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Published on Dec 27, 2018
 Mike Adams reports on how apologists for the vaccine industry, hired internet trolls, are calling the very credible story about the triplets who altogether turned autistic after their first immunizations "fake news", claiming the heartbroken parents are "crisis actors."


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Do you need excitement in your life? If so, just write a column on the rewards and risks of vaccination. Then find a safe, secure hideout. Pour yourself a drink and wait for those who want to boil you in oil. This scenario happened to me when an editor pulled my syndicated article, “What You May Not Know About Vaccines,” balanced I thought, after it was published, due to criticism.
Some readers thought I’d been fired.
A professor of medicine in Calgary writes, “I was horrified that you would publish these remarks for unsophisticated readers.” This implies newspaper readers are stupid! Another reader wrote, “Your recent piece is a threat to public health. You should be ashamed for spreading lies and fear.” These are damning comments that must be challenged.
I also received an overwhelming positive response from readers. The general reaction was “Thank God a doctor has finally had the courage to speak out about this matter.” A few predicted I’d be fired. Another wondered why I wasn’t stoned at my front door!
WD from Toronto replied, “I cannot believe your column on vaccines was removed. What is happening in this world? Big pharma has its teeth in everything and people blindly follow. Your column simply advised people to look at both sides of the coin. We are living in a sad time.”
From the Prairie Provinces: “You are one of the brave. All mothers out in the trenches are celebrating your article.” Another reader in Massachusetts claimed that “Dropping the column was an attack on free speech.”
MG writes, “With my first and only flu shot I developed Guillain-Barre disease and became paralyzed. I’ve regained the ability to walk, but have permanent nerve damage. It’s so frustrating to hear that flu shots are safe as one nearly killed me. Thanks for speaking up.”
From Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario: “I’m a registered nurse who worked in Toronto and never took a flu shot. Like you, I take a lot of vitamin C, and also bee pollen to increase immunity.”
A doctor from Mexico says, “I wasn’t taught about immunology and I was impressed and shocked to read about the dangers of vaccines in your column.” 
What have critics missed in denouncing this column? Investigators always counsel, “Follow the money to find the answer.” This means following 3.6 billion dollars, awarded to families due to the complications of vaccines. It’s a huge pay out if nothing wrong ever happened. 
Critics also make the error in ignoring the fact that no therapy in this world is 100 percent safe. I could never guarantee that my surgical patients would have an uncomplicated recovery. Every day people die of blood clots after surgery and prescription medication. Vaccines are no exception.

Some things like apple pie, motherhood and vaccines have become sacrosanct. And if doctors analyze them they’re immediately damned.

Some critics claim that substantial amounts of mercury are no longer used in vaccines. But mercury even in small quantities is dangerous. Common sense tells us that something in the vaccine triggers occasional complications. To date, we regrettably do not have a utopian 100 percent safe vaccine.
I am a moderate, actually. I’ve previously written that vaccines have thankfully saved countless lives from infectious disease. I have never counseled anyone to refuse vaccines. Rather, the decision should always be made by the patient and his/her doctor. Informed consent should include the possibility of an unexpected, minor or serious complication. 
One thing I do know. I’m not related to the Almighty. I therefore can’t be infallible. I also know that readers often request that my column be discontinued when I write about controversial social and medical issues.
In view of what happened should I have bypassed a column on vaccines? I hate hypocrisy, so I’d be the world’s worst hypocrite if I followed the non-controversial path. Medicine is made up of many controversies.
An editor 45 years ago counseled me, “It’s the job of a journalist to make people think.” This has left me with scars. But if I get fired for writing what I believe should be said, it’s time to stop. After all, the motto of the Harvard Medical School is one word, Truth. I will live or die by it.

Note: The author (syndicated as W. Gifford-Jones, MD) is a Harvard-trained surgeon and outspoken advocate of nutritional medicine. His website is at


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BACK TO THE FUTURE: Following is an article from TVR’s historical archives published in the Spring 1990 print edition on a scientific conference sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center in 1989 evaluating serious complications of pertussis infection and whole cell pertussis vaccine in DPT. 
On September 28-October 1, 1989, the National Vaccine Information Center sponsored an international Workshop on the Neurological Complications of Pertussis and the Pertussis Vaccine. The scientists attending the multidisciplinary workshop concluded that both whooping cough and the current whole cell pertussis vaccine can cause permanent brain damage.
During the three-day workshop, the scientists agreed that toxins within the B. pertussis bacterium, which cause whooping cough and are in the pertussis vaccine, can cause a spectrum of permanent brain damage ranging from learning disabilities to severe retardation and seizure disorders. According to UCLA Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology John Menkes, MD, who coordinated the workshop, it was the consensus of opinion that the neurologic complications of the disease and vaccination are in part caused by the interaction of pertussis toxin and endotoxin present in B. pertussis bacteria.

DPT Convulsions Due to Effects of Toxins

The scientists also concluded that the convulsions which accompany severe cases of whooping cough and which follow vaccination are not solely caused by fever but are likely to be due to the combined effects of pertussis toxin and endotoxin. They also agreed that, although the vaccine may accelerate neurologic signs in some children with an underlying neurologic disorder, in many others no pre-existing brain abnormality exists. The scientists supported replacement of the current whole cell vaccine with less toxic acellular or genetically engineered pertussis vaccines.

Scientists from America and Abroad Attend

The workshop was international in scope and among the 19 scientists who came from Europe and Japan were: British epidemiologist Martin Bellman, MD, who co-authored Britain’s National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES); Swedish epidemiologist Jann Storsaeter, MD, who coordinated the Swedish clinical trials of Japanese acellular vaccine; neuroimmunologist P.O. Behan, MD, of Scotland’s Institute of Neurological Sciences; molecular biologist Toshiaki Katada, PhD, of the Tokyo Institute of Technology; Canadian bacteriologist John Cameron, MD, of the University of Quebec; and French neurologist Jean Aicardi, MD of Hopital des Engants Malades. Also attending was Reno Rappuoli, MD, who represented SCLAVO, an Italian vaccine manufacturer conducting clinical trials in Italy of a genetically engineered pertussis vaccine.
American scientists included pediatric infectious disease specialist James Bass, MD, of Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii; bacteriologist Robert Bond, MD, of University of South Carolina; neurologist Anthony Campagnoni, MD, of UCLA; neuropathologist Pasquale Cancilla, MD, of UCLA; statistician David Lane, PhD, of University of Minnesota; behavioral neurologist Marcel Kinsbourne, MD, of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center; epidemiologist Donald Peterson, of University of Washington; epidemiologist Edward Mortimer, MD, of Case Western Reserve University; neurologist William Oldendorf, MD, of Brentwood VA Hospital; and neurologist Soloman Moshe, MD, of Albert Einstein School of Medicine.
The workshop was held on the grounds of Airlie Foundation located in the Virginia countryside near Washington, D.C. NVIC’s Executive Vice President Barbara Loe Fisher, who assisted Dr. Menkes in coordinating the workshop, emphasized that conclusions reached by the scientists help to clarify the question of whether the pertussis vaccine causes brain damage.
“This workshop brought together 19 of the finest basic science researchers and medical specialists in the world. Their unanimous agreement that toxins in the B. pertussis bacteria definitely have the capability of causing permanent brain damage both during the course of the disease and after vaccination is validation of what parents in our organization have been maintaining for eight years. Health officials in the government and the American Academy of Pediatrics, who maintain the vaccine does not cause permanent brain damage, are deliberately ignoring the evidence.”
A formal summary of the conclusions reached at the workshop will be published in a medical journal.1

1 Menkes JH, Kinsbourne M. Workshop on Neurologic Complications of Pertussis and Pertussis Vaccination. Neuropediatrics 1990; 21(4): 171-176.

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
 LAFAYETTE, La. — The American Civil Liberties Union 
(ACLU) has filed suit against the LaFayette Public Library in Louisiana 
after officials decided to ban Drag Queen Story Time events as the 
library had been sued by two other groups for originally planning to 
host an event on the premises.
“The defendant’s requirement that individuals seeking to use library space sign a form disavowing affiliation with Drag Queen Story Time as a precondition for use of public space and also under penalty of potential legal liability violates the First Amendment,” the lawsuit asserts.
According to reports, the LaFayette Public Library had planned a “Drag Queen Story Time” event in October, but was soon sued by members of the groups Warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty. The lawsuit states that two of the plaintiffs, who are a part of Special Forces of Liberty, identify as polygamists.
The legal challenge expressed objection to what it called a “government endorsed effort to brainwash and indoctrinate minors to religious (secular humanist) worldviews on sex, faith, truth, gender, morality, and marriage in a manner that excessively entangles the government with the religion of postmodern-western-individualistic-moral relativism.”
“The plaintiffs have no objection to the Drag Queen Story [Time] being held on private property. However, the plaintiffs object to the public library’s endorsement of Drag Queen Story [Time] because the public library is a government actor that is endorsing non-secular activity in an manner that is excessively entangling the government with the religion of secular humanism in a manner that relegates non-observers of the religion of secular humanism to second class citizens,” the complaint read.
Read the lawsuit in full here.
Officials with the LaFayette Public Library consequently decided to “stand down” while the legal challenge played out in court, and are reportedly now asking those who wish to host events at the library to sign a form that affirms that “the purpose of [their] use of the Lafayette Public Library’s meeting room does not pertain in any way to ‘Drag Queen Story [Time],’ directly or indirectly.”
However, two LaFayette Parish residents who want to host a drag queen event at the library—Matthew Humphrey and Aimee Robinson—have now entered the legal picture, filing suit with the aid of the ACLU of Louisiana in an effort to force officials to allow the events.
“The defendant’s refusal to allow the public to use library rooms for individuals planning Drag Queen Story Time, holding Drag Queen Story Time or supporting Drag Queen Story Time violates the First Amendment,” the official complaint contends.
“[T]he government ban on speech singles out a particular point of view and content for target—supporters of Drag Queen Story Time,” it states. “This targeted, viewpoint-based discrimination is the most insidious of all government restrictions on speech …”
Humphrey also remarked in a statement released by the ACLU, “Kids who are different have to know it’s okay, and kids who aren’t different have to know it’s okay for other kids to be different. That’s what Drag Queen Story Time is all about.”
Read the lawsuit in full here.
Proverbs 3:7 exhorts, “Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the Lord, and depart from evil.”


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Yet again, Pope Francis tries to guilt-trip Catholics into fearing to oppose mass Muslim migration into Europe. He has repeatedly branded those who oppose mass Muslim migration into Europe as un-Christian. He seems to be completely unconcerned about facts such as the following: all of the jihadis who murdered 130 people in Paris in November 2015 had just entered Europe as refugees. In February 2015, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. The Lebanese Education Minister said in September 2015 that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. On May 10, 2016, Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s DGSI internal intelligence agency, said that the Islamic State was using migrant routes through the Balkans to get jihadis into Europe.
And in the U.S., Somali Muslim migrant Mohammad Barry in February 2016 stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Arab Christian; Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim migrant, in September 2016 set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey; Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim migrant, in September 2016 murdered five people in a mall in Burlington, Washington; Dahir Adan, another Somali Muslim migrant, in October 2016 stabbed mall shoppers in St. Cloud while screaming “Allahu akbar”; and Abdul Razak Artan, yet another Somali Muslim migrant, in November 2016 injured nine people with car and knife attacks at Ohio State University. 72 jihad terrorists have come to the U.S. from the countries listed in Trump’s initial immigration ban.
Pope Francis has never expressed any concern about any of this. Of course, he has claimed risibly that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” This has become a superdogma in the Catholic Church: if you don’t believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace, you will be ruthlessly harassed and silenced by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the hierarchy elsewhere as well. The bishops of the Catholic Church are much more concerned that you believe that Islam is a religion of peace than that you believe in, say, the Nicene Creed. And so what possible reason could there be to be concerned about these “refugees”? It’s a religion of peace!
The U.S. Catholic bishops, of course, have 91 million reasons — indeed, 534 million reasons — to turn against the truth and disregard the safety and security of the American people: “In the Fiscal Year 2016, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) received more than $91 million in government funding for refugee resettlement. Over the past nine years, the USCCB has received a total of $534,788,660 in taxpayer dollars for refugee resettlement programs.”
“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“Pope Francis criticises nationalism and suggests people should embrace diversity,” Voice of Europe, December 25, 2018:
In his traditional Christmas speech, Pope Francis criticised nationalism and called cultural differences a “source of richness”.
Speaking about increasing nationalism in the Western world as a result of migration from North Africa and the Middle East the spiritual leader said:
“Our differences are not a detriment or a danger; they are a source of richness. As when an artist is about to make a mosaic: it is better to have tiles of many colours available, rather than just a few,” the Pope told a large audience in the Vatican.
“The experience of families teaches us this,” he said, “as brothers and sisters, we are all different from each other. We do not always agree, but there is an unbreakable bond uniting us, and the love of our parents helps us to love one another,” he added….


 Why Globalists Are Offended By 
Healthy Human Babies
Published on Dec 27, 2018
 Mike Adams reveals why globalist elites around the world want to lower human populations and how healthy human babies stand in the way of their total sterilization / state controlled reproduction plans.
 Globalists claim that culling human population 
only way to “save the planet”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
You may recall it was barely two weeks ago that the New York Times published an op-ed applauding the extermination of the human race as a way to “save the planet.” Now, The UK Guardian, a globalist-run propaganda rag that despises human freedom, has published a story saying that declining birth rates of human babies is a “cause for celebration.”
“Declining fertility rates around the world should be cause for celebration, not alarm, a leading expert has said,” reports the UK Guardian.
The story cites Sarah Harper, a former director of the Royal Institution, a globalist-run depopulation front group, who explains that, “far from igniting alarm and panic falling total fertility rates were to be embraced, and countries should not worry if their population is not growing.”

Incredibly, Sarah Harper cites the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and illegal immigration as reasons why human fertility doesn’t matter anymore. Apparently, she thinks that Third World illegals and self-aware machines will replace the humans in developing nations. That’s exactly why these globalists want open borders, by the way… to overrun First World nations and populate them with low-education masses that are easy to control (and easy for globalists to exterminate).
Giving birth to human babies to sustain human society, “is really old thinking,” she explains in the UK Guardian article. “All the evidence is, that if families, households, societies, countries have to deal with large numbers of dependants, it takes away resources that could be put into driving society, the economy etc.,” she stated. In other words, Harper is arguing that having human babies is holding back society, and that real “progress” requires shutting down reproductive fertility.
Lucky for her, flu shots cause spontaneous abortions. Glyphosate interferes with human fertility. Social media isolates people from each other so they can’t reproduce, and prescription medications cause early death. It looks like things are right on track for anyone who despises humanity and wants to see the collapse of human civilization.
Making babies is bad for the planet, claim anti-human globalists
The paper goes on to parrot the globalist line that claims giving birth to human babies will destroy the planet. This is a frequent argument of the anti-humanists who see the extermination of humankind as their pathway to utopia (not realizing they, too, will be exterminated). As The Guardian writes:
Having fewer children is also undoubtedly positive from an environmental point of view; recent research has found that having one fewer child reduces a parent’s carbon footprint by 58 tonnes of CO2 a year.
Carbon dioxide, of course, is the single most important nutrient for supporting plant life on planet Earth, and higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere would unleash worldwide abundance of rainforests, food crops and ecological diversity. Globalist-run anti-human papers like The Guardian, of course, are all ordered to attack carbon dioxide as a poison in order to vilify botany and accelerate the collapse of the global food web.
As I explained in this hugely important article — The inescapable explanation that connects all world events unfolding now — globalists are now working to achieve the “efficient extermination” of humankind.
That’s why The Guardian is celebrating plummeting human fertility while attacking carbon dioxide. The globalist-run media is also currently promoting geoengineering experiments to dim the sun by releasing pollution into the stratosphere. The purpose of this is, of course, to shut down photosynthesis and collapse the world food supply, causing the mass starvation of humankind.

The war on humanity is here
Over the last month or so, I’ve gone public with my warning that an actual eugenics war is being waged against humanity. This war is not merely a war to enslave and control the masses but to exterminate humanity altogether. A cosmic ethnic cleansing is under way, and humanity is scheduled to be “efficiently exterminated” and removed from existence.
The purpose of this agenda is exactly what the globalists say it is: To “save the planet” … but not for humans. The goal is to save the planet from humans.
As my convergence article explains:
Inescapably, a core feature of everything happening today is an anti-human agenda to exterminate humankind. Every major trend taking place today is preparing humankind for a mass extermination event, making sure humans cannot fight back, think for themselves or even reproduce. With the food supply poisoned, male biology attacked and nullified, and even the power to think systematically compromised, the human race has been turned into a slave farm of obedient sheeple, ready to be harvested or eliminated for reasons that are further explored below.

Watch as the anti-human, globalist media continues to celebrate the collapse of human sustainability
You’re already starting to see the globalist-run media celebrating the collapse of human fertility while saying the extermination of humankind might be a “good” thing for the planet. This propaganda effort will only accelerate in 2019 and beyond.
Soon, you’re going to see the same left-wing lunatics who currently claim gender is an artificial construct — a convenient contrivance to vilify sexual reproduction — attacking parents for having any children at all. Even giving birth to a single child will be portrayed as an attack on “the climate,” and in time, the same left-wing violent mobs that attack people for loving their country will start murdering people solely because they have babies.
Babies will be vilified as destroyers of Earth, and parents with babies will be condemned and even physically assaulted in public in exactly the same way that Trump supporters are vilified and assaulted today.
Newspapers will argue that parents who have children are “selfish” and “narcissistic” for wanting to raise children who will “steal resources from society” for their very existence. In fact, that’s precisely what Susan Harper is already arguing in The Guardian article cited above.
There is no limit to the insanity of the Left Cult, and it’s now abundantly clear that Leftists have been brainwashed into a kind of suicide pact that celebrates the extermination of humanity in the name of “saving the planet.”
What they haven’t been told, of course, is that the planet isn’t being saved for humans… and that even left-wing humans are also slated for extermination once their usefulness has run its course.
This Nazi propaganda poster argues for the euthanizing of people who have illnesses, saying the money should be invested in society rather than treating the sick:
You are sharing the load
A person with a hereditary disease costs on average RM 50,000 by the time they reach their 60th birthday.

If we don’t stop the globalists, they will exterminate humankind
In summary, if we do not defeat the globalists currently running our world, they will do everything in their power to utterly eliminate humankind from the cosmos.
From their point of view, babies are the enemy and must be dissuaded or destroyed (via abortions and otherwise). Sexual reproduction is the enemy, and only gay, trans and gender-fluid individuals are allowed to occupy prominent positions in human culture.
Vaccine shots will continue to be laced with infertility drugs, just as scientific laboratories have repeatedly confirmed is happening in Africa under the watchful eye of the United Nations, an anti-human organization that now seeks the global enslavement and termination of human beings.
In the end, if awake and aware humans do not stop the globalists who are deliberately destroying our world, our civilization and our species, they will succeed in ending the human race forever.
This is their goal, and it explains why everything you witness in media, news, pop culture and left-wing politics is deliberately designed to achieve destruction, collapse, starvation, destitution, disease and death.
This is their plan. And so far they are carrying it out with almost no resistance whatsoever. Will humanity wake up and realize what’s happening before it’s too late?
Stay informed. Read as we roll out that new site, and be prepared to fight for human survival.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
If you sometimes wake up feeling as if you’re playing the part of a member of the unwashed masses in a dystopian novel about America and the world at large, you’re not alone. Check headlines on any given day and you are bombarded with doom on many fronts. Our president is a liar, the headlines say; our legislature does nothing except obstruct or pass bad laws; our country is a racist, misogynistic place where people of color and women cannot get fair treatment. Rampant corruption is all around us — this, at least, is true.
Oh and, by the way, our planet is warming at an alarming rate, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather events are increasing. And it’s all our fault because of our gluttony for fossil fuels.
Since scary topics usually bring top ratings to media — as well as cause Americans to vote for big government-lauding global socialists who promise to fix the problems, hence bringing about global governance — the major networks sell negativity. Instead of informing, they editorialize. Instead of teaching, they propagandize. Instead of presenting all sides in a reasoned way, they seek to foment anger. Instead of seeking truth, they seek ratings.
But while it’s true that mainstream media are blatantly dishonest and are, in fact, trying to get Americans to accept globalist laws and regulations — though doing so would mean giving up many of the freedoms and opportunities we have enjoyed for centuries — all is not bad. There is much evidence that Americans increasingly don’t accept media globalist pronouncements at face value.
Though we are fed a steady diet of noxious propaganda instead of news, a little digging reveals hope. There are reasons for optimism. If there were not, why keep up the fight? Here at Christmastime are some of those reasons to remain hopeful in the face of the seemingly endless parade of doom.
When President Trump was elected in 2016, many of the issues he ran on, such as stopping illegal immigration, anti-globalism, and “America First,” seemed as if they were pulled straight from The John Birch Society (JBS) playbook. In fact, some in the mainstream media gave the Society credit for Trump’s victory. Of course, those leftists didn’t see the relationship between Trump and the JBS as a good thing.
In the Huffington Post, so-called historian Robert McElvaine complained, “The Trump Campaign is the culmination of the long campaign begun by McCarthyism and the John Birch Society in the 1950s and aimed at discrediting virtually every institution in the United States.”
If by “virtually every institution” McElvaine meant the Deep Staters, globalists, and bureaucratic dead weight in Washington, D.C., then kudos to him; he’s right. Trump called it the swamp and said it needed to be drained.
And the midterm elections turned out better than experts had predicted based on past history. Midterm elections are typically rough for the party with the presidency. In 1938, FDR lost 81 seats to the GOP. In 1986, the Reagan Revolution stalled when the Republicans lost nine Senate seats. And in 1994, Bill Clinton watched in horror as Republicans gained 54 House seats, giving the GOP its first majority in the House of Representatives in four decades.
The results of the 2018 midterm elections were a mixed bag for both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats regained the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years, while the Republicans kept control of and expanded their majority in the Senate. While the GOP is far from perfect, it’s better that they have control of the Senate than Democrats, who seem to have no middle-of-the-road members anymore.
“If there was one house that we could preserve and increase in a constitutional way, it’s the Senate of the United States, which happened in this election,” said Art Thompson, the CEO of The John Birch Society. “The very idea that the majority of what we would consider, at least nominally, to be constitutionalists has increased in the Senate, bodes well for any appointments for the Supreme Court down the road.”
“And it also means that it will increase the likelihood of confirmation of hundreds of people who are standing in line waiting to confirmed in their positions as federal court judges or members of the administration. So, that’s a plus.”
With the Senate’s advise-and-consent role, enumerated in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, the GOP majority is significant, especially in the current polarized political climate. The GOP even picked up a couple seats, as the Democrats were unsuccessful in their bid to steal the Florida senate election from outgoing Governor Rick Scott (R), in favor of current senator Bill Nelson (D). In Mississippi, Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) won a run-off election over Mike Espy (D).
The Senate majority also insulates the president from impeachment action that House Democrats might take against him. Although, at this point, no “high crimes or misdemeanors” appear imminent, that doesn’t mean Democrats won’t be meticulously combing through the president’s past for something they can construe as a crime.
Even the loss of the House of Representatives to Democrats had bright spots to it. The GOP and constitutionalists may have actually become more formidable, despite the losses. “On the surface, we did lose the Republican majority in the House,” said Thompson. “But many of those individuals in the House were not very good…. The more solid individuals, with [David] Brat of Virginia being the exception, got through by and large. So it’s a stronger constituency of conservatives and constitutionalists in the House.”
Though it’s not a direct result of the midterm election, the House GOP is also getting rid of the spineless Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who is retiring. “That guy [Ryan] was an absolute disaster,” said Thompson. “And I think that you can lay at his feet, if you’re going to focus in on any one individual, what happened in the House.”
In addition, President Trump can tout this election as a victory for his coalition, which, as stated earlier, has its roots in the JBS. “It also means that Trump has solidified his leadership over the party because of the support percentage-wise within the Republicans in the House now.”
Besides keeping the senate in GOP hands, President Trump has a lot of reasons to crow about his first two years in office, reasons Americans as a whole can rejoice over. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by an astounding 4.2 percent during the second quarter. Third-quarter growth was down but still reached 3.5 percent. By comparison, during the Obama years, GDP growth never reached 3 percent. In three years, growth didn’t reach 2 percent, and in Obama’s first year in office, GDP actually shrank by 2.8 percent.
Unemployment, which had been as high as 10.2 percent during the Obama administration has fallen to levels not seen in five decades. The October unemployment rate was 3.7 percent. Black unemployment is at a historic low, currently 6.3 percent after reaching an all-time low of 5.9 percent in May of this year. The Trump tax cuts seem to have had the desired effect on the economy as businesses are hiring and consumers are spending.
And the immigration issue, which many believe swept Trump into the White House, seems to be resonating with average Americans. The migrant caravans that wended their way through Mexico have fizzled for the time being, possibly due to the president calling upon federal troops to reinforce border-control efforts.
If the economy remains in wonderful shape and no major world-changing events occur, a 2020 reelection of the president should be a breeze, provided he can fend off the rabid attacks from Democrats and the mainstream media. People tend to vote with their pocketbooks in presidential elections, and at least for now, that bodes well for Trump.
Identity Politics
Moreover, evidence shows that much of the leftist base is being disillusioned by the lies, violence, and oppressiveness of the socialist Left.
For the past several decades, Democrats have been extremely successful in divide-and-conquer politics. They, with media assistance, have attempted to erase their own past of racial discrimination (i.e., support for slavery and the founding of the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws) and set themselves up as the party of the downtrodden. They have also done an effective job of framing the GOP as the party of bigotry and intolerance.
But this is beginning to change. In late June of 2018, a “gay” hairstylist and actor from New York, Brandon Straka, posted a video to YouTube entitled “Why I left the Democrat Party.” As of mid-November, the video had been viewed nearly 750,000 times. In the video, Straka lists many reasons why he decided to leave the Left and the Democrat Party.
“I reject tyrannical group think. I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives and apathetically steamroll over the truth,” Straka said in his video. “I reject the acceptance of junk science and superstition  to advance ideological agendas. I reject hate. These are the reasons I became a liberal and these are the same reasons why I am now walking away.”
Though Straka still has a long way to go — he obviously still rejects traditional cultural mores that are a prerequisite for having a culture of true tolerance and high ideological ideals — he makes good points.
The things that leftists always accused conservatives of doing have become their own modus operandi. As the Left becomes even more authoritarian, restricting speech and using violence to intimidate dissenters into passivity, people are beginning to see what their ultimate goals are, and they don’t like it.
Straka’s video was the precursor of a movement that has seen thousands of people realize that the agenda of the political Left in America no longer aligns with their core values. Straka further nails today’s leftist when he says, “For years now, I have watched as the Left has devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded and, at times, blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric.”
Straka’s words echo the sentiment of many classical liberals, who have found that today’s Democrat Party, and the Left in general, has left them behind in a push toward total control. There is a growing realization among classical liberals that today’s Left has become anti-free speech and, as Straka says, “anti-American.”
Another movement sprang up late in the midterm cycle, perhaps too late to influence this year’s election much but boding well for the future. Though it comes 50 years too late, the “Blexit” movement encourages black Americans to think for themselves, rather than blindly vote Democrat as many have been doing since the 1960s.
Fronted by 29-year-old conservative firebrand Candace Owens, Blexit — presumably named after the British vote for Brexit, or British exit from the EU — is confronting the completely made-up narrative that the Democrats are the party that cares about black Americans. Blexit challenges blacks to reject the historically backward notion that it is automatically better for them to vote Democrat instead of Republican. It also disputes the concept that if black Americans stray from any orthodoxy of today’s Left, then they are not “black enough.”
“The reason we’re seeing so many people leave the Left — I like to call them liberal refugees, like myself — is because they do not allow you to think freely. If you agree with them 95 percent and disagree on 5 percent, you are essentially excommunicated,” Owens has said. “You’re not allowed to be a liberal anymore. You’re not allowed to be a Democrat anymore.”
The Blexit website,, contains many informational stories about Democrat and leftist heroes such as President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger. People such as these, held up as heroes to black Americans, were actually very racist individuals, with Sanger having even called for the extermination of the black race.
Besides education, Owens believes that her fellow black Americans need to shed the mantle of victimhood. “If you are born black, and you don’t accept your natural status as a victim, then the validity of your blackness is immediately called into question.”
For decades now, the Left in America has been treating black Americans as nothing more than a reliable voting bloc, without the capability of independent thought.
Movements such as Blexit are encouraging those deceived by the Left to, if not convert to conservatism, at least study the issues as individuals and not as a member of a group. The Walk Away Campaign and Blexit are both challenging the notion of simply voting with your assigned identity group. They are encouraging people to actually study issues in order to find out what they believe as individuals, not just as members of a faction.
Early on, Robert Welch and the JBS knew that individualism and collectivism were at war. This breaking away from identity groups shows that people yearn to be treated as individuals, not just as a part of whatever identity or victim group they are assigned. And when people study issues as individuals instead of as a part of an identity group, conservatism and constitutionalism tend to win the battles of ideas.
Science and Climate Change
Not only is the Left getting heat for its bigotry and lies having to do with race, it is facing ridicule for its pronouncements on global warming.
In October of this year, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report with the dire warning that we must completely change the way in which we live in the next 12 years in order to halt the coming of catastrophic climate change. The mainstream media and carbon-credit salesman Al Gore were quick to scream in alarm.
In the wake of the new IPCC report, Gore breathlessly said, “Today the world’s leading scientific experts collectively reinforced what Mother Nature has made clear — that we need to undergo an urgent and rapid transformation to a global clean energy economy.”
Among other things, the IPCC report suggests raising taxes on all carbon emissions. Incredibly, the report suggests a tax that would, by 2030, make the price of a gallon of gas in the United States somewhere around $49.
Ironically, the report was released at about the same time as Australian climate researcher Dr. John McLean released the results of a first-ever audit of the IPCC’s data. The audit showed that data used by the IPCC to create models and, by extension, the October report, are not just flawed but incredibly flawed. One example from the erroneous data showed a Colombian town that reported an average temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit for three months. Another example showed a Romanian city reporting a September average temperature of -49 degrees Fahrenheit.
Many scientists — including some who used to consult with the IPCC — have already refuted the study. Former IPCC editor and retired chairman of the geophysics department at Stockholm University Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner said: “All this talk about a disastrous sea-level by 2100 is nothing but scaremongering and deliberate harassment of the public by the IPCC and its media proponents.”
Mörner, an acknowledged expert in measuring sea level, explains that, yes, sea level is rising, but almost imperceptibly. The fearmongering about it is beyond ridiculous. “This poses no threat whatsoever. In New York City, sea-level is rising at a rate of +2.84 millimeters per year, which would imply an additional rise in sea-level by 23.3 centimeters [just over 9 inches] by 2100, a modest rise that can be handled without problems.”
To put it mildly, the climate models used by the IPCC to predict future climate conditions are seriously flawed. All of them give carbon dioxide far too much credit as a control mechanism for global temperatures. A Canadian non profit, Friends of Science, put it this way: “After reviewing the literature and evidence, the group concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not CO2 as claimed by the U.N.”
That conclusion by the Friends of Science may seem obvious, but it needs to be repeated again and again. The sun controls our climate far more than humans could ever hope to. Also, the simple fact is that carbon dioxide is plant food. More CO2 is a good thing, not a bad thing. Plants thrive in a CO2-rich atmosphere. As Princeton physicist William Happer says, “Benefits that more [carbon dioxide] brings from increased agricultural yields and modest warming far outweigh any harm.”
So even on the off-chance that CO2 does contribute significantly to global warming, that would actually be a good thing for the most part. More warmth equals longer growing seasons and increased agricultural production. As the world population continues to grow, more food will be needed. As one NASA study shows, more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is already leading to a greener Earth, perhaps just as God intended.
Despite claims to the contrary, the environment in the United States is actually in much better shape than it has been for decades. Despite what we are told in the media, the fact is that the more developed a nation is, the cleaner it tends to be. Our water and air are much cleaner than they were decades ago. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that, “levels of particle pollution and ground level ozone pollution are substantially lower than in the past.” As far as our water is concerned, a study by the University of California at Berkeley and Iowa State concludes there have been “significant improvements in U.S. water quality” that,  not surprisingly, the federal agency attributes to the Clean Water Act. Our forests, despite all the wildfires we hear about, are more than a third more vast than they were a century ago, according to the U.S. Food and Agriculture Organization.
Worldwide, there are several examples of good news concerning the Earth and the climate:
• In January of this year, NASA’s Aura satellite showed that even the once-ballyhooed hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is shrinking. If this “hole” was ever a problem, the new study shows that the levels of chlorine, which supposedly led to the hole in the first place, have dropped significantly. Measurements from this year show 20-percent-less depletion of the ozone layer than when measurements first began in 2005.
• Island nations in the Pacific such as Tuvalu, thought by climate alarmists to be among the first casualties of sea-level rise owing to global warming, seem to be doing all right. In fact, far from disappearing under the ocean, a study by the University of Auckland shows the tiny island nation has actually grown by 180 acres, roughly the size of California’s Disneyland.
Climate alarmists are so ready to report doom to the masses that they sometimes rush to publish as soon as they think they’ve found news of warming anywhere. A recent study published in the science journal Nature claimed that the warming of the oceans was 60-percent higher than originally predicted. (Warm oceans have been a big subject this year, as the severity of Hurricanes Florence and Michael was blamed on warmer ocean water.)
But the authors of the study, from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UC-San Diego and Princeton, were so eager to publish their work showing a quickening of ocean warming that they failed to properly check their math. Multiple errors were quickly pointed out by mathematician Nic Lewis. Researchers were forced to issue a major correction to their report and conclude that the oceans were not warming up all that fast. As usual, the correction was not pointed out in the same breathless tone that the original study was.
Climate alarmism — that pseudo-scientific effort to frighten us all into accepting the UN’s globalist agenda — is dying the slow and steady death it deserves to die.
Environmentally speaking, the Earth is just not in that bad of a shape. Are there problems? Of course there are — some pretty serious ones too, such as the Texas-sized flotilla of plastic and other garbage in the Pacific Ocean. The stunning fact is that just five Asian nations — China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam — dump more plastic into the oceans than the rest of the world combined. But even on this front there is good news.
In September of this year, a collection of engineers, researchers, and scientists known as Ocean Clean Up began testing a system to skim the trash currently in the ocean. While the collection system is still in the testing phase, the group is confident that it will be able to clean up 50 percent of the current garbage patch in five years.  As international pressure is brought to bear on polluting countries, there remains hope that our oceans will cease to be garbage dumps.
Truth Is the Ultimate Weapon
We live in a world of technology unimagined when The John Birch Society began in 1958. While we may have imagined flying cars, which still elude us, who would have thought you could watch television and movies on wireless devices that could also be used as telephones? And who imagined that the government could spy on you with those same wireless devices? Orwell and Huxley perhaps, but few others. While a dark side to these new technologies exists, it’s also true that the same technologies give the common man a weapon to fight against the darkness.
Information is no longer disseminated by just a few television and radio stations and daily newspapers. With the advent of the Internet, new media have arisen which give us more opportunities to obtain truth, not just a prescribed narrative that we are meant to ingest with no questions asked. One citizen journalist with a video recorder on his or her phone is more likely to get at the truth than any vast, agenda-driven network is.
The truth, after all, is the ultimate weapon.

God has gifted us with a nation whose Founders had the foresight to create the document that we call the Constitution of the United States of America.
“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…”
No, we aren’t perfect; we cannot be. We can only strive to be more perfect. The Constitution gives us the room to grow, but to grow based upon the principles laid out in it. The onset of new technologies and new problems, unimagined in the late 17th century, are not an excuse for a new or reimagined Constitution, as some on both sides of the political spectrum would have us believe. Rather, these new challenges call for a renewed scrutiny of the original words our Founders gave us. We need to dust off the principles contained in the Constitution and move forward accordingly.
Of course, for those of us who believe in God, He is the ultimate reason for optimism. As we make our way through this sometimes troubling world, we can take comfort in God’s promises. God is sovereign; God is truth. Once we discern that, we can rest assured, knowing that this verse from the Bible is true: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
— Romans 8:28

This article originally appeared in the December 24, 2018 print edition of The New American. The New American publishes a print magazine twice a month, covering issues such as politics, money, foreign policy, environment, culture, and technology. To subscribe, click here.