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Evangelical Universities & Seminaries Offering Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation – Going into the Deeper Waters of Contemplative Spirituality 
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Photo: Carey University in British Columbia
Over the past decade, while most evangelical colleges, seminaries, and universities have allowed the influence of the Spiritual Formation movement into their schools to one degree or another, not all of them had gone so far as to create a Master’s Degree program in Spiritual Formation. In fact, ten years ago, there weren’t that many schools that had Spiritual Formation degree programs. But things are changing rapidly. Today, a large number of the evangelical seminaries and universities have such degree programs.
These schools that offer such a degree have taken the plunge into the deeper waters of contemplative spirituality. And while there is currently an effort by some of these schools to convince the church that there is a “good” Spiritual Formation, the fact is, where there is Spiritual Formation, there is always a trail that leads to the mystics as Lighthouse Trails has pointed out for many years.
Below is a partial list of Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries that offer Masters Degrees in Spiritual Formation. Some of these are Spiritual Formation specializations or concentrations tacked onto Master of Divinity or Master of Arts degrees. In other cases,  Spiritual Formation programs are tucked inside Christian Leadership degrees and Christian Formation and/or Soul Care degrees.
These seminaries and universities are where the church’s next generation of pastors and leaders are coming from. The church has been hijacked and is being held hostage to spiritual deception, but few seem to care. The only thing we are learning from Christian leaders today is “Simon Says” and “Follow the Leader” because most will not speak up on this vital issue. On the contrary, they promote it.
Baylor UniversitySpiritual Formation and Discipleship
Barclay CollegeMaster of Arts: Spiritual Formation
Biola University Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care
Carey Theological College (BC) – Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation
Corban UniversityMaster of Arts in Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological SeminarySpiritual Formation Cohort (under the DMin degree)
Denver SeminaryMA in Christian Formation & Soul Care
George Fox UniversitySpiritual Formation and Discipleship Specialization
Garrett Evangelical Theological SeminaryMaster of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Evangelism
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary (ie., Cornerstone University)The Master of Arts in Christian Formation
Johnson UniversityGraduate Certificate in Spiritual Formation & Leadership
Lincoln Christian University (IL) – MA in Spiritual Formation
Logsdon Seminary (TX) Master of Arts (Religion) Spiritual Formation
MidAmerica Nazarene Unversity The Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Christian Counseling
Moody Bible CollegeMaster of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
Multnomah UniversityThe Master of Arts in Christian Leadership with a Spiritual Formation Emphasis
Nazarene Theological SeminaryMaster of Arts in Christian Formation and Discipleship Degree
North Greenville University (NC) – Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship 
Northwest Nazarene UniversityMaster of Arts: Spiritual Formation
Pepperdine University Spiritual Formation and the Christian Mission
Phoenix SeminaryMDiv in Spiritual Formation
Richmont Graduate SchoolMaster of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Direction
Seattle Pacific University Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
Southeastern UniversityMaster of Arts in Ministerial Leaders
Spring Arbor UniversityMaster of Arts in Spiritual Formation & Leadership
Western SeminaryM.A. in Ministry and Leadership (Concentration in Spiritual Formation)
An Epidemic of Apostasy – How Christian Seminaries Must Incorporate “Spiritual Formation” to Become Accredited


Published on Feb 13, 2017
Infowars reporter Millie Weaver encounters a group of commies on the University of Texas Austin campus while trying to interview college students. Not surprisingly the commies were triggered upon seeing the Infowars moniker and slurs of vulgarities followed. The commies also went so far as to intimidate fellow UT students into silence.


 The message of the movie is antithetical to true faith.
 Spiritual themes, perhaps, but Christian themes? Not by any stretch.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
“Silence” is the latest movie by Martin Scorsese, who also produced “The Last Temptation of Christ.” I have read several reviews by professing Christians who are recommending it without reservations. Additionally, the Dove Foundation awarded the movie 4 out of 5 doves. Charisma News asks, “Is Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Prophetic?” CBN also presented a rave review. Christianity Today entitled its review, “Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Asks What It Really Costs to Follow Jesus.”
Another review in CT is entitled, “Silence Review: Hollywood’s Gift To The Church That Might Just Save Your Faith.” And what is the message of “Silence” that might save your life? The message of the movie is antithetical to true faith.
The title of Lumindeo’s review of the movie is, “Silence—A Christian’s Contemplative Guide.” [1] In the “About” section of the Lumindeo website it is described as “a network created by and for passionate followers of Jesus Christ.” If Lumindeo consists of passionate followers of Jesus Christ, why don’t they know that Christianity never grew in apostasy, but always in persecution and martyrdom?
Crosswalk likewise implies that it is a Christian-themed film with the statement, “Theologians, look no further: this movie is jam-packed with spiritual themes.” [2] Spiritual themes, perhaps, but Christian themes? Not by any stretch. Crosswalk reveals a misunderstanding of true Christianity in the following statement.
“The Christians in the film are Jesuit Catholics…”

The truth is that “Silence” is not a Christian film. It was not produced by a demonstrable Christian and has nothing to do with biblical Christianity. National Catholic Reporter declares the movie as, “Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ is his most Catholic film.”[3] I agree with that assessment. “Silence” is Roman Catholicism presented as true Christianity.
The major theme in “Silence” is about renouncing Christ when threatened by martyrdom. In fact, the apostate Father Ferreira urges the Jesuit Rodrigues to apostatize by insisting, “If Christ were here He would have acted. Apostatized. For their sake. Christ would certainly have done at least that to help men.”
In fact, Rodrigues is overtly presented as a “Christ” in the film and the people worshipped him. When he apostatized, it was to the people as if Christ had apostatized.
Furthermore, Ferreira’s statement is a heretical interpretation of Christ’s mission. Christ declared that He came to die for our sins. His sacrifice was to deliver us from the penalty of sin, death, and to provide for us eternal life. If we deny Him before men, He will deny us before the Father. (Matthew 10:33)
Rodrigues hears a supernatural voice, presumably Christ, who tells him to apostatize. The voice says, “Come ahead now. It’s all right. Step on Me. I understand your pain. I was born into this world to share men’s pain. I carried this cross for your pain. Step.”
Rodrigues obeys the voice, steps on the fumie, and goes on to denounce Christianity. That iniquitous deed was followed by an apparent conversion to Buddhism. (Thomas Merton, the priest who introduced Contemplative Spirituality, also called The Silence, into Roman Catholicism, likewise became a Buddhist-sympathizing Catholic.)
The supernatural voice presented an extra-biblical revelation, which is actually heresy. God’s word declares that trampling on Christ is egregious and punishable by God.
“Of how much worse punishment, do you suppose, will he be thought worthy who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified a common thing, and insulted the Spirit of grace?” – Hebrews 10:29
Additionally, Christ did not come to “share men’s pain,” but to bear our sin and pay the penalty for it. Trampling on Christ is despising His sacrifice and rejecting His grace. Christ declared that no one can be His disciple unless they take up their cross and follow Him. A cross is to die on. “Silence” violates everything Christ taught about discipleship.
“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” – Matthew 16:25
In my opinion, the blood of the martyrs will cry out against Martin Scorsese and everyone involved in this film on the Day of Judgment.
“Silence” is also a spiritually seductive lure into Contemplative Spirituality. Throughout the movie there are poignant references to God’s silence. Rodrigues prays, but God does not answer. At one point he declares, “Despair is the greatest sin, but in the mystery of Your silence, it crowds my heart.”
In another scene Rodrigues ponders silently, “Lord, I feel the weight of their fate. Those who have died. Those who will die. Like the weight of Your silence.”
Makoto Fujimura, the cultural and special adviser to Scorsese during the film, stated, “…the film is not about the silence of God, but God’s voice in silence.”
Near the end of the movie the supernatural voice is heard again and declares, “I suffered beside you. I was never silent.”
Rodrigues, now a Buddhist, replies, “It was in the silence that I heard your voice.” In my opinion it is an unadulterated suggestion that as a Buddhist he heard Christ in The Silence.   He never heard Christ as a professing Christian until right before he stepped on the fumie.
Scorsese said at the screening of Silence, “My way into spirituality happens to be Roman Catholicism.”   Of course, Roman Catholic spirituality is “the Silence” or contemplative spirituality. Consider Scorsese’s understanding of Christianity in his response to the following question. “The Last Temptation of Christ’ and ‘Silence’ — in your art and mind where do these two films find each other?”
“… But for myself, as a believer, unbeliever, doubter, have faith, not have faith, go through life, making mistakes, I don’t know.
 “Because when [Fr. Rodrigues] does apostatize, he gives up anything he’s proud of and he’s got nothing left except service, except compassion. So, he gives up his religion, he gives up his faith in order to gain his faith. Wow. How do you do that? That’s amazing. Could you do that?” – Martin Scorsese
I would answer Scorsese with an emphatic “No, you cannot give up faith to gain faith.” However, he goes on and produces the movie with the theme of abandoning faith to gain faith. Scorsese portrays the “service and compassion” of the apostate Jesuit as refined and elevated. The clear message is that committing apostasy and converting to Buddhism to avoid martyrdom is spiritually superior to faithful-unto-death Christianity. How does that compare to the martyrs in Revelation?
“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” – Revelation 12:11
In summation, “Silence” is nearly 3 hours of very powerful emotional manipulation. The movie presents such a horrendously evil view of the Japanese Inquisitor that the Jesuit Rodrigues appears saintly by comparison. However, the idea of authentic Christian Jesuits is as oxymoronic as the concept of biblically validated Roman Catholicism. I believe the only good value of the movie is that it reveals the complete failure of Roman Catholicism when the religion masquerades as Christianity.
The dangers of the movie are first its heterodoxy that one can apostatize to avoid martyrdom and remain a child of God. An equal danger is the obvious allure of Contemplative Spirituality. This diabolical movie may prepare innumerable anemic professing Christians to compromise their faith under the pressure of persecution. However, it may also be a vehicle to carrying them into mystical experimentation with Contemplative Spirituality.
The potential of “Silence” to deceive millions of weak professing Christians is feasible. Could this be part of the “lying signs and wonders show” that the Apostle Paul referred to in 2 Thessalonians?
The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10
 Martin Scorsese discusses his faith, his struggles, 
and "Silence." 
(From a Catholic Perspective, 
Interviewed by a Jesuit Priest)


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Dear Lighthouse Trails:
I have just read the excellent booklet that you generously provided in your recent newsletter by Carl Teichrib; FREEMASONRY: A Revealing Look at the Spiritual Side.
Back in the early 1990s, my family was able to relocate to a small town in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. We had previously been members of an independent Bible church in Florida. Among our first priorities after settling in was to find a similar church that preached the Word and was focused on missions. We found a very small Christian and Missionary Alliance Church that at the time had only about 30 members with a very young pastor that had just graduated from seminary. This was a wonderful answer to prayer. The church was already starting to sponsor several missionaries, and the pastor and I began a close friendship. Soon after the pastor asked me if I would consider being an elder. I had been a deacon at the church in Florida, and having been a Christian for only 5 years at this point, I really thought I might not qualify to be an elder. After much prayer about this, I humbly accepted the position. Part of my decision was based on the certainty that the Lord had given me the gift of discernment soon after I was born again . . . (but that is a whole other story).
The building we rented for our services was very small, seating maybe 35-40. Soon we began to look for a larger building to suit our growing congregation. We found a beautiful piece of land just on the edge of town that had previously been occupied by a Jehovah’s Witness group. After praying that the Lord would cleanse the building, we started much needed work on the sanctuary and the small other building that would be for a nursery.
At this time, a man suddenly started coming to our church and put himself right away to the business of woodworking and painting. He had skills in construction that none of us possessed so his help was greatly appreciated. I soon found out that he was a Freemason. Of the 5 elders in the congregation, only I and one other (that had left masonry after becoming a Christian) knew the ramifications of this man’s intention of becoming a member of the congregation. I looked at our By-Laws and could not find anything prohibiting a member of a secret society from becoming a member. So I got busy getting together materials to discuss with the pastor and elders that dealt with Freemasonry. At the time, I had a book by John Ankerberg that I used to highlight all the reasons a Freemason could not be a true Christian (or at the very least, would be a compromising one) being that he would be serving two masters.
Since this man had asked to be a member, we elders had a meeting with him after the elders had educated themselves about the serious spiritual ramifications of his joining the membership. We gently but firmly talked to this man about the biblical reasons that this secret society could not coexist with Christianity. He claimed he went to a “Christian Lodge,” and he did not seem to understand what we were talking about. The man and his wife met with the pastor and said he was offended by what we were implying. It was his view that we were saying he was not a Christian, which we had never said in the first meeting. The next few weeks the man did not come to church. I had the church vote on a by-law that would not allow a member of a secret society to become a member of the church. Several weeks later the man called the pastor and told him that he owned a parcel of land adjoining our small plot of land. He said he would sell it to us if only he could become a member of the church and that if the elders and especially me would apologize to him and his wife based on Matthew 18:15 where a brother sins against another brother!
Much to my surprise (and horror), the pastor (and my friend) wanted me to ignore the new by-law and personally apologize to this man solely for the reason of obtaining this parcel of land from him that he was offering at a great discount!
This was a very agonizing time for me and my wife. We earnestly prayed about what to do. I could not in good faith apologize to this man when I had only tried to show him the errors of his way using Scripture and resources to back up what I was saying. I felt betrayed by the pastor. Some of the elders (except for one) did not even know what all the fuss was about! For these reasons, we reluctantly left that church that we had so dearly come to love. My wife had started a Pioneer Club for the children and I had taught adult Sunday school there.
Soon afterwards, a CMA higher up came and discussed church growth, and the man in question sold the parcel to the church.
This is an example of how Satan ruins a good thing when discernment is nearly absent from a local congregation.
By the way, the other elder that was a mason before he became saved also left that CMA church soon after I did based on his convictions that very few of the elders and pastor had any discernment and also because of the new blueprints that the CMA leader had come up with for church growth. Basically, that plan was to be a seeker-friendly church that added members that wanted to join whomever they may be (saved or unsaved).
After we left the CMA church, we looked for a new church and settled on the big First Baptist church in town (Southern Baptist). My youngest son accepted Christ as his Savior there and was baptized, and we were happy they had a nice youth group. About two years later, the youth pastor left, and they replaced him with a Rick Warren fan. Several of the parents wanted to have a meeting with him and the deacons to discuss our concerns. It was not only the fact that all he talked about was Rick Warren, but my son said that unlike with the previous youth pastor, this young man was teaching them things that had nothing to do about the Bible. My son showed me his notes: it was all man’s wisdom and philosophies that he was espousing. The meeting was very tense. The youth pastor again accused us of not coming to him in private first and citing . . . you guessed it: Matthew 18 again! The deacons were all Masons, and they were not sympathetic to our concerns.
Before moving back to Florida, we started up a small congregation of about 12 families; most of them the parents of the youth group at the big Baptist church. About this same time, I was reading a book by a former Mason-turned-Christian that mentioned that a tactic that the local lodges used was infiltrating the local churches and reporting back to their lodge on the church’s activities. That really creeped me out.
A believer in Florida


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Kelleigh Nelson

February 13, 2017
Winning against a determined enemy requires a willingness to clearly define the threat and to work very hard to understand their passions, fears and beliefs. —The Field of Fight Lt. General Michael T. Flynn
Michael T. Flynn knows more about Islamic terrorism than anyone in Trump’s cabinet. It is why we need him for our NSA Chief! The left knows it, and it is why they will use every tactic they can to derail his nomination, including the bogus claim that he promised a lifting of sanctions against Russia when he spoke with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.
General Flynn spent more than 33 years as an intelligence officer, and that will serve us well. He served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Senior Military Intelligence Officer in the Department of Defense. Of all the military men in our President’s new administration, General Flynn knows more about the cunning and ability-to-adapt of the Islamic enemies of freedom than anyone else in Trump’s administration. His book, The Field of Fight, should be read by every patriotic American. Get it, and read it, only 180 high powered packed intel pages! It is why we desperately need this man.
The Bogus Attack Against Flynn
At issue is whether or not Flynn discussed the lifting of sanctions against Russia with Sergey Kislyak before Trump’s inauguration. U.S. intelligence services routinely intercept and monitor diplomats. According to transcripts of the conversation, they show that General Flynn did discuss sanctions with the ambassador. What they don’t show is that the General made any sort of promise to lift the sanctions once Mr. Trump took office. Rather, they show Flynn making general comments about relations between the two countries improving under President Trump.
Had the General promised a lifting of sanctions, he would have violated a law that prohibits private citizens from engaging in foreign policy, the Logan Act. Flynn has stated that he really doesn’t remember the entire conversation, but the transcripts actually show he made no sort of promise, so reality is, the left is scared to death of Flynn and want him gone.
Personally, I can’t remember what I said on the telephone yesterday, let alone weeks or months ago, but the transcripts verify that Flynn did not break the law. Nevertheless, you have Pelosi tweeting, “Gen. Flynn should be suspended and have his intelligence clearance revoked.” Of course, you have Lindsey Graham joining with leftist Sheldon Whitehouse, both of whom lead the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subpanel on crime and terrorism, launching an investigation of Russia’s efforts to influence the U.S. election. Insanity reigns in our Congress.
We need Flynn, he has amazing intelligence regarding radical Islam, and he is probably the finest choice in Trump’s administration to carry out the duties of NSA Chief.
CIA Hatred of Trump Spills Over
CIA Director Pompeo, recently rejected a request for an elite security clearance for Senior Director for Africa, Robin Townley, required for service on the National Security Council. Townley is a long-time associate of Gen. Michael Flynn, and a former Marine intelligence officer who had long maintained a top secret-level security clearance.
