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 "Remember, I believe in sowing a month’s, week’s, or day’s pay. By honoring God and obeying His Word IT SHIFTS SOMETHING SUPERNATURALLY! It’s about doing YOUR VERY BEST! Honoring God with the principle of First Fruits with your seed is all about Him- GOD IS WORTH IT! Let me hear from you right away and make your “promise to come” a reality!"
 "When you don’t honor it, whether through ignorance or direct disobedience there are consequences."
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 APOPKA, Fla. — Following media reports and public backlash over the matter, 
representatives for false teacher Paula White, who also serves as the chair of 
President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, have scrubbed a page on White’s 
website of any mention that she had urged followers to give a “first fruits” 
offering of a day, week, or month’s wages—and that there are “consequences” 
for those who don’t give God their first fruits out of “ignorance or direct 
As previously reported, Leonardo Blair of the Christian Post had first reported on White’s pitch, in which she declared via the web page (which includes a recorded video), “When we apply the Principle of First Fruits, we see that all firsts should be given to the Lord: the first of the day, week (Sabbath), month, and the first of our harvest—be it the wages for the first day, week, or the month.”
She asserted that “2018 is a year of life and deliverance from struggle [and] it begins right now with first fruits.” White noted that part of the Hebrew word for 18 means “alive” or “living.”
“We are demanding life to your purpose,” White declared. “And with obedience to this first fruits instruction, which is putting God first now, your purpose, your year, your prosperity, and your power will have life and be resurrected!”

She said that she personally gives one month’s wages every year, and noted that others “sow a month’s pay, a week’s pay, [or] a day’s pay,”—whatever is their best.
“Each January, I put God first and honor Him with the first of our substance by sowing a first fruits offering of one month’s pay. That is a big sacrifice, but it is a seed for the harvest I am believing for in the coming year,” White outlined.
“When you apply this, everything comes in divine alignment for His plan and promises for you. When you don’t honor it, whether through ignorance or direct disobedience, there are consequences,” she also warned.

White urged followers, both in the video and article, to click on a donate button to give their first fruits offering to her ministry. Depending on the amount donated, she offered a book, devotional and/or wall calendar, repeating several times that one should give God “their best.”
“Many people can do more! Remember, I believe in sowing a month’s, week’s, or day’s pay,” White reiterated. “By honoring God and obeying His Word it shifts something supernaturally! It’s about doing your very best! Honoring God with the principle of first fruits with your seed is all about Him—God is worth it! Let me hear from you right away and make your ‘promise to come’ a reality!”

Original paragraph on White’s website, since deleted. Click to enlarge.
However, following media reports about the matter, as of Jan. 9, any language referencing a “day, week or month’s” wages or “consequences” or “demanding life to your purpose”—or any of the above quotes, with the exception of the book/devotional/calendar offer and references to giving your best—was absent from the web page. An edited version remains, which still asks followers via a donate button to “give your first fruits offering today.” The link leads to a donation page, which likewise discusses first fruits.
Christian News Network utilized the Wayback Machine to compare both versions of the web page. Click here for the original post by White and/or her staff and here for the edited post.
A spokesperson for White also claimed to the Christian Post in a statement that White’s remarks weren’t reported in their “full context” in Blair’s article and that White was only referring to herself giving of a month’s wages—and that she wasn’t suggesting that her followers must donate a month’s salary to her ministry or suffer the consequences.
“Pastor Paula White’s comments were originally reported out of their full context. She was actually speaking of her personal, longtime commitment to ‘put God first at the beginning of a new year,’ and as part of that commitment she has often donated her entire January salary to charity in gratitude to God for His blessings,” the statement said.
“She encouraged others to also be generous, but she does not—and did not—suggest that other people must donate a month’s salary to her or her church or face divine punishment,” the spokesperson added. “Charity is at the heart of Christianity as it is at the heart of every religious tradition in the world, and anyone who has listened to White’s teaching within its proper context should come to this conclusion as well.”
Text still remains in White’s video uploaded to YouTube, which reads in all capital letters, “Bring God the whole of the first — 1st day — 1st week — 1st month’s wages!” Below the urging reads, “Honor God with your first fruits offering — Click the donate button!” (as seen above in main photo)
“I want you to click on that [donate] button, and I want you to honor God with His first fruits offering,” White also states in the video.
As previously reported, White considers herself a life coach, authoring books such as “The Ten Commandments of Health and Wellness,” “Simple Suggestions for a Sensational Life,” “I Don’t Get Wholeness, That’s the Problem—Making Relationships Work” and “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”
She has been married three times. Her first marriage was to Dean Knight, who she married as a teenager. The two have a son together, named Bradley. In 2007, White divorced her second husband, Randy White, and in 2015, she married Journey rocker Jonathan Cain, who has likewise been married three times.


 “…I am deepening in the mystical forms of prayer.” (Dr. Dan Boone)
Under Dan Boone’s Leadership, a Christian University Compromises with Radical Islam
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
“…I am deepening in the mystical forms of prayer.” (Dr. Dan Boone)
The above statement is a reflection of the paganistic ideas that guide Dr. Dan Boone’s theology. Dr. Boone is eventually going to run two Christian colleges into the ground. It’s just a matter of time, and perhaps that is what needs to happen. Trevecca Nazarene University has been going downhill spiritually thanks to his leadership. Let’s look at his latest decision, or non-decision, which demonstrates his lack of courage to stand against political correctness and radical Islam. It seems he wants to be their friend, even as he has a history of talking ugly against “fundamental Bible-believers.”  The Church of the Nazarene needs some real leadership that is sorely lacking.
Here, see for yourselves:
In summary, Dr. Boone has allowed Trevecca to cave to one of the most radical Islamic groups in the world. CAIR, which operates here in the United States, claims to be a moderate group interested in peace, but it is far from what it claims. Several years ago, CAIR was identified as a major financial contributor to the Holy Land Foundation, which funneled major money to Hamas, a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel. CAIR was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator. CAIR is a radical wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Dan Boone has kissed their ring finger.
So what happened in Kentucky? A Homeland Security Summit scheduled for Jan. 25 at Trevecca Nazarene University was suddenly cancelled. It was sponsored by Republican gubernatorial candidate and former State Senator Mae Beavers. Dr. Boone explained that it was cancelled because of complaints from “alumni.”

Here is Dr. Boone’s excuse:
“Throughout our history, Trevecca has consistently offered political candidates of both parties the opportunity to use our campus for events. We strongly believe that our students benefit from proximity to the voting process, and that freedom of speech is a foundation of American democracy.
However, a recent event tentatively scheduled to be held on our campus appears to have an agenda beyond a political campaign. This event would distract from our commitment to community building, education, and support of a diverse enrollment. Our agenda of Christian education in the heart of Nashville requires that we serve the best interests of this mission. For this reason, the planned event will not be held on Trevecca’s campus.”
Here is CAIR’s standard reaction to anyone who opposes their radicalism:
“It’s kind of a who’s who of Islamophobes. The themes are always the same – Muslims are about to take over the country and install sharia in place of the Constitution, and mosques are hotbeds of extremism.” ( CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper)
This is part of Mae Beaver’s response:
“Today Trevecca has abandoned the Biblical principles that they preach in order to embrace political correctness and promote the interests of those who deny Christ and stand opposed to everything the University has represented in the past.”

Dr. Boone And The Real Radicals
Dr. Boone has a history of harsh criticism of Bible-believers, and clearly continues to exhibit a pattern of cow-towing to the politically correct world and radical Islam. He wants to be their friend. He wants to show how “loving” and “tolerant” and “understanding” he can be. He demonstrates, as Mae Beaver pointed out, that he is a supporter of Christ-deniers, and has little concern for Christians.
A few years ago, Dr. Boone made a curious decision to welcome a group on campus that was fundamentally opposed to the biblical view of homosexuality. But for the sake of some kind of compassionate dialogue, Dr. Boone allowed the radical homosexual group SoulForce to come onto campus and spout their un-Christian views. There was no problem for Dr. Boone in allowing promoters of sexual sin to invade the Trevecca campus. Here is the link to the article I wrote:
Yet he sees a great concern with folks coming to campus to talk about the security of our nation and what to do about radical Islam. Dr. Boone is either a friend of radical Islam, or he does not have the moral courage to stand up to it. That is why he will run Trevecca as well as Eastern Nazarene College into the ground of moral relativism.

Dr. Boone Is The Real Radical
Dr. Boone has compared Bible-Believing Christians to Islamic fundamentalists. He says that our appetites have been whetted “by religious blood in the water.” (
If you were to ever have a conversation with him about the Scriptures, you may just see him become a bit uncomfortable if you express your belief in the infallible, inerrant word of God. If you talk long enough about your complete trust in God’s word, and in your belief in the creation account, he may just very well turn beet-red! You see, he was one of the prime writers of the now-defunct Nazarenes Exploring Evolution, whose website has ignominiously disappeared along with their ungodly articles espousing evolution.
Dr. Boone is also into mysticism and Roman Catholic rituals like “practicing the silence”. Dr. Boone once said on his profile at Nazarene Theological Seminary (it is now gone) that “…I am deepening in the mystical forms of prayer.”
His affinity for contemplative spirituality is demonstrated by the prayer labyrinths he popularized at Trevecca for years. When I posted a few articles on the labyrinth at Trevecca, he started calling them prayer paths or prayer walks.
He has long promoted yearly trips for students to the Gethsemani Monastery in Kentucky, a site that was the spiritual home of the Roman Catholic mystic, Thomas Merton. Here at this retreat, students have the opportunity to “practice the silence”, which is nothing more than Catholic mysticism that has no roots in biblical teaching. The “spiritual discipline” of silence is a doctrine of demons.
Dr. Boone is just another in a long line of Nazarenes rushing to hold hands with the Roman Catholic Church.
Dr. Boone promotes one of the leading teachers of contemplative mysticism, false teacher Richard Foster. As an example, Foster makes the amazing claim that non-believers can also practice the Christian spiritual disciplines: “We need not be well advanced in matters of theology to practice the Disciplines. Recent converts–for that matter people who have yet to turn their lives over to Jesus Christ–can and should practice them” (Celebration of Discipline, 1978, p. 2).
Dr. Boone has called Thomas Merton and Ignatius of Loyola spiritual giants.
Merton was not a spiritual giant- he was a monk who said that he was “deeply impregnated with Sufism” because he believed that Eastern mysticism was compatible with and could be incorporated into Christianity.  He placed Mary high on a level equal to Jesus, he prayed to many Catholic saints.  He was influenced by Aldous Huxley, who found enlightenment through hallucinogenic drugs.
Ignatius of Loyola was no wiser, and as the founder of the Jesuits he brutally persecuted Christians and swore complete submission to the pope.  As most Roman Catholics do, he venerated Mary.  He practiced extreme asceticism, living in a cave for a year and never bathing.  He also promoted and taught visualization prayers, breath prayers, and other unbiblical practices (Source: David Cloud, Way of Life).  Yet, Dan Boone calls him a spiritual giant.
In a letter to Nazarene pastors he wrote in 2009, Dr. Boone not only erroneously claimed that the Roman Catholic church was the only church for 1500 years after Christ, but he also exposed more error along with his ecumenical get along with everyone philosophy.  How is it that we can “be one” with the Roman Catholic Church?
“While Nazarenes are different from Catholics in very significant ways, we believe that we will share eternity with them in the presence of the Christ who prayed that we might be one.” (Dan Boone)
His philosophy seems to be that anyone who claims the name of Jesus, no matter their belief otherwise, will spend eternity with Christ. This is contrary to Jesus’s teaching, and indicates Dr. Boone’s dangerous and ignorant thinking as he misleads others.
Dr. Boone may become a General Superintendent one day, and it will be no surprise. He knows how to play the game well. He is a friend to the LGBTQ agenda, and has demonstrated his support for them. He fought hard at the General Assembly in 2013 to water down the statement on human sexuality. He would be welcomed eagerly by Love Wins: LGBT, Andy McGee, as well as the leadership of the Dutch Nazarene district and other districts and churches that are slowly inching towards the normalization of homosexuality. It’s just a matter of time.
Such a man is what it will take to further go down the road of biblical compromise in the church. It is a road to further heresy and the destruction of a holiness denomination. And we still hear nothing from the General Superintendents about anything- all is well.

Additional Documentation Related To Dan Boone:
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A Charitable Discourse?
Labyrinths and Prayer Stations
 "“The best indication that the Homeland Security Summit we were hosting is both necessary and important is the fact that CAIR doesn’t like it,” Beavers noted.
“CAIR consistently opposes efforts to improve our security and protect our communities from the terror attacks that are the weapon of choice of radical political Islam. Being the target of criticism from CAIR is a badge of honor, particularly when they never find any basis to criticize any other Republican candidates for Governor who all apparently meet with the approval of CAIR,” Beavers said.
“Nevertheless, I am very disappointed that with all the other liberal-oriented political events held on the Trevecca campus that they would cancel our Summit based on complaints from CAIR,” Beavers continued, adding:
CAIR seeks to silence any and all voices that do not bow to their claim that Islam is “peaceful and tolerant.” Sadly, the Yazidi women and children in Iraq who were targets of ISIS, the Coptic Christians in Egypt, the 300 killed by Al-Shabbab in Somalia in October, the dozens of victims at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the 14 murdered at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, the five service members murdered by Mohammed Abdulazeez in CHATTANOOGA, and the thousands who are killed each year throughout the world at the hands of radical Islamists might disagree with CAIR’s propaganda campaign. CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center are much more focused on designating and silencing any speech they disagree with as “hate speech” rather than confronting and condemning the truly evil and hateful ACTIONS that are produced by political Islam that they condone.”
“I grew up practically on the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University,” Beavers noted.
“I went to elementary school there. I graduated from college there. My husband attended college there. My dad and uncle brought the lumber from my granddaddy’s sawmill in Alabama to build the McClurkan Building,” Beavers pointed out.

Despite the eleventh-hour cancellation by Trevecca, the Homeland Security Summit’s Eventbrite page is still up and active as organizers scramble to relocate the event.
In addition to Mae Beavers, headlining the Summit are nationally recognized subject matter experts on Islam and the imperative of jihad, Dr. Bill Warner, Cathy Hinners, and John Guandolo:"
 Beavers condemn's Trevecca's caving to 
Islamic pressure

 Zachar Pullin's portrait
Zachary Pullin, 28, sits at his office in downtown Seattle, Wash. Pullin identifies as Native American and queer. Photo by Imana Gunawan.
 "Trevecca marked the 83rd school the Soulforce equality ride visited in the past five years, said Zachary Pullin, an equality rider.
According to Soulforce’s website, the equality ride’s mission is “to visit the hundreds of schools in the United States that openly discriminate against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer individuals and their Allies (LGBTQA) through their policies and practices.”"

 This past Monday we hosted a visit from an activist group called SoulForce. Quoting from their letter, “Groups of young adults have brought the Equality Ride bus to more than 70 campuses over the last four years with the heartfelt mission of creating dialogue about the inclusion and community climate of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people.” The group was respectful, congenial, and informed. They came in a spirit of friendship and left in the same spirit. We were able to converse with each other in a manner befitting respect and charity. They spoke on behalf of a hurting minority in the church and on the campus whose gender orientation makes life challenging for them. They left us with 3 requests:

1)  that we change the wording of our behavioral policies to more equally treat gay, lesbian, and queer persons (their preferred titles),
2)  that we specifically name our opposition to bullying on the basis of gender orientation by naming the LGBTQ in our policy, and
3)  that we create a LGBTQ Club on the campus as a safe place for students to discuss their sexual orientation.
Tennessee’s Trevecca Nazarene University drops Homeland Security Summit after complaints from Hamas-linked CAIR
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
This egregious USA Today article is full of the usual nonsense: it’s “anti-Muslim” to oppose jihad terror, Hamas-linked CAIR is presented as if it were the civil rights organization it claims to be, without any indication of the fact that CAIR officials have refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.) CAIR chapters frequently distribute pamphlets telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates. A CAIR operative recently called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.
An unsavory Hamas-linked group and a hard-Left smear group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, should not be allowed to control who speaks about security issues and who doesn’t, much less to control the public discourse to the extent that only its point of view is represented in a major newspaper. But that is the world we live in today.

“Trevecca Nazarene University blocks Mae Beavers event criticized as anti-Islam,” by Natalie Allison, USA Today, January 10, 2018:
Amid criticism, Trevecca Nazarene University has withdrawn as a venue this month for a controversial event organized by Republican gubernatorial candidate Mae Beavers.
The Jan. 25 “Homeland Security Summit” will feature three speakers known by critics for espousing anti-Muslim views, including Bill French — listed on promotional materials under his pen name “Bill Warner” — Cathy Hinners and John Guandolo.
“It’s kind of a who’s who of Islamaphobes,” said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR.
“The themes are always the same: Muslims are about to take over the country and install sharia in place of the Constitution, and mosques are hotbeds of extremism.”
Beavers released a statement on Wednesday describing Trevecca’s decision as “caving to Islamic pressure” and said the university had “abandoned Biblical principles in order embrace [sic] political correctness and promote the interests of those who deny Christ.”
In a statement to USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee on Wednesday, the university said the event would distract from Trevecca’s mission.
“Throughout our history, Trevecca has consistently offered political candidates of both parties the opportunity to use our campus for events,” according to the statement from spokeswoman Mandy Crow. “We strongly believe that our students benefit from proximity to the voting process, and that freedom of speech is a foundation of American democracy.
“However, a recent event tentatively scheduled to be held on our campus appears to have an agenda beyond a political campaign. This event would distract from our commitment to community building, education, and support of a diverse enrollment. Our agenda of Christian education in the heart of Nashville requires that we serve the best interests of this mission. For this reason, the planned event will not be held on Trevecca’s campus.”
Trevecca President Dan Boone said in a statement on Tuesday the university shared concerns expressed by alumni who had contacted the school after learning of the event.
Beavers, 70, is an alumna of the university.
Crow said Tuesday that Boone’s office had received complaints about the event and school officials began researching the speakers.
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee confirmed it distributed a letter to roughly 3,000 people over the weekend who had previously signed its Nashville Unites resolution in an effort to inform them about the controversial summit being planned.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether the event will go on at another venue.
CAIR issued a statement on Wednesday announcing that it “welcomes” the university’s decision to drop the event.
Following criticism, Beavers points finger at critics
In response to CAIR’s initial criticism of the event’s speakers, Beavers noted that the Muslim advocacy group had been designated a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates and alleged the organization was involved in “terrorism in the Holy Land.”
The U.S. government does not deem CAIR a terror group.
In an interview about the summit, Beavers said she decided to organize the event because she is concerned about illegal immigration, and that Americans and Tennesseans “don’t know who is coming here.”
Though Beavers said the event is on “homeland security” in general, all the speakers featured in the summit express a clear focus on Islam.
“I think Islam is a threat to our country,” Beavers said in response to whether she was against the religion, before adding that she believes “Islam is a political agenda.”
She disagreed that the summit could be classified as an anti-Islam event.
Beavers described herself as “the only gubernatorial candidate who has been talking about homeland security,” and told the USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee she was forming an “advisory committee on homeland security.”
When asked about homeland security risks facing Tennessee, Beavers noted “the crime and the gangs that have come here because of illegal immigration.”
Event speakers long-criticized by civil rights groups
Guandolo, a former FBI agent who runs the website and training group “Understanding The Threat,” was accused by a Minnesota sheriff last year of assaulting him at a national law enforcement conference.
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Guandolo is an “anti-Muslim extremist” who has been barred by multiple law enforcement agencies from continuing to conduct training workshops due to his conspiracy theories about Muslims.
Multiple events being led by Guandolo and his Understanding The Threat associate Chris Gaubatz have been canceled, including as recently as Tuesday in Amherst County, Virginia.
French runs the Nashville-based Center for the Study of Political Islam, which the SPLC has also labeled a hate group, and was a leader in opposing plans in 2010 for a new mosque in Murfreesboro.
He formerly worked as a physics professor at Tennessee State University.
Hinners, who lives in the Nashville area, is a retired Albany, N.Y., police officer who now runs the blog Daily Roll Call, where she claims to expose “the Islamists and their organizations throughout the country, with an emphasis on the State of Tennessee,” according to her LinkedIn profile….
 Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades
 Which was worse? Watch the data and you decide. This video is part of Bill Warner's astounding lecture: "Why we are afraid. A 1400 years secret": part of a must watch playlist:" 
"Cathy Hinners is a decorated, retired police officer of 20 years. While active, she developed a course on Middle Eastern Crime, Culture and Community and delivered it to thousands of law enforcement officers across the country. Hinners was also a contract instructor with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness, delivering training to the National Guard, New York Police Dept. and other law enforcement agencies on Weapons of Mass Destruction and bomb recognition. In June of 2015, Cathy was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with 11 other women, who speak out against the implementation of Sharia law in the United States. Cathy is the founder of"

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
As vast numbers of Muslims claim to be American, just as many are responsible for the downfall of our society as we know it by demanding change and accommodations which only behoove Islamists. Looking back at a year when divisiveness and hatred were at an all time high, look deeper and you will see exactly what was the cause. 
Islamists have attacked three things Americans hold dear, our faith, our children, and our security. All have been undermined by an ideology that is disguised as a religion called Islam. So how is this creating a divisive United States? Let’s start with the security. Islamists have pushed, and sued, for Muslim refugees and immigrants to be able to enter the U.S, despite travel bans and stricter vetting policies. As if that wasn’t enough, Muslims have also jumped on the “sanctuary city” issue, promoting their social justice and civil rights agenda, which doe not take into account the safety or security of Americans at all.
It’s all about their caliphate, or the desire to create a world where Islam reigns supreme, and sharia  (Islamic law) is the only law allowed. In order to do this, the population of Muslims must expand greatly, at which time their voices become louder, and they have influence in positions of power. This year, 2018, we are seeing scores of Muslims running for public offices, from Governors to local state representatives. Keep in mind, sharia law is completely antithetical to the Constitution of the United States, with many having already been sworn in with one hand on the Quran.
Several front groups, like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and their executives, openly encourage members of the Muslim community to refuse to talk to law enforcement if questioned, and demand mosques not be surveilled, even if there is radicalization occurring.
While Muslims have opened and operate large numbers of Islamic schools for their children, they continue to press issues in America’s public schools, demanding accommodations, and tolerance, even in schools run by and attended by Christians and Jews. One of the more dangerous trends is the disproportionate, inaccurate education of children on Islam in schools across the country. Glossing over the truth about who the prophet Muhammad was, is especially alarming since he was a murderous pedophile, but is depicted in textbooks as a good, pious man. All this under the guise of “social studies” for 7th graders.
Finally the faith of millions of Americans is challenged with many attending “interfaith” gatherings where they are told to believe all gods are the same, including allah, which is only arabic for god. Using the Quran as the basis for their lies, suras are recited in part, which gives the appearance to many that Islam is  a peaceful, tolerant religion. What is not discussed during these events, are the Sira ( the prophet Muhammads biography) or the hadiths, his traditions. Even the Reliance of the Traveller, which is the classic book of Islamic law, is never mentioned, as all of these books reveal the truth about non believers, and how inferior we are.
 In each case, anyone who questions the actions of Muslims as to their true beliefs and intentions is seen as a bigot, hater or Islamophobe. Muslims in America have portrayed themselves as victims garnering the support of those who blindly believe what they are told rather than questioning or researching for themselves. In this day and age, where even the majority of  the main stream media does not investigate or report the truth, it is easier to go with the flow and not be labeled.
Muslims have chosen to use these labels which has cast a fear over anyone that does speak out to fear losing their job, friends and family members.
In the end, this creates a pitting of Americans against each other, just what enemies of a society do.
More to come..
  Understanding The Threat July 4 Message 
to America
 Where is America's sense of urgency about the Islamic Threat? UTT's President/Founder John Guandolo briefed hundreds of U.S. leaders from 2006-Today, none of whom know or understand the threat in any real measure. Americans must engage and reclaim their Independence Day.
 How Muslim Brotherhood Compromised the FBI & National Security by Former FBI Agent John Guandolo

Guandolo Moment: Facts That Point to Jihad in Las Vegas



James O'Keefe: This Is The Biggest Story We Have Ever Broken, Shadow Ban #1 Trending 
On Twitter 
 James O'Keefe joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the latest video from his organization Project Veritas that exposes Twitter's ability to arbitrarily silence, censor, and shadow ban users.
 Project Veritas Exposes Twitter’s Political Agenda
 A senior engineer describes his job as a “bouncer” for Twitter as he describes the “big brotherish” tactics used at Twitter against those it opposes politically.
 Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning" 
 In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, eight current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like. James O’Keefe has just completed a book about this series entitled "AMERICAN PRAVDA: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News." The book will be released by St. Martin’s Press on January 16, 2018. 
Pre-order the book: 
James O'Keefe - Project Veritas Busts 
Twitter Tyranny
Jack Dorsey Denies Twitter Censors Users
Twitter Engineers Create Algorithms 
To Censor Opposing Political Views
 Alex Jones exposes how Project Veritas has caught Twitter again, this time admitting that their engineers create algorithms to censor political views that oppose 'the mainstream' set at Twitter.

Project Veritas Video Exposes Twitter as Part of "American Pravda" 



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Project Veritas is at it again — this time exposing Twitter as part of the “American Pravda” of fake news designed to manipulate the way people think by controlling their access to information and being “more than happy” to violate users’ trust to help the government.
Project Veritas (veritas is Latin for truth) has already exposed major media — including CNN and the New York Times — as part of its “American Pravda” series. Now, James O’Keefe — the man behind Project Veritas — is turning his attention toward social media. In an undercover video published Tuesday, O’Keefe shows that a Twitter engineer says the company is “more than happy to help the Departmet of Justice [DOJ] in their little investigation” by turning over all of President Trump’s tweets and direct messages (Twitter’s version of private messaging) to the DOJ — “even the ones he’s deleted.”
In the video, Senior Network Security Engineer Clay Haynes is shown chatting with a young lady that he does not know is a Project Veritas undercover journalist. He also does not know he is being recorded. That recording happened on January 3. In answer to the young lady’s question, “So you’re not a Trump lover?” Haynes says, “No.” He goes on to say, “We’re more than happy to help the Department of Justice in their little investigation.”
After the undercover journalist asks, “Okay, like how” and giggles approvingly, Haynes elaborates. (As an aside, do these guys never learn?) He answers her by saying, “Basically, giving them every single tweet he’s posted — even the ones he’s deleted.” With the journalist prompting him by saying, “Okay,” Haynes continues, “Any direct messages, any mentions, oh yeah.”
He justifies his actions and those of his employer by saying, “I don’t like being part of the machine that is contributing to America’s downfall,” obviously referring to the fact that President Trump uses Twitter for its intended purpose: mass communication. It seems that since Haynes and his coworkers don’t like the message, they can manipulate the system with a clear conscience.

While Twiiter has defended itself for not simply banning the president from its platform, Haynes says the company has “had internal reviews about that.” Speaking for himself, Haynes can be seen saying President Trump is “dangerous,” adding, “don’t like him and he’s a terrible human being and I want to get rid of him.” Twitter’s hypocrisy is evident: The social media giant wants to be seen as tolerant and unbiased, while working against those self-proclaimed values behind the scenes.
Another part of the video — filmed last week — shows Haynes talking to an undercover and disguised James O’Keefe, who asks him about Twitter “helping the Department of Justice in their little investigation.” Haynes, was not willing to comment. James O’Keefe, you see — even in disguise — is not a young lady.
But his previous statements paint a pretty damning picture. “So, what we can do on our side is actually very terrifying,” he told the female undercover journalist, going on to explain, “We have full access to every single person’s account, every single direct message, deleted direct message, deleted tweets — I can tell you who exactly logged in from where, what username and password, when they changed their password.” He also said that one reason Twitter keeps those logs is that “it helps us detect a pattern of history.”
Haynes described the practice as “very, very dangerous,” and “very, very creepy Big Brother-ish.” No doubt.
And while many conservatives — including ostensibly President Trump — use Twitter on a daily basis, Haynes made it clear that there is no room for the conservative mindset at the company. “I’m a bleeding-heart liberal,” he said, adding, “I think it comes with the territory.”
In the “internal reviews” held at Twitter about banning President Trump’s account, Haynes said he “wasn’t the only one that basically said that if we let this maniac — something along the lines of, if we let this maniac continue, we would have a hard time finding another job.”
While the left-leaning philosophy of Twitter is not breaking news, the degree to which the company would be “more than happy to help the Department of Justice with their little investigation” is chilling. Especially considering that a senior engineer at the company realizes that the methods for doing that are “very, very dangerous,” and “very, very creepy Big Brother-ish.”
O’Keefe ends the video by pointing out that while it is not known whether Twitter has been subpoenaed for that information, it shouldn’t really matter. After all, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted Twitter’s support of Apple last year when Apple refused to comply with an order to break into the iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook because of the privacy implications involved. That tweet said, “We stand with @tim_cook [Apple’s CEO] and Apple (and thank him for his leadership)!”and carried a link to Tim Cook’s open letter explaining his company’s decision. Apparently that was then and this is now.
Also, that was a terrorist and this is President Trump. And while Apple was right to stand its ground and Twitter was right to support Apple, right appears to have nothing to do with Twitter being “more than happy” about violating a user’s trust if that user is @realDonaldTrump. Because this isn’t about right; it’s about the Left.
This is a developing story and The New American will keep our readers updated.
 Project Veritas Hidden Video: 
Twitter Employees Admit to Political Censorship
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Former and current Twitter employees are caught on camera admitting they censor political views they disagree with — without the censored users even realizing it.

In the second undercover video in three days, Project Veritas has continued to expose Twitter as part of the “American Pravda.” While the first video showed a senior engineer at Twitter saying that the company is “more than happy to help the Department of Justice with their little investigation” into President Trump, this video helps explain why that may be.
The new hidden camera video — published Thursday — features “nine current and former Twitter employees” admitting to “steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like,” according to Project Veritas.
The video opens with a montage of damning quotes before showing those quotes in context. Far from being less daming when seen in context, they are more so. The video — showing current and former Twitter employees admitting to the practice — focuses on something called “shadow banning.” Imagine if Twitter wanted to silence you. If they ban you outright — suspend or delete your account — it would be obvious and you may take to another platform to denounce the company for censorship. But what if they simply press the digital “mute button” on your tweets? Your account is still “active” and you can still post, but no one except you will ever see it.
Shadow banning and outright banning seem to be the tools of choice for silencing conservative voices — especially those that support President Trump and his policies.
Olinda Hassan is a policy manager in Twitter’s Trust and Safety department, which she describes as “controversial.” Her team makes the rules and regulations for the platform’s millions of users. They are the gatekeepers. As Hassan explained, Twitter is “working on” a way to silence certain people and ideas on the platform. “Yeah, it’s something we’re working on — where we’re trying to get the shi**y people not to show up,” she told the undercover journalist, adding, “It’s a product thing we’re working on.”

To narrow down exactly who those “shi**y people” are that Twitter is trying to keep from “showing up” in your timeline, the Project Veritas video shows Mo Norai, a former content review agent at Twitter, saying, “Let’s say if was a pro-Trump thing and I’m anti-Trump, I was like, ‘I banned his whole account.’ It goes to you, and then it’s at your discretion. And if you’re anti-Trump, you’re like, ‘Oh, you know what? Mo was right, f*** it, let it go.’”
Norai went on to say that “discretion” — which he described as “I guess how you felt about a particular matter,” plays a huge role in what content gets banned at Twitter. As an example, Norai said, “If they [a user] said, ‘This is pro-Trump, I don’t want it because it offends me,’” the next step would be, “I say, ‘I banned this whole thing’ and it goes over here and you’re like, “Oh, you know what? I don’t like it, too. You know what? Mo’s right. Let it go.’”
So, based on a Twitter employee not liking something because it’s pro-Trump, an entire account can be banned. How’s that inclusive environment working out for you, Twitter?
Because Norai said that during his time at Twitter, left-leaning posts that were tagged as possibly offensive were allowed to remain. “It would come through checked and then I would be like, ‘You know what? This is okay. Let it go.’”
Twitter has a “lot of unwritten rules,” Norai said. Those rules largely dealt with what content was acceptable and what content was not. Here is a clue: Conservative content was removed while liberal content was allowed to stay.
Pranay Singh is a Direct Messaging engineer at Twitter. He said that the suspension of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s Twitter account may have been because of “the U.S. government pressuring” Twitter. He said, “They do that.” In fact, he said it happens “all the f***ing time.” In Assange’s case, he said the U.S. government doesn’t like “people messing with their politics, and [Assange] has sh*t on a lot of people.”
As for the tactic of shadow banning a user, Abhinav Vadrevu, a former software engineer at Twitter, said, “One strategy is to shadow ban so that you have ultimate control.” He added, “The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone, but they don’t know they’ve been banned because they keep posting, but no one sees their content.” On the psychological side of the equation, this creates a situation where the users just think their posts — their ideas — aren’t appealing to anyone. “So they just think no one is engaging with their content when in reality, no one is seeing it,” Vadrevu said.
Vadrevu admitted that the practice “is risky” because “people will figure that sh** out.” He also said that it would cause “bad press” and that “it’s like, unethical in some way, you know? So, I don’t know.” Clearly.
Another former Twitter engineer, Conrado Miranda, told an undercover journalist that shadow banning as a way of political censorship is “a thing.” It happens at Twitter. As he explained the process, “we have a bunch of filters removing some tweets” and “kicking out some of them.”
Singh helped explain the types of tweets that are likely not to make the cut. “Just go to a random (Trump) tweet and just look at the followers,” he said. Those followers will “all be like guns, God, ’Merica, like and with the American flag and like, the cross.” He said the way to get rid of those users — all of whom he assumes are bots, not real users, because, “Like who says that? Who talks like that?” — is to “just delete them.” But since “there are hundreds of thousands of them” and that volume can’t be handled by people, “you got to, like, write algorithms to do it for you.”
So, Twitter’s response to posts and users it doesn’t agree with is to assume they are not real and turn a few lines of computer code loose to delete them without any human verification process. It appears that posts that are anti-gun, anti-God, anti-America, with rainbow flags and pentagrams would escape that vetting process, even if they were posted by bots. Smooth, Twitter, smooth.
Perhaps most shocking is the statement by Steven Pierre, a software engineer at Twitter. Speaking on hidden camera, he said that Twitter is developing a way to automate the whole process of what gets seen and what doesn’t. “Every single conversation is going to be rated by a machine” that will decide whether the conversation is “positive” or “negative.” If it’s negative, “They may have a point, but it will just, like, vanish,” he said. When asked whether this would “ban certain mindsets,” he said no. “It’s going to ban, like, a way of talking.” Twitter, where never is heard a discouraging word — or an honest word.
If that isn’t Pravda, nothing is. Between filtering, banning, shadow banning, and manipulating what users see, Twitter is dangerously close to a thought-control platform. In its first video on Twitter, released Tuesday, Project Veritas showed Clay Haynes, a senior network security engineer at Twitter, saying, “I don’t like being part of the machine that is contributing to America’s downfall,” obviously referring to the fact that President Trump uses Twitter for its intended purpose: mass communication. If he meant that, he should quit his job, because Twitter is clearly part of that machine.

$350 MILLION IN 2017
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
But deep down, they really, really want peace!
Yes, of course, I’m being sarcastic. But there are respected policy analysts in Washington at this very moment who actually believe that.

“Palestinian Authority Paid Terrorists and Their Families Nearly $350 Million in 2017,” by Deborah Danan, Breitbart, January 10, 2018:
TEL AVIV – In accordance with its “pay-for-slay” law, the Palestinian Authority last year paid terrorists and their families over $347 million, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Tuesday.
Citing the PA’s own data, terrorists with three to five year prison sentences receive $580 dollars a month – equivalent to the average Palestinian income, Liberman told a session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.
Terrorists sentenced to 20 years or more – usually for the murder of Israeli civilians – receive more than $2,900 per month for their entire lives, five times the amount of a “small time” terrorist.
On top of the PA salary, Arab terrorists who hold Israeli citizenship receive a $145 bonus, more than the average Israeli income of around $2,700.
In addition, there are additional stipends for wives and children.
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said, “The PA pays over a billion shekels a year to terrorists and their families, thus encouraging and perpetuating terrorism.”
“The minute the amount of the payment is decided according to the severity of the crime and the length of the sentence – in other words, whoever murders and is sentenced to life in prison gets much more – that is funding terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens. There is nothing that better illustrates the PA’s support for terrorism. We must stop this,” he added.
Liberman also presented his bill proposing to deduct the amount paid by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists and their families from monies owed by Israel in taxes.
The PA has paid out NIS 4 billion ($1.12 billion) over the past four years towards terrorist salaries, as per PA law. According to Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, who served as the director general of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the longer a Palestinian security prisoner is jailed, “the higher the salary. … Anyone who has sat in prison for more than 30 years gets NIS 12,000 ($3,360) per month.”…
In August, Breitbart Jerusalem reported that PA President Mahmoud Abbas told President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner that he wouldn’t stop payments to convicted terrorists until his “dying day.”
After his meeting with Kushner, Abbas issued a statement on Facebook in which he vowed again: “I will never stop [paying] the allowances to the families of the prisoners and released prisoners, even if this costs me my position and my presidency.”
“I will pay them until my dying day,” he added.