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 What drove a well-educated young doctor from an affluent family to become a vile anti-Semite? 
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In medical terms, Lara Kollab’s career is dead on arrival or flat-lined. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic, where she was employed as a supervised resident, rightly fired her after only two months. Ohio’s Osteopathic Association informed me via Twitter that her medical training certificate is invalid because it was contingent upon her working in an accredited program. Because she was fired from the Cleveland Clinic, she is no longer in an accredited program. Moreover, because of the way medical residencies are scheduled, the earliest time that she can re-apply into another residency program is July 2020. Even then, it is doubtful that any hospital will accept her, except for perhaps Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which also conveniently serves as a Hamas Headquarters in times of war with Israel.
For those of you who were in hibernation this past week, Kollab, whose parents are Palestinian and Muslim, posted numerous anti-Semitic comments on her social media platforms. She routinely referred to Jews as “dogs,” trivialized the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust, claimed that “Zionists” controlled the media and “Israel runs America,” and repeatedly expressed a desire to inflict harm on Jews. But the one comment that put the nail in the coffin for Kollab was the tweet where she expressed her desire to provide her Jewish patients with the wrong medication, effectively poisoning them. Not exactly the sort of sentiment that’s consistent with the Hippocratic Oath and precisely the sort of sentiment you’d expect from the likes of Doctor Mengele.
On Friday, Kollab issued an apology of sorts through her lawyer. This represents the first step in Kollab’s attempt to salvage what’s left her tattered career and reputation. But the apology was equivocal and laced with deception and deflection. She claimed that the offensive, anti-Semitic posts were made years before she was accepted into medical school. That is false. The vile comments, which included deep-seated hatred of Israel and support for terrorism continued up until 2017 and constituted one steady and continuous stream of anti-Semitic invective. Her views remained constant and unchanged even after her acceptance to Touro.
One of the mysteries of the Kollab case is why she would choose Touro of all places. Touro accepts all students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities but when it was established in 1970, its focus was on higher education for the Jewish community. Over the years, the college became recognized for its high educational standards and consequently attracted a broader and more diverse student body.
Nonetheless, the inescapable fact is that Touro College is deeply rooted in Jewish values and philosophy, and one has to wonder why Kollab, whose hatred for Jews and Israel is palpable, would choose such an institution to advance her career. The answer likely lies in expediency. Touro has a renowned DO program and accepted her application. Expediency and convenience temporarily triumphed over her hatred for Jews.
According to public sources, Kollab’s family resides in an upscale Cleveland suburb. Photos of her parents’ home are readily available on the internet. They live in an affluent or upper middle class neighborhood; have a large 3,752sq.ft. house, surrounded by other large houses with well-manicured lawns and wide streets. Two relatively new vehicles can be seen parked in front of the family home in a large semi-circular driveway. The online real estate site Zillow places the value of the property at $607,000.
Despite her upper middleclass background and high-level education, Kollab still had time to immerse herself in Jew-hatred. But Kollab’s anti-Israel views did not emerge from a vacuum and may have been passed down to her by her parents, like a bad gene mutation. It’s not a stretch to assume that her Palestinian relatives share her views but were not stupid enough to express these rancid opinions on the information superhighway.
Recent polls suggest that anti-Semitic views in the Muslim world are the norm rather than the exception. A PEW research study confirmed that there is a near 100 percent prevalence of anti-Semitic attitudes among Muslim migrants. But Lara Kollab was born in America and was exposed to American culture from birth, yet still harbored anti-Semitic views. What explanation can be offered for her vile Judeophobic attitudes?
For all the advantages provided to her by her parents, a loving home, a good education, material possessions, Lara Kollab’s parents disadvantaged their daughter by exposing her to steady diet of anti-Israel calumnies and propaganda thereby poisoning her mind at an impressionable age.
I was able to locate a telling 2013 research paper written by Lara Kollab in which she interviews two people, her father and 17-year-old cousin, in connection with “Palestine” and the “Occupation.” The defamatory paper can best be summed up as mendacious to its core and implicitly anti-Semitic. A step-by-step deconstruction of its calumnies would be lengthy and beyond the scope of this article but I’ll provide two examples.
Her father states that in 1971, when he was barely thirteen, he went to visit his grandparents’ home in Jaffa when to his horror discovered the premises to be occupied by “European Jewish immigrants.” Which one of Mr. Kollab’s five senses – touch, taste, sight, smell or sound – was used to determine that they were “European” or “immigrants?” Perhaps it was his sixth sense. Moreover, Mr. Kollab’s pejorative invocation of “European” unmistakably implies that those living in his grandparents’ home are foreign alien implants, a common anti-Semitic trope perpetuated in the Muslim world.
Lara Kollab’s 17-year-old cousin is no better. She absurdly equates Palestinian suicide bombers – those who deliberately explode themselves among civilians in restaurants, cafes and buses – to Israel’s legally acceptable use of White Phosphorous to conceal troop deployments. Israel utilizes the smoke produced by White Phosphorous as an obscurant to protect its soldiers who face immoral enemies that have no regard for civilian life – Arab or Israeli.
Lara Kollab’s indoctrination and exposure to hate does not mean that her conduct should be excused. She’s an adult and should be held accountable for her actions. But it does offer a glimpse of insight into the anti-Semitic mindset, how it’s formed, and from where it emerges.
Most of the Arab and Muslim world (with some notable exceptions) is steeped in hatred for Israel and Jews. Jordan, a nation supposedly at peace with Israel, maintains office buildings where one must step on the Israeli flag when entering or exiting the lobby, and there are plans in the works to expand this insidious practice. An eight-year-old Lebanese boy recently refused to play a chess match against his Israeli competitors because of his belief that “Israel is the enemy.” Upon hearing this, his adult TV interviewers replied “bravo.” Palestinian kids are routinely exposed to Sesame Street-like children shows, complete with Disney-like characters, where Jews are referred to in the vilest pejorative terms and martyrdom is extolled.
Successive generations of Muslim youth who are being spiritually and mentally poisoned through political and religious indoctrination and society at large – irrespective of religion – pays the price. The Lara Kollab saga represents another unfortunate example of this systemic problem. She had the potential to be a productive member of society and threw it all away because the seeds of her irrational hatred were implanted from birth.
 Lara Kollab, Muslim Doc Discussed Destroying Jewish Immune Systems While Studying Medicine
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After Canary Mission's original report on Lara Kollab, the Muslim doctor who talked about giving Jews the wrong medicine, went viral, she issued the expected apology, claiming that she had been immature and apologizing for all the pain she had caused.
The issue isn't whether she caused people emotional pain, but that someone trying to be a doctor was discussing poisoning a particular ethnic group with the wrong medicines.
This is a compelling reason to make sure that she never has a position where she's able to work with anything more advanced than frogs.
And, Canary Mission has also dug up more social media from Kollab. And while she's claimed that her hate predated her pursuit of medicine this murderous thought not only dates back to a medical exam, but was part of her notes.
On May 4, 2013, Kollab tweeted: “Studying for my med micro final, came across this. Clearly, I pay attention in class and write very useful notes.”
The tweet featured a handwritten note that read:
“People who support Israel should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders.”
Someone who openly fantasizes about using their profession to inflict harm on a population should never be allowed to practice medicine.


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 CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — A new ad released by the wedding
 gown giant David’s Bridal centers on what the company sees as being 
representative of “brides today,” from a man and woman—and their 
baby—standing at the altar, to two lesbians dancing together at their 
wedding reception.
“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue—and we empower you to #RewriteTheRules and make your day something you,” the company wrote in sharing its new advertisement on social media on Friday.
According to reports, David’s Bridal, which filed for bankruptcy in November but plans to keep its stores open, wanted to represent “non-traditional” brides with its new spot, from women who already had children prior to marriage, to same-sex “weddings.” The 15 and 30-second versions will air both on television and social media.
View the advertisement as posted here.
“We wanted to make sure this spot represented what we see from brides today,” Chief Marketing Officer Liz Crystal told AdAge. “We value every type of bride.”
The outlet also notes that other companies, such as Zales, Kohl’s and Tiffany & Co., have likewise decided to include homosexuals in their advertising.
The move from David’s Bridal has generated mixed reaction.
“If you’re in business to sell wedding gowns, then of course you want lesbian customers, because they’re going to buy twice as many,” one commenter wrote.
“Families where the parents are unmarried may be a large market, but the parents have no incentive to get married. Lesbians are a small market and many of them don’t like being effeminate,” another remarked. “Marketing to non-traditional families risks losing business from supporters of traditional families, which could be a bigger market than the groups who were targeted in David’s Bridal’s advertising campaigns. Either way, based on current wedding trends, they made a bad business decision …”
“This is like finding a small hole in the bottom of your boat and drilling a bigger hole to drain the water,” a third opined.
David’s Bridal has its corporate headquarters in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania and has over 300 stores across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.
The late preacher and author A.W. Tozer once exhorted, “There is no Christian victory or blessing if we refuse to turn away from the things that God hates. … Even if it is accepted in the whole social class of which you are a part, turn away from it. Even if there is something that has come to be accepted by our generation, turn away from it if it is wrong and an offense to our holy and righteous Savior.”
Renowned minister Charles Spurgeon also declared, “The Lord’s ways are ways of pleasantness, and all His paths are peace. There is a safe and sweet pleasantness in holy living, and the pleasantness lies very much in the fact that an abounding peace springs from it. God grant us grace to keep in these peaceful paths, even though others should call us Puritans and ridicule our holy fear of sin.”


 "Transgender students who wish to enroll at Stephens will be required to prove that they identify and live as female through legal documentation. The college will also admit students who were assigned female at birth but identify as nonbinary."
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Recently it has been decided that Stephens College (aka The Columbia Baptist Female Academy in Columbia), Missouri—the second-oldest women-only college in the country—will begin accepting admissions applications from crossdressers, that is, men who dress like women and try to force others to refer to them as “ma’am.” This will ultimately place the female students in harm’s way of misguided sexual deviants beginning in 2019.
The Columbia Female Academy was established on August 24, 1833. In 1856, David H. Hickman helped secure the college’s charter under the name The Columbia Female Baptist Academy. In the late 19th century, it was renamed Stephens Female College after James L. Stephens endowed the college with $20,000. Until recently, Stephens College held to strong Baptist traditions and teachings, however, it seems that with this latest turn of events that they have strayed from that orthodoxy.
It looks as though Stephens college also has little regard for the safety of their female students by allowing these mentally ill sexual misfits to be integrated into the college. The simple, hard truth of the matter is that “transgenderism” is a mental illness rooted in the sinful desires of a rebellious heart. There is no such thing as “transgender,” you are born either male or female, it’s God’s decision, and you have no say in the matter. One cannot “trans” back and forth between genders because they have emotional or mental inadequacies.
Until recently, those who have suffered from these “trans” issues have rightly so been deemed as mentally and spiritually ill. However, in today’s “PC can’t offend the snowflakes’ world,” people of average mental capacity are forced to affirm these suffering, sin-sickened individuals, as “normal,” when in reality they are not. Whether it is public, the workplace, news outlets, and now in private colleges people of right-mindedness are being forced to have to accept the mentally ill as normal. If one does not accept this premise, then you are the one that is looked upon as being “not right.” It is important to remember that wrong is wrong even if the whole world is doing it and right is right even if no one is doing it.
Stephen’s College has seemed to jump onto the leftist bandwagon of all “trans” are good “trans.” This college, in their attempt to be all-inclusive, has in actuality brought reproach upon themselves and the church and has invited the wrath of God to their doorstep. What Stephen’s College has failed to realize by allowing crossdressers into their midst is that men will exploit their sexual deviancy not only for the purpose of fulfilling homosexual desires but also for their own self fulfilling heterosexual desires.
Stephen’s College should abandon the idea of allowing unrepentant sexual perverts into their school and protect the female students that are attending this college. Sadly, I don’t believe this will be righted until it is too late and someone becomes a victim of a transgender deviate act. 


 Handout photos
This past week, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), two of the nation’s foremost evangelical organizations, publicly announced they now support adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as officially protected minority classifications to the ranks of federal nondiscrimination law.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
 Russell Moore with the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization that just 
supported an expansion of LGBTQ “rights” in the name of religious liberty. 
In the name of preserving their “religious freedom,” two prominent evangelical groups have adopted rules capitulating on the issue of sodomy in order to not face possible negative consequences in the future. Agreeing not to act on their convictions toward the LGBTQ, the organizations hope to be allowed to still have their convictions quietly.
One wonders what the point of religious freedom is when you surrender your liberty of conscience at the first sign of hardship.
Acting quietly, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) have formally endorsed principles that would add sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to federal nondiscrimination law. One of these groups, the NAE, is heavily endorsed by Russell Moore and partners with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Shirley Mullen, the president of Houghton College and a board member of both the CCCU and NAE, said, “As Christian higher educators, we are increasingly persuaded that the most viable political strategy is for comprehensive religious freedom protections to be combined with explicit support for basic human rights for members of the LGBT community.”
Political strategy.
And all of God’s people said…barf.
Of course, neither the CCCU nor the NAE have in any way denied “basic human rights for members of the LGBT community.” No homosexual has been denied human rights by these organizations.  
Mullen and others representing the two boards are trying to make it seem that they’re just affirming broad human rights, but in fact they are capitulating on the sinfulness of sodomy. This is, in part, responsible for both groups keeping their decision to make LGBT-affirming statements quiet.
World Mag obtained the document agreed upon by the two organizations entitled, Fairness for All Motion. The document repudiates “unjust discrimination” towards those practicing sexual deviancy.
What is “unjust discrimination,” you might ask? Surely, that’s a loaded term, especially in a document designed to be waved like a white flag of surrender. The document goes on to explain, “These rights include basic legal and human rights related to housing, credit, jury duty and employment…
This means that Christian homeowners would have to rent homes to Sodomites and Christian-owned businesses could not decline to hire a sodomite or crossdressser on the grounds that they’re sinful or gross. So in the name of “religious liberty,” the CCCU and NAE are surrendering their religious liberty to discriminate (yes, discriminating for religious reasons is a First Amendment right) wholesale.
With liberty like that, who needs slavery?
The document is candid about its purpose. It’s trading LGBT inclusion for religious liberty like 30 pieces of silver. The document says:
This proposed legislation seeks to secure basic human rights for the LGBT community at the national level in exchange for strong and perpetual protections for religious freedom.
Judas Priests, they are.
The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) is highly endorsed by Russell Moore and partners with the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.
You can see Russell Moore’s endorsement of NAE here and view it below.
Moore writes, “When the NAE speaks, it is with careful theological reflection and with a tone that never compromises the gospel of Christ or the mission of the church. As the Body of Christ engages often complex questions facing civil society, it is a blessing to have a strong, unifying, biblically-anchored ally in the National Association of Evangelicals.”
The Fairness for All Motion is the epitome of everything wrong with today’s spineless, feckless, traitorous evangelicals. Born without courage and void of intestinal fortitude, these evanjellyfish have just offered to surrender our conscience for the right to have one.
They have surrendered their right to act upon their conviction for the right to simply state their conviction. Ultimately, that’s really no religious freedom at all.
For why we should never surrender our convictions in the name of “religious liberty,” listen to JD Hall’s sermon at the 2015 Reformation Montana Conference below. In the sermon, he spoke of Russell Moore and the ERLC’s allies who would ultimately give up their convictions in the name of liberty.
Listen here.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

December 14, 2018
Compromise isn't always a bad idea. (Ask any married couple!) But when it comes to the black and white of Scripture, nothing is more dangerous than a group of Christians willing to negotiate on truth. Their motivations may not be bad -- but the consequences almost always are.
In a culture like ours, where a single cake could ruin your business, no one can blame Christians for being worried. With every headline, the war over religious liberty is hitting closer and closer to home. It's landed on the doorsteps of florist shops, adoption agencies, French classes, pro sports -- even pizza joints. And the threat is always the same: affirm or be punished. While so many Christians stand their ground, others are willing to do anything to spare themselves the fight -- even if it means surrendering their core convictions to do it.
Earlier this week, World magazine broke the story that two organizations -- the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) -- have decided that the only way to stop LGBT activists is to submit to them. In a quiet motion this fall, their boards reportedly voted to subjugate biblical teachings on gender and sexuality in exchange for a flimsy fence of protection around their organizations. They believe -- quite naively -- that if they give in to the Left's demands, it will leave them alone. But the stories from the last decade paint a much different story.
On the far-Left, there's no such thing as live and let live. Liberals may want tolerance, but that doesn't mean they'll give it. If the cases against florists, bakers, and other wedding vendors make anything clear, it's that the LGBT agenda isn't about meeting people halfway. So while "Fairness for All" is a noble pursuit, it can't be achieved when special rights or extra-fairness are extended to some based on subjective, self-defined characteristics. That's special fairness for some, and the persecution of the many.
"They're trying to find a way to encourage the federal government to adopt sexual orientation and gender identity protections that would not come at the violation of religious liberty," Al Mohler writes in a lengthy response everyone should read. "Now that sounds like the perfect deal politically, if it were possible... [But] it is not possible. You can state, as many will, that it is well intended. But a well-intended mistake is still a mistake. A well-intended wound to religious liberty is still a wound. And that's what we're looking at here."
Unfortunately, what we're also looking at is the complete abandonment of the Christian commission. In this day and age, everyone struggles to convey an exclusive gospel in an inclusive world. But the solution isn't abandoning or changing the message -- it's conforming to it. If these organizations give up their core beliefs, what's the point of carving out religious liberty protections? They won't stand for anything worth protecting! "For what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness," 2 Corinthians 6 asks, "or what fellowship has light with darkness?"
It's human nature to avoid discomfort, but capitulations like this cause deeper pain later on. Look at the Boy Scouts. Five years after they expanded their ranks for inclusion's sake, they're packing up their tents and going home. Teetering on bankruptcy, unfocused, and unpopular, they're miles away from the organization that used to be one of America's proudest.
Even so, some Christians are willing to take the same path -- all to save a tiny patch of ground that won't mean anything when they're done. "It's a way of religious leaders saying we're going to protect our churches, our denominations, and [our] most closely-held ministries... but..." 
Mohler warns, "[w]hen it comes to Christians in the marketplace, Christians in the workplace... and all the rest, we're going to say you'll simply have to defend yourself in court. We'll hope for the best." These groups would sell their identity for crumbs -- and offer up men and women who are willing to stand on truth as a sacrifice in the process. 
 Circling the wagons around religious institutions implies that we have an anemic First Amendment that falls short of guarantying that religious freedom to each and every American. Surely, we did not come this far in the defense of religious liberty to leave bakers, photographers, and thousands of other Christians twisting in the wind.
A partial gospel is no gospel at all. "How long will you go limping between two different opinions?" I Kings 18:21 says. "If the Lord is God, follow him." There will be a lot of pressure, in the coming days, to wheel and deal on truth. But whoever gives up truth for the sake of peace will almost certainly lose both.

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 White House Coordinating With Army To Begin Work on Border Wall
 Army Corps of Engineers will construct wall should President Trump declare a National Emergency
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The U.S. Army will be the primary contractor building the southern border wall, the White House announced on Monday.
“If the president declares a national emergency, the Army Corps of Engineers will kick into high gear,” said a White House official. “They’re already handing out contracts, and that would speed up a lot.”
The White House Office of Management and Budget sent a letter to Democratic House committee chairs on Sunday, informing them that the Customs and Border Protection agency is coordinating with the army to fulfill President Trump’s goal of securing the border with a steel wall.

In concert with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CBP has increased its capacity to execute these funds,” said a letter from the White House budget office to Democratic House committee chairs.
“The Administration’s full request would fund construction of a total of approximately 234 miles of new physical barrier and fully fund the top 10 priorities in CBP’s Border Security Improvement Plan.”
The letter goes on to request funds for several other areas pertaining to border security, including more border patrol personnel, humanitarian supplies, and technology resources.
These upfront investments in physical barriers and technology, as well as legislation to close loopholes in our immigration system, will reduce illegal immigration, the flow of illicit drugs entering our country and reduce the long term costs for border and immigration enforcement
,” the letter concluded.

Trump indicated Sunday that he may declare a National Emergency to begin work on the wall if the Democrats continue to ignore the country’s border crisis. 

President Trump: "I may declare a national emergency dependent on what's going to happen over next few days." 

Read the letter in full below: 


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
The President of the United States is feuding with the Bishop of Rome, and Trump just had a ‘drop the mic’ moment with the pontiff.
On one side of this dispute is Donald J. Trump, who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. On the other side is Pope Francis, a Argentinian Jesuit who was thoroughly indoctrinated by South American liberation theologians. Trump wants to protect America, and the Pope wants to unite the world globally under the banner of Rome.
The men with two different missions locked horns yesterday as Trump gave a scathing rebuke of Pope Francis’ constant chastisement of United States immigration policy, which is among the most charitable in the world. The U.S. takes in more than 1.2 million immigrants a year, which is among the highest in the world. Nearly 13.5 percent of those inside America’s borders were born outside America, a demographic and statistical limit to be able to maintain American cultural unity.
In spite of American generosity, Pope Francis has been constantly dinging Trump in speeches across the world, primarily centered on Trump’s insistence to do his job by enforcing already-existent immigration law and building a border wall that was already approved by Congress.
On Thursday, Donald Trump had enough of the Pope’s undermining of American sovereignty. At a cabinet meeting, Trump told the media that the Vatican and the Pope himself proves that American immigration policy – and the border wall – are moral.
When they say the wall’s immoral, well then you got to do something about the Vatican, because the Vatican has the biggest wall of them all.
Trump continued, “Look at all of the countries that have walls, and they work 100 percent. It’s never going to change. A wall is a wall.
This isn’t the first time the two figures have tangled over the issue of American sovereignty versus globalism. In 2016, Pope Francis said that building “walls rather than bridges” wasn’t Christian. Trump responded by saying that if the Vatican walls were scaled by ISIS the Pope would be thankful he were president.
President Trump is factually correct. The Vatican has one of the most impressive border walls in the world.
The impressive border wall at the Vatican may be the tallest border wall in the world, much larger than the Great Wall of China.
The walls were built in the 9th century, commissioned by Pope Leo IV, ostensibly to protect the Vatican from people intent on plundering the city. Other Popes increased the height of the walls in the 14th and 15th century and mutltiple times throughout its history the Vatican has also closed the gates. In other words, the Vatican not only protected its borders from unlawful entry, it has closed the ports of lawful entry – something not even proposed by President Trump.
The Pope has thus far ignored Trump’s recent comments. He is in the Vatican, behind its walls, currently dealing with the massive Roman Catholic sex abuse scandals throughout the world.
In the meantime, President Trump should point out that the Pope isn’t the only religious leader with a border wall. Christ Jesus also has one in Heaven.
[The Holy City] had a great, high wall, with twelve gates…Revelation 21:10
 Pope uses Epiphany to push globalism 
and open-door immigration in EU
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
“Epiphany is the religious feast day celebrated by millions of Christians around the world on January 6. As is usual on the holy day, Pope Francis gave a mass to 60,000 people in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome.”
Unfortunately, Pope Francis decided that he would use his powerful role once again to force the political agenda of globalism and wide-open borders upon the flock. He delivered a brazen appeal:
“I make a heartfelt appeal to European leaders to show concrete solidarity for these people.”
He claimed that migrants were only “seeking a safe port where they can disembark.” This simply isn’t true.  
The UK’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid, for example, “is set to tighten rules on migrants who continue to ‘asylum shop’ and exploit Britain’s generous immigration system by travelling through other safe countries in Europe to the UK.”
The Pope remains safely “walled up” at the Vatican surrounded by guards while he appeals to Europe to fling open their doors to illegal migrants.
The Pope has abandoned his responsibility to guide the Catholic Church and has made himself into a puppet for the globalist cause. His statements are increasingly bizarre. He has called gossipers “terrorists,” but but not Islamic jihadis. He has also compared illegal migrants to Jesus, while a Vatican official said that the hunted Christian Asia Bibi was an “internal matter” of Pakistan. Pope Francis even called Christians who were murdered by Muslims in Algeria a “testament to God’s plan for a peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims.”

“Epiphany 2019 pope appeal: ‘Show concrete SOLIDARITY’ – Pope Francis migrant plea to EU,” by Kat Hopps, Express, January 6, 2019:
POPE Francis has used Epiphany 2019 to launch a “heartfelt appeal” to European leaders following an escalating migrant dispute – here is what you need to know.
Epiphany is the religious feast day celebrated by millions of Christians around the world on January 6. As is usual on the holy day, Pope Francis gave a mass to 60,000 people in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome. But the Catholic leader also used his platform to wade into an international diplomatic row about migrants trying to enter European waters. The dispute between Catholic nations Italy and Malta centres around 49 migrants rescued by German humanitarian group Sea-Watch 3.
The passengers were plucked from two unsafe vessels travelling out of Libya on December 22 and December 29.
Both Italy and Malta have refused entry to both groups, one of which includes three small children and four children.
Now, Pope Francis has intervened, making his views heard on one of the biggest religious festivals of the year.
Addressing his comments to St Peter’s Square on Sunday, Pope Francis said: “I make a heartfelt appeal to European leaders to show concrete solidarity for these people.”
The Pope added the migrants concerned were only “seeking a safe port where they can disembark”…..


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
[Reformation Charlotte] The well-known lady preacher and popular bible-study author, Beth Moore, makes an astonishing declaration–that spending time in God’s Word is not the same thing as spending time with God.
I say “astonishing” acerbically, chiefly because Beth Moore, who spends most of her free time admonishing innocent men to get on their knees to apologize on behalf of other men for mistreating women while holding hands with Marxists, is actually quite known for bellowing out ludicrous assertions about the Scriptures and her (lack of) knowledge about them.
Most recently, she declares in a tweet:
Well, in her world, spending time with God consists of fanciful dreams of being lifted up in the air while being told by God that He’s going to unite all sectors of Christendom, or strange moments of meeting a woman at a random bus stop just to give her a handful of cash because, you know, God told her to go there and stuff.
Of course spending time in Scripture is the same thing as spending time with God. You cannot know God any other way. It’s how he speaks to us (Hebrews 1:1). Yes, you can spend time with Him in prayer as well, and you can spend time with Him in worship. But what she’s saying is essentially the same thing as saying that listening to your parents speak to you is not the same thing as spending time with them. The Scriptures are God’s full and complete revelation to us. It informs all matters of our faith in Him, including our prayer and worship.
This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:8-9
To continue reading, click here.
[Editors’ Note: I might also add – in regards to “spending time in the Bible doesn’t mean growing in faith” – the words Paul to the Romans in the tenth chapter of his epistle, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”]


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
  Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the 
prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son…Hebrews 1:1-2
No one can deny that the Southern Baptist Convention is drifting. Once opposed to claims of prophecy outside the Bible – commonly claimed by cults like Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism and Montanism – some have suggested that SBC stands for slowly becoming charismatic. Southern Baptist president, JD Greear, recently did a video for The Social Gospel Coalition in which he stated an open-but-cautious view to prophecies outside the Bible.
Baptists, at one time, were known as People of the Book and defended the Sufficiency of Scripture. The Sufficiency of Scripture is undergirded by Cessationism, the orthodox and Biblical position that the Apostolic Sign Gifts – like the gift of miracles or prophecy – have ceased with the Apostles. This belief is taken from 2 Corinthians 12:12, which states that these types of First Century phenomenon were meant to designate Apostleship. Without Apostles, the Christian Church has uniformly held to a belief in Cessationism since the second century.
The Montanists were a group of heretics who were denounced by the early church for claiming that God continues to speak outside of Scripture. The belief of God speaking directly to people (as opposed to the Spirit leading us through Scripture) was altogether absent from church history between the time of the excommunication of the Montanists and the revival of Montanism in 1906 at Azusa Street. During the 20th Century, Baptists were at the forefront of opposing the notion of extra-Biblical prophecy. As the Southern Baptist publishing house, Lifeway Christian Resources, began to promote the work of charismatics and profit handily from their false teachings, Southern Baptists have largely embraced the false claims of extra-Biblical revelation.
JD Greear speaks about his open-but-cautious view below.

New video: @JDGreear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of @SummitRDU, weighs in on whether God still speaks audibly.

Greear claims in the video that God can speak in an audible voice should he want to. While it may seem wise to “not put God in a box” (by the way, the Ark of the Covenant demonstrates that God doesn’t mind putting himself in a box) or to claim that an omnipotent God can’t do something, God can’t do that which is against his own Word or something contrary to his own nature (see Titus 1:2 as an example). And, God has been very clear (see Hebrews 1:1-2 above) that how he now speaks to us has been relegated to prophecy inside the Bible. Essentially, Greear is open-but-cautious to the Scripture not being sufficient.
The danger of the open-but-cautious approach is that it leaves open the Charismatic Window. This is the means by which most false teachings today enter the church.

If you want to know how dangerous Greear’s view is on this issue, consider the lauding it received by Charisma News. This publication promotes material from the New Apostolic Reformation, Bethel Church and Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, and televangelist convicted felon, doomsday prophet and accused rapist, Jim Bakker. It is the worst of the worst promoter of the worst of the worst charismatic false prophets. And it loved JD Greear’s video.
In the article from Charisma News, it ask’s whether this is “a turning point for the Southern Baptist Convention.”

And the answer is no. The turning point is when Lifeway indiscriminately began to pump the SBC with charismatic resources more than a decade ago. It is just now bearing fruit.
(Friday Church News Notes, January 11, 2019,,, 866-295-4143) - In a video interview with The Gospel Coalition, J.D. Greear, President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), said that God can still speak audibly to believers today and is not limited to speaking through Scripture (“Southern Baptist President,”, Jan. 4, 2019). Greear said “he would never place God in a box about what He could do today.” This has been the Pentecostal position from its inception. “Don’t put God in a box” has always meant that God can do all sorts of things that we don’t see in Scripture, such as knock people down, glue them to the floor, cause them to speak gibberish, laugh hysterically, shake, jerk, roar like lions, bray like donkeys, and stagger like drunks. “Don’t put God in a box” has always been the theme song of those who refuse to be bound by Scripture. Former Pentecostal Hughie Seaborn comments as follows: “The SBC will be thoroughly Pentecostal before too long. God can do whatever He pleases, but He won’t contradict His Word, and His Word tells us in Hebrews 1:1-2 that, ‘God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets [who received dreams, visions and audible voices], Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son [through that which is perfect, the written Word of God].’ Dreams, visions and audible voices are subjective and fraught with dangerous deception. How can we know for sure who is speaking to us, even if what is received agrees with the Bible? The devil speaks a lot of truth, but it always has an agenda. The written Word of God is the only safety we have in these perilous last days. J.D. Greear is a dangerous man. When they say they ‘would never place God in a box about what He could do today,’ they are actually saying that they don’t want God to ‘put them in a box.’ That’s the real issue that I’ve found with them. It’s not, ‘Don’t tell me what God can and can’t do,’ but rather, ‘Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do.’ They don’t like the restrictions that Scripture places on them.”
(Friday Church News Notes, January 11, 2019,,, 866-295-4143) - The charismatic movement has been spreading through the Southern Baptist Convention since the late 1980s and the pace is increasing with each decade. In April 1995, Charisma magazine reported that two professors at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (William Hendricks and Tim Webber) urged churches not to fear the charismatic movement. Hendricks, director of Southern’s doctoral studies, said, “We shouldn’t feel defensive or threatened by an alternative experience, perspective or insights about the Holy Spirit,” and warned that in fighting the charismatic movement “you could be fighting what is a legitimate experience of the Spirit.” In March 1999, a Charisma magazine report entitled “Shaking Southern Baptist Tradition” gave many examples of charismatic Southern Baptist congregations. At that time, Southern Baptist pastors Jack Taylor, Ron Phillips, and Gary Folds, embraced the unscriptural nonsense that occurred at the Toronto Airport Church in Ontario and Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. This “revival” took the form of gibberish speakings, uncontrollable laughter, falling on the floor, rolling on the floor, barking like a dog, roaring like a lion, braying like a donkey, electric shocks, shakings, jerkings, and other bizarre experiences with no biblical support. Since then, Ron Phillips’ Fresh Oil & Wine Conferences at Central Baptist Church of Hixon, Tennessee, have promoted charismatic heresies. One of the speakers was Rodney Howard-Browne, the so-called “Holy Ghost Bartender.” Southern Baptist Pastor Dwain Miller of Second Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas, prophesied that God would use Phillips “to bring renewal to the SBC’s 41,000 churches.” Phillips told the Tennessean newspaper that he first experienced speaking in tongues when he was sleeping! In 2008, Phillips counted 500 churches in his charismatic network (“Charismatic Southern Baptist Churches,” Baptist Standard, Oct. 30, 2008). James Robison, once a fiery Southern Baptist evangelist who preached against the theological liberalism of its schools and the worldliness of its churches, had a charismatic experience in 1979 and became a charismatic ecumenist who joins hands in fellowship and ministry with “Spirit baptized” Roman Catholics and praises Pope John Paul II as “one of the finest representatives of morality in this earth.” Bill Sharples resigned a Southern Baptist pastorate after accepting the tongues-speaking movement, but 25% of his meetings are in SBC churches and he claims that 15 to 20 percent of Southern Baptists that he meets are open to the charismatic movement. In November 2005, the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board voted to forbid missionaries to speak in tongues, but Jerry Rankin, the head of the board, said that he had spoken in a “private prayer language” for 30 years. What confusion! Speaking at a chapel service at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006, Pastor Dwight McKissic, a trustee, told the students that he speaks in tongues in his “private prayer life” and has done so since 1981, when he was a seminary student (“Southwestern Trustee’s Sermon on Tongues Prompts Response,” Baptist Press, Aug. 30, 2006). In May 2015, the Southern Baptist International Mission Board reversed its former policy, now accepting missionaries who speak in “tongues” so long as they don’t become “disruptive” (“FAQs on Missionary Appointment Qualifications,” IMB Policy 200-1, One of the major bridges from the charismatic movement into Southern Baptist churches and homes is contemporary worship music. The 2008 Southern Baptist Hymnal contains a great many songs written by charismatics. About 75 of the top 100 contemporary worship songs are included. These songs are direct bridges to the one-world “church.” I don’t know of one prominent contemporary worship artist who is opposed in any practical sense to the charismatic movement and ecumenism, and that includes the Gettys. Because the SBC refuses to deal with this error consistently, the leaven will continue to spread. The Bible warns that “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” This is true for sin (1 Cor. 5:6) as well as for false doctrine (Gal. 5:9). And in a few years, someone will be writing about “tongues speaking” and other charismatic phenomena among Independent Baptists.