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 For the first time anywhere, Alex Jones lawfully presents the top secret FISA memo that has been the subject of controversy throughout the news media world, proving Trump was wiretapped.
  Alex Jones breaks the news that the secret FISA memo accurately documents Former President Obama's quarterbacking of the illegal surveillance of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in 2016.
  FISA Memo Could Be Made Public 
by a Congressman Simply Reading it 
on the House Floor
Judge Napolitano says it would be protected under the Constitution
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
While Americans become increasingly frustrated over lawmakers’ failure to secure the release of the FISA memo, Judge Andrew Napolitano says it could be made public simply by a member of Congress reading it aloud on the House floor.
The memo purportedly contains evidence that the Obama administration abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on the Trump campaign before the election. Some lawmakers have said the memo reads more like something that would come out of the KGB than America.
“Talks among congressional leaders about the process by which the memo could be publicly released are underway,” reports the Washington Examiner, and the White House has indicated that it will not stand in the way.
However, Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News there was a very easy method by which the memo could be released immediately – if a lawmaker simply reads it out on the House floor.
Napolitano said that if the memo isn’t released by a vote, “I’m suggesting that one of those members of Congress….should take this to the floor of the House of Representatives and release it there because the Constitution protects anything that is said there.”
He added that Senator Dianne Feinstein did something similar when she released an executive summary of the classified torture memos back in 2014.
“The rest of Congress and the American public is entitled to know. We put the Constitution in the hands of people to protect it and they’ve abused that power. We need to know who the abusers were and what they did.” said Napolitano.
Maybe Trey Gowdy and his colleagues should stop talking about the memo in front of Fox News cameras and start actually reading it on the House floor?
 Alex Jones Scoops Big Media, 
Releases Secret FISA Document 
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Alex Jones and his Infowars internet/radio/TV platform appear to have scored a major coup against the Deep State and the “mainstream” media. On Tuesday, in a sensational series of broadcasts, which included a live interview with legendary National Security Agency whistleblower Dr. William Binney, Jones released a secret intelligence memo that has grabbed the attention of millions of Americans over the past week, despite the fact that most of the Big Media have either downplayed or completely ignored its existence. The classified intelligence memo concerns skullduggery by President Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI in using the infamous Fusion GPS “dossier” to justify illegal spying on Donald Trump and members of his campaign team. “#ReleaseTheMemo” has been a trending tweet and a rallying cry of Trump supporters over the past several days.
On Thursday, January 18, the House Intelligence Committee voted to make a four-page classified memo available for members of the House of Representatives to view in a secure room in the Capitol. However, because the memo dealt with classified information, congressmen were not allowed to make copies or notes, or to discuss details of the memo, except in very general terms.
As we reported on Monday, news of the memo went viral when several Republican congressmen went on conservative radio and television programs, particularly  those of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on Fox News, on January 18 and 19. Describing the contents of the memo as “shocking,” “alarming,” and “criminal,” and predicting that government officials would go to jail once this information is acted on, the GOP congressmen said they are urging the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and the Republican leadership to make the memo available to the American prople, along with supporting documentation from the intelligence files. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) sent a letter to that effect to Chairman Nunes signed by 65 House members on January 19.
Over the past weekend, Chairman Nunes met with House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte to discuss releasing  the eagerly-sought memo and the supporting documents. Most of the anti-Trump media ignored the story or retailed the claim of the House Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat, Representative Adam Schiff of California, that the memo is simply a partisan ploy by Republicans to draw public attention off of the investigation of Trump-Russia collusion being carried out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The most optimistic predictions seemed to point to the process of releasing the memo as taking another week or two.
However, on Tuesday, Alex Jones aired a stunning program on Infowars that released — or at least purported to release — the much-sought memo. To be more specific and accurate, Jones displayed and discussed not the four-page House Intelligence Committee memo, but a 99-page document that is a ruling from a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court judge. According to Dr. Binney, this court decision is the basis of — or a main component of — the supporting intelligence documents for the four-page memo.
How and where did Jones come by the document? After tantalizing the audience with this exclusive bombshell document, Jones explained that he had gotten it not through illegal or surreptitious means, but had simply downloaded it from the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which is now occupied by Trump appointee Dan Coates. He had been alerted to its availability by Dr. Binney, who had himself been alerted to its existence that very morning by a “source” whom he didn’t name. It was Dr. Binney’s belief that the 99-page document had just been posted online at the ODNI website that very day. Sure enough, the document he and Alex Jones were discussing was indeed posted there and available for download as a PDF. At the top and bottom of each page is a TOP SECRET designation in large, uppercase type, although it is crossed out with a red line, indicating it has been declassified. The heading of the document reads: “UNITED STATES FOREIGN INTELLIEGENCE SURVEILLANCE COURT WASHINGTON, D.C.; MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER.”
A date stamp appears on the upper right-hand corner of the first page that reads: “United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court April 26, 2017 LeeAnn Flynn Hall, Clerk of the Court.”
The fact that Dr. Binney vouched for the document and was the indirect provenance for it immediately lent it credibility. William Binney is a world-renowned intelligence expert as well as a superlative computer/code/technology geek. His three decades in the National Security Agency saw him rise to the top posts of geopolitical world Technical Director and Technical Leader for Intelligence.
According to Dr. Binney, the text of the FISA court order is a damning admission that the Obama administration has been using the NSA to illegally gather data — e-mail, voicemail, phone calls, Internet traffic, medical and financial records, etc. — in a massive vacuum operation that violates the rights of millions of Americans. These technical dragnets by the NSA collect and archive information on virtually everybody, which corrupt officials and Deep State globalists can, and do, use to blackmail or extort judges, politicians, businessmen — virtually anyone — to go along with their schemes. It is a dangerous power, like that wielded by the Soviet KGB, German Stasi, or Communist China’s MSS (Ministry of State Security), and totally incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and human liberty.
A number of questions about the document immediately arose. Is it genuine? Is it the document, or one of the documents, on which the House Intelligence Committee’s 4-page classified memo is based? How and when did it end up on the ODNI website? Is it as damning as Dr. Binney indicated?
The fact that the document is, in fact, available on the ODNI website and that it is deemed authentic by as esteemed an expert as Dr. Binney, seems to be self-evident proof of authenticity. However, in an effort to answer these questions, The New American contacted — by both telephone and e-mail — the Office of the Director of National Security, as well as the chairman and members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI, i.e., House Intelligence Committee). As we go to post with this article, only the ODNI has thus far responded to our queries. A brief e-mail from Timothy L. Barrett, chief of media relations at ODNI, states: "Thanks for reaching out. The link you shared below from our website is something we posted last May. As far as the reported HPSCI 4-page memo, we refer you to HPSCI as we can't speak on their behalf."
That response from ODNI raises other questions. Although it was “posted last May,” was it posted at that time at the same publicly accessible URL link where it is now posted? Or was it posted in May on an internal ODNI link and only more recently moved to the public link? Is it normal or extraordinary for ODNI to publicly post FISA court rulings of this type? Did President Trump intervene to have this document declassified and posted, in order to expose the Mueller “Trump-Russia collusion” investigation as a sham? Did Trump (or someone else in the administration or the intelligence community) get tired of waiting for someone in the media to find it and decide to pass on word to Dr. Binney, in hopes that it would go viral?
We don't know the answers to those questions, at this point. However, thanks to Dr. Binney and Alex Jones, the document has indeed gone viral. It is now “out there” in the public square. How will this affect the House Intelligence Committee effort to release its memo and supporting documentation? That remains to be seen, but if a substantial part of the documentation was the 99-page ruling produced by Jones/Binney, and it is already declassified, then it should be much easier for the committee to release its salvo.
What was the response of the “elite” media to the Infowars scoop? Silence, for the most part, almost absolute silence. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times, etc., all continued their 24/7 all-anti-Trump/all-the-time obsession with the Mueller “investigation,” which has turned up nothing substantive in a year of digging. The only mentions of the Jones/Binney FISA document discovery have been two sarcastic attacks, one by the Soros-funded, left-wing MediaMatters, and the other by The Weekly Standard, an anti-Trump, establishment, neocon magazine/website. The MediaMatters piece, entitled “Alex Jones tries and fails to pass off a publicly available document as the House GOP's secret Russia memo,” snidely attempts to discredit the Jones coup by claiming the FISA ruling is old news.
“Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones purported to exclusively release a secret memo that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has touted which supposedly undermines the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia,” MediaMatters’ Timothy Johnson wrote. “The document that Jones displayed on air during his January 23 show has actually been publicly available on a government website since at least May 2017.” The MediaMatters piece continues:

During his January 23 broadcast, Jones claimed that William Binney, a former National Security Agency official, provided him with “the actual memo they’re talking about.” Jones printed out a copy of the memo and called for his producers to put it on a “document cam” to show viewers, claiming that it was “tomorrow’s news, today.”

The document shown on screen was promptly identified as as a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court memo that is publicly available on the website of the Office of Director of National Intelligence.
The Weekly Standard article closely paralleled the MediaMatters dismissal of the Jones/Binney revelations. Entitled “Fact Check: Did Infowars Release the 'Secret FISA Memo'?” the subtitle purports to answer that question with, “No, it did not.” The Weekly Standard then snarkily begins: “Caricature-extraordinaire Alex Jones claimed on Tuesday to have in his possession THE secret FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) memo that congressional Republicans are calling to be declassified.” Like MediaMatters, The Weekly Standard slams Jones for presenting the “old” FISA document as the FISA memo. However, neither of the snide putdowns deal with the serious issues presented by the content of the FISA ruling itself or the conclusions that Dr. Binney draws from it. If the FISA document presented on Infowars is “old news,” then why did none of the “news” media cover it when it was young? Did MediaMatters, The Weekly Standard, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, and all the other paragons of the Fourth Estate cover it? We haven’t found a single one that did.
From our initial examination of the FISA document from the ODNI website, it appears to be the “smoking gun” that Dr. Binney claims it is. This discovery could be a major assist in the effort to expose the treasonous Deep State plot to remove President Trump “by any means necessary.”
For their efforts, Alex Jones and William Binney deserve gratitude from all freedom-loving Americans, not brickbats and snide remarks.

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 Alex Jones breaks the news that the secret FISA memo accurately documents Former President Obama's quarterbacking of the illegal surveillance of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in 2016.
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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
“The disbeliever west will see our power through the jihad of sincere people and the sacrifice of monotheists. We will be generous in shedding your dirty blood unless you embrace Islam or give the jizyah.”
Where did these hijackers of the peaceful faith of Islam get this twisted, Islamophobic idea?
Could it have been from the Qur’an?
“Fight those who do not believe in Allah nor the Last Day, and do not forbid what has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and do not acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are of the People of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).

“ISIS Group Puts Crosshairs on Vegas Hotel in Threat to Shed ‘Dirty Blood,'” by Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, January 24, 2018:
An ISIS-supporting media group threatened another Vegas-style massacre in a new propaganda image, yet zeroed in on a Strip hotel other than the Mandalay Bay.
“The disbeliever west will see our power through the jihad of sincere people and the sacrifice of monotheists. We will be generous in shedding your dirty blood unless you embrace Islam or give the jizyah,” states the message, referencing a tax paid by non-Muslims. “However, Las Vegas’ massacre is not far from you.”
The poster distributed online includes a shadowy backdrop of masked jihadists carrying an ISIS flag, hovering over a photo from the Vegas strip. The words “Las Vegas,” crosshairs and flames are positioned over the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
The threat was distributed by the Wafa’ Media Foundation, which released numerous threats during the holiday season.
A November poster showed smoke rising from Rome with a fighter jet overhead and a jihadist standing next to the sort of makeshift armored vehicle ISIS uses for suicide bombings in Iraq and Syria. “The date is approaching o worshippers of the cross,” stated the message on the image.
Wafa’ released a Vatican “wolf” image, with a backpack, rocket-propelled grenade and rifle at the jihadist’s side as storm clouds gathered over a twilight St. Peter’s Square. In a message to fellow jihadists, the group noted that “the crusaders’ feast is approaching.”
In another instance, Wafa’ circulated a poster depicting a vehicle moving toward the Vatican with a cache of weapons, vowing “Christmas blood.”
Official ISIS media has persisted in claiming responsibility for the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Vegas, though those claims have grown quieter in recent weeks.
ISIS featured an update on the shooting investigation in a mid-October issue of their al-Naba newsletter, referring to Stephen Paddock both by that name and the nom de guerre Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki, which they bestowed upon the killer the day after the attack.
Much of that update focused on how Las Vegas authorities were unprepared for the nature of the attack. “This highlights the difficulties faced by U.S. cities to protect their own Crusader citizens from attacks that can take unpredictable forms,” the newsletter said, emphasizing Paddock’s elevated firing position from the 32nd floor and quoting police about their inability to stop the sniper from ground level….


 "The current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has the opposite vision of Turkey as a Muslim state at the heart of a new Ottoman Empire."
 The U.S. has long utilized the Kurds in the fight against ISIS. the U.S. state department had planned on training 30,000 Kurds. Causing Erdogan to say he would strangle the effort before it could be born and that the U.S. is playing with Fire. Jon Bowne reports.
 Erdogan: Islamic education will build 
“new civilization for Turkey”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The steady Islamization of Turkey is not new. Since 2002, the government has built 17,000 new mosques, and its goals stretch beyond Turkish borders. Robert Spencer speculated on January 16 that the “reason why Erdogan has been so notably dilatory in fighting against the Islamic State may be that he wants to co-opt its caliphate and incorporate it in a neo-Ottoman caliphate centered in Istanbul.” Although the Islamic State lost most of its territory in the intervening year, that was no thanks to Erdogan. And now the Turkish leader has stated that one of his goals is to “forge a ‘pious generation’ in predominantly Muslim Turkey ‘that will work for the construction of a new civilization.’” Reuters has observed that Erdogan’s speeches have increasingly “emphasized Turkey’s Ottoman history and domestic achievements over Western ideas and influence.”
Erdogan’s ambitions are true to his orthodox beliefs in Islamic expansionism. He has boldly extended his reach of influence beyond the borders of Turkey. He got into a row with Europe over Germany and the Netherlands blocking his proxies from holding open campaign rallies among the millions of Turks living in those countries, as Erdogan pushed for a referendum victory for constitutional changes that would give him virtually unlimited power.
He continued on his rampage against Europe when the European Court of Justice (ECJ) allowed employers to ban the headscarf, accusing Europe of starting a battle between Christianity and Islam and a clash between the cross and the crescent. This was despite the ECJ making it clear that banning “any political, philosophical or religious sign” was not deemed to be discriminatory.
Also, due to Turkey’s firing and “jailing of tens of thousands of soldiers, police, teachers and civil servants following a failed military coup in July 2016,” he accused European critics of “Islamophobia” for merely questioning his human rights record.
Erdogan is now preparing the younger generation for his vision of Islamic expansion as he pours “billions of dollars into religious education, including a 100 percent increase in funding for ‘Imam and Preacher’ religious academies.” 90,000 mosques across Turkey are also now praying “Qur’anic ‘conquest’ prayers” calling on Muslims to be “ruthless against unbelievers.”
Less than two weeks ago, a primary school in Istanbul that erected a memorial to commemorate those who lost their lives in the failed July coup attempt displayed a caption which read:
Whatever you do, you will not stop the rise of the Turkish nation. Whatever you do, the victory will be of Islam.
Turkey’s recent attacks on Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria have been causing increasing tensions with America, as Erdogan takes up the historic Turkish mission to crush Kurdish nationalism,  mission the Turks have been pursuing since the fall of the Ottoman empire.
Fortunately, the Turkish public is not united in its support for Erdogan’s despotic ambitions, even as he cracks down on any dissent.

“Erdogan: Islamic Education Will Forge ‘Pious Generation’ to Build ‘New Civilization’ for Turkey” , by John Hayward, Breitbart, January 25, 2018:
Turkey was long renowned for its secular government, a modern state guided by the vision of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk when he built the Republic of Turkey from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in the early years of the last century. The current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has the opposite vision of Turkey as a Muslim state at the heart of a new Ottoman Empire. A report from Reuters examines one of the means Erdogan is using to achieve this goal: Islamic education in Turkish schools.
The current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has the opposite vision of Turkey as a Muslim state at the heart of a new Ottoman Empire. A new report from Reuters examines one of the means Erdogan is using to achieve this goal: Islamic education in Turkish schools.
“Erdogan has said one of his goals is to forge a ‘pious generation’ in predominantly Muslim Turkey ‘that will work for the construction of a new civilization.’ His recent speeches have emphasized Turkey’s Ottoman history and domestic achievements over Western ideas and influences,” Reuters observes.
Erdogan’s “drive to put religion at the heart of national life after decades of secular dominance” includes pouring “billions of dollars into religious education,” including a 100 percent increase in funding for “Imam and Preacher” religious academies. Those schools already get double the per-pupil funding of regular Turkish schools but dramatically underperform on standard tests.
In fact, the academic performance of the religious schools was so poor that total enrollment actually slipped last year, even though funding is surging and hundreds more of them are under construction, along with secular schools receiving more religious education or being outright converted into Imam and Preacher academies. One mother interviewed for the article complained that the Islamic wing of her son’s school is visibly nicer and less overcrowded than the secular wing. Other parents said their children were simply kicked out of a middle school that converted into an imam and preacher academy, cutting its total enrollment in half.
“Islam is not being forced on people. It is not a matter of saying everyone should go to Imam Hatips. We are just providing an opportunity to those families who want to send their children to Imam Hatips,” a government adviser told Reuters, using the Turkish name for the religious schools.
On the other hand, the article goes on to quote secular parents worried about the astounding surge of Turkish religious education during the past five years. Turks from faiths other than Sunni Islam were nervous as well, expressing fears that Imam Hatip credentials will either quietly or overtly become a requirement for landing good jobs in Turkey, effectively pressuring parents to convert their children to Islam. Religious education is compulsory in Turkey, although some parents fight in court for the right to exempt their children.
Defenders of the religious schools claim they are surging back after previous governments suppressed them, in response to growing Turkish suspicion of Western ideals and a desire for more moral instruction for children.
Al-Monitor speculated on Tuesday that Erdogan’s drive to Islamicize Turkey is faltering, in part because the public is growing fatigued with the fiery leader and his endless crackdowns on dissent and because his presidency has been so divisive among ethnic and religious groups. The article cited the poor academic performance of Imam Hatip schools as one sign that Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood are losing their grip on the country.
Some of the other indicators described by Al-Monitor have a sad-trombone comedic quality to them, like Erdogan asking a rally, “Who does the Islamic world look up to?” and losing his composure when they did not reply or growing even angrier when he castigated a Kurdish town for voting against his assumption of dictatorial powers last year, and the crowd broke into thunderous applause instead of booing as he expected…..
 Turkey Parliament Speaker calls offensive against Syria Kurds “jihad”
  Turkey Invades Syria, Puts U.S. On Notice!


 Globalists Unite: Elites Target Trump, Nationalism At Davos
 Populism, nationalism threaten 
New World Order, they say
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Numerous global leaders decried nationalism that is undoing the global world order at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Globalist leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Indian PM Narendra Modi, and Brazilian President Michel Temer railed against nationalism, populism, and “protectionism” during the summit.
When asked about the rise of nationalism in Europe, Merkel called it a “poison.”
“I hope it is not going to grow, but it is a poison,” she said Wednesday.
“Germany wishes to be a country that lends its contribution in the future to solve the problems of the world together, we think that shutting ourselves off and isolating ourselves will not lead us into a good future. Protectionism is not the proper answer.”
The globalists don’t want “protectionism” because it’s just another way for nations to exercise their national sovereignty against “globalization.”
“Let us not be naive…globalization is going through a major crisis,” Macron told the audience at the WEF.
“Everything is being fragmented. We have societies made up of nomads. There are more and more people who think getting out of globalization is the right option,” he added.
This rhetoric is nothing less than veiled language against nationalism, self-determination, and national sovereignty.
“We know all too well that we live in a world where isolation trends are gaining ground, however, we all know that protectionism is not a solution,” said Temer, who has a 6% approval rating in Brazil.
India’s Prime Minister even claimed protectionism is worse than terrorism.
“Forces of protectionism are raising their heads against globalization, their intention is not only to avoid globalization themselves but they also want to reverse its natural flow,” Modi said. “Many countries are becoming inward focused and globalization is shrinking and such tendencies can’t be considered lesser risk than terrorism or climate change.”
It’s worth noting that Macron, Merkel, and UK PM Theresa May all have worse favorability ratings than Trump, according to a poll analysis. 


 Trump Admin Hits North Korea with New Sanctions
 ‘The U.S. government is targeting illicit actors in China, Russia, and elsewhere…’ Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin says
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The Trump administration imposed new sanctions Wednesday targeting North Korea’s weapons programs.
A press release from the U.S. Department of the Treasury states that “nine entities, 16 individuals, and six vessels” have been sanctioned in an attempt to deter Pyongyang’s missile, chemical and nuclear weapons programs.
“Today’s sanctions target agents of the Kim regime financing or otherwise supporting North Korea’s WMD programs and other illicit businesses,” the press release says. “As a result of today’s action, any property or interests in property of the designated persons in the possession or control of U.S. persons or within the United States must be blocked, and U.S. persons are prohibited from dealing with any of the designated parties.”
According to Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin, North Koreans operating primarily in China and Russia are among the 16 individuals accused of aiding Kim Jong Un’s government.
“Treasury continues to systematically target individuals and entities financing the Kim regime and its weapons programs, including officials complicit in North Korean sanctions evasion schemes,” Mnuchin said.  “Pursuant to UN Security Council Resolutions, the U.S. government is targeting illicit actors in China, Russia, and elsewhere who are working on behalf of North Korean financial networks, and calling for their expulsion from the territories where they reside.”
Approximately 11 representatives with Korea Ryonbong General Corporation were named for supporting Pyongyang’s military-related sales believed to aid, among other things, North Korea’s chemical weapons program.
“Many of these individuals are located at Ryonbong representative offices in China near the China-North Korean border, where they support the regime in a variety of ways,” the press release adds.
The other 5 individuals were said to be linked to North Korea’s financial networks while several businesses in China were sanctioned for importing and exporting tens of millions of dollars worth of goods to and from North Korea between 2013 and 2017.
President Trump in recent months has accused both Russia and China of helping Pyongyang skirt sanctions.
Trump in December tweeted that China had been “caught RED HANDED” after satellite imagery appeared to show Chinese vessels aiding North Korea. 
In an interview with Reuters last week, Trump took a less harsh tone with China while taking aim at Russia.
“What China is helping us with, Russia is denting,” Trump said.




 Dying patients need love, not help to kill themselves, with Michael Brescia M.D. 6/14/16
 Croton-on-Hudson, New York. June 14, 2016. Dr. Brescia's passion for medicine comes from his exceptional sensitivity for the human condition. Dr. Brescia's storied career spans decades of seemingly miraculous developments in patient care, bio-medical sciences and technology. He is renowned for his contribution to the creation of the Brescia-Cimino Fistula, the most common means utilized for hemodialysis over the last 40 years, making this life saving treatment available to millions. He was instrumental in securing full accreditation for Calvary Hospital in the 1960s and has been the driving force behind many of its most successful initiatives including The Palliative Care Institute, The Center for Curative & Palliative Wound Care, and its Hospice, Home Care, and Nursing Home Hospice. Calvary's Inpatient service and Outpatient Clinic are models for national and international palliative care programs.
Dr. Brescia is a kidney doctor with decades of experience with treating life-threatening illness. He has developed breakthough technologies that took "terminal" out of thousands of people's diagnosis. With assisted suicide laws relying heavily on correct diagnosis and prognosis, which are so often wrong, how can we risk a person's life on a guess?
Stephanie Packer
Stephanie Packer was denied coverage for life saving cancer treatment but offered a prescription of Death Pills for only $1.20.
Dear John,

Imagine getting a letter from your insurance company stating that they will cover your death pills or a "lethal jab" but not the treatment you need to live.

...That's exactly what happened to Stephanie Packer, who was denied coverage for life saving cancer treatment but offered a prescription of Death Pills for only $1.20.
...And Randy Stroup, a 54 year old man in Oregon who was denied treatment for prostate cancer but offered Suicide as a "palliative care" plan.

...And Barbara Wagoner of Oregon, whose insurance company decided to pay for death pills but not for the treatment needed to save her life.

Why? Because it's cheaper to kill you than to care for you.

High-quality pain management and palliative care can be complex and certainly more expensive than the lethal dose of drugs that House Bill 160 (HB160) would legalize.

If assisted suicide is legalized in Delaware, it becomes a dangerously appealing means of medical cost control.
Dr. Callister: "As much as insurance companies want to come across as your friend, it's a lot cheaper to grab a couple drugs and kill you than it is to provide life saving therapy." 
It gets worse...

HB 160 forces physicians to LIE on a patient's death certificate so the life insurance isn't affected.

That's right. HB160 states that "The death certificate must list the underlying terminal illness as the cause of death," (line 95) when in fact, assisted suicide was the cause of death. This protects physicians, not patients. HB160 offers zero accountability.

HB160 would also keep the public in the dark about the prevalence of assisted suicide and would ensure that suicide providers operate in secrecy with NO OVERSIGHT from any public health authority. 
“Every time they ask a physician to prognosticate on life expectancy... it's usually wrong." -Dr. Bescia, Kidney Disease Expert and Co-inventor of Cimino-Brescia Fistula Hemodialysis
HB160 makes assisted suicide a "medical treatment" under law, using a slippery definition of "terminal disease" that could apply to something as easily treated as diabetes.

Yes, diabetes.

By definition it's an "incurable and irreversible disease." which, if untreated, could lead to death within six months. HB160 does not indicate whether "incurable and irreversible" disease means a disease that can't be treated.

A treatable disease is considered terminal? That's a problem! 
How to Die in Oregon - Meet Randy Stroup
Randy Stroup, a 54 year old man in Oregon, was denied treatment for prostate cancer but offered Suicide as a "palliative care" plan.
Physicians have a responsibility to provide life giving care. Everyone deserves to have their dignity and worth affirmed and valued. HB160, however, in the recently proposed amendment, fabricates a way for people with disabilities to give "informed consent" to assisted suicide if a social worker says the patient understands.

This is such blatant bigotry that it made national news this week.

We're talking about people who can’t legally sign a contract, decide where they live, or make their own medical decisions - YET - if they have a "terminal" illness, they can "choose" assisted suicide as long as a social worker confirms that the patient “understands” the treatment.

It doesn’t even require approval of a guardian, as would corrective surgery or palliative treatment.
This bill is coming to a vote in the House, Thursday, Jan 25th. 

Many representatives are on the fence, so they MUST hear from YOU immediately.  Tell your legislator that if he/she any doubts whatsoever, to please VOTE NO on HB160.

Life is worth protecting and defending regardless of our state of health or medical prognosis. 
Life Is Worth the Fight,

Nicole Theis
President, Delaware Family Policy Council
(Eph 6:13)
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When Oregon resident, Jeanette Hall, had less than a year to live, she asked her cancer doctor for the pills to commit suicide. Dr. Kenneth Stevens got to know her better and inspired her to consider treatment. The tumor just “melted away” and now -- 15 years later --
Barbara Wagner
Barbara Wagonner's insurance company decided to pay for death pills but not for the treatment needed to save her life.
Man of Steel
JJ was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer. He fought for his wife, his son, and his life. 
Born without arms, John Foppe speaks to a way of life beyond independence, namely inter-dependence: Together we are more. Assisted suicide sells everyone short, so in times of illness or disability, he encourages us to “step into life!”
Luke's Story
You don’t discourage suicide by assisting suicide. “Every suicide is tragic – whether you’re old or young, healthy or sick, your life is worth living,” says Luke Maxwell, 19, who survived an attempt to take his own life.
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