Sunday, February 10, 2013


    We have decided to drop World Net Daily from our recommended News/Research list, and to not recommend Jonathan Cahn's books, based on the following:
    World Net Daily is promoting and selling the books of Jonathan Cahn, a self-described Messianic "prophetic rabbi" associated with the personalities of the New Apostolic Reformation, such as Mormon Glenn Beck, C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Jay Bakker, and others. His books are described by some as "fictional non-fiction" and have the potential to mislead many. The author purports that in his books that he has made discoveries in ancient Hebrew writings that have not been heretofore discovered, and is able to unravel so-called secrets and mysteries about Scripture and end times eschatology, particularly drawing the parallel with that of America being likened to ancient Israel, like a "prototype". Except the parallels with America are based on circumstantial and random occurrences not preceded by prophetic warnings, and without any covenant between God and America specifically.
    The ad for Cahn's "The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment" and "The Harbinger" on WND is here:
    So why is World Net Daily selling Cahn's books? Well, perhaps the reason lies in Joseph Farah's own "Hebraic Roots Movement" leanings as previously reported at:, and at:, and as he himself describes in this video:

    He plainly states his dissatisfaction with the New Covenant of the New Testament replacing the Old Covenant between God and Israel. He therefore sought out Jim Staley's "Passion for Truth Ministries", a type of "Messianic Christian church", which has a heavy emphasis on "Hebraic Roots" and the Jewish "Torah", including the observance of dietary laws and holy days, the latter believed to be a necessary addition to the life of a Christian.
    Staley claims he had a "supernatural experience" which influenced him to explore Scripture from a Hebraic perspective instead of a Greek one:, and In the beliefs of PFT at, we observe that there is no mention of repentance as necessary for salvation, but only a mystical form of accepting "the blood of Yeshua/Jesus over the door posts" of your heart. Also, it is stated: "We believe the Apostle Paul has been grossly misunderstood on this issue and all of his writings can be understood as supporting the Torah when read without the denominational, antinomian bias, but instead through the original Hebraic perspective in which he wrote them." Thus, the allegation is made that the Greek/Western or Catholic/Protestant hermeneutic of the law being done away with (and no longer applicable to Christians) under the New Covenant is faulty, and refuted by Paul in Romans 3:31. But using the Torah and other Jewish writings as a guide for the Christian of today is adding legalism to grace, and stating that the Christian life lived in Jesus alone is lacking without law. 
This audio of Staley is proof that PFT is opposed to grace alone:

Consequently, the five solas of the Reformation are repudiated under this gnostic theology as not having the benefit of the perspective of the Jewish/Eastern mindset.
    That is perhaps the reason Joseph Farah and World Net Daily have associations with Passion for Truth, Jonathan Cahn, and Glenn Beck.
    Here is an example of PFT's teaching on Jewish dietary laws: 
PFT's Jewish "Feast Days Calendar" here:

This is the link to the PFT YouTube Channel where there are hundreds of videos of Staley's sermons, testimonies and Jewish holy day observances:

The supporting documentation for not recommending Cahn and WND:
DoNotBeSurprised, and
ProphecyToday (David James):
SVChapel (Gary Gilley): (John Beardsley):
Herescope (Larry DeBruyn):
Kjos Ministries ( (Berit Kjos): (Cahn's references to Jewish "Zohar").
FightingfortheFaith (Chris Rosebrough) audio,
Wikipedia on Zohar
Cahn speaks here in "The Zohar Speaks" from YouTube, recorded at his congregation in Wayne, NJ at the Beth Israel Worship Center He also has another website at Hope of the World

Glenn Beck interviews Jonathan Cahn: