Friday, December 28, 2012


    From BGBC Survivors blog,, comes a posting about the various and sundry Scripture verses that Reformed Baptist and other abusive/controlling pastors use on their flocks.
    Please refer to (cult deprogrammer/exit counselor) Mary Alice Chrnalogar's book "Twisted Scriptures" and the following pages for misuse of Scriptures:
1) Page 214-2Thess.3-misinterpretation of "disorderly", "busybodies", "shunning", "shaming".
2) Page 214-1Thess.5:22-misinterpretation of "avoiding evil" to include "uncommitted believers", etc.
3) Page 217-Luke 14:26-misinterpretation of "hating" family members.
4) Page 218-Luke 9:60 and Matt 8:22-misinterpretation of "burying the dead".
5) Page 218-2John 9&10-misinterpretation of "refusing to welcome".
6) Page 219-Matt 18:15-17-misuse of "confronting sin".



Reformed Baptist spiritual abuse of adult Christians is bad enough. IFB physical abuse of minors is what this is about. Some Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches and parents have and are supporting a "correctional" home in Winona Lake, Indiana known as Hephzibah House run by Ron and Don Williams, where "rebellious" girls from IFB families are sent for discipline in various forms described as extreme abuse by survivors. Said parents may have been inspired by Williams' sermon about daughters who may be developing a so-called "Jezibel spirit" or "Strange Woman" tendencies, as in:, and the video:
Or the parents may have read and interpreted Michael and Debi Pearl's book "To Train Up a Child", reported on in the two videos below, after believing the advice to be the inspired Word of God from his "anointed":

Or they may have taken to heart the belief of Pearl that training a child is the same as training an animal as expressed in his own words in this video:

Williams refuses to answer reporter's questions:

At the excellent blog of Cynthia Kunsman,, there are excellent Blog Talk Radio interviews by Jocelyn Andersen exposing Hephzibah at these audio links:
The five (5) part audio series of Jeri Massi on Hephzibah at:
Former Hephzibah Girls blog:
Hephzibah Girls blog:
Fundamentally Reformed:
A heart wrenching video by Jocelyn Zichterman on IFB abuse and Hephzibah House abuse:

And finally, the video about the Lydia Schatz death from beatings as a result of (among other abusive methods) parents using flexible plumbing supply tubes on this child and other children.


As noted before, the Southern Baptist churches are filled with and influenced by Freemasons. As such, the SBC has taken a somewhat neutral stand on the incompatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity, while other churches have clearly condemned it unequivocably. John MacArthur exposes Freemasonry in this video below: