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January 22, 2015
A Conference of Contradiction and Confusion
 “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”
2 Corinthians 11:3
This is the age of the celebrity conference. The conferences I am speaking of feature celebrity ministers full of good words and fair speeches (Romans 16:17-18) but are compromised in doctrine or practice or often in both. These events feature multiple vendors and generally large amounts of cash changing hands in various ways. Although the celebrity conferences are touted as being all about faithfulness to the word of God and building up the body of Christ, the events are in reality cauldrons of compromise, confusion, and contradiction. In recent years, the celebrity conferences have multiplied like rabbits, and so the damage of such events has likewise multiplied. The purpose of this article is to set before the reader a prime example of the leaven of confusion and deception which is being planted throughout the church of Jesus Christ, including by the sort of conferences I just mentioned.
“All scripture is given by inspiration of God,
and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
that the man of God may be perfect,
throughly furnished unto all good works.”
2 Timothy 3:16-17
Now, how important is the word of God, the Scriptures, the Bible? How important is it that we cleave to and defend the true doctrines of the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit and, by the Spirit, the Scriptures set down by the prophets and apostles word-for-word without error in writing and then every word of the Scriptures perfectly, purely preserved in the original languages all through the ages and to this day? There is nothing more important, is there? Is it not in the devil’s best interest and of his never-tiring labor to undermine those doctrines I just mentioned and so erode confidence in the trustworthiness of the Scriptures and the authority of the Scriptures? Of course it is; and one of Satan’s greatest victories in that regard has been the proliferation of unfaithful English Bible versions, beginning near the end of the nineteenth century.
The 22nd through the 24th of this month, the 2015 G3 Conference will be held at the Pray’s Mill Baptist Church, Douglasville, Georgia ( The theme of the conference is “The Bible is the Word of God.” On a recent “Heart of the Matter” program, I provided excerpts from two audio promotions of the G3 Conference. At the start of the first promo, the words “Battle for the Bible” are displayed on the screen ( Then the pictures of two of the speakers at the upcoming G3 Conference are shown in turn, along with a short audio message from each. The first G3 speaker is Steven Lawson. Here is what Lawson declares in the audio promotion: “To be sure, the principal attack of Satan against the holiness of God is against the authority and the inerrancy and the infallibility of the word of God.” Every faithful Christian would give a hearty amen to that! The second G3 speaker is Paul Washer; and here is what he had to say in the audio promotion: “A battle for the Bible, but there’s only one problem. When you come to believe as a people that the Bible is inspired, you’ve only fought half the battle. The major question following that that must be answered: Is the Bible sufficient?” Washer is right: there is a great, ongoing battle for the Bible, including over the inspiration and the sufficiency of the Bible.
Those two statements sound pretty good, don’t they? But here is where the compromise, confusion, and contradiction I mentioned earlier come into view. I suppose we ought also to add downright deception as well. The reality is, Lawson and Washer use modern Bible translations—or put another way, perversions of the Scriptures.
“The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver tried in a furnace of earth,
purified seven times.
Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”
Psalm 12:6-7
I write this article first to faithful brethren who well understand the issue of Bible translation and translations. To all others, I would recommend a visit to the Trinitarian Bible Society (—in fact, many visits. This issue of Bible translations is fundamental and could not be more crucial, though the nature of this article is that of a factual report rather than a teaching on Bible translations, including what God Himself reveals, declares, and promises in the Scriptures concerning the inspiration, inerrancy, and preservation of His word. Yes, as any minister should, I have preached messages on the issue of Bible translation and those doctrines just mentioned and, in the process of those messages, used much Scripture. However, it is not in the scope of this article to do much more than set some plain facts before the Lord’s people and pray that eyes will be opened to the depth of confusion, deception, and contradiction which is now being openly spread among Christ’s blood-bought flock by men lauded as faithful ministers and teachers, men who have certainly been preaching long enough to have been well exposed to the truth concerning translation and various translations.
Now, imagine this: a conference with the theme “The Bible is the Word of God” and promoted with the sort of stirring declarations I quoted above; yet of the nine speakers at that G3 Conference, at least eight use modern Bible translations! But wait: it gets even worse. One of the speakers at the conference is James R. White who is well-known for his defense and support of the modern Bible translations. White has invested much time and effort into attacking the KJV and promoting as trustworthy and sound modern, unfaithful, perverted translations of the Bible. The G3 people—and I would think all involved in this conference, including speakers and sponsors—know all about White; in fact, the G3 promo of the conference which is posted online mentions one of White’s books on the subject. But, this very week, James White will be preaching and speaking at the G3 Conference which has the general theme of “The Bible is the Word of God.”
Battle for the Bible indeed, but the G3 speakers are on the wrong side of the battle line! And that includes the one speaker who apparently uses the King James Bible since, by his presence, he is endorsing the modern translations used by his fellow speakers and only adding to the confusion and contradiction of the conference. Eight out of nine of the G3 Conference speakers use perversions of the word of God—modern Bible translations—yet the G3 Conference theme is “The Bible is the Word of God.”
Moving now to the second video promotion of the G3 Conference (, I want to provide just two quotations from that video which begins with Isaiah 40, verse 8 appearing on the screen: “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.” At least, that is Isaiah chapter 40, verse 8 from the faithful King James Bible. What appears on the screen of this promo is—you guessed it—from an unfaithful, modern translation!
“And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written,
That man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word of God.”
Luke 4:4
Here are those two quotations. The first is from Martin Luther: “God’s word is my rock and anchor. Heaven and earth must go to ruins before the most insignificant letter of His word remains unfulfilled.” This next quotation is from John Calvin: “The full authority which the Scriptures ought to possess with the faithful is as if God had been heard giving utterance to them.”Now, there are two good quotations with which all true Christians would agree.
“God’s word is my rock and anchor. Heaven and earth must go to ruins before the most insignificant letter of His word remains unfulfilled”—absolutely true concerning the fulfillment of God’s word, including “the most insignificant letter.” By using this quotation from Martin Luther, the G3 people are also declaring that “the most insignificant letter” of the Bible is inspired of the Holy Spirit and has been preserved by Him, pure and without error, just as the Scriptures themselves testify over and over in various places. The translators of the modern Bible versions clearly did not have that same conviction, did they? For instance, every one of the modern versions is either translated from the deeply corrupted Critical Greek Text in whole or part or translated by a faulty translation technique; and many modern Bible translations are both translated from the corrupted Critical Greek Text and translated by dynamic equivalence or by paraphrase, even free paraphrase. Yes, the most insignificant letter of the Scriptures is important but apparently not to those involved in the G3 Conference since the modern Bible translations mistranslate not only the more “insignificant” things of the Bible but also words and verses bearing on essential doctrines of our faith; and in fact, the modern Bible translations omit whole Scripture verses, in some cases, a great many Scripture verses.  
Then there was this from John Calvin: “The full authority which the Scriptures ought to possess with the faithful is as if God had been heard giving utterance to them.” We would give a hearty amen to that. We must treat the word of God, inspired and preserved without error by the Holy Spirit, as the word of God, every word; but the modern Bible translations do just the opposite. The modern translations are the spawn of higher criticism which treats the Scriptures as if they are nothing but the writings of ancient men which contain error and over the years have changed, even to some extent been lost, rather than holding the Scriptures to be the inspired, preserved word, and words, of God. A host of such unfaithful translations have, in the eyes of the world and for many Christians, turned the Scriptures, to some extent, into a confusing, contradictory babble. No wonder so many professing Christ say with their lips that the Bible is God’s word but then say with their lives that it is not.
But never mind all of that. Listen to the good words and fair speeches of the G3 Conference folks, and come sit at the feet of men who are busily undermining the word of God and seducing the Lord’s people to read unfaithful translations. What a masterpiece of confusion, contradiction, and deception! It makes no difference the motives of the men staging the G3 Conference or speaking at it. The reality is, they are literally undermining, even attacking, the Scriptures they will say they are defending.
“Add thou not unto his words,
lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.”
Proverbs 30:6
If I preach on the vital importance and non-negotiable truth of the inspiration, sufficiency, and authority of the word of God but do so from a Bible which is not a faithful translation and then seduce my hearers to read that perversion of the word of God, the end result is that I have led those individuals into grievous error and have struck a blow against the inspiration, the preservation, the inerrancy—and so the trustworthiness and authority—of the word of God. If the next man stands up and preaches from yet another perversion of the word of God, he only makes matters worse.
I mentioned there will be nine speakers at the 2015 G3 Conference. Those speakers are Paul Washer; Josh Buice; Voddie Baucham; James White; Steven Lawson; H.B. Charles, Jr.; and David Miller. Mr. Miller, at least from one video I saw, preaches from the King James Bible. Rounding out the list of G3 speakers are Tim Challies and Richard Owen Roberts. Roberts seems to use both the KJV and modern translations. Obviously, the list I just cited includes big name New Evangelicals; but in this article, we will stick to the one issue of Bible translations.
As is usually the case with these sort of conferences, there will be plenty of exhibitors on hand at the G3 Conference, from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to John MacArthur’s The Master’s College to Joel Beeke’s Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and many more, including the Southern Baptist Convention’s Lifeway Books, which a quick check showed to be selling at least the following translations of the Bible: NASB, ESV, KJV, NKJV, HCSB, NIV, GW, NLT.
But, here is where I close with encouraging the reader to also listen to this closely related “Heart of the Matter” program titled “The Continuing Assault upon the Authority and Trustworthiness of the Scriptures.”
“Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; but have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.”
2 Corinthians 4:1-2
Pastor Ralph Ovadal



Liberty Church Project Update

By Chuck Baldwin
January 22, 2015

As faithful readers of this column know, last year, I launched the Liberty Church Project. For several years, patriot Christians around the country had corresponded with me about their frustration with not being able to find a patriot pastor or liberty church in their area. Like me, these folks have grown weary with establishment 501c3 churches that refuse to take a stand--and they are desperate to find a patriot church and pastor.
The two biggest reasons why pastors and churches have become either silent and submissive serfs or, in some cases, shills for government propaganda are the egregious misinterpretation of Romans 13 and the 501c3 non-profit organization status under which most churches operate. The result is an American church that, for all intents and purposes, is completely incapable of being the “salt” and “light” for our country. These squeamish and compliant churches have left our nation virtually void of moral and spiritual leadership.
As I recently noted in this column: True Christianity has never been associated with, supported by, or underneath Caesar’s (civil government’s) auspices or benevolence. For most of the 2,000+ years of Church history, true believers met in non-state-sanctioned or even underground churches and fellowships. In fact, the Early Church was birthed in a baptism of persecution from both the civil government (Rome) and established religion (Judaism) at the time. Not until the unholy union of the Church and State under Theodosius I (almost 400 years after Christ) did Christians accept official sanction from government. And for many centuries to follow, the official merger of Church and State led to the persecutions and deaths of untold thousands of believers deemed heretics and outlaws because their religious beliefs contradicted those of the official state-sanctioned church.
Even in early America, state-approved denominations and churches were guilty of horrific persecutions against independent-minded Christians who refused to submit to the doctrines and liturgies of state-sanctioned churches. These state-church persecutions ultimately led Roger Williams to found the colony of Rhode Island and John Leland to convince James Madison that religious liberty must be the first in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
After the acceptance of our Bill of Rights, America’s churches enjoyed complete independent status, being answerable only to their Creator and their own conscience. All of that changed in 1954 when then-Senator Lyndon Johnson (D-Texas) successfully introduced the Johnson Amendment to the code of the Internal Revenue Service: the now-infamous 501c3 nonprofit organization status for churches. This designation made churches a creature of the state--answerable to the direct dictates of government--even regarding speech and activity.
By accepting 501c3 status, America’s churches have effectively become state-licensed or state-sanctioned organizations. In much the same way that churches in Communist China risk vindictive state sanctions for not complying with state control, so, too, churches in the United States risk vindictive IRS sanctions for not complying with state control.
What is more than interesting is the comparison between the churches in China and the churches in America. In China, Christianity is growing exponentially. In fact, there are now more Christians in China than there are communists. Please carefully read this report:
“Though the Chinese Communist Party is the largest explicitly atheist organization in the world, with 85 million official members, it is now overshadowed by an estimated 100 million Christians in China. It is no wonder Beijing is nervous and authorities are cracking down on Christian groups.
“Christianity is growing so fast in China that some predict that it will be the most Christian nation in the world in only another 15 years. By far, the greatest growth is coming outside the official state-sanctioned churches, which are rightly considered subservient to the Communist Party. Numbers are increasing, rather, in unofficial Protestant ‘house churches’ and in the underground Catholic church.”
See the report here:
Did you get that? Let me repeat it: “By far, the greatest growth is coming OUTSIDE [emphasis added] the official state-sanctioned churches, which are rightly considered subservient to the Communist Party [state]. Numbers are increasing, rather, in UNOFFICIAL [emphasis added] Protestant ‘house churches’ and in the UNDERGROUND [emphasis added] Catholic church.”
But what do we see happening in the United States? Christianity is waning BIG TIME. On the whole, churches are in steep decline. For the most part, only the entertainment-oriented, circus variety churches are growing. The numbers of Americans professing Christianity in general and expressing loyalty to a specific church or denomination are at historic lows. And the trend for 2015 and beyond is more of the same.
So, what is the difference? Why is Christianity proliferating in China and declining in America? China has an openly atheistic government. For all intents and purposes, the government in Washington, D.C., is equally atheistic. The federal government in D.C. is responsible for virtually every single attack against the expression of the Christian faith at every level of society. It is the federal government that attacks Christian expression in our local public schools. It is the federal government that attacks Christian expression in local governing bodies. It is the federal government that has all but permanently dismantled the expression of Christianity throughout our country’s public institutions. But so does the government in Beijing. Yet, in China, the Church is mushrooming, while in America, the Church is dying. What’s the difference?
The difference is, in China, Christians understand that to be loyal to Christ, they MUST NOT SUBMIT to state-sanction or license. And they are willing to defy Beijing authorities in order to be faithful to that conviction. However, in America, pastors and churches insist that they MUST SUBMIT to state control--even using Romans 13 to justify this preposterous position. Bottom line: state-sanctioned churches in America are withering, while non-state-sanctioned churches in China are mushrooming. There is no doubt that the trend in both countries will continue into and beyond 2015.
Until America’s pastors and churches “see the light” and consciously withdraw themselves from Caesar’s grasp (at whatever cost), Christianity in this country will continue to evaporate.
The Liberty Church Project was born out of the pleas of thousands of believers nationwide who desire to break free from the establishment 501c3-controlled and misapplied Romans 13-brainwashed churches.
Last year, I announced the vision of the Liberty Church Project to readers of this column. Within two months, the financial goal was met and we made the appeal for people who wished to be part of a liberty church to begin contacting us. As a result, my team and I were able to travel from Montana to Texas (twice), to North Carolina, to South Carolina, and to Idaho. In each case, either a brand new non-501c3 church or fellowship was launched or an existing 501c3 church began the process of withdrawing from the tentacles of Caesar’s clutches.
My video crew was able to record much of the meetings that the Liberty Church Project conducted around the country. We now have an edited version of those video recordings uploaded online so people can see for themselves the impact that the LCP is having in the lives of people nationwide.
Many of you folks sent financial contributions to the Liberty Church Project. I want you to watch the video and see what your support is helping to accomplish. Many of you folks have been praying for the Liberty Church Project. I want you to watch the video to see how God is already answering your prayers. Perhaps you are contemplating the establishment of a liberty church in your area. I want you to watch the video to see if the Liberty Church Project can assist you.
In the video, you will see many of the pastors and lay people alike who were the recipients of the help and assistance that the Liberty Church Project was able to provide. I believe you will both see and sense the enthusiasm and excitement in the hearts of these folks as they are now, most of them for the first time, able to be part of a real liberty church and sit under the ministry of a real patriot pastor. Plus, you will see and hear the testimony of the patriot-preachers themselves as they share what the Liberty Church Project has meant to them.
To watch this video-report of the initial meetings of the Liberty Church Project, go here:
We are already talking with dozens of groups all over the country who also desire to break out of the 501c3 government matrix. I expect that we will be taking the Liberty Church Project to even more cities and communities during 2015.
Obviously, as requests for us to share the Liberty Church Project with people around the country continue to mushroom, so will our need for financial resources. I ask you to watch the video, and if God lays it on your heart to help us take the message of the liberty church across America, to please consider a financial contribution.
Also, I am still praying for God to provide a financially-independent pilot, who owns a twin-engine turbo-prop airplane to come on board and help us. The time and wear and tear that could be circumvented with such an asset would help us to double or triple our effectiveness. Folks, please pray with me about that.
Furthermore, after watching the video, if you are serious about helping to start a new non-501c3 church, or are a pastor who desires to help restore the patriot pulpit to your church, please fill out the online application on the website. That is the thing that gets the entire process rolling.
I, again, remind folks that only people who are serious about this project should apply. This is a very serious commitment by me, my family, the people of Liberty Fellowship, and my team. It involves much planning, labor, time, and effort. Restoring liberty churches and patriot pulpits to America is serious business.
At the same time, if a small group of people is dedicated and determined to being part of a liberty church, they should not be discouraged by the smallness of their numbers. We have pastors around the country who are standing by, ready to relocate, if necessary, in order to be the local shepherd of a liberty church. I encourage you, if you are the leader of even a small group of folks, who are seriously dedicated to being part of a liberty church, to please fill out the online application. The significant factor is not the size of the group, but the dedication and seriousness of the group.
To learn more about the Liberty Church Project, to fill out the online application, or to contribute to the LCP with a credit card, the website is:
To go directly to the LCP update video, go to:
If you already know God wants you to support the Liberty Church Project, and you prefer to write a check or money order, the postal address is:
Liberty Church Project
P.O. Box 610
Kila, Montana 59920
If nothing else, I hope you will watch the Liberty Church Project update video.
I am more convinced than ever that the ONLY remedy for America’s collapse will be found in patriot pulpits and liberty churches. Right now, it is a Gideon’s 300-type number. But, if God gives us time, and allows us to continue to take this message across the country, think of what could happen in five, ten, or fifteen years if hundreds and even thousands of such pulpits and churches were to spring up. Just imagine! That is my dream; that is my vision.
Again, to watch the Liberty Church Project update video, go here:
P.S. As the 42nd anniversary of the ignoble Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion-on-demand is again upon us, I brought a message last Sunday at Liberty Fellowship entitled, “Abortion And The Conscience Of America.” That message is archived online. I hope you watch it and share it. Watch the abortion message video here: