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LUKE 21:8-"And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them. WINKELMAN, PRESBYTERIAN PASTOR OF APOSTATE "PCUSA" CHURCH IN JERSEY SHORE, IN CHARGE OF "MINISTERIUM" OF AREA CHURCHES
 Charlie Winkelman | LinkedIn
“We’re targeting youth Wednesday night, and we’re planning to rock the place,” said Laura Winkelman, crusade committee member. “It’s going to be loud. Various churches are bringing their praise bands different nights, so each night there will be a different praise band from each church.”
 Rev. Richard Nyakaana, Guest minister 
@ Mennonite Church 4/19/2015

Jersey Shore Area Ministerium
(in care of Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church)
235 South Main Street
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania 17740

2 CORINTHIANS 11:4-" For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.
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Except for Calvary Baptist, Anthony Baptist, & Victory Baptist who are believed at 
this time to be non-participants, based on hearsay, and without sunbstantive proof, we 
must assume this list accurately reflects the membership of the entire ministerium 
referred to above who are in accord with this ecumenical event.    

Avis Church of Christ, Avis
Avis United Methodist Church, Avis
Calvary Baptist Church, Jersey Shore
Crossroads Community Church, Jersey Shore
Emmanuel Community Church, Avis
Fairplay Gospel Fellowship, Jersey Shore
Faith Fellowship Worship Center, Jersey Shore
First United Methodist Church, Jersey Shore
Garman Lutheran Church, Jersey Shore
Grace Fellowship, Avis
Grace Lutheran Church, Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore Area Assembly of God, Antes Fort
Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church, Jersey Shore
Larryville United Methodist Church
Lifetree Church, Jersey Shore
Lighthouse Wesleyan Church, Jersey Shore
Lycoming Christian Church, Linden
Maranatha Bible Church, Linden
Mountain View Alliance Church, Jersey Shore
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
Nippenose Bible Fellowship, Nippenose Valley
Oval United Methodist Church, Oval
Phelps Chapel United Methodist Church, Avis
Saint James Lutheran Church, Oval
Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jersey Shore
Saint Luke's Catholic Church, Jersey Shore
Salladasburg United Methodist Church, Salladasburg
Trinity Episcopal Church, Jersey Shore
Trinity United Methodist Church, Jersey Shore
United Methodist Church, Antes Fort & Oriole
United Methodist (Pine Run & St. John's), Linden
Victory Baptist Church, Linden
Walnut Street Baptist Church, Avis
‘Jersey Shore for Jesus’ crusade planned
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

JERSEY SHORE — The Jersey Shore Area Ministerium is planning a five-day, multi-church, evangelistic crusade for the area with visiting international evangelist Pastor Richard Nyakaana from Uganda.
The crusade is called “Jersey Shore for Jesus 2017” and it is planned for Sunday through Thursday evenings, July 9 to 13, the week immediately following the Town Meeting Festival.
Musicians from area churches are invited to be a part of the programs, and volunteers from the churches will be trained as counselors who will help those who respond during the crusade.
Pastor Nyakaana provides pastoral oversight for eight churches in Uganda, five of which he founded. He has done evangelistic rallies at high schools and colleges in Uganda and the surrounding countries, and more recently, at churches in the United States, for more than 20 years.
His ministry (New Song Churches, ISCEM) provides schooling support and resources for 45 orphans in Uganda, with more than 200 on a waiting list. The ministry is also in the process of building a school, with hopes for a future Bible seminary and a radio outreach.
Pastor Nyakaana is also a gospel singer, music instructor and songwriter, with several popular albums playing on local Christian radio in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. He typically sings, plays his guitar, leads familiar praise songs (in English, the national language of Uganda), and teaches Ugandan African songs with enthusiasm before his preaching. He has started a school in Uganda to teach worship-leading and music for other church leaders and musicians, which provides all his personal income and some of the funding for his ministry.
He received Christ as his Savior during the terror-filled genocidal reign of Idi Amin in Uganda. He is no stranger to tragedy, having lost all of his eight brothers and sisters, some to the AIDS epidemic in Africa, his first wife to a stroke, and his first son to an accident at age 2. However, he says, his deep faith in Jesus enabled him to persevere in life and ministry, leading hundreds of people to Christ and becoming a church-planter. Today he is remarried, and his wife Claire and three children are a great support to his ministry.
Grateful for the American missionaries who brought Christianity to Africa, Richard now feels a calling to mission work in America and does evangelistic rallies and mission conferences at churches in the United States for several months each year.
He has sung and preached here before, at the Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church, with a great response, reports Rev. Charlie Winkelman, pastor of that church and president of the ministerium.
The local church has helped support Pastor Nyakaana’s missionary work.
Jersey Shore churches find unity 
in bringing area back to Jesus
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
JERSEY SHORE — A pastor from Uganda and over 30 churches in the Jersey Shore area have come together in a combined crusade for a five night mission event to help bring the area back to God.
The event, Jersey Shore for Jesus, will be held from July 9 to 13 at the Jersey Shore Football Stadium. Gates open at 6:30 p.m.
“There’s been some wonderful reconciliation within the churches with unity and coming together,” said Charlie Winkelman, president of Jersey Shore ministerium. “There have been church splits in the past, and the various churches that have split are coming together for this. That’s exciting.”
He said a side effect of having a crusade is bringing unity across the churches of all Christian denominations in the name of Jesus.
“There’s a lot of secondary issues. There’s speaking in tongues, when do you get baptized, pacifism and all these kinds of issues that separate us denominationally … but we all share in common that relationship with Jesus Christ as lord and savior,” he said. “That’s what we’re focusing on.”
He said he hopes to see the event bring people back to Jesus. If anyone in the Jersey Shore area may be interested in renewing their relationship with God but perhaps felt uncertain which church might be a good one to try, the event will also work for a great opportunity to meet connections across many churches.
Pastor Richard Nyakaana, international evangelist who has spoken throughout Uganda and the United States for over 20 years, will be the event speaker.
Nyakaana said that he is often surprised by the lack of connection many Americans have with Jesus and the church.
“I don’t know what excuse Americans will give God,” Nyakaana said. “Everything is available for them. They have enough Christian books. They have Wi-Fi. They can listen to preachers on computers. They can watch television stations which have preachers … It surprises me.”
He said people in Africa walk miles to go to churches that have no roofs, and congregations that meet under trees and share Bibles. He was fascinated that there are Bibles that sit inside churches all week long, unused until Sundays when there are people in Africa who would read them at any opportunity. It was the American’s distance from God that made him become a minister in America.
“All human beings have a desire to know God, and I think we are all created in God’s image,” Nyakaana said. “All the blood in human beings is the same. It’s all red.”
He said that the questions people ask in America about faith are similar to any other place.
“It’s the same craving, the same desire for faith. The cultures and the thinking differs totally,” he said.
He said he learned about America through missionaries that came to Africa, but when he arrived himself, he found that many Americans did not follow the word of God like he believed.
“I felt selfish that I was running back to care for Africa, yet I looked back at America and felt the … churches sliding downwards,” he said.
“I felt concerned, and the Holy Spirit talked to my heart and told me, ‘Do you think it’s only Ugandans who are important souls in the sight of God?’ Americans are very important, and they need to be cared for,” he said.
He said he wants to help guide Americans back to church and back to the Christian faith.
With the five day event that he will be speaking at, he hopes to reach new people for the Lord.
“I want God to be glorified … He is glorified when there are many disciples, when there’s a lot of fruit,” Charlie Winkelman said. “We would love to have many people coming from all kinds of situations and all kinds of different problems and give their life to Christ, accept him as savior and Lord, start a relationship with him and grow with that.”
He said they have a great vision to fill all the churches in the area, and they’re calling on God for help in their crusade to bring people back to church.
“We’ve seen God do this in the past,” he said. “We’re praying that God would do it again.”
The event is free and open to the public. Each night will have a different theme, with a youth night on Wednesday.
“We’re targeting youth Wednesday night, and we’re planning to rock the place,” said Laura Winkelman, crusade committee member. “It’s going to be loud. Various churches are bringing their praise bands different nights, so each night there will be a different praise band from each church.”
She said that they have been preparing for the event for months.
 What’s Wrong With Soulfest?
 "Ecumenicalism is a big movement in the world today. For the purposes of this article, ecumenicalism is defined as “a movement seeking unity among groups that profess to be Christian.” It seems everybody wants unity today. Unity among Christians is a good goal, yet when a move towards unity contradicts Scripture’s teaching, that is when we have trouble. So let’s turn to Scripture briefly. Scripture is clear on the issue of who we should fellowship with. For example, we have a clear directive in Ephesians.
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Eph. 5:11
 God’s word says that we are not to fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Reprove them! There is no biblical argument for promoting ecumenicalism; for getting cozy with those who teach and promote false doctrines, or to fellowship with self-professing Christians who are part of a false religion.
I cannot emphasize the spiritual danger that young people and adults are in when they attend these concerts. There is a great danger especially to those who are either very new Christians, or are not saved at all. The influences of these popular artists are very strong, and can lead a young person to accept things that are not true and that are unbiblical. There is often a resulting emotional high that comes during many of these performances, and emotion can drive many to an experience that is false and does not last. Those who are reading should consider carefully what kind of “Christian” concerts they attend. Most often, it is not as Christian as you think it is. Be wise, and use discernment."




 Oregon lawmakers passed a controversial law that forcing insurance ...
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
PORTLAND, Ore. — Lawmakers in Oregon have passed a bill that requires insurance companies in the state to cover abortions at no cost to mothers.
The state Senate passed H.B. 3391 on Wednesday along party lines after it cleared the House on July 1.
“A health benefit plan offered in this state must provide coverage for all of the following services, drugs, devices, products and procedures,” the bill reads, including abortion, contraception and testing for sexually transmitted diseases, among other services, in the list.
It also provides an exemption for religious businesses and nonprofits, outlining that “[a]n insurer may offer to a religious employer a health benefit plan that does not include coverage for contraceptives or abortion procedures that are contrary to the religious employer’s religious tenets,” but only if if the insurer sends a detailed notice to employees to advise which services their employer declines to cover.

Employees can still obtain the desired contraceptives and abortions, however, as the bill also provides that the Oregon Health Authority “shall design a program to provide statewide access to abortion coverage for Oregon residents enrolled in [such] health benefit plans.”
The legislation created much contention in both the House and Senate as Republicans were horrified that an estimated half a million dollars would be used for abortions.
“I can’t reconcile in my mind how anyone who has a walk with God can support this,” said Rep. Andy Olson, R-Albany, who emotionally shared that he lost his premie granddaughter as an infant. “I just can’t get there with you.”

“We pursue a culture of death in this country. It’s pervasive. It’s everywhere. It’s in our movies, our TV shows, our video games, our magazines. It’s down the street,” also lamented Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend. “The souls of 50 million babies in our country cry out for justice, and I know God hears them. The question, colleagues, is will we hear their cries for justice?”
Democrats framed their argument in support of the bill around women’s rights and assistance for the poor.
“Unintended pregnancies can perpetuate cycles of poverty, and we can help stop it. It is a woman’s right to choose when and if she is ready in her life to have a child,” said Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson, D-Portland, according to ABC News.
Gov. Kate Brown, also a Democrat, said that she would sign the bill into law. It goes into effect immediately.
“The ability to control our bodies and make informed decisions about health are critical to providing all Oregonians the opportunity to achieve our full potential and live productive, thriving lives,” she told the Washington Times. “Attempts to deny access to contraceptives and family planning are an attack on all Oregonians, particularly women of color, low-income and young women.”
Planned Parenthood is stated to have helped author the measure.
As previously reported, Philadelphia legal writer, educator and Christian apologist Francis Wharton, who wrote several books on American law, penned an entire chapter on abortion in his book “American Criminal Law,” which was published in 1855.
Wharton called abortionists “persons who are ready to degrade their humanity to this occupation” and stated in regard to abortion in general, “Such conduct cannot be too strongly condemned, and is the more deserving of receiving the punishment awarded for the criminal offense in question.”
He proceeded to outline the wonders of fetal development in his book, showing that even in the fourth and fifth week of development, the facial features of the baby are distinctly recognized.


Egypt: Pope Francis visits Al-Azhar headquarters in Cairo 
 Published on Apr 28, 2017 
Pope Francis visited the headquarters of the the prestigious Sunni institution Al-Azhar in Cairo on Friday, during a visit to Egypt to promote "unity and fraternity" among Muslims and the embattled Christian minority that has suffered a series of jihadist attacks.

Pope in Al-Azhar: "Violence is the negation of every authentic religious expression"
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
In reality, Islam is unique among world religions in having a developed doctrine, theology and legal system mandating warfare against unbelievers.
 Unless and until that is confronted, Muslims will continue to commit acts of violence against non-Muslims, including Christians. The Pope is betraying the Christians of the Middle East and the world, and all the victims of jihad violence, by repeating palpable falsehoods about the motivating ideology of attacks upon them, instead of confronting that ideology and calling upon Muslims to renounce and reform Islam’s doctrines of violence. Pope Francis is not only disastrously wrongheaded about an obvious fact that is reinforced by every day’s headlines, but he is also deceiving and misleading his people about a matter of utmost importance, and keeping them ignorant and complacent about a growing and advancing threat.
Has anyone thanked Pope Francis for his defense of Christianity? Has he offered any? Is Ahmed al-Tayeb really the kind of person from whom Pope Francis wants to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?
“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“Vatican, al-Azhar focus on papal trip speeches in latest meeting,” by Elise Harris, Catholic News Agency, July 7, 2017 (thanks to Peter):
ROME – In the wake of Pope Francis’s whirlwind visit to Egypt, the Vatican and the prestigious Muslim al-Azhar University have held another meeting, focusing on the landmark speeches given during the pope’s visit.
The meeting, which took place July 3 at the apostolic nunciature in Egypt, was arranged by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the al-Azhar Center for Dialogue (CAD).
It fell two months after Pope Francis’s April 28-29 visit to Cairo, the result of a recent thawing in relations between the Vatican and the university, which had been strained since 2011.
According to a July 4 Vatican communique, the meeting focused primarily on the speeches of both Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Ahmed Muhammad al-Tayyib, during the pope’s visit.
Specifically, “the joint commitment to continue shared reflections, aimed at promoting a fruitful and effective interreligious dialogue was expressed, focusing in particular on the promotion of peace and the building of a more just world.”
Hailed as one of the most important speeches he’s given so far in his time as Bishop of Rome, the pope’s opening address to the International Conference on Peace, his first speech of the trip, issued harsh condemnation of religiously-motivated violence and a strong call for its rejection in the global sphere.
In the April 28 address, Francis said that “peace alone is holy and no act of violence can be perpetrated in the name of God, for it would profane his Name.
“Together, in the land where heaven and earth meet, this land of covenants between peoples and believers, let us say once more a firm and clear ‘No!’ to every form of violence, vengeance and hatred carried out in the name of religion or in the name of God,” he said.
Going on, the pope said we have “an obligation to denounce violations of human dignity and human rights, to expose attempts to justify every form of hatred in the name of religion, and to condemn these attempts as idolatrous caricatures of God.”
Violence and faith, belief and hatred, are incompatible, he said, and asked participants to join him in this affirmation: “together let us declare the sacredness of every human life against every form of violence, whether physical, social, educational or psychological,” he said, as the auditorium erupted in thunderous applause.
Likewise, al-Tayyib, who in his role as Grand Imam of al-Azhar is widely considered to be the highest authority in the 1.5-billion strong Sunni Muslim world, said in his speech that humanity ought to “stress the value of peace, justice, equality and human rights regardless of religion, color, race, or language.
“We need to liberate the image of religions from false concepts, misunderstandings, malpractices, and false religiosity attached to them. These evils bestir conflicts, spread hate, and instigate violence,” he said, adding that “we should not hold religion accountable for the crimes of any small group of followers.”
He thanked the pope for his “defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism,” and voiced his commitment to working together to establish peaceful coexistence and strengthen dialogue….
 Robert Spencer: Pope Francis, Defender of Islam
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Pope Francis received a noteworthy honor last week when Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar, thanked him for his “defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism.”
Has any other Pope of Rome in the history of Christianity ever been heralded as a “defender of Islam”?
Of course not. But the Catholic Church has come a long way since the days of Pope Callixtus III, who vowed in 1455 to “exalt the true Faith, and to extirpate the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet in the East.”
If time travel could be arranged and Pope Francis could run into Callixtus III, Callixtus could “expect a punch,” for Francis is not just a defender of Islam, but a defender of the Sharia death penalty for blasphemy: after Islamic jihadists murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who had drawn Muhammad, Francis obliquely justified the murders by saying that “it is true that you must not react violently, but although we are good friends if [an aide] says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch, it’s normal. You can’t make a toy out of the religions of others. These people provoke and then (something can happen). In freedom of expression there are limits.”
So for the Pope, murdering people for violating Sharia blasphemy laws is “normal,” and it isn’t terrorism for “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” he said in a speech last February. “There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”
So there is no Islamic terrorism, but if you engage in “intolerant generalizations,” you can “expect a punch.” The Pope, like the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, apparently thinks that the problem is not jihad terror, but non-Muslims talking about jihad terror; Muslims would be peaceful if non-Muslims would simply censor themselves and self-impose Sharia blasphemy restrictions regarding criticism of Islam.
For Pope Francis has no patience with those who discuss such matters: “I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence, because every day, when I read the newspaper, I see violence.” He said, according to Crux, that “when he reads the newspaper, he reads about an Italian who kills his fiancĂ© or his mother in law.” The pontiff added: “They are baptized Catholics. They are violent Catholics.” He said that if he spoke about “Islamic violence,” then he would have to speak about “Catholic violence” as well.
That comparison made no sense, for Italian Catholics who killed their fiancĂ©s or mothers in law were not acting in accord with the teachings of their religion, while the Qur’an and Islamic teaching contain numerous exhortations to violence.
But Pope Francis, defender of Islam, cannot concern himself with such minutiae. Nor does he appear to be particularly concerned about the fact that all his false statements about the motivating ideology behind the massive Muslim persecution of Christians over the last few years only enables and abets that persecution, for if that ideology is not identified and confronted, it will continue to flourish.
The Pope of Rome, whom Catholics consider to be the earthly head of the Church, should be a defender of Christianity, not a defender of Islam, the religion that has been at war with Christianity and Judeo-Christian civilization since its earliest days. That any Christian leader would be called a “defender of Islam” by anyone only casts into vivid relief the absurdity of our age and the weakness of the free world. Can you imagine any Muslim leader ever being called a “defender of Christianity”? Of course not: Muslim leaders are more aware than their fond defender in the Vatican that Islam mandates warfare against unbelievers, not defense of their theological views.
Pope Francis is not only disastrously wrongheaded about an obvious fact that is reinforced by every day’s headlines; he is also deceiving and misleading his people about a matter of utmost importance, and keeping them ignorant and complacent about a growing and advancing threat.
“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)\

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Hamburg police estimated on Friday that more than 100,000 protesters have descended on their city, a large number of whom have obviously been carefully trained in guerrilla warfare tactics. A cadre of at least 8,000 appear in organized groups, with more than 1,000 of them wearing black uniforms and identical hooded masks and coordinating their actions according to their training. Many of them carry preprinted signs with “Welcome to Hell” on them.
They have, as of this writing, firebombed a police station, torched dozens of automobiles, and set buildings on fire. They have staged sit-ins that have successfully blocked traffic near the G20 site, and sabotaged railroad tracks which have stopped trains from running. There were deliberate attacks on police, with more than 100 of them injured already, when a situation appeared to favor the rioters. They have prepared what the press calls “petrol bombs” — Molotov cocktails: glass bottles filled with gasoline that are set afire before launching — as part of their armory. They have even fired rockets at helicopters observing the mayhem.
Some journalists were able to isolate a few of the so-called protesters, only to learn that, while they call themselves “students,” they are more accurately described as terrorists with evil intentions. Said Andreas Blechschmidt, “Citizens’ rights are being hijacked by a group [the G20] that represents no one but capital. We are not content to protest against the G20: we want to prevent it from being celebrated.”

Said another, characterized by the media as a “student protestor,” “I came here because in general I’m totally against the G20 summit. It’s the root cause or reason for what’s doing wrong in the world. Wars can be bad but capitalism kills.”
Another, Srecko Horvat, a Croatian “philosopher,” was allowed to write a column in the left-leaning British paper The Guardian:
The real problem is the dogmatic slumber of the leaders of the free world, represented at this G20 summit by Merkel, May and others, which is the origin of our current dystopian [defined as “a society characterized by human misery, squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding”] nightmare: wars, terrorism, the refugee crisis and climate change. In this sense, the current G20 is not just a demonstration or disagreement on all fronts but — after Hamburg — whether the G20 can continue to exist at all.
Translation: This Croation “philosopher” wants to end the G20 altogether, by force if necessary.
This should sound familiar to readers of this site. These terrorists, trained in guerilla tactics, have been shipped to Hamburg for this occasion, their efforts funded by wealthy interests with an agenda. One that presents itself is the Ruckus Society, funded by billionaire George Soros and his friends. Established more than 20 years ago, reviews its tactics and purposes:
A self-described “strategic and tactical clearing house,” the Ruckus Society aims to provide “environmental, human rights, and social justice organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals.”
Toward this end, it has trained many thousands of activists — including more than 3,000 during its first decade alone — in the use of “non-violent direct action” and “guerrilla communication” techniques for the promotion of “environmental protection,” “progressive” politics, and various forms of “positive social change.”
Among the topics and skills that are covered at Ruckus Society trainings are: street theater, banners, puppets, basic ropework, belaying, rappelling, knots, harnesses and hardware, anchors, hammocks, platforms, tree sits, street blockades, bridge blockades, barrel blockades, vehicle blockades, water blockades, building climbs, stack climbs, hanging from urban structures, agitation and disruption techniques, action planning, “using the media to your advantage,” building leadership, political analysis, nonviolent philosophy and practice, and police confrontation strategies (i.e., goading police into overreaction).
The Ruckus Society's logo features two large meshed gears of a machine with a monkey-wrench wedged into their teeth to stop them — signifying the group's endorsement of “monkey-wrenching,” a term meaning the sabotage of logging or construction equipment.
And who funds this madness and violence? The usual suspects: George Soros through his Tides Foundation, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, the Compton Foundation, the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the Liberty Hill Foundation, the Threshold Foundation, and the Turner Foundation. Details on each of these may be found at
What is their agenda? Simply put, the protests are designed to make the globalist participants at the G20 Summit look good. While they, working at the top, continue their plans to build the New World Order, protestors at the bottom claim that it is capitalism that is destroying the world. The end game is the same: destruction of free markets through socialism and the destruction of national sovereignty through globalism. These "rent-a-mobs," whether the useful idiots populating them know it or not, are promoting the same thing as the globalists while appearing to protest against them.
Germany: Hundreds of 'clay figures' crawl through Hamburg in G20 protest 
 Published on Jul 5, 2017
Hundreds of demonstrators staged a protest in Hamburg's city centre ahead of the G20 summit on Wednesday. The protest was organised by the artistic group '1000 GESTALTEN' in order to show, according to group leader Sven Kammerer, "a symbol for our society and a symbol that they feel excluded from the political process only look out for themselves, only consume and don't stand for each other."
G20 protests: Police uses water cannons 
against crowd in Hamburg 
 Published on Jul 4, 2017
As thousands of protesters converge on Hamburg to protest the G20 leaders summit, city authorities have introduced unprecedented security measures. Footage shared on social media shows dozens of police officers in full riot gear descending on the activists. Behind the police, lines of water cannons that are being used against the protesters.
Shop looted in anti-G20 protests, Hamburg 
 Published on Jul 7, 2017
A shop of the Budnikowsky drug store chain was looted on a street in Hamburg, on Friday night, during ongoing protests against the G20 summit currently taking place in the German city.