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LOS ANGELES — A dating site known as Christian Mingle has agreed to open its website for matching homosexuals following a class-action discrimination suit filed in federal court.
Being a Christian-identifying site, Christian Mingle currently only offers the options of a “man seeking a woman” or a “woman seeking a man.” But two homosexual men who went to the site found that it did not provide an option for those seeking a romantic relationship with the same sex.
They sued Spark Networks, Inc., the parent company of Christian Mingle, alleging a violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which requires businesses to provide services regardless of one’s “sexual orientation.”
“All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, or immigration status are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever,” the law reads in part.
The case has been in the courts since 2013, but recently Spark Networks agreed to settle the matter and allow homosexual dating on its site.
According to the settlement, within two years, “Spark will ensure that the ‘man seeking woman’ and ‘woman seeking man’ options … only ask whether the user is a ‘man’ or ‘woman.'”
“Spark represents and warrant that it is updating the Mingle sites, and to the extent Spark continues to operate any of the Mingle sites in the future, such sites will be updated to create an experience which will allow individuals seeking same-sex partners to use Spark’s matching technologies to find and be matched with others seeking same-sex partners,” it reads.
In addition, Spark Networks agreed to pay the plaintiffs in the case $9,000 each, as well as $450,000 in legal fees to their attorneys. It did not admit any wrongdoing in the matter.
“I am gratified that we were able to work with Spark to help ensure that people can fully participate in all the diverse market places that make our country so special, regardless of their sexual orientation,” Vineet Dubey, an attorney for one of the men, said in a statement.
Spark said that it is “pleased to resolve this litigation.”
However, not all are elated with the development.
“ChristianMingle is based on Christian beliefs, and a good number of denominations consider homosexual acts to be sinful. It seems rather petty to force a company to change their beliefs rather than simply find (or … start) an alternative dating site,” writes Christine Rouselle for Town Hall.
In addition to Christian Mingle, the agreement also pertains to most of Spark’s other dating sites, including Catholic Mingle, LDS Singles, Silver Singles and Black Singles.
Warren earned a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary
It seems his company’s decision to launch a separate service for gay and lesbian singles called Compatible Partners in response to a lawsuit filed against eHarmony in 2008 for not offering LGBT matchmaking brought along its own set of challenges.
“When the attorney general of the state of New Jersey decided that we had to put up a same-sex site and we did it out of counsel that if we didn’t do it we were not going to have any business in New Jersey — we literally had to hire guards to protect our lives because the people were so hurt and angry with us, were Christian people, who feel that it’s a violation to scripture,” Warren, who deemed himself a “passionate follower of Jesus” in the interview, added.
“I have said that eHarmony really ought to put up $10 million and ask other companies to put up money and do a really first class job of figuring out homosexuality,” he also noted. “At the very best, it’s been a painful way for a lot of people to have to live.”
In 2010, the company settled a separate California lawsuit claiming it discriminated against LGBT people by linking Compatible Partners with eHarmony and allowing users to use both sites without paying a separate fee for each, the Associated Press reported.

When Christians Compromise:'s Neil Clark Warren
Uploaded on Jun 5, 2007 is being sued by a lesbian in CA for "discrimination". Dr. Neil Clark 
Warren, founder of the online heterosexual dating service, has publicly promised 
numerous Christian radio station owners and Christian broadcasting companies, 
as an advertiser, he would "never offer homosexual match-making on".

According to the clips from this 2005 interview with eHarmony founder, one can see 
why Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family warned his listeners years ago of the 
dating company's possible "future plans" - willfully or unwillfully.

We need to pray for Dr. Neil Clark Warren. When a Christian compromises 
{as we all do}, all hell can and will break loose.

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Anshu Wahi - Faculty Diversity

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An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from “white privilege,” while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers.
Administrators at the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side claim it’s a novel approach to fighting discrimination, and that several other private New York schools are doing it, but even liberal parents aren’t buying it.
They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they’re made to feel awful about their “whiteness,” and all the “kids of color” in other rooms where they’re taught to feel proud about their race and are rewarded with treats and other privileges.
“Ever since Ferguson, the school has been increasing anti-white propaganda in its curriculum,” said a parent who requested anonymity because he has children currently enrolled in the school.
Bank Street has created a “dedicated space” in the school for “kids of color,” where they’re “embraced” by minority instructors and encouraged to “voice their feelings” and “share experiences about being a kid of color,” according to school presentation slides obtained by The Post.
Meanwhile, white kids are herded into separate classrooms and taught to raise their “awareness of the prevalence of Whiteness and privilege,” challenge “notions of colorblindness (and) assumptions of ‘normal,’ ‘good,’ and ‘American’” and “understand and own European ancestry and see the tie to privilege.”
The same slides point out that a number of leading private schools across the country also have segregated students by “race-based affinity groups.” It lists several in New York, including Riverdale Country School, Brooklyn Friends School, The Cathedral School, The Calhoun School, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, and Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School.
‘One hundred percent of the curriculum is what whites have done to other races. They offer nothing that would balance the story.’
 – Anonymous Bank Street parent
Under Bank Street’s “Racial Justice and Advocacy” curriculum, parents say, teachers push white kids to grapple with America’s history of racism. Then they indoctrinate them into thinking “systemic racism” still exists, and that they’re part of the problem and must hold themselves accountable even for acts of racism committed by others.
“One hundred percent of the curriculum is what whites have done to other races,” said another Bank Street parent. “They offer nothing that would balance the story.”
Added the parent, who also asked to go unnamed: “Any questions they can’t answer they rationalize under the pretense of ‘institutional racism,’ which is never really defined.”
The program, these parents say, deliberately instills in white children a strong sense of guilt about their race. Some kids come home in tears, saying, “I’m a bad person.”
They say white kids are being brainwashed into thinking any success they achieve is unearned. Indeed, a young white girl is seen confessing on a Bank Street video: “I feel guilty for having a privilege I don’t deserve.”
The divisive program is run by Anshu Wahi, a longtime “social justice” activist who’s held the title of “director of diversity” at Bank Street since 2013. She referred questions to the school’s communications office, which did not respond to requests for comment.

Still, Wahi’s radical beliefs come into clear view from recorded conversations with parents, as well as handouts and emails to parents. She believes the answer to racism is teaching white kids to see race in everything — a process called “white racial socialization.”
Forget teaching them to be color-blind — that’s a cop-out, she suggests, an excuse to ignore the hardships of people of color. It’s also a “tool of whiteness” to perpetuate the “oppression” of people of color, according to one paper she recommends parents read.
Wahi believes even white babies display signs of racism, so she encourages parents to talk to their kids about race as early as kindergarten, making them hyper aware of racial differences, and even “examine your own whiteness.”
She defends segregating minority children by race by arguing they need a safe place where they can share their “ouch moments,” including subtle but offensive white comments known as “micro-aggressions.”
“Bank Street wants to give kids of color a space to talk about shared experiences,” Wahi explained in a parent handout, “because even in society today, people of color are treated unfairly.”
“In the recent past,” she added, “children of color in our Lower School have been told by well-intentioned peers that their skin looks like the color of poop.”
Wahi says the school is merely empowering children of color who feel “alienated” and “devalued” in a “dominant white culture.” But some parents fear the school is nurturing resentment among minority pupils and reinforcing perceptions of victimization.

Her extreme diversity program is based on the premise that America is still plagued by “systemic racism,” which she claims she saw first-hand while serving as a juror hearing criminal cases in Brooklyn. She told parents she was shocked to learn that every case involved a minority defendant. In the same May 2015 meeting with parents, she cited the GI Bill as proof of “white privilege,” claiming the popular post-World War II legislation only benefited white soldiers and their heirs, when in fact, black enrollment in colleges exploded under the GI Bill.

Most recently, parents were upset with her airing a documentary film lionizing leaders of the violent Black Panthers movement. On May 31, the Bank Street School screened “Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” which depicts Panthers founder and convicted cop-killer Huey Newton as a martyr.
In 2013, moreover, parents expressed outrage over an email from Wahi that seemed to sympathize with Muslim terrorists after the Boston Marathon bombings.
The April 17, 2013, message — “From Anshu, our Director of Diversity and Community: The Boston Marathon — Another Perspective” — advised students and parents to “be mindful of stereotypes and dangerous ideas” regarding “Arabs (and) Muslims.”

Elite New York City School Teaches White Students They're 'Born Racist'

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By Lee Duigon
July 7, 2016
Our Independence Must be Won Again
Of all the crimes of the Obama regime, the worst of many is its purposeful campaign to stir up racial animosity.
The ideology, of course, is that white Americans are to blame for everything that’s wrong in the world and that they must be punished for it. This is at the core of Obamaism. It’s a big part of what makes most Democrats tick. Besides which, “divide and rule” is a time-tested approach to power politics.
It comes down from the top; but let’s first take a look at some of the people that it lands on.
At the Bank Street School for Children, in Manhattan, the “stick it to Whitey” jihad has advanced so far into actual child abuse that even liberals have begun to question it. Yes, for just $15,000 a year, you can subject your white child to daily mental cruelty at the hands of wicked, racist idiots.
White kids here are “taught,” day in, day out, that because they’re white, and for no other reason but that, they are evil, worthless, and inferior to “kids of color”—who are, by contrast, given “safe space,” cupcakes, and non-stop praise.
Come to think of it, this form of what the perpetrators like to call “diversity and social justice education” is cruel to the non-white children, too. How can it help but teach them to be racists? Worse than that: racists with the full approval of the visible authorities.
Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot: that there was an expensive private school where black kids were set apart for non-stop verbal abuse while the white kids were blatantly favored over them. There would be riots over it. If the school were not shut down, it would be burned down, and teachers and administrators would be charged with every hate crime in the book. Attorney General Loretta Lynch would personally see to it; and Obama himself would surely give another speech about America the racist hell-hole. The tumult would be the biggest thing since Ferguson, Missouri. There would be no end to it.
But this purposely-applied wickedness is cruel to all the children at the school. Having taught in many public school classrooms, many grades, I state for a fact that young children are not naturally racist. They learn racism from their elders. Left alone, they get along just fine. But the moral imbeciles who run the Bank Street School do everything in their power to rob the children of the blessings of amity.
This week we celebrated Independence Day, the birth of the United States of America. I think I would rather not know what they make of it at Bank Street.
Today, 240 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we find ourselves saddled with another kind of tyranny—one not imposed by a foreign power on its colonies, but by our own elected “leaders” and a perverted education system operated by racist, socialist fools who hate our country and labor ceaselessly to turn it into something else.
And what are we to say of the parents who voluntarily send their children to such schools—and at no small cost, to boot? Are they out of their freakin’ minds? How can they justify subjecting their own children to this wicked folly?
Somehow we must win our independence back. We must allow such people to lord it over us no more. The fact that virtually all of them are Democrats should weigh heavily with us when we vote.
It won’t be easy to throw off and replace a whole education system, a whole class of “educators” who make war on us not with guns and troops and tanks, but with textbooks, chalk, and classrooms filled with our own children, whom they turn against us and against each other.
Stirring up racial hatred is a vile sin against the God who made all the peoples of the earth of one blood, with one law of love and equity for all, and one single Savior for them all.
If we are content to be ruled by such flagrant wickedness, then surely we owe an apology to King George III. All he wanted was a stamp tax, a tea tax, and quarters for his soldiers.
But we are not now as we were then.
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