Apparently, Flynn is justifiably angry over this rejection, and this escalates the friction between Flynn and this agency, one I’ve considered rogue for many decades. Townley had spent most of his adult life with high level clearances, so it is difficult to take this as anything but the war the CIA declared on Trump right after the election. The CIA actually had granted the same kind of clearance to Obama’s appointee, Ben Rhodes, despite Rhodes having been declined the same kind of clearance by the FBI because of his obsequious attachment to Iran.
Apparently, Flynn and his allies believe it was motivated by Townley’s skepticism of the intelligence community’s techniques — sentiments shared by Flynn, and many knowledgeable Americans.
The CIA and others in the intelligence community seem threatened by Flynn and his allies. Why? Because this 33-year Army intelligence veteran knows more about the dangers facing America than anyone. Marine Robin Townley doesn’t believe the CIA runs the world, and his closeness to his boss was probably what made him a target.
The CIA needs a massive cleanout, but meanwhile, Pompeo apparently believes his sandbagging of Townley is a small price to pay if it helps him avoid the Porter Goss treatment.
Flynn’s Plan to Beat Radical Islam
General Flynn not only wants to stop Islamic terrorists, but he wants to fight their radical ideology. He wants to combat it more broadly, using informational warfare. “We can’t possibly have an effective campaign against Radical Islamic ideology without the cooperation of the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter.
“But first,” he writes, “the government has to overcome the political taboo of tying Islamic violence to the religion of Islam, including its sacred texts, which he says the enemy is using as a manual of warfare.”
“It’s long past time for us to denounce the many evils of Radical Islam,” he writes, while highlighting the many defeats of ISIS and al Qaeda to show potential recruits that “the Almighty has changed sides in the holy war.”
Advance details of the plan can be gleaned from Flynn’s book. In it, the Army veteran proposes discrediting the “evil (religious) doctrines” motivating jihadists — namely the Islamic rewards for martyrdom (or suicidal terrorism) and the totalitarian tenets of Sharia law — using psy-ops and counter-propaganda, not just through federal government channels but also through “our schools, media and social networks.”
“If we can’t tackle enemy doctrines that call for our domination or extinction,” Flynn writes, “we aren’t going to destroy their jihadis.”
Fired by former President Barack Obama from the Defense Intelligence Agency for taking such stands, Flynn vows to reverse the longstanding government practice of whitewashing the violent nature of the enemy’s faith through pleasant platitudes like, “The terrorists are hijacking a religion of peace” and other apologia. He calls such policies “Islamophilia,” and complains they border on appeasement, which, in my estimation, they do.
Nazis and Islamists
Donald Trump has been compared to Adolf Hitler by the leftists in America, by political adversaries who disagree with him vehemently and with vitriol. Professors, political commentators, irate comedians, Hollywood entertainers, and especially some of the leaders from our black communities have engaged in the purposeful promotion of this comparison. Their political demonizing is done for a purpose, but certainly not one that is helpful to America, and if you’ll notice, it also extends to Trump’s nominees.
Marion Ingeborg Andrews, (Inge) was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1940 during Hitler's reign. She is infuriated that people compare President Trump to Hitler and has said,
"What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn't mean they're like a dictator. What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn't Trump, it's the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors. That's how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to mis-educate them, to brainwash them, it's happening today."
"It saddens me that we are teaching garbage in the schools and in the college. We don't teach history anymore. History repeats itself over and over. The kids out there today haven't ever lived through a war like I did. I remember sitting in a rock pile, cleaning rocks, to rebuild Germany. I remember eating maple leaves and grass to survive."
General Flynn’s book echoes Inge’s fears when he states, “Religious fanatics and secular tyrants work quite well together, transcending even deep ideological divides. The most dramatic example comes from the infamous case of the grand mufti of Jerusalem in the 1930s and 1940s, Amin al-Husseini, and his efforts to forge an operational relationship between Nazi Germany and his own Muslim Brotherhood.” Chuck Morse’s book, The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism spells it out clearly.

“Like the leaders of other fascist states, the mullahs who have ruled the Islamic Republic have claimed universal authority in the name of their doctrine, not of their country. And they say they are prepared to die—along with their followers—to accomplish their mission. As Khomeini put it shortly after the occupation of the American embassy in Tehran in 1979: “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah…For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.” General Flynn – The Field of Fight.
The General makes this clear on page 103 of his dynamic book when he states, “Keep your eyes on that word, ‘totalitarian.” That is the key concept.”
“This also helps clarify the nature of the global alliance we face. The countries and movements that are trying to destroy us have worldviews that may seem to be in violent conflict with one another. But they are united by their hatred of the democratic West and their conviction that dictatorship is superior. So, while it may appear that, say, there is little in common between Communist North Korea, and radical Shi’ite Iran, or between the leaders of the radical Sunni Islamic State’s ‘caliphate’ and the Iranians, in fact it is no more difficult for them to cooperate in the war against us than it was for Hitler and the grand mufti to cooperate in the 1930s and 1940s.”
General Flynn knows that Iran is the core of terrorism training, and this is another reason that President Trump has said, “Iran’s nuclear deal is inconceivable and a disaster for Israel.” [Link]
Our President has stated many times, “Make America Safe Again.” Our president knows that some of the refugees and illegal aliens are of the criminal element, and his job as our President is to keep this sovereign nation’s people protected.
Trump and his nominees are real men, not men that have been feminized, and that’s why they hate real men like Trump, General Flynn, advisor Stephen Miller, and his other nominees. [See Stephen Miller on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace] also [See Stephen Miller shellac George Stephanopoulos on ABC] and [See Stephen Miller Destroy Chuck Todd on Meet The Press]
What’s good for the goose…So how about these leftists apply the same tactics towards their Hollywood and sports figures like they’re applying with the attacks on all of Trump’s nominees, but especially on General Flynn?!
Remember Dennis Rodman? The former NBA star and reality TV star gave a special birthday gift to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. A U.S. congressman calls it "bizarre and grotesque" and, with North Korea's repressive regime in mind, compares it to "inviting Adolf Hitler to lunch." And when questioned by Chris Cuomo of CNN, he had this to say, “I don't give a rat's ass what the hell you think." [Link]
Sean Penn is another one. In 2008, the actor flew to Cuba to interview Castro. In what was a seven-hour conversation with Castro, Penn described the hardliner as having the “agility of a young man” who “exercises every day, his eyes are bright and his voice is strong.”
“Spielberg went down there recently to Cuba, and said, ‘The best seven hours I ever spent was actually with Fidel Castro,'” Duval said, “Now, what I want to ask him [is],” Duval said of Spielberg, “‘Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust museum, or at least across the street, to honor the dead Cubans that Castro killed?’ That’s very presumptuous of him to go there.” 
 Add to this fawning of the Communist Dictator, these other Hollywood actors, Jack Nicholson, Ted Turner, Danny Glover, Kevin Costner, Chevy Chase, and Harry Belafonte. Where is the Logan Act with them? Excuse me, why weren’t their conversations recorded??? [Link]

And what about George Clooney’s visit to Angela Merkel? Muslim migrants have now flooded into a massive camp next to George Clooney’s $10 million Italian villa. So, how about it George…maybe you could take in about 50 of them and feed and house them?!
The number of the White house comment line is (202) 456-1111, and the number of the house switchboard (202)225-3121. Call the White House, and then your senators and tell them we need General Michael T. Flynn as our National Security Advisor. No one else will do, we need Flynn!


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Amil Imani

February 14, 2017
The American people must hear the truth about the nature of Islamic doctrine continually until they are totally aware of its threat to their way of life and the US Constitution. Sadly, our Churches and other religious institutions dare not speak up for fear of being accused of intolerance toward another religion. Our academia, the university teachers and professors, left or right, dare not, because, most likely, they would be expelled and lose their income. Our elected officials and politicians dare not because they are mostly master practitioners of euphemism, hedging, doubletalk, and outright deception, and they need your votes as well as your money. Many media contributors and editors dare not because they could lose subscribers and be shut down. Countless entrepreneurs and businessmen dare not because they might lose customers and clientele. Even ordinary workers dare not because they might be fired or called bigots and racists. So, I thought I would tell you!
America is faced with a formidable adversary. This adversary has a name: Islam, not radical Islam or political Islam, just Islam. Muslims don’t call it radical Islam, why should we? I think it is time to revisit the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and see if Islam is qualified as a religion. Is this an outlandishly absurd proposal? Not at all, serious problems require equally serious solutions. The call for evaluation of the First Amendment may be seen as an attempt to curb Islam or other militant cults. The truth is: it is. It is truly a matter of survival of the United States and the free world.
