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Planned Parenthood Sought Soros Cash to Protect Federal Subsidies

Documents detail $1.5 million grant and Soros network’s rapid response lobbying strategy

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George Soros’ dark money group planned a seven-figure cash infusion for a Planned Parenthood fund that spent millions lobbying to preserve its taxpayer subsidies after videos showed the abortion provider negotiating the sale of fetal body parts, internal documents reveal.
Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, his vast political network’s 501(c)(4) “social welfare” arm, sought a $1.5 million boost for a Planned Parenthood legal, lobbying, and rapid response operation it called the Fight Back Campaign.
The money would enable the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the group’s lobbying arm, “to mobilize grassroots and grasstops supporters and lobby Congress to counter attempts to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal and state levels,” an internal OSPC document said in language designed to brief its board on the grant.
It is not clear whether the funds were ever actually disbursed. OSPC is required to report its grants annually, but its most recent filing with the Internal Revenue Service cover grants only through 2014.
Planned Parenthood and the OSPC did not respond to questions about the Fight Back Campaign grant proposal.
The document outlining it was one of thousands of hacked files from Soros’ political and policy network released on the website DC Leaks. Metadata indicates it was written by Victoria Choong, an Open Society budget analyst until 2015.
The grant summary and other documents released by the hackers reveal the extent not only of Soros’ work to preserve subsidies for Planned Parenthood, but also how the Hungarian-born billionaire’s network of advocacy groups has honed its ability to address unforeseen and time-sensitive policy fights with sudden infusions of cash designed to sway specific policy decisions.
According to OSPC’s summary of its Planned Parenthood grant, the Fight Back Campaign’s budget was projected to reach as much as $8 million. “Countering this offensive requires an enormous amount of resources and staff time, which is the intent of the opposition,” OPSC wrote.
The campaign was a response to undercover videos filmed by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group that exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal organs and tissue for medical research. The Center for Medical Progress says it amounts to a significant revenue stream for the organization. Planned Parenthood denies that it makes any money from the sales.
The videos led to congressional votes to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which receives more than $500 million from taxpayers each year.
Efforts to keep that money flowing put an immense strain on Planned Parenthood’s lobbying and advocacy budget, the OSPC document reveals.
“In the several weeks since the attack began, leading up to the Senate vote [to defund the group in December 2015], Planned Parenthood used up nearly all of its lobbying resources, so its greatest need for the campaign outlined above is an immediate infusion of c4 funding,” OSPC wrote.
Planned Parenthood had no trouble securing funding for its 501(c)(3) educational arm, but that nonprofit designation precludes it from doing the legislative lobbying and issue advocacy it needed to ensure a continued stream of federal funding.
“Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, has recently secured a commitment for $2 million in c3 funds, with strong prospects for more on the c3 side. Funding for lobbying activities, however, is much harder to come by,” Soros’ group noted.
The Soros network has worked in the last few years to cultivate a funding arm that can provide sudden cash infusions to address unforeseen challenges and policy opportunities, and do so with specific policy goals in mind.
Open Society’s Opportunities Fund functions as a rapid response funding mechanism for groups in its giving portfolio, such as Planned Parenthood, that are faced with sudden funding shortfalls or specific needs due to developing policy opportunities.
“These funds emerged from one aspect of George Soros’ view about how OSF should run and what makes us distinct as a philanthropy,” an internal document explained.
“Rather than be exclusively wedded to the advancement of pre-conceived and long-term strategies, we should have the capacity to respond to unexpected events as they unfold, including using OSF funds to leverage other dollars.”
The Opportunities Fund’s budget has grown from $6.25 million in 2013—when it was known as the Reserve Fund—to $20 million this year, according to documents handed out at Open Society’s board meeting in May.
“We are aware that many issues will arise that we cannot anticipate but where an immediate infusion of funds can significantly advance our goals,” Open Society said in a 2014 strategy memo. “We will continue to devote 20-25% of our [U.S. Programs] budget to this opportunistic capacity.”
Soros’ son Jonathan, a top Open Society executive and OSPC board member, must sign off on all C4 grants from the Opportunities Fund, according to internal documents. That role dovetails with Open Society’s push to address a lack of C4 grantmaking capacity among left-wing foundations.
“OSPC’s capacity to make c4 grants will be of even greater significance given the wind-down of Atlantic Philanthropies, the only other major philanthropic entity with significant c4 capacity,” the 2014 strategy memo noted.
Its unique role as a lobbying grantmaker made support for Planned Parenthood of particular importance. “OSPC is uniquely situated to provide a critical resources PP will have a hard time finding anywhere else,” the group wrote.
In seeking to beef up funding for Planned Parenthood’s Fight Back Campaign, OSPC teamed up with the Democracy Alliance, a powerful network of Democratic donors whose president, Gara LaMarche, also sits on OSPC’s board.
Both houses of Congress ended up passing legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, but President Obama vetoed the measure. Despite defunding measures at the state level, OSPC described its efforts as a success.
“This emergency funding enabled PPAF to implement its multipronged Fight Back Campaign to mobilize grassroots and grasstops supporters and lobby Congress to counter attempts to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal and state levels, and to continue providing critical reproductive health care services across the country,” OSPC wrote.
Update 12:46 p.m.: A previous version of this story identified the group that released the videos as Operation Rescue.

Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018

Soros has bankrolled efforts to challenge voter ID laws, 

register minority voters

EXCERPTS: "The plan to grow the electorate by millions of voters was discussed during a May 2014 board meeting of the Open Society Foundations, a liberal grant-making group founded by Soros. A 220-page guide detailing the plan was among more than 2,500 hacked Soros documents released by DC Leaks, which publishes documents from influential officials around the world.
The guide covers strategies and tactics the group will employ in the United States from 2015 to 2018. The top goals listed by the guide are to “advance electoral reform” and “combat suppression.”"

Hacked Documents: Soros Funded 

Black Lives Matter

EXCERPT: " — which claims to be run by the same hackers who leaked a trove of e-mails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — has published a 69-page report from OSF in which the Soros organization documents its plans to use the “unrest” following the death of Freddie Gray to “accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and maintained by local law enforcement.” The decision to bankroll the subversive and violent anti-police organization was approved “per board consensus” and appears to have had as its goal the shifting of political power."

Soros Migration Rent-a-Mob Amps Up for 

Aug. 28 Wash., D.C. Refugee Rally

EXCERPT: "The professional Soros migration/refugee agitators are rallying the street radicals to come to Washington, D.C., this Sunday, August 28. The aim of #DCRally4Refugees is to whip up the appearance of popular support for the UN’s September 19 Refugee Summit and President Obama’ plan to “surge” thousands more Syrian “refugees” into American communities. Virtually all of these organizations are synthetic “grassroots” groups that would be nonexistent except for continuous funding transfusions from U.S government agencies, United Nations agencies, and the “charitable” foundations of Soros, Ford, Rockefeller, Gates, McArthur, Tides, et al."

Media Covers Up Soros’ Control Of The Election

Megalomaniac George Soros Causing Global Destabilization


Raising Kaine
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As the Clinton/Kaine ticket gets under way, much is known of Hillary Clinton on the national scene: Her history as former First Lady, former senator, and former secretary of state — and the scandals which accompanied each of those positions — has been well reported and is well known, if not well accepted. Tim Kaine (shown), on the other hand, is another matter. His political career has been confined to Virginia and so — with rare exception — has his media coverage. Who is Tim Kaine?
Michael Timothy Kaine’s political career began in the 1980s at Harvard when he met, courted, and eventually married Anne Holton, the daughter of Linwood Holton, who served as governor of Virginia from 1970 to 1974. After they were married, they settled in Richmond, Virginia, where they both practiced law. Kaine also taught law at the prestigious — and liberal — University of Richmond School of Law. In 1994, he was elected to the Richmond city council. Four years later, he was elected by the council as mayor of Richmond, and served until 2001.
It was during his time as mayor that the “moderate” Democrat first encountered any real controversy. After the anti-gun Million Mom March in Washington, D.C., in May 2000 — which, of course, had nowhere near a million moms marching — Kaine was called on the carpet for using $6,000 in taxpayer funds to pay for buses to carry marchers from Richmond to the march. In the wake of the controversy, he raised the funds to reimburse the city. It does say something about the man, though, that he lacked a moral check on using taxpayer money to pay for the advancement of his own political agenda.
The kerfuffle was short-lived, and Kaine was elected lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2002 under Governor Mark Warner. Four years later, he was elected governor.
As a state, Virginia has perhaps two political oddities that stand out — one more distinct than the other. The first (and perhaps more common) is a political schizophrenia that compels residents of the Old Dominion to elect a majority of one party to the state legislature and the candidate from the other party to the office of governor. The second (which is unique to Virginia) is that governors are limited to a single term. The combination of these two oddities leads to governors who see the office not as a place to build and grow while looking out for the best interests of Virginia, but as a steppingstone to run for either president or Congress. Kaine was no exception to this rule. As governor, it was clear he was posturing for some higher federal office. He was reported to be on Obama’s short list as a VP running mate, but was edged out by Joe Biden.
During his time in the governor’s mansion, Kaine continued to stoke controversy. He meandered from the hard-left to the middle-left in what appears to be an effort to make himself attractive as a “moderate.”
In his delivery of the Democratic response to the 2006 State of the Union address, Kaine was quick to criticize President George W. Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq, correctly pointing out that Bush had misled Americans about whether Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Of course, Kaine is now standing up beside a candidate who has misled Americans about her arming of Syrian rebels and facilitating the growth of ISIS, not to mention her e-mail scandal.
As governor, Kaine established the Climate Change Commission to promote the fallacy of “global warming,” yet also supported a project for a coal-fired power plant in the state against the wishes of the environmental lobby. By playing both sides against the middle, he was cast as a champion of both business and the environment.
He banned — by executive order — smoking in government buildings in Virginia and later signed into law a bill banning smoking in most restaurants and bars in the state, but resisted a bill passed by the mostly Republican state legislature to require girls to receive the HPV vaccine before they could be admitted to high school. One is left to wonder whether his resistance to the bill forcing girls to receive a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease would have been the same if it had been passed by a Democrat-controlled legislature.
When his proposed tax increases of $4 billion ran into a wall with the Republican-controlled legislature, he cut spending on things such as highway rest areas, and managed to keep Virginia running. He was celebrated for his wise handling of the financial “crisis,” without much mention in the mainstream media of the fact that he should have cut spending without even trying to increase taxes. In the end, Virginia fared very well with the spending cuts. Forbes ranked Virginia number one in its “Best States For Business” three of Kaine’s four years in office. A large part of the credit for that goes to his failed attempt to raise taxes. In other words, it’s not what Kaine did for Virginia’s businesses; it’s what he was prevented from doing that helped the state through a rough economic period.
Of course, he took the credit, all the while courting greener political pastures. And it worked.
During his last year as governor, Kaine was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — a position he held until 2011, when he recommended Debbie Wasserman Schultz to succeed him. During his time in that position, he cemented himself as a political force to be reckoned with and — when he resigned the chair — announced he would run for the Senate seat that Democratic Senator Jim Webb would leave vacant upon retiring.
In 2013, when he was sworn in as the new Virginia senator, it became apparent how small a world Virginia politics really is: His Virginian colleague in the Senate was none other than his old friend Mark Warner, under whom he had served as lieutenant governor. Together, they have used Virginia’s voting power in the Senate to move the United States further to the left.
In fact, Tim Kaine has the lowest score in the Freedom Index published by The New American. His cumulative score for his tenure in the Senate is a paltry one percent. The one vote in which he aligned himself with the Constitution — the anomaly — was on January 28, 2015 when he voted against an amendment to remove exemptions for fracking and natural gas storage from regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act. This one correct vote is conspicuous by its loneliness.
On a range of bills dealing with everything from national security to federal involvement in housing to the environment to immigration to taxes to forcing employers to fund contraception, Kaine has voted the exact opposite of the Constitution 99 percent of the time.
As Kaine has continued to climb the political ladder, he has also continued to move to further and further to the left and progress in his abandonment of whatever principles he may have ever had. He appears to have made some sort of Faustian deal for political power: He has violated his oath of office wherein he swore before God that he would uphold the Constitution, and he has likewise abandoned his faith, though he claims otherwise.
Kaine describes himself as a “faithful” and “traditional Catholic,” even while supporting same-sex “marriage” and abortion. This dichotomy has caused more than one Catholic clergyman to publicly call Kaine out as an example of a bad Catholic. Fr. Thomas Petri, a Catholic priest in Washington, D.C., tweeted, “Senator @timkaine: Do us both a favor. Don’t show up in my communion line. I take Canon 915 seriously. It’d be embarrassing for you & for me.” Canon 915 forbids priests from administering Holy Communion to those who are excommunicated or obstinately persevere in grave sin.
Kaine, though, is obstinate — even recalcitrant — in his position. He will not abide by either his oath or his religion. Oaths and religion often stand or fall together, since they both deal with God and man’s duty before Him. Can such a man be trusted to be vice president under Hil­lary Clinton? Of course, any man who valued either his oath or his religion would not likely be standing up beside Hillary Clinton in the first place, so the question answers itself.


