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Mike Gendron and Jason Hauser of Proclaiming the 

Gospel present the following videos:

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The Catholic Eucharist:

Published on Aug 21, 2013 on YouTube Channel of Proclaiming the Gospel:
In this broadcast Jason Hauser and Mike Gendron discuss the Roman Catholic teaching on the Eucharist. It is either the highest form of blasphemy and idolatry or a gross misinterpretation of Scripture by the evangelical church. We will look at why Catholics believe the Eucharist becomes God and the historical roots of transubstantiation. You will want to share this broadcast with your Catholic loved ones.

The Catholic Sacrifice of the Mass is Unnecessary:

Published on Aug 29, 2013 on YouTube Channel of Proclaiming the Gospel:
Mike Gendron and Jason Hauser discuss the errors, fallacies and heresies associated with the daily sacrifices of a Eucharistic Christ on Roman Catholic altars. Our dear Catholic friends and loved ones need to know the Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect high priest offered Himself, the perfect sacrifice, once for all sin for all time, to a perfect God who demands perfection. Our Lord cried out, "It is finished" and the eternal sin debt was paid in full for all who believe. There are no more sacrifices and offerings for sin.



From the State Department:, containing no particular outrage, firm condemnations, references to violations of moral law, and/or international law by John Kerry:

U.S. Citizens Detained or Missing in Iran

Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
August 28, 2013

The United States respectfully asks the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to work cooperatively with us in our efforts to help U.S. citizens Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati, and Saeed Abedini to return to their families after lengthy detentions.
Mr. Levinson went missing from Kish Island, Iran, in March 2007. Mr. Levinson is not only a husband, but a caring father to seven children. His family has endured with courage and quiet dignity the pain of spending so many important family milestones without him there. They shouldn’t have to endure additional worry about his whereabouts and well being. We call again on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to uphold its offer to help find Mr. Levinson and return him safely to his family.
The United States is also deeply concerned about the fate of dual U.S. citizens Amir Hekmati and Saeed Abedini. Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Mr. Hekmati’s detention in Iran on false espionage charges. On September 26, Mr. Abedini will have spent a year in detention in Iran. He was sentenced to eight years in prison on charges related to his religious beliefs.
President Rouhani has shared in his speeches and interviews over the past few months his hope and vision to improve the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relationship with the world.
We urge the Iranian Government to release Mr. Hekmati and Mr. Abedini and to help us locate Mr. Levinson so that they may be reunited with their families as safely and as soon as possible.
These men belong at home with those who love them and miss them.
Meanwhile the White House spokesperson is flippant when asked about Christians in Egypt being held in prison and tortured or killed, as seen in this YouTube video:

White House Spokesman on Obama "Red Line in Egypt" on Attacks on Christians: "I Didn't Bring My Red Pen":

Excerpt of press conference from:

Press Briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, 8/21/2013, at:

"Question (from reporter):    So applying the same -- and Jim got at this a bit about the rhetoric in many of these cases -- be shifted to Egypt with people being killed, Christians in particular being targeted, churches being destroyed.  What's the President's red line in Egypt?

MR. EARNEST:  Well, I didn't bring my red pen out with me today.  But I can tell you that we have condemned in unambiguous terms all the violence that's been perpetrated there in Egypt.  We have been concerned and condemn the violence that was perpetrated by the government against peaceful protestors.  And we're just as outraged and just as concerned about reports that Christian churches have been targeted. The violence in Egypt should come to an end.  It needs to stop.  And that is the way that we're going to facilitate the kind of reconciliation that will allow the interim government to make good on their promise to transition back to a democratically elected, civilian government.  We need to see an inclusive process get started there, and that’s something that we are encouraging the interim government to undertake."

Again, no moral outrage or condemnation here, 
thanks to Obama


Mother Charged With Murdering Newborn in Sports Bar Restroom in Bethlehem, PA

"A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested and charged with murder after she gave birth to a baby in a women's room at a sports bar, then stuffed the newborn into a plastic bag and ditched him in the tank behind a toilet.
According to local news reports, 26-year-old Amanda Hein was with friends at Starters Pub near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for an evening of pay-per-view wrestling when she disappeared into the women's room at the pub, returning some 40 minutes later with blood on her clothes but insisting she was okay."

Woman (Allegedly) Kills Newborn in Sports Bar Bathroom, Returns to Wrestling Match:

Published on Aug 28, 2013 on YouTube above:
PA. Woman gives birth in public toilet, kills baby, hides body in toilet, goes back to watching wrestling !!!

A Pennsylvania woman is being held without bond after she allegedly gave birth to a baby boy in a bar bathroom, killed him and left his body in a toilet tank.

According to prosecutors, 26-year-old Amanda Catherine Hein went with three men to Starters Pub in Lower Saucon Township on August 18 to watch a pay-per-view wrestling event. The following morning, a cleaning crew at the pub allegedly discovered the dead body of a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag in a toilet tank in the ladies' bathroom.

Investigators found that one of the booths in the pub had brown staining and liquid on it that's consistent with blood, according to Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli. Police checked the bar's records and made contact with the person who had reserved the booth for the event that night.

Police then interviewed Luis Rivera, who said he sat in that booth with Hein during the event. Rivera claimed Hein complained about discomfort and spasms that evening before excusing herself to go to the bathroom, Morganelli told reporters Monday.

Rivera told police Hein was gone for "an extended period of time," then returned to the table and went outside to smoke a cigarette, according to Morganelli.

When Hein came back, Rivera allegedly asked if she was OK, and she said she was but she was in pain. She stayed for about an hour to watch the rest of the event. Rivera noticed that there appeared to be liquid on Hein's clothes that looked like blood, Morganelli said.

Rivera said he asked Hein multiple times if she needed to go a hospital but she refused, so he dropped her off at home, according to authorities.

A medical examiner performed an autopsy on the baby on August 20 and found that the boy was born alive and viable and had gestated for 33 to 36 weeks. The cause of death was determined to be suffocation.

When Hein was interviewed by police, she allegedly admitted she gave birth in a bathroom stall and left the baby in the toilet tank, court documents stated.

"She placed the child in a plastic bag which she obtained from the garbage can in the stall. She then put the plastic bag containing the child in the water tank for the toilet. Hein advised after she placed the bag and child in the toilet tank, she returned to the dining area until the event was over," a probable cause affidavit alleged.

Morganelli said Monday that Hein had known she was pregnant for a few months but did not tell anyone. Investigators are still trying to determine whom the child's father was.

Prosecutors have not yet made a decision on whether to seek the death penalty in the case. Morganelli told reporters he does not know what may have motivated Hein to allegedly kill her child.

"I cannot get inside this lady's head," he said. "I have no clue."

Morganelli described the case as "very upsetting."

Northhampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek reminded reporters that Pennsylvania has safe haven laws that allow a parent to relinquish a child to the state at any hospital up to 28 days after birth with no questions asked.

"It's a sad situation," Morganelli said. "This young lady made a very, very bad choice. Why? I don't know."

Court records do not indicate whether Hein has an attorney. Her stepmother told the Morning Call newspaper that she had not even known Hein was pregnant.

Hein appeared in court Monday for a preliminary arraignment on a criminal homicide charge. She was denied bond.