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Leftists Admit To Grooming Elementary Students 
For Trans Cult
 A new video shows a trans activist at a city council meeting advocating "grooming" the next generation of children. Faith Goldy joins Alex to expose the leftist agenda to destroy America and the west by destroying the family.


 Obama, Mueller and the biggest scam 
in American history
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
 Editor's note: Below are the video and transcript of remarks
 given by Dan Bongino at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 
2018 Restoration Weekend. The event was held Nov. 15th-18th at the 
Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.
Dan Bongino from DHFC on Vimeo.
The David Horowitz Freedom Center - Restoration Weekend
November 15-18, 2018

Some of you may have seen me on Fox this morning, and in fact one of the ladies I was just talking to said well, where did you do that from?  I said, I just live about 20 miles north, I have a studio in my house.  It's just a TV in the background.  It's a TV, it's actually a video of what we took down in Palm Beach, we're just watching a movie in the background.  It's in my office.  If you listen real close on Fox sometimes for hits you'll hear some like gargling in the background, that's usually my 6 year old running around outside.  No, I'm serious.  Yeah, that's my office and it's a really small office.  I don't live like liberals in a 5,000 square foot mansion.  So once in a blue moon you can hear my kids running around.  So that happened.  I made it down here.  Sorry I didn't tell everybody I was here.  When we went to the front desk I got caught up in a conversation with Sebastian Gorka and Louie Gohmert and we're all Chatty Cathies so that just went on forever, I forgot to tell everyone that I actually showed up.  So I am here, we made it, it's great.  Thanks to everyone who've already bought the book in advance, I really appreciate it.
That's what I want to talk about today, folks, because it's been about a year and a half now of my life.  I've written four books but this one by far was the most tedious to put together.  They had two co-authors actually help me out.  And the reason I wrote the book, this whole spine scandal, this debacle, this atrocious disgrace of a scandal that happened to our president.  You know how many, are there a lot of cops, federal agents in the room?  Anyone have experience in law enforcement?  Yeah, a couple raised their hand.  If I'm wrong, call me out on this, but when I was a cop and then a Secret Service agent if you have even an ounce of empathy for human beings, which most of you in this room have more than an ounce, you have a whole lot, you'll arrest a lot of bad people for a lot of really bad things.
But one of the things that impacted me so deeply in my life, I'm not going to say the guy's name for obvious reasons, let's call him john Doe.  We hit a door at about 6:00 on the morning to arrest this guy on a credit card fraud scheme, and it was ugly.  I mean it had been hundreds of thousands of dollars.  When you're a federal agent you don't get to arrest people for like $5.00 petty crimes or anything like that, they'll throw you right out of there.  It was a serious crime.  We arrested the guy and I remember after working on this case for 6 months it was a sense of accomplishment, tempered immediately by this awful feeling in my gut.  It's 7:00 in the morning, you arrest him and you don't anticipate the human side of it.  But what happened, the guy's young kids ran out.  That's their dad.  He actually wasn't the worst guy in the world, he was actually a good father to his kids.  And they're watching their father in handcuffs, and the wife is crying.  Their life is over.
Now granted, the guy was a bad guy, don't get me wrong.  But again, we're all human beings and I've got to tell you that I mean it almost scarred me for the rest of my time.  I kept thinking to myself, I couldn't get that image out of my head.  What bothers me about that and how that ties to this spy gate thing and why this whole thing has consumed the last year and a half of my life, is that guy was an actual bad guy.  Imagine if you find out, you're the President of the United States, all you did was win an election and you find out the massive machinery of the Federal government with the ability to slap bracelets on you in the form of handcuffs, take your life and your freedom was turned against you?  Folks, this happened.  This is the biggest scandal of our generation.  There's no close second.  This makes Watergate look like Romper Room.
Now I only have about 20 minutes or so to get through this, this is usually about a 45‑minute speech, I just gave it in California.  But I promise you there wasn't one person falling asleep the entire time.  I'm going to walk you through what happened.  It's all in the book, by the way, in great detail.  And what we did in the book, if you choose to buy it, and that's totally up to you, I'm happy to sign it and I won't leave until I sign every one of them, but read the footnotes.  We deliberately did not use footnotes from right-leaning resources.  I used CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times because anyone who tells you oh, this didn't happen, just go to the footnotes and say, did you read this article?  It happened, folks.  The President of the United States had the intelligence community and the law enforcement community of the United States, at the highest levels, weaponized against him.
Now, I like to break it down simply as to how they did this.  They had Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, and the joke of the whole thing, and when I say joke I don't mean funny, I mean a tragic joke, is it wasn't known as Plan A, Plan B and Plan C; you know why?  They thought Plan A was just fine, so it was just the plan.  When Plan A failed they had to move on to Plan B and then Plan C was just the cleanup operation.  Here's how this whole thing starts against Donald Trump.
During the election the Obama administration, which had done whatever it wants because the media's lost in this country, folks.  There's no media, forget it, that's dead and buried.  The media is done, they don't do journalism anymore, it's activism, nothing more, right?  The Obama administration had grown comfortable with the idea of weaponizing government against their political enemies, and it happened over and over again.  We had the IRS scandal, we had the AP phone records scandal, the Jim Rosen, Fox News scandal.  And I ask you this, what happened to any of the people involved?  Anyone?  Yeah, the answer is nothing.  I have to do zeros like this now, because I used to do zeros like this but I found out through the liberal media that somehow this means like a white power symbol now or something.  I thought it meant okay or zero, but the media says, no, I'm serious, like these idiots in the media will tell you, so now I do zeros like that because I'm like afraid of some media idiot, these people are crazy.
The Obama administration had gotten completely comfortable with the idea of abusing government for their political means.  So what happens?  This plan gets hatched, and I'm going to be candid with you; where exactly it's hatched nobody is exactly sure to this day.  As a matter of fact, if you're familiar with my commentary on Fox, I say often one of the great mysteries of this case is what's Paragraph 1.  Paragraph 1, what do I mean by that?  When I was a Federal Agent, when you arrest someone you have to do what's calls an MR, a memorandum report.  Paragraph 1 of that MR is always how the case started.  I got a call from Jane Doe, bank fraud investigator, said this credit card number was stolen on April 14, 2015.  I made a few calls and the next thing you know it's an 80-page report about this massive scheme.  Paragraph 1 though always lays it out, always.  Do you know to this day we still have no idea what Paragraph 1 was—why they started to spy on the Trump team?  I get it, it was for political, I get that.  But at some point somebody, you have to understand folks, how to put down on paper a semi-legitimate reason to start the most massive spying operation in a political campaign in U.S. history.  Do you know nobody to this day will tell you what that is?  I know what it is.
The first plan they do to hit the Trump team, folks, is they learn to manipulate things about queries in the NSA database.  The NSA has a database of a whole boatload of information; meta data, tax, that kind of stuff.  How it works is too complicated in the time I have, but what you can do is you can query that NSA system and you can get a whole lot of information.  But what happens?  This is Plan A, this is how they're going to get the information.  I hope that if you’re not following, please stop me because this is important.  The Obama administration figures out that through unmasking, in other words wiretapping people, pretending they’re targeting foreigners, and then querying information in this database, that they can get all the political opposition research in the world that they need against the Trump team.  It's beautiful, no one's going to call them out, the media's on their side, right?
But there's a good guy in this, there's a white hat, somebody in the government sniffs this thing out.  That's why I tell you, this wasn't Plan A, this was the plan.  They were going to unmask people, wiretap people and they were going to query this NSA database and get all the information they needed about the Trump team.  But somebody smells a problem, and he's not having it, and he's the white hat, he's the good guy in this story, and it's Mike Rogers of the NSA.
Mike Rogers of the NSA senses that there's something wrong about these queries.  In other words, who's tapping into the database here and making political queries?  Now folks, some of you, I don't know your politics, I assume most of you are conservative, libertarian or Republican, but that's fine either way.  If you doubt any of what I'm telling you, just Google the FISA Intelligence Surveillance Court, their report about queries.  Because Mike Rogers goes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and says, Houston, we got a problem.  These queries are supposed to follow very specific guidelines about terrorism and all these metrics, you can't just spy on Americans in the database.  The FISA court looks into it, comes back with a report that was released in March 2017, ladies and gentlemen, that is devastating.  If you haven't read it, you are doing yourself a great disservice.  Page 80 specifically is horrifying.  Apparently the NSA database was being queried by private contractors working with the FBI, these were not even government officials.  People within the government were using private contractors to query information they had no judicial or legal authority whatsoever to look at.
Rogers smells a rat.  People panic in the government.  Now, conveniently what happens right after the election?  I'm going to put these pieces together and things will start to make sense.  Donald Trump's elected, he's the President-Elect, right?  Ten days after the election, Rogers, who knows this has been going on the whole time—these unmaskings—the tapping of the Trump team. They tapped Trump Tower.  Now does it make sense?  He got the wording wrong?  He didn't understand exactly how it worked but the idea was not wrong.  Donald Trump's not stupid, trust me.  The guy got elected president, earned a billion dollars.  By the way, I love how these journalists criticize him.  Sure, the guy's making $25,000.00 a year writing click bait pieces for buzz feed, Donald Trump's an idiot.  Hard pass, brother.  Well, the guy just won the presidency.  The guy runs for office the first time and he becomes the president, but wait, yeah, let me listen to Joey Bagadonas at buzz feed, you're right, you got this.
It's like so about 10 days after the election of Donald Trump, someone goes up to visit Donald Trump in Trump Tower.  Who visits him?  Mike Rogers.  But Rogers doesn't tell anyone, this is going to trip you out totally.  He doesn't tell anybody in the White House he's going up there.  He visits Trump in Trump Tower, conveniently 10 days after the election, which from my experience in the Secret Service is just enough time for them to go up to Trump Tower, WHCA, the White House Communication Agency for the President-Elect and set up a SCIF where they can talk privately, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility.  In other words a place where no one can listen in.  Rogers gives it about 10 days, goes up there, has this big meeting with Donald Trump, and what happens the very next day?  Donald Trump evacuates Trump Tower and goes to Bedminster, New Jersey to never return for another meeting.  You think that was a cawinky-dink?  Like he did that by accident?  Oh, let's just go up to Bedminster, I've got nothing else to do.
Now, again this is all in the book in intricate detail.  It's the greatest spy story ever told except for the fact that it actually happened, and it happened against you.  Rogers has this meeting, Trump evacuates Trump Tower.  The very next day the Obama administration comes out and calls for somebody to be fired; who's that somebody?  Mike Rogers.  And they start blaming it on things like drone strikes and other stuff; like really?  Could you be any more obvious?  The Obama administration knows Rogers is the good guy and fills Trump in on this entire debacle.  He probably goes up there and says brother, they're spyin' on you, like right now.  He doesn't know, but now he does.  So he leaves.
All of a sudden people start resigning from the Federal government after that.  You know who also resigns?  Bob Hannigan.  Now, who's Bob Hannigan?  Bob Hannigan is the head of the GCHQ, which is the British NSA.  But why do you think the head of the British NSA would resign right after that Rogers meeting, right after Trump finds out about this massive spying operation?  I'm going to tell you why right now, I'm not taking a selfie of you, I'm not taking a selfie of myself, I'm going to read to you a headline.  This is from CNN, see it right there, I didn't photoshop this. April 14th, 2017, remember who Bob Hannigan is, he's the head of the British NSA, British Intelligence and passed Trump associates' communications with Russians onto U.S. counterparts.  You think I'm making this up?  That's CNN, I didn't write it.  They wrote that.  So not only is the United States government in Plan A, weaponizing its intelligence community to listen in and computer search the Trump team to hurt them during the campaign for political opo, they're working with the British and the Australians to pass information about the Trump team onto the Obama administration.  Don't take it from me, take it from CNN.
They find out about this.  Now, this thing breaks down about halfway through it.  They move on to Plan B. Sorry, there's a lot more to Plan A, but in the interest of time I want to get through this because the cleanup operation is important.  They move on to Plan B; what's Plan B?  They realize Rogers is onto them.  They're like hey folks, we better ease up on the unmasking and the tapping into the database, people are getting caught, this is probably not good, we're leaving a massive paper trail, and what if we lose, right?  They move on to Plan B.  Plan B's a cross fire hurricane.  They say well, listen, if we can't spy on them illegally let's just spy on them legally.  We have this beautiful thing called the FISA Court where we can walk into the FISA Court, we can get a warrant on somebody and when you get a warrant on somebody in the Trump team they have this beautiful thing for the Obama administration called the two hop rule.  Well, it's for everyone, it's for Obama.
Meaning, if I spy on you, and you're a member of the Trump team, I can hop to everybody you emailed and then everybody they emailed.  So basically all I need to do is get a FISA warrant on the guy cleaning the floors in Trump Tower, and I've got everyone.  Because if he emailed his boss and his boss emailed Don, Jr., I get everybody.  Beautiful, right?  Not really.  Because they were stupid.  They were dumb, and they screwed up.  The problem with the FISA Court, unlike the unmaskings and the tapping into the database is they had to produce actual evidence in front of a judge.  There was a judge in a FISA Court that needed evidence that the Trump team was working on behalf of a foreign power, but critically doing it in violation of at least one U.S. law.  Folks, they had nothing.  They had zero.  Do you understand that they, to this day, have absolutely zero.  Zero.  Remember, don't do it one hand, that's a big mistake.  Media people, you'll be a white power person after that.  You always do it that way.  They had zero evidence at all, and you think it's funny, I'm only half kidding, that's how worried I am about the media, they're so crazy these days, right?  They had nothing on collusion, nothing, zero.
So what does the FBI and the State Department and the DOJ do?  They say well, we don't really have any evidence, let's just make it up.  We've got this guy we worked with in the past, this guy Christopher Steele.  Now I'm going to do something, I'm not taking a selfie, again I'm not taking a picture of you, don't you worry.  I'm going to read you another headline, you need to write this down because this one's going to blow your mind.  Any of you read the dossier?  You haven't, right?  Not many people have.  You should.  If you haven't read the dossier, don't you worry, because the dossier was already written back on April 17th of 2007.  You go: what do you mean, I don't get it.  You mean 2017, right?  No, no, no, no, no, I didn't get that wrong.
It's written right here in the Wall Street Journal, on April 17, 2007.  Who's the author of this critical Wall Street Journal piece?  Glen Simpson and Mary Jacobi, his wife.  Glen Simpson, the purveyor of Fusion GPS.  The article is called, How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington.  Folks, I dare you to take a moment and read that piece, put it next to the dossier.  It's the same thing.  It's the same thing.  It's the same story.  It was written 11 years ago.  Glen Simpson clearly had this information about Russian influence in Washington he wrote 10 years ago.  Read the names in the article.  Do you know who appears in this article?  Paul Manafort, all of these players.  So what likely happened after Plan A collapses is, they say listen, let's go to the FISA Court and do this legally, but we need evidence.  We don't have evidence.  Don't worry, Hillary Clinton's got a guy at Fusion GPS, says he's got a story to tell.  Ladies and gentlemen, Glen Simpson took his Wall Street Journal piece like it was a movie script, scratched out the names, put Donald Trump's name in there and said look, do orthopedic injury have a story for you guys.  It's all B.S.  The whole dossier is crap.  Read the article, it's a movie script they recycled.  It's a fairy tale, it's an Aesop's Fable.  It's made up.  It's a scam.  There is not a scintilla of evidence that it's true.
Now, the big question on Plan B, till I move to the mop up operation, Plan C.  Now they're in trouble.  They're in a lot of trouble.  Because they realize the dossier in and of itself is crap and a lot of people at the Bureau know it.  They need to buttress it with some stuff to make it a little harder.  Now is where the Michael Cohen story comes in, Trump's lawyer.
In the dossier is a very specific allegation, right?  That Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer, went over to Prague to set up this whole information exchange with the Russians, right?  Well, what's the problem?  Michael Cohen had never been to Prague, and his passport proved it.  Where do you think they got that name, Michael Cohen?  You're darn right, they probably were in that NSA database looking up a Michael Cohen and they got the wrong guy.  I know there's only one Dan Bongino.  I can tell you for sure there are a whole lot of Michael Cohens, right?  John Smith, John Brown, Cohen, these are common last names.  They got the wrong Michael Cohen.  So now you should be asking yourself, who the heck was Glen Simpson dealing with in the government that gave him that name?  And how did they get it?
Plan B falls apart, too.  Plan B falls apart because something happens in November, Donald Trump wins.  Nobody, I'm telling you, take it to the bank, cash this check and spend the money, nobody saw that coming, no one.  Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to get in, this was all going to go away, they were going to appoint their own Attorney General, probably John Brennan and this story is never, ever to see the light of day, not in their lifetimes.  But make no mistake, they know what they did.  They all know what they did.  Every single one of them.
So they have to move on to Plan C.  Plan C, I call it Clean Up on Aisle 4.  Now they're in trouble.  They know they've got white hats in the government.  I know one of them right now that's still in the FBI, that's unquestionably cooperating with this investigation if you know how to read the tea leaves.  And if you read the book you'll figure out who it is.  People start cooperating and talking and now people are panicking.  Now does the John Brennan's meltdown after the election make sense?  He's the head of the intelligence community who, again another thing for you to Google, but it's all in the book, again, who do you think John Brennan met with right before the election at the "director level as reported on by multiple media outlets: Bob Hannigan, the same guy from the British Intelligence Agency that quits right after Trump's election.  He quits 10 days after and doesn't tell anybody about it.  He says oh, I'm leaving for family reasons.  What do you mean?  You related to Donald Trump?  What do you mean, family reasons?  Family reasons, the reason that you're leaving is because Donald Trump got elected.
Who also quits?  John Carlin.  Who's John Carlin?  He's the head of the Department of Justice National Security Division, the final division in the Department of Justice to put their John Hancock on the FISA warrant.  He quits right after the election.  Who did John Carlin work for?  Now clean up on Aisle 4 is going to start to make sense.  Who did John Carlin work for before he got there in the DOJ?  He's Bob Mueller's chief of staff.  He was Bob Mueller's chief of staff.  Now does Bob Mueller make sense?  Clean up Aisle 4, get the mops out.  Everybody realizes they're all going down; they faked the FISA warrant, they have been involved in massive unmaskings. Susan Rice, Samantha Power, they have been busted by the FISA Court tapping into the NSA database for queries.  They left a paper trail 65 miles long.  Bob Mueller has to clean this whole mess up.  Bob Mueller, did you notice how right away they had the name?  So Bob Mueller's old chief of staff, is the cleanup guy.  Listen, make no mistake, Bob Mueller's job right now is one thing and one thing only: keep the heat on Donald Trump relentlessly for anything, for jaywalking, ripping off mattress tags, combing his hair the wrong way, keep the attention on Trump no matter what because the minute the Bob Mueller thing is resolved, all of this is going to come out and it is hell hath no fury.  Folks, they left a paper trail.  They can't run from this.
Mueller is brought in to get Trump impeached because they don't want any of this to see light of day.  Now why Mueller?  Mueller knows every player involved in this and has intimate connections with all of them.  The guy who signs off on the B.S FISA warrant, John Carlin, his old chief of staff, his chief bulldog in the case, Andy Weissman.  Andrew Weissman worked with Bob Mueller.  Andy Weissman was the chief prosecutor on the Enron case when Bob Mueller was the FBI director.  Remember the Enron case that they screwed up royally?  That's how they know each other.  Andy Weissman hates Donald Trump.  He's done emails congratulating Sally Yates for telling Donald Trump to go pound sand.  Oh, it gets better.
Who else does Bob Mueller know?  On Bob Mueller's Enron team, it all goes back to Enron, that same Enron team headed by Andy Weissman had another lead lawyer on the case who wasn't Kathryn Ruemmler.  Who's Kathryn Ruemmler?  Obama's White House counsel who was Obama's lawyer while all of this was going on.  They know each other.  Now you may say, fine, so Bob Mueller knows Obama's lawyer while this whole spy-gate thing was going on.  What's the big deal?  You Google George Nader Daily Beast, you can read an article today.  It just popped up today before we showed up.  One of Bob Mueller's lead cooperators in this case who's been selling out members of the Trump team from Day 1 is a guy named George Nader.  Who's George Nader's lawyer?  Kathryn Ruemmler.  Obama's White House counsel and Bob Mueller's buddy.  The lawyer for the lead witness in this case feeding information to Mueller is Obama's White House counsel otherwise known as the fixer.  She fixed everything for them.  She was involved in Benghazi, she was involved in the IRS, she was involved in the Secret Service scandal.  Just Google her name, put in any one of those things and who's the person giving the statement?  Kathryn Ruemmler.  Who was also on that Enron taskforce?  Lisa Monaco.  Barack Obama's Homeland Security and counterterrorism advisor in the White House while all of this was going on.  They all know each other.
Your final piece to the cleanup on Aisle 4 operation: Who else does Bob Mueller know?  Who now has judicial—excuse me—legislative control over this? I should say, right now in the Department of Justice, right?  Rod Rosenstein, right?  Because Sessions had recused himself, now Whitaker's in there which was a good appointment, right?
A case happens a little while ago, the TENEX case.  It's around 2015 or so.  It happens in Maryland.  I'm familiar with it because I worked in Maryland as a Secret Service agent in Baltimore.  I wasn't involved in that case at all but I know the office well.  The TENEX case goes down in Maryland.  The TENEX case, a cooperator for the United States government paid $50,000.00 by the FBI, comes to the FBI with some troubling information that the Russians are helping the Iranians build their nuclear program and that there's a company helping the Russians get a hold of our uranium.  It's called the TENEX case.  It was the precursor to something you may have heard about: the Uranium 1 operation.  The same players are involved.  The case gets thrown out on a BS press release on a Friday night so nobody would pay attention.  Everybody's gag-ordered and it all goes away, that the Obama administration and FBI-paid informant admitted that we were giving the Russians uranium while they were building the Iranian nuclear program and chanting death to America.  Who was the lead prosecutor on that TENEX case, the precursor to Uranium 1?  Rod Rosenstein.  And who's the FBI director?  Bob Mueller.  Folks, they all know each other.
This is the biggest scam in American history.  Folks, I beg of you, I really do, you cannot let your legislative people, your congressmen or anyone off the hook.  Whatever connections you have, you need to keep the heat on this because if these people don't go down, the right way, unlike the Obama administration tried to do it to us, this will happen again.  I'm telling you, what they did was such a grotesque, horrendous abuse of power.  It disgusts me to this day and I will never ever forget that story about that guy we arrested and his crying kid that morning who wasn't going to see his dad for another year.  That's a horrible thing to have to do to someone and it's a grotesque thing to do to someone, to unleash the power of the federal government when they did nothing wrong.  And Donald Trump did nothing wrong and if you read the book, and by the way, it's not a narrative.  You don't have to read it straight through.  It's written like a police file.  I think that's why it's been selling like crazy.  You can read the last chapter first.  It’s written like a police file because the names, like I said, this is an hour long speech I compressed into 20 plus minutes.
The names never stop coming up again.  Ever.  Oleg Deripaska connected to Vladimir Putin who's connected to Adam Waldman, a lobbyist who's emailing and texting Mark Warner, a democrat on the senate committee.  Who's Waldman working for too?  Christopher Steele, the guy working for Hillary.  They're connected to the Russians.  The people that show up at the Trump Tower meeting.  Veselnitskaya with Don, Jr. and Rinat Akhmetshin.  Veselnitskaya works for Fusion GPS on a separate case and Akhmetshin, the other guy, the Russian intel guy that shows up at the Trump Tower meeting, you know who his lawyer is?  Edward Lieberman.  You know who Lieberman's wife is?  Evelyn Lieberman.  Bill Clinton's old chief of staff.  Read the book folks; it's all laid out for you.  So, thanks for your time.  I appreciate it.  Thank you very much.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
I remember when I took my first-born baby to the pediatrician for his first checkup 40 years ago. Like most young Moms, I looked up to my pediatrician and completely trusted him. I did everything he told me to do, never questioning his expertise or doubting him, believing that he would never recommend or do anything that would put my baby in harm’s way.
Much has changed since 1978. Back then infants and children were getting half as many vaccines as they do today.1 Parents had no information at all about vaccine risks and failures. We just followed the doctor’s orders.
Today, the subject of vaccination is the most often discussed health topic in America. Not a day goes by without mothers and fathers being reminded that the health of the nation depends upon making sure their children get every one of the 69 doses of 16 CDC recommended vaccines exactly on schedule.2 3 4

CDC Vaccine Schedule: A Commandment

These days, that CDC vaccine schedule is no longer being viewed simply as a recommendation, it is being treated as a commandment. We are told it is our patriotic civic duty to get our children vaccinated and ourselves, too. The implication is that we are committing treason if we don’t.5
These days, a well baby checkup can be a frightening and gut-wrenching experience for a new Mom bringing her baby to the pediatrician’s office. That is because, with the approval of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), many pediatricians have taken the hardline position that they do not have to discuss vaccination with parents or, if they do, they can threaten them with dismissal from the practice for not obeying a direct order.6 7 8

Almost No Medical Contraindications to Vaccination

The National Vaccine Information Center is regularly contacted by mothers reporting that pediatricians are refusing to provide medical care to their babies if they decline or ask to delay even one of the two dozen doses of nine vaccines that CDC officials order pediatricians to give infants in the first year of life.9 10 This schedule includes a hepatitis B vaccination on the day of birth and eight more doses of vaccines given at the two-month well baby checkup. 11 12 It is an early childhood vaccine schedule that, in 2013, the Institute of Medicine concluded has not been adequately studied for safety.13 14
Because public health officials have eliminated almost all medical contraindications to vaccination, pediatricians are insisting on re-vaccinating children who have had serious vaccine reactions, including convulsions.15 16 They are writing off vaccine reactions as unimportant, even after children regress further and further into chronic poor health following each series of vaccinations.17 18

Sacred Trust Between Pediatricians and Mothers Broken

Pediatricians’ offices have become ugly battlegrounds. Intelligent, well-informed and loving parents asking legitimate questions about vaccination are being belittled and treated with disrespect and contempt by too many pediatricians robotically implementing the CDC’s inflexible vaccine schedule in clear violation of the informed consent principle.
Don’t take my word for it, go to NVIC’s Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall and read report after report of just how terrifying pediatric check-ups have become. The sacred trust between mothers and pediatricians fostered by mutual respect and shared decision-making has been broken. Sadly, the admiration and trust that mothers used to have for family pediatricians is melting away and being replaced by fear.
Doctors are not our masters. We pay them well to do a job, not to exploit and terrify us. Discrimination, coercion and force have no place in modern medicine or in public health policy.19 20 21 22 23

Injustice, Suffering and Social Reform

Every social reform movement in history has been shaped by injustice and suffering. Suffering is often the greatest catalyst for change, and change will come if we believe it is possible. Working to successfully reform vaccine policies and laws that cause suffering is not an impossible dream.24 It will be done if we believe it can be done.
It is time to let our elected representatives know that we want them to put legal boundaries on the authority that doctors and public health officials wield in our society.
Go to and and learn what you can do to protect your human right to informed consent to vaccination.25 26
It’s your health. Your family. Your choice. 

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recommended schedule for active immunization of normal infants and children 1983.
2 CDC. Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0 Through 18 Years, United States, 2018.
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 FDA Expands the Market for Gardasil Vaccine Use

Story Highlights
  • Merck’s new Gardasil 9 human papillomavirus vaccine has now been approved for use in men and women to age 45.
  • Expanded routine administration of Gardasil 9 in older people may raise cervical cancer risks for some adult women who are actively infected with HPV.
  • The American Cancer Society does not expect Gardasil 9 to provide much protection to older adults.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
On October 5, 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Merck & Co.’s Gardasil 9 human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for men and women between the ages of 27 and 45 years old. As its name implies, Gardasil 9 includes nine strains of HPV, replacing the original 4-strain Gardasil released in 2006.1
Prior to the FDA’s recent decision to expand the market for Gardasil 9, Gardasil vaccine has been controversial since the four-strain version was fast tracked to licensure in 2006 using questionable study designs for both pre-licensure and post-marketing studies. There have been allegations that Gardasil’s effectiveness has been overstated with premature reports of cancer prevention and that public health officials and medical trade groups have minimized serious side effects.2 Expanding the age range to include marketing of the vaccine to older adults is raising concerns about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness profile for women and men in this new age group.

Questionable and Increased Risk

The stated rationale for expanding the use indications for Gardasil 9 to include older adults is to help prevent HPV-related diseases and cancers in a broader age range,” according to Peter Marks, MD, PhD, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.1 However, FDA’s approval of Gardasil 9 for use in women between 27 and 45 years of age was based on results of studies of the original 4-strain Gardasil conducted more than a decade ago. The vaccine’s safety and effectiveness in men of that age group were only inferred from the data on women and younger men, again primarily using Gardasil 4, not Gardasil 9, although FDA officials state that “the vaccines are manufactured similarly and cover four of the same HPV types.”1
Of increased concern for older females receiving Gardasil 9, is the fact that the vaccine does not treat a current HPV infection, which is usually asymptomatic and, if a female receives the vaccine while infected, it may actually increase her risk of developing cervical cancer.3 This increased cervical cancer risk was disclosed by Merck prior to the vaccine’s licensure in 2006 yet there are no official recommendations calling for HPV testing prior to vaccination to screen females for active infections.4

Prior or Current HPV Infection Affects Response to Gardasil Vaccine

HPV infection is so common, that most everyone who has been sexually active is likely to be infected at some point, although infections clear naturally without complications within two years in over 90 percent of cases.5 The risk of chronic infection with HPV, which can increase the risk for HPV-related cancers, is higher for those who smoke, have multiple sexual partners, long term oral contraceptive use, multiple births, weakened immune system, chronic inflammation or have other high risk factors.6 
One of the concerns in vaccinating women between 27 and 45 is that there is a much higher chance that they have been exposed to HPV prior to being vaccinated or are actively infected at the time of vaccination before natural clearance of the infection from the body takes place. Older women who have recently ended a long-term monogamous relationship, for example, may be at greater risk of being actively infected at the time of vaccination, thus reducing the potential benefit of the vaccine.
According to the American Cancer Society, not only is HPV vaccination “unlikely to provide much, if any, benefit as people get older,”7 but most insurance companies do not cover the vaccine cost for men and women in that age group. This will result in out-of-pocket costs that can range from $216 to $445 per dose of Gardasil.8
In addition, the risk of HPV infection reportedly declines after age 39, whether because of decreases in natural antibody levels or “different cumulative sexual practices in older women.”9 Patient history can be used a valuable gauge of risk: The chance of infection with HPV types 16, and/or 18, the most common cancer-causing strains, is 24 percent in women over 30 whose paps smear test results have always been normal. By comparison, for women between the ages of 30 and 39, with a history of abnormal pap smear tests that include a history of high-grade dysplasia, the chances of infection with one or both strains increases to 55 percent.9
There is continuing uncertainty about the safety and effectiveness of Gardasil 9 and new well designed studies are needed that also include older adults now being recommended to receive the vaccine. In the meantime, regular check-ups and pap screening remains the cornerstone of HPV-related cancer prevention in women.

