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    Since we saw the practice of "Doxasoma" mentioned on the Wild Goose Festival program for August in North Carolina, we decided to investigate it further. We found some interesting discoveries.
Greenville Online of South Cartolina has a full report of its infiltration into several YMCAs: This article clearly shows that yoga is being "Christianized" for the purpose of making it seem more acceptable for Christians who formerly would not practice it because of its Hindu occult basis. See also:
See also:
See also:
Doxafit mentions it has Doxasoma at four YMCAs:!location-partners/casi.
Sean Schumacher and Angela Doll Carlson are promoting this practice at the South Carolina YMCAs mentioned above, and shown here:!instructors/c2271.
These YouTube videos demonstrate Doxasoma positions:



See:, which declares:
"We dream of a movement where everyone is welcome to participate. We are intentionally building a space in which we invite everyone to value, respect, and fully affirm people of any ethnicity, age, gender, gender expression, sexual identity, education, bodily condition, religious affiliation, or economic background, particularly the marginalized. We are committed to fair trade, gift exchange, ecological sanity, and economic inclusion. We strive for high standards of mutual respect, non-hierarchical leadership, and participative planning."
The lineup for this event includes:
LGBT singing group "Micah's Rule", which we posted about before:

Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove, leader in the "New Monastic Movement", who we also reported on in a prior post:

Brian McLaren, emergent mystic heretic:
Nadia Bolz-Weber, tattooed pastrix from the Evangelical Lutheran Church:
Phyllis Tickle, emergent re-definer of Christianity:
Philip Yancey, emergent heretic:
Doug Pagitt, emergent re-definer of Christianity and heretic:

Reads like total and absolute heresy and apostasy, mixed with Hindu yoga, Buddhist mindfulness, sexual perversion, ecstatic pagan dance, mystical practices, carnality, and otherwise bizarre spirituality.
"World-class musicians, best-selling authors, and people from all across the country will be descending on Hot Springs, North Carolina (just north of Asheville) for Wild Goose Festival 2013, August 8-11.
The theme of this year's festival is "ReMembering The Body," and there's a whole host of great sessions on tap. Here's just a sample of what you can experience:
  • Strangers at My Door — Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and friends lead a time of storytelling and singing as they share joys and struggles from the past decade of life in a hospitality house
  • Re-membering The Body — A service of Holy Eucharist focused on the plight of the poor around the world, led by Ian Cron

  • Asher Kolieboi

  • Galatians 3:28 — A talk by Asher Kolieboi, co-founder of the Legalize Trans* campaign, on creating trans* inclusive faith communities
  • Ecstatic Dance Wave — Led by members of the Asheville Movement Collective
  • Fifty Shades of Hope — A talk byJulie Clawson on re-membering our bodies by embracing the power of eros
  • Disabled Ritual — A service led by members of the Transmission community in New York City
  • Radical Pro-Creation — A talk by Kerlin Richter on liberative parenting as Gospel witness
  • Mystic Soul Movement — Explore the path to your inner divine through gentle yoga-based movement, relaxation techniques, and guided contemplative prayer, led byTheresa B Pasquale
  • The Blessing of the Other — A talk by Alexia Salvatierra on creating welcome for immigrants and other wanderers 
  • Laughter Yoga — This practice combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing, because laughter truly is the best medicine

  • Megan DeFranza

  • When Male and Female Is Not Enough — A talk on welcoming the intersexed among us, led by Lianne Simon and Megan DeFranza 
  • Dancing Mindfulness — Explore the seven principles of mindfulness and the beauty of prayer in motion in this come-as-you-are dance workshop, led by Meghan Lin
  • Re-membering the Creator(s) — Weaving stories with thoughtful melodies and insights from some philosophical prophets, Jared Byas and Levi Weaver will make a case for how spiritual creativity will lead us into the future 
  • DoxaSoma — A physical practice that incorporates elements of stretching and strength-building with prayer, worship, and reflection on the Word of God
  • And, of course, the Late Night Dance Party … every night until the wee hours!"
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  • Apprising has had a lot to say about this annual event in North Carolina which resembles "Woodstock":

    Now we have the latest from Manny Silva:

    Wildgoose Festival: A Small Example Of What Is Wrong With The Church
    Manny Silva, July 15, 2013

    “These are spots in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves. They are clouds without water, carried about by the winds; late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots; 13 raging waves of the sea, foaming up their own shame; wandering stars for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever. Jude 1:12-13
    While I finish up my General Assembly summary report for next week, I remind you again of a recurring event that is a good illustration of the depravity being allowed with impunity within the leadership of the Church of the Nazarene.  I am talking about Wildgoose Festival, which is happening again in August.  I have written several times about it, and have sent my reports to the General Superintendents.  Not a word from them, and apparently, no action has been taken to distance the church from this festival.
    How is the church connected to this Sodom and Gomorrah- style party?
    The organizer of the festival is Mike King.  He is adjunct professor at Nazarene Theological Seminary, and is a top youth leader in the church as well, which is most troubling.  In this blog post, he talks proudly of his involvement with Wildgoose:  Mike King not only promotes this festival with impunity, but he is also one of the primary promoters of contemplative spirituality in the denomination.
    Also involved again for the second straight year is Nazarene pastor Gabriel Salguerro, who is seen in this promotional video, starting it 1:08, praising this pagan gathering celebrating anything but biblical Christianity.  Salguerro is involved with many endeavors that promote a radical, left wing and sometimes Marxist style philosophy, under the guise of a social justice supposedly driven by biblical principles.  For a Christian pastor to promote such a festival again shows the lack of leadership in the denomination from the top. It’s just like a parent who looks the other way when their child starts getting involved in all sorts of decadent and harmful behavior, and the parent pretends that he does not notice. Such is the leadership which has allowed this and many, many more unbiblical activities and teachings to go unchallenged.
    In a report by Jeffrey Walton at his blog, he writes on how much even worst this year’s Wildgoose will become.  The push for creating “trans” inclusive communities has been added to the list of topics, along with the recurring themes of homosexuality, non-Christian religions and activities, and of course the all night parties.
    ( See also:

    So Wildgoose is a little microcosm of the Church of the Nazarene’s lack of moral integrity and church discipline.  Just about anything can be done by just about any Nazarene leader, pastor, or layperson, and it will be okay with everyone.  However, please keep in mind there are exceptions, as listed below:
    -If you dare to preach against the emergent church, you will be fired. 
    -If you dare to stand for the complete truth of Scripture, you may not get ordained.
    -If you preach that homosexuality is sinful, you may
    ​ ​
    be asked to “tone it down.”
    -If you dare to bring up concerns to your pastors, you just might get ostracized.
    -If you dare to expose false teaching in the church, you will be labeled a hater.
    -If you dare to say you believe in the Genesis account of creation, you might just get labeled an ignorant kook.

    But, you have no worries at all:

    -If you promote ungodly festivals.
    -Or teach evolution to our youth.
    -Or promote contemplative mysticism.
    -Or send your youth on field trips to Roman Catholic Monasteries.
    -Or promote LGBT groups, and brag about worshipping with openly homosexual pastors.
    -Or teach that the Roman Catholic Church and the Nazarenes preach the same Gospel.
    -Or join hands with the social justice crowd.
    -Or use books by heretics instead of the Bible.
    -Or invite Rob Bell and Leonard Sweet to speak to pastors.
    Such is the state of the Church of the Nazarene today.  It’s not my father’s church that he knew years ago.

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    Mike King:​

    Manny Silva
    Stand For Truth Ministries
    "The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever." Psalm 119:160

        "This year, from August 8-11, 2013, the Wildgoose Festival will take place in Hot Springs, North Carolina. The festival is an emergent ”church” event, which since its inception has included on the speaker list names like Brian McLarenPhyllis TickleJim WallisRichard Rohr, and Tony Jones. This year, Christianity Today editor and popular evangelical author Philip Yancey will join McLaren, Tickle, and a number of other hardcore emergent at the festival.Intervarsity Press, a long-standing evangelical publisher, is one of the sponsors helping to finance the event.
        The Wildgoose Festival began in 2011, started by a group of North Americans who had been attending a festival in the UK called Greenbelt1 and were “inspired” to begin a similar event in the U.S. A history statement reads:
    A place to meet each other in a renewed moment – a space for change. In the spirit of vibrant, category-defying Celtic Christianity, we saw our desire embodied in the Celtic Church’s way of speaking about the enigmatic Holy Spirit: The Wild Goose, who wanders where she will. Who can tame her? No one. Far better it is to embark on a Wild Goose Chase, and see the terrain of our faith be transformed.
        Translated, what that means is that Christianity cannot be defined, or confined, to one particular set of beliefs (doctrine), that it is always changing, always transforming (thus the Bible, as Phyllis Tickles says, is a nice poetic book of beautiful stories, but not an authority from God). This has been the mantra-cry of the emergent church (see Faith Undone for a history of the current emergent church). Today, the emergent church has evolved into a full-blown Eastern-style mysticism-energized, quasi-Marxist, liberal, anti-atonement, pro-homosexual marriage ”community.”
    Joining Yancey, McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, and Intervarsity Press will be Richard Cizik (formerly in leadership at the National Association of Evangelicals but left after showing support for homosexual marriage), Troy Bronsink, Mark Scandrette (see Faith Undone on Bronsink and Scandrette), Ian Morgan Cron,  and a fairly large number of other emergent-embracing speakers. Past speakers have included Lynne Hybels, the now late Richard Twiss (Indigenous People’s Movement), and Doug Pagitt.
        The point we want to make in this brief conference alert is that when you have one of the most prolific evangelical authors and an editor of THE Christian magazine - Philip Yancey – along with a formerly traditional evangelical publishing company – Intervarsity Press – participating in an event like the Wildgoose Festival, you can see how much the emergent church has influenced and infiltrated evangelical Christianity. And even still, Christian leaders and most pastors remain silent."


     Governor Markell with transgender aide Sarah (Tim) McBride:

        Delaware is small like Rhode Island. Smallness doesn't mean the two states are not on the front lines of implementing all forms of liberalism, which they are.  Delaware, although below the Mason-Dixon line, identifies more with those magnetic liberal attracting states of the northeast which go out of their way to portray itself as welcoming, and offering incentives to, those who are looking for a haven for "victimized" Democratic voting socialist types who are in the minority elsewhere. Delaware has always been small, and on different levels, but now with Joe Biden, "native Delawarean" and self-appointed gun regulation/confiscation expert to his own state and the nation, and as vice president to Obama, Delaware is on the way to becoming a credible collectivist global player and nanny state. That is, if you will please turn a blind eye to all the ills that liberalism has birthed in this state, and instead blame Bush, Republicans and now Christians.
        Delaware may be a quick rest stop along the Interstate 95 highway corridor for those travelling between the corrupt, morally bankrupt melting pot cities of the northeast like Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore, but if it were not for its 0% sales tax, low property taxes, and low corporation taxes, there would really be no compelling reason to live, work, or spend time there. It's similar to buying a junk bond; first you get a substantial discount from its face value, and then a very high dividend payout for assuming the high risk of living with an investment that is nearly worthless, and could default at any moment. The offsets may be high for a reason; the quality of life is at risk, but no one dares admit this. Delaware, in effect, gives you a discount and an incentive to keep your mouth shut. Just gleefully pay the tickets for driving through red light cameras so local government can have a way of circumventing the peoples' tax referendums which sometimes denies government and schools what they think is justly theirs out of your pocket.
        Christians and other conservatives who still remain in Delaware have virtually no voice; not because they have no voice or been openly denied a voice, (except by the liberal press who won't print anti-liberal bias), but because they have resigned themselves to the idea that they are too small a minority to be heard or taken seriously, and/or are just intimidated and feel overwhelmed.
        Occasionally, there appears on the scene politicians who make a feeble attempt to rally the Christian/conservative/Catholic vote, but always to no avail, because there is never enough "grass roots support" and/or money. Pastors and their congregations have for decades swallowed the idea that they are not permitted to be politically involved under a misguided interpretation of "separation of church and state". Add to that the willing ignorance and preference for comfort common to a vast majority of Christians, and you have the perfect scenario for a dictatorial, collectivist state to impose its will.
        Given the progression of this trend in Delaware, it comes as no surprise that Governor Jack Markell signed the Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act (SB 97) on June 19, 2013, ensuring equal legal protections to transgender individuals in Delaware. 
    Act in full:$file/legis.html?open.
    "This Act adds the term “gender identity” to the already-existing list of 
    prohibited practices of discrimination and hate crimes. As such, this Act 
    would forbid discrimination against a person on the basis of gender 
    identity in housing, employment, public works contracting, public 
    accommodations, and insurance, and it would provide for increased 
    punishment of a person who intentionally selects the victim of a crime 
    because of the victim’s gender identity."
        The Senate passed the final version of the bill earlier in the day by an 11-9 vote following approval in the House on Tuesday by a 24-17 margin. Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington East, was the lead sponsor, with additional sponsorship from Senate President Patricia Blevins and Representative Bryon Short.
        Governor Markell proudly proclaimed:
    “Our mission to build a welcoming and accepting state that can compete in the global economy requires laws that reflect our values,” said Markell. “Today, we guarantee that our transgender relatives and neighbors can work hard, participate in our communities, and live their lives with dignity and in safety.” “I especially want to thank my friend Sarah McBride, an intelligent and talented Delawarean who happens to be transgender. She courageously stood before the General Assembly to describe her personal struggles with gender identity and communicate her desire to return home after her college graduation without fear. Her tireless advocacy for passage of this legislation has made a real difference for all transgender people in Delaware.”

    Sarah McBride has been an Aide to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell.

    Sarah McBride self-described transgender speaks out in this YouTube video:

    The McBride Family Talks About Gender Identity Protections:

    Attorney General Beau Biden supports gender identity protections:

    Delawareans Talk About Marriage Equality: Jen & Emily:

    A few outspoken Dealawareans are opposed based on God's law:

    Tim McBride, American University student body president, comes out as transgendered (after 21 years)

    See also:
    Sarah (Tim) with proud parents: