s president from 1997 to 2001, said he supported laws in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death.
Why do Sanders and Castro, who claim to support LGBT activism, openly associate with ISNA?…


Bizarre question triggered by him getting mad at seeing a white "nationalist" person purchase a firearm
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A leftist asked a Walmart clerk for a gun that could ‘kill 200 people’ in order to “make a point” after he got angry at seeing a white person buying a firearm.
It doesn’t sound like it was the brightest idea.
Phil Attey entered the Walmart store in Port St. Lucie, Florida on Wednesday night with the intention of making a pro-gun control political statement.
He asked the clerk to sell him a gun that could kill 200 people.
Attey said he was triggered into asking the bizarre question after getting angry at the sight of a white person buying a firearm.
“I’m in a Walmart a few days after El Paso and I’m seeing a white nationalist looking guy purchase a gun and I got mad,” Attey told WPTV.
The clerk and a store customer alerted police to Attey’s behavior and he was subsequently questioned.
“I think we’re in a day and age when you can’t take any comment like that lightly, and we encouraged people to bring anything to our attention,” said Assistant Police Chief Richard Del Toro.
Attey hasn’t been charged by police, but authorities are not ruling it out.
“This is just me. This is the power of an individual, not an organization, not a political campaign, but just the power of an individual to stand up and say, ‘No more,” he said.


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The anti-American race hustlers who are tearing down Confederate statues in revenge for slavery have some work to do elsewhere.
In Africa.
For if the data Reuters published Wednesday on modern slavery there is correct, more than nine million Africans are now held in bondage somewhere on the Dark Continent.
Millions more are held in bondage in Asia and elsewhere across the globe, and sadly, slavery is returning to America thanks to immigration.
40.3M Slaves The Reuters report, based on data published in 2017, details the story of two such slaves, one of them an unfortunate girl named Blessing. Her mother gave her to a family to help with chores on the promise that they would raise her and send her to high school, but intsead, the family turned her into free labor.
Blessing was only six years old when her mother arranged for her to become an unpaid housemaid for a family in the Nigerian city of Abuja, on the promise they would put her through school.
In her home town in southwest Nigeria, her mother had trouble making enough money to feed her three children. But when Blessing arrived in Abuja, instead of going to school, the family worked her round-the-clock, beat her with an electrical wire if she forgot one of her chores, and fed her rotten leftovers.
When her mother later moved to the city to be closer to her daughter, Blessing was unable to be alone with her when she came to visit.
“They would tell me that my mother was coming, that I should not tell her what was happening to me, that I should not even say anything,” she says of the family.
That story, and some even worse, apply to the 40.3 million people, according to the Walk Free Foundation, who were slaves in 2016.
Of those victims, the foundation reported, 24.9 million people were in forced labor, while 15.4 million people were in a forced marriage. “That is, they were enduring a situation that involved having lost their sexual autonomy and often involved providing labour under the guise of ‘marriage.’”
Unsurprisingly, “women and girls are disproportionately affected” and account for 28.7 million, or 71 percent, of the world’s slaves, the foundation reported. “More precisely, women and girls represent 99 per cent of victims of forced labour in the commercial sex industry and 58 per cent in other sectors, 40 percent of victims of forced labour,” which is, again, unsurprising.
As well, 25 percent of modern slaves are children; 5.7 million of those in forced marriages were children.
In the five years preceding the report, “89 million people experienced some form of modern slavery for periods of time ranging from a few days to the whole five years.”
Open Borders Bring Slavery Back to America As for geography, slavery is proportionately most prevalent in Africa, at 7.6 per 1,000 people. If that rate is accurate, then some 9.24 million people in Africa, based on a population of 1.216 billion, were slaves. In Asia and the Pacific, at 6.1 per 1,000, the figure would be 27.2 million, based on a population of 4.463 billion.
The figures for forced labor are four of every 1,000 people in Asia, or 17.9 million, 2.8 of every 1,000 in Africa, or 3.4 million. The rate of forced labor in Europe and Central Asia exceeds that of Africa: 3.6 per 1,000, or 2.93 million, based on a population of 813.4 million.
As for the United States, thanks to open borders, slavery is returning as immigrants from the Third World ply the sex-trafficking trade or keep slaves in their homes. Often, slaves come in with wealthy immigrant families.
A “New Jersey” woman, for instance, was convicted in early May of bringing a Sri Lankan woman into the country under false pretenses in 2009 and turning her into a slave.
Alia Imad Faleh Al Hunaity, an immigrant from Jordan, “took advantage of the victim for years, forcing her to live in terrible conditions, work without pay, and then enter into a fraudulent marriage to continue the cycle of abuse,” the federal prosecutor said.
Hunaity was helped by the liberalization of marriage, by the way. She forced her slave, who worked for Hunaity’s family in Jordan, to “marry” her.
In 2017, the now-deceased journalist Alex Tizon revealed in The Atlantic that the woman who worked for his family and helped raise him was a slave. Tizon’s immigrant parents brought her in from the Philippines.
In 2015, columnist Michelle Malkin devoted a report to the Arab thugs who brought slaves to the United States.
Other immigrants turn slaves into prostitutes, as did a Honduran illegal alien convicted for just such a crime in 2014.


Clown World: Cathedral Installs Massive 'Helter-Skelter' Slide

Norwich Cathedral faces backlash after installing helter skelter

Dean Takes a Ride:


Clown world meme intensifies

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A massive vintage fairground ride called a helter-skelter has been installed in the center of a UK cathedral, which critics suggest is a peak demonstration of the clown world meme.
Advocates are insisting the giant gleaming slide is a “creative” way to share the Bible while providing unique views of the Norwich Cathedral’s nave; critics however, are slamming its placement.
“For such a place, steeped in mystery and marvel to buy into sensory pleasure and distraction, is to poison the very medicine it offers the human soul,” said Reverend Dr. Gavin Ashenden Friday.
The 55-foot-tall ride took four people two days to build and will be in the Norman cathedral until August 18.
Twitter users naturally had a lot to say about this.
Remember, the carnival attraction is “certainly not a gimmick,” stresses the dean of the cathedral, Reverend Jane Hedges.


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“People are realizing that even a trip to Walmart isn’t safe these days”
In the wake of the shootings in Dayton and El Paso, and ahead of potential gun control legislation being enacted by President Trump, firearms sales have surged, as Americans look to protect themselves.
The Washington Examiner reports that gun shops are seeing an uptick in business, particularly from first time buyers.
“While we have seen a measured rise in sale of certain tactical rifles and accessories this week, most customers are looking for concealed carry handguns,” said Justin Anderson, Marketing Director of Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, N.C.
“Just this week we have fielded hundreds of calls from people that have never purchased a gun before. Our concealed carry training classes are filling up quickly.” Anderson added.
“People are realizing that even a trip to Walmart isn’t safe these days and they want to be able to protect themselves.”
“Remember that nothing stops a lunatic bent on carnage better than a law abiding citizen with a gun. I continue to urge people to get a gun, get trained with that gun, and carry, always,” he added.
FBI Figures show another jump in purchases and background checks, with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System showing that 2019 is likely to be the second biggest year since 2016, when sales soared in anticipation of Hillary Clinton winning the election.
The figures show that there have been close to 16 million background checks in the first seven months of the year.
After President Trump said Monday that he was mulling legislation for stronger background checks, stocks of gun companies also surged, while the market more broadly slumped.
The Washington Post claims that Trump “has repeatedly told lawmakers and aides in private conversations that he is open to endorsing extensive background checks.”
The report claims that “the president has discussed with aides the idea of a Rose Garden bill-signing ceremony for gun-control legislation,” and states that Trump has also asked lawyers about what he could enact through an executive order.
Trump’s waivering on the issue has prompted a warning from the NRA.

Assault On 2nd Amendment Can Only Bring Destruction To Our Nation As A Free Republic

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The Democratic Party Leadership & the Radical Left deem it perfectly acceptable to utilize the lowest common denominator in society to destroy the fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms.

New York – -( Americans May Forestall All Attacks On Their Freedom But For One: Loss Of Their Right To Keep And Bear Arms.
There is ample evidence of sinister work afoot to tear down the fabric of this Nation that the founders of our Republic fought so hard to create and preserve. The creation of both the Federal Reserve System and the IRS that have sucked the lifeblood of Americans’ toil are two clear instances of attempts by rapacious forces from both within the U.S. and outside the U.S. to undermine the integrity of the U.S. as an independent and sovereign Nation State; to weaken our Nation’s institutions; and to enfeeble our Nation’s citizenry so that it might be more easily disciplined and controlled.
Understand there is nothing in the Constitution that either requires or mandates the creation of an independent privately owned Federal Reserve System or that requires or mandates the creation of a governmental structure, the IRS, within the U.S. They are both artificial constructs. The framers of our Constitution did not place them in that sacred Document. Yet, they exist, and both have done much to harm both this Nation and this Nation’s citizenry, up to the present moment in time. Just as insidiously, we have seen, for decades, attempts to destroy the independence and sovereignty of our Nation by thrusting the U.S. into economic unions with other Nations. These economic pacts and treaties serve as a diabolical backdoor through which the internationalist Rothschild clan and its minions dare insinuate themselves into the political, social, cultural, and legal fabric of our Nation, quite apart from the economic fabric, benefitting multinational cartels to the detriment of our Nation’s workers and small business owners.

But The Most Diabolical Assault On Our Nation And On A Free People Is This: Destruction Of The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms.