Published on Aug 23, 2016
Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses the alliance between the Black Lives Matter movement and forces of the global jihad, both violent and stealth.


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August 17, 2016
Former Education Secretary under Ronald Regan said, In America today, the longer you stay in school, the dumber you get…” –William Bennett
Outside of the fact the federal government is illegally (Violation of Article 10 of The Bill of Rights) and intentionally indoctrinating American students in public schools through International Baccalaureate, No Child Left Behind, and now Common Core, you have to ask the question, “Why are 86% of them thatcomplain about what is going on dropping their kids off at the school gate?” The 86% just happen to be Professed Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives? This 86% should also realize that which is being taught today is not what was taught 50 years ago in this country.
Case and point: In complete contradiction to America’s foundational principles, the National Education Association agrees with humanism. Humanism is summed up in the following excerpt by John Dunphy in his article, “A Religion for a New Age”:
“The Bible is not merely another book … it has and remains an incredibly dangerous book. … I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith. … These teachers must embody the same dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach. … The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new – the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism, resplendent in its promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian ideal of love thy neighbor will finally be achieved.”
Furthermore, here are examples of what the public indoctrination center are teaching concerning various subjects.
In Texas, the State Board of Education found a total of 109,263 errors in math textbooks reviewed for use in 2008 alone. Yes, I said 109,263 errors. The board had to go so far as to place a possible fine of $5,000 per error found if they were not fixed by spring of the same year.
In textbooks all across America, science (the study of Creation) is well-known for being laced with the dangerous theory of evolution, which wars against Christianity, the Bible, God and His Law, which is the foundation of our Republic.
The little Girl Who Knew Better
Concerning history, I had one principal jokingly tell me, “Science and history books are being changed every three to seven years.
In Virginia, a state review committee found a slew of errors in many history textbooks. A committee of five historians caught errors ranging from the incorrect year John Rolfe married Pocahontas to quotes that do not even appear in historical records. One book illustrated Virginia soldiers in the Revolutionary War wearing red coats, when in fact, they wore blue. Another textbook erroneously stated many colonial Americans were illiterate. In fact, literacy rates were extremely high.
Retired Library of Virginia historian Brent Tarter wrote in his review of a textbook titled Our Virginia, “I also found some very significant omissions, some internal inconsistencies, and some erroneous or questionable descriptions and analyses of historical events. Some are so ludicrous and difficult to explain that I cannot understand where the misinformation came from.”
Muslim Indoctrination in Public Schools:
Interestingly enough, in recent years, American public schools have been indoctrinated with the Muslim religion. Studies have shown over 500 historical errors in public school textbooks, giving an Islamic slant to our youth.
As a result, our youth are subject to the following teachings and practices:
 Learning to become a Muslim
 Fasting for Ramadan
 Learning the five pillars of Islam
 Memorizing verses of the Quran
 Adopting a Muslim name
 Staging a Jihad (war against non-Muslims)
Muslim Infiltration
What of antidepressants prescriptions? They are simply attempting to set students up for the fall to prescribe dangerous psychotropic drugs.
Leon Eisenberg (Father of ADHD), in his last interview before his death, said,“ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”
There has been a dramatic rise in the sale of antidepressants in the past decade alone. According to IMS Health, sales of antidepressants in the United States surpassed $11 billion in 2010.
Antidepressants are one of the most commonly prescribed drug classes. Four out of five physicians prescribing antidepressants are not even psychiatrists, and the drugs are increasingly being given for non-psychiatric uses.
This dramatic increase in usage could possibly be in direct connection to the controversial TeenScreen survey given to children as young as 9 years old in public schools. TeenScreen has been responsible for policing the mental health of students over the past decade.
More and more public schools have brought in the manipulative survey for children, setting them up for a prescription. For example, one of the questions asked is: “Has there been a time when you felt you couldn’t do anything well or that you weren’t as good-looking or smart as other people?” Another question is: “In the last year, has there been any situation when you had less energy than usual?”
Nearly 20 percent of students who take the survey are then labeled mentally ill, which leads to a prescription. This process is being sold as suicide prevention; however, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force found “no evidence” that screening for suicide risk reduces suicide attempts.
In past generations, parents would train their children in the way they should go, using the rod of correction (Proverbs 22) to drive foolishness from the hearts of their children, while the pharmaceutical companies compete for the position contrary to that which God commanded.
In the meantime, pharmaceutical companies are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a day while America’s students are used as political and medical guinea pigs.
Most Americans don’t even realize that Obama is attempting to deputize the medical industry to screen the mental health of every American. [Video]
Herein lies the “attention deficit.” The deficit lies within the responsibility of the parents, not the child.
To further add insult to injury with the help of the NEA, students are being made a prey to teachers. [Video]
The real question to ask here is “Why are there public schools?”
Only you can answer that.
Public Schools are teaching what? [Video]
Listen to Bradlee Dean on The Sons of Liberty Radio Here


