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With its weekly yoga class right on campus, in fact right in Munro Parlor, named after the first dean of the college, Eastern Nazarene College continues to commit serious error in identifying itself as a “Christian” school.  I have written much in the past about my alma mater and its embrace of false teachers, its support of professors who promote evolution and open theism, its compromise with homosexual activism, and its ecumenicalism. The school is yet again reaching out into the world and bringing in not only what is a worldly practice, but a practice that teaches pagan spirituality, delves into dangerous use of mysticism, and leaves a Christian open to spiritual deception.  Instead of following the biblical command to “be not conformed to the world”, the school continues to reject almost every sound biblical principle taught in Scripture.

The poster advertising the class shows the silhouette of a young female in the familiar Lotus pose used by those who practice Eastern meditation.  It is a very common pose, and it also has a spiritual meaning, as does all other yoga poses.  It is a frequently used pose for meditation and prayanama (breathing exercises).  Breath is believed to be the purifying power in our bodies, and the objective of deep, slow breathing is meant to purify and energize our bodies, according to yoga tradition.  But contrary to the arguments of many who have “Christianized” yoga, you cannot separate the physical from the spiritual aspects of this practice.  It is pagan eastern mysticism, and its goal is not simply physical exercise, but to bring the yoga practitioner to the point of a deep spiritual experience and connection.  But that kind of connection is not with the God of the Bible. (See Yoga Uncoiled by Car​y​l Matrisciana

The word yoga means “union.”  The goal is eventually to unite yourself with the infinite Brahman, which is the Hindu concept of God.  That concept is expressed as the belief in “pantheism”, that everything is God.  Because everything is God, therefore there is no difference between man and God.  The origins of yoga are clearly anti-Christian, and its emphasis is on teaching a person to focus on one’s self rather than focusing on God.

So one of the goals of yoga is to teach you spirituality, or help you find your spirituality.  It teaches that there is a divine light within each of us.  All of the yoga postures represent a specific spiritual meaning, and although I will not go into details of these postures, you can research for yourself and find out that yoga is far more than physical exercise, and why it is to be avoided by all Christians.

​Several years ago my wife and I met with the president of ENC, Dr. Corlis McGee, as well as the school chaplain and the provost.  Although we had a cordial conversation with them, we were miles apart in our beliefs.  It is certainly no surprise to me that yoga is now allowed on the campus.  We had gone there to voice our objections to the scheduling of Tony Campolo to speak to the students at chapel services.  Dr. Campolo is an advocate of contemplative mysticism, and he confirmed our concerns when he spoke the next month, unashamedly promoting mantra prayers (centering prayer) and occultic Celtic spirituality.  As I looked around and noticed several pastors in attendance, I wondered whether any of them had any idea of the harm this man was potentially causing to students listening to him.

Lack of discernment in the Christian colleges today is no longer a rare thing, but a common occurrence.  There is not one Nazarene Christian college, and very few other Christian colleges, that has not been affected in one way or another by these false teachings and the ecumenical philosophy that is plaguing these schools.  It would be much better for a Christian student to attend a secular college, than to attend and support a Christian school today in name only.

While proclaiming faithfulness to the truth of Scripture, schools such as Eastern Nazarene College have become nothing but havens for compromise.  ENC proudly proclaims the statement, attributed to Bertha Munro herself, that “There is no conflict between the best in education and the best in our Christian faith.”  And in doing so, they have no problem allowing evolutionists to confuse the minds of their students, and allowing other doctrines of demons to be taught to the students.  Instead of strengthening the students’ faith with the truth of Scripture, they promote the liberal mentality of “let them come to their own conclusions” by exposing them to all sorts of false teaching.

We are told by Paul in Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  Yoga is a worldly practice that does not reflect the mind of God.  Practicing Eastern pagan meditation is not part of God’s “perfect will.”  The practicing of yoga will leave the Christian wide open to deception from satan. (Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8)  Instead, all that we do, we should do for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31).

In a post from last October on his blog, Pastor Douglas Graham of Cedarville Church of the Nazarene states:

 “Yoga is based on idolatry and worldly thinking. It often involves a Hindu chant and emptying the mind. As Christians we are to fill our mind with the Word of God.”
“As a Christian I’d rather not join with a false god (Brahma) or ideas steeped in idolatry in order to be whole. Even Hindus know that yoga is not a practice of Christianity. I’d rather place my faith in the Gospel of Christ than to put my body in weird positions. I’m not saying someone isn’t a Christian if they do yoga. I’m using Biblical discernment and I hope Christians would do the same.”

If yoga is truly okay for Christians, then why not also use Ouija boards, Tarot cards, Astrology signs and symbols?  Like yoga, they all have a philosophy and idea behind them that makes it a problem for Christians to justify.  Yet somehow yoga has passed the smell test at many “Christian” colleges and churches, and is now practiced by many undiscerning Christians, encouraged by pastors and other leaders who are also blind to the truth.
But such is the sad state of the “Christian” college today.  Many Nazarenes, including myself, do not recommend that parents send their children to any Nazarene college at the moment, including attending the seminary, which also promotes contemplative spirituality and occultic Celtic “Christianity.”  I sent an email to President McGee on March 27, asking her to explain why this is being allowed, and if the school is approving of this practice.  I have not yet received a response.

I urge anyone who is concerned about this to write to Dr. McGee as well.  Her email address is

For further information and research:

Yoga Uncoiled by Car​y​l Matrisciana 


New “Yoga Flow” club offers on campus classes


"The idea to hold on campus classes came after Bohall spoke with senior and president of Yoga Flow, Emma Thies. Thies spoke to Bohall about how she liked doing yoga primarily in a group setting, and while there were classes at the Quincy YMCA, these classes were not necessarily at a convenient time, which led to the creation of the club."

Nazzy Idol Round 2 Emma Thies

Published on Nov 15, 2013

Emma Thies sings Dead Come to Life by Jonathan Thulin for round 2 of Nazzy Idol. Emma will be moving forward to the Nazzy Idol Finale!!


"I am the living dead, You are the opposite
We're like fire and ice, only one can survive
My will's departed

Life is in Your eyes, reach into mine
I am

A valley of bones covered in stone
Nothing more than human
Into the unknown, body and soul,
You're calling me cuz,
Only with You the dead come to life, dead come to life
Only with You the dead come to life, dead come to life 
Only with You the... Yeah

I am a foreigner, caught in the crossfire (whoa)
I am paralyzed by the battle cries
Can you hear it?

Life is in Your eyes, reach into mine
I am

A valley of bones covered in stone
Nothing more than human
Into the unknown, body and soul,
You're calling me cuz,
Only with You the dead come to life, dead come to life
Only with You the dead come to life, dead come to life 
Only with You the

We are the dry and thirsty sand, hold on
Upon this dry and thirsty land, hold on
Will You speak life into the flesh?
Breathing into the dead, dead

A valley of bones covered in stone
Nothing more than human
Into the unknown, body and soul,
You're calling me cuz,
Only with You the dead come to life, dead come to life
Only with You the dead come to life, dead come to life 
Only with You the...Oh
Only with You
Only with You the dead come to life"
More on 'Christian Yoga'


Governor Mike Pence: Indiana ‘Not Going To Change’ Anti-LGBT Law

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Washington (CNN) 
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says concerns that his state’s new “religious freedom” law will allow businesses to turn away LGBT customers is the result of a “tremendous amount of misinformation and misunderstanding.”
But he refused Sunday to answer at least six yes-or-no questions about whether the measure legalizes discrimination against gays and lesbians.
And he said he won’t support legislation that would clean up the public relations mess by adding protections based on sexual orientation to Indiana’s anti-discrimination laws.
READ: Indiana’s religious freedom law: What you need to know
“That’s not on my agenda, and that’s not been an objective of the people of the state of Indiana. And it doesn’t have anything to do with this law,” Pence said in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”
“We are not going to change this law,” he said.
Pence’s decision last week to sign into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that allows Indiana businesses to cite their religious freedom as a legal defense has triggered an intense backlash against his state.
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest blasted Pence during the same segment on ABC’s “This Week,” saying that the Indiana Republican “is in damage control mode this morning, and he’s got damage to fix.”
“It should be easy for leaders in this country to stand up and say that it is wrong to discriminate against people just because of who they love,” Earnest said.
Tech companies have also taken aim at Indiana. Apple chief executive Tim Cook tweeted that “Apple is open for everyone. We are deeply disappointed in Indiana’s new law.” head Marc Benioff said his company would stop its travel to Indiana and help its employees move out of the state.
The mayors of San Francisco and Seattle issued statements announcing bans on the spending of public funds for employees to travel to Indiana. San Francisco makes an exception for travel “essential to the public health and safety.”
Seattle will also inspect city contracts to see any are with businesses located in Indiana.
The mayor of Indiana’s capital Indianapolis condemned the new law.
“I had hoped the Statehouse wouldn’t move in this direction on RFRA, but it seems as if the bill was a fait accompli from the beginning,” said Mayor Greg Ballard. “We are a diverse city, and I want everyone who visits and lives in Indy to feel comfortable here. RFRA sends the wrong signal.”
The NCAA, which is headquartered in Indianapolis and set to host its men’s basketball Final Four in the city this week, said the law could lead it to move events elsewhere in future years. The NBA, WNBA and NFL issued critical statements. And groups like the gamer convention GenCon and the Disciples of Christ, which holds a meeting in Indianapolis each year, have said they could move their events, too.
Even popular culture figures have weighed in. Miley Cyrus called Pence an “a–hole” on Instagram, while M.C. Hammer tweeted that Indiana’s law is “barbaric and inhumane.”
Pence told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that it was “absolutely not” a mistake to sign the law — and noted that President Bill Clinton signed a similar one nationally, and then-state Sen. Barack Obama supported one in Illinois.
“I’m just determined to clarify this: This is about protecting the religious liberty of people of faith and families of faith,” Pence said.
Stephanopoulos noted that Illinois also had a state law barring discrimination based on sexual orientation — which Indiana does not have.
He asked Pence about the comments made by Eric Miller, the head of Advance America and a powerful lobbyist on socially conservative causes in Indiana who was in Pence’s office for the private bill signing ceremony last week.
As examples of situations where the law “will help,” Miller wrote on his website that “Christian bakers, florists and photographers should not be punished for refusing to participate in a homosexual marriage!” and “a Christian business should not be punished for refusing to allow a man to use the women’s restroom!”
The Indianapolis Star reported that one of the bill’s chief legislative sponsors, state Sen. Scott Schneider, agreed that the law would protect those businesses.
Stephanopoulos asked Pence at least four times whether Miller’s claims were accurate — and each time, Pence deflected, refusing to grant the host’s request for a “yes or no” answer.
“People are trying to make it about one particular issue, and now you’re doing that as well,” Pence said.
“Here, Indiana steps forward to protect the constitutional rights and privileges of freedom of religion for people of faith and families of faith for people in our state and this avalanche of intolerance has been poured upon the people of our state,” he said.
In addition to the national outrage, local businesses have said they’re canceling plans to grow there.
The chief executive of Angie’s List — who was also the campaign manager for Pence’s Republican predecessor, former Gov. Mitch Daniels — said his company is halting its plans for a major expansion in Indianapolis.
Pence said he’s open to legislative efforts to clarify the “religious freedom” law — though the state’s Republican-dominated legislature already rejected Democrats’ push to amend it to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination, and Pence said he doesn’t support a new state law with those protections.
“This isn’t about disputes between individuals, it’s about government overreach,” Pence said, “and I’m proud that Indiana stepped forward.”


Apple CEO Slams Religious Freedom Law After Doing Deals With Countries that Execute Gays


Tim Cook's rampant hypocrisy laid bare
Apple CEO Tim Cook slammed Indiana’s religious freedom law after critics claimed it would lead to discrimination against members of the LGBT community, but such concerns didn’t stop him from doing deals to sell iPhones in Islamic countries that execute gays.
(Friday Church News Notes, April 10, 2015,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Fiorina blasts Apple CEO’s ‘hypocrisy’ over Indiana law,” The Hill, Apr. 3, 2015: “Former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina on Thursday blasted Apple CEO Tim Cook’s opposition to Indiana's religious freedom law as ‘hypocrisy.’ Fiorina, a potential 2016 GOP presidential contender, said Cook had a double standard and cited Apple’s operations in other countries with controversial laws about gays and women in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. ‘When Tim Cook is upset about all the places that he does business because of the way they treat gays and women, he needs to withdraw from 90% of the markets that he’s in, including China and Saudi Arabia,’ Fiorina argued. ‘But I don’t hear him being upset about that.’ Fiorina said his stance exposed a ‘level of hypocrisy here that is really unfortunate.’ She added that Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act contained ‘nothing objectionable’ and that Cook’s criticism stemmed from ‘narrow special interests’ rather than reality. ‘I think this is a ginned-up controversy by people who play identity politics that has divided the nation in a way that is really unhelpful,’ Fiorina added. Cook, who came out as gay last year, criticized the Indiana measure when it was signed into law last week. The CEO said it ran counter to Apple’s policies on tolerance.”
Left's mass hysteria and lies about Indiana's RFRA:
by Gina Miller
Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
If all you had to go on was the reaction of God-hating sodomite activists and their fellow travelers, you might think nothing like Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has ever happened before in our entire history. Of course, you would be wrong. We've had a federal RFRA in place since President Clinton signed it into law back in '93, with the backing of an almost unanimous Congress, and half the states have identical laws on their books, as well. So, why is the radical Left throwing this massive hissy fit over the law in Indiana?

The answer is that with the Left, the issue is never the issue. Homofascist activists and their duped supporters are lying about the meaning of Indiana's RFRA. They claim it's nothing more than an anti-homosexual law that gives Christians a license to "discriminate" against sodomites. While the merits of being wisely discriminate can be argued, it still remains that this is not what the law is intended to do. It's not the issue. The truth is what it has been from the start. This law, while doing nothing more than reinforcing the protections of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, is a safe guard for people of conscience. That's it.

The real issue here is members of the radical homosexual movement and their Hell-born crusade against Christian freedom and expression. That's it, and it further entails their depraved desire to force the "normalization" of what is a degenerate, unnatural and very unhealthy behavior – homosexuality – at the expense of the rights of those who oppose it. These people have as their mission an end-run around our God-given freedoms. Since it's not feasible, at this time, to simply outlaw freedom of speech and religion in America, these homosexual activists are a handy tool of the communist Left to effectively crush these freedoms through intimidation, lawfare, boycotts and whatever other bullish means they can contrive, short of simply abolishing our First Amendment protections.

Since Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) took office, the militant sodomite movement has made terrible gains for their sordid goals in all areas of our nation, and the homofascists are hell-bent to defend those gains from any real or perceived losses. Thus, the Left's media machine is in full attack mode against Indiana's RFRA. Hollywood liberals are beside themselves with self-righteous indignation. Some large companies are making a stupid scene against the law. We're watching mass hysteria of the Left. I have no way of knowing how many of these screeching and wailing people honestly believe the lies about this RFRA and how many of them are knowingly lying about it, but the result is the same, a giant tsunami of ignorant, misguided outrage that is having the desired effect on Indiana's leadership. Governor Mike Pence and Indiana state legislators are already doing the Republican back-peddle dance in saying they're looking to "clarifying" the law to pacify the homofascist faction. I have news for Governor Pence. There will be no pacifying these people until Christian expression is completely outlawed in the United States.

