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Jill Stanek reports here:
Pictures in question displayed at Biola:

Biola President Barry Corey, et al:
John Ojeisekhoba, campus chief of security made the various threats in the above video, was carrying a concealed weapon, and threatened legal action if his face was shown in video.

On May 22, Dr. Susan Elliott wrote a letter to all nursing faculty barring them from writing a letter of employment reference for Diana Jimenez, nursing student. See above article. 
Dean of Students Matthew Hooper:

Biola University Response to Recent YouTube Video of Student Demonstration

Jun. 5, 2013 By University Communications & Marketing
"Biola University is aware of a recent video posted online showing a student attempting to display inappropriate, graphic images on campus.

Biola abhors the destruction of innocent life through the brutal practice of abortion on demand, and we support student efforts to raise awareness and advocate for biblical convictions. However, there are numerous ways to go about activism on this issue, especially on our pro-life campus. The public displaying of very graphic, disturbing images — for whatever purpose, even one so in line with Biola’s heart — is not an appropriate venue of student expression on our campus.

At issue in this situation is not Biola's commitment to biblical fidelity and the pro-life cause, which we steadfastly uphold. Biola has always been and will always be committed to supporting the pro-life movement and accommodating campus dialogue on the subject, and this has been communicated to students. (For more information, please read this overview of some of the ways in which the university advocates for the sanctity of life.)

This issue is about the appropriate free expression of views on these issues on our campus. As outlined in our Student Handbook, all student assemblies and forums are subject to approval by the office of the Dean of Students. In this instance, the student sought approval to display graphic imagery on campus and she was denied. Student Development communicated clearly with the student on the matter, explaining that the photos were not allowed because they would be disruptive to campus activity. Student Development expressed to her that she would be free to share information on this issue on campus through other methods (a table with handouts, a panel discussion, etc.). Even after multiple discussions with Student Development personnel, the student continued to disregard these discussions, chose to violate peaceful assembly policies, baited our Campus Safety officers, filmed when asked to stop, and continued her attempt to display these images on campus. Because she violated our policies and ignored our concerns, Campus Safety intervened. It is unfortunate that the situation has been misrepresented.

We are continually in prayer for our community: faculty, staff and students who care deeply for the needs of our society and who seek earnestly, with respect and integrity, to serve our Lord Jesus with conviction and courage. Thank you for your continued understanding and prayer on this matter."
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Biola University's drift toward Catholic "contemplative mysticism":
Quote from this article about Biola adopting Catholic contemplative mysticism and recommending Catholic retreat centers. Scroll down to Biola heading:

"J.P. Moreland and Klaus Issler, professors at Biola, have coauthored The Lost Virtue of Happiness: Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life (NavPress, 2006). Consider the following quotes:

“‘Go to a retreat center that has one of its purposes the provision of a place for individual sojourners. Try to find a center that has gardens, fountains, statues, and other forms of beautiful artwork. In our experience, Catholic retreat centers are usually ideal for solitude retreats. … We also recommend that you bring photos of your loved ones and a picture of Jesus… Or gaze at a statue of Jesus. Or let some thought, feeling, or memory run through your mind over and over again” (
The Lost Virtue of Happiness, pp. 54-55).

“We recommend that you begin by saying the Jesus Prayer (, about three hundred times a day. ... 

When you first awaken, say the Jesus Prayer twenty to thirty times. As you do, something will begin to happen to you. God will begin to slowly occupy the center of your attention” (The Lost Virtue of Happiness, pp. 90, 92)."
See: Biola/Talbot School of Theology listed.
which is Biola's Center for Christian Thought's "Psychology and Spiritual Formation" research theme:

Spiritual Formation (Institute) - Talbot School of Theology,
with list of courses and requirements for students:; and

Spiritual Formation Under Attack at Biola

Last week, a long-running smear campaign against "spiritual formation" at Biola University kicked it up a notch. An organization called Lighthouse Trails teamed up with Apprising Ministries to unleash a torrent of criticism and insults about Biola, claiming that Biola is drifting from its strong biblical roots and embracing "apostate Roman Catholic mystical spiritual formation"…

I haven't the energy to summarize the smears, but if you want to follow it thus far, read the following posts:

Biola University Now Drifting from Evangelical Protestant Roots? (Oct 20)

Biola University Student Reports on Contemplative Chapel Services - Warns Parents to Avoid Biola (Oct 20)

Biola University Contacts Lighthouse Trails – Accuses of Libel (Oct 21)

You'll be shocked when you find out just what it is that these people are up in arms about… Contemplative prayer! That's right, they are worried about Biola possibly being apostate because in chapel we dare to introduce students to ancient methods of contemplative, meditative prayer. We dare to engage the students in Lectio Divina, an ancient method inherited from the Desert Fathers of deeply reading and meditating upon a scripture. It's not new-agey or mystical; it's simple, quiet, and meaningful. The bible takes center stage. What is wrong with that? 

Evidently these critics of Biola are worried that by having an entire chapel service of silent meditation, there is somehow a movement of apostasy being birthed in the students' minds. It's wrong, they suggest, to have a scripture read without a pastor or speaker there to unpack it and give it some context. 

Todd Pickett, Associate Dean of Spiritual Development at Biola, has a different opinion. He believes that students today are "over-messaged" and need more time to just contemplate what they've already been hearing, learning, experiencing in Christ.

"I hear from students that they need more time for processing and reflection," he told The Chimes, Biola's student newspaper. "They feel overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of information that comes at them. That makes sense to me, [and] at the very least, we need to allow a little time and a little room to listen to what God is doing. [We need to] take some of the things we hear and talk to God about them. I am trying to build that into the rhythm of chapel." 

As someone who was a busy college student myself not too long ago, I resonate with every word of what Pickett is saying. Time for reflection is the number one need of students today. 

Apparently the folks at Lighthouse Trails and Apprising Ministries don't agree, however. To them, Pickett, along with people like Richard Foster (who they label "neo-Gnostic"), Henri Nouwen, and Dallas Willard (who, for the record, gave a very philosophical and helpful lecture at Biola's Torrey Conference last Wednesday), represent an unbiblical mysticism that masquerades as "spiritual formation." 

It baffles me that "spiritual formation," which to me looks like a positive, healthy thing from every angle, is being so aggressively criticized. Even more baffled that Biola is being singled out and smeared for their commitment to it. But then again, Christians tend to be the most critical of all people, unfortunately. So I guess it shouldn't surprise me.
Biola's Gay and Lesbian Student group called "The Biola Queer Underground":

Biola Queer Underground Resurfaces:

After months of silence, the Biola Queer Underground resurfaced Friday morning to advertise a panel on identity, sexuality, and gender. The panel will be held at La Mirada City Council on November 16th at 6:00pm. The BQU will be joined by Soulforce, an organization that "is committed to relentless nonviolent resistance to bring freedom to lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, and queer people from religious & political oppression." EagleVision got an EXCLUSIVE interview with Soulforce's Director of Development, Haven Herrin.

Biola Queer Underground Welcome Letter at Public Panel:

EV Special: Packed house at Queer Underground's first public event:

President Barry H. Corey: "Family Talk" on Sexual Identity:


Michelle Malkin interviewed by Megan Kelly of Fox News about invasion of privacy being unconstitutional at minimum:

See Fox News Insider:
Michelle Malkin reports on her website:





The New American reports that the Washington Post learned of "Prism" one day after the UK Guardian released their story about Verizon handing over millions of telephone records to the National Security Agency (NSA). 
Quote: "The secret program, called PRISM, has been in operation since 2007, but has not been disclosed publicly before, the Post said. A career intelligence officer provided PowerPoint slides and supporting materials to the paper to expose the massive invasion of privacy. "They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type," the officer said.
The companies participating in the program include most of the big names in the telecommunications industry — Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple. The program has grown out of a history of alliances between U.S. intelligence agencies and as many as 100 U.S. companies since the 1970s, the Post reports. PRISM works in conjunction with another top-secret program, called BLARNEY, which, according to the program's summary, "leverages IC [intelligence community] and commercial partnerships to gain access and exploit foreign intelligence obtained from global networks."


Sen. Paul Introduces Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013

"In today's high-tech world, we must ensure that all forms of communication are protected. Yet government has eroded protecting the Fourth Amendment over the past few decades, especially when applied to electronic communications and third party providers," Sen. Paul said. "Congress has passed a variety of laws that decimate our Fourth Amendment protections. In effect, it means that Americans can only count on Fourth Amendment protections if they don't use e-mail, cell phones, the Internet, credit cards, libraries, banks, or other forms of modern finance and communications. Basic constitutional rights should not be invalidated by carrying out basic, day-to-day functions in a technologically advanced world and this bill will provide much needed clarity and reassert Fourth Amendment protections for records held by third parties."
"The National Security Agency's seizure and surveillance of virtually all of Verizon's phone customers is an astounding assault on the Constitution. After revelations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted political dissidents and the Department of Justice seized reporters' phone records, it would appear that this Administration has now sunk to a new low.
When Sen. Mike Lee and I offered an amendment that would attach Fourth Amendment protections to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act last year, it was defeated, and FISA was passed by an overwhelming majority of the Senate. At the time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remarked that FISA was "necessary to protect us from the evil in this world." 
The Bill of Rights was designed to protect us from evil, too, particularly that which always correlates with concentrated government power, and particularly Executive power. If the President and Congress would obey the Fourth Amendment we all swore to uphold, this new shocking revelation that the government is now spying on citizens' phone data en masse would never have happened."
Jun 6, 2013
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. Rand Paul today announced he will introduce the Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013, which ensures the Constitutional protections of the Fourth Amendment are not violated by any government entity.
"The revelation that the NSA has secretly seized the call records of millions of Americans, without probable cause, represents an outrageous abuse of power and a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. I have long argued that Congress must do more to restrict the Executive's expansive law enforcement powers to seize private records of law-abiding Americans that are held by a third-party," Sen. Paul said. "When the Senate rushed through a last-minute extension of the FISA Amendments Act late last year, I insisted on a vote on my amendment (SA 3436) to require stronger protections on business records and prohibiting the kind of data-mining this case has revealed. Just last month, I introduced S.1037, the Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act, which would provide exactly the kind of protections that, if enacted, could have prevented these abuses and stopped these increasingly frequent violations of every American's constitutional rights.
"The bill restores our Constitutional rights and declares that the Fourth Amendment shall not be construed to allow any agency of the United States government to search the phone records of Americans without a warrant based on probable cause."
 Click HERE to view the text of this legislation. 
Text of bill:
"Whereas the Bill of Rights says in the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
Whereas media reports indicate that the National Security Agency is currently collecting the phone records of American citizens.
Whereas media reports indicate that the National Security Agency has secured a top secret court order in April from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) for the telephone records of millions of American citizens.
Whereas media reports indicate that President Barack Obama’s administration has been collecting information about millions of citizens within the borders of the United States and between the United States and other countries; and,
Whereas the collection of citizens’ phone records is a violation of the natural rights of every man and woman in the United States and a clear violation of the explicit language of the highest law of the land."