Wednesday, January 23, 2013


    Andy Stanley, son of well known pastor Charles Stanley, both Southern Baptists, has been so impressed with Obama's involvement with the Newtown, Connecticut school tragedy that he thinks Obama should be crowned with the title "Pastor in Chief". This, despite the preaching and teaching of the "separation of church and state" for decades within the Southern Baptist Convention. And this, apparently, was the thrust of his man-centered, so-called "sermonette", as reported by the Washington Examiner at: So much for honoring God in His house.
    No photos or videos were allowed inside the Washington Cathedral, the nation's seat of absolute heresy, apostasy and ecumenism, i.e., as long as we're on the subject of "absolutism" that the anointed one showed distaste for in his inaugural speech.
    It does bring back to memory certain themes throughout history, mostly outside the U.S., of the "divine right of kings", the Holy Roman Emperor, the King and Queen of England and the Anglican Church, the Emperor Hirohito of Japan, and assorted Popes who crossed the line between church and state so as to "leverage their power", as Stanley would have Obama do too. He couldn't have been clearer.
    What other titles could we expect to be conferred by the same traitorous pastors we have idolized in our mega-churches, the ones who are now unashamedly tripping over themselves before the feet of the most high elected one, and waiting earnestly for his commands and directives. Should we dress him up in clerical finery and surround him with a throne too?
    And then to add to the circus atmosphere,  we now have the cussing, beer drinking mega-church pastor Mark Driscoll of Seattle, Washington now tweeting something to the effect that Obama doesn't know God or the Bible he swore his oath of office on, being severely criticized by a bunch of apostate gay-affirming ecumenist pastors condemning Driscoll for the most impardonable sin of all, "judging" another "Christian".
    The Christian churches have surely become the laughing stock of a pagan culture. These are the church "leaders" that are the pupils of Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Peter Drucker and the Leadership Network, who "throw Christians under the bus" when we don't get with their program or vision, who require us to sign membership covenants, 25 page constitutions, confessions, pledges, and oaths, and assign all power, authority and leverage to themselves. It is only logical that they would see a benefit in forming church/state alliances European style. The little people are only there to carry their heavy loads. So you can almost hear them saying to you next, if they haven't already, "shut up, follow us and do the work we gave you to do" (for the cause of Christ they add). Not what the Reformers had in mind for sure!