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This past November, the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR) held its 20th Anniversary celebration, and with it came a number of Muslim extremist faces from the past. Honored was ICBR co-founder and former web designer for Hamas, Syed Ahmad. Attending, along with Ahmad, who should have been barred from entering the US, were his fellow co-founders, who were and are no less dangerous. It was a reunion of terror.
The notice found on ICBR’s website read: “Please join us for a special event to honor Br. Syed Khawer Ahmad a founding member of ICBR who relocated to UK in 2001. We will also take this opportunity to celebrate ICBR 20th Anniversary with the presence of all 5 founding members including Imam Ibrahim Dremali.”
ICBR was established by those involved in the Muslim Student Organization at Florida Atlantic University (MSO at FAU), including then-MSO advisor Khalid Hamza. The three founding directors of the ICBR corporation were FAU graduate Syed Ahmad, travel agency owner Khalid Qureshi, and FAU professor Bassem Alhalabi. The founding imam was Ibrahim Dremali.
Of the founders, only Alhalabi is still active in ICBR. He is the President of the mosque.
Prior to arriving at FAU, Alhalabi was located in Tampa at the University of South Florida (USF), working as an assistant to USF professor Sami al-Arian. This, while al-Arian was actively creating an American infrastructure for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). In May 2006, al-Arian would plead guilty to providing services to PIJ. Alhalabi co-authored publications with al-Arian and, when applying to FAU, he used al-Arian as a reference.
In June 2003, the US Department of Commerce charged Alhalabi with illegally shipping a $13,000 military-grade thermal imaging device to Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism. Alhalabi has, as well, been arrested for assault.
As the ICBR notice mentioned, Syed Ahmad relocated to the UK. Today, he is a Senior Product Manager for Spectralink Corporation, and he is the owner and director of Experticom. Previous to that, he worked for the UK division of Panasonic from June 2002 to March 2013.
Around the time that he co-founded ICBR, Ahmad designed the first website for the Islamic Association, al-Jamia al-Islamiya, the Gaza-based parent organization of Hamas. The site contains a letter asking for funds for children’s schools and camps, signed by then-Director of the Islamic Association, Hamas leader Ahmad Bahar.
Bahar has since called for the annihilation of Jews and Americans, stating “Kill them all, without leaving a single one.” Ahmad also did the site for the Islamic Association’s Gaza Quranic education affiliate, Dar al-Quran al-Karim.
Ahmad was the webmaster for the official website of the Islamic Circle of North America’s South East Region (ICNA-SE), while the site’s homepage featured prominent links to the main websites for Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban and called on its web viewers to provide “material support” to groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda. And he was the webmaster for, a site that mourned the killing of and featured numerous photographs of the former spiritual leader and founder of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin.
Ibrahim Dremali is currently located in Fort Worth, Texas, where he and his latest wife, convert Annie Lin, run the Dremali Foundation.
From March 2000 to September 2001, Dremali was listed as one of eight local contacts for ICNA-SE, on the same web page as the aforementioned links to terrorist groups. In October 2000, Dremali spoke at a rally where Israeli flags were burned and the crowd shouted, “With jihad we'll claim our land, Zionist blood will wet the sand.” Dremali told the audience “not to be sad for those who were martyred and to not be afraid to die for what they believe in.”
In August 2002, Dremali was a character witness at a hearing for Adham Hassoun, an al-Qaeda operative who would later be convicted of providing material support to terrorist groups. Hassoun had been a fundraiser for the Global Relief Foundation (GRF), a terrorist charity that was shut down by the US government in December 2001. ICBR gave close to $17,000 to GRF, and in January 2000, ICBR received $600,000 from GRF as seed money towards the construction of a new 27,000-square-foot ICBR mosque.
In an April 2006 article in the Des Moines Register, Dremali claimed that his name had been added to a federal ‘no-fly’ list. In October 2010, Dremali and his then-wife, Safaa Eissa, were arrested by federal immigration agents on charges of engaging in fraudulent marriages to others to gain US citizenship. The woman who Dremali was accused of marrying, Lamyaa Hashim (aka Um Ahmad), was the President of a now-defunct Hamas-related charity, the Health Resource Center for Palestine (HRCP), of which Sayed Ahmad was Secretary/Treasurer.
From October 1999 through September 2001, ICBR published a violently anti-Semitic essay on its website, titled ‘Why can’t the Jews and Muslims live together in peace?’ It described Jews as “people of treachery and betrayal” and “enemies.” It quoted the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad, saying a “Day of Judgement” will come when Muslims will “fight the Jews and kill them.” Dremali claimed that the website article was the result of hackers. It was a lie, as the ICBR website contained much material from the same place the offending article originated from, the site Islam Q&A.
The imam who replaced Dremali at ICBR, Muneer Arafat, was arrested, in November 2002, by INS and FBI agents in Sarasota, Florida for overstaying his visa. Prior to Sarasota, Arafat lived in Saint Louis, where he became acquainted with Sami al-Arian and where he roomed with al-Qaeda operative Ziyad Khaleel, the man who delivered the satellite phone that was used by Osama bin Laden to plan the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In June 2005, while giving courtroom testimony about al-Arian, Arafat stated under oath that he himself was a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and that he was in favor of “destroying Israel.”
The terrorist links of those who established ICBR are widely documented, as are their criminal activities. Yet, despite this, ICBR recently was allowed to purchase another 91 acres of land for $4.91 million. Concerning the purchase, ICBR President Bassem Alhalabi belligerently stated, “The Muslim community is part of this community, part of the fabric of this society. We’re not going anywhere.”
The Islamic Center of Boca Raton started as a terror hotbed and remains one to this day. It should have been shut down years ago.
Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.


 Alex Jones' Official Statement on Roku Ban and Sandy Hook
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
 Alex Jones issues an official statement on his recent Roku 
banning and explains how the media is attempting to tie 
Sandy Hook to this latest ban.
Jones clears the record after hundreds of media outlets simultaneously released articles about the removal, but most of them got the story completely wrong.
 In a Washington Post article about the ban they claim, “Roku even heard from lawyers representing the families of Sandy Hook victims, who say they continue to be threatened and harassed thanks to the Infowars-spread conspiracy theory that the 2012 massacre that killed 27 people, including 20 children, didn’t happen.”
WAPO continued, saying, “What might have been the final push, however, came from the lawyers representing the families of the Sandy Hook victims who are suing Jones. Last week, a Connecticut judge ruled those families can review Infowars’ internal marketing and financial documents. The families accuse Infowars of profiting from paranoia to sell more products to Jones’s followers, according to the complaint.”
“There is no amount of anticipated revenue that could possibly justify Roku’s calculated decision,” attorney Josh Koskoff said in a statement to the media. Mark Bankston, another lawyer for Sandy Hook families, described Roku as “indifferent to the suffering caused by Mr. Jones’s continued onslaught of cruelty and reckless lies,” they continued.
The move by Roku is only the latest in attacks against pro-Trump outlets, specifically Infowars who leads the charge in the information war against the global elite.

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Creator Of Banned Infowars ROKU App 

Joins Alex Jones Live

 John, the creator of the now banned Infowars Roku app, joins Alex Jones live over the John, the creator of the now banned Infowars Roku app, joins Alex Jones live over the phone to detail how the events unfolded that led to his top trending news application to be

 was removed from the leftist appeasing content provider known as Roku.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
I received this email from YouTube over the weekend. At first I thought it was another malicious copyright or flagging strike, but no, this one turns out to be different. Here’s the text (my highlights):
Regarding your account: Brian London
We have received a legal complaint regarding your video from the government. After review, the following video: Robert Spencer on Fox and Friends has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s): Pakistan
YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws. Please review our help center article on legal complaints.
YouTube email
This bit catches my eye: “We have received a legal complaint regarding your video from the government.”
Oh…. let me read on, this is from THE GOVERNMENT of Pakistan! Strange how it just reads “The Government” at the beginning though.
What we have here is Google/YouTube enforcing the censorship laws of an Islamic State (Pakistan) even though those laws should not apply to me or to Google. Google have chosen to be good Dhimmis, respecting the laws of superior Muslims.
The video itself, which I’ll embed below, is one of the very first clips I put on YouTube in 2006. I taped it off Fox News and it is Robert Spencer of JihadWatch and the most remarkable thing about it is how consistent Robert has been through the years. And right. He even talks about an Islamic State, long before what came to be known as ISIS or The Islamic State emerged in the ruins of Iraq and Syria.
Of course Robert doesn’t get booked on Fox and Friends these days: I guess the influence of Pakistan extends beyond YouTube.
 "Imran Khan. The cricket captain is now Pakistan’s Prime Minister and a poster boy for his nation’s barbaric blasphemy laws"

Do Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws Trump America's 1st Amendment?

The new globalization of Sharia
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
The religious police who patrol the precincts of Twitter recently slapped Jamie Glazov, the editor of and the author of Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us, with anti-free speech blasphemy codes. The social media giant threatened Glazov with the Section 37 of PECA-2016, Section 295 B and Section 295 C of the Pakistan penal code.
Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer has documented how Twitter, along with other leading social media venues, is enforcing Sharia compliance. In the new world of Western dhimmitude, Twitter, acting on behalf of the Pakistan government, is informing American citizens that they could be imprisoned or hanged for insulting Islam.
This new global imposition of Islamic blasphemy law is the handiwork of a leftist playboy on a Muslim prayer mat. This figure of utter incongruity, loved by liberal Westerners, was once a world-class cricketer and Pakistan’s most successful cricket captain—and cricket, a sport foreign to Americans, is the quintessential sport of the gentleman.
As a cricket-loving boy growing up in Bombay, my walls were plastered with posters of Imran Khan. The cricket captain is now Pakistan’s Prime Minister and a poster boy for his nation’s barbaric blasphemy laws – search no further for a striking study in cognitive dissonance.
Oxford-educated Imran Khan, dressed in a mink coat and Mao cap, is equally fluent in the double-speak of radical Islam to his in-house audience and moderate Islam as a mode of public relations discourse. Since his time at Oxford University, Khan also learned to speak the progressive tongue of the social justice warrior tribes.
Khan’s carefully cultivated and calibrated image of incongruity is directed at reinforcing and expanding Islamic hegemony over the West. In the last few days, while the Western politicians were fast asleep like Rip van Winkle and the media were dancing like witches around John McCain’s coffin, Khan nuked free speech in Europe and at the United Nations. And nobody said a mumblin’ word.
In June 2018, Geert Wilders, Dutch Member of Parliament, invited artists to submit cartoons of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. He offered a prize of £7,700 ($10,000) for the winner. The competition was due to be held in November. Wilders received over 200 entries.
Pakistan, the powder keg of Asia, erupted with outrage. Tehreek-e-Labbaik, the main political party organising the protests, called for jihad against the West. Its leader, Khadim Rizvi, had earlier said he would order a nuclear strike against the Netherlands (if he came to power in the elections) were the cartoon contest to go ahead.
The elections went ahead. Imran Khan was elected prime minister. The useful idiots walking European corridors of power all thought that Imran Khan was “our man” because he was a Western-educated “moderate Muslim” who was three times divorced and married to a sex bomb like Jemima Goldsmith.
Instead, Khan turned the volume of Islamic fundamentalism to a full fortissimo and resoundingly affirmed that he’d defend Pakistan’s blasphemy laws to the hilt if his party won the elections. At the end of August 2018, Pakistan’s senate passed a resolution condemning the competition and Khan turned his firepower on the West vowing to take the matter to the UN General Assembly in September.
Khan is asking Islamic countries to create laws against blasphemy similar to those against Holocaust denial in European countries. He said: “Our government will raise the matter in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and ask the Muslim countries to come up with a collective policy that could then be brought up at international forums.”
Another Pakistani cricketer, Khalid Latif, has joined Khan’s chorus of “death to free speech” and “death to the West.” Latif, who was banned from cricket for five years for his role in match fixing during Pakistan Super League 2017, has placed a three-million-rupees bounty on the head of Geert Wilders.
To top it all, Pakistani pop star Rabi Pirzada, who dresses like a Westerner in modern clothing and pretends to be a “moderate Muslim,” has used her verified Twitter account to call for cartoonists who draw the Prophet Mohammed to be “hanged immediately.” This prima donna in Pakistan’s opera buffa claims that drawing Islam’s founder is “the worst act of terrorism.”
Pirzada’s tweets are a compendium of contradictions. She parrots the mantra of “Islam is peace” and tweets, “We never did never will do such a barbaric act ever (sic). In islam (sic) we are not allowed to kill innocent people, women or children.” But it’s fine to bump off Wilders because he isn’t innocent. “But that doesn't mean we can let any dog bark on our Prophet…” is how Pirzada justifies killing blasphemers.
And Twitter never says a mumblin’ word to the threats of violence issued in the name of the religion of peace.
Geert Wilders cancelled the cartoon contest “to avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence.” While Wilders has stuck out his neck for free speech and continues to do so, what is staggering beyond belief is the pusillanimous acquiescence of the West to the fatwas of religious fanatics in a backward nation stuck in seventh-century Arabia.
Instead of the civilized West civilizing Pakistan, backward and barbaric Pakistani hotheads led by a turncoat Prime Minister are de-civilizing the freedom-loving Western world. Islam sentences apostates to death. But apostates are Muslims, to begin with. With blasphemy, Islam sentences even non-Muslims to death, thus declaring its rule over everyone who is not a Muslim. This is an outrage against the most basic tenets of liberty and justice and free speech.
By not standing up to Imran Khan and his bloodthirsty hate-mongers and by acquiescing to Islam’s blasphemy laws, we in the West are submitting to the religion of Islam and to the rulings of its four schools of law (within Sunni practice)—all of which prescribe the death penalty for blasphemy.
If only we could look in the mirror, we will see an even more striking study in incongruity—our cowardly, spineless selves. By and large, we in Western Europe have rejected religion—i.e. Christianity, the religion of our heritage and culture. Paradoxically, we have capitulated to the authority of another religion “Islam”—which does not mean “peace” but “submission.”
Khan’s strategy is perilously clear for all who have eyes to see. And it just isn’t cricket, it just isn’t fair, it’s just isn’t sportsmanlike.  
Our response is pathetically obvious for Pakistan and the rest of the Islamic world to see. It is a response of silent submission. And that is just what Islam means: submission.

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“One in three Christians across Asian countries, including India, faces persecution: Report,” AFP, January 16, 2019:
PARIS: One in three Christians in Asia faces high levels of persecution after a “shocking increase” of religious-based threats and violence across the world, particularly in China and sub-Saharan Africa, a global advocacy group said Wednesday.
Around half of China’s 100 million Christians encounters persecution, “the worst it’s been in more than a decade”, following “new laws seeking to control religious expression”, the Open Doors watchdog said.
Persecution worldwide increased for the sixth straight year, with a total of 245 million Christians — one out of nine worldwide — facing high levels in 2018, up from 215 million, or one in 12, the previous year.
“Worldwide, our data reveals that 13.9 per cent more Christians are experiencing high levels of persecution than last year. That’s 30 million more people,” Open Doors UK and Ireland CEO Henrietta Blyth said in a statement.
More than 4,300 Christians were killed due to their beliefs worldwide last year, over 3,700 of them in Nigeria, according to the 2019 World Watch List.
The number of deaths in Nigeria almost doubled, with attacks from the jihadist Boko Haram group and ethnic Fulani herders posing a “double threat” for Christians, the NGO said….
North Korea topped the NGO’s “extreme persecution” ranking of 50 countries, as it has since 2002.
Open Doors said there were signs religious repression there was getting worse, but it was difficult to obtain data in the country, where “Christianity is forbidden and is a political crime”.
Following North Korea on the list are Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Iran, India and Syria.
India entered the top 10 for the first time, Open Doors said, as “Hindu extremists act with impunity and violent attacks on Christians and churches rise”….
Open Doors, a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians, warned that the rate of discrimination and violence was likely worse than it has reported, as it only records deaths proven to be to be motivated by religion.


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An Islamic State video just released in late December showed the White House being attacked. Clearly this is something the Islamic State very much wanted to do. Meanwhile, “a community member” contacted law enforcement on Hasher Jallal Taheb, and that’s good. Imagine what might have happened if this person hadn’t done so. But where did Hasher learn his understanding of Islam? Will anyone be investigating that? Or will they wave it away with “he was radicalized on the Internet”?

Taheb “planned to use explosive devices and an anti-tank rocket to carry out his attack.”
“Breaking: Cumming man threatened to attack White House, authorities say,” AJC, January 16, 2019:
Federal authorities on Wednesday announced a terrorist case against a metro Atlanta resident accused of plotting to destroy the White House and other Washington D.C. government buildings.
Hasher Jallal Taheb, of Cumming, was arrested in Gwinnett County and appeared briefly in court in downtown Atlanta in the case brought the FBI….
The criminal complaint, which accuses him of plotting to destroy a government building, said a community member contacted law enforcement in March 2018 to say that Taheb had become radicalized….
Taheb allegedly said he planned to travel to “hijra,” a term said to refer to Islamic State territory and he was selling the car to fund the trip. But he didn’t have a passport.
He allegedly told the informant he wanted to attack the White House and Statue of Liberty in jihadist attacks.
 Georgia Man? Hasher Jallal Taheb Plotted to Hit WH with Anti-Tank Rocket

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
A man from Georgia has been arrested in a terror plot that allegedly targeted federal buildings–including The White House, according to WALB News.
He was hoping to use an anti-tank rocket to take out attacks targets like the White House and the Statue of Liberty, but it seems he never obtained the weapon.
The suspect is Hasher Jallal Taheb, of Cumming, Georgia. Taheb appeared in a federal court in Atlanta Wednesday.
According to U.S. Attorney BJay Pak, Taheb is charged with “intent to destroy by fire or explosive a building owned, possessed or leased by the United States,” among other charges.
In March 2018, a member of the community had reported to local law enforcement that he had “become radicalized, changed his name and made plans to travel abroad,” the complaint states.
In December, Taheb allegedly showed an undercover operative a hand-drawn diagram of the White House and asked for help with obtaining weapons and explosives for the attack, the complaint states. The FBI traded Taheb weapons and explosives in exchange for his car, and he was arrested after the exchange.
“He said the group would fight to the end and make it a big bang,” according to the document.

Via ABC News Go:

On Dec. 14, Taheb allegedly “broadened his prospective targets,” indicating that he wished to attack the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and a “specific synagogue” in the Washington, D.C. area, which was not named, according to the complaint. He also discussed the need for a “base” where they could regroup and “give a speech to motivate people” and show clips of “oppressed Muslims,” the document states.

The next day, he allegedly uploaded a 40-page manifesto he authored to Google Docs, which stated the importance of “defensive jihad” and included justifications for “creating and leading his group to conduct violent attacks,” according to the complaint. He also created a group chat with the informant and undercover agent, where he would allegedly discuss his plans to attack in the following weeks.

Taheb allegedly met with the undercover agent on Jan. 9 and provided him with two backpacks, stating that he wanted to obtain the weapons within the next week and travel to Washington, D.C., the complaint states. Taheb allegedly told the undercover agent that the explosives would be inside the backpacks and would be detonated with cell phones.
Sounds like a stellar citizen.