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U.S. Government and Top Mexican 

Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners

"For over a decade, under multiple administrations, the U.S. government had a secret agreement with the ruthless Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed it to operate with impunity, an in-depth investigation by a leading Mexican newspaper confirmed this week."
"As The New American first reported in early 2011, a high-ranking operative with the Sinaloa cartel had outlined elements of the criminal agreements with U.S. authorities in official court documents. “The government of the United States and its various agencies have a long history of providing benefits, permission, and immunity to criminals and their organizations to commit crimes, including murder, in exchange for receiving information against other criminals and other organizations,”"
"The U.S. government is deeply intertwined with the drug trade. It was not clear what statutory or constitutional authority Washington, D.C., believes would authorize its functionaries to participate in, protect, and facilitate wanton criminal activity."

Infowars Special Report with Alex Jones: 

US Government Protected Sinaloa Drug "Cartel":

Uploaded on Aug 4, 2011 on the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube:

Bill Conroy
The son of a heavy hitter in a powerful Mexican drug trafficking organization has filed explosive legal pleadings in federal court in Chicago accusing the US government of cutting a deal with the the "Sinaloa Cartel" that gave its leadership "carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago and the rest of the United States."
The source of that allegation is Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, the son of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada Garcia, one of the purported top leaders of the Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization — a major Mexican-based importer of weapons and exporter of drugs.
The top capo of the Sinaloa drug organization, named after the Pacific Coast Mexican state where it is based, is Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo) — who escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico in 2001, only days before he was slated to be extradited to the United States. Chapo has since gone on to build one of the most powerful drug "cartels" in Mexico. With the death of Osama Bin Laden in May, Chapo (a Spanish nickname meaning "shorty") jumped to the top of the FBI's "Most Wanted" persons list. He also made Forbes Magazine's 2010 list of "The World's Most Powerful People."

US negotiated with Mexican drug cartels:

Published on Jan 15, 2014

Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Justice Department officials met in secret over 50 times with members of a Mexican drug cartel, according to an investigative report by a Mexican news agency. These meetings occurred between 2000 and 2012 and without the knowledge of Mexican authorities. The meetings allowed the Sinaloa cartel to smuggle billions of drugs - including at least 70 percent of the narcotics entering the Chicago area - in exchange for information on rival gangs. RT's Ameera David discusses the undercover deal with Andrew Kennis, an investigative reporter based in Mexico City.

US DEA Agents Allegedly Met with Sinaloa Drug Cartel:


Police React to Police Brutality

Published on Jan 14, 2014 on the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube:
Alex takes calls from police officers across the country in regards to the horrific verdict in the case of Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic man in California who was be at to death by Police while attempting arrest.

Kelly Thomas Verdict: It's Okay for Cops to Kill:

Published on Jan 15, 2014 on the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube:
The acquittal of two Fullerton, California police officers in the beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who was pummeled into a coma as he begged for his life, underscores the fact that cops now have a license to murder.


Why Should Congress Enjoy Special ObamaCare Subsidies?

Published on Jan 14, 2014
William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine, warns that Washington's ruling class must not be allowed to enjoy special breaks from the burdensome laws it imposes on the rest of us — such as ObamaCare.



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Gina Miller column

Maybe He's Not Gay hits home run, 
catches homo-activist flak

Gina Miller
Gina Miller
January 14, 2014

Listen to an audio version of this column

Mission America Radio Host, speaker and author Linda Harvey is spot-on over the target with her excellent new book for young people, Maybe He's Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality, and she's catching frenzied homosexual activist flak because of it.

I am on Linda Harvey's e-mail list, and she recently sent out an alert that her book had been released and was available at She also said that the radical homosexual activists had immediately waged a vicious assault campaign against it in the reviews and comments section. Many of the "reviewers" had clearly not read her book, and instead hurled despicable lies at Linda. Because of this, she directed that the book be pulled from Amazon. She has since put it back up on Amazon, and the senseless vitriol continues. The book is also available in paperback or e-book form at the Next Century Store.

Homosexual radicals stand in an untenable position of deceit about the nature of their lifestyle and the real-world results of their behavior, and they detest any debate about it. That is why they aggressively work to stifle all voices that present the truth about the many and varied dangers of homosexual behavior. Instead of welcoming honest dialogue, they attempt to vilify, demean and ridicule those of us who present the truth. Their chief weapons are hostility and baseless name-calling, and this is clearly in evidence in the reviews section of Linda's book on Amazon.

But here's the truth that the homo-radicals don't want you to know: this book is an excellent, valuable and much-needed resource for kids who may be dealing with same-sex attraction; not only for them, but also for parents, teachers, pastors, counselors and any young person today, since most of our kids are under a barrage of pro-homosexual propaganda in their schools, from the media and entertainment industries. It is a very well-written, concise and plainly-worded book that takes young people through the whole process of examining homosexuality, peer pressures, causes, the homosexual agenda, family and school issues – the whole nine yards. She wraps up with the message of help, hope and freedom found in Jesus Christ.

This book should be available in every library, especially in junior high and high school libraries here in the United States, where the homosexual movement is steamrolling across our land as never before. Our kids are being targeted today in devilish ways we have never seen in the history of our nation. Homosexual activists are working feverishly to indoctrinate and recruit kids to their way of thinking, to view homosexuality as just another acceptable sexual preference, while they hide the awful side of it, the devastated minds, bodies and spirits of people who have plunged into homosexuality and paid a dear price for it.

Linda Harvey's book is a huge threat to the false claims of homosexual activists. This book busts the main myths of the homosexual movement – that people are "born that way" and cannot change, that those of us who warn of the dangers inherent in the homosexual lifestyle are "haters" and "bigots," that taking the leap into homosexuality at a young age will make you happy, and others. Linda presents the truth about homosexuality in a gentle, thoughtful and clear way that leads young people through the illogic of the message of homosexual activist groups that don't tell young people the truth, and she guides them into the compelling logic of the truth about homosexuality.

Because of this, the homosexual activists are attacking Linda and her book with all the venom they possess. They have flooded her book's Amazon page with fake reviews full of nonsensical verbal assaults, causing it to average a phony two-star rating for what is a five-star-quality book. We need to get copies of this book, read it and run a counter-offensive of truthful ratings and comments, because this book is a timely, excellent resource for young people. The inordinate screeching and wailing of the homo-radicals is a testament to the powerful message Linda's book contains, because even though many of them have not read the book, they can guess what the book will say based on Linda's previous writings.

Here is a sampling of the insane, lying rants posted by homosexual activists on the Amazon page for Maybe He's Not Gay:

Jesse M: "I wish there was a negative star. What disgusting human trash wrote this? Linda Harvey writes at a 2nd grade level, which is being kind. Is there a book that can help me teach my daughter how to NOT be like Linda?"

William T. Rhea: "Linda Harvey eats children. Linda Harvey is a famous anti-American bigot who makes money of off the bigotry of others. She is barely literate and incapable of advanced thought. If it weren't for hate, she'd be homeless and living on the streets."

John E. Bogeman II: "How to encourage your children to commit suicide. ... There is something seriously wrong with Linda Harvey. Only a true evil person would write a book on how to kill one's child and pass it off as love. She is an effing sociopath. Amazon should be ashamed of trying to profit off of hatred, bigotry, ignorance and homophobia."

BarbaraD: "Typical right wing trash from Harvey. If you follow Harvey's 'work' at all – and I never would have heard of her if some specific websites I read had directed me to it – you will know that she's not just a typical anti-gay religious right figure, she's a raving lunatic with dangerous, half-baked ideas and exists with her hysteria dial cranked up to 10. Demeaning gay people is all she does; she seems to have nothing else to say."

Jim: "A Waste of Electrons. Nothing but pure hatred delivered to your Kindle. You're better off flushing your $6.99 down the crapper than spend it on this trash."

John E. Visser: "Homophbic, Mean, Nasty, Dribble. See for yourself, simply search the web for Linda Harvey and you'll understand the vile hate coming from this 'Christian' woman."

John H. Thiel: "A Nobel Prize in Horror Fiction. You have to wonder what caused this harridan to be so filled with hate towards gay people. Every waking moment of her life is just filled with hate-hate-hate. And now she has written a screed about destroying your kids if you discover they are gay. She might as well have written a how-to book on teenage suicide."

As of this writing, there are close to eighty such desperate, detestable "book reviews" on Linda's Amazon page. Needless to say, these people all worked in concert, giving each other "thumbs-up" marks on each of their bogus reviews, creating a false low rating on Linda's book. We need to counter this with truthful reviews and "thumbs-down" marks on the liars' "reviews."

I highly recommend that you buy copies of Maybe He's Not Gay (either from the Next Century Store or at Amazon), read it, and consider donating copies to school libraries and giving them to the young people you know. This book needs to be widely disseminated across our land to help counter the dangerous lies of the radical homosexual movement that are being force-fed to our precious kids.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional. Contact her through Facebook.


"Maybe He's Not Gay," Plus the Fed and NSA: 
Published on Jan 9, 2014
The gay lobby is trying to kill Linda Harvey's book; listen to Linda speak about the controversy here, on America's Survival TV. Plus updates on the NSA and the phony economic "recovery."


Architects of Common Core 

Belong in Prison  

Published on Jan 14, 2014 

NY-18 Congressional Candidate Andre Barnett says that Common Core is a crime against children and the federal government needs to get out of the education business.-Wappingers Falls, New York. January 12, 2014 

 Public Speaks Out Against Common Core:

Published on Jan 14, 2014The public speaks out against Common Core at the Wappingers Board of Education meeting.--Wappingers Falls, New York. January 13, 2014.