More recently, within the last few years especially—and never far from the Collectivists’ desire to eradicate our free Republic—we see the destroyers of our Nation attempting, now and again, to undermine, indeed erase, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. With the U.S. Presidential election drawing ever nearer, we are seeing renewed attacks on the Second Amendment. In fits and starts, the Democratic Party—now a refuge for Radical Leftists of all stripes: Marxists, Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists—inevitably and invariably returns to its signature platform and policy goal: the weakening and eventual eradication of the Second Amendment. But why is that? Why would the Democratic Party Leadership and its Radical Left contingent want this? For this reason: An armed citizenry is absolutely anathema to their aim for a massive increase in the size of Government, and, concomitantly, for a powerful centralized Government exercising control over the Nation’s citizenry’s every thought and action. And so, understandably, albeit, unconscionably, we see the American citizenry’s exercise of its Second Amendment fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms under insistent, incessant, omni-present, strenuous attack.
But, what is the rationale for the incessant, virulent attack on the Second Amendment? Is it really predicated on a desire, ever expressed, to curb “gun violence” as the Public is told? No! That is mere pretext. Were it otherwise, then those who truly claim a desire to curb violence with guns, would direct their attention to those elements in society—namely gang members, common criminals, and terrorists—who misuse firearms. But, they don’t direct their attention to these elements of society. Instead, they direct their attention to the firearm itself, and on the tens of millions of average Americans: rational, law-abiding citizens who wish only to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms, uninhibited and unrestrained and unconstrained by Government.
Consider the media’s incendiary attacks on guns and gun ownership whenever a lunatic goes off half-cocked: most recently, as we see in newspaper accounts of two recent mass shooting incidents. The New York Times proclaims on a banner headline, on August 5, 2019, in its digital format paper that: “Shootings Renew Debate Over How to Combat Domestic Terrorism.” And in the Newspaper’s home edition, the banner headline reads: “One Shooting Massacre Follows Another, Shaking a Bewildered Nation to its Core.” In the fourth paragraph of the article, the Times reports, “Democrats urged Congress to take action and pass stricter gun laws.”
In other words, the Democratic Party Leadership and the Radical Left deem it perfectly acceptable to utilize the lowest common denominator in society to destroy the fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms. But, even on that score, the antigun zealots in the Press cannot claim even a modicum of consistency. Where was The New York Times’ outrage when the lunatic and Antifa fanatic, Willem Van Spronsen, attacked an immigration detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, on July 13, 2019, with an aim toward murdering federal police officers and destroying the facility. That outrage was nowhere to be seen. The Times reported dryly, matter-of-factly, indeed deceptively, that:
“the man [Willem Van Spronsen], who was armed with a rifle, was throwing unspecified ‘incendiary devices' at the Northwest Detention Center, according to a police statement. . . . Police have not established a motive for the attack, but The Seattle Times reported that a longtime friend of Mr. Van Spronsen’s, Deb Bartley, believed he had intended to provoke a fatal conflict.”
No motive for the attack on ICE Officials and on the Northwest Detention Center that can be deduced? Really? New York Times reporters couldn't undertake an investigation? Conducting independent investigations–isn't that what Newspaper Reporters do; what it is they are supposed to do, expected to do, to get to the bottom of a story? And, couldn't the story's news reporters hazard an educated guess, at the very least, as to a possible motive, given that Spronsen did, after all, leave a “manifesto” which he obviously intended for the public to read?
The conservative Washington Times, having investigated the would-be killer, Spronsen, unlike the Left-wing New York Times–that, it seems, decided to forego investigating the motives of Spronsen–found no difficulty at all in ascribing a motive to Willem Spronsen's actions, as the Washington Times found reason aplenty for so informing the public of its findings, writing:
Willem Van Spronsen, 69, declares early on in his manifesto that ‘evil says concentration camps for folks deemed lesser are necessary. the handmaid of evil says the concentration camps should be more humane,’ using a term usually reserved for Nazi Germany’s death camps, but introduced in the border-security debate last month by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.
He also mocked people criticizing Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for intellectual sloppiness, referring to ‘these days of highly profitable detention/concentration camps and a battle over the semantics.’
Van Spronsen, armed with an AR-15 assault weapon that his manifesto encouraged others to acquire to bring about a revolution, attacked the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma around 4 a.m. Saturday. He threw ‘incendiary devices’ and set vehicles before officers shot him to death as he was trying to ignite a propane tank. In his manifesto, he called the detention facility ‘an abomination’ and that he was ‘not standing by’ as it operated.
‘i really shouldn’t have to say any more than this. i set aside my broken heart and i heal the only way i know how- by being useful. i efficiently compartmentalize my pain. . . and i joyfully go about this work,’ he wrote.
He indicated that he intended the attack as a suicide mission, writing that ‘i regret that i will miss the rest of the revolution. thank you for the honor of having me in your midst. giving me space to be useful.’
Antifa activists declared him useful, too.
Seattle Antifascist Action called him ‘our good friend and comrade Willem Van Spronsen’ and said he ‘became a martyr who gave his life to the struggle against fascism.’
The group went on to call for more such attacks in memory of Van Spronsen.
Apparently The New York Times missed these little details about Spronsen that the Washington Times felt pertinent enough to inform the public about. Or, perhaps New York Times Editors, unlike the Washington Times Editors, felt that Spronsen’s motives, clearly amounting to domestic terrorism were either inscrutable or irrelevant; therefore falling outside the parameters of what the Times concludes is “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” One is left to suspect that there is, in fact, contrary to adherence to its motto, much “News That IS Fit to print,” but that The New York Times would rather leave the public in the dark in those instances where the news doesn't fit the paper's personal ends: one directed to indoctrinating the public to accept a certain line of thought, rather than merely and essentially informing the public, so that the public might draw its own conclusion.
And there you have it!

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