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 Luke 1:28 - And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, [thou that art] highly favoured, the Lord [is] with thee: blessed [art] thou among women.
 Luke 1:46-47-"And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, 
And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 ROME — In one of the feasts and celebrations marked 
on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar leading up to Christmas, 
Catholics around the world observed the Feast of Immaculate Conception 
on Friday, a day in which those who follow the religion commemorate 
their belief that Mary was conceived in her mother Anne’s womb without 
original sin.
Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, delivered an Angelus address, during which he claimed that the angel Gabriel’s reference to Mary as being “full of grace” meant that there was no sin in her. Most Bible translations use the phrase “highly favored,” while a few use “full of grace.”
Through this wording, Gabriel “reveals the new name which God has given her and which befits her more than the one given by her parents,” Bergoglio asserted, according to a report by Vatican Radio.
He said that being “full of grace” meant that “Mary [was] full of the presence of God.”

“And if she is entirely pervaded by God, there is no place in her for sin,” Bergoglio claimed. “This is extraordinary, because unfortunately the whole world is contaminated by evil.”
“She is the only ‘always green oasis’ of humanity, the only uncontaminated one, created immaculate so that she could welcome fully, with her ‘yes,’ God who was coming into the world,” he continued, echoing the 163-year-old doctrine.
An article penned by Dave Armstrong in April for the National Catholic Register entitled “Scripture, Through an Angel, Reveals That Mary Was Sinless” outlines that “Catholics believe that God gave [Mary] the grace at her conception so as to avoid the original sin which she inevitably would have inherited, being human, but for God’s preventive grace, which saved her from falling into the pit of sin by avoidance rather than rescue after she had fallen in.”

And because Mary had no sin, she did not age by it, Bergoglio claimed. As previously reported, Roman Catholics also believe that Mary did not die, but was assumed into Heaven, both body and soul. The “Feast of Assumption” is observed every August by adherents to the religion.

The figure of Mary atop the Column of Immaculate Conception
Bergoglio later visited Rome’s Piazza de Spagna, where he presented a prayer to Mary before a sculpture that was commissioned in 1857 by Pius IX. The figure, which rests atop the lofty Column of Immaculate Conception, was created by Giuseppe Obici, and shows Mary stomping the head of a serpent.
“Immaculate Mother, for the fifth time I come to your feet as bishop of Rome to pay you homage on behalf of all the inhabitants of this city,” Bergoglio prayed. “We want to thank you for the constant care with which you accompany us on our journey. … Thank you, because as soon as we turn our thoughts or a fleeting glance towards you, or recite a quick Hail Mary, we feel your maternal presence, tender and strong.”
He referenced Alphonse Ratisbonne, who, according to Catholic legend, saw a vision of Mary in 1842 and converted from atheism. Bergoglio visited the Church of St. Andrew on Friday, where Mary is stated to have appeared to Ratisbonne.
“You revealed yourself to him as a mother of grace and mercy. Grant that we too, especially in times of trial and temptation, may fix our gaze on your open hands, hands that allow the Lord’s graces to fall upon the earth,” Bergoglio stated.
“[L]et us place our hand in yours and allow ourselves to be led back to Jesus, our Brother and Savior, and to our Heavenly Father, who never tires of waiting for us and forgiving us when we return to Him,” he concluded. “Thank you, mother, for always listening to us! Bless the Church that is in Rome. Bless this city and the whole world. Amen.”
As previously reported, the concept of the immaculate conception was declared by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1854, who issued a proclamation ex cathedra claiming that it had been revealed to him by God that Mary was conceived without sin.
“We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the blessed virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind, was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, has been revealed by God, and therefore should firmly and constantly be believed by all the faithful,” he said.
While many Catholics observe the feast day by attending mass, evangelicals believe that the doctrine is unbiblical and takes the focus off Christ.

“To suggest that Mary was conceived without sin because she was greeted as a ‘favored one’ is absurd and nonsensical,” Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries told Christian News Network.
“As in many religious traditions that deny or oppose God’s word, the immaculate conception of Mary denies the sinfulness of all humanity,” he stated. “It all begins with Adam who was our federal head and represented all of humanity. When he sinned, ‘sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned’ (Rom. 5:12). His one sin resulted in condemnation to all men, including Mary (Rom. 5:18). Through his one act of disobedience, his descendants, including Mary, were made sinners (Rom. 5:19).”
Gendron noted that the doctrine of “immaculate conception” has “spawned other heresies about Mary” as well, and has distorted the true Mary of the Scriptures.
“In 1950, the pope declared Mary’s body was assumed into Heaven because she lived a sinless life,” he outlined. “The Catechism teaches that Mary was sinless and continues to bring us the gifts of salvation. It teaches that she was the cause of salvation for herself and the whole human race and she will deliver souls from death. She is said to be co-mediator with Jesus in Heaven, which makes her an another way to approach God. Catholics refer to her as the Mother of God and she bestows aid and comfort to the people of the world.”
But “Mary is no more the mother of God than Joseph is the father of Jesus,” Gendron said.
He contrasted the Mary of the Roman Catholic religion with the one mentioned at times in the New Testament.
“Scripture has very little to say about Mary. When she appears with the other believers on the day of Pentecost, she’s not an object of worship or even a leader in the early Church,” Gendron noted. “There are no occasions of anyone ever praying to her, honoring her or venerating her. She is never mentioned in any presentation of the gospel.”
“Jesus Christ alone is our Redeemer, Deliverer, Mediator and Advocate. He alone is to be worshiped, adored, honored and praised now and throughout all eternity!” he declared.
Being a former Roman Catholic of 30 years, Gendron expressed his desire that Catholics would examine every papal doctrine in light of Scripture and repent of what he called Mariolatry, or placing Mary on too high a pedestal, making an idol of her.
“God’s word exposes the many errors of the Catholic religion,” he said. “As the federal head and representative of all humans, Adam’s act of sin was considered by God to be the act of all people and his penalty of his sin was judicially made the penalty for all. Paul explains it this way: When Adam sinned, ‘sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned’ (Rom. 5:12). His one sin resulted in condemnation to all men, including Mary (Rom. 5:18). Through his one act of disobedience, his descendants, including Mary, were made sinners (Rom. 5:19).”
Roman Catholics Drag More Dismembered Body Parts Around Canada
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Roman Catholicism is essentially a necromantic death cult, praying to the dead, worshiping a dead woman, and collecting decapitated and dismembered body parts to hold in sacred veneration.
They have vials of Mary’s breast milk (it’s been pasteurized, apparently), St. Janarius’ blood, Saint Catherine of Sienna’s head, the foreskin of Christ, Saint Antonius’ body, the heart of Saint Camillus, the hand of Saint Teresa, the tongue and jaw of Saint Anthony, and everything but the feet of Saint Peter. All of these are either on traveling display or enshrined in a religious pilgrim tourist trap, and hold special religious power or blessings (and occasionally indulgences) for going to see them. But sometimes, the dismembered body parts come to us.
The severed hand of Saint Francis Xavier will be making a 14-city tour of Canada from January 3 to February 2. It will be traveling with Angèle Regnier, who says the adventure “will be like having a road trip with a friend.” On flights, the hand will have its own seat next to Regnier.
Describing Xavier, CBC Radio quotes Regnier:
“St. Francis Xavier is one of our patron saints. We really like him a lot. He came to faith at university…He was the cool guy. He was the athletic guy. Probably partying more than doing his schoolwork.”
According to the Papists, the hand of Xavier hasn’t rotted as quickly as a normal hand, meaning that it’s a supernatural sign of God’s preservation. Pictures of the hand, however, demonstrate that the supposed preservation is still pretty gross.

How would you like to sit next to this thing on a plane?
According to Catholic lore, Francis Xavier was discipled in faith by the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola. He died in 1552 in India, but for the sake of relic-hunting (which was – and still is – a big revenue developer), his arm was taken from his (supposed) grave later in the 17th century.
Reiner says, “So somehow the agreement was made for the arm to go to the Mother Church in Rome. It’s his right arm, so it’s the arm that he would have use to baptize and heal and, you know, done amazing things with.”
If you want to use the hand’s journey through Canada as an opportunity to preach the Gospel to idolaters, here is its schedule:
  • Jan. 3: Quebec City.
  • Jan. 5: St John’s.
  • Jan. 7: Halifax.
  • Jan. 8: Antigonish, N.S.
  • Jan. 10: Kingston, Ont.
  • Jan. 12-14: Toronto.
  • Jan. 16: Winnipeg.
  • Jan. 18: Saskatoon.
  • Jan. 20: Regina.
  • Jan. 21-22: Calgary.
  • Jan. 24-25: Vancouver.
  • Jan. 27: Victoria.
  • Jan. 29-30: Montreal.
  • Feb. 2: Ottawa.
Pope Francis Angry at Trump; 
Says Jerusalem Belongs to Muslims
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
In the year 1095, Pope Urban II ordered the first invasion of Israel, calling on all the Christians of Europe to physically take back the Promised Land by force. He famously shouted, concerning their reclaiming of Jerusalem from the Muslim hordes, “Deus vult!” or “God wills it!” Thus would begin the first of seven military invasions over the next 200 years known as the Crusades. You can find that speech here.
Here’s an except of Pope Urban II’s remarks about Jerusalem…
From the confines of Jerusalem and the city of Constantinople a horrible tale has gone forth and very frequently has been brought to our ears, namely, that a race from the kingdom of the Persians, an accursed race, a race utterly alienated from God, a generation forsooth which has not directed its heart and has not entrusted its spirit to God, has invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by the sword, pillage and fire; it has led away a part of the captives into its own country, and a part it has destroyed by cruel tortures; it has either entirely destroyed the churches of God or appropriated them for the rites of its own religion. They destroy the altars, after having defiled them with their uncleanness. They circumcise the Christians, and the blood of the circumcision they either spread upon the altars or pour into the vases of the baptismal font. When they wish to torture people by a base death, they perforate their navels, and dragging forth the extremity of the intestines, bind it to a stake; then with flogging they lead the victim around until the viscera having gushed forth the victim falls prostrate upon the ground. Others they bind to a post and pierce with arrows. Others they compel to extend their necks and then, attacking them with naked swords, attempt to cut through the neck with a single blow. What shall I say of the abominable rape of the women? To speak of it is worse than to be silent. The kingdom of the Greeks is now dismembered by them and deprived of territory so vast in extent that it can not be traversed in a march of two months. On whom therefore is the labor of avenging these wrongs and of recovering this territory incumbent, if not upon you? You, upon whom above other nations God has conferred remarkable glory in arms, great courage, bodily activity, and strength to humble the hairy scalp of those who resist you.
So then, because of the “accursed race” and “race utterly alienated from God” (the Arabs), Pope Urban II said it was the duty of western Christians to help their eastern counterparts take back Jerusalem from the Persians.
Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump announced, “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” By recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city, Trump announced that the world’s (arguably) greatest superpower recognized Jerusalem as a city belonging to Israel, and not a city belonging to the non-sovereign territory known fallaciously as “Palestine.”
The Pope – along with most world leaders – denounced Trump’s decision to specify that Jerusalem belonged to Israel and not to Palestine. Pope Francis said…
“I cannot remain silent about my deep concern for the situation that has developed in recent days,” Francis said at his weekly general audience at the Vatican. “And at the same time, I wish to make a heartfelt appeal to ensure that everyone is committed to respecting the status quo of the city, in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the United Nations.”
“Jerusalem is a unique city, sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, where the Holy Places for the respective religions are venerated, and it has a special vocation to peace.”
Pope Francis heartily disagrees with Pope Urban II. For the Roman Catholic Church in 1095, Jerusalem belonged neither to Jews nor Muslims. Today, the Pope says the city belongs equally to all three religions. Before Trump made the decision official, the Pope said on Tuesday, “[I hope] wisdom and prudence prevail, in order to avoid adding new elements of tension to a global panorama that is already convulsed and marked by so many and cruel conflicts.”
Conflicts like…the Crusades, maybe?
According to press reports, the Pope made his contrary remarks after meeting privately with Palestinian leaders with whom he regularly has interfaith dialogue.
ABOVE: Roman Catholics pray with giant rosary beads along the border.
Catholics to Pray Rosary On the Border 
to Shield U.S. From Terrorism
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Roman Catholics are preparing to pray the rosary in a program they have called “Rosary on the Borders” in order to protect the United States from terrorism. The prayer initiative is taken from the Rosary on the Borders in Poland, in which Papists gathered on the two thousand mile border and prayed for protection of their nation last October. Now, American Catholics will gather to pray the superstitious incantation of the rosary to their false god.
The name of the Romish organization putting together the prayer initiative is called USA Rosary on the Coasts and Borders, and they acknowledge that America’s massive national borders will be much harder to literally cover, as they were able to do in Poland. By comparison to Poland’s two thousand miles of border, the United States has a northern border of nearly 4 thousand miles, a southern border of nearly 2 thousand miles, and over 98 thousand miles of coastline. Nonetheless, the Papists say that they will create “a prayer shield by representation.” They are asking for only 53 Roman Catholics – representing U.S. states and territories – to put the prayer shield in place that will provide divine power to protect America. source link
The goal, according to an organizer, is “to ask Our Lady to save the USA from Islamic jihad, from the denial of the Christian faith, and for an end of abortion.” So, in other words, they’re praying to a dead woman. In fact, the date of December 12 was chosen as the day of prayer because it coincides with the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which celebrates the only apparition of Mary in the New World pronounced authentic by the Catholic Church (which took place at the Villa de Guadalupe in 1531).
Patricia Lemmon, who is putting together the prayer initiative, said, “So the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, victor of Lepanto, seems the ordained date for America to link with Poland…Thus we will jointly block jihad and embrace faith and life.”
Roman Catholics take the same idolatrous, superstitious approach to ministering at abortion clinics, as they typically stand on the street mumbling their prayers to their dead woman. While their faith is commendable, the object of their faith is an idol, and cannot justify or make any eternal or temporal difference.
They have set up a link to help organize the Marian prayer shield here. For why the rosary and prayers to Mary are idolatry, click here.

 Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses the implications for Pakistan's alliance with the United States of Pakistan's release of jihad terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed from house arrest.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 EU officials announced they have begun court action against Poland, Hungary 
and the Czech Republic over their opposition to the bloc’s mandatory relocation 
scheme. The EU has now turned over the three countries to the European Court 
of Justice (ECJ). Although the ECJ possesses powers to interpret provisions of 
international refugee law, the current crisis — which has caused chaos and led to jihad 
attacks, and which threatens the fabric of European culture and society — is 
unprecedented. The EU’s relentless attack on the Visegrad group is a troubling, fascist-
like interference in the sovereignty of those nations. The publication Deutshe Welle 
indicated that Brussels is determined “to see this scheme carried out,” despite the 
strong resistance of those countries. Poland’s  
Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski said that his nation “is ready to defend its 
position in the Court,” and declared: “No one will lift the duty of providing public safety 
from the Polish government.”
It is the duty of every sovereign free nation to protect the citizens of its country. Anything less is an evasion of responsibility at best, treason at worst.

“EU chiefs refer Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic to ECJ over migrant quotas”, by Nick Gutteridge, Express, December 7, 2017:
EU officials announced they have begun court action against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic over their opposition to the bloc’s mandatory relocation scheme.
The decision is likely to provoke a furious response from the leaders of the three states, which have all argued that the programme presents a security threat to their citizens.
It risks once more plunging Brussels into a bitter and acrimonious battle with three of its newest member states, at a time when the bloc is trying to uphold its remarkable unity of Brexit.
In September Hungary and Slovakia lost an appeal to the ECJ against the legality of the scheme after arguing that it should have been taken by a unanimous decision of the member state.
After that case eurocrats wrote to all four states not honouring quotas, with Slovakia subsequently dropping their opposition, ordering them to immediately start taking in migrants.
In a statement the Commission said: “The replies received were again found not satisfactory and three countries have given no indication that they will contribute to the implementation of the relocation decision.
“This is why, the Commission has decided to move to the next stage of the infringement procedure and refer the three Member States to the Court of Justice of the EU.”
EU Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans blasted: “There can be no free riders in serious crises. We must be able to depend on every single member state.”
He added that “there is no sea wide enough, no fence wide enough to stop people coming” and Europe must learn to adapt to modern migration patterns.
Hungary and Poland, which have right-wing populist governments, have previously vowed not to comply with any order from the EU to start taking in migrants saying it transgresses their sovereignty.
Both face heavy fines for failing to comply with any eventual ruling by the Luxembourg-based ECJ but have said they will face the consequences to carry out their voters wishes.
Hungary was today separately referred to the ECJ over a separate crackdown on foreign funded NGOs and educational establishment which is a crude attack on billionaire financier George Soros.
The EU set up the migrant quota scheme at the height of the 2015 with the intention of distributing 160,000 refugees around the bloc to ease the burden on Greece and Italy….
 Bulgarian Parliament moves to criminalize “radical Islam” and promotion of Sharia 
and the caliphate
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The Bulgarian parliament has moved to criminalise the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating a caliphate, religious violence, and sharia law.
Kudos to Bulgaria for tackling political Islam head on and making the important point that the “change in law was not aimed at targeting a religion but a dangerous ideology.”
As stated by UP Member of Parliament Boris Yachev:
Radical Islam is a particularly aggressive and dangerous ideology that justifies violence and the murder of [infidels]
The article goes on to say that Yachev was “insisting it also excused ‘slavery and genocide’ as a ‘systemic policy.’”
Yachev’s words are not difficult to grasp, but many will refer to such truths as “Islamophobic.” The only notable issue in the quote is that Yachev is not “insisting” anything of his own accord. What he describes is in plain black and white in the Quran and Sunnah. Of course not all Muslims live in accordance with such texts, but those texts are there, and adhered to by enough Muslims to require Western governments to take action to protect their culture and citizens against those who adhere to them.
Promoting any ideology of violence or one threatening the law and constitution of the nation could be punishable with one to five years in jail and a fine of around £2,000, the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik reports.
Bulgaria should be congratulated, and should serve as a model nation in its recognition of the Islamic ideology. That ideology is indeed invoked by those committing jihad attacks, as well as by those practicing female genital mutilation, sex slavery, the persecution of infidels and apostates, the murder of gays and the like. Let’s also hope that Bulgaria researches and take a further step to outlaw stealth jihad groups that are found to have ties to recognized terrorist organizations (such as unindicted co-conspirators to terrorism). For example, even the United Arab Emirates deemed the “unindicted co-conspirator” CAIR to be a terrorist entity. These stealth organizations also shield jihadists by means of their incessant victimology narrative and promotion of the word “Islamophobia” to beat down legitimate criticism of Islam.

“The Bulgarian parliament has moved to criminalise the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating a caliphate, religious violence, and sharia law”, by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, December 7, 2017:
The Bulgarian parliament has moved to criminalise the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating a caliphate, religious violence, and sharia law.
The legislature adopted the amendments to the nation’s criminal code aimed at tackling radical Islam on their first reading this Wednesday.
They were proposed by a nationalist electoral alliance called the United Patriots (UP).
Promoting any ideology of violence or one threatening the law and constitution of the nation could be punishable with one to five years in jail and a fine of around £2,000, the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik reports.
UP Member of Parliament Boris Yachev told the paper that the change in law was not aimed at targeting a religion but a dangerous ideology.
“Radical Islam is a particularly aggressive and dangerous ideology that justifies violence and the murder of [infidels],” he said, insisting it also excused “slavery and genocide” as a “systemic policy”.
His party proposed a legal definition of radical Islam, which, according to the law’s parliamentary reading, includes “when a person is agitating for the creation of an Islamic State [or caliphate]”.
Other tenets are promoting religious law over secular law, the “forcible application of religious principles”, advocating violence including “sacred war against non-Muslims [jihad]”, and recruiting people into Islamist terrorism.
In June 2016, the Bulgarian parliament voted with a large majority to become the third European nation to ban the Islamic full-face veil, or burqa, finalising the law in September with a fine of around £90.
As a legacy of almost 500 years of Ottoman Turkish rule, Bulgaria has one of the biggest Muslim minorities in Europe at about 12 per cent of its 7.1 million population, Reuters reports.
Speaking in October of this year, Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakachanov said: “It turns out that problems [with radical Islam] we see in a number of European countries already exist in Bulgaria.”
He claimed that “extremely liberal” laws were allowing the spread of more radical strains of Islam in education and training.
“It is mostly the… financing by private structures of religious communities that attempt to realise political influence in the country,”….

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 Perry Noble had a few choice words for us in a selfie video done from his car. 
He did not like our sermon review. Or, at least, the last line about his appeal for 
“I tend to stay away from the discernment websites – um –  because, well just because. But their hypocrisy they can’t even see. For example, one did a story on me and Second Chance Church – whooh! – and was cutting on me and made a big deal that I ended my message with an appeal for money. Like, that’s a big surprise because church’s don’t need money.”

Noble’s video.
Noble, who did the video dressed like Malibu’s Most Wanted, then showed a screenshot of our article, Scare Quote Expolosion: “Pastor” Perry Noble’s “Church” Launch “Sermon” a Total Mess, which includes an auto-tag at the bottom of our Paypal link. It appears at the bottom of every article, automatically.
Noble then says, “Idiots.” He added, “I know, I know. Jesus would not have called them that. He would have called them white-washed tombs or a brood of vipers.” The Pharisees, of course, were never insulted by Jesus for caring about doctrine or holiness, but for being ignorant of God’s Word (for more on the Pharisees, read here). First, he was Jonah. Now he’s Jesus.
Let’s clear this up. First, we did not “make a big deal” that he ended his message with an appeal for money. In fact, it was a single line, “He ended with an appeal for money.” That’s it. That’s the statement. It was not a “big deal,” as Noble suggests. The post included 971 words, only 7 were about Noble’s appeal for money. That’s .72% of the article devoted to the appeal for money. In comparison, Noble spent close to 100% of the message eisegeting himself into Scripture, comparing himself to Jonah, attacking discerning Christians (and by extension, the church that fired him), and appealing for money and support from his cluttered living room.
While it’s true that churches need money, what Perry Noble is doing is not a church. He is not a pastor. He is soliciting funds because – as he said – he cannot just work at Target.  That, and he has to pay Lindsay Lohan’s former PR guy to help him rebuild his reputation. Real churches don’t need to pay for that.
To recap our review of Noble’s message:
  • He refused to call sin, “sin.”
  • He asked, “I’ve screwed up, now what” and didn’t follow it up with “repent.”
  • He attacks discerning Christians.
  • He cited from the Pericope Adulterae without any semblance of understanding its textual problem.
  • He allegorized the story of Jonah, and made himself into the hero of the story.
  • He took Romans 11:29 out of context to make it about him being fired from the minsitry, twisting it from its meaning.
It seems that, ignoring all of the above, Perry Noble is caught up on criticisms that involve money. So what do you think Perry Noble is all about?
Perry Noble’s theology is incredibly bad. This isn’t the first time Noble attacked discernment, and we wrote about his poor theology and anti-discernment sentiments in the article, Theologians and Perry Noble, a Perp Who Doesn’t Like the Police. Seth Dunn wrote at the time…
Jesus loves His church.  Does Perry Noble seem like a leader of Christ’s church to you?  The reason Perry Noble doesn’t like the theology police is because they cost him money.  When the theology police, whoever they are, write articles like this one or point out that Noble can’t so much as preach through the Ten Commandments, his giving units (aka church members) question the wisdom of remaining at NewSpring and giving their money there.  If you are at NewSpring, at this point, you should be questioning your continued participation at NewSpring.
Who says cessationists can’t be prophetic? We said he wasn’t qualified then, and he wasn’t. His church said he wasn’t qualified, and he was not. We said he wasn’t qualified, and he’s still not. And when we critique his theology in detail, Noble only defends his appeals for money so that he doesn’t have to work at Target (his words).
Noble’s sleezy Hollywood public relations guy is going to hate him if he keeps doing these weird videos.


 Just when the correlation between rising teen suicide and screen time is being widely reported, Facebook announces a new application specifically targeting younger kids.