In this, it is a great temptation for Christians to become enraged or despondent, or both. After all, this is pure lunacy, and we know it. We are truly watching the inmates run the asylum, and we feel powerless to stop it, powerless to speak truth and reason into a gaping, black hole of lies and evil insanity that pervades the air of our nation. It is now as important as ever to remember Jesus' warning to us in Matthew 24. He told us to watch for the signs of the last days that precede His return, and what we're now seeing is what He called "the beginning of sorrows," a time in which iniquity will abound and the love of many will grow cold.

Terrible times are ahead, and I assure you that what we're seeing today – the viciousness of the radical Left and the vile trouble they make for lovers of freedom – will one day be "the good old days." But, take heart, because while all these awful things must come to pass, the Lord has already won the victory. Our job is to remain focused on Him, to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God while we still can. Of course, we will also work to expose and rebuke the works of darkness, but we must endeavor to grab hold of that peace the Lord gives, that supernatural peace that defies understanding in this lost and dying world.

If you don't have that peace, if you've never known the true freedom that comes through Jesus Christ, then I urge you to seek Him today, while He may be found. Grab yourself a Bible, and read it with an open heart. He's easy to find, and He dearly wants you to know Him.


Published on Mar 29, 2015
Footage out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot earlier this week shows military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training.


Martial law-style drill caught on camera
SEE:; republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Footage out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot earlier this week shows military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training.
The clip shows armed troops arresting role players on the street before a column of prisoners are marched towards a mock internment facility. Black Hawk choppers are also seen whizzing between buildings.
The exercise was accompanied by very little media coverage. A Sun-Sentinel report said that Broward County police would be “assisting members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces who are undergoing urban warfare training.”
The drill, which was held in locations the military refused to disclose beforehand, began on March 17 and ended on Friday. 200 military personnel from all four branches, Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy, took part in the exercise.
“The goal is to prepare participants in realistic, unfamiliar training conditions before they deploy for combat overseas,” states the report. Residents were advised “not to be alarmed by the Black Hawk helicopters in the sky.”
Broward County also saw similar drills back in March 2014, when Navy SEALS practicing storming a university building from a helicopter.
Concerns continue to circulate that such drills are designed for dual purpose and are part of a plan to acclimate Americans to accept martial law in a time of national emergency. As we have exhaustively documented, the fact that preparations are being made to use the military during domestic unrest is manifestly provable.
Jade Helm, an upcoming military drill that will involve nine states, caused controversy after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.
As we reported earlier this week, the exercise will involve soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Military and Police in Florida Practice Detaining Citizens

"Under a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), passed by Congress and signed by Obama, U.S. citizens can be indefinitely detained by the military inside the United States as part of the terror war. No charges, trial, due process, or access to an attorney are necessary to detain an American potentially for his or her whole life under the unconstitutional scheme — just an order from the Obama administration, which also purports to have the authority to secretly execute Americans without so much as criminal charges. In fact, multiple Americans have already been executed via drone without charges or trial, including a 16-year-old American searching for his father in Yemen.  
Critics commenting on the developments cite official documents and statements as offering some hints as to who might potentially be targeted in the event of a serious crisis — perhaps those “bitter” Americans who “cling” to their “guns or religion,” as Obama put it in a speech. Indeed, the Obama administration’s ongoing demonization of tens or even hundreds of millions of Americans as potential “terrorists” and “extremists” — military veteranspro-life activistsconstitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, liberty loversevangelicals, Catholics, and more — has raised widespread concerns from Congress and state legislatures to veterans groups and police departments nationwide." 

Jade Helm! Night Time Military Training Black Hawk Helicopters over Coral Springs, Florida