Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The SGM Council of Elders Issue Statement Commending C.J. Mahaney & Condemning Brent Detwiler
Monday, August 5, 2013 at 7:52PM
Brent Detwiler
The SGM Council of Elders posted a statement on their website today that commends C.J. Mahaney and condemns me.  It comes as no surprise.  I've know about it for the past three months.  I am preparing a response that I will post on Friday, Aug 9.  I don't want to rush a response.  This is another defining moment.
This is the disgusting statement in its entirety from the elders of Sovereign Grace Ministries. If anyone needs to repent, its not Brent Detwiler. All this while criminal charges are still being investigated and an appeal made in the civil suit.
The Sovereign Grace Council of Elders held their inaugural meeting May 23-25, 2013, in Orlando, Florida. In addition to approving a motion to form a Strategy Committee for International Missions and confirming Mark Prater as the first Executive Director, the Council of Elders also approved, by a supermajority, the following statement to be sent to every Sovereign Grace church and posted on the Sovereign Grace Ministries website. 
As the Sovereign Grace Council of Elders, representing the elderships that govern local churches, we believe that Brent Detwiler has repeatedly and grievously slandered our churches and our leaders.[1]  We denounce as sinful and unbiblical his determined effort to accuse our brethren.[2]  Consequently, we urge our brothers and sisters in Christ to avoid giving audience to Brent Detwiler’s unbiblical speech until such a time that he repents of this ungodly pattern. Such harmful speech is ruinous to the church of God. 
Furthermore, in contradiction to Brent Detwiler’s ongoing statements, we vigorously reiterate our support of C.J. Mahaney as a qualified minister of the gospel.[3] While we wholeheartedly support our reformation in polity, we also publicly declare our gratefulness for C.J.’s many years of service and commend his ongoing ministry of the gospel.[4] 

[1] This belief is based on the numerous public statements Brent has made accusing leaders of Sovereign Grace churches of lying, deception, hypocrisy, conspiracy, abuse, etc. without due process nor sufficient information and at times blatantly contrary to the facts.
[3] Per Interim Board announcement on the review panels dated January 25, 2012 andPreliminary Panel Report dated July 27, 2011.
[4] C.J. serves as a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville but does not hold a staff position with Sovereign Grace Ministries, Inc.