It is long past time to take a stand and shift the debate to orthodox Islam. There is no need to exhaustingly investigate every other religion on the planet in order to compare them or offer an opinion about their relative “goodness” in declaring that on the whole, Islam perpetuates malevolence and violence. Let others devolve into religious disagreements. But for the press and some commentators who would further question: “OK great, so now what? You claim Islam is malevolent. How do we combat that?” Your response is already clear: Through the spread of truth, not deceit. Through voluntary social sanctions and laws in every civilized country that forbid evil practices like Sharia, coercion and violence against women, threats against those who disagree, honor killings, apostasy and other hate crimes. Let the world know the truth and decide for itself. Let Muslims who come to their senses, opt out.
Religion and Islam
America, with a long history of protecting religious freedom, still clings to the “hands off” practice of leaving alone any doctrine or practice billed as religion. A thorny problem is in deciding what constitutes a religion and who is to make that call. The dictionary supplies a sociologically useless definition for religion: “The expression of man’s belief in and reverence for a superhuman power recognized as the Creator and Governor of the universe.” Just about anyone or any group under this definition can start a religion, and indeed they do—and some do so at significant costs to others.
Muslims, under the banner of religion, are infringing blatantly on the rights of others, not only in Islamic countries, but also in much of the non-Muslim world. By their acts of dogmatic barbarity, Muslims are slowly awakening non-Muslim democracies to the imminent threat of Islamic terrorism keen on destroying their free secular and free societies.
As more and more Muslims arrive in America, as they reproduce with great fertility, as they convert the disenchanted and minorities, and as petrodollar-flush Muslims and Muslim treasuries supply generous funds, Muslims gather more power and become a serious challenge to the American system of governance—representative democracy. As for democracy, the rule of the people, Muslims have no use for it whatsoever. Muslims believe that Allah’s rule must govern the world in the form of a Caliphate. Making a mockery of democracy, subverting its workings, and ignoring its provisions is a Muslim’s way of falsifying what he already believes to be a sinful and false system of government, invented by the infidels.

Quran 5:50 "Do they then seek the legislation of (the Days of) Ignorance? And who is better in legislating than Allah for a people who have Faith."
Quran 5:45 "And whoever rules not by what Allah has revealed, those are the wrongdoers."
Quran 12:40 "The rule is only for Allah."
We must begin to declare Islam evil, not from a sectarian perspective, but from a universal, humanist one. Every encroachment of Islam as a religion must be rejected, harassed and discouraged by all people everywhere. Any leftist attempts to give aid and comfort to this religion of hate must be denounced and frustrated at every turn.
Unlike some peaceful religions such as Baha’i, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity which advocate universally understood principles of good within their Holy books, and perhaps other religious doctrines (with which I am not personally familiar), Islam cannot be reformed. An example, when the Roman Catholic church was reformed, it was the church that was found to be in violation of Biblical teachings. It had in many ways become anti-Christian.
Reform restored orthodoxy to the plain and well-understood concepts revealed by Christ and the disciples (one of the reasons it took so long was the church forbade lay-people from reading the bible or translating it from the obsolete language of Europeans were largely ignorant except for what they were told...see the story of Martin Luther). Some evolutionary ideas such as the abolition of slavery were not addressed in the Bible (in part because Christ was after souls not bodies), but the other teachings such as compassion, forgiveness, non-violence, and brotherly love are and were always incompatible with slavery. Therefore, it should be no surprise that eventually Christians in Europe and America led the abolitionist movement (they were scripturally correct). If a Christian bombs an abortion clinic, there is no scriptural commandment supporting this. It is unchristian (however, it is not unchristian to denounce abortion and seek to make it illegal and thus prevent abortionists from practicing their craft).
It is sad when the counter-argument to this definition of Christianity is lame references to Old Testament violence. Old Testament stories are taught in Christianity as historical fact, not prescriptions based on Christian ethics. If to a Christian, God is sanctioned a violent act, it is 100% irrelevant to the New Covenant that is taught by Jesus. So, to say...yeah but the Bible has violence in it too is insultingly banal, simplistic and misleading.
If some Christians abused their doctrine and hid behind the Cross to justify their personal desire to kill, enslave, and conquer, then they are and always were sinners and they are wrong; and this is why Christianity has taken the natural form it has a religion of peace and compassion (even if many supposed Christians continue to sin). This is not to say that Christians are unable to defend themselves, or intervene to stop injustice. Christians are taught to hate the sin and love the sinner...period! The decision to become aggressive is always a burden on the Christian conscience.
In comparison, Islam does not tolerate revisionism in its beliefs or practices over time. Reform is not at play, because one cannot point to Jihadists or terrorists and say Muhammad did not advocate it. He most certainly did, and delighted in his evil thoughts. Islam is a literal religion, taking unabrogated scripture as eternal and absolute. Moreover, there are no calls in Islam for compassion, forgiveness, non-violence, and brotherly love. Instead there are specific prescriptions to retain evil with evil, eternal warfare, religious hegemony, slavery, killing Jews, taxing nonbelievers, stoning, promulgating terror, establishing a caste social system, and perpetuating discrimination against women. The only way to reform Islam is to discard Sharia, but also to purge the Quran itself of its enormous Suras that are not only patently false, but totally repugnant to a civilized humanity. This line of thinking, to sanitize Islam is explicitly forbidden in the Quran:
Quran 2:85: “Do you, then, believe in some parts of the divine writ and deny the truth of other parts? What, then, could be the reward of those among you who do such things but ignominy in the life of this world and, on the Day of Resurrection; they will be consigned to most grievous suffering? For God is not unmindful of what you do.”
Radical Islam
There is no such thing as “radical Islam.” I have refused to accept several organizations that seek to combat or expose the antics of “radical” or “extreme” Islam, because I know that it is not extremism that is causing the’s mainstream, typical, normal, traditional, specified, canonical Islam.
There are those who with a wink and a nod understand this but continue to work as revisionists because they are afraid of starting a religious war, even as they feel compelled to do something. They tell me, “You can’t openly accuse an entire religion of being evil! That would just incite them and make them hate us even more." My response: the war started in the 7th century, and if in the 21st century we still refuse to accept that reality, then there is perhaps no hope at all for civilization. Nothing good can come from self-deception.
I argue that any belief system that licenses murder in the name of Jihad and the conquering and subduing of the world of the infidels by the Umma, should be outlawed. The prophet Mohammad brewed up a militant, radical and extremely irrational imperialistic cult that sought world dominance. My fellow travelers, let us make one thing clear; Islam is no more a religion deserving our respect or legal recognition than is cannibalism.
And those who take a “liberal” view of Islam should be forced to back up their nouveau interpretation with unabrogated scriptural facts. Unless such “reformists” can denounce fascist Islam with scripture, they are the true radicals, which is why we never see them pointing to scriptural arguments against jihad...they cannot because they are lying. Islamic terrorists are doing exactly what the prophet Muhammad demanded. And his demands were not suggestions and were not ephemeral. They were “perfect,” eternal ultimata. Islamic terrorists are faithful and true to what is written in the book of Quran.
Islam Enablers
A consortium composed of pandering politicians, left and right, blinded by short-term self-interest and egotism, attention and fund-seeking self-proclaimed prima donna professors; and, bastions of useful idiots, are the witting or unwitting promoters of Umma-ism.
Recall how many times former President George W. Bush praised Islam? Recall President George Bush’s love affairs with the Shaikh Abdullah of Saudi Arabia?
Didn’t President Obama go around the Muslim heartland and sing the praises of Islam at every stop? Didn’t he bow with great deference to the King of Islam in Saudi Arabia? Didn’t he proudly proclaim Islam as the faith of his near and dear kindred? Didn’t he, time and again, tell us that Islam is indeed the religion of peace? Didn’t he with his captivating oratory skills cite passages from the Quran to show how reverent he was toward this religion? Didn’t he appoint a raft of “devoted” Muslims to sensitive and high posts in government? Didn’t the Obama administration pull back all training materials used for law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive?
Here are some statements from both Presidents Bush and Obama:
1. “Ours is a war not against a religion, not against the Muslim faith. But ours is a war against individuals who absolutely hate what America stands for.” GWB
2. “They’re terrorists. And we are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.” BHO
3. “Our war is not against Islam, or against faith practiced by the Muslim people. Our war is a war against evil.” GWB
4. “Our enemy doesn’t follow the great traditions of Islam. They’ve hijacked a great religion.” GWB
5. “The terrorists do not speak for over a billion Muslims who reject their hateful ideology.” BHO
 6. “There are thousands of Muslims who proudly call themselves Americans, and they know what I know — that the Muslim faith is based upon peace and love and compassion.” GWB
7. “This great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence.” BHO

It is long past time for Americans to call upon the lawmakers of the United States of America to immediately create a safety board and commissioner to study and examine the dangers of Islamic doctrine in our society. Islam today is dysfunctional, to say the least. As a matter of fact, Islam went astray from the very beginning and inflicted a great deal of suffering on both its followers and those who resisted its advance.
In the monumental task of dealing with Islam, every individual, group and government must combine their resources and energies to prevail. The destiny of the civilized world hangs in the balance. Shirking this responsibility is an unpardonable act of every enlightened human being and organization that values individual freedom, liberty and dignity.