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   Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
(Friday Church News Notes, November 23, 2018,,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “The Facebook Dilemma,” part one, Frontline PBS, Oct. 29, 2018: “Zeynep Tufekci, of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, observes, ‘What Facebook does is profile you. If you are on Facebook, it is collecting everything you do. If you are off Facebook, it is using tracking pixels to collect what you are browsing. And for its micro-targeting to work, for its business model to work, it has to remain a surveillance machine.’ From 2012-2015, Rand Waltzman and his colleagues at the U.S. Department of Defense published more than 200 academic papers and reports about the threats they were seeing from social media. Waltzman says, ‘The concern was that social media could be used for really nefarious purposes. The opportunities for disinformation, for deception, for everything else, are enormous. Bad guys, or anyone else, could use this for any kind of purpose in a way that wasn’t possible before. That’s the concern. [The potential threat of people giving up their data] is that they are opening themselves up for being targets for manipulation. I can manipulate you to buy something. I can manipulate you to vote for somebody. It is like putting a big target on yourself and saying, “Here I am; come and manipulate me. I’ve given you everything you need. Have at it.” That’s the threat. What I saw over the years of the program was that the medium enables you to really take disinformation and turn it into a serious weapon. When you look at how it works, you see the opportunities for mass manipulation. People are easily misled, if you do it the right way. For example, when you see people forming into communities, I can exploit that to craft my message so that it resonates most exactly with that community. And I can do that for every single community. It would be pretty easy to set up a fake account, and large numbers of fake accounts, embedded in different communities, and use them to disseminate propaganda. It’s a serious weapon, because it is an enormous scale. It’s the scale that makes it a weapon.’ Dmytro Shymkiv, adviser to the president of Ukraine, 2014-2018, describes the propaganda center that was set up in St. Petersburg, Russia, called the Internet Research Agency, which has poured out disinformation to fight the anti-Russian government in Ukraine. ‘Russian propaganda against the Ukrainian government was massive on social media. There were so many stories that started emerging on Facebook. ... They scared people. ... They planted a story that Ukrainian soldiers had crucified a child, which is totally nonsense. It was proven that the people telling the story of the crucifixion were actually hired actors. So Facebook was weaponized. [Just as in the Arab Spring, Facebook was being used to flame division. But now by groups working in behalf of a foreign power, using Facebook’s tools built to help advertisers boost their content.] By that time in Facebook, you could pay money to promote these stories so your stories emerge on the top lines. You immediately get media response. You can test all kinds of nonsense and understand which nonsense people do not believe and to which nonsense people start believing which will influence the persons receptive to propaganda. And then provoking that person to certain action.’ [After Shymkiv met with Facebook executives and asked them to intervene, the response was,] ‘Sorry, we are an open platform; anyone can do anything within our policy, which is written on the website. We will think about this, but you know we have freedom of speech and we are a very pro-democracy platform; everybody can say anything.’” 
  Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
(Friday Church News Notes, November 23, 2018,,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from Jay Richards, “What’s the Difference?” The Stream, Aug. 7, 2017: “Too many of us are still clueless about socialism and communism. I blame biased media and fuzzy thinking. ... Still, sometimes, the truth leaks out. Last year, The Washington Post published a long piece by Ilya Somin. It’s about the ‘greatest mass murderer’ in the world. ... Guess who wins that grim prize. ... It’s Mao Zedong, the leader of China’s communist revolution. ‘From 1958 to 1962,’ Somin notes, ‘his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people--easily making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded.’ Let that sink in. In under five years, a government led by one man murdered 45 million of its own people. Scholars have long known the basic stats. But historian Frank Dikötter has shown [Mao’s Great Famine, 2011] that the number is larger than previously thought. And many more of the deaths were deliberate, rather than ‘just’ the outcome of bad policies that led to famine. Millions were tortured to death, often for minor crimes like digging up a potato. ... Lots of people seem to think ‘communism’ just means ‘bad socialism.’ But that ignores the meanings of words and Marxist theory itself ... Here’s a brief primer: Marx and his disciples claimed that ‘capitalism’ must give way to ‘socialism,’ where private property would be abolished and an all-powerful state would own everything on behalf of the people. That’s what Marx meant by the word socialism, and that’s the main dictionary definition. This was only supposed to be a stage, though, not the end of all our strivings. At some point, under socialism, people would lose their silly fondness for property, family, religion, and other evils. A ‘new socialist man’ would emerge and then the state would ‘wither away.’ Everyone would enjoy peace, prosperity, and the brotherhood of man. Marx and his acolytes called that final, stateless paradise ‘communism.’ Here’s the point: Those regimes led by mass murderers with their gulags, death camps, man-made famines and killing fields were socialist. That’s not slander. It’s what these countries called themselves. USSR stood for the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.’ You gotta break millions of eggs with socialism to make the communist omelet. ... That was sort of the theory anyway. In practice, socialism has just been evil. Unremitting evil, wherever it’s tried. Have a look at North Korea and now Venezuela. Socialism doesn’t lead to a higher plane of existence or a stateless utopia. It leads to a bottomless pit of immorality, poverty, and death. Why would we expect anything different? It’s based on a false view of human nature, history, labor, property, economic value, capital, and the role of prices.”