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August 24, 2016
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — John F. Kennedy
Put two people in a room and disagreement, at times, is a virtual certainty. Put 320,000,000 people in a nation and disagreement, sometimes violent, is a daily fact of life. Now add to the mix a heavy dose of multi-culturalism and the brew gets even more volatile. Then add 86,000,000 Americans being forced to pay for the livelihoods of 148,000,000 unproductive Americans and the brew becomes explosive. (Those 148,000,000 Americans think everything is just fine and they can vote to keep it that way.)
In that same nation, millions of illegal aliens are allowed to enter, almostunimpeded and encouraged by a liberal government. They get on the welfare rolls thus costing those 86,000,000 productive Americans billions of dollars in taxes for illegal-alien subsistence and millions of lost jobs, not to mention the drugs, rape, robbery and murder brought to America by the fairly large illegal-alien criminal element.
Let’s not forget the effects of radical environmentalism on the cost of goods and the loss of property rights, fueling rising distrust and anger in our rural communities all across America. We know a lot about that anger and discontent of rural landowners by the calls and e-mails we get every week from besieged landowners. We try to help them with the tools our organization (NARLO) provides, but it isn’t enough. The ability of the government, local, state, or federal, to harass and abuse landowners is greater than our ability to counter it. (See “Rural America In the Crosshairs”)
Add a Federal Reserve that is neither federal or a reserve and an exploding national debt to pay for over one hundred years of liberal, give-away policies, a debt that could lead to a devastating financial collapse and you have a recipe for not only anger and discontent, but the potential for rising violence.
Americans have had difficulty remaining united under any circumstances, except when it is threatened by a foreign enemy. But today, almost eight years of President Obama, it would seem the nation is coming apart at the seems. The great “Uniter” is in fact the great “Divider” and he has done so with malice aforethought to implement his twisted vision of America.
Obama’s Blacks think they are getting a raw deal and invented Black Lives Matter for non-existent injustices, with a giant boost from the nation’s wealthy liberals. They are stirring up trouble, chaos, violence and riots in every big city in America just for the Hell of it. Blacks voting in a block for Democrats is not because Blacks like liberal policies. It’s because they like the Democrats stealing from everyone else to give to the Blacks. It’s there form of reparations for past American sins.
Latinos are all upset because millions of legal Americans are finally saying enough is enough to illegal immigration, whether it is from Mexico, Central and South America, or the Middle East. The INS and ICE have lost control of the immigration process and are instead just throwing billions of our tax dollars at it, releasing tens of thousands of criminal aliens into the general population and failing to keep track of the millions of visas given out to foreigners.
The Indians are angry because of losing the war 150 years ago and are getting even with the White man by erecting casinos all over the place and confiscating land and water rights using ancient treaties, with the help of the government and radical environmentalists.
On top of that, radical Islam (ISIS and Al Qaeda) is threatening to annihilate our very way of life and our government, sworn to protect us from all enemies, foreign or domestic, is doing so little to crush the enemy that the enemy is free to come to America and kill Americans. Obama’s policies of appeasement and non-confrontation at any cost, are reaching out to bite us in a very big way, with the prospects of it only getting worse. Do you think twice now before going to the mall or the theater?
Then there are the laws. The America government, at every level, has passed so many laws against every human activity to the point that Americans have become lawbreakers every day of their lives, without knowing it …. that is until they get caught.
The wide-eyed, radical academic environmentalist Bill McKibben wants to give wartime powers to government against climate change, giving government the absolute power to do anything it deemed necessary, including confiscation of property, coercing businesses into supporting the effort, telling businesses what to do, when to do it and whom to hire, along with strict control over the economy. Bill has millions of groupies, academia and the news media on his side. But waging war, at any cost, including the loss of liberty, against a boogieman, backed up by unsettled or bad science, is the epitome of tyranny.
But worse, we have allowed growing secularity and worldly forces to rip out the cultural fabric of our Judeo-Christian heritage by allowing certain minorities rights that are in direct conflict with cultural norms and the natural order.
Our public schools and colleges have become institutions of liberal propaganda and indoctrination. Each generation learns less and less about America’s beginning and foundation of freedom. This is born out by millions of young Americans finding socialist Bernie Sanders a fitting presidential candidate. Then you have millions more Americans eager to put one of the most corrupt individuals in American politics, on the Clinton dynasty throne.
Soon the old ones will die off and their perspective of a free and prosperous America will be lost forever. With no heritage of liberty available from the seniors in our midst and no teachings of freedom in our schools, liberty will surely die.
We can’t imagine why proud, self-reliant, responsible Americans are so angry, frustrated and ready to do harm to someone or something. We can’t imagine why millions of those same Americans are listening to Donald Trump and liking what they hear. Or, can we?
Donald Trump, as flawed as he is, is channeling America’s anger, however imperfect his style and demeanor. For the millions of Americans that are sick and tired of business as usual and the institutional corruption, Donald Trump has given them a voice. But Trump is not a Superman that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. He cannot, with a wave of his extended hand, eradicate poverty, provide everyone with a job and kill our enemies. But most of all he cannot change the mindset of a “gimee!” national mentality that has become accustomed to sucking at the teat of mother government. Unfortunately, that “gimee!” mentality can vote to keep the “milk” flowing and they are in the majority.
But there is more to the problem than just an out-of-control government. We as individuals cannot just abdicate our responsibility to hold government accountable if we want to remain free. We cannot give a pass to our kids when they misbehave or act out. If we don’t set standards for them and demand they meet those standards, they end up derelicts on the street, criminals, or workers and businessmen without a moral compass …. or God forbid, Democrats.
John Scolinos, a famous baseball coach, gave a speech at a coach convention in Nashville, TN back in January of 1996. John stated that: “This is the problem in our homes today, with our marriages, with the way we parent our kid and with our lack of discipline. We don’t teach accountability to our kids, and there is no consequence for failing to meet standards. This is the problem in our schools today. The quality of our education is going downhill fast and teachers have been stripped of the tools they need to be successful, and to educate and discipline our young people.”
If our young people are not brought up with true knowledge, discipline, standards and moral underpinnings, they will be incapable of holding government accountable and will be easily manipulated by or become dependent on government.
We are running out of time. So just how long will self-reliant, independent, responsible Americans, worried about the loss of their freedoms and the collapse of the Republic, put up with:
The government erecting a multitude of new offices, and sending hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.
The government has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving its assent to their acts of pretended legislation:
For imposing huge taxes on us without our consent to pay for the unconstitutional promises they have made to millions of our citizens for their votes.
For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments:
In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.
We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us.
We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred. to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.
Millions of Americans have not seen this language before, or know the vital importance of its words, because they have no knowledge of how America came into being and the fundamentals of liberty contained in its beginning documents. They are truly freedom ignorant. How can they defend or care about what they don’t know?
The first reaction to tyranny is resistance. The final reaction to tyranny is revolution. We are in the first stages in the reaction to tyranny and we strongly urge Americans to resist wherever they can before the second stage becomes unavoidable? All it takes is a flash point and the whole experiment with freedom could begin to unravel overnight, if it hasn’t already.
But then how can we peacefully stop a tyrannical government and the mob mentality it created, if we don’t have the votes? Short of revolution, there is only open and defiant resistance.
Ladies and gentlemen, the colonials broke with England in revolution for far less than what the American government has heaped upon its citizens in the quest for power, lust, greed and control over the masses. If government continues this abuse and usurpations upon its citizens, eventually they will make “peaceful revolution impossible and make violent revolution inevitable.”
America is about to boil over, especially if Hillary Clinton is elected President. That 86,000,000 minority that is paying for everything, the rich and middle class alike, may just decide to stop paying. Some of the wealthiest among us already have. If that 86,000,000 minority wants to be free from the yoke of liberal servitude they had better start resisting and they better start now because their vote means nothing against the liberal mob.
When the checks don’t show up at the welfare or unemployment office, or there is no food at the local Albertson’s store, we guarantee you there will be riots, mayhem and burnings in the street in every city in America. That leads to insurrection and civil war. In such an event, what is to stop the government from declaring martial law and suspending the constitution and all of the rights it promises? Absolutely nothing! Abraham Lincoln and Congress suspended Habeas Corpus during the Civil War. It’s only a small step to suspend the whole constitution, or to confiscate all your money you have in the bank, or in your retirement accounts.
The fate of America, freedom or tyranny, is in the hands of its people that is if the people have even the slightest concept of what freedom means or place any value on it. We’re not convinced they do because of several generations of Progressive and one-world-government brainwashing.
John Galt where are you when we need you?


There is a good chance American enemies of American free speech will shortly mount a sustained and successful effort to drastically reduce American speech freedoms.
SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Americans generally do not appreciate the United States’ astonishing free speech regime, particularly compared to the historical bastions of political liberalism in Western Europe.
The French penal code criminalizes “defamation” of people based on “their membership or non-membership, real or supposed, of an ethnic group, nation, race or religion;” in Britain the police can investigate you for criticizing Muslims; in Ireland they have something called the “Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act,” which prohibits “inciting” “hatred” against anyone based on, among other factors, “membership [in] the travelling community” and “sexual orientation” (Ireland also forbids speech that “undermine[s] public order or morality or the authority of the State”). Even our neighbor to the north, Canada, forbids people from “incit[ing] hatred against any identifiable group.”
America is not like that: in the United States, you can incite hatred against a gay gypsy Muslim bureaucrat, even specifically becausehe is a gay gypsy Muslim bureaucratand you will not be thrown in jail. In America you can say just about any offensive thing imaginable, directed at just about any group or person imaginable, and you’ll be okay. Add to that the strong protections for political speech that statute and Supreme Court precedent have established, and America is almost unique among the nations of the world in terms of freedom of expression. We have it good.
But that might not always be the case. In fact in the very near future American free speech may be sharply curtailed. It is not a sure thing—Supreme Court precedent regarding the First Amendment is robust enough to present would-be censors with something of a challenge—but nevertheless there is a good chance that American enemies of American free speech will shortly mount a sustained and eventually successful effort to drastically reduce American speech freedoms.
Who are these enemies? There are three of them: Hillary Clinton (backed by a Democratic Party that is rabidly anti-free speech), Donald Trump (unchallenged by a weak and useless Republican Party), and, most tragically, the American people themselves.

Hillary Clinton

With the possible exceptions of John Adams and Woodrow Wilson, there might never be a president more hostile to freedom of speech than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton has promised, if elected, to introduce a constitutional amendment within her first month in office that would effectively repeal the First Amendment by overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v FEC decision from 2010.
Very simply, Citizens United ruled that Americans do not lose their freedom of speech rights when they band together in corporate form and under the auspices of labor unions and other types of organizations. Practically speaking, this was an uncontroversial and obvious affirmation of American First Amendment rights. But Hillary Clinton has set herself up against this ruling as if it were the Black Death, claiming her litmus test for nominating Supreme Court justices is if they will vote to overturnCitizens United and thus make it more difficult for Americans to speak freely and openly.
Clinton actually has a long history of anti-free speech positions, so in a sense this is unsurprising. But now she is poised to become president of the United States, and with that bully pulpit—and the power of the executive order—you can be sure her avaricious, relentless desire to curtail free speech will be a potent threat to our precious First Amendment freedoms.
You can be equally certain the Democratic Party will be happy to help her out. The Democratic platform not only calls for overturning Citizens United but also calls upon the Justice Department to “investigate allegations of corporate fraud” of fossil fuel companies “accused of misleading shareholders” on “the scientific reality of climate change.” This is a creative way of calling on government to prosecute skeptics of global warming hysteria.
In addition, the DNC calls upon Democrats to “condemn hate speech that creates a fertile climate for violence.” It is essentially guaranteed that, within a few years’ time, the “condemnation” of “hate speech” will progress to demands for an outright prohibition. Progressives in Europe have already done it; progressives in America are assuredly not far behind.

Donald Trump

You might think the Republican nominee for president would stand as a counterweight to the Democratic nominee’s censorious tendencies. You would be wrong. Trump himself has come out against super PACs, which are simply coalitions of American citizens who have banded together to voice their political opinions. Trump has also vowed to “open up” libel laws in order to silence his critics.
Lest you think this is an empty threat, it’s important to note Trump has already admitted to using libel laws to silence his critics. He also called for “closing [the] Internet up in some way” to combat terrorism, while dismissing those who would be concerned about freedom of speech as “foolish people.”
Would the GOP stand against Trump’s demonstrable hostility to the First Amendment? Not likely. Much of the Republican establishment has already proven itself reluctant to challenge Trump in any substantive way. Trump’s obvious antipathy to freedom of speech, coupled with his strongman ambitions and lack of resistance from an emasculated GOP, could pose a serious if not existential threat to American freedom of expression.

The American People

Surely, even if our corrupt and power-hungry elite ruling class opposes freedom of speech, the American people will resist any real efforts to curtail the First Amendment, right? Not so fast. There are genuinely distressing signs that the culture of American free speech is as endangered as the policy.
Some poll numbers suggest as much: two-thirds of Americans, for instance, think people who engage in “hate speech” are “more dangerous” than the people who would censor it. Among younger Americans—millennials—the polls indicate a staggering opposition to freedom of speech: out of 800 students polled at colleges across the country, more than a third believed the First Amendment does not protect “hate speech,” with a third also claiming the First Amendment is “outdated;” more than half believe colleges should have speech codes to police the speech of students and professors.
Forty percent of millennials, meanwhile, think government should be able to censor “offensive statements about minorities.” Indeed, millennials appear to be the most censorious generation alive. As older generations die off or become less politically active, we can assume that more and more anti-free speech millennials will make up a larger and larger share of the electorate.
All of which is to say: if we are worried about the anti-free speech ambitions of our two presidential candidates and the parties they represent, we should also be concerned about the American body politic, a substantial percentage of which is greatly inclined to censor “offensive” speech. A generation so inclined to muzzle its fellow Americans could pose an existential threat to the First Amendment.

Fight for the Right to Speak Freely

So how do First Amendment-loving Americans fight against this rising tide of illiberal anti-speech hostility? The solution is actually quite simple: we must take an absolutist zero-tolerance position regarding censorship and speech policing. In the same way that the National Rifle Association is relentless in fighting the curtailing of Second Amendment rights, Americans must relentlessly protect First Amendment rights.
The American tradition of free speech is very strong and well-established. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be swept away.
This means fighting against efforts to overturn Citizens United (and fighting more broadly against any efforts to censor and police political speech); combating speech codes on college campuses and elsewhere; working tirelessly against the wannabe-tyranny of people like Trump and platforms like that of the Democratic Party; and fighting vigilantly for the right of all Americans to say what they what, about what they want, in whatever way they choose to do so.
This does not mean you have to defend things like libel or other knowingly false and slanderous statements. It simply means you must fight for the precious free speech rights of every American citizen against the growing effort to criminalize those rights. (It might also help if you familiarized yourself with the Supreme Court rulings on free speech. Knowledge can be an invaluable tool when fighting against illiberalism and authoritarianism.)
These concerns are not academic or theoretical. As much of the rest of the world proves, governments are usually extremely willing to silence and censor their citizens, and too often the citizenry is willing to lay down and take it. The American tradition of free speech is very strong and well-established. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be swept away. It is up to all of us—as American citizens and freeborn men and women—to guard against these encroachments on our God-given liberties, and to ensure that the invaluable American free speech regime continues as long as does the American Experiment.