Friday, December 8, 2017

((Censored)) Official Polish GOV Ministry of Interior YouTube Video
Polish government video on EU and mass migration. Translated, the original quarantined video’s title says “Europe opens its eyes and admits us right.” The description reads: “The PiS government withdrew from the harmful decision of the PO-PSL government to bring immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa to Poland. We were the first to say that not every immigrant is a refugee, and only a few flee from war and terror. Two years after the Polish government’s opposition to the admission of illegal immigrants, EU leaders are beginning to understand the absurd policy of compulsory relocation of refugees.” Channel Here: Ministerstwo Spraw WewnÄ™trznych i Administracji
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
YouTube has ‘quarantined’ a hard-hitting video on Europe’s migrant crisis released by Poland’s conservative government, as part the platform’s crackdown on “hate speech and violent extremism
Truth is now being ubiquitously labelled as “hate speech” by fascists seeking to destroy our freedoms.
The censorship of truth serves to promote the hijrah and the Islamic supremacist/jihadist agenda throughout Europe, and, in fact, globally.
Opening with dramatic scenes of migrants swarming into Europe, the video highlights EU leaders’ insistence that the newcomers be spread throughout the continent, and forced even on unwilling nations through compulsory quotas.
Poland (and the other members of the Visegrad group) have resisted the invasion of migrants, and thus avoided the crisis that has accompanied them. Poland has already condemned the EU over its demands for migrant quotas, stating that it “will resist blackmail and pressure” from the EU. Poland has also indicated that it is not opposed to immigration from struggling parts of Europe, but that it will not accept migrants from Africa and the Middle East, who threaten the safety and culture of its country.
YouTube said it bans content which “promotes violence or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes”
YouTube is stating that to defend one’s country against such abuses including jihad attacks, abuse of women, FGM, threats to infidels and apostates, forced marriage, intolerance, violence etc., is “targeting Muslims.” Such thinking not only puts Western populations in harm’s way, but represents the ultimate bigotry of low expectations against Muslims. More Muslims need to take a stand against the horrors that have come to Europe as a result of the heavy migrant influx of their coreligionists.

“Goolag Archipelago: Google Sends Powerful Migrant Crisis Video by POLISH GOVERNMENT to ‘YouTube Jail’”, by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, December 6, 2017:
YouTube has ‘quarantined’ a hard-hitting video on Europe’s migrant crisis released by Poland’s conservative government, as part the platform’s crackdown on “hate speech and violent extremism”.
The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration’s video has been placed in a controversial state designed by YouTube to limit access to videos it says contain “supremacist” or “extremist” content, but which don’t break any of the platform’s rules.
Opening with dramatic scenes of migrants swarming into Europe, the video highlights EU leaders’ insistence that the newcomers be spread throughout the continent, and forced even on unwilling nations through compulsory quotas.
But YouTube has now placed the powerful video in “limited state” — a condition designed to severely reduce the potential audience for “borderline” content. Videos placed under this system are unsearchable, impossible to embed on other sites, and removed from users’ recommended videos lists.
The only way to reach ‘quarantined’ content is by clicking a direct link to the video in question, at which point viewers are warned that the “content is inappropriate or offensive”, asking them to click a button before they are allowed to proceed.
YouTube has also shut down comments on videos which have been placed in this “limited state”, and removed view counts and up-votes and down-votes, making it impossible to see the reach of the video, or know how it has been received.
Google unveiled the policy in August among a raft of new measures which the video-sharing website said it will use to counter “extremism”. It announced a partnership with 15 “expert NGOs and institutions” — including the Council of Europe’s left-wing No Hate Speech Movement and George Soros-linked groups — who will direct them in identifying objectionable content.
Explaining the system, YouTube said it bans content which “promotes violence or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes”, as well as “content intended to recruit for terrorist organizations, incite violence, celebrate terrorist attacks, or otherwise promote acts of terrorism.”….

Pergamon Altar in Berlin serves as the spiritual center for wicked energy and dubious speeches...especially when it envolves a trip to the Throne of Zeus/Satan !
 Matt Bracken joins Alex Jones live via Skype to address former President Obama's comments comparing President Trump to Hitler as a means of inflaming the "democratic" resistance towards violence.
 Obama Compares Trump to Hitler
 Rush Limbaugh: Obama compares President Trump to Hitler (audio from 12-07-2017)
 Obama's Throne Of Satan 
(Pergamon Altar)
 This is Obama's stage at the Democratic Nominating convention in Denver in 2008, designed to look like a Greek Temple. It's strange enough that Obama made a temple his stage, a place of worship, but Obama's nomination temple appears to be modeled after the Pergamon altar, a special place. This is the Pergamon Altar, which is on display at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany only a few hundred yards from the place where Obama gave a speech a couple months before the convention. The Pergamon Altar is special because it is mentioned in the biblical book of Revelation and is called in Revelation the seat or throne of Satan. The Greek god, Zeus, and pagan idols were worshipped at Pergamon. However, more importantly, Ceasar Augustus, the ruler of Rome, was worshipped as a God at Pergamon. An early Christian, named Antipas, was sacrificed there, because he refused to worship the pagan gods of Pergamon. Antipas was burned alive at this altar inside a hollow bronze bull. Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, also modeled the tribune at the Zeppelin field in Nuremberg after the Pergamon altar. This fact is mentioned in the documentary film, the Architecture of Doom. This is the Zeppelin Field at Nuremberg, one of the sites where Hitler had his Reichstag Rallies. Hitler also sacrificed 10 million Christians as well as Jews, by gassing them and burning burning their bodies, as well as other means. Obama's temple looks even more like the Pergamon Altar than Hitler's did. Obama is the most prominent follower of the radical anarchist, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer. It is a text book for revolutionary radical activists and Lucifer was the first revolutionary, as Alinsky points out. Black Liberation Theology teaches that the black race is the "manifestation of God on earth" and that a black messiah will lead the destruction of white society, the traditional Christian church and America as we have known it. That man is god is a Luciferian concept. You may recall from the Bible, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, because he wanted to be on a higher level than God. The self-worship of man can be considered a form of Satanism. This is actually the kind of belief that the Nazis had, that the Aryan race is god and that Adolf Hitler was the Messiah. The stage design is unlikely to be accidental, because there have been so many references by his own supporters to Obama being the messiah or a God and the doctrine of his own church actually teaches that concept. It seems more likely to be a provocation. Obama loves for his opponents to call him the "Antichrist," because he can use it to make them look hysterical and to motivate his supporters. But I think it is also a play on his own religious belief. Because they can't normally say it openly in public, occultists have used ambiguous symbolism like this for hundreds of years to hint to others what their beliefs are. Saul Alinsky tied his book to Lucifer, because he realized that he is using the same principles. It seems that Obama is pointing to his own relationship to Lucifer with what appears to be the dedication of his campaign to the Great Deceiver. 
Obama's Throne of Satan 
 Nazi Germany: A Child for Hitler; 
Youth in Hitler's Germany
  William L Shirer Talks About The Hitler Youth (1945)
 Obama Jr. Drill Team
 This is an Obama junior drill team. Such paramilitary drill teams have been a feature of Black Nationalism since Marcus Garvey started the mass movement in the late 1920's. The Alpha/Omega chant is a reference to the Black Nationalist belief that an ordinary man will be exalted as the Black Christ. This Christ figure will create the millenary Kingdom by destroying the white race, America and the church. 
"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Revelation 1:8
 Children Of The Future-
Obama/Nazi Indoctrination
 A campaign ad by an Obama Super PAC from the 2012 campaign is compared to the indoctrination of Hitler Youth in the 1930's. The Nazis taught youth to hold their parents and the older generation in contempt and this campaign ad has the same elements. The ad was pulled due to widespread outrage. The segment about Nazi indoctrination is from the documentary, "Hitler's Children." Obama and the Black Nazi Movement  
 Michael Savage: Obama Youth-
Obama to indoctrinate kids on Sep 8, 2009:
On September 8th, the first day of school for many children across America Hussein Obama will deliver a national address directly to students on the importance of education. The Daily Paul, has the recommended classroom activities before and after the speech (be warned, if you love the Constitution you will want to puke). If there was ever a day for people to keep their kids out of school, September 8th is the day.
Hail Obama! Ode of the Obama Youth!
  The Obama Youth: Young children singing praise to Barack Obama
 Little children blindly doing what their elders tell them to do. Singing praise to the almighty president of the world, Barack Obama.
School children sing praises 
to their savior Obama
Song 1: Mm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said that all must lend a hand To make this country strong again Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said we must be fair today Equal work means equal pay Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said that we must take a stand To make sure everyone gets a chance Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama He said red, yellow, black or white All are equal in his sight Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama Yes! Mmm, mmm, mm Barack Hussein Obama 
Song 2: Hello, Mr. President we honor you today! For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say "hooray!" Hooray, Mr. President! You're number one! The first black American to lead this great nation! Hooray, Mr. President we honor your great plans To make this country's economy number one again! Hooray Mr. President, we're really proud of you! And we stand for all Americans under the great Red, White, and Blue! So continue ---- Mr. President we know you'll do the trick So here's a hearty hip-hooray ---- Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!
 Children Sing Hymns To Obama
Based on the real Obama-cult song recorded by children who were manipulated into supporting a presidential candidate based on feelings - and, of course, a clip from the famous movie Cabaret - Idea came from our contributor Red Squirrel who wrote about